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Presidential Aprroval ratings

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posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 12:43 PM
you know when you read the gallup polls......and they are so vanilla about do you strongly approve or disapprove strongly or blah blah blah......maybe there is an outlet for someone to come up with some real polls to gauge the public's opinion out there...

Because i think the current polls are covering up the populations anger toward president's thru being unnecessarily vague

perhaps wording a question like this for such a poll

1. Do you think our president is truthful with american's

A/ all the time
b/ some of the time
c/ most of the time
d/ usually not but it's for our own good
e/ usually not but it's because he is beholden to special intrests
f/ who cares the prez is just a puppet

2. Regarding congress for those who disapproved of conress do you think the congress most largely represents the people of the U.S intrests or big business

a/ the people
b/ big business
c/ who ever gives the most various types of donations
d/ who ever offers them the most networking connections
e/ who ever rights them the most angry letters or emails

3. well you get the drift....... a no punches pulled . poll or would that be a bad thing.............maybe i would get trumped up charges next time i drive my car 5 mph over speed limit.......or anything else that could be not necessarily troubling but a inconvenience? like a IRS Audit......etc etc....

any thoughts

could call it

the No-...nonsense ,dumbed down, or vague to the point of meaningless political poll

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posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 12:59 PM
1. F
2. B

However you should have more questions that ask things like "Do you feel the Constitution is being upheld?", "Do you feel like your rights are being stripped away?"

I think the dictation in Washington is that corporations, greed, and control are the only things that matter. However I feel there is something else that everyone is missing and I can't put my finger on it. Something is happening right now whether we like it or not, just be prepared to stand up for someting when the time comes - becasue you are either with them or you're not.

Good start for a thread.

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 01:07 PM
All polls we see used by the MSM are whats known as push polling. The questions and answers you're asked to opine on are twisted in such a way that they always get the result the pollers want. Either spun or actual by the wording, they give their impression of the topic that these clowns want to give!


posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 01:11 PM
right i think alot of the times the polls are just spun so that should they be damning they are so Vague to be i was just putting out an example of what i'd like to see

believe me should i take the time we could come out with one that is a whole hell of a lot longer....that cover's lot's of "mainstream" issues

heck perhaps we could get it bumped and test it on a few thousand ATS'ers......

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 02:27 PM
I tend to agree that polls are seldom an accurate gauge of public opinion and are influenced by the wording or ordering of the questions asked. Many polls tend to ask leading questions that if answered any other way than is desired by the pollster, make the respondent look either stupid or insane. For example, several years back I received a call asking if I had time to participate in an opinion poll. I agreed, so the lady calling began the questions. I can not recall the exact wording or order of the questions but I will get as close as I can.

1. Do you believe that children should have easy access to guns?
2. Do you feel that we need to prevent guns in schools?
3. Do you feel that (insert some statistic) children killed by guns each year is a tragedy?
4. (Stopped getting questions about here because the lady hung up on me)

Once I heard the first question, I told the lady that in the context of a safe and controlled environment that yes children should have access to guns so that they could be taught safe and responsible gun ownership and handling. She proceeded to tell me that the questions could only be answered with Yes or No. Therefore I replied yes. Seeing that this was going to be one of those polls that relied on one sided leading questions that would either get the desired reply or make the responder sound crazy, I decided to just sound crazy. On question two I replied no, at which point she stated that only some kind of psychopath would want guns in schools. I tried to explain that this was not the case, I was on my high school rifle team and that we regularly used guns at school safely and responsibly but she cut me off by going to the next question. By this time I had decided to reply with the opposite of what the intended outcome was. So when question three came, asking if I agreed that X number of children being killed by guns each year was tragic, I replied no, we have to thin the herd somehow. At that point she hung up on me.

My point here is that approval polls like any other are only as good or accurate as the organization that is collecting the information. If the purpose of the poll is to show a high approval rating the questions can be written in a way that will tend to show peoples approval. In some cases there have been poll numbers that were just made up.

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by cpdaman

are you that desperate to try to find some dislike in Obama that suddenly your questioning polls? Yet I am sure that if those polls were actually showing disfavor to Obama, you would be celebrating and saying, SEE!

So now no matter what the polls say, you can't use it as evidence since you just declared them illigetimate. Adn I will hold you to it.

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by jafo1984

I do that all the time myself. Once it's apparent what their agenda is it's fairly easy. Being in the liberaly biased state that I am, we get all kinds of phone polls from Violence Policy Center and PETA and it's great fun to hear the reactions of their minions when you will not agree with their push poll!


posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 03:26 PM
yes so political polls are notoriously like this.........and as people have added polls everywhere.......they are twisted

but i was under the impression that the poltical approval rating polls were particularly vague and actually might have some validity in relation to public's sentiment....but i want to look deeper ....not just with the Prez....or congress.....but with to get the public into a thought experiment thinking a bit more about the role his "advisors" play

asking question's .....regarding

how many of his advisors are on the boards of big company' many have ties to what industry's and how many administrations has this been going on for?

how many of his aide's have served in other administration's and how much of the decision making process do you believe is the prez or his "hive mind of people around him"....are decions being made by people who you never elected......

who advises the president on who to select as advisors?.....people like Kissinger....Bryzenski?

so as the above question's would be more for the board and things i would want to consider regarding crafting more questions to fill out a larger political poll

i would like the public thinking about these things more because i think they would care and i think they would gain awareness and demand they be treated in a way that is acceptable.....and then maybe we could have a chance of "making sure the country is given an option" to be taken down a path of real recovery....

not just continued decline painted as a new normal..(where recovery is always just around the corner)...or finally the lower re-set economic level is.....topped off with a side of some "heroic" this will be a great challenge but let's show how american's can stick together and show the traits that make us a great nation.....crap talk that are probably not that far down the road..........this is a bi-partisan problem created over the last untold amount of years.....b/c the people have no voice....and the people really don't have anyone getting them to look at these perspectives

also i want to see just how sheepish the average american really is DEEP down when they take a minute to think.... i think the main reason they are seen as sheepish nodoby on the outlets they look across poses the questions in this light....

wether they are just kind of caught up in the day to day activities without much of an outlet to vent their dislikes and particular criticisms of policy in a way other than some robotic "agree" or disagree" lol

plus i'm sure the gov't would like to know what the people really think when asked someone gets more paticular

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