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The Dangers of Investigating Conspiracies and Cover-ups

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posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 03:43 AM
You know, I started a thread about militias and Martial Law a few days ago because of a dream I had. After posting the thread I started doing some reasearch. After a miniscule amount of research I began creating an entire website devoted to my findings and my theories. But as my research continued, I started seeing a pattern: Those that had attempted exposing what I was attempting to expose, credible or not, had met ends of the kind that I do not wish to meet with.

In short: I got scared. I'm still undecided on whether to publish my website on the world wide web, but there's no denying that investigating true conspiracies poses dangers.

How far is one willing to go to expose the truth? Are you willing to die to attempt to inform the public of a governmental or even an intergalactic conspiracy? These are questions I've been asking myself recently due to research I've been doing and information I've been coming upon. It seems that the more information I come upon, the more stories of people with information who are imprisoned, tortured, and/or killed I come upon also.

Who of us is safe? Who of us can find the truth and spread it to the general public without fear of repercussions? Does the long arm of Big Brother reach so far that not any of us can bring the truth to the people before we are extinguished?

Even as I write this I'm recalling the research I've uncovered and listening for the patter of combat boots outside my front door. What can I say without expecting a visit from the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, or some black op agency that we ATS'ers have only dreamed about?

Information is our greatest weapon, and it is also our biggest enemy. If we possess damning information we can destroy our enemies, but it also gives them an excuse to destroy us before we have a chance to open our mouths.

(P.S. Be advised: If I don't post anything in the next three days, I have been silenced by the conspirators and you will all know that I have been silenced by one of the many conspirators lurking in the shadows...)

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posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 09:27 AM
Here is a new essay of mine on a related topic, on the adventures and perils of bringing free energy to the world:


posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 11:20 AM
Seems to me, Mr Lazar thought and did something about his personal over-exposure (getting caught in the field w/friends taking vids of A51/S4 antigrav propulsion flights). He ran to TV Reporter Knapp. Knapp did some investigation (including a brief video tour with RL through LosAlamos), and decided to ask his producers to make it a local Newsworthy item, and did.

I feel, if your exposing sensitive #, be ready with your plan to publicise it. As I feel by publicizing the facts it may well extend or prolong the possibility of becoming essentially a 'non-person', at least in the short term. Perhap's look at it as how far across the NATIONAL SECURITY line will this info go?


posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 01:42 PM
I also can't get in. I just get the locked error page. Is there another link to access the site?

Sorry for interupting the flow, upon completion of this thread I was able to access thru one of the links on the last page. Great site, thanks

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posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 09:08 PM
I can't get to this website either.....

Hope a new link or something is posted..

Sorry for being a pest.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 07:06 AM
Do you mean that this link will not work?

This thread began while discussing my site before I got a domain, so those early links will not work. The above link is to my permanent site.

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posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 08:54 PM

Originally posted by MaskedAvatar
There are other dangers as well for some people who get into the finer detail without the mental equipment to handle it, like:

* mental health (obsessive disorders) and loss of quality of life
* being ostracized from family and friends, losing ability to relate to regular people
* inability to refocus whether mission accomplished or not.

Are they better than a mob style execution?

How do you know if your built right to deal with it mentally?

I face a federal jury on Feb. 26 for expressing my emotions and opinion in writing, asking a rational minded group of peple who know me very well to discuss the "issue" , and described what I THINK we should show up on the scene of this crime with... the means to shut it down, or at least pop a few main arteries in the production process.
None of the thoughts I expressed were part of a pre-meditated plan that I insisted others to follow or support me with, my request for help was directed towards one individual and distributed to a small handfull of chosen people. I asked them to take the information and my desires to others and discuss "IT" with men that would be willing to fight with anyone or anything that was intentionally poisoning their family.. and asked them to get back with me.

One day later I was arrested by the FBI, institutionalized because they told my wife that if she "petitioned" me to a psychiatric evaluation... that they were not going to pursue charges against me.

I spent two months in a semi-nut-house and one week in jail. They still charged me with a felony.
My doctors findings are conflicting, but for the most part they determined that I am bi-polar, one described me as "undiagnosable".

