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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 01:36 PM

It can be difficult to get back, it is in fact possible that you never really were "there" but only temporarily experienced being "there" and what can be called a parallel version of yourself and reality, which in turn would give you all of the memories from that parallel reality and your existence there, which could have confused you when coming back "here" making you believe that your "true home" was that other parallel reality. I have been "jumping" through various alternate and parallel dimensions and experienced being "other" people within those places myself, and at first this started spontaneously and I did not understand its meaning or purpose or how or why it happened. My experiences were slightly different though, as I "moved" into someone elses bodies and suddenly "woke up" in various other locations within various other bodies at different times. This on its own is a too long story to get into details about here and I have previously mentioned it, either here or on my website, and it relates to the alternate realities and soul fractions etc.

The bottom line is that we all, at least most of us, have parallel "selves" living their own individual lives more or less disconnected from any conscious contact with eachother, in different alternate realities. These "selves" relates to the mentioned soul fractions or soul fragments as I also call them, which in turn are part of our true Higher Soul , or True Self. Again this too have been explained previously within these pages.

I am not sure if your experience relates to that, but it sounds very possible, if you can actually get "stuck" in another parallel reality I simply do not know but I can not dismiss the possibility, as I stayed for 3 days in a paralell / alternate dimension within a different body myself once. In my case it was done on purpose though, and it was hard to manage to stay there for so long and eventually I was "pulled" out of that body and back into my body "here" in this version of what we call "reality".

The best thing I can recommend you to do right now in your situation is grounding exercises and meditations for such purposes, and try take a break from any other "higher" spiritual activity or practices. In certain cases, people get "out of phase" due to having accumulated too much energies of "higher vibrations" and this can lead to many physical and mental problems. There needs to be a balance and harmony between both the higher and the lower.

Also, I would not recommend you trying any psychedelic drugs or substances like that as that can be extremely dangerous and make things much worse.

Try take some time off everything spiritual, mystical, paranormal and so on, stop reading about such things, stop visiting web sites like this, stop letting your mind be filled with new ideas and fuel your already problematic situation, and rather be more grounded into the everyday life of this physical reality, and see if that and my above tips will be of any help.

And as said, it could be beneficial seeking professional help too, as it could be a real medical condition behind what you are experiencing, better to check it out and rule that out before anything else. Best of luck!



How it feels like to die depends on how you die.. If you die peacefully and quickly, it obviously will feel much better than if you are dying slowly in pain. And if you are killed by someone, that is more traumatic than if you die a natural death. The after-life scenario itself varies depending on both how you die and your spiritual level of development at the time of death.

In most cases the after-life is beautiful though, and most people have good experiences of dying, as can be seen even in modern "near death experiences" where people have died but returned, and told of their beautiful experiences. Personally I had one just a few months back where I was robbed and almost killed by being choked, and I ended up in a beautiful field of flowers where I felt completely at peace and harmony and love.

Until I woke up in the streets back after, well, was worth the experience.

Regarding the pyrmids, yes they are still active, and various groups of people venture there for specific related work such as meditations etc, and some of the secret orders hold meetings there now and then for special initiations and rituals that dates back to the times of the creation and purpose of the pyramids.

I know some of the scientists and researchers actually working on the sites as well and they have confirmed various coverups of spceific findings, and how the work is highly secured and lead by a doctor Hawass whom is responsible for keeping the public mislead regarding the truth of the pyramids and their builders etc. I am planning to interview some of these researchers soon for my SuppressedStories site.

Hawass is basically the guy in charge of anything going on regarding archaeology in Egypt. One thing he has done is deny permission of DNA testing of the mummies, as well as carbon dating mummies. He claims it is because of it not being "accurate", but the truth is rather that it would reveal the true age of the mummies which predates what we are taught, as well as interesting racial backgrounds of the same mummies and their origins.

Some info on the doc:

The Moon and Mars cultures are greatly different from eachother from my observations. The Moon people seem more hostile against both Earth and Mars. I can not speak for all of the inhabitants or possibly different cultures of the Moon, nor Mars, but only of those few inhabitants I have observed myself. And these, on the Moon, live in bases covered by spherical domes that keep the oxygene and an atmosphere within them. They also seem to mainly live underground. This latter is the case for Mars too, they too live underground and have domes etc, but lately it seems that there have been terraforming going on and that it might be possible for Martians to also inhabit the surface now, or at least very soon, as plant life is there and other creatures, and there is water and lakes, but large areas are deserts and more or less close to what the standard official images that are released looks like. I speculate in the terraforming going on close to the poles as this is where most of the water is located in both ice and liquid form.

