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Do Religions Hold Secret Knowledge Hidden Right Out In the Open? Want To Help Find Out?

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posted on Nov, 13 2009 @ 11:58 PM
hey, can you U2U some more info about this to me?

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 03:26 PM

Originally posted by littlebunny
The Numbers

144,000 * 6 = 864,000 --- 144 * 6 = 864

144,000 / 6 = 24,000 (earths circumference) --- 144 / 6 = 24

24, 000 / 6 = 4,000 (Simple Geometry from circumference)--- 24 / 6 = 4

4,000 / 6 = 666.66 (for infinity) 4 / 6 = .666 (for infinity)

144,000 * 36 = 5,184,000 --- 144 * 36 = 5,184 (yrs = 1 full Sun Cycle.)

144,000 / 36 = 4000 --- 144 / 36 = 4

24,000 / 36 = 666.66 (for infinity) --- 24 / 36 = .666 (for infinity)

4,000 / 36 = 111.11 --- 4 / 36 = .111

144,000 * 216 = 31,104,000 --- 144 * 216 = 31,104 (Ly - Distance to galactic center)

144,000 / 216 = 666.66 (for infinity) --- 144 / 216 = .666 (checking sources for all 666’s and dual meanings)

24, 000 / 216 = 111.11 (for infinity) --- 24 / 216 = .111 (checking sources for all 111.)

4,000 / 216 = 18.5185 (MPS.. Earth traverses the Sun) --- 4 / 216 = .0185185 (for infinity)

144,000 * 666 = 95,904,000 (yrs - solar system to traverse the galaxy) --- 144 * 666 = 95,904

144,000 / 666 = 216.216 (for infinity) --- 144 / 666 = .216 (for infinity)

24,000 * 666 = 15,984,000 --- 24 * 666 = 15,984 (checking sources)

24,000 / 666 = 36.036 (for infinity) --- 24 / 666 = .0360 (checking sources)

4,000 * 666 = 2,664,000 --- 4 * 666 = 2,664

4000 / 666 = 6.006 (checking sources for both ->) --- 4 / 666 = .006006 (for infinity)

666 * 6 = 3,996

666 / 6 = 111 (all 111.11/11.1 could have dual meaning, Sun Cycle and resident signals checking sources.)

666 * 36 = 23,976

666 / 36 = 18.5 (MPS)

666 * 216 = 143,856 (exactly 144 short of 144,000 possible clue?)

666 / 216 = 3.083 (possibly ancient mathematics for Pi)

More Truth’s about ancient wisdom and the numbers 6, 60, 600, and 144.…

The Bible says the Earth was created in 6 days… Wouldn’t you know it, the Bible is right. How can I say that? … Because I’m beginning to understand the secret language hidden in plain sight within the Bible… lets take a look at those 6 days… mathematically… 24x24x24x24x24x24 = 4,586,471,424 (4 and Half Billion YEARS!) I would say that’s pretty close to what science says must be the truth today. But that’s not all.

The Bible says A Time equals 1 year. Is that true? Well first we have to understand what they are trying to explain. What equals a time? What is a time? That answer I discovered a while ago but didn’t put two and two together until recently. The Bible and all other Ancient Religions are actually explaining ancient advanced knowledge and is not talking about A Religion… in the sense that mankind has used it for evil and for control over the people and to gain abusive power for centuries. What I’ve learned is God is pure Love, period… All the stories about a wrathful God are put there to teach those who has wisdom the truth within the stories. Our ancestors understood, when we figured out there is no way God can be evil, or wrathful or jealous, that means we have evolved past our barbaric ways and will start looking at the stories with loving eyes. So what is A Time? First, when people get pasted the shock of this truth, this answer is going to change all of physics and world history. (BTW… How could they have possibly known these truths? Amazing!!!)

The Sun is roughly 400,000 miles wide. Its velocity is close to169.75 miles a second. So lets look at the math,

400,000 * 169.75 = 67,900,000 miles a second. (Equals how fast all the planets and every soul on Earth is moving throughout the galaxy.) Now lets divide that by the speed of light.

