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Timewave Zero - Countdown to Transition

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 11:11 PM
Here's the output from the program for August - October. I'll post a more zoomed-in version soon, however I wanted to get this up first because it's difficult to get persepctive when you 'can't see the forest for the trees' so to speak.

I've marked the major shifts, however I've highlighted the event windows during the week prior to each shift. As we've seen regarding the last two major shifts, there was a progrssion of change before each shift. Once the shifts took place, things seemed to die down in comparison with the previous week.

As stated earlier in this thread (and in other threads), peaks and troughs on the graph both mark areas of great change, however the nature of the change is slightly different. Officially the take on this is while ascending towards a peak, we achieve 'normality' and approach more certain times. Descending towards major dips, tension builds along with chaos and fear. I have also found that peaks tend to mark the moments in time where changes are initiated or set into motion. The dips in the graph mark the greatest effect of the prior change. The dips are chaotic and carry with them a burden of uncertainty. The peaks are also chaotic but bring with them a certain amount of confidence and hope.

Previous examples would be this past mid-April which was a peak in the graph. During this time you had the first Tax-Day Tea Parties and revolution being threatened left and right. You also had the first cases of swine-flu. June 25 marked the next major dip in the graph. Here you had the Iranian Revolution (beginning in mid-June, subsiding on the 25th) coinciding with the new social media revolutions, and then of course the death of Michael Jackson occuring precisely at the lowest point on the graph at that time.

I believe we can expect a similar feeling around August 23 to that of mid-April where everyone's patience is wearing thin and comes to a point where action is taken, whether it be with more protests or riots or whatever. But these cases will be accompanied with hope and confidence of success that their voices will be heard. It is also predicted to be a major 'seismic window' as well with quakes expected in the US, but that remains to be seen - the Timewave seems to represent more human history rather than natural.

Late October is another issue entirely. According to what the graph says, the feeling of despair and fear builds from mid-October through to about the 26th where a shift in global consciousness takes place. Whatever happens here remains to be seen obviously, but resonances with that time in the previous time cycle are the great New Madrid quakes, the War of 1812, etc. Here are lists of events that took place from 1811-12:



So what will happen? I can't say. I can only confidently tell you that you will feel a palpable shift in our collective timeline, major events in the media will be centered around the 21-23, and it will feel much more chaotic than the world 'feels' right now. We can only hope that these shifts will be non-destructive and will blow over without much drama (...yes I know a lack of chaos would contradict the validity of the Timewave, but I feel we have all been made aware of this 'time thread' so that we may collectively avert catastrophe. So let's all at least try and focus on cushioning these shift points and perhaps converting them to a constructive nature rather than destructive).

You may also be aware that the Web-bot project continually pinpoints the same dates present on the Timewave graph. There has been much recent discussion about this given that they've once again predicted things for August 22-23 and October 25th.

What I would like to point out about these upcoming event windows is that the Timewave program was created in 1993 and the version I use (DOS version 4.3) has not been altered since that time. These moments in history were on the map since at least that time, probably further back given that McKenna spent the late 70's, 80's, and early 90's developing Novelty Theory and the accompanying software. In fact the data contributing to this 'code' is a few thousand years old, considering it came from ancient China.

The Web-bot Project on the other hand is in constant flux. Based on 'predictive linguistics' scrounged from web chatter, the outlook is altered continuously and is largely based on the language of fear rather than reality or hope. More often then not, they do get the dates correct (as does the Timewave) however their interpretation is based on their subject views of the gathered data (although they try to be entirely non-biased to keep the output pure and accurate).

In their last interview on Coast to Coast, Cliff & George mentioned the Timewave similarities 3 seperate times during the course of the show (as pointed out earlier by Harman - thanks for the links). They are indeed aware of McKenna's work. What's unclear is if this pre-existing data influences any of their research or conclusions. The Timewave works and has proven itself over the years. I wouldn't be surprised if they do cross-check the data before releasing it.

Another possibility (one that I hope is true) is that both endeavours are tracking the same underlying thread of consciousness that connects events in history, and that one is not influenced by the other.

...a few August & October Predictions:

Mitch Battros and Jim Berkland predict major seismic 'event windows' for Aug & Oct.

Colombian Boy makes a prediction for late October

Brace for October Market Crash

October: A Good Month to Stay in Bed?

A few other things some people are worrying about and expect could occur around that time are issues with forced swine-flu vaccinations, the related death-toll to rise considerably, martial law (lately this has been predicted every year), death of the dollar, meteor impact, global coastal 'issues,' Israel/Iranian conflict, etc. As you can see there is no lack of things to fear in the world we live in.

Rather than saying, 'take your pick' from the list above, I prefer you focus on bringing about some miraculous change for the better - in fact so miraculous that it fits in with the Timewave as a major shift in the graph. As with Yin and Yang, there are two sides to every coin. I think the fact that this thread has gained so much attention says a lot about the hope people have for the future. It's no accident I called it 'Transition.' Let's use our group mind to change what we hate about the world and avoid what we fear.


I'm still working on the current section of the wave and it's resonance, stay tuned.


