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The Clone Conspiracy: Royal and Presidential Clones

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posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 07:41 PM

Originally posted by eddiemaiden_80
If she is a clone they could have at least sorted her eyes out....

Hi Eddiemaiden and welcome to the Royal and Presidential Clone Conspiracy!

Your point is of course well taken and one of the more disturbing stumbling blocks of detecting whether an individual has been cloned or not.

It has been documented that over 60 years ago the leading researcher in human cloning, notorious for his sadistic slaughtering of concentration camp twins for scientific testing purposes during WWII, was obsessed with how to change eye color. Much has since been learned about genetic encoding and today there is proprietary knowledge of the entire human genome.

Furthermore, eye color may be (undocumented speculation on my behalf) less reliable in replication given that the same parents may have natural children with a variety of eye colors, each one having some aspects of their genetic coding offering alternative eye colors activated or not. For this reason it is often the case that blue eyes skip one generation, alternating with another color.

Lastly, we already know that cartilage formation is considerably tributary to environmental factors from the womb to early and even later childhood. Thus eyes may not be identically positioned in the sockets, ears may show differences (not substantial ones) while noses and chins may have slightly different shaping. The bone structure and feature anchor points and proportions will however be very close to identical.

Another thing which remains to be better understood is whether a clone placed within a given egg may be influenced by the 'mother's genes' during development even if not integrated to the genetic encoding within its nucleus. This assumption has been raised by researchers and may help explain slightly wider divergence of some clones versus identical twins born from the same parents in the same mother's womb.

The last alternative, which you seemingly have retained as your first choice, is that some people just coincidentally look alike and we shouldn't indulge such delusions to imagine them as clones, especially when key features such as eye colors prove it impossible.

The jury is out, and will remain so for some time to come. Today nobody can affirm that Clones exist in human form and that we aren't all entertaining our bored existences with science fiction fantasies. But the high recurrence of high profile individuals who are the spitting image of their predecessors calls us to question our current knowledge of genetic transmission which cannot explain such a frequency using standard family ancestry.

For example, here is an infamous French businessman who carries an appropriate Italian name and owns the leading French company engaged in Arms Trafficking. It is noteworthy that France is the 4th Weapons exporter in the world, which will give a measure of this man's geo-strategic importance and financial empire.

Pierre Falcone and Umberto II King of Italy

He was involved in the Arms sales scandal involving many French Politicians which led to their condemnation. Among these was President Sarkozy's former boss when he was chief of staff of former French Minister of the Interior Charles Pasqua who was himself condemned to a prison sentence in this case. However, he is appealing his sentence and has good cause to trust his lucky star given his lofty Roman Heritage.

Charles Pasqua and Roman Emperor Maximinus

Another major VIP implicated in this AngolaGate scandal is the son of former President Mitterrand, cousin of the Frederic Mitterrand Clone who is the current pedophile Minister of Culture. His father Francois Mitterrand placed him in a key strategic position during his presidency, in charge of African 'cooperation' which means corruption and intrigue. We can assume he acted as his father's obedient agent defending the family fortune on a continent where the son of a Chief is honored as his father's legitimate successor.

Jean-Christophe Mitterrand in Angola

President Mitterrand, as outlined earlier, was the head of the dominant faction of French Freemasonry, and given his adornment of the French Socialist Party with a Rose as its symbol, was likely a Rosecrucian too. He erected the Illuminati pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre Royal palace turned museum and ruled France as an absolute monarch thinly veiled in democratic garb.

You can rightly expect, as a close friend of the Rothschild, that he knew about the Clone Conspiracy, employing a number of noteworthy clones in his own governments and apparently he chose for his own son the Ultimate DNA, that of the founder of Gaul, the heroic King Vercingetorix. Here we can compare his son to that historic leader of pre-roman France.