Somebody explain to me how to view these two products as something more beneficial to society than crack coc aine:

The FDA refuses to approve Stevia, an all natural replacement for Aspartame. It has no known side effects.
Posilac was BANNED by every industrialized nation in the world at one time, besides the U.S.

Maybe it is because their "underbelly" produced, approved and promoted it.

To me it is insane that there is no source of authority in the world to investigate or even intimidate this "conflict of interest" without being threatened by the organization they are investigating. I submitted a well informed presentation of facts to Homeland Security several times and they never even acknowledged me, eventho' I submitted the information according to their official "submission of information" format.... no reply.

For some reason people are scared to risk their lives or endanger their freedom, even when it comes to watching their own people be slowly and systematically slaughtered.
When you realize and understand some of the things that are happening TO the American people, due to the government that is supposed to be protecting them... if that doesn't make you mad enough to have aggressive feelings towards certain sources... that's a problem for you.

I suddenly feel the urge to post a bunch of my thoughts to give the government more evidence against me. Maybe in all this I will be able to prove that it a crime to even THINK about or discussing an effective way to stop this nations most deadly source of food poisoing.

A mob style execution sounds exciting compared to laying down and taking this sweet little sugar&milk ass raping from the USG drug dealers for the rest of my life.

posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 12:33 AM
Hi Submersible2:

You won’t know if you can handle it until you have been there. I doubt that much can really prepare you for it. You have already been in the belly of the beast to a degree, so you have some perspective of the process. I have been in kangaroo court:

and I don’t want to see the inside of a courtroom again. My former partner, Dennis Lee, spent two years behind bars for challenging the energy establishment:

So, I know too well what you are writing about. Best wishes for surviving the process with your life and sanity intact. The best defense may be to honestly believe in your truth, and it can help you go free. My shield has always been living in the light as best I can. Those prosecuting you are just doing their jobs, by and large. They have unsavory jobs, but if you decide to not take it too personally, it can go a long way to seeing you through.

Much of how the wheels of “justice” move in America is not “conspiratorial.” The American legal system is so abysmally corrupt that it does not take much knob-turning to fry activists, and those doing the frying simply could not care less that they prey upon innocent people: , and they will commit whatever crimes they need to, in order to “succeed” with their jobs: . I learned that stuff the hard way, and when I can help others avoid learning their lessons the hard way, it helps me sleep better. I hold no animosity toward those who ruined my life. If I did, they would have prevailed. In fact, when I let go of my animosity, it led to the miracle:

I have written a 150-page essay on the medical/agribusiness reality that you have encountered:

It is much worse than those chemicals that you cite - they are one of many that have been inflicted on the public:

I was recently thinking of writing something on how people can perhaps avoid having their lives ruined when they speak out, particularly when vested, powerful, unscrupulous interests want them to say silent. Your post has spurred me to say something on the matter. (I have to break this into two posts so they fit in this forum’s size limitation)

posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 12:34 AM
Part Two:

I have been called a whistleblower, although I do not think of myself that way. Whistleblowing is usually when somebody from the inside comes forward with their revelations. I suppose I did it with my profession:

but it is a minor part of my work, and not the kind of “whistleblowing” that can get me into much trouble.

Ralph McGehee is a genuine, courageous whistleblower:

as was Gary Wean:

Rodney Stich:

Eugene Mallove:

Greer’s ET/UFO witnesses:

and others I have known, including relatives:

However, people like Paul Wilcher:

and Danny Casolaro:

were outside agent-investigators. All the people I just cited have suffered greatly for speaking out, and some have been murdered for their efforts. However, my writings have never given the Big Boys reason to really make my life miserable, or at least a good enough reason to try to silence me, and here are some of the reasons I think that is the case.

