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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 08:36 PM

Originally posted by hornettec
Do u remember the books of majic that Maggador mentioned? I want to look those up.......

sorry I don't

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 02:03 AM

Originally posted by IX-777
(continued from above)

The GOOD thing is that you can also create and be Gods, as you too have these powers within you because in the end you are all One and part of the Ultimate Source, thus you can control and dictate your own lives if you want to - as long you learn how to.

First part is to realize you are here in a world of lies and deceit put upon you, the next part is to move towadrs your truer self, even though it takes some time to get to the real core.

You sound just like what I imagine Satan was saying to Eve in the Garden. You could be a worker of Satan trying to deceive everyone here that believes in this whole " higher self " thing. You speak very well and seem to know quite a bit about nothing. It's just lies. Satan speaking through you.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 11:48 AM
I have read everthing you have posted here and everything you posted on your website, there is nothing on any of these for a goverment agency to be trying to "shut you down". Where is your evidence showing your bank account shut down by an agency, or why you have no passport or why you have no documents saying your passport has been terminated. You remind me of the charater from the movie "TRUE LIES". you know the one who pretends to be a spy to get game with Jamie Lee Curtis. You really are living in a fantasy world my friend and should seek help.
"Food Causing Dementia, Parkinson’s & Schizophrenia" from your other thread, maybe this could be causing all your problems.

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 01:57 PM
So you are an alien and know about all the secrets of the world and existence, and you never thought to back up your work even once for 10 years?

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 02:59 PM
In his decoding of the sacred geometries of various religions, Stephen Phillips has revealed information about the structure of matter and the nature of super-physical realities:

His research demonstrates that the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Tantric Sri Yantra and the Taoist I Ching table of 64 hexagrams are mathematically equivalent, having a 1:1 correspondence.

He also proves that they encode the human skeleton, the 14 acupuncture meridians, the mathematical structure of the seven types of musical scales, and the dynamics and space-time structure of the E8xE8 heterotic superstring - the latter in a way that confirms remarkable, 115-years old remote viewed descriptions of the superstring constituents of the quarks making up the nucleons in atomic nuclei.

The existence of information found here in his 51 research articles has been hinted for centuries in the esoteric teachings and mystical traditions of some religions. This information is revealed fully for the first time at the above link.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 10:06 AM
Greetings Maggador,

I have read this thread with much interest and have a statement and a couple questions for you.

When speaking about the origin of races, I disagree with your premise that the idea of the evolution of races relates to tanning or becoming less tan and then passing their condition on over time. This is, of course, as ridiculous as you say it is, but it is not how evolution of skin color is theorized to have occurred. The natural selection theory when applied to skin color assumes that in the history of human evolution, having a skin color that undesirable for a particular region would have made an individual susceptible to conditions that prevent that individual from reproducing. For example, a baby born with a black skin color gene in the far north would be susceptible to vitamin d deficiency and therefore rickets, causing a misshapen pelvis which, for females, is a selection pressure that would prevent reproduction and therefore passing on the black skin color gene.

That being said, I believe somewhat strongly that human variation has other origins, so I disagree only with that point, not with your premise.

Now my questions:

1. I have what I have always described as an "affinity with orion". I have at least three sets of markings on my body that look just like orion. In addition, when looking up to the sky at night I unconsciously orient myself facing right toward orion every time. To glance up at night and NOT see orion at first glance would be disturbing to me. What beings hail from Orion and can you tell me anything else about Orion?

2. I have used the :11 prompts for years to make wishes, many many of which have come true. What do you tihink about this? I also see my mother's maiden name - a short, unusual three-letter word - very frequently on license plates, in alpha numeric strings, etc. Is this grandma letting me know she is there?

3. What about people that look like animals? Is this just a random resemblance or is there more to it? I am often told I look like a cat, and I frequently see people resembling all sorts of animals.

4. I am very interested in the minor conspiracy theory involving Napoleon's Marshal Michel Ney. It is said that Marshal Ney's execution was faked and he was spirited away to the U.S. by his freemasonic friends and died here an old man. Do you know anything about this?

5. I think my boss is the reincarnation of Napoleon. I'm not kidding. He looks just like the portrait paintings of Napoleon, and he has what people call a "Napoleon complex". He is a very involved and proud freemason as well. How can I investigate someone else's past lives? Do you think he has any knowledge of his past lives?