Jean-Christophe Mitterrand and King Vercingetorix

Gaulois coin with Vercingetorix and J-C Mitterrand

There are others involved in this trial who are also presumed innocent until condemned, yet are they innocent of being cloned leaders? One such persons is the former Russian KGB Agent and current Israeli citizen, international arms trader Arkadi Gaydamak. He is cloned or was separated at birth from his twin, a less likely proposition. Who their joint DNA predecessor was remains to be established but it was no doubt a talented historic figure given their respective success in their marginal adventures.

Arkadi Gaydamak was condemned to the hefty sentence of 6 years of firm prison in the AngolaGate Arms Trade Scandal, a sentence pronounced in absentia, which means that unless he travels to France or maybe to Zurich like Roman Polanski he will remain Scott free until further notice.

Arkadi Gaydamak and David Bowie

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 09:54 PM
This is one someone noticed at Doppels:

Anne of Brittany vs. Oscar-winning French actress, Marion Cotillard

More on Anne: She was

queen to two successive French kings [Charles VIII & Louis XII]. She was born in Nantes, Brittany, and was the daughter of Francis II, Duke of Brittany and Margaret of Foix. Her maternal grandparents were Gaston IV of Foix and Eleanor of Navarre. Upon her father's death, she became sovereign Duchess of Brittany, Countess of Nantes, Montfort and Richmont and Viscountess of Limoges. In her time, she was the richest European woman.

Are there royal clones in the entertainment industry as well? The power of the entertainment industry as a propaganda machine shouldn't be ignored...

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posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 02:55 AM
This came up back on page 6: Is there a Faul-Emperor Justinius connection?

This really struck me today how much George looks like his correlate:

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posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 05:33 AM
John Prescott

Bernard Manning

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 04:21 PM
This is from an article about Diana. Rik Clay connected her to Isis in his interview w/ Red Ice: (He "committed suicide" 4 days after this interview). There is also the Artemis/Diana connection. I wonder if Diana was cloned from Isis or was she actually Isis reincarnated?

...Our deceptive ‘rulers ‘ continuously reincarnate in to this world in to positions of privilege and/or power. They are ‘destined’ if you like to carry out certain actions that will assist a multi-dimensional force to have control over the human race. They will be equipped with the guile and/or personality they need to carry out their duties and for this multi-dimensional force (Lower fourth reptilians or whatever else you wish to think of them as being) to be able to continue to rule over us they need our spiritual permission to do so. They need our emotional free will, they need our acceptance and they need a show of respect from us to enable them to rule us. These reincarnating members of the Serpent Cult' like Diana, will sometimes not have a clue, on a 5-sense conscious level, about what they are here to do. Living the luxurious high life on a five sense level can easily camouflage any hint of spiritual destiny and they, just like you, haven’t any clues that they are a dumbed down prisoner in this world on a five-sense level either. After all you think you and your mind are free don't you?

Sometimes the agents for the Serpent Cult will also be subjected to the same dumbing down process that you have. But under the surface a force will be operating within them that will make sure the wishes of the Serpent Cult are carried out.

I don’t know if Diana knew who she was or whom she represented but I do know she was given the guile and of course the means to be able ‘ to win hearts and minds’. The Serpent Cult writes the scripts in the lower fourth world for their agents to carry out in this world and their cast list is made up of very deceptive entities and they are very good at what they do. The Serpent Cult will make things happen in this world that will allow the said scripts to come to pass. Diana was a willing agent sent to take part in a sacrificial ritual, she was no angel of light nor was she a cuckoo soul sent undercover to awaken anyone.The said ritual involved is continuously repeated in a time loop situation and usually involves using the same participants to carry it out. It is simply part of the agenda to totally enslave mankind...

The image is symbolic for Diana returning to this world ‘with the same looks’ so to speak. The collective spiritual energy directed at Diana from the human race will allow her to return to earth with the very same looks when she chooses to...