1. I do not advocate violence or conflict – those who perform dark acts such as foisting aspartame (Rumsfeld) or Bovine Growth Hormone (Monsanto - I write about BGH/BST here: ) on the public are only too happy to wipe out people like you, or harass you into self-destruction (it is about money and power, and wiping out people like you are simply “bonuses” for them). I know too many people in these areas who expect to become martyred for their efforts, or have been. I do not wish to share their fate, and I doubt that martyrdom does much good, and in fact, the desire for martyrdom is a negative attribute of the human personality . Maybe it would be worth it for you, but I have watched people rue their fate after they had their lives destroyed, and not so much that they suffered so much, but that their suffering seemed futile. I am not saying that going for it may not be worthwhile, but there may be less perilous ways to get to the goal.

2. I do not name names. I could make the lives of many uncomfortable if I named names, some who are household names, but naming them could cause them to retaliate, and for the message I am trying to get across, names are not important (and many are discoverable if people do a little investigating). Not naming names can also help keep the idly curious and naïve from getting into trouble, or getting me into trouble.

3. I am only writing. Those in power, although they truly hate freedom (yours and mine, not theirs), are less threatened by words than deeds, and when you begin doing something or advocating action, then they can begin moving to terminate the threat.

I am not sure if this was helpful, but it is also intended to help others who may want to speak out.

Good luck,


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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 12:54 AM
As per my profile, this is a subject I am intimately familiar with.
Please forgive my lack of too much detail. It is necessary.
While working as a network engineer for a company that was hired to provide a variety of Computer and Network services to a Government site, I discovered some illegal, dangerous and unethical activity. This was a VERY large, well known company. After reporting to my management, some very bizarre things began to happen. None of it was good for my career. After this, a co-worker then made the discovery as well. Her experience was even worse.
We experienced months of harassment, most of which, we were able to document.
To protect ourselves, we leaked some information, hoping an outside, or government party would get involved, (and basically rescue us). At first, that is what happened. We were asked to work with an investigatory task force, which we did, in return, we were promised protection and job security.
Make a long story short. We got all the evidence we needed. The evidence was brought before the company that had been contracted, (our employer). The next thing we knew, our company was purchasing new equipment for the site, providing extra man-power, and we were terminated.

And, that is only the beginning. We filed a Whistleblower lawsuit. The ensuing lawsuit, harassment, and destruction of our lives would go on for another 3 years. We were utterly destroyed. And, we had impeccable evidence. It didn't matter.

The stories, of what these companies and government agencies can do, is totally true. When threatened, there are no rules for them. And, it isn't like in the movies, where somebody swoops in to help you because you are "right". You are on your own, and nobody cares. And, it doesn't go away.

That, my friends, is the truth.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 08:08 AM
Hi Horrificus:

Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear about your experience. Very unfortunately, yours is the most common kind of whistleblower tale out there.

Frying whistleblowers is SOP these days. The Bush administration has been systematically removing whistleblower protections:

especially for instances when Bush’s cronies are exposed

and even the Supreme Court is stripping away whistleblower protections:

These are grim times. It has gotten so bad that now whistleblowers are being advised to not blow the whistle, because they will simply be fried for their efforts, with the government applauding. I doubt that the Bush administration has protected even one whistleblower.

At least some of this is becoming officially-acknowledged:

These “fry-the-whistleblower” times are just one more piece of evidence on how quickly America is declining into a fascist state.

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 03:52 PM

Originally posted by wadefrazier3
Part Two:

3. I am only writing. Those in power, although they truly hate freedom (yours and mine, not theirs), are less threatened by words than deeds, and when you begin doing something or advocating action, then they can begin moving to terminate the threat.

I am not sure if this was helpful, but it is also intended to help others who may want to speak out.

Good luck,


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Would it be possible, or does a defendant in federal court have the opportunity or right to question his/her accuser?
After I sent thousands of emails to federal, state and local agencies, to which no one responded, my perspective of the situation became that of something I had to figure out how to make something horrible STOP myself.

I thought about it, came up with a potentially effective approach to accomplishing my goal and determined that I would need at least one more person. I sent that out to a handful of people and asked them to think about it and discuss it, one of them called me and I expressed a similar emotion and ideas as those in my written thoughts.
That's when Mr. Deputy came calling.

