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The Dangers of Investigating Conspiracies and Cover-ups

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posted on Mar, 13 2007 @ 09:37 PM
Hi CN23:

I think where you posed the question is OK. I am probably going to start a free energy thread one day soon, and then it will be clearer where to post stuff on the subject, but all three threads that I am active in traverse similar territory.

Be well,


posted on Apr, 1 2007 @ 06:35 AM
Sites locked again.

Any ideas?

posted on Apr, 1 2007 @ 09:46 AM
The old site is gone. Try this one:

posted on Apr, 1 2007 @ 01:56 PM
The 'Lock' issue that people seem to keep getting looks like it's a 423 error (the one you're all most used to seeing when you don't get the pages your browser requests are 404 errors.. 423 is page locked, which suggests that the file has been locked while someone is editing it. Pretty rare, considering the way most websites are built - offline, then uploaded, or dynamically generated by a server..

Just fyi

posted on Apr, 1 2007 @ 03:26 PM
Thanks. If people can be more specific on what they are trying to link to (such as a URL) and what kind of message they are getting, I can look into it. My host has its problems.

Thanks again,


posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 08:29 AM

I have a draft up of what will probably be my most ambitious essay of 2007. I am trying to put my best foot forward, and any thoughtful and constructive feedback is welcome. I will make it “public” before the month is finished.



posted on May, 3 2007 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by antar
Egads, why did she cut it off at Bob p?Did something happen to stop her writting anymore? Wow this is some frightening stuff and it is probably true that the more money and exposure and friends in high places you have the better position you are to be an expose'e. Meanwhile when I asked Alex Jones on a C2C chat recently how he stays safe he replied that he "will NOT allow them to reduce him into fear". He trusts in God and loves his family and will not shut up and will not be afraid. He lives in his truth and figures its his role to play this part. He takes full responsibility for his actions without fear of reprisal. It takes a certain amount of Bravery to what people like him and the rest are up to exposin" I love certain websites on the net because of the truthful content and the fearlessness of its administrators and moderators. At first I was a bit paranoid to even frequent certain sites, but in time I realize thats just foolish, you are either one of them or you are not and it does not matter what your philosophies are your screwed, may as well not compromize what you know to be the truth. I wish I could write shorter messages, Ill work on that...

Hey.............I agree with your friend. I will not be afraid, I turned my life over to God after I started receiving death threats and then I had a carbon monoxide leak in my home which my dogs alerted me to and strangely enough.....I had my one and only dream about suicide at the same time. I feel like I had divine intervention, I would be dead if God had not been watching out for me, people in my church praying for me. I let a lot of them know what was happening since I was new to this city. I have the names of just about all the Players involved in this now, I have been spamming the # out of the DOJ in Washington D.C. for the last 5 months, I have been praying like I have never prayed before and all of a sudden Alberto Gonzales and the DOJ are under MAJOR ATTACK by all the Congressmen I sent my report to ...........I know I will never get to the full truth but there is quite possibly something even more insidious going on here than I originally is the IP numbers. Nobody can explain them, but what is really weird is when I heard about the VT massacre...........Cho..........I have good reason to believe he was a member of a couple of the message boards I listed, I even think I know his user name, he hasn't posted on them in three weeks. There were also a bunch of university students on some of these boards..........Engineering Students, I looked back to see when some of them last posted and it has been a while. My report links back to several people at Stanford University, one being Sanjay Lall who is a professor of Aerospace, his business manager for Nion Interactive Solutions here in Austin (A Front) was the person who offered me a job when I moved strings attached.........I have connected all of these people to each other, a lot of the IP numbers I listed are connected back to them, to Stanford University, NASA and the military.
There is something HORRIBLY wrong with this Cho story.........they are calling him crazy yet I worked in the medical field fourteen years.......Neurology/Psychiatry........and it takes a court order to get anyones medical records, they are the most closely guarded of records and only judges/lawyers/physicians are privvy to them yet all these news organizations seemed to have them?????? Then there is Cho's sister who works for the State Department. I also have found some kind of link back to Panda Express but am not sure what it is, if there is any connection.

Anyway............just wanted to give all of you an update. I love this place...........I used to think conspiracies were a little crazy until I found myself in the middle of one and now I think they are even more crazy because of the idiots behind them.

posted on May, 3 2007 @ 11:17 PM
Oh yeah....I would also like to say I am a major retard and troll on the internet who has only had a computer four years. If I can uncover all the crap I have online being the idiot I am..........what does that say for them??

I also got a letter in the mail from the Department of Justice, FBI saying they were in receipt of my letter dated Dec. 2006 and who I could contact or come down to their office to talk to. This after me hammering on them for the last 3 years. I have decided not to take them up on their offer because when I really needed them they would not answer me, answer any of my complaints, help me. I don't need them anymore, I got my answers without far as that goes I helped them, I still have more stuff I haven't turned over to them which is why I'm not going to bother now. They had their chance..........I could have been one of their greatest allies and though I don't completely blame the agents.........I blame the agency and the corruption that runs rampant at the highest level namely Alberto Gonzales and his dirty bunch pleading the 5th, firing U.S. Attornies, losing emails, basically acting like the vile bunch of bastards we have all come to expect.
The downside is we are a passive bunch of people who are letting them control everything, oppressing us in the meantime, slowly taking away our Constitutional Rights because we are a weak bunch of people who are scared to challenge them. What does that say for all of us?? It takes a lot of courage to stand up to these dirtbags but I have all the faith in God. I firmly believe he will answer my prayers and deliver swift justice to these people.