Thank you,


posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 11:16 AM
Greetings Maggador,

I should have included this in my above post, but I'll post it here now in hopes that you might have time to discuss it.

I've heard and read it posited that there are X number (usually 13) of bloodlines that "rule" over the rest, and that these bloodline family members are able to do so because they are privy to knowledge the rest of us do not have.

People speculate that these bloodlines either do not have thier memories "wiped" with each incarnation, or that the secret societies to which they belong provide their blodline with the tools and knowledge necessary to rule.

Is there any truth to this? What function does "bloodline" serve - physical, spiritual, social - if any? If it exists, how does the bloodline system really work?

Thank you,


posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by jennybeth

Just recently Maggador ran into some tight situation with some one or society trying to shut him down. I have seen similar questions get answered in the begining of this post. You might want to go there. Who knows when Maggador will be back.

Oh by the way everyone, TIME just released a magazine out titled Secret Societies as of 31 Mar 2010. I don't know how much truth they are hiding but the magazine has alot of interesting facts. The mag runs about $17.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by IX-777

I would like to know if you worship the true lord and savior of humanity, Lord Enki? Please explain why or why not?

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posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by hornettec

Thanks hornettec - I read the whole thread, but it took me a month to read in my spare time, so I guess that by the time I got to the end I forgot some :-)

I'm still interested in what his replies might be for some of the more specific questions, and I hope he comes back.

Thanks again.


posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 09:19 PM
Dear all, sorry again for being late in replying - I have been away on a short trip to a small remote village in a mountain surrounded area which was quite beautiful and interesting. I was supposed to go to the northwest by the Andes mountains, but as I did not find any available hostels to stay in I changed plans as a friend happened to have to go to a city on the way to the place I eventually went.

I will post some videos and photos of this trip later on, as I did have an interesting mountain exploration on my own where I stumbled over some old ruins.

Also, again I am being tried shut down, this time , as I have just gotten my computer up and running again and able to work and so on, out of nowhere my PayPal account got limited so I can not withdraw any of my payments received for jobs I do, quite interesting timing considering they ask me for my passport scanned in and sent to them, right after I tried to get a passport which as you know I did not get. So , thus it seems they, whom are working on trying to shut down my work, have made PayPal close my account, and ask me for a passport that I can not supply since I can't get it - coincidence? Highly doubtful, as I have used paypal for around 5 years and NEVER had any such request or problem with them before, and now this happens directly right after all the other incidents.

They seem to be really keen on shutting down my way of being able to finance myself as they have shut down my bank account, credit cards, invalidated my passport, and now also PayPal has shut me down - which I used as a way to receive my payments by sending them to friends and family whom would then wire it to me through western union.

Hitting the money sack is always a good target for shutting people down and causing them problems, and so is invalidating their identifcation and denying them to renew such. It was unexpected, and now I am working on trying to solve this problem.

Someone asked me regarding backups etc - Yes, I am not a fool, I did take backups through the years, but since I have been traveling around the world now for more than half a decade moving from location to location and country to country I travel light, and mainly the only thing I bring with me is my Laptop, and 2 external Hard drives where my backup is - or was. One of the backup drives got broken, by my own mistake, as it was dropped on the ground during a travel. The other backup drive was accidently formatted when I tried to restore the problems I just had with my Laptop being hacked.

I still have all 3 of the broken HD's, as I do think it is possible to retrieve the data stored on them somehow, and I am in contact with a person trying to assist me with that, it seems it might be possible to at least restore data from them if the magnetic discs inside can be placed into new HDs of the exact same brand and models. For the formatted HD, it is also possible that it can be restored by certain software, and I am looking into these possibilities and if I am lucky enough I can get some or all the lost material restored which of course would be great.

So, that is the current status.

I will now move on to continue responding to all the posts I as of yet have not been replying to, which might take some time considering the amounts of posts and questions but I will do my best.

Blessings be with you all.


posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 11:44 PM

1. Yes and no. 11:11 has been so popularized in the new age scene that it is simply implemented into peoples conscious and subconscious minds. This makes them "notice" this number when it appears, simply due to that fact.

But, there is also a "true" significance to the number, which is a subconscious act, by an outside influence, to notice that specific number so that you will know that your spirit guide is there - or other spirits for that matter.

This can be any other numbers too, not only 11:11, some people "see" 12:12 for example, or 1:23, and so on.