67,900,000/ 186,000 = 365.053 (Or A TIME… A TIME in the Bible equals the speed at which TIME should be measured three dimensionally… which just happens to equal the amount of time it takes the Earth to rotate around the Sun, while at the same time showing us how fast matter exists in relation to light. This discovery is MONSTER HUGE!!!)

Here’s were it gets cool. For you see that 67 million, 900,000 thousand miles per second equals one Ancient Unit of time. However what happens when we take the rest of that very ancient number 44 and take the percentage out of that ancient unit of time?

67,900,000 * 44% = 29,876,000

So now we must add those two numbers together.

67,900,000 + 29,876,000 = 97,776,000

Now lets divide that by the speed of light.

97,776,000 / 186000 = 525.677

And divide that by 1 minute or 60 seconds

525.677 / 60 = 8.76 minutes.

Those numbers equal the exact distance from the Sun to the Earth, and the exact amount of time it takes light to travel from the Sun to Earth and visa-versa. The amount of time it takes the Earth to rotate the Sun, the truth about how fast matter is moving in relation to light, and so much more. The math doesn’t lie, especially when you sit down and do it correctly. Notice how those numbers keep coming up… do you understand the importance of those numbers in this equation? 6, 60 and how about the 600... That’s an answer I’m going to let you find out on your own. Oh and that ancient unit is 1.44AU. This is a discovery that would make any persons career and give them instant worldwide acclaim… and I’m giving it all away, just like I’ve given everything else away for free. Why? Because truth should never cost anything, for the positive or the negative. The truth is just that, truth…

Just like my new truth is thus… The world is right on the cusp of choosing destruction or enlightenment… I so believe that now… We will all need to decide and right soon!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 09:29 AM

Originally posted by littlebunny
The Sun is roughly 400,000 miles wide. Its velocity is close to169.75 miles a second.

No, the diameter of the sun is 864327.328 miles and its velocity relative to the center of the galaxy is close to 220km/s = 136.7m/s, so your numbers have already fallen apart.

So lets look at the math,

400,000 * 169.75 = 67,900,000 miles a second. (Equals how fast all the planets and every soul on Earth is moving throughout the galaxy.) Now lets divide that by the speed of light.
No, it doesn't. Why would you multiply the diameter by the velocity? And how would that have anything to do with the velocity of orbiting bodies?

67,900,000/ 186,000 = 365.053
So you're honestly claiming that "all the planets and every soul on earth" are moving at 365 times the speed of light?

Um. No.

Here’s were it gets cool. For you see that 67 million, 900,000 thousand miles per second equals one Ancient Unit of time. However what happens when we take the rest of that very ancient number 44 and take the percentage out of that ancient unit of time?
44 is an ancient number? I don't recall it being particularly older than any others. I mean, it could be a second or so older than 45, and about that much younger than 43, but really. You're pulling things out of your ass.

So now we must add those two numbers together.
Must we? Why?

67,900,000 + 29,876,000 = 97,776,000

Now lets divide that by the speed of light.

97,776,000 / 186000 = 525.677

And divide that by 1 minute or 60 seconds

525.677 / 60 = 8.76 minutes.

Those numbers equal the exact distance from the Sun to the Earth,
No, the elliptical orbit of the earth goes between 94509129 and 91402505 miles depending on the time of year.


The math doesn’t lie, especially when you sit down and do it correctly.
Sadly, it appears you are incapable of doing so.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by JoshNorton

I wonder why you were so rude.

Here is a site that refutes even your most basic claims, The Sun.

I could spend half the day posting countless website that don't agree on anything with regards to the Sun‘s width, radius, volume, velocity... And then I could spend the other half of the day refuting your horrifically rude statements and then showing how my math is true. Let alone how the Sun is FORCING all the satellites to move at its velocity regardless of those satellites ecliptic location.