The Serpent Cult have placed the items you see inside this Temple to receive our free will permission to allow Diana to return to this world as many times as she chooses in the exact same physical image and equipped with the same guile. The 'figures' represent 'reincarnation' in the same body and the hanging profile picture is to symbolism that reincarnation will be with the same face. Does this make sense to you? Can you see that the Serpent Cult are aware of things in this world that they have blinded you too?...

Diana: Can you see the real me?
by Mathew Delooze

It's also interesting how he described how the energy surrounding her death was used. I wonder if that's what was going on w/ John Lennon's assassination?

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 02:31 PM
RNA can and does influence how your nDNA functions, and even which parts are activated or deactivated. You can, and do, inherit some of thes RNA factors from your mother's RNA. Your RNA can also change how your nDNA is functioning based on your environment or nurture factors. And THOSE changes can also be passed down.

mtDNA metabolic factors will influence the base genes of any person.

These factors should become more into evidence over the next 40 years, as the incidents of surrogacy go up. Even if a child is the nDNA and mtDNA biological child of a man and woman who contract a full surrogate, that fetus' DNA will be influenced by the surrogate's RNA.

That should give a much broader understanding of how RNA influences development. As will identical twins being seperated and being brought to term in different mothers, or even the same mother at a different time.

I mention these factors, because if there were cloning or constrained mating to maintain a closed genetic set, these factors would explain minor development changes.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 03:27 PM
Roman Polanski condemned for statutory rape has his most ardent defender in the person of French Philosopher Bernard Henri Levy, groupie of Illuminati shill Jean-Paul Sartre and his handler wife Simone de Beauvoir.

Roman Polanski to stay in jail, but lawyer, apologists on the job

We can see apologist Bernard Henri Levy receiving his Hebrew University Scopus Award alongside longtime comparse Polanski.

Scopus winner BHL with Roman Polanski

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Scopus Award

Here he is at that same ceremony with cloned satanist Jack Lang (see earlier posts) who prefers toddler boys to teenage girls.

Bernard Henri Levy and French Socialist Jack Lang

In October 2003 Roman Polanski himself received the Scopus award at a ceremony hosted by Frederic Mitterrand who recently published his own pedophile sexual tourism prose and nominated as head of the French National Conservatory of the Arts and Music a fellow who has since been arrested on child pornography charges.

There is a clear pattern of association between such pedophile clones and child abduction with rape leading to Satanic Ritual Human Sacrifice by the Illuminati Elite. Here it is illustrated by Bernard Henri Levy's wife Arielle Dombasle in her former production "The Blue Pyramids".

And there seems to be a support group of these Satanic Elite Clones no matter what side of the pedophile fence they molest on. Here we can see Bernard Henri Levy with his DNA donor, the long deceased Cardinal Mazarin who ruled France through Anne of Austria while King Louis XIV was underage. Jules de Mazarin was the successor to Cardinal Richelieu made famous by Alexandre Dumas' novel The Three Musketeers.

Bernard Henri Levy and Cardinal Mazarin

BHL and Jules de Mazarin

Bernard Henri Levy and Cardinal Jules de Mazarin

It is considerably harder than usual in the case of cloned historical figures to see the similar traits for several reasons. First, he grew his hair long on the top of his head and tossed it on the sides rather than cutting it short and wearing a red Cardinal's cap. Secondly he is missing the large mustache or small beard. Also, he squints his eyes a lot more than did the Cardinal during a long relaxed portrait pose. What is revealing, other than many common features and proportions, is their pattern of receding hairline on the side of the head.

Bernard Henri Levy, before defending Polanski, had gone to bat twenty years earlier for another clone condemned in Italy to four and a half years of prison as a con artist, psychiatrist Armando Verdiglione who compared himself to Galileo from whom he may well have been cloned. These corrupt, scheming, perverse and criminal satanist clones tend to stick together, no doubt not wanting to miss each other's company while performing their hideous rituals.