Earth mainly work along with Mars, and share technology and resources and conspire against their people (I assume the governments, in whatever form it exists, on Mars also lies to their people about the truth regarding contact with Earth and so on, but I cant be sure). The Moon people seem to be sort of "rebels" that are disliked by both Earth and Mars, and thus the Moon is more or less not being accessed, and is also the reason why they never sent anyone back there nor sent much else of interest up there (such as for example the Mars Rovers and all the Mars satellittes and etc).

I know very little about their specific cultures and how they live and go along in their daily lives as I have only observed a small fraction of what I believe to be people from the "governments" of both Moon and Mars, such as soldiers etc.

The reason I went to South America is because it is the most safe place, and will be the most safe place, in the coming times as we move towards 2012 and beyond, and it has some great discoveries yet to be made which I am aware of the location of. I also have work to do that is focused here, both because of the mentioned un-discovered location, as well as the future and the purpose this continent will have for the coming ages.

- Maggador

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 04:32 PM
- Does love, emotion and feelings apply to spiritual beings (souls) as well? or do these qualities belong only to humans in physical form??

I have posted a link to an interesting article on 2012! What do u think about it maggador.. can u please give me your views?

source: Pledian Motherships

"The Pleiadians will assist humanity during its transition towards the New age and with the process of acceptance of this planet into the Galactic confederation. They will anchor energy columns that will guide planet Earth throuh its transformation during its entry into the inner section of the tachyon belt.

When the critical mass of consciousness will be achieved the first wave of Ascension will occur. Motherships of the Galactic confederation will hover as brilliant white clouds above the islands of light, where teleportation beams will descend and lift the volunteers into the motherships. Those volunteers will reappear on Earth shortly in Ascended state in their rainbow bodies of light. Soon afterwards another critical mass will be achieved and the second wave of Ascension will happen. Masses of Ascended masters that will return to Earth will prepare humanity for the third wave of Ascension and for the Evacuation. Great planetary cataclisms will begin then as a cleansing of the physical matter of the planet. At the moment of most intensive cataclisms a polar shift will happen and that will trigger the third wave of Ascension with final Evacuation. Linear time as we know it will end and Earth will enter a new, higher dimension. This is a moment when the Mayan calendar ends, a moment in 2012 "

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by IX-777

That's so cool that you were in a parallel reality! So were you just objserving or were you able to control that parallel body? How & when did you do this? I've had similiar things when I'm sleeping, I've 'woken up' in a meadow sometime in the early AD years the homes were primitive, but more advanced than primitive American Indians. Could have been Atlantis, there was a 'dome' surrounding us that seemed to reach only a few hundred feet high but very long.

Have you ever jumped to another universe and lived a few days there? I mean outside the dream state, consciously. If so, how?

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 05:01 PM
My question is what is your question?

If you say you do not have one then take a deep breath close your eyes and it will come.

That will answer my question then I will answer yours.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 05:26 PM

1. I skimmed through the page, and I agree more or less totally with all said there. What he says is true and does exist, such as what he calles the Invisible College etc, which in this aspect would be similar to The Great White Brotherhood - and many other astral groups. which functions as he says as people running their agendas but now in spirit form. Some are there for the "good" agendas, and some for the "bad"

He speculates in astral body being "higher self", this part is not completely correct. Althrough one can say ones astral body is an higher ASPECT of oneself, it is not the TRUE SELF. That is far beyond any astral form or shape, and is the Higher Soul which the astral body itself, just as the physical body, is only a fragment of.

Regarding the after life and religions and how one perceives the after life and what beings one encounter there, this part is also true. The same goes for memory loss and reincarnation, and I have myself explained the reasons and purpose behind these specific matters here previously. Keyword is the Trap System.

Mind control as described also is a true phenomena and happens on many levels, from psychological and hypnotic induced trances and suggestions, to technological methods, to spiritual methods etc.