If you "notice" this number frequently, you have to figure out yourself if it is a "real" sign, or a subconscious "programming" from reading too much about that number. Do some meditations, contact your inner guides, and seek guidance from within.

2. From my observation, people in general reincarnate back as humans as the human body is created for that specific purpose and made to hold the human soul which differs from the soul and mind of that of an animal. But, it is possible for a human spirit to at least temporarily "possess" an animal, or chose to enter an animal and gain control over it. This is not a "natural" event though, but one performed by the individual by his own will. One example is the "familiars" of Witches, which are animals - in most cases birds such as crows, or cats, that are posessed so to speak by some other being than the actual animals spirit, such as for example another past-human soul, or other entity. Here is a small wikipedia article on "familiars":

3. From my observations, it does not seem to be the case, as explained above. Human souls and animal souls, or insect souls or plant souls, are completely different in composition and frequency and what they can and can not "incarnate" into - Humans are here trapped, you need to read my information regarding the "Trap System" for more information on this topic, do a search here on that and my nick or look through this thread as I have explained this in details before.


Win 52: I am glad to hear you do not take me as any authority - I certainly am not. I simply share my own personal experiences and knowledge on topics I am familiar with, and everyone should seek the truth themselves and not take what anyone else says for granted. That would be the opposite of what I am trying to achieve. I want people to think on their own, find the answers on their own, perhaps I can give certain elements of insights that can be useful on the way, but in the end every individual need to seek and find for him/herself. That is the only way to true understanding and knowledge - own experience.



Thanks, the same answer applies to you as I wrote for Win 52 above



My best answer on where you can learn more about this "stuff" would be from Within yourself. You are the observer and the one whom experience your own reality, and also the co-creator of it. But, to be more specific, you could always simply join some of these orders and societies to get inside knowledge from them as I have done, and you can always read material and books released by individuals whom have been or still are part of such groups. Go search your library for topics on what you seek, and search places like - get to know people whom are into this "stuff" and involved with it, take part of it yourself, and you will gain some insights - but be careful on the way and take nothing for granted and be specially skeptical to any order or society you might join and what they teach and practice. Learn to contact your own self, Higher Self, Inner Guide - that is the true key to Understanding, and Knowledge.



1. I can not say I agree to that list. All I can agree to is that there are bases on the Moon and Mars, and there are both humans and "aliens" there.

I have previously mentioned that I personally have never witnessed any "greys" nor seen any evidence of their existence, other than as astral beings, thus I can not say I agree to the mentioning of greys and their locations either.

I am not sure who created that list or how he can claim these are "known bases", but it sounds unlikely to me.

However, I DO agree to the fact that there are alien beings in the locations mentioned, but virtually in all cases these have taken human form as I have explained earlier.

2. Yes, there are bases here, and I have visted the location of one, and been on an expedition along with one of Argentinas most famous UFO/Alien researchers to his private cabin located in an area of "high activity".

It actually has a wikipedia reference:

The UFO researcher is named Dante Franch, his website is located at but is mainly in spanish. It has a very small section in english at

However, though I do know the location of a secret base by those mountains, I did not personally witness any extraterrestrials nor UFOs, I have been there two times. But, the place have an incredible spiritual energy and is highly interesting and just going there for that alone is worth it - and the mountains are beautiful and majestic with great energies and portals to other dimensions, which I could sense on my own explorations there.

In fact I have for long time considered moving to the place for further research and explorations in the area - the main mountain referred to in the article above is not actually the "real" mountain with the secret base. It is a different mountain nearby.

When it comes to "ships", I have previously explained that aliens for the most part do not come here in ships as it is a wasteful way of travelling from distant locations, the most common way is by incarnating into human form. Though, I have witnessed ships myself, but since I did not witness the pilots of those I can not say if those were man made secret governmental crafts or something else.



Sure, long live metal
Though, for me it is important that the metal , or music in general, has meaningful lyrics, and bands like Gamma Ray that I linked to have truly great lyrics. Also check out prog rock band Eloy, you'll find some of their tunes in Youtube. My second favorite band, very spiritual.



I do not smoke.



Iboga is interesting. This board does not allow discussions of such substances to any great length, but suffice to say it has been used by indigenous people for spiritual insights and experiences for ages - and recent research have proven it to be useful to get drug addicts clean. Perhaps you can watch a documentary about it on youtube:
BBC Horizon - Psychedelic Science - '___', '___', Ibogaine Part 1 of 7

The above is not focused on Ibogaine alone, as the title suggest, it is also about other psychedelic substances.