I guess you mean to say the width of the Sun and its velocity has no physical effect on this planet and how we traverse the Galaxy?

And if the Sun does have an effect what is that effect? Seeing how it obviously doesn't move this planet according to your wisdom

And lastly... how is velocity of any object determined? Using your math of over 800,000 diameter. Even IF the Sun moved only 1 mps, then the Earth traveled over 4 times the speed of light... 800,000 divided by 186,000 = 4.30. But I guess the fact that the speed of light can't move from one end of your Sun’s physical diameter isn't important either… however the speed of the object (the Sun) and its effects on its satellites must be important?

From above Link…

Equatorial radius 695 000 kilometers = 431,852.979 miles

Escape velocity 618.02 kilometers per second = 384.019824 miles per second.

--Charles Marcello

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posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 02:03 PM
I just have an intolerance for people who go on about numerology by can't even do basic math...

From above Link…

Equatorial radius 695 000 kilometers = 431,852.979 miles

Yes, and diameter = 2 x radius, so using that number, it's 863705.958 when you had written "The Sun is roughly 400,000 miles wide". My estimate of 864327.328 is still a lot closer than your claim of 400,000.

And lastly... how is velocity of any object determined? Using your math of over 800,000 diameter. Even IF the Sun moved only 1 mps, then the Earth traveled over 4 times the speed of light... 800,000 divided by 186,000 = 4.30. But I guess the fact that the speed of light can't move from one end of your Sun’s physical diameter isn't important either… however the speed of the object (the Sun) and its effects on its satellites must be important?
What are you going on about? The diameter has nothing to do with velocity. If I'm in a Volkswagen Beetle driving 55 mph, or in an 18-wheeler driving 55 mph, I'm still driving 55 mph. The size of the sun has nothing to do with how fast it's moving. So why are you even dividing the diameter by the speed of light? It makes no sense!

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 02:32 PM
To the OP: it is refreshing to see a bible reader trying to find answers instead of blindly taking every bit of nonsense they hear as truth. To help you understand further, I will mention that SUN worship is the very core of religion. Religion formed from astrology and then was fabricated into people and gods, and a whole bunch of silliness. Very nice to see you trying to learn the truth.

Understand that the sheep among us are the religious types that dont go further to learn the origins of their faith and think those that say otherwise are the sheep. If you continue on, you will see the BS that is what all religions really are. Dont accept the nonsense religous replies, find the truth for yourself.

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by JoshNorton

Originally posted by littlebunny
The Numbers

144,000 * 6 = 864,000 --- 144 * 6 = 864

Originally posted by JoshNorton
Yes, and diameter = 2 x radius, so using that number, it's 863705.958 when you had written "The Sun is roughly 400,000 miles wide". My estimate of 864327.328 is still a lot closer than your claim of 400,000.

There are only two ways to do the math, with regards to how fast matter is moving in relation to light, and what the bible is trying to teach... either one would be considered correct, depending on which science you present the numbers too... do you know either or both answers? And umm, you did notice I used 800,000 instead of your number, and you notice I used 400,000 instead of the disputed actual numbers... and you notice I said... the math doesn't lie, especially when you do the math correctly

And just what in the hell are you talking about, how do you determine velocity... I know damn well it aint the diameter, and you say it aint the width/radius, so just how in the hell is velocity determined in your mind... Shazam 136 mps? Seeing how you say you can't stand people who don't know how to do the math... I demand... can you do the math, the real math???? If you can, then I want you to come back here and explain to everyone why I chose 400,000 and 169.75... CAN YOU? Let see if you can figure out the 6.6(?), 6.006, or if you go the other, or the wrong way... the Bible even gives that answer.

--Charles Marcello

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posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by pplrnuts

Hey pplrnuts,

Yes it amazes me how Religions across the planet are either worshiping the sun, or the moon. Its interesting as hell. Both major religious books even tell you they are worshipping one or the other... Even still, on a personal belief level, nothing is more beautiful then religion... on a personal level only... while every step above the personal becomes progressively more evil.