In the end they always fall.....................always.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

posted on Jul, 21 2007 @ 12:56 PM
Admriker444 posed an important question in another thread,

and my slightly edited response (so it fits in one post) seems appropriate here…

Your observation on the hyper-elites is important. A natural reaction to their shenanigans is “who put them in charge?” I have been on the receiving end of the big carrots and sticks that they use to keep free energy and related technologies from the public. Everybody playing at the high levels has encountered them, or knows people who have:

They exist, and their agenda is not savory. Most of the public denies that they even exist, Hinky being a recent example. That is a key aspect of the conundrum.

But acknowledging their existence and games is merely one hurdle of many to negotiate before full comprehension of the issue is attained. The Big Boys’ carrots usually work because those pursuing alternative energy are in it for the money. The Big Boys rarely have to use the big stick. Only obstinate “fools” like Dennis do not bite on the big carrot. Their strategy on the recalcitrant is to increase the carrot’s size, as they also bring the stick into play, as Bearden says:

But their existence and methods were not my journey’s big surprises. My big surprise was how easily humanity plays into their hands:

Personal integrity is the world’s scarcest commodity, and THAT is why we find ourselves in this predicament, not because of the hyper elite’s shenanigans. The right wing is often obsessed with the hyper-elite’s machinations, and quite a few of their “conspiracy theories” are in large measure true. However, many are also the result of disinfo efforts, paranoia, sloppy research, etc. It is not easy to research activities that occur in the shadows. That is why accounts of the hyper-elites’ activities ARE “conspiracy theories.” Just as the greatest physicists had a mystical orientation:

as well as all the free energy activists that I know and know of:

a spiritual orientation is needed, I believe, to see the big picture. The hyper-elites are largely on the spiritual dark path, and have made self-service a science:

However, they play their games only because the masses refuse to accept responsibility for the world that they live in. It is a dysfunctional symbiosis. The big challenge to truly comprehending my message, or beginning to make a difference in humanity’s energy paradigm, is to walk the razor’s edge of acknowledging that the Big Boys exist and play their games, but to also refuse to view them as the SOURCE of our problems. The Blade-Runnerish world that Michael Roads visited had similar manipulators in the “penthouse,”

and as Roads’ mentor stated, they could only play their games with a humanity that already existed in a degenerate spiritual condition. The Big Boys are parasites. However, they cannot be beaten at their game, and it is foolish to try to:

Most of the “right” falls into that pitfall. The good news and bad news is that the predicament that we are in is OUR creation, which also means that we can DO SOMETHING about it. But the key is to begin acting like the creators that we are, and stop playing the victim game. I admit that it is not an easy trick. If anybody could play the victim card, my pals and I qualify, but we refuse to. If we did, we would have ceased our efforts long ago. Because humanity has been mired in scarcity so long, as Fuller observed:

the scarcity paradigm and victim game is almost hardwired into human consciousness. That is not pleasant to realize, but it explains a great deal. Life on earth is not easy, but the only way out that I can see is love. Love the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and forgive them for their transgressions. Love each other and ourselves. Gentle methods are the only ones that will work, IMO. The masters are right. If enough of us woke up, the hyper-elite games would quickly end. That is my purpose behind writing my web site and making posts to ATS. But as I have stated many times, finding people who can put the victim game behind them, and begin looking at the world through sentient eyes, is like looking for needles in haystacks.

Nearly all the free energy activists I know of are trying the populist route to free energy. Maybe that will work. Maybe Dennis will herd the couch potatoes toward free energy, as they try to save on their fuel bills:

However, people whose primary motivation is serving themselves are easily manipulated by somebody dangling a bigger carrot or wielding the stick. The Big Boys really do not have to work all that hard to derail people like Dennis. The public’s inertia and the daggers that Dennis’ “allies” put into his back do most of the Big Boys’ work for them.

A core of people with sufficient integrity, who can see the issues clearly, who have laid aside their scarcity-based indoctrination:

is what I am trying to help build with my efforts. It may be as futile as all other avenues I have seen, but I had never seen anybody try it before, not in the way that I have, so I had to make the attempt. I spent 12,000 hours or so doing it for free, but I also cannot afford to do it full time anymore. I now do it in my “spare time” before I go work my twelve-hour days at my day job.

That is a long way of answering the question: “who put them in charge?”

We did. And we can “retire” them too, but believe it can only be accomplished by making them obsolete and replacing the scarcity paradigm with an abundance paradigm.

Some call that heaven on earth or paradise restored. I call it a healed planet. Seems like a worthwhile pursuit, doesn’t it? : - )

Thanks again for asking that very important question.