Yes, you were close, and what you experienced it completely natural and normal, and you should continue doing what you did and just go further and let go, flow along with the experience and soon you'll be free and out of body exploring the greatness of existence and your being. Good luck!


I live pretty close to Antarctica. There is governmental work going on there, black-ops, and to my knowledge it involves great energetical fields, most likely electromagnetic in its nature, which can be used for various purposes from time travel to teleportation, and I suspect they are working on something related to that, perhaps as an expansion on the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk work. There may also be some physical portals, or cavern systems, to inner layers of the Earth itself. I have no confirmation on this, its my own speculation, but the energetical fields I know to be real.


posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 12:37 AM

Interesting question regarding the creation of Internet. But honestly, do you not think this technology would be public regardless of the governments as private companies would have come up with the same thing eventually in either case, all the various now-called ISP's etc, the phonelines were already there, so technically nothing would stop the internet from coming. The government being the first simply gave them a better way of monitoring the whole thing - and trust me they do.

It did perhaps work against their intended plans, and expanded more than what they would think back then, and now it is indeed functioning as a way to freely speak and "do" as one please - more or less! I have mentioned my own problems caused by my activity online and the information I share..

Also - you must be aware of the fact that the internet also serves as a PERFECT way for DISINFORMATION by the very same Governments that invented it. So, they do actually get an advantage out of it themselves. I mean, for all you know, I could be someone working for the government, serving you a lot of disinformation right now to get you to serve some agenda using brainwashing techniques and mind control.



The beauty of reality is that everything is possible. And, since we are spirits simply wearing physical human suits, we do not need to be limited to such machines to carry us around - we can travel by spirit in the blink of an eye to any location. It is the most efficient, easy, and quickest way for any type of travel. Probably the most interesting way as well.

Wormholes and portals, physically speaking, do exist though, and can physically transport us to distant locations in a somewhat similar "blink of an eye" fashion. This is alread being done.



Everything you say is completely true. I do not even own a TV myself as I know its true purpose. And word by mouth gives a somewhat better connection, as you will be in direct contact with the one whom speaks, and when speaking to someone, thoughts are also transferred and received telepathically, emotionally, etc. The best form of communication is with oneself though, ones true inner and higher self, which is indeed all-knowing as it is part of All and Everything, always has, and always will.

And no we are not in the year 2011, we are in the year we are according to the calendar we follow, which is the Gregorian Calendar. The muslims follow other calendar system and they are in a different year, and so are jews, and many other groups of people around the world, such as the Chinese etc. Even though the Gregorian calendar now have been accepted as a worldwide standard. I have previously explained how the Gregorian calendar was changed on purpose, or created on purpose, by adjusting the previous Julian calendar, to correspond with the Mayan calendar so that the "end date" would be more symbolical and have a better numerological ring to it than what it would have been if we still lived by the Julian calendar as we did back in the 1500's and up to the 1900s in certain countries.

The reason for the adjustment is a planned megaritual that will take place at 12/21/12 - December 12th, 2012. This is not a "coincidence", but carefully planned. Anyone whom have even briefly looked into numerology and the importance of numbers will reckon this and just looking at the date itself reveals this. If we still followed the Julian calendar, the "end date" would have been December 8th instead, 2012. Not quite as interesting for those practising the occult esoteric works of numerology and magic and symbology.

Also, the Mayan calendar ends at which is their way of counting. And, again 13 is also a highly significant number both in religion, magic, numerology, spirituality, and so on.



Good question. What you refer to is called Life Between Lives. It is a quite interesting topic in fact. You should look up a book with the title (Life between Lives) as it has some interesting information on that very subject by a hypnotherapists whom have spent decades regressing people to where they were BETWEEN the various incarnations, instead of the typical "back to the past live" regression as most hypnotherapists focus on.

Personally, I have memory of some of the lives between the various incarnations, as a spirit being, but I have lived for so many thousands of years in human form as well. Only in physical form did I spend my time in this lower dimension, in nonphysical form, or lives between incarnations, I spent my time in what I can only term higher planes of existence.



1. Yes, there is evidence of a binary star system. Here is a documentary that goes into that:

2. I assume some scientists must have recognized this. I have not really looked for any evidence since I know it as a fact already, perhaps a google search will give some information.