I have a deep belief in a God, science convinced me there must be one... But here is where I am at spiritually. Some day I believe the world will be too. Not because I believe that way, rather, because its the only way humans will find peace with each other.

--Charles Marcello

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 03:43 PM
If anyone wants to discover the universal gnosis encoded in the sacred geometries of the world's religions, study the 51 research articles (downloadable PDFs) at:

They show how E8xE8 heterotic superstring theory, the human skeleton, human DNA, the seven musical scales, etc are examples of a universal mathematical pattern embodied in these sacred geometries. Plato's Lambda, described in his Timaeus as the basis for his cosmological account of the beginning of the universe, is part of its arithmetic form. The articles reveal its polygonal and polyhedral counterparts. This is the true "theory of everything" (and more) that physicists are seeking. Only of course, it is not a theory.......

The articles are mathematically rigorous, challenging and will take weeks to absorb. But, if you are patient and are willing to make the effort, you will discover that secret knowledge, as well as the means to uncover more of it for yourself. It is no longer secret, thanks to Dr Phillips.

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by micpsi

Thanks micpsi... this is exactly what I've been looking for. There is other math within the bible I can't make sense out of yet, this link will be of great help. Thanks again...

--Charles Marcello

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 04:27 PM
I think the sun worship and moon worship you speak of is more the measurement of time used lunar and solar calender and the fight over which to use. Notice life spans Methuselah at 969 years lunar calender 80.75 solar calender. 80.75 seems more reasonible. So when they say in the bible that God told them no man shall live past 120 years it was not shorting the life of man but simply the changing of the calender used to measure life spans. A change from lunar to solar. In the past calenders were made for what you wanted to measure pregancy was a nine month calender that repeated after nine months but that nine months was considered 1 pregancy calender year. Measurements for lunar calender was full moon to full moon roughly 30 days or one lunar calender year. A solar calender year was 365 days one solar calender year. So when looking at The OLd Testamnet bible just realize that the interpretation of what calender year was being used was never made and modern day people think it is the same year they measure by.

Leviticus 19:23-25 (New International Version)

23 " 'When you enter the land and plant any kind of fruit tree, regard its fruit as forbidden.For three years you are to consider it forbidden ; it must not be eaten. 24 In the fourth year all its fruit will be holy, an offering of praise to the LORD. 25 But in the fifth year you may eat its fruit. In this way your harvest will be increased. I am the LORD your God.

When you plant a tree and it begins to fruit it takes roughly three months to reach full size and is un ripe and is fully ripe by fourth or fifth month.

So the year measured there was the harvest full moon or lunar calender. And it is holy when ripe.

Remeber when Joseph or Yosef was sold to Egypt in the bible. After Joseph was in prison for two years, Pharaoh had several dreams which disturbed him. He dreamt of seven lean cows which rose out of the river and devoured seven fat cows; and, of seven withered ears of grain which devoured seven fat ears. Pharaoh's wise men were unable to interpret these dreams, but the chief cup bearer remembered Joseph and spoke of his skill to Pharaoh. Joseph was called for, and interpreted the dreams as foretelling that seven years of abundance would be followed by seven years of famine, and advised Pharaoh to store surplus grain during the years of abundance. Before Joseph was 30 years old, Pharaoh made him viceroy over Egypt, renamed him Zaphnath-Paaneah and married him to Asenath, the daughter of Potipherah, priest of On Joseph had two sons with Asenath, Manasseh and Ephraim, and Egypt became prosperous under his care.

What was it that he explained to them that put him in charge of the crops in Egypt. The lunar calender and the harvest calender would come to mind. And knowing when to plant when to harvest when and how to store.

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posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 05:19 PM
Fascinating topic, and one in which I've been keenly interested in for many years. You definitely aren't the first one to see patterns emerge or to be enthralled in trying to unravel the mysteries in not only the Bible, but other ancient religious texts. There are some fascinating books out now that dive deeply into this very subject. Being that I'm not a math guru, some of these books have been a bit over my head, but they are none the less written with clarity and give reasons for deep contemplation. If you are interested, email me and I'll send you the titles of the ones I either own, or would like to own.

