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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 09:47 PM
So, you may feel free to ask.

I am personally involved with everything mentioned in the title of the thread, I am a life long member of secret orders and governmental institutions, I have been exploring the spiritual realms, researched the occult and practiced it, taken part of many esoteric, occult and magical practices and events, been involved with the ET and UFO phenomena, the spiritual realms, including ghost and spirits, governmental coverups and their involvedment with these and other things, I have many insights to share on existence and our reason for being here, how we got here, why we are here and whom controls the world and why, and much more on these and related topics.

My own background you can find around, search me and see, take me for what I am and discuss this seriously and ask the questions you always wondered about all of these matters, and I will answer to you as good as I can to anything I have personal knowledge, experience and insights in.

The purpose of this thread is to help shred some light on all such topics that many people are curious about, researching, perhaps considering taking part of - or even already are involved with themselves.

Be my guests, I will be happy to participate and share my story.


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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 09:59 PM
1. What is the 5th Dimension? Explained as best as you can in our dimensional concepts and ideas. Have you experienced it in anyway?

2. How can you find out what a guide is, and where they are from? Messages is one thing, but how can you find out more about your spiritual guide?

3. Is our current government being controlled by an underground species?

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 10:27 PM
OMG here we go again.

Who shot kennedy?

What is the white speck on chicken poop actually?

Who ya gonna call?

Why are we here?

Why wont they put Halo on PS3?

What do i do when a klingy chick wont leave me alone?

Why are politicians liars?

Why do i hate lawyers?

Why did i click on this thread?

Is there life on other planets?

Where is my jetpack that im supposed to have by now???


posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:46 AM
The secret is that we are survivors of a past age that was essentially a golden age of man before the flooding cataclysm that happened around the world.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:58 AM

i dont think you know anything, but my main interest 'ANTI-AGING' and immortality

lemme know..

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:59 AM

Originally posted by hoghead cheese

The secret is that we are survivors of a past age that was essentially a golden age of man before the flooding cataclysm that happened around the world.

Yeah, so evidently we didn't pass the grade..that time........

Are we ready to move on to 5D this time..??..


posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by IX-777


My question to you is:

At what point (or density) do we evolve past the need for material transportation to get from point A to point B..?..


posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:12 AM

Originally posted by hoghead cheese
The secret is that we are survivors of a past age that was essentially a golden age of man before the flooding cataclysm that happened around the world.

If it was such a golden age, why didn’t they invent life preservers?
Or for that matter… Boats?

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:16 AM
I got a few…
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Do bears really go in the woods?
Do they use Charmin?
If I post a thread and no one reads it, does it really exist?

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:58 AM
Have you ever heard what witnesses report as "the sound" of Hell? Do you think that is what they are really experiencing? If so, is it your opinion that they are near some kind of doorway?

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 02:01 AM
I have a question -

if you can indeed share the secrets of world and existence etc etc then why are you offering to share it on a Conspiracy website and not writing a book, or going through MSM to broadcast it to the world?

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 10:19 AM
Thanks for all replies, I will do my best to answer you as time permits it for me.

Unserious and silly questions will simply be ignored. The reason for this thread is to give some insight on topics I am personally experienced with and have some knowledge to share, and discuss these matters as adults and not like chilrden.

With that said, here I will adress the questions asked that I have time for answering now.


The 5th dimension, or density as some call it, is simply a higher state of existence than this physical. There are however different definitions on these densities here on Earth, as well as the dimensions etc.

So I will explain my own personal opinion. As far I am concerned, there is no such things as different "densities" per the standard definitions that say things such as "stones and rocks that have no consciousness are first density, beings with limited consciousness such as plants and animals are second density, beings with self-awareness and advanced consciousness are third density" etc.

Rather, all physiacl existence is one level of existence, no matter if it is a rock or a tree or an animal or a human. Certainly, one can say there is a difference in consciousness between these different elements of existence, but nevertheless, they all exist within the same dimension, the same plane of existence. For that, I will refer to different planes of existence rather than densities, usign terms such as the "astral planes" and so on which gives a better description of the reality of this existential phenomena.

So, when referring to 5th density, for me that means you are referring to a higher astral plane beyond the physical. I will consider the physical existence for "first plane", and the next after death for the "second plane", and so on.