EDIT: I did a google search myself, and came across this:

It seems this scientist is on to the concept, I did not check out the video itself as its 8 hours long in total but I did check through some of it quickly and he seem to be quite an interesting character with a lot of information that corresponds with my own research and discoveries. Since I have not watched the video I can not recommend it as I know not what it really is about but perhaps it gives some insights.

3. Some things I can not reveal are things such as certain locations of certain places that needs to stay secret as I do not want any governmental agency to know about them. I can tell you as much as it relates to ancient lost cities, Atlantis, and unknown truths about mans past. Most things I can openly discuss and reveal though, and anything I reveal, or do not reveal, is my own choice and not something I have been told by anyone else to either reveal or not reveal, but certain elements I feel need to stay with me and those involved with the work relating to those elements.

4. Thats many question in one. Shortly said, freemasons in general are common people, it is the leaders at the top level whom have their own less honorable agenda, which they try lure their followers into. What is the true purpose? Power and Control. What deity do they worship? I do not know its specific name - of course they would say GAOTU (Great Architecht of the Universe), or Jubalon, but certainly a lesser God whom have enslaved the followers and uses Freemasonry as one of many branches to spread his Will throughout the World.

5. It is rather simple: All planetary / celestial bodies have within them an energy, call it a consciousness, an archetypical energy. At birth, depending on the location of the various nearby celestial bodies, these energies enter the body of the born human in various degrees, in other words, outside external conscious energy is injected into the human mind, thus shaping that persons pesronality and also creating a "blueprint" of that persons life - or rather most likely outcome of his life due to the specific energies he has been "charged" with, that are responsible for various events in a persons life.

6. Apparently it was part of an ancient sacred site for meditation and spiritual development, possibly a portal, or vortex. Exactly how it was built I have never looked into so I can not answer that for now.

7. David Icke is a man of great insights and truths - I agree to a lot of what he says and indeed have recommended several of his video lectures to friends and family. Specially his "The Road to Freedom" or "Freedom Road" is a very good one (can't remember the exact name, google it, its out in youtube and google video im sure).

Alex Collier I never looked into, so I can't comment him.

8. I am not aware of these persons nor their work.

9. I have not looked into this either and I am not familiar with it.

-continues next post-

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 12:53 AM
-continued from previous post-

10. That is a complex one. I have to be short for now, but at certain times various "avatars" are born, which happen to correspond to solar related events, as far as their life and work goes. This is why some people claim that for example Christianity in reality is ancient "sun worship", even though Jesus and the disciples did exist. This goes for the other mentioned individuals too.

11. Yes, but its better and more reliable to do it yourself.

12. Yes, crystals, like any other object, have specific energies that affects us. Some in a positive way, some in a negative way. Its as simple as that, though crystals do tend to have a somewhat stronger effect on people than for example metal or stone.

13. No, they did, but no longer, I have explained this previously so look back in the thread or read my website *SNIP*

14. The Christ is the term given to Jesus and nothing more. And he was a normal guy like anyone else, with the exception that he studied and practiced various spiritual ways that gave him insights and knowledge of great importance that he shared with others and thus became famous and world recognized.

15. Yes there is cures for cancer, both natural ones, and through other means, even THC can help against cancer, and so can blood electrification purification (sorry if this is not the correct english term)

16. I do not know what this is so I can give no comment.

17. It was the container of ancient secret spiritual knowledge, now lost. Replaced with it was the "10 commandments" which have nothing at all to do with what Moses really learned from his mediation on the Mountain.


I get more exhausted by this work than fed. Thus, I am not a very good consumer of that claimed gullibility. And, I do advice everyone to be skeptical to all my words and do their own work and research and find the answers themselves. I have said this so many times I wonder why people still think I am interested in gullible people - the only interest I have in those is to ungullify them, if that word even exist!

I agree to your comments

I have explained this, at least more than once. Check for the afterlife in my posts and my website.

Do regular cleansing meditations and work to strengthen your own personal shield against outside interference, I have some meditations for such on my website, , and you can also try various hypnosis audio courses for similar effects.

Yes it is possible, and I have done it, and spoken about my experiences with this before here in this thread, or some other thread in these forums.

Sorry for being short on some replies, but this is all I had time to do for now. I will be back soon, blessings be with you all!