I think applause is in order here, because even if you have some things "off", you are still putting it out there in ways that no one else is on this forum. Kudos! So, I've skipped over most of the argumentative posts here, because this really isn't about debating if it's true or's about uncovering what we know to be there. Case in point, there is a book in the Bible named, of all things....NUMBERS. Using the Pythagorean Skein, which is the basis of numerology, this book alone is full of all sorts of wonders!! This information came to me from another book as well, and when I did the figures myself, I was fascinated and shocked. It was beyond mere coincidence, and I've said many times that the Bible is NOT a book of religion, as it has been pushed for centuries. It is a book of genius proportions with layers woven into it. It describes human stories, granted, but woven into that, it also describes the movements of the heavens, and even the internal activities within our own bodies. It is timeless. It describes the past, the present and the future all at the same time, and it is not bound by time.

If directions for creating a universe had to be written down, like a recipe, it would be the Bible. The Bible IS the universe in written form. It is the solar system in written form. It is the earth in written form. It is Man, in written form, describing all his biological functions. It is is is one verse. The UNI-verse! One complete collective masterpiece of creative music in one verse. Math MUST be a part of music, because music IS math and math IS music. So for a written "recipe" of all that exists were written in word form, it stands to reason that words will fail in many cases, and so numbers (the perfect scientific language), must come into play. And come into play they do!!

Why humans struggle with the enormity and sheer awesomeness of this is beyond me, but as long we have fundamental interpretations of ANY religious scripture, we will never begin to grasp even a portion of how incredibly genius this book is. Think of the Bible as our brain....they say that Einstein only used 10%, and the rest of us use less. We can't understand our own brains yet, and barely skim the surface, but we know it's parts and can name them. That's about where humans are in terms of the Bible.

I wish more people would stop being so frightened of getting it wrong, or stop being so quick to shoot down someone's attempts, and just open up and go for SOMETHING. It's that first step that is always the hardest. I'm glad you're posting about this, and I hope you keep it going! I will be more than happy to share what little insight I might be able to contribute.

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by emeraldzeus

Hey emeraldzeus,

I would be extremely interested in those books, extremely interested. I would also be interested into any insight you learned, before I purchase those books... a quick synopsis would be helpful. I am finding math all over the Bible. BTW, I didn't do the math wrong or on accident... It was done purposely... The reason I'm not talking about it yet, is I want to allow people some time to see for themselves just how awesome the math actually is, yet there is a good reason why I did the math that way.

Because I've already talked about this on another site... In those numbers above, I said a couple of months ago that the 31,104 equals the distance to Galactic center. I found out I was wrong. That number actually equals 1/6th the speed of light... Which completely blew me away because that means in order for them to know that answer they had to be technologically advanced. Not to mention, all the other math seems to match what science says is our truth today... while at the same time giving answers to questions science hasn't even asked yet... But more importantly... that 95million number may in fact be the most important number of them all, regarding our future and that 2012 nonsense we see all over this website and TV.

Is it possible, that in their time the Earth was over 95 million miles away from the Sun, while our time is only 93 million miles, or 1AU? That is an extremely important question that needs to be answers and right soon. But for now, I want people to play with the numbers themselves. As I continue searching ahead for more numbers/truths.

--Charles Marcello

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by JBA2848

Great point JBA2848. I really enjoyed your post. If you have any more examples... more insight into concepts like that would be extremely helpful with regards to this search for knowledge and a new understanding of how to view the Bible and ancient cultures remedial knowledge.

--Charles Marcello

posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 07:09 PM
I would like to eagerly encourage all positive posters in this thread to continue to read and contribute to this topic.