Even though that itself is actually in reverse of reality, as we can be said to live on the last plane now - if we look at creation and what was created first and what came last. But to keep things simple I will use these terms as I have put forth.

Thus, the second plane, will be what you probably would call "4th density", this is the spiritual realm most close to us. This is where spirits and ghosts that are still earth bound find themselves, poltergeists and so on, low level beings, lost souls, people whom are dead but have not realized it, or do not want to go further or simply do not know how. In general, this would be an unwanted plane to stay in.

The third plane, or the 5th density as you would refer to it as, is existence beyond the physical world, free from any attachments here, higher self-awarness of ones being, making one able to go to other realms not connected to earth, where one will find countless of other worlds inhabited by various spirits in different enviornments. This is still a low-level plane of existence, and still as illusionary as the physical existence here on Earth itself. Indeed, it is so similar that people finding themselves on this level will still perceive themselves as physical bodies, although with greater freedom, such as abilities to go through solid objects, fly, and so on.

This is also where you will find Heaven and Hell, among many other places. "Good" and "Evil" also still exist there, Gods and Demons, Angels, Ascended Masters. And it also consists of worlds inhabitated by specific cultures, people with specific beliefs, religious worlds, and so on.

As an example, you will find worlds similar to specific earth timelines there, such as a world where people of a specific timeline lives in similar ways as they did when living physically. This can be anything from people living in a viking age sort of enviornment, to people living in a roman world, to people living in even modern type of worlds, and so on. Some of these are not even aware of being dead but may believe they are still actually living their lifes in the time they did at their death, and people are often attracted to what they find familiar after death. These worlds are created by the collective consciousness of the people of those ages, and in similar ways people with specific religious beliefs on what will happen after death may find themselves in environments matching those beliefs.

You will also find realms there in that plane that are more "fantasy" like, where the inhabitants have powers such as magic and abilities that are no common in the physical realm. This is not because these abilities do not exist here in the physical realm, but rather because such abilities have an easier tendency to manifest and be useable in this plane of existence without the limits of the real physical body and physical laws.

Further on, on sixth density, or what I would call the fourth plane, people have further understanding of their being, and know that these other planes are "false" and not the "full truth" of what they are. In this plane people will have much more profound spiritual experiences, deeper contact with eachother and the universe, the God Source, and are more free to explore the Universe and Existence, including the different planes of existence. They do not suffer from the same limitations as many of those in the planes below them do, they are able to manifest with their minds things they wish, they communicate almost exclusively mentally / telepathically, and they have a greater understanding of their past lives, their origins, and the multiple layers of existence and how everything is connected and the spiritual laws that governs them and so on. These people also have a more true spiritual form, and mostly do not find themselves in any body similar to a physical body, but usually more as invisible beings of concsiousness, though they may still have the feeling of having a body to some degree.

Above that realm, moving on to the seventh density, or the fifth plane as I would refer to it, is a complete oneness with everything, no falsehood exists and all beings there can feel eachothers emotions and thoughts and they are of highly pure spiritual essence. They are still individuals though, but have a full recollection of all past lives at once with full understanding of their true infinite lives and their manifesting abilities where thought forms plays a major role as their enviornments are completely thought-form based and created both individually and together as collective consciousness.

(continues below in next post)

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 10:20 AM
(continuation from above post)
This is a much more fluid reality in terms of the environments and these people are above good and evil and experience very little of any structured environment as we are used to, meaning no “shapes”, “buildings” and such, being pure consciousness without a need for such “visual pleasures” of familiarity as most people on lower planes of existence tend to be attached to. They are close to what can be called omni-potent at this level of existence, and virtually only Mind alone yet still they have their individuality as separate beings though connected and in deep touch with eachother on all levels, able to share experiences.

At eight density, or sixth plane as I would call it, an emerging appears. This is the withdrawal of soul fragments from the past, meaning all past lives and parallel lives that have been lived out simultaneously will be absorbed up into the Higher Soul of the person, its most true Self.

The Higher Soul can be seen as a persons true Higher Self, the Real Being behind all the persons he has ever been, all lives he has ever had, and all his lives and the persons he have been become One at this point, and he will be all aspects of the fragments he has been before, in totality. A soul fragment is simply a part of the true Higher Soul that has been inserted so to speak into different bodies in the lower planes of existence, making it able for a Soul to experience different levels of existence at once, in different places, and different bodies.