2. From my research, it is possible that Moses was Thutmose (also called Thutmoses etc) , and perhaps the grandchild of Thoth / Hermes. Hermes had a son called Tat, according to his Corpus Hermetica, and there is a very obvious similarity between "tat" and "thoth" and it is possible that thus Thoth (or Hermes as the greeks called him) had a son called Tat (which may have been called Thuthmose - meaning "Son of Thoth"). One can clearly see the similarities between the name "Moses", and "Thuth-mose / Thuth-mosis". The problem is which of these where which, since several were called Thuthmose, or "Son of Thoth". Since Moses most likely is an abbrevation of the original Thuthmose, which means the "born of" part, it is possible that he was one of the sons or grandsons of the orignal Thoth / Hermes. I have not looked further into it than that, but to me it seems like the most plausible explanation specially considering its a well known fact Moses were in Egypt and was a man of great powers and knowledge. The first pharao Thuthmose was at least succeeded by his own son Thutmose II, thus it is possible that either of these were Moses. Thoth was a real person himself just as anyone else and not a "god", we could call him more a person such as Buddha or Jesus, whom were simply spiritually advanced.

3. I always look into my own experiences and look at them from an outside perspective, and I look at all sides and aspects of it all, and I try to see any logical patterns and connections to past or present events, individuals, groups, experiences, and so on. There are some experiences that are the no-doubters, which I present as facts as they are to me exactly as explained, while other things I have not been able to completely find the whole answer to or looked properly into or experienced, thus I can only suggest the most logical explanations from my own research, background, experiences, and so on. Such as my example above about Moses, is a possible theory that seems likely to me from what I have looked into, but I can not say it is the truth as I have not seen that or experienced that myself for a fact.

4. Kabbalah has many truths and wisdom in it, and its path can lead to great discoveries and experienced. But as with basically all belief systems, practices and religions, it too have been corrupted by time.

It is also unneccesarily complex for the general people and takes a life-time or more to properly study and understand and practice. But, from a logical point of view, its paths through its Tree of Life and the Sefiras are correct as far my own observations goes. A lot of the ancient magic and spiritual systems are more complex than they need to be and tend to get to only a small group of the most interested people rather than the "masses".

The beings you refer to has nothing to do with mans lack of divinity, it has to do with mans ignorance and falling into the trap system of those beings and thus becoming trapped within that system.

5. Yes to all of the questions relating to Jesus. I have gone into deeper details on this previously.

6. I have explained the Bermuda Triangle too previously. It is a powerful energy center / portal, which can lead to physical transportation or teleportation to other locations, among other things.

7. Yes the philadelphia experiment and montauk experiments are real and now there are functional portals to other locations such as Mars. I do not know Al Bielek myself, nor have I studied or looked into any of his claims, but it is very possible since all you mention can and have been done already by those involved in these projects and the "offspring" of the resarch. I do not know of any connection to 2012 regarding any of these experiments, other than that they have traveled to both past and future to observe 2012 and be able to plan what to do and when to do it in regards of the events that will take place.

8. He talked to some higher entity, and was shown a lot of the higher realms of reality, indeed. I suppose you could call it an angel.

9. It basically fits with what I have already said regarding the Trap System, but I do not agree to the assumption that it is "School or prison, depending on your chosen perspective. " The "chosen" perspective is irrelevant to the fact of what "it" is. And "it" is, regardless of what one "perceives" or "believes" etc, a "prison system" simply due to the very fact this world and our physical bodies were created to be here as slaves and prisoners of this lower reality. There is no "hyperdimensional teaching system accelerating your rate of spiritual evolution by providing you with catalytic experiences in response to your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual composition" as claimed, because of the way the Trap System is designed, which makes us forget anything we might have learned from lifetime to lifetime, reincarnation after reincarnation, because we are not supposed to learn anything, we are supposed to be mindless brainwashed slaves without any awareness of Self. It is by accident and flaw in design that we are able to venture further, and break free from this Trap System. It is by the fact that we are more than the Trap System itself can ever be, and our pure true Higher Soul exists on a level beyond the Trap System. With that said, I do agree to what is said about these various negative forces and beings and how they operate etc. Just as we use cattle for both helping us do work for us, as well as a source of food, so do they, we are in many ways mimicing those that trapped us here but on a physical level for the most.