Is there any way to make the courts validate or dismiss information or "facts" that show "these two products are poisonous to humans, they contain no healthful benefits, and they have caused millions of Americans to suffer a painful and premature death"?
Do I the "accused" have the right to question the authority of my accuser, during a trial where I have been charged for thinking and talking ONCE about honestly trying to stop or interfere with their chemical production... since I can show that those two particular chemicals are placed in our food supply for no other reason than to kill US>
Would they be obligated or legally bound to investigate my "murder" claims before I am prosecuted in a Federal Court for thinking bad thoughts, or speaking of something that will hurt their flow of deadly chemicals?

It's not as if I would get any where taking the legal route, or fighting this war according to the "law" of this land. I want to charge those who control the "justice" in our system with a crime.

Is that possible?

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 04:47 PM

I am sorry for you. I really am. Especially if you are not some sort of crazy, playing a pretend game on here. Do not get upset by that statement. It's just that I have seen and heard a lot of kooky stuff.

Anyway, you would be better off if you are crazy, and making this up. I mean that.

If you are not nuts, you have a terrible situation on your hands.

I can tell you what I did to cover myself, and how I got the limited help that I found, but I don't know how I can do it without exposing myself to more trouble. The details of my case are specific enough, that somebody would be able to figure out who I was. And, after how my situation ended, I was told that I WOULD go to jail if I am ever heard from again. And, because of what was done to me, they can do it.

I will say this: It does not matter what YOU know. You are nobody. All that matters, is if somebody else is interested in your information. And, believe it or not, in a lot of cases, nobody is. And, once you start leaking information, that will be used against you as well. You will be classified as somebody that can't be trusted with delicate information, or a traitor, or a "Gold Digger".

I still see my name in the media once in a while, or on Blogs, usually as a "Sacrificial Lamb", or a "Hero". Great. Where was everybody when I was being destroyed?

I lost my family, my career, my credibility, my honor... the list goes on.

I was Black-Balled from my field. Funny thing is, nobody believed me, until I got my first job after the WB suit. I walked into a meeting at my new job, and saw somebody from the Task Force I was on before. 2 days later, I was fired with no explanation. My attorney sent them a letter with intent to sue. I won the ONLY case of the whole ordeal. They didn't even deny, fight, or anything. We just got a phone call after a week, stating they wanted to settle.

That's how blatant my situation was.

I will say that now, I have ALL of the same evidence I started with, as well as everything I accumulated during my case, even though it is against the law for me to expose it. I have it all, and I have many duplicates of my entire package, and I have it in many places, on and off the internet. And, my "former pals" know I do. And, enough people know about it, that if I got in more mystery trouble, or worse, people could give me a hand.

That is the only reason I have been given a breather.

If I could go back, there is NO WAY in hell I would do it again.

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 05:32 PM
Perhaps the most sobering experience for whistleblowers is not that they get attacked for “committing the truth,” but that nobody really wants to hear it, and even those closest to them ostracize them for telling the truth.

That is when you can have your sanity challenged. Those who love the truth and its pursuit will eventually have their dismaying experience if they pursue it fervently enough, as they eventually come to realize that virtually nobody else really cares. Ralph McGehee nearly killed himself when he had his moment of truth:

as have the few others like him.

American courtrooms are not places where justice is served or for the truth to come out. “Proof” is a very difficult thing to provide in the best of circumstances, and successfully presenting evidence in a courtroom is almost impossible if the powers that be do not want it. Again, I have lived through kangaroo court, and it was impressive how they were able to prevent all exculpatory evidence (i.e., the “truth”) from being presented, and the only evidence allowed was largely “manufactured.”

America’s prison system is generously populated with people whose crime was trying to make the world a better place. In a sane world, the proper term for them is “political prisoner,” but there are officially no political prisoners in America, the Land of the Free. Wink, nudge.

Once the legal system gets ahold of you, you are on their turf. Once they have you on their turf, they prevail about 99.9% of the time. Do not look for justice or the truth to prevail in an American courtroom. Just try to survive the process, and the truth IS your best defense.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 05:59 PM

For a year, the company involved, tried to have my case dismissed. The evidence against them was so damning, they lost EVERY argument they attempted.

