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Could Our Universe Be Fake?

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 09:28 AM
OK I'm gonna try to clarify certain terms that are thrown around to losely.

The universe is holographic. - Yes everthing I have learnt so far from trance points to this. Also a very clever scientist/metaphysisist called Nassim Haramein has formulated a great theory that its all about black hole dynamics which enables the hologram to exist as it does.

The reason for the hologram being part of our 'design' is to faciliate true freedom especially in terms of exploration and discovery. Iow the universe litterally bends and opens up to your will, the only limiations to this is you.

The universe is infinate. - Nope space 'as far as we know' is infinate but not the universe which is an enclosed model based on the original shockwave of the big bang. Yes, it contains elements of infinity within it, ie aspects of the hologram, but it is not infinate in itself.

Time - Why do people always misinterpret what time is? For one time and measured time should not be confused, how we measure the revoltion of earth around the sun is neither here nor there when it comes to time. The bottom line is time = movement, no matter whether that movement is a planet or conscious awareness of sequencial thoughts or actions. Yes meansured time is revalant to the measuring device being used and is influenced in the presence or absence of gravitational forces.
Also the term timelessness is said to be true when one exits this body or experiences transcendental moments. Again timelessness is probably the wrong word to use in these cases as that would be akin to non existance or being frozen in time. Due to the nature of time it is likely that higher dimentional beings can visit any of our timelines including the future making their view obviously relativistic. In truth we cannot fully understand time in our current reality, only grasp at the concept of what it is, we are too low in the dimensions to understand more!

Lastly some advice, understand yourself before you try and understand the universe otherwise you will never 'get it'.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by gazerstar

Nasa or any of the other space agencies do not and will not stop anyone building their own rocket and seeing it all for themselves. That includes you gazerstar.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 12:43 PM

Originally posted by googolplex
reply to post by TarzanBeta
The Universe is not simple but very complex. Enter the center of the cyclone, find a place where chaos becomes order.
You have made contrdiction to your own statrments;You said "Firstly, Time is before everything." You said "Began as soon as the foundation of Time was laid. "

[edit on 23-12-2009 by googolplex]

Time is the foundation itself. Excuse my wording. "foundation of Time" is an appositive. I am calling the foundation by its name, Time.

As well, it is clear that you are not nearly as wise as you think. I mean no offense.

If you want to learn about reality, try using your imagination to develop some original ideas. Don't be boring.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 12:47 PM

Originally posted by googolplex

Originally posted by Algebra
I think for some people, Unless they're there with the astronauts on the moon them selves physicaly. They have a hard time believing anything.

Rightly so in my oppinion. Give anyone enough time and the right equipment and im pretty sure they could fabricate anything.

As for everything they tell us about the universe bieng fake. I dont believe thats the truth. You can easily get a telescope and look at these stars and Galaxys yourself. I do believe they with hold important information though. Information that could harm the status quo here on Earth.
For geneneral purpose the fact you are here would sufice to say this is not fake, at least it terms we can understand. A good test for reality check, take hammer place finger on flat object, smash finger with hammer, use sufficient force to feel full effect.
It will then be very clear as to what is real and what is real.

[edit on 23-12-2009 by googolplex]

Not good enough. It is possible to deny the existence of something such as pain. Drugs do a good job of that even if you're not capable of willing yourself into that mindset.

posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 06:43 AM
First I must nag a little... the original post was "Could Our Universe Be Fake?" I think he meant in the ways in which the universe is seemingly observed by other people and intrepreted in a way which the most of us don't understand yet blindly adhere to. Am i right?

If so, Then i agree totally with you. You shouldn't blindly believe in anything. But if you dont, have the moxy to find out answers for yourself. Harder than you think, but definitely possible.

As an old example:
When someone let go of an apple (aka, the fabled story of newton's discovery of gravity) quantum science says that it possibly could float upwards depending on the arrangement of electrons (still highly improbable because of various exterior forces, still not impossible but highly improbable) for those of you who are physics experts please understand that i am overestimating the probability of such an occurance even by saying its improbable.
In this case, as with all cases, it did drop... surprise, right.

Like yourself and statisically speaking, Newton saw a statistical observation that 99.99... percent of the time the apple fell to the earth and from that he made a single and profound yet simple observation that has been adopted by scientist until now. In fact, our whole understanding of the physical world is solely dependant on newtonian physics. Without it, we would have to start from scratch.