Regarding the quote "It may be a predator’s choice to attack, but it is our choice to accept the attack and succumb to it" - This is as silly as saying its the cattles own fault being used as food by us, and as slaves. It is their gullibility and ignorance that have them in the situation they are in - just as us. We can't decide to accept or not something we do not know of, nor are aware of. If someone is sitting aiming at you with a rifle from the top of a building, and you are shot , would you say it was your own fault because you accepted to be attacked?


buddha: There is no end of existence nor beginning, as all is eternal. But, from your post, I assume you are speaking of this physical existence. The end of that comes when you reach true self-realization and contact with your Higher Soul, your True Self, and understand the rules and laws that keeps you here and how to sneak through them and get free, so to speak.


posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 06:04 PM

1. More or less yes, obviously they are monitoring specific individuals and groups of individuals more than others due to what these individuals and groups are involved with. As an example, this website is highly monitored by various governmental agencies , thus people taking part of this forum and writing anything here run the risk of being monitored themselves as individuals as well. Personally I have been monitored and tried shut down for more than a decade now. Normally they do not interfer much with the general people though, but try to focus on elements that they feel is any form of "threat" towards their goals and agendas and so on.

2. Is the government right? About what? In what relevance? You have to be more specific.

3. There are freemasons in the government yes, and there are agendas of freemasonry that is put through these governmental employees that are masons themselves in high positions. There are many examples of this, just look at all the presidents of united states whom were freemasons or members of other orders such as skull & bones and so on. Obviously, this do not only relate to freemasonry, but most orders, they are all infiltrating or trying to do so with and against eachother in different ways.

4. This question is too open. Killing what, and in what way, and for what reason?

Killing an animal to eat it to survive is not more wrong than killing a plant for the same reason.

Killing a person for robbing him is most likely wrong in most cases. But, this itself is matter that also relates to Karma - why do those people whom gets killed get killed in the first place? And what relation did the killer have to the person either in this life or previous lives?

The question is simple enough, but the answer is rather complex and a whole book could be written on that alone.

But, going out killing someone most likely won't give you any "good points" anywhere in either case, to put it that way.

5. No cats has nothing to do with satan or any specific entities to do, they are animals as any other animal and the difference in color is of no meaning.

6. Hm, Eckankar perhaps, at least it focuses on both getting out of the body, astral traveling, connecting with higher self and God Consciousness, and eventually learning how to escape the reincarnation trap.

7. Depends on your definition on devil, and if you are adressing me specifically or anyone in general. But, if we use the term demon, yes people can be demons in human bodies, just as angels can be the same. I could be either.

8. It is real, but very low form of magick, though still strong in its effects, but black magic and not recommended for anyone.

9. Voodoo can "do" what most forms and practices of any magical system can do: gain what you desire , and get what you want, either for good or for bad, to help or to take.

10. As mentioned in 8, yes.


Mexico city:

Those people are experiencing lower level astral planes and its inhabitants. Most often to make them further believe in their specific religion, in this case christianity, and having experienced such giving them "proof" of it being "valid" so they will be following the "Holy Book" more to every aspect of its teachings. In other case, they are being mislead, to be still trapped in the lower levels of existence.

Yes love, feelings, emotions are also experienced in higher realms of existence, and in higher realms only the positive of these psychological elements will be experienced. However, an awareness and knowledge of the lower and negative elements will be there too, so that these entities can decide to "go down" so to speak to help spread their positive features with others and try help others "ascend" as its so popularly called.


You are free to believe that to be the case. There are no misleading going on here, only leading. I am clearly telling the difference between my personal opinions, my beliefes, and what is facts. You must search yourself to validate this information, from within yourself. Blessings.


The Mars Rovers are most likely on Mars for various purposes. The reaon many images seems fake is simply because they are, and have been tampered with, to hide the real details and what was really found etc. They change the colors too so that anything that is green, or blue, will appear red or brown instead etc. Thus, even their "color photos" provides little true details. My personal belief is that these rovers have been sent to both check ancient ruins and possibly try contact those whom are already there - which may have been successful and these might even assist NASA with keeping these rovers in shape as they are still functional years after they were supposed to "die out". Another thing is that they might also be on a visit to check how things are going with the terraforming project they are running up there, maybe trying to locate good soil for planting new plants and etc as well and so on. has many interesting official NASA images from Mars that reveals some interesting details and information.