I am still in awe over the 24 to the 6th power, (I have a curious fascination about the number 6 as you may have seen earlier in the thread) and mention it in conversation about science or religion with friends and co-workers, and am met mostly with wide eyes and silence.

posted on Mar, 4 2010 @ 01:12 AM
Here is some more numbers/strange numerology I’ve found within the Bible. I must say before I begin… I have to admit I could be stretching some of these numbers… What I mean is… and I cannot deny btw… what they equal is either my own numerical imagination or something... some very powerful people believe in completely, that I just happened to find accidentally. Also, the way this investigation is playing out is kind of annoying. (Nowhere to turn to find other answers really… I’ve read a synopsis of Newton‘s 2060 prophecy, yet, I can‘t find his logic as of yet.) Because I’m starting from scratch, and decided to post this process here on ATS… I think I may have found an answer… to only then read more history or start jumping around the Bible reading different parts, with what appears to be no rhyme or reason… and new answers seem to keep popping up and then they too seem to fit the numbers.

Its like someone giving you a list of US Presidential first names on one side of a piece of paper, and their last names on the other side… yet the person doing the connection doesn’t know United States history… Kind of like, looking at the numbers and putting Abraham with Jefferson… Then learning, that Thomas Jefferson equals the truth… So now you have to erase the line between that last name and Abraham, yet even though you found the truth for Jefferson, you now have to re-find the truth for Abraham. I hope that makes sense, as to how this investigation is progressing. This is one of the reason I usually don’t say anything about a discovery until I research it to death… Yet because of 2012 I changed that rule so as to work this discovery live, as it were, on the Internet, while hopefully having more people join in over time… Because as I find more math within the Bible and within other ancient religions/cultures, I’m discovering my old conclusions may in fact be wrong. Or perhaps there is a dual meaning to the numbers… like two Adams, two Roosevelt’s and two Bush’s… With that, here is what I’ve discovered over the last couple of weeks.

As I stated earlier, the bible is in fact correct, the Earth was created in 6 days… 24 to the 6th power equals 4.5 billion years. However I still have a problem because Believers believe the Earth is only 6000 years old. So I started looking at that. My first thought was to multiply 6000 by 360 which equals 2,160,000 days/years. No to mention both answers for a biblical day are correct… 1 day can equal one thousand years, and 1 day could equal one year. So the question becomes, is it 1000 time six, and then 360 times that number as posted above. Well I thought about that for awhile and then decide to divide 666 into that number, to see if the primer works with this question as well. 2,160,000 / 666 equals 3243 (for infinity.) When I saw that last number my very first thought was… man that sure is close to the 12/3/12 pyramid cycle I discovered a while back. So I subtracted 3243 from 2737 and got 505. Then I looked at the numbers I’ve found within 144,000 and 6, 36, 216. And went.. Hmm… could it be… there are a whole bunch of 6.66, 666.66, 6006, .06006, 111.11, 11.11, 1.11. Could I have found something else that points to 2012. Because when subtracting 505.5 from 3243 we get 2737.5... could it be that that point 5 equals every 5th cycle. Just like the Pyramids at Giza seems/are aligned to match every 5th Dec 3, 2012 cycle? Like I said that is stretch… but I’m not done…

In Genesis Chapter 11 I was going over the ages of the men mentioned therein and when they had their first child. They equal:

100, 35, 30, 34, 30, 32, 30, 29, 70 which equals 390. I then thought, what if the first persons age was a primer as well. That would mean the answer is 290. I then decided to add 666 to each of those numbers… 666 plus 390 equals 1056 and 666 plus 290 equals = 956. After I did that, I’m looking at those numbers and I was like… they don’t equal a damn thing… what a waste of time. Yet as I’m staring at the numbers I quietly added them up in my head and thought, oh shhh… 1056 plus 956 equals 2012.