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posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 05:05 PM

My time online is limted, I do not feel I can participate in yet another forum at this moment, nor do I feel any need for doing such as my work is aimed at those whom are ready and developed enough to understand and be open minded towards its possibilities and implications and such groups of people are found in larger concentrations in places like this than in an orthodox scientific forum for obvious reasons. Since you are already active in the mentioned forum you are free to post any of my concepts and claims there yourself. In fact that is the very process of the "seeding" of information as others will share it with others in many different places and ways, and it will expand on its own without me needing to do so, and people will also stumble over pages such as this through subconcious attractions due to their intuition and spiritual self guiding them towards it if that is their purpose and they are ready for such material.

Ophiuchus 13:

Every planet and celestial body is a "dimensional location point" of some sort, with its own different energies and portals and entities, in some cases physical, in other cases non-physical.


One of the things they most likely feel should not be shared is the fact about the prison world and the trap system I have explained, as well as the truth behind their own agendas and beings, whom they are and what they do, and how they control us and manipulate and deceive us - as the knowledge of such will free us as we will become aware of the very methods they use and have used for so long to keep us trapped here. They do not wish upon us any freedom - thus if anyone can offer a chance to perceive and understand the complexities of how the Trap System works, this puts them in risk of losing this Power and Control they have had for so long.

Of course there are also a lot of other topics I have discussed and shred some light upon that "they" do not want out and I am not the first one that have either been stopped or been tried to be stopped in spreading such information to the public.



What should make you think is indeed why they would do such acts. Could it be possibly because I am telling truths that they do not want to get out - revealing secrets they want to keep for themselves, or simply because I am some kind of criminal? All these acts against me goes far beyond what they would do against any criminal - or even know about that so called criminal. If I was a criminal, and they actually had any good reason for doing such based upon that, would it not be more convenient to simply arrest me ? They do not hack criminals computers and shut down their internet and online work, nor do they invalidate a passport but would in that case rather have me deported immediately and take some action. They would not close my paypal account and so on - how would they even know about my paypal account in the first place, unless I am as I claim being monitored ?

What has happened so far is as follows, which they would not do against any criminal:

1. - They closed my bank accounts and shut down my credit cards. This was done because my bank account had been hacked and large amounts withdrawn so that all my money was gone, and in addition I got a really large negative balance as well. This is not something they do to "get" any criminals, then they would be breaking the law and be criminals themselves.

My bank itself confirmed that the disappeared moeny was suspicious and have tried (according to them) to look into it without being able to find out exactly why or how that had happened.

The next step was that the account got completely closed and removed, it does not even exist any more. I was never notified about that, nor was I ever asked to pay back the negative balance, which obviously every bank would do if a person himself was responsible for bringing his balance into negative. They would not just simply let it go like that - which on its own shows that something abnormal is going on.

2. - Since I no longer have any bank account, I had to start using other means of receiving my income and payments from work etc. Thus I used PayPal, transferred money to my family, whom then wired this money to me with Western Union.

I could not get any new bank accounts open, due to my passport being expired.

3. Which leads to me trying to get a new passport - where everything seemed fine, I was at the embassy two times with a couple months in between. The first time I went there and requested a new passport and they checked my old passport and confirmed it had to be renewed and entered my information into their system for later use.

The second time I came back to complete the work with getting a new passport, which was to pay a fee for the passport, and then wait for it to printed and ready for me to pick up.

AFTER all of that, AFTER I had been at the embassy TWO times, with two months having gone in between, and I had paid the fees and done all the work, and the passport SHOULD have been ready to pick up, they suddenly out of nowhere told me I could NOT get a new passport after all because they had decided I had some "unresolved matters with the Norwegian governments" and I was told they would not issue me the passport after all. Do you not think they would already had that information in their system from the very beginning if it was any legitimate "criminal charges" against me? Do you think they would wait two months, just to tell me after I had paid the fee to receive the passport, that I can not get it after all - and no fee returned? Dont you think they would rather have arranged for me to be arrested when meeting up to pick up that passport if I had any legitimate criminal charges against me so severe that they would confiscate my passport, deny me a new one, and basically keep me HERE in Argentina instead of bringing me to NORWAY where these alleged "unresolved matters" apparently took place?

I have previously mentioned my problems with the Norwegian governments and harassment by them, false charges, and so on - confiscation of computer equipment etc that I never got back - even though by law I should have gotten that back but they confiscated this computer equipment for "indefinite time as possible evidence". They have had those computers for around 6 years now. How long time do they need to check "evidence" ? These computeres were of highly confidential material relating to the things I am revealing, and had a lot of personal documents received by various contacts, as well as contact information, my own personal work which includes a lot of written material such as that which I am revealing here and on my websites etc.