Bernard Henri Levy defends Verdiglione

Will BHL he be able to whitewash the child kidnapping and occult pedophile sexual ritual abuse of recent years? He will no doubt do his utmost to rise to the occasion. For there is a vested interest in protecting these networks which utilize helpless children for several purposes. In France, this practice has been long running. Back in the days when individual citizens were far less powerful than we are today, and at great risk to their lives, the population of Paris rebelled against such practices - - something we might contrast with today's complacency not to mention the apologist diatribe of Bernard Henri Levy. This was the case regarding the child abduction going on at the Paris General Hospital in the 17th Century. You see, such practices are not recent, Bloodline Elites may have enjoyed raping and savagely murdering children for centuries, those more fortunate having been sold into slavery.

17th Century Child Abduction Investigation

Translated from the back cover of the book:

"In May 1750, a persistant rumor about child abductions brought Paris into an uproar. People said that undercover police agents kidnapped children and adolescents and sent them to the General Hospital. Serious riots broke out, police precints were burned down and guards killed. The repression of this "Red March" was severe and ended with death sentences. But what was this General Hospital with such a sinister reputation? Founded in 1656 by Louis XIV, it was initially destined to solve the mendicity problem by "locking up" the beggars. But very soon this secular facility management by the Paris Parliament was also used to lock away other population categories: prostitutes, drunkards and soon abandoned children, or those entrusted to this institution by destitute parents, then those wandering the streets or simply played in them... To learn more about what destiny was reserved for these missing children, Marion Sigaut plunged into the rich archives of the Salpetriere which, with Bicetre and La Pitie, formed the General Hospital. Aside from the inhumane living conditions which prevailed, she highlights the dreadful scandals covered up by the directors of this establishment. Could it be that the rumor of child trafficking was founded? What became of the lost children of the General Hospital? Were they delivered to libertines who used them with full impunity? Were they sold to the East India Company to populate the Mississippi colony? These are among the many questions to which Marion Sigaut attempts to answer."

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by Aeons
RNA can and does influence how your nDNA functions, and even which parts are activated or deactivated. You can, and do, inherit some of thes RNA factors from your mother's RNA. Your RNA can also change how your nDNA is functioning based on your environment or nurture factors. And THOSE changes can also be passed down...

I mention these factors, because if there were cloning or constrained mating to maintain a closed genetic set, these factors would explain minor development changes.

Hi Aeons, and thanks for your important contribution.

This does help explain how there are sometimes both undeniable parentage of DNA from earlier historical figures and at the same time quite puzzling differences. There appear to be a multitude of differences which however cannot entirely remove the apparent lineage of those whom we here presume to be clones.

While there were certain leaders who were not entirely mapped out identically from the invoked predecessor, they were still shown here insofar as they 'might' be nonetheless clones. For my part I had considered that it might have to do with slightly imperfect DNA tissue preserved in unknown conditions for lengthy periods of time. RNA is also now an important factor of physical construction, and also may account for a number of these minor but noticeable differences.

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by someotherguy

Are there royal clones in the entertainment industry as well? The power of the entertainment industry as a propaganda machine shouldn't be ignored...

Anne of Brittany vs. Oscar-winning French actress, Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

Thanks for showing us how former Royalty is used to produce a variety of today's leaders, such as those in the entertainment industry. Some will have noticed that quite a few cultural and artistic personalities have been replaced, and that some are also clones. However, given their number it is better to restrict this thread to those with Royal or Presidential origins which makes it easier for newcomers to establish a logical flow, and for the time being keep other celebrity clones posts in the Doppelganger forum, unless we start a second thread right here in Skunk Works at ATS called

The Clone Conspiracy: Celebrity and Hollywood Clones.

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 05:56 PM

Originally posted by eddiemaiden_80

John Prescott

Bernard Manning

Hi Eddiemaiden,

Thanks for contributing this comparison of British Labor Party Politician John Prescott with Stand-up British Comedian Bernard Manning.

Bernard Manning and John Prescott

We will note as with a number of other clones or identical twins they have 'non compliant' eye color, which was presumably modified using Mengele's technique or by other means. Unless they are coincidentally both extremely similar in almost all features except for eye color calling into question a lot more than just the issue of cloning, the mystery being greater yet.

