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Fox News: cutting minimum wage ‘better for workers’

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by Sestias

Here is the problem. It's not minimum wage that is the issue. It's our government's failure to protect USA workers with higher tariffs. Yes, things will cost more....but it brings jobs back and protects wages and it brings in much needed ADDED revenue that isn't being pushed on American citizens. It sticks a dagger into the heart of international corporations that were once US corporations. They will be forced to bring jobs back to the USA if they want to compete. It would give smaller businesses in this country a chance to survive as well.

Until we change our terrible trade policies they can set the minimum wage to whatever they want.

Our wage problem is a symptom to the problem. That's our failure as a country. We are to busy trying to treat symptoms instead of the primary cause.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 03:15 PM
I don't think any reasonable person faults a person getting rich. It all depends on how one gets rich.

There's an old saying that goes "behind every great fortune is a great crime."

If you get rich by making a great invention, providing a service or starting a successful business more power to you. I haven't heard anyone complain about Steve Jobs not deserving his billions. I like to call people like him entrepreneurs, as opposed to capitalists.

If you make millions being a movie star, dunking a basketball, lip-synching onstage wearing a see-through outfit, more power to you. We can gripe about celebrities with questionable talent, but they're getting paid because enough people enjoy what they do.

What people are complaining about is this new class of elite parasites who get rich off the backs of the taxpayers and twisting the arms of politicians to enrich their bottom line (to our detriment) when the people we elected are supposed to be working FOR US.

Nobody was complaining about banker's bonuses before government bailouts came into fashion. If these executives actually did a good job for their company, then their high salaries are justified.

If your company makes billions, but consistently cheat your own employees out of fair wages and overtime, then you are a parasite.

If you make your fortune by swindling your customers, then you are a criminal and a parasite.

If you lobby the government for tax breaks (threatening to move your base of operations if you don't get such a tax break), and turn around and outsource local jobs anyway, then you are a parasite.

If you go to to government looking for a bailout, pleading that your company is in financial trouble, then use that bailout money to hand out bonuses to the executives that bankrupted the corporation in the first place, instead of shoring up your company and hiring competent people, you are a parasite.

The sky seems to be the limit as far as making a high salary is concerned, but there is a bottom. No adult working full-time should be living below the poverty line. Any working adult should be able to clothe, feed and take care of his physical needs. Period. It's incredible that this is even debated.

Originally posted by EsSeeEye
reply to post by whaaa

reply to post by marg6043

You guys sure do have all the compassion.

I did find it pretty funny that someone expressed that people use academics and statistics to hide greed. Makes me really curious who the close-minded ones are.

Personally, I don't fault anyone for succeeding. When I see someone making a lot of money, it's just another piece of evidence that I can do it myself. Guess what I'll be doing when that happens? Creating new jobs. I hope I can pay people enough to not be one of those greedy corporate bastards though, otherwise my success will just be touted as selfish.

How much IS enough, anyway? I still haven't heard any good numbers. What do you have to pay your employees so as not to be considered greedy? A number would be outstanding. While you're at it, how much is too much for a bonus? How about a salary? How much can one person have in their bank account before they become slime?

An exact dollar amount would be preferred, please. I need to know where to stop succeeding.

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