When it was declared that it was definitely going to court, they acted. That was all for me.

I know the Criminal Law system very well now. And, I HAVE thought of ending things many times over the last 4 years.

You people had better believe this! I am not writing this for attention, or for my health! I am not a crack pot. I have EVERYTHING documented. And, when the time is right, I will do something. Maybe. But, right now, I am going to need YEARS to lick my wounds! Years. And, take care of my family.

Do NOT screw around with anything like this, unless you have some money, a friend in the media, or a powerful family.

I'm sorry guys. I am just being honest. I wish I had something "cool" or "heroic" to say. But, I don't.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 09:41 PM
Amen, Horrificus:

Money is not enough, if you step on the wrong toes. Rodney Stich found that out the hard way:

$20 billion in the bank can be no protection at all if you begin playing at the high levels:

About the only thing that seems to afford any protection is an aware and engaged public, which is partly why Americans are earth’s most brainwashed people,

because if they did break free and wake up, they could end the dark games very quickly.

That is part of the conundrum.

Taking care of yourself and your family at this stage is a sensible and honorable thing to do. One question that whistleblowers often ask themselves is whether they did enough. I have watched people who have done far more than any person could be asked to do, ask themselves that question. That is a question that we all face in our lives (did we do our best?), and I’ll say this: having enough integrity to know something is wrong, and being willing to speak out about it, is very rare:

For what it is worth, I believe that anybody who followed their conscience to the level where they spoke out about injustices that they saw on their journeys, and risked themselves by rocking the boat like whistleblowers do, can sleep easy, as far as that nagging conscience goes.

The other question often asked is, “was it worth it?” I have been there, cursing under my breath, as it seemed all my efforts have been futile:

wondering if it was all worth it. Even in my darkest moments, and I have definitely had them:

I have to say that I have no regrets. It troubles me to think of what kind of person I would be today if I had just played it safe and made boatloads of money playing the corporate game. Somehow, it has been worthwhile, even though it was a MUCH rougher ride than I ever imagined it would be. Following one’s heart and conscience is not an easy thing to do in today’s world. I hope to live to see the day when such pursuits are honored instead of punished.

Be well,


posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 10:11 PM

I liked what you did on your site. I wish I could do something like that, but I can't.

What happened to me has turned me into a puppet of sorts. All I can do is hide, and keep quiet. I get contacted from the press from time to time, and the occasional kook. All I can tell them is, they have to do the research. They can use me anyway they want, and I will be honest. But, they have to do the footwork, and I can't help.

I would never want somebody else to be in my situation.


posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 09:22 AM
You have done enough, and yes, they have to do their homework (and few will). Yes, what you have been through you would not wish on anybody. That is common with anybody who has been through it. That is kind of like soldiers who have really been on battlefields. They don’t come home telling war stories, but just want to forget about it, if they can.

I do not discourage people from pursuing free energy (as humanity’s future probably rides on it), but I give them full disclosure about what they are facing:

but I still have to deal with their denial more often than not:

Sometimes I don’t want to watch.

Be well,


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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 03:31 PM
Crazy or not, I'm sure that the doctor's opinion of me during my little hospital visit is all the verification the court or the world needs to hear to determine I have some serious "issues" pertaining to the contents of our food and milk supply.
I'm Creole, I think it's hereditary to get emotional when you find out your family is drinking milk full of the industry's poison.

"And, once you start leaking information, that will be used against you as well. You will be classified as somebody that can't be trusted with delicate information, or a traitor, or a "Gold Digger".

I'm not sure I should fear what the government or society classifies me as due to my persistance in explaining the "reality" of certain scientific facts and US government agencies findings.When it comes to the dope in the milk it's not as if they even attempted to hide their criminal activities with "shadow people" or patsy's to place in certain positions. Monsanto sent three of it's representatives to the FDA to validate their own research and approve the drug POSILAC.
Does every court in the nation support one drug manufacturer's right to poison the American people by placing an unnecessary steriod in their milk?