4. Then right after having had my passport denied, my computer was suddenly hacked and I lost all my work and material as I have mentioned already. Shut me off and got my material erased so it could not be published. Was this a coincidence?

5. And - yet again - I now had my PayPal account closed as well, which was my only way of getting payments now wired to me as mentioned through Western Union by family. Again, this is not something they would do against a "criminal" - it would be unlikely they even knew about something like that persons paypal account, and if it was closed, certainly paypal would have clearly stated the reason for it being closed because of governments making them do it. But that is not the case - what they DID do however, was to suddenly, after several years of using their service with no problems, they asked me for sending a copy of my PASSPORT to "verify" my account! A coincidence, that they ask for my PASSPORT that just was INVALIDATED, and that this happens JUST after I manage to get back online and continue this work?

Obviously, I sent in a copy of the passport I have, and as expected they said it was not valid since its expired and unless I supply them with a valid passport my account will remain locked.

Ill leave it up for you to judge.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 05:51 PM

I live in Argentina, my mother lives in Norway - I can not get out of Argentina because of the above mentioned reasons I supplied to Zerra. And my mother do not have a basement in any case.



I am glad I have been of assistance, that is my purpose.

Regarding THC and cannabis smoking, yes it can have negative effects on spiritual development. I would recommend stopping it, and continue doing meditations and astral projection exercises, and see how that will progress.

Personally I also live in a country where Marijuana is legal to anyone above 21 years old. I admit I have tried it, and found it to be affecting spirituality in a negative way. In fact I have found it to be deceiving as far as spirituality goes and I would highly recommend quitting this and any other drugs, specially alcohol and marijuana which is of the two worst for spiritual development that I am aware of.

Soberness is a great path towards true spiritual experience and development.


You guess and assume many things about me, which is fine, but I hope you agree with my above statement towards sublimeXS. I do not advocate the use of drugs - but I do admit that certain natural substances can have an positive effect on spiritual development, and this can also be confirmed by thousands of years of use of such by shamans and other people of spiritual cultures around the world. In either case, the bottom line is that drugs are not needed for any spiritual experience or development, all that is needed is oneself, as all comes from within in either case as far as spiritual experiences goes. But I do not dismiss the potential positive effects of certain substances in the regards of spiritual practices and development.


1. I have briefly looked into it, to say I have studied it would be an exaggeration. As I looked at it, I quickly saw its function, what its based upon, and how it relates to other systems such as astrology, the tarot, even the degrees of Freemasonry etc. I understand its purpose and its path, but I already know how to walk it so to speak and I have experienced the realms of the Sefiras all the way up - as far I am aware of.

2. Sirius is important due to its connection with us, the human races on Earth, and our origins. This is why it is an important twin star (its not one star, it is a double star system, Sirius A and Sirius B.).

I have previously written about it, so I will simply quote myself:

Races of Earth have come here from many different places. But the dominant are from Sirius, Orion, Pleiades. Now most races are mixed out and very few are "pure", if any, and exactly how many different races have come here through history is more than I know of. The origin and history of each race would be more than too complex to get into as well as all races themselves go much further back into one common origin in extremely ancient times at the very time of physical creation of life itself in the Universe.

Sirius is an important twin star system. A lot of ancient and modern occult texts and symbolism will lead you towards Sirius. Beings from Sirius have assisted mankind and other entities for long times, and also spread through the universe and populated other areas. Originally Sirius A was the smaller, and Sirius B the larger of the two stars Sirius consists of. What forms of life is there now, if any, is not of my knowledge, all I know is that there are spiritual entities still inhabiting the system, and Sirius B seem to be more important than A

With that said, there are groups and individuals working with entities from these star systems here on Earth even now at this moment, including various secret societies. Specially the Freemasons have a deep connection with Sirius and entities therefrom.

Regarding books, I have recommended several earlier, and it depends what is your specific topic of interest.. Astral projection? Magic? Secret societies? UFO's and Aliens? Spiritual Development? etc.

I will however list a couple books of utter most importance and usefulness to anyone on the spiritual path:

1. The Inner Guide Meditation by Edwin Steinbrecher
2. Wisdom of the Mystic Masters by Weed
3. Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce

That's the three most important and useful books that comes off the top of my head right now.