This includes a merging of all beings of any plane lower that has originally been spawned from the Higher Soul in the distant past, and is a way for a Soul to gain maximum amount of experiences in a shorter time, and thus a more efficient way than simply inhabitating one body at a time through multiple lifetimes. All lives, all past lives, do unfold simultaneously at different parallel realities in the various lower planes, and at this point all of these are absorbed and goes back to their Source, which is the Higher Soul, and the various individuals are completely stripped from ego, they are no longer “individuals” but One, and will experience themselves as their true being which is significantly different than anyone consider to be “themselves” - a total self-realization will result, and the Higher Soul is now finally free to explore further as its True Self.

The Ninth density, or Seventh plane, is the return to the Source itself, where even the Higher Souls will emerge with their origin, from where all life and existence once came, to what many call God. I call this the First Cause, the Source of All Existence. It is the Mind of All. It is the Complete Oneness.

2 - There are many types of Guides. Some are personal guides that are only for you, while others are more general guides that assist different people and beings. In a way, think of them as the difference between a good friend, whom is also a good friend of other people, both people you know and people you dont know, and think of your parents, whom are the ones whom raise you and you alone. You also have Guides that are aspects of yourself and your other multidimensional existence, in other terms these guides are actually “you”, your Higher Self, even a direct connection with your Higher Soul and the God Source at certain times.

True Guides will always assist you and help you, they will always radiate love and compassion for you, and they will never do any harm or ask you to do anything, they may however give certain suggestion on things that may be beneficial for your overall being, state of health, spiritual development and such, but they will never be hostile or force you to do something. You can ask your guides to reveal their true origin for you, whom they are and what role they play for you, and how they are connected to you.

3 - Our Government is controlled by an invasive being, meaning they have infiltrated human bodies to carry out their own agendas. There are however “good ones” as well whom have done the same, to try help mankind develop and to assist in getting those malevolent beings be gone. There are spiritual entities that work together with various people of the Governments and various Secret Orders as well, whom do not have physical bodies, and communicate with these people through spiritual means during various rituals, and these are considered to be Gods for some of the people in Government and they are worshipping these beings and following their commands.


posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 11:16 AM

I consider your post unserious and silly and not on topic and thus your questions will obviously not be addressed. They do not relate to what the thread is about nor what I stated in my original post so it is off-topic.


Proper understanding of your biological system itself can help you achieve slower aging. There are many natural and normal physical factors that play a role here as well, from simple things such as eating correctly, getting enough sleep and rest, avoiding stress and tension, doing regular exercises to keep in shape and so on. But on a more spiritual level, having the right mind will help, being positive, and having a image of yourself as being young. By Will you can achieve a lot, the Mind is the most powerful thing in all Existence. I am however not sure why you would want physical immortality instead of true freedom, in your true spirit form you are already immortal and can achieve much more, have much greater freedom, and explore and venture wherever you may want to go.

So the best answer to your question would be that discarding your physical body is the best way to true immortality, and if you really want to live in a physical type of world you may do so even after death, there are realms just like this one with the only difference that you will not age or get sick, yet still you will find yourself with a body almost identical to the current physical body, in an environment identical to your current one. However, this is a rather lower plane of existence and certainly not much of experience as far as your True Self is concerned.


Read my above post on the densities and dimensions and planes of existence.

To move on to another plane of existence you must be properly prepared. That is the reason for both the Egyptians spiritual practice, as well as the Tibetans, and their "books of the dead" which are meant to guide people in the afterlife to reach these higher planes of existence. They also prepare themselves during their physical lifetime so that they will be able to maintain awareness and self-consciousness even after physical death. This is of utter most importance to avoid reincarnation, loss of memories, and either getting stuck back here or lost in some of the lower planes of existence as most people do and will keep doing until they start working more towards self-realization.

When it comes to transportation, we are already passed that need, though this is supressed and not something available for the common person. If you are talking about physical transportation from one place to another, instantly, without any physical vehicle or such, this is done by teleportation and is already in place by various governments. If you are talking about more spiritual methods, this can also be done, and is being done, through spirit travel, or astral projection, which also gives instant transport from one location to another, anywhere in the universe. This too is practiced by governments to explore as well as spy.