Regarding your last question, I would simply recommend you to try balance things out as long you stay with parents, and do some of what they want, and some of what you want, and both parties should be at least partially satisfied leading to less problems. Once you are old enough, get your own place, move out, and live as you please.

When it comes to my visits to parallel realities and taking over bodies, I am in full control of those bodies and I am there as real as being here in this body. In certain cases I have ended up in rather harsh situations, such as one time ending up on a ship, waking up on the deck in some guys body while it was in the middle of a war and an airplane bomber was following the boat about to blew it apart. We managed to get off the boat before it was blown up, and up to some shores, found some cabins in some jungles that seemed to be some base of other soldiers, and we were in many situations where we had to sneak around and kill other enemies and avoid being killed oneself. I obviously did my best to not get the body I was within killed as I didint want whomever it was belonging to to die because of me, and apparently I managed to survive until I got back here, whatever happened next with that person I do not know. Nor do I know where those people go when I take over their bodies.

For me, these episodes have happened spontaneously, and I simply just "wake up" in these locations in other bodies that I am in control of until the experience ends and I am back "here" in this "default" body.


What is the answer to the secret mystery of God's eternal existence ?


posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 08:41 PM
can you tell me what you think about these
1.the holy thorn and grail
3.the ireland moving statues
4.the green children of woolpit
6.spring heeled jack
7.rat kings
8.the golden fleece
9.Voynich manuscript
10.the wondering jew also known as Csrtsphilus
11.the pied piper of hamelin
12.Count St German
14.mona lisa
15.Kaspar Hauser
I got all these of a book im reading.Take your time if you want

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 08:41 PM
can you tell me what you think about these
1.the holy thorn and grail
3.the ireland moving statues
4.the green children of woolpit
6.spring heeled jack
7.rat kings
8.the golden fleece
9.Voynich manuscript
10.the wondering jew also known as Csrtsphilus
11.the pied piper of hamelin
12.Count St German
14.mona lisa
15.Kaspar Hauser
I got all these of a book im reading.Take your time if you want

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 04:43 AM
Hello Maggador, I have some questions:

What is the difference between reaching "nirvana" and the "higher soul"?
Nirvana (wikipedia)

Does reaching the "higher soul" mean reaching "nirvana"?
If not, then what does it take to reach "nirvana" from the "higher soul"?

Have you ever seen a "pure land" in your journeys?
Pure land (wikipedia)

Have you ever seen a Buddha in your journeys?

You said that you reached the godsource. Was that nirvana?

How subjective is someone's reality compared to another one's?

Thank you,


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posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 11:40 AM

I've got a question regarding teleportation. I know there are stargates, but will we ever have the technology to teleport at will? The 2008 movie Jumper provides a good example of what i am talking about...

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posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 04:44 PM

What is the answer to the secret mystery of God's eternal existence?

There is no answer to your question because a secret is known only by a few and a mystery is something that is not understood or known about. Maybe you have answered your own question depending on the perspective you are taking?

Do you ask a question to which the answer is there is no answer?

If you mean what is the true nature of the ultimate reality or whatever you would like to call it then we can have quite a discussion.

If God is everything then there is no beginning or end for God.

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 07:26 PM
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posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by IX-777
The end of that comes when you reach true self-realization and contact with your Higher Soul, your True Self, and understand the rules and laws that keeps you here and how to sneak through them and get free, so to speak.

There is still further to go after that. The "higher soul" is just another projection of the limited mind.

Once the mind becomes still, one can see through the illusion and let go of all attachments and identifications permanently. It cannot be understood nor elucidated by the human mind through language.

But perhaps this is what you were getting at, since no explanation is possible.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by IX-777

MAGGADOR WELCOME BACK!!!! Good to hear u r doing ok.

Are you not afriad of the pscyic spies that the CIA has put in place? (for example, remote viewing personnel)

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by IX-777

Can I meet you on the astral plane?

I am serious. I seriously want to meet you on the astral plane, do you have the time to do such a thing?

You say it's done all the time, I want to see if you're not full of sh!t.

I can meet you on the astral plane.

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:13 AM
Thank you for your answers, i have a few more;

How many uncontacted tribes are in South America?

How will 2012 happen? (rapture, everybody dies?, ect.)

How can i prepare for 2012 or the new enlightment?

What exactly are the Anunnaki?

Where did we really come from? (Different races)

Is it possible you can read me and tell me who i really am or was?