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 12:51 PM
For those here who haven't yet noticed, there is now a second thread dealing with the surprising and even disturbingly so resemblance between people from the distant or more recent past and those living today.

The Clone Conspiracy: Stars and Celebrity Clones

These threads both try to address not only the frequency and nature of these resemblances but also to help better understand why such phenomena take place and what their implication may be for our own lives on Earth or in the hereafter.

There are those who side with an interpretation of reincarnation and life paths which are not at all resumed by our knowledge of secular life or scientific explanations. Others more technically minded or aware of the likelihood of conspiracies by secret organizations tend to grant more consideration to the alternative theory of Illuminati bloodlines hiding their advanced cloning technology from the rest of us and experimenting in social engineering, promoting certain genetics or advancing their cause in ways which remain mysterious.

Here is a link to someone who believes he is the reincarnation of dictator Joseph Stalin's big brother, and who uses channeling and pendulums to identify replicants and establish their past life connections.

EDIT: Link Fixed

Past Life Identifications with photo comparisons

Thanks for taking a look, especially at his web pages where he identifies entire groups of individuals in a same social circle who seem to reappear at a later date together as a group again.

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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 02:54 PM
No it's not, it's a link to the other thread.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 12:16 PM

Originally posted by aorAki
No it's not, it's a link to the other thread.

HI aorAki,

Thanks for alerting me to the typo, the link is now fixed!

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 08:37 PM

* * * BREAKING NEWS * * *


Awaiting a Breakthrough which might explain the phenomenon we have noted of Cloned Leaders and Celebrities, here is an important new fact revealed by the identity of two cloned VIPs.

One is a known Satanist and pedophile, operating in the Illuminati Mind Control Hollywood brainwashing matrix. The other is a powerful proponent of Space Warfare. Their cloned shared DNA and their parallel rise to high positions of influence shows that there is a definite LINK between the cloning of a possessed leader class to enslave us and the presence of Extra-terrestrial ALIENS on Earth.

Let us start with Roman Polanski. We know that he is wanted for criminal extradition on charges of pedophile acts. We also know that since the beginning of his career he was involved in Satanist Occult Groups leading to the ritual sacrifice of his pregnant wife Sharon Tate. He has actively proselytized Satanism in numerous movies including Rosemary's Baby filmed in the location of John Lennon's ritual assassination at the Dakota building in New York City.

Polanski has been actively involved with Satanic Pedophiles since his exile to Europe with other pedophile Clones such as French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand and former French Culture Minister Jack Lang. These accomplices in crimes which go beyond simple child molestation and ritual sacrifice to encompass betrayal of the entire human race for Satanic purposes, endorse and praise Polanski's practices.

Anatoly Perminov is Russia's Boss for Space Exploration and Star Wars Defense Operations. If there is an Alien Presence involving UFOs he is in charge. He decides which Saucers, Disks, Cigars, Monoliths, Motherships and Spacecraft in General are "Invited" or to be destroyed.

Today the new wire services have just announced that Anatoly Perminov has unilaterally decided to launch a Space War.

This has been done under the cover of deviating the trajectory of an asteroid which scientists concur presents no danger to Earth. This means escalating the armament launched in Space, and especially sending a spacecraft on a special mission to destinations unknown which will carry a payload of devastating destruction.

Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid

We will note that this means a serious decision to send major weapons to blow up something or someone in deep space. The pseudo-scientific clatter meant to shuffle it under the radar is to no avail. We know that there is no valid reason to destroy anything or anyone out there, by any measure before we destroy the Alien presence colonizing our Earth today.

Here is Roman Polanski with his Cloned and equally Alien possessed alter ego Anatoly Perminov.

We are forced to note that their respective positions, to which they were raised by organized promotion through the Illuminati networks of financing and empowerment, are in alignment with the agendas of Satanic cult and Space domination.