There were boats then just as now, it is ludicruos to think anything else, or to believe as some christians do that the only survivor were Noah and his family. There were many "arcs" and many people surviving floods around the world, from using boats to living high enough to avoid such floods.

The rest of your questions are off-topic and unserious and will be ignored.


Yes, that recording from "Hell" was a simple fake. Hell do not exist inside the Earth. It is a plane in other levels of existence, just as Heaven, and countless other realms as mentioned above in my explanation on the different dimensions and densities.


I am writing books, and making documentary movies, and I am also working locally with people that I have been teaching what I know. Regarding mainstream media, do you really believe they would even consider someone like me to get any time with them? The mainstream media is controlled and deeper truths are never revealed, and if they are they are mostly ridiculed as "nonsense" and "conspiracy theories".

The reason I am posting here - among many other places - is simply because this is a large site, with many people, so there is a chance for many people to get to hear what I say, and ask the questions they want, indeed it is much more interactive than most other medias as anyone can ask me what they feel like and everyone can read my responses.


posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 11:28 AM
I have a question or two.

1. We have yourself, plus another member who claims to be a time traveler and one who thinks he is an alien. All of you claim to know most of the answers to the questions we have. But after reading all of these, I can only see maybe 10-20% of what you three say that really jives. Why is that if all of you are who you claim to be, shouldn`t the vast majority of your answers be the same?

2. Does this mean that some of you may be fake and are here to "mis-inform" everyone?

3. Can you say which ones are fake?

Thank you.

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 11:31 AM
I want to know WHEN "you" think THE DRAGONS WILL BE HERE, SERIOUSLY!

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 11:58 AM

1 - I am not familiar with these two other people you mention so I can not comment much on them unless you give me a link to their posts so I can see their claims and perhaps address them. However I can say, time travel claims are highly improbable and unlikely, depending on what means of time travel the person claims to have used of course, but there is extremely little reason for a time traveler to go back in time to post on a conspiracy site like this if he actually claim to travel physically, which again would indicate that he would have more important tasks to perform as if he did so he most likely would do it through some agency that have more important things to do than sending people here to spend their time online. I am not aware of any "private people" in posession of any device that could make them travel in time as they please. But, please give me more details on this person.

For the alien claimer, I also need more information to comment, again feel free to link to these people.

2 - Yes, it is likely that some are fakers either just to have some fun, or to misinform for other reasons.

3 - I have to refer to my request of more information about the other two before I can answer this. However I can say that so far I personally have never seen any evidence of any time travelers coming here, though I know it is possible from my own personal experience with time travel - which may sound ironical.

Ophiuchus 13:

Dragons as in reptilians? If so, they are already here, in human form.


posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 11:59 AM
What do you think will happen 2012?

Have you heard about the alleged insider Hidden Hand, if so, what do you think about the things that he have been saying?

Do you think there is a push inside the intelligence agencies for ET disclosure?
On the same point, what about suppressed technology and knowledge?

Do you think we're headed for a third world war?


posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:09 PM
Some additional information on the reality of our multidimensional existence, the different densities, dimensions and our Higher Soul and such as I mentioned in a post above.

Reality is that we are more than "one" physical and spiritual being. This is in a way that I can explain as a myriad of parallel alternate versions of yourself, exists in the same moment and their development unfolds together with your own, and that all of your other selves are connected to a "higher self" or "soul" and that which these physical bodies have within them is only a portion of that complete soul, such as our astral bodies etc, like branches of a tree and leaves on the branches.

Ultimately, we develop ourselves inwards, and not outwards, meaning that each of your own selves will not "expand" in consciousness and physical and spiritual development, but rather "implode" into that "higher soul" or "true being" that you are - and that the experiences of all your alternate selves will at some moment merge with this "higher soul" and create a Oneness where you will experience yourself from a completely new perspective and see yourself as the being you really are.

Then, you will as this new "Oneness" become "free" from the current location where you are (or rather where the "higer soul" is located) and "ascend" to higher realms and be free of all physical bonds and continue the spiritual and mental development and understanding. But there is more after this "Oneness" is achieved too, higher "realms" and new things to discover about reality of Being and Existence.