Now, I’m the first to admit there is no way in hell the human creator of Genesis knew anything about the Gregorian Calendar. However, the Catholic Church must've known about those numbers and sure as hell purposely created the Gregorian Calendar. And I’m like… what are the odds! What are the odds that I’m the only person in all of recorded history to find these numbers? For me the answer is a big fat ZERO! Which means there must’ve been someone in the past, before our new calendar was created who discovered these numbers. And we know from history it could’ve only been the Church or Noble/Rich people… period! This rabbit hole keeps getting weirder and weirder… And these are the only things I’m letting out of the hole for now… There is so much more I’ve discovered, and I’m like… NO WAY IN HELL!!! Like if the Bible is correct, then second coming of Christ MUST HAPPEN no later then one generation after the creation of Israel, or no later then 2018/2037*… then the anti-christ or avenging angel (Jesus said he’s not going to reveal himself until the end) each were either born in 1954, 1943, 1965, 1960 or 1948 (plus or minus 11/6 from 1954)... Or from this starting date… 1971, 1960, 1982, 1977 or 1965. Now obviously 1965 comes up twice… so that is a date to watch… However I would be willing to bet almost all of those fake people calling themselves Christ, the Anti-Christ, God or Satan... that their birthdates are somewhere in those years mentioned above. But it gets even weirder still. But that’s something I will discuss at another time… I want these three discoveries to sink in for a little while before I take you people even further down this hole.

(*) According to biblical scholars 1 bible generation equals 70 years… and if the bible is 100 percent correct when it comes to biblical prophecy (And I believe that it has been)… then the date for the second coming has to be within those two time frames… 2018 (actually/maybe 2017... the UN voted Israel into existence in 1947 plus 70 years equals 2017) However… Israel did not officially proclaim itself until 1948. Or as some of the arguments I‘ve read suggests… the Bible could’ve been referring to the city of Jerusalem which became completely owned by Israel after the 6 Day War in 1967, we then must add 70 years which equals 2037. Yet that whole 2012 thingy keeps coming up… Which to me suggest (only suggests) 2017/2018 could in fact be all the time we have left.

--Charles Marcello


For you NWO peeps, the information mentioned herein is a major clue/source, you could use to help pin point when the next major incident is going to take place. Its crazy… 1776 is in those numbers, the stock market crash is in those numbers, and on and on. Figured I’d get that out in public before I catch a bullet or commit suicide by stabbing myself in the back 666 times or something like that… (I crack myself up)

The clue is in the numbers and using the primers… 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, (haven’t found a 777 connection yet) 888, (nor a 999), and 144. Subtracting/Adding either 6, 11. Plus those numbers work for hours, days, months, and years. Like the 2nd Gulf War started 555 days after 9/11 and finished exactly 44 days later, or 1054 hours which means they focused on the days and not hours… however… I‘ve wondered if victory was declared at exactly 1044 hours after it began… Haven‘t dug that deep yet, but it would be spooky odd if it did… Have fun!) BTW I must stress… it doesn't appear that this has anything to do with Christian dogma, and has everything to do with occult/satan worshiping nonsense we read here on ATS that, USA and World leaders are engaged in so as to bring about their god. As I mentioned there are plenty of sources here on ATS that can help people make up their own mind when it comes to that information

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posted on Mar, 4 2010 @ 02:26 AM
Yes absolutely 'secret' knowledge is in the "religions" having been 'hidden' in plain sight
yet it is a problem that they get complicated by hyped 'distractions' taking tangents
which appeal to ones 'wonder' and make 'marvelous' conjectures that aren't really true.

It had been better to 'believe all things' and live your truth than to 'doubt all things'
and be dead in cynicism, for by the time it is factually apparent the opportunity is gone
and one is left behind the cart trying to catch up or keep up without the experience!

Your figures and processes may not be so exacting precise but your procedure within
the rigors of scientific method is to be admired and doubtless shall yield in due time
for your motivation is purely inspired -evidently for the insight you've been given!

posted on Mar, 4 2010 @ 03:11 AM
reply to post by littlebunny continue from above

I noticed I forgot to mention, and because there is no more room to post this information in the above post.