As far as sites go, I can't think of any sites in special as I do not spend much time reading online or reading anything in general, I am more of a writer and spend most of my time online for that. Simply search some of your topics of interest and I am sure you will find some.


Great, good to hear you like it, and I hope you will gain many great insights and experiences from being a member. Blessings and good luck on your journey.


I answered your question earlier to someone asking the same so look back in my latest posts.

I can easily give you the evidence of my passport having being invalidated, and not being able to get a new one. I can also get the same documentation on my bank account, as well as my paypal account.



posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 02:48 AM

I am rather sure you are not a scientists actually qualified to make the assumptions you make, but in the other case I am sure you have read certain so called scientifical material and blindly trust it.

So thus, regarding the races, your claims are nothing more than ludicrous without any evidence to back it up. For centuries black people have lived in northern hemospheres without changing in any way, and white people has lived in southern hemosphere with same non-results in "evolution".

Personally I come from Norway - never have I witnessed any such ludicruous claim of vitamin d deficienfy producing even anything similar to your claims. Blacks stay blacks, and white stays blacks, simple as that - so goes for all other races regardless of where tey live, with some smaller exceptions of course depending on more violent features of nature such as heavy sand dusts creating bigger nostrils compared to areas where such is not needed.

But I will not go into more detail about this as I have made my case clear on the subject and I stick at what I have said.

1. Look at my previous comments regarding orion. I just replied to one in the other post including orion and sirius, and search the forum for more.

2. Look at my previous response regarding 11:11 in these last posts.

3. No people look like animals. They may "resemble" animals, but that means nothing more than lets say one type of fish resembling another type of fish, or one type of rock resembling another type of rock.

4. I know about Napoleons involvement with freemasonry, but I am not aware of what you suggest there. But I will look into it and hear with my own sources and see if I can find anything relating to that being the case.

6. You can find others past lives by connecting with your own higher self and true inner guide, which will give you acces to everyone related to you in any way in your current life, including their past lives and their relations to you yourself in such past lives. I have given instructions on how to do this previously and on my website.

Regarding 13 and bloodlines:

First of all 13 is a very important magical, symbolical, numerological and astrological and otherwise important esoteric number. I mentioned this to some degree earlier in my recent posts.

And yes, there are people in so called bloodlines that reincarnate without the common memory loss, due to them serving the lesser god responsible for creating the memory loss for the majority of people in the first place. One could say these are not "normal humans" but rather demonic in nature here to fulfill the agendas of their master.



I worship no deitiy or entity or god or otherwise. Any such being demanding worship is a false deity or lower god looking for control and power. I worship myself, if anything, and work for you - the people - as well as my own personal development.



posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 07:29 AM
hey guys anyone looking into denver airport i saw the pictures it has on the walls shocking also it was built in march 19 1994 if you add just the numbers it = 2013 weird heres the link

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by IX-777

Thank you Maggador,

Thank you for all your replies.

Sorry if that offended you - I just wanted to be clear about the argument that we both dispute. Regarding natural selection: those are not my claims at all, just what I learned in forensic anthropology class at University, and as I said I do not support those claims per se, I just wanted it to be clear that Anthropology credits disfigurement due to rickets with helping the natural selection of the races along. It follows that there would be no modern analog due to our cultural adaptations with regard to shelter and nutrition. And no, I am not a scientist but an engineer, but I do hold my first Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Religious studies from a major university. That being said - I actually don't believe that natural selection accounts for the vast differences among the races.

Thank you again for your replies. If you do come across anything regarding Napoleon and freemasons "faking the death" of Marshal Ney and spiriting him away to America, please share it. This topic is near and dear to me.



posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 02:31 PM
Good to see your back mate.

1. Do you know anything of mercury detoxification, or of its toxicity. I Know it is present in fillings and vaccines, and is very toxic.
You have any advice on how to remove it from the body?

2. Do you think this is legitimate-
May join in addition to BOTA. They speak of giving an Astral Initiation.

3.(If you want to avoid answering this publicly in order to avoid arguments from certain people then just say)
Whats the deal with Jewish involvement in the various new world order plots.
I know that they control around 85percent of the media in the US (which jews admit to and is provable fact, not just 'theory). And through the Israel lobby they hold much power in western nations (one of the presidents of Israel Arial Sharon claimed Israel runs the US). So how deep does the jewish thing go?


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