Be well,


posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 12:22 AM
In my experience knowing or attempting to know the truth in this country has it's price. In some cases knowing the truth can cost you your life. In most cases it will be minor repurcussions, such as increased airport scrutiny.

The government seems to be running some sort of classification system that gives you some sort of threat score. This system I believe factors in many variables, such as internet traffic, conversations with friends, purchases etc. I'm a Systems Analyst and the level of storage and computing power neccesary for such a system is astonishing to say the least. However, in my opinion it can be done. This is assuming the government is using new computing technology which is barely coming into the commercial/industrial market.

About 14 months ago, I started poking into the illegal tapping of cell phones by U.S government agencies. I came across this interesting case of a close friend of mine who was convicted of drug possesion charges. I don't really want to go into the whole case as the trial is ongoing. My friend was resolute on the fact that the feds were listening to him and following him around. His lawyer has confirmed that no warrants, or wire tapp authorizations were excuted. The government is also not using any audio or evidence seized or recorded at my friends house as evidence in the trial.

Out of the blue when thinking about how the government knew that he was in possesion of illegal drugs, my phone started ringing. It was at this point that I realized that the feds were listening to him on his phone. Long story short I got a hold of his phone and downloaded it's firmware onto my desktop and the created an emulator and ran the firmware( don't really want to get too technical here). It turns out his firmware had been modified, as I compared it with other identical firmware from other identical phones. I could not actually determine what exactly was modified as the source code is not familiar to me(it's not Java in case your wondering).

This peaked my interest as I was unemployed at the time, it was at this point that I did something very stupid. In retrospect I wish I had never done this. Before I go on I would like to make it clear that I do not condone or support the selling of drugs or the consumption for that matter. It's important to note that I also don't support illegal wiretapping by the U.S government nor illegal position fixing via GPS enabled phones. In a stupid attempt to catch the government red handed, I spoke to my girlfriend and told her about my findings, she is just as curious as me and we devised a plan, and agreed that she would go visit my friend in jail and tell him I had stumbled on something big that might set him free and that he was to call me as soon as possible. This was done so he would call me and sure enough he did. I told him I had proof that the U.S government was engaged in illegal activities in regards to his case( I didn't but foolishly put myself out there as bait). I just knew that they would begin tapping me via my cellphone, I had modified the firmware on my phone to not allow incoming over the air updates from my carrier(breach of contract on my part).

On this same night after they probably attempted to "update" my phone and it didn't work, they mush have realized I was a threat. That night while I was out to dinner with my girlfriend my apartment was broken into and torn appart. The only thing missing was my friends cell phone and the hard drive on my desktop had been magnatized. The place ransacked and was a total mess. I also received a strange call the next day and was told if I knew what was good for me and my pretty little pretty latina bitch to stay away from my friends case. I decided to just leave it at that and walked away from the case and my friend.

I got rid of my cellphones about six months ago and installed a frequency scanner in my apartment that scans various bands for outgoing signals. Be careful out there.

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 11:39 PM
Thanks SilverFox, for that story. Scary times.

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 12:35 AM
The requested resource is currently locked. The lock must be released or proper identification given before the method can be applied.

posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 08:25 AM
My site is here:

and the essay they were discussing to begin this thread is here:

posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 09:53 AM
Hi Wade. Thanks for posting the new URL to your page.

Did you know that the Disney/Von Braun files were on Youtube?

Here's the first one. The others are usually seen in the side panel (just looked).

Mars and Beyond Disney series in six parts from 1957.

I posted this early this year, but since you mentioned the collaboration on your page but didn't link it, I thought you might not have seen it.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 05:33 PM
Thanks Badge01:

I don't have the time to watch the whole show (and I probably DID see it when I was a space brat), but do you know if that is Haber in that image that you posted?


posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 07:38 PM
*sigh* it's not working for me either
. Does anyone know any other strange deaths/suicides were people tried to ivestigate the ufo conspiracy and other conspiracies? The website givern above doesn't seem to have lot's of info.

[edit on 26-8-2007 by malakiem]

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 05:12 AM

Originally posted by malakiem
Does anyone know any other strange deaths/suicides were people tried to ivestigate the ufo conspiracy and other conspiracies?

Danny Casolaro is a very interesting story.

There are tons of unexplained deaths surrounding the JFK assassination.

+ the strange deaths around Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project. (including CIA director, William Colby)

Colby was killed, my right-hand assistant, a member of Congress who was working very closely with us and myself all got a deadly type of cancer in the same month -- different kinds

and many more...

[edit on 27/8/07 by ConspiracyNut23]

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 09:27 AM
The essay is here, Malakiem:

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 03:33 PM
Thanks conspiracynut and mr. frazier!

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 11:29 PM
here's a tip, when pouring over page after page of obscure proceedings, keep in mind any censorship is not "stricken from the record". If your case has been stricken from the record you need to be on the basketball court 'cause you in contempt. censored material is usually a typo on a stenograph which produces phonetic groups to speed the recording process.

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