"I lost my family, my career, my credibility, my honor... the list goes on."

Something will have to take my pulse away before that happens to me.

I was a policeman for 3 years, a fireman for 12 and now I'm a "wanna-be" farmer.
Sure they can lock me up for some B.S. crime, but it will have to be done in a court that will persecute me for my thoughts. So far that is the only thing the USG can find to use against me. There is no one person that could say I have hurt them or done them wrong... so maybe that gives me a chance.
All of the evidence I have to use against them is common knowledge, it's not as if the "establishment" has made any effort to keep their association with the world's biggest drug dealer a secret. To me their presence is like a chemical ballistic missle connected to some massive nuts coming out of the white house , pouring JIZZ into the American people's food and MILK sources.

Scroll towards the bottom of the far left column,,,

At this point I don't see where the American people have anything else to be concerned about. If this is allowed to continue, we don't have a snoballs chance in hell of stopping anything else "they" are doing to destroy our future for their own personal financial gain.

With so many different people pursuing so many different "wrong doings", why have I made it all the way to the desert and still haven't found anybody else who understands what "poison in the milk" really means ?

posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 12:15 AM
Hi, I am new to your forum, I joined because I was activley looking for a place to tell people about an experience I have had the last two years and who would believe what I am going to say to you.
I am a 50 year old woman, college degree, fairly street savvy, not the paranoid type, worked in the field of Neurology & Psychiatry the last 14 years and what has happened to me the last couple of years has freakin' blown my mind. You read about this stuff, you see it in movies but you never think it will happen to you.
Some people would call this a conspiracy, it probably is but the way I see it is how dirty our government has become, how they are oppressing and terrorizing us and if we try to fight them they will squash us......I was actually told this on a government run website. I think they are used to people taking what they dish out and if people like you and I don't start fighting back we are going to end up in slavery. I will start out by saying my case started as online harassment when I was going through a divorce three years ago when my ex hired a couple of boys to follow me around and harass me, it ended up spiraling out of control because I wasn't going to let a couple of punks dictate what I did online and I wasn't going to let them bully me, in other words........I stood my ground and fought back. As this harassment escalated, I realized there was more to it than I thought, then as it went on.........I started doing investigations, I couldn't believe what I uncovered. This has now become so important to me that I am pretty much willing to risk my life at this point because they have ruined me personally, professionally and financially so I feel like I have nothing to lose anymore. This is what happens when you push people to despair. I am going to publish a partial report of my findings, that I have sent to the FBI, FTC, DOJ, Medicare, Attorney Generals, Secret Service, the Army, several Congressmen & Senators. To this date I have been met with silence........nobody will tell me anything. I think this whole thing is really dirty, I think our Senators & Congressmen are dirtier than I originally thought, I don't see how they can allow this type of thing to happen. Any input you can give me will be greatly appreciated because I think I am finally making progress now........I think the Dept of Justice has finally stepped up to the plate and I also think POGO may be working behind the scenes. Thank God for government watchdog groups. I will be brief in my narrative because I am getting ready to take another legal step in my case by going to the District Attorney here in TX and if they do not do anything I am going to start posting my full report with names, agencies, everything on every website I can and will submit to every
news agency.

WEBSCAM OPERATION: I have a limited knowledge of the internet, but this appears to be some kind of huge operation whereby large blocks of IPs assigned to the military are used to set up entertainment, corporations, individual sites. Post counts/Hits translate into Big $$$ for owners/administrators who seek to deceive the general internet public by false registrations, false IP#'s, misleading information, they use aliases in an effort to hide their real life identities, Domains by Proxy offers protection so that you have to get a court order to find out who owns the website even if criminal activity is taking place. In my case, crimes were commissioned against me on websites hosted by GoDaddy/Domains by Proxy whom I notified, I complained to the owner Bob Parsons on his blog and he stated he is against the government invading the privacy of the sites he hosts. They do not follow basic disclosure practices nor do they have a code of standards about sharing personal information about the general internet public who may visit their websites. This is a malicious group of people who treat the internet as if it is the WildWildWest which is one of the domains Bob Pa

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