12.21.12, - 21.12.12 could only eqaul 4, 7, 4 - 7, 4, 4

While, 12.3.12 - 3.12.12 equals, 4, 1, 4 - 1, 4, 4

I post that here for those of you who are still trying to figure out which date they believe in... or which day we should all pay close attention too... After looking at the numbers, and then doing the math yourself... in order to understand and to get more people involved, you must do the math yourself. Also, which date falls exactly 33 months from either of those days mentioned above? Is that a clue to watch for? All I know is, Time Will Tell!!!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Mar, 21 2010 @ 01:51 AM
Hey Everyone...

I don't have a lot of time right now... however I hope to find some time during the week to post more information regarding the posts above... I plan to show exactly how I reached the year dates for the anti-christ and who I call the avenging angel. All of those numbers can be found in Genesis 11, however I want to show how this is all playing out... ...

I am still looking for people to help with this research, yet it all must be done within this thread. We can talk about what I've discovered and what you've discovered... I've been contacted by several members who have asked to help, and I thank each of you, this is were it will all take place... Plus I should let ATS know… I've recently been contacted via my personal email address outside of ATS by a professional person asking me to do this privately… so as to make money off this discovery... I explained to that person this is going to be done online and for free. And if he wants to use this information I have no objections... I haven't heard anything back from that person after I explained that to him... I mean... Its not like I can't use the money, but I gave ATS my word that I would do this here, so here is where it will be done... So to those thinking of helping, there are eyes watching this thread for more juicy knowledge… Just figured I would let you peeps know I’ve been contacted and perhaps if you post some new information here as well… someone will try to contact you.

But then again my email address is easy to find, my name and yahoo.

--Charles Marcello

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 12:13 AM
reply to post by littlebunny

Here are the numbers broken down so everyone can see how I came to the dates mentioned within this thread.

Numbers From Genesis Chapter 11.

Names Age First Son (AFS) Years Lives AFS Age At Death

Shem 100 500 600

Arphaxed 35 403 438

Salah 30 403 433

Eber 34 430 464

Peleg 30 209 239

Reu 32 207 239

Serug 30 200 230

Nahor 29 119 148

Terah 70 135 205
_______ _______ ________
Sub Total 390 2606 2996
W/O Shem 290 2106 2396
W/O Terah 220 1971 2191
Subtract Duel/Triple Ages 300 1800 2518
Subtract Terah/Shem and Duel Date from total age 1952

Add 666 to 390 and 290 1056/956
Add those numbers together 2012

There are many more dates that can be found within those numbers that equal important years in human history. It truly does depend on how you want to work the numbers. Now, the question becomes is this simply playing with numbers, or does this equal anything important? To me, they equal nothing but spooky cawinkadinks… however, I have to admit they could equal something to powerful occultist people throughout history. I know there are many who will believe these numbers are extremely important in trying to understand secret societies. I post this here because these numbers truly mean nothing to me when it comes to secret societies. Yet I figured there might be some within ATS who would like to play with these numbers… I do however find these dates (as mentioned above in previous posts) 1971 and 1952 very interesting.. (Plus or minus 6/11 years… Example 1952... 1941 Pearl Harbor, 1963 JFK Assassination. )

If we are living in the end times as the Bible demands that we are… Then those dates could in fact be the years the anti-christ and the avenging angel were born. I believe, if that is true… then the anti-christ would have to be born first, so as to build up his minions before the avenging angel is sent down (born) to defeat him.

I realize this is one heck of story, and perhaps a masterful playing on numbers to reach a conclusion. I can’t argue that point, however, I cannot dismiss the fact that those numbers could in fact equal something significant to some extremely powerful people. It is a historical fact that the Catholic Church went out of its way to create the Gregorian Calendar… To what end, perhaps we have just discovered that truth, or at least a clue as to the real answer. I would strongly suggest you people play with the numbers to see what else you can find… A hint is to pick any Age you want to subtract from the totals, and then plus or minus 6/11... The answers are going to shock the heck out of you… I know they shocked the heck out of me.

Enjoy The Ride…

Charles Marcello

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