This means that the Satanic Luciferian religion of the Illuminati is not an elective religion stemming from ancient practices and perverse traditions, but is directly associated with the Alien presence which has tampered with humanity for centuries.

For this reason we can also give far more credence to the theory according to which the cult of Satan is in fact a cult of an Alien Demonic entity, and that such DEVILS are not figments of overactive imaginations or due to misplaced beliefs by overzealous religious adepts - THEY ARE REAL.

While the old TV series called "The Invaders" with David Vincent struggling against a race of human looking Aliens who stuck out their pinky fingers would be nice to discard as silly science fiction, it appears that it was not at all off base.

One detail is different, however, they not only stick out their pinky fingers but they also stick out their index at the same time, the Satanic hand sign is therefore not only evidence that they belong to the Church of Satan, as condemnable and sick as that may be, but that they are active accomplices of an Alien demonic invasion of planet Earth.

The situation is very serious, and we must take stalk and examine what can be done before they muster in their New World Order total Alien control.

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by Getsmart

For this reason we can also give far more credence to the theory according to which the cult of Satan is in fact a cult of an Alien Demonic entity, and that such DEVILS are not figments of overactive imaginations or due to misplaced beliefs by overzealous religious adepts - THEY ARE REAL.

Yep - the Draconian Reptilians, maybe others. It seems that the Illuminati made agreements w/ them in exchange for technology & got pwned. "The Secret Covenant of the Reptilians" pretty much sums up what their agenda is:

...We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite.

We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so they will never see what is happening.

We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.

They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.

The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison....

The 4th dimensional entities sometimes betray themselves:

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:22 AM
Hi Someotherguy,

It appears that the hidden agenda resumes much of what we are today experiencing in our daily lives and in world politics. This explains what the Clone Conspiracy is about, furthering this Agenda. For others here reticent to click on links and get lost in the meanders of the Internet, I am posting that agenda in its entirety.


An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception. Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.

We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.

We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive. Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.

We will always stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute.

We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy. Death will come to he who speaks.

We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite.

We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so they will never see what is happening.

We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.

They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.

The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison.

The poisons will be absorbed trough their skin and mouths, they will destroy their minds and reproductive systems.

From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal this information.

The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear.

We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far.

We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images and musical tones.

Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to push our poisons.

They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect.

When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood of their children and convince them its for their help.

We will start early on, when their minds are young, we will target their children with what children love most, sweet things.

When their teeth decay we will fill them with metals that will kill their mind and steal their future.

When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine.

We will render them docile and weak before us by our power.

They will grow depressed, slow and obese, and when they come to us for help, we will give them more poison.

We will focus their attention toward money and material goods so they many never connect with their inner self. We will distract them with fornication, external pleasures and games so they may never be one with the oneness of it all.

Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say. If they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into their lives. We will use fear as our weapon.

We will establish their governments and establish opposites within. We will own both sides.

We will always hide our objective but carry out our plan.

They will perform the labor for us and we shall prosper from their toil.

Our families will never mix with theirs. Our blood must be pure always, for it is the way.

We will make them kill each other when it suits us.

We will keep them separated from the oneness by dogma and religion.

We will control all aspects of their lives and tell them what to think and how.

We will guide them kindly and gently letting them think they are guiding themselves.

We will foment animosity between them through our factions.

When a light shall shine among them, we shall extinguish it by ridicule, or death, whichever suits us best.

We will make them rip each other's hearts apart and kill their own children.

We will accomplish this by using hate as our ally, anger as our friend.

The hate will blind them totally, and never shall they see that from their conflicts we emerge as their rulers. They will be busy killing each other.

They will bathe in their own blood and kill their neighbors for as long as we see fit.

We will benefit greatly from this, for they will not see us, for they cannot see us.

We will continue to prosper from their wars and their deaths.

We shall repeat this over and over until our ultimate goal is accomplished.

We will continue to make them live in fear and anger though images and sounds.