So... long story, short. Our physical model of the universe is based purely on assumptions. Even our physical "Laws" are still, in full honesty, haphazard.

Take what you understand of the universe and apply it to you... alot of things aren't meant to be understood as a zeitgeist, but more so as an internal peace. If you believe in something different and have observed and recorded it enough to mathematically prove it... then the entire world would love to hear it. Look at creationism vs Big bang or Multiverse vs Big Bang.For physics geeks: I know multiverse can explain the big bang theory... but thats only because the multiverse can explain just about any darned thing.

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posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 07:11 AM
Well if this were the case would what i perceive as real be totally different as to what other people see living out there lives,like a computer programme with parameters set for me?

yet other people have a totally different experience of "life"? each and all of us trapped in different programmes?

or the universe as a hologram theory? we will never really no will we.

i lean toward the side of none of the above. we have not reached a point were computers are making reality Ala matrix

posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 09:45 AM

Originally posted by gazerstar
Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?
[edit on 21-12-2009 by gazerstar]

you know what freaked me out, there was this guy building ufo's on a documentary called "a machine to die for: the quest for free energy" and he had a huge lump in his forehead that his doctor didn't know what it was and he said it was an alien implant instructing him to build ufo's. He also implied that everything we know about what's beyond the limits of our atmosphere, is more or less wrong, by saying that there's another earth, a second planet, just beyond our what is weird is that the ufo tech seems legit, the implant seems it makes me wonder what else he said might have been legit too.


posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 05:05 PM
the universe is mostly nothing

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 11:24 AM

Originally posted by RiverCrow
reply to post by autowrench

I want out, too, Wrench. It's VERY interesting to think of what possibilities might exist out there, but take this one in for a moment. Perhaps there IS no 'dark' except for in the 3rd dimension? Doesn't there need to be an object to cast a shadow? And even shadow isn't PURE black like we think. I've always felt like 'going into the light' is floating upwards... perhaps it's just lighter and lighter the further up the dimensional 'ladder' we climb. The 'lower' dimensions certainly feel like falling...

This makes me wonder something else very strange. What object is here in this realm that is casting a shadow... and what is it being cast on?

I think you are correct, I too have often thought this. I have seen three spacecraft in my life, and all had a very bright, totally white light emitting from it. Within this light is warm, like a womb, and you feel safe there. Of the total spectrum of visible light, we humans see very little of it, actually. We are "fallen," in a sense of we are trapped in a lower, 3rd world dimension not of our own doing. Our spirits are very Godlike, and must be kept busy with input. We need to unplug.

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Wow this topic took off! Great! I was away for awhile do to holidays and such a lot of reading to catch-up on here and some reply’s. Yes, thank you that book was very thought provoking. It’s funny I gave my book to my nephew as well. He since has lost it. He did read it and found it fascinating. I will be buying this book again as well. Also another great book is “Far Journeys” By Robert Monroe. I’ve read all of his books though, very good. Enjoy!

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

Thank you
so is your reply. I think a lot of things are beginning to come to light, I truly believe people are just sick of all the BS and lies going around and want TRUTH, real Truth no matter what. Time is after all relative. Everyone does experience things differently. I practice Astral Travel and know there is no time in this realm, there only seems to be ones perspective of it. You can move backward and forward through it and view events that have taken place but you cannot change them. I don’t know if you ever seen “What The Bleep Do We Know!” but there is a lot of interesting theories in it and facts. I think you would enjoy watching it; I’m sure you can rent it at your local rental store or buy it at wal-mart. There is a lot of Knowledge lost, and it will be fond. Even more is suppressed. Time is the great revealer of truth. In time, we will know all things!


posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 02:03 PM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

I’m glad you posted about this man “Nassim Haramein” I think this guy is our Einstein of our time. Just he’s more in tune with nature as it should be. This man is a Genius as far as I’m concerned I’ve listened to his speeches over 8hrs+ and was just blown away. Most of it I understood what he was saying some it, went right over my head. But I think a lot more people need to be listening to this man. Great post!

another link

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posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 03:53 PM
The more and more i learn of the things i've been taught in the past to be false or distorted or change the more i think that it is a possibility, I sometimes wonder if we are truly more advanced then we actually know, Could we be so advanced that this could truly be a matrix of sorts, could the sky be one huge HD tv? can we prove this or that? think about it.

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