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 03:40 PM
I have a couple more questions:

1) Who are the aryans?

2) Are pleidians anyway related to aryans?

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 05:32 PM
1. Is Autism caused by mercury poisoning?

2. I get wierd, negative feelings when I get drunk about half the time. I never ever used to get this, I only felt good. I think it started after I did Ayahuasca, as I did a big dose.

Does this make any sense? Its the only reason I can think of this these negative reactions when I drink.

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posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 07:20 PM

1. The crown of thorns, worn by Jesus, were a common practice back then when crucifying people and personally I doubt there is anything "holy" about it, though if one had it in ones posession, one ccould perhaps use it for various spiritual practices, botth for the good and for the bad.

The grail itself is most likely a symbolic representation of certain teachings and insights, thus those whom "drank" from it could be said to be "enlightened" as it related to various occult esoteric information and revelations as well as practices. In a similar way as how the "apple" in the "Garden of Ede" is a representation of the "fruit" one gains access to by climbing the "Tree of Knowledge", which is a symbolical representation of the Kabbalahs Tree of Life etc. I have explained this in further depth previously.

2. Faires are simply other normally non-perceived spiritual entities, or astral creatures so to speak. At times people observe them, just as ghosts and so on.

3. Never haerd of moving statues in Ireland.

4. Never heard of these green children neither

5. Stonehenge was a place for spiritual practices and initiations where deep meditations could and still can be achieved due to its location on a powerful energtical spot on Earth. It can also have functioned as a "portal", or popuarly called "Stargate" these days. But, its main use was similar to that of the egyptian pyramids, and other power spots and divine locations Earth.

6. Heard of him but have no information about him

7. Never heard of these..

8. Again not heard of

9. The Voynich manuscript is possibly a channeled book with information relating to some other planet. I have looked at it but not seen anything familiar. It could also have been a coded book that has nothign to do with what it appears like, or it could be a prank for that matter.

10. Sounds like something made up and most certainly did never happen nor exist.

11. Not familiar with

12. Ascended teacher / guide, whom works with the Great White Brotherhood, and other ascended teachers such as Kuthumi etc, whom I too have been working with.

13. Never looked into him specificially, but I suspect he was involved with other occult matters than merely making prophecies. That's just my gut feeling though.

14. The Mona Lisa painting was as many of Da Vinci's paintings hidden or coded information regarding where alot of his work were influenced by the true destiny of Jesus and his followers and their practices etc. He might have been part of some secret order that were directly connected to those times and thus were able to know the things he did, or he may have gained this knowledge otherwise, it could be from channeling, to information given by friends relating to the first theory.

15. Dont know him.



1. It seems that Nirvana genereally is a physical state of being here in life on Earth that can be achieved by those practising Buddhism. It does sound very much alike a permanent connection with higher soul, or at least an higher aspect of ones general "self". It may be a term for the same things I am writing about here in those regards for all I know, as it does sound very much alike someone whom have not only gained contact with "higher self" but also understood the Trap System, as I quote:

* Vāna, implying the path of rebirth, + nir, meaning leaving off' or "being away from the path of rebirth."
* Vāna, meaning 'stench', + nir, meaning "freedom": "freedom from the stench of distressing karma."
* Vāna, meaning "dense forests", + nir, meaning "to get rid of" = "to be permanently rid of the dense forest of the five aggregates" (panca skandha), or the "three roots of greed, hate and delusion" (raga, dvesa, avidya) or "three characteristics of existence" (impermanence, anitya; unsatisfactoriness, dukkha, soullessness, anàtman).
* Vāna, meaning "weaving", + nir, meaning "knot" = "freedom from the knot of the distressful thread of karma."

2. As said above, it is very possible that what they call nirvana is what I call the contact with the Higher Soul.

3. The "Pure lands" sounds for me like several of various "higher" levels of existence, or dimensions, realities, whatever you prefer to call them. I have been in several such as described in the link myself.

4. I am not really much into buddhism and have not studied its teachings and deifintions well enough to say if I have or have not met a "buddha". And thanks for the links but its a bit much for me to get the time to properly look into right now to give you any better answers on many of these buddhism related questions.