We will use all the tools we have to accomplish this.

The tools will be provided by their labor.

We will make them hate themselves and their neighbors.

We will always hide the divine truth from them, that we are all one. This they must never know!

They must never know that color is an illusion, they must always think they are not equal.

Drop by drop, drop by drop we will advance our goal.

We will take over their land, resources and wealth to exercise total control over them.

We will deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom they will have.

We will establish a money system that will imprison them forever, keeping them and their children in debt.

When they shall ban together, we shall accuse them of crimes and present a different story to the world for we shall own all the media.

We will use our media to control the flow of information and their sentiment in our favor.

When they shall rise up against us we will crush them like insects, for they are less than that.

They will be helpless to do anything for they will have no weapons.

We will recruit some of their own to carry out our plans, we will promise them eternal life, but eternal life they will never have for they are not of us.

The recruits will be called "initiates" and will be indoctrinated to believe false rites of passage to higher realms. Members of these groups will think they are one with us never knowing the truth. They must never learn this truth for they will turn against us.

For their work they will be rewarded with earthly things and great titles, but never will they become immortal and join us, never will they receive the light and travel the stars.


posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:25 AM

The recruits will be called "initiates" and will be indoctrinated to believe false rites of passage to higher realms. Members of these groups will think they are one with us never knowing the truth. They must never learn this truth for they will turn against us.

For their work they will be rewarded with earthly things and great titles, but never will they become immortal and join us, never will they receive the light and travel the stars.

They will never reach the higher realms, for the killing of their own kind will prevent passage to the realm of enlightenment. This they will never know.

The truth will be hidden in their face, so close they will not be able to focus on it until its too late.

Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be, that they will never know they are our slaves.

When all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them. This reality will be their prison. They will live in self-delusion.

When our goal is accomplished a new era of domination will begin.

Their minds will be bound by their beliefs, the beliefs we have established from time immemorial.

But if they ever find out they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW.

If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action.

They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and they will hunt us down and no person shall give us shelter.

This is the secret covenant by which we shall live the rest of our present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generations and life spans.

This covenant is sealed by blood, our blood. We, the ones who from heaven to earth came.

This covenant must NEVER, EVER be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER be written or spoken of for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end time of infinity itself.

Another poster here. USAsupporter, posted something interesting and related:

Why do none of the real elite never seem to die early?

Simple answer

the elites aren't human
the elites dont have any emotions as humans, i think most of you might have noticed that?

the elites want us all dead, no matter what happens.
the elites eat better food then us, and laugh in our faces, while we pretend to act as if nothings wrong with our world.

the elites dont care if our solider of different nations keep dying, they love that
the elites dont like our indifference cultures and the way of life on how we live it.
the elites think of us as slaves and diedogs meaning everything we do in this world is meaningless.

And of course there is a bit more.

the elites dont lilke words carefree or freedom
the elites dont shed tears or cry.
the elites show no pity on us.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:46 AM
Arkadi Gaydamak and David Bowie look completely different - and others too, sorry.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:45 PM
I think the Fox show "Fringe" is worth mentioning on this thread, too. It talks about "shape-shifting" entities from another dimension/universe coming in here. Their first wave of invasion is being led by robotoids/clones.

About Season 2:

In the opening episode of season two, Olivia returns back from her trip to the parallel universe, but can't remember any of it. She is hunted down by a shapeshifting assassin assigned to find out what William Bell said to her and then kill her. Charlie Francis is eventually killed and replaced by the shapeshifter, unbeknownst to anyone. Eventually Olivia remembers her conversation with Bell who told her that a "great storm" is coming and that it is up to Olivia to prevent it. William Bell tells Olivia to make sure that she prevents the shapeshifters from getting to a man who would help them destroy one universe. Olivia then discovers that Charlie Francis is dead, and that the man she thinks is him is really the shapeshifter.

Full episodes here:

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 04:55 PM
About 1/2-way, David Icke talks about Repts:

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