In other words, to give you a better idea, there are alternate versions of ourselves in alternate (parallel) worlds/dimensions (whatever you want to call it). And each of them contain a soul-fragment, or astral body and various other energy bodies, which are connected to the "true" soul (or "higher soul").

I would say it goes a bit further up than our "higher self", as our "higher self" is basically being aware of the highest aspect of our current incarnation here and being our best in this single plane and do not necessarily include the knowledge of these "other selves".

And yes they are unique, and they consist of all time-frames, meaning past, present and future, in other words all earlier incarnations and future reincarnations is out there already enfolding their experiences and existence on their own, without general knowledge of the other selves which all gradually develop towards the Oneness with the Higher Soul, or True Self - and once that is reached, all of these alternate versions of oneself will merge with ones Higher Soul and become the Oneness and progress towards further development, understanding and insights, as well as experiences on a higher level of existence.

I guess you can say the "Higher Soul" is the "host", and all the alternate versions of ourselves down "here" (on the lower planes) are the "clients". Sort of like a tree, it has branches with many leaves, and at certain points such as winter the tree (host) will suck in all its resin so the leaves withers and falls of and dies, yet the tree itself stays alive.

So, in that sense, you can compare your body here with that of a leaf of a tree, a leaf that is not aware of the tree it is connected to, and at a certain point the life force will be sucked out of the leaf (you) and back to the tree (higher soul) and become one again. But it do not sprout new leaves (bodies) but instead evolves to another state of being (The Higher Soul as Oneness).

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:09 PM
As I addressed in my post above this one we consist of a Higher Soul, with various Soul Fragments spread out in different physical bodies both in this world and in other alternate worlds.

This means that YOU, the one sitting there reading this line now, is one such Soul Fragment of your true Higher Soul. And at the same time there exists different other soul fragments in other bodies spread around in time and space living their own separate individual lives, not being aware of each other or their connection.

It is however necessary to expand some on this and give some further explanations.

Our Higher Soul may in fact be a Higher Soul Fragment of yet another Higher Soul - and our Soul Fragments may become equal to Higher Souls on ascension after physical death, meaning they too get the ability to spread new Soul Fragments into new bodies.

What does this mean practically, you may ask. Let me explain:

You, the person you are living as now, are a soul fragment of a Higher Soul. At the same time other soul fragments are spread around that have been spawned from the same Higher Soul, meaning that several people living at the same time are parallel and simultaneous versions of each other.

This further means that if any of these connected soul fragments, or parallel selves, did a past life regression to the life prior to the current one, all of them would experience the Higher Soul that they have spawned from as their last life before this.

And this explains many things, and actually makes a lot of sense if you look at it - for example many people claim to have been various famous historical people in the past. Most people would think that only one of them could be telling the truth, and the rest either lie or be imagining it.

But with the concept of the Higher Souls and Soul Fragments, and the Soul Fragments being able to turn into the same state as the Higher Souls at ascension after Death, and that Higher Souls may very well be Soul Fragments of yet other Higer Souls again, it means that it is indeed quite possible for several people to have been the same person in the past.

This is explained by the person whom they all were in a past life having ascended and spawned new Soul Fragments into new bodies, thus creating several new parallel people existing at the same time, as well as in different times and locations in space, meaning that all those current people whom are the Soul Fragments of this Past Person would go back in the same incarnation line to this Past Person when doing a Past Life Regression simply because this Past Person in a sense was the Higher Soul of these current living Soul Fragments, or Parallel Persons.

Thus, we exist as Soul Fragments of a Higher Soul which in turn may have been a Soul Fragment of another Higher Soul in its time, and so on into the long gone past, all the way up to Higher and Higher Souls, up to the very level of the Ultimate Soul - God - The Source of the First Higher Souls and Soul Fragments.

When it comes to reincarnation, this also solves the problems some would face when trying to mathematically calculate how many souls are present now, and how that would be possible if we keep reincarnating from previous lives, from a time when there were a lot fewer people around than we have now - in other words, there would have to be new souls coming in for the expanding population, and this is what the purpose of the Higher Souls is - to spawn new Soul Fragments for the new people that are born and expanding the population of the Earth.

At a deeper level, this of course also mean that we ALL are the SAME and ONE, considering that after all we all have been spawned from Higher Souls back to the Origin, to the time when there were only One Source - God.

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