5. If one consider Higher Self as Nirvana, as you suggested above, then no, the Source is something completely different and highest state of awareness that exists, and some want to merge again with this highest source and believe that to be the purpose of Life. Personally I feel luck to have been separated from the Source in the first place, and enjoy myself as an "individual" being and prefer to stay as such for the moment being. The contact with this Source however, have nothing to do about getting "back" to the Source or becoming the Source again, but is simply a connection to retrieve information on everything within its consciousness, which in turn would be All and Everything since All is linked to the Source as it is all existing within Itself. The Source itself is probably retrieving information from all those individual aspects of itself as these live and experience and their own individuals separetly from the Source and eachother.

6. I am not sure how I would be able to "measure" that, but generally speaking it is Objective in the sense that there are certain events taking place within the Collective Consciousness and being experienced by everyone, and thus seen as objective, while there is also a separation from the Collective Consciousness, where one have the abiltiy create experiences for oneself - and others - within that which we call reality. Thus, because reality is very fluid and made up of everything every person thinks about, does, and wants etc, while at the same time made up of more solid material that is the same for all, and governs all in the same way, external from and separated from those individuals. The "personal" reality such as your personal life and events going on with you and those close and near you is of the most easy to affect in a way that makes your subjective "wanted reality" manifest into the Collective Consciousness's perspective of "reality" so that it can be experienced/seen by all within that consciousness field. Affect the larger aspects of the Collective Consciousness is much harder though, as it is more solid due to all those individual energies being put into holding it together. But, large enough number of indivudal, can and does create ripples in this Collective Consciousness to alter it in their favor and toward their agenda. A great manipulation of the whole Collective Conscioussness in other words, to create events within it that will be experienced by all of those individuals within that Collective Consciousness.

mossme89: It is possible physically already, both by technology alread in use such as "portals" or "stargates"; but also possible by Mind alone. The most easy way of doing this is learning astral projection so you can jump to wherever you want (with some restrictions).

I can say I agree with your statements and conclusions

There are indeed many variations of "self", and "higher aspects". When I speak of higher souls, I speak of the most true form of ourselves as individual beings and free from the Trap System, but even these Higher Souls live within yet other "dimensions" "and systems" but from my observation this is as far we get as individuals before emerging back with the Source and become "All" which I personally do not know how would be since I have not done so, nor is it what I am striving for.


posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 07:41 PM

No I not fear any "psychic spies " or "warriors". Just as you are able to be vulnarable, you are also able to protect yourself. And I am doing the latter.


You probably could, it has been done many times. Of course you need to be able to astral project already for that. I reccomend practising astral projection, and then move on to astral projection work and such experiments with some of your more close friends or fine people nearby whom could be interested in such.


I have no number of how many tribes are not discovered here, never looked into it.

2012 have been discussed and answer so many times alredy, i suggest looking through the thread,

There are many ways to prepare for 2012 and its possible outcomes, I suggest books on survival skills and living in the wild, wilderness skills and how to live completely self sufficient.

Security must also be taken into thought - if it goes all to heck people will do beastial things to eachother just for getting a supply of food. Living alone somewhere far away from all others perhaps except a small related "village" or "colony", in a place that can offer all you need from nature in terms of food and water. The location should be far away from ocean lines, earth quake areas, vulcanic areas, big cities, stormful ares etc.

That is for the most important regading the phsyical situation.

The spiritual and mental must also been worked at, and there are countless of exercises and meditations that can help assist you on way, some are even in my own website.

Well, whatever the sumerian myths and legends, what they are is beings that are using us as slaves and food. Very shortly said, this too have been discusssed before.

Different races came from many various planets in the galaxy. Exactly how and when and why many of them ended up here on Earth am as of yet still not completely sure about, but I have my theories from observations done so far.

It is possible I can do a reading on you some time, but if and when I cant say as I have so much to do these days I am currently not doing that sort of work as it is very time and effort demanding.

1. Aryans, when meaning the "blonde, fair skinned, blue eyed people", are desecendants of Pleiadians whom came here ancient times ago then in physical form.

2. The above answers this.

Possibly, I have not had it confirmed, but I have sources that have verified that being one of many reasons behind things such as autism.

2. Sounds like your Spirit or Higher Self is trying to give you some singal to let you know what you are doing is not "good", or should I say "healthy", not for your spirit and soul boy nor your physical body. Alcohol can also open up for negative external energies as can many other psychotropic substances/drugs.

Alohol is one of the drugs worst for spiritual development..


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