That last paragraph above came off a little 'airy-fairy' in hindsight. Hoping for constructive change is great if you live in a society where only minor adjustments need to be made, unfortunately as you know we live in a world that has MAJOR flaws - a greed based economy, propensity for conflict, technological progress spurred by the ongoing 'need' for better weapons, the demoralization and exploitation of children and society as a whole - the list is unacceptably long. The removal of the powers that maintain these flaws must take place for any progress to be made as a human community.

Yes I hope for a miracle, but it's safe to say that regarding the flaws above, destructive change may be our only hope of continuance as a species. So, re-thinking what we should focus on during these major shift points, I believe the only scary thing allowable in that list would be 'total economic collapse.' Economics needs a major overhaul, so that's a valid option.

I would like to get feedback from you about what you think we should focus on during these crucial moments in history. We can't afford to just observe and compare with the graph and then make lovely correlations (although that aspect of this thread will continue). I think we need to be active conscious participants with our timeline, and collectively decide on outcomes that we can manifest with the Timewave as a guide.

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 12:17 AM
reply to post by Evasius

I saw your post in another thread about late-October, and (although I never ask my deck to foretell the future in personal matters) I thought it might be fun to see if the cards have any relevance.

The deck I use relates the I-Ching to the court cards, so that's kind of interesting...

Anyway, these are the 3 cards I got:

VIII Adjustment - Traditionally called 'Justice' (or French 'Justesse') in other decks, the maker of the deck translates it to mean 'Equilibrium'. Shows the transitory quality of human justice. "Nature is not just, according to any theological or ethical idea, but nature is exact." It shows Alpha balanced exactly against Omega. It also signifies Law and Limitation.

The card is ruled by Libra, which is traditionally from about 9-22 to 10-24, but in Sidereal astrology it is from 10-18 to 11-16 (at least according to Wikipedia). Saturn is exalted in Libra. "Saturn represents above all the element of Time, without which adjustment cannot take place, for all action and reaction take place in time..."

The most literal interpretation is: "Justice. Balance. Adjustment. Suspension of action pending decision. May refer to lawsuits, trials, marriages, treaties etc."

(There's alot more to this card, because it's a Trump, but I'm not going to type all the occult 'mumbo-jumbo'.)

Prince of Cups - "On the one hand, elasticity, volatility, hydrostatic equilibrium; on the other hand, the catalytic faculty and energy of steam." This card rules from the 21st degree of Libra to the 20th degree of Scorpio.

It represents subtlety, secret violence, and craft. "He is intensely secret, an artist in all his ways. On the surface he appears calm and imperturbable, but this is a mask of most intense passion. He is on the surface susceptible to external influences, but he accepts them only to transmute them to the advantage of his secret designs. He is thus completely without conscience in the ordinary sense of the word, and is therefore usually distrusted by his neighbors... He inspires unreasonable fear. He is in fact perfectly ruthless. He cares intensely for power, wisdom, and his own aims.

My book says this card is represented by the 61st hexagram of the I-Ching: it "moves even pigs and fish, and leads to great good fortune".

Libra going over into Scorpio is of tremendous, active, critical energy and weight. "The danger is overweening ambition".

Five of Disks (Worry) - "The symbol represents five disks in the form of the inverted Pentagram, instability in the very foundations of Matter. The effect is that of an earthquake. They are however, representative of the five Tatvas; these hold together, on a very low plane, an organism which would otherwise disrupt completely."

It symbolizes suppressed action and the binding of celestial forces to mechanical purposes. The Disks suit tends to represent financial/material matters. It shows intense strain with continued inaction. Monetary anxiety or loss of money. It also shows the need for intelligence applied to labor, building, or land cultivation.

Generally, I don't trust divination tools for telling the future, but it seemed like a cool exercise and I was compelled to do it after I read your post in the other thread.

I've been reading these cards for years, so I know the vague meanings can be applied to anything, depending on how one wants to look at them and whether they want to see a correlation to real events or not, but anyway... there is my shot in the dark for late-October.

(I should note that I'm in the US.)
Edited to add the short, literal interpretation for 'Adjustment'.

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 08:59 AM
reply to post by eMachine

Thank you so much for your above post - you've added an entirely new dimension to the discussion. And thank you for the picture of the cards that came up. I've never used those cards, I've only read up a bit on the I Ching.

So from your post, those cards sound astoundingly similar to my own perceptions about what that time period may bring with it. The card meanings convey a feeling very correlative to what the dips in the graph are supposed to carry.

What do you feel the complete essence of all three cards would be? What conclusion can you draw from combining the card meanings? How does that work? Having read all 3 descriptions I get a sense of 'planned economic collapse' given the money anxiety/loss, worry, subtle and secretive violence, perfect ruthlessness, etc. That's all extremely interesting. I say planned because it 'feels' like it will be no accident, and your findings seem to reflect that.

Again thank you, that's a brilliant contribution.

***PS what's odd is that those cards, when combined, resemble a military patch I'm working on for a story called "Project Vector" about a UFO retrieval team. All the major shapes are there with similar placements.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 05:20 PM
Hi Evasius,

Your last post was fantastic!
I ressonate with it!

I also feel that webbot interprets the story too much out of fear, while timewave is simply a fractal representation of the cyclical nature of history.

I also follow astrology much.
Because I take a deep and non-stereotype approach to it.

Of course, I find it working very well, in describing in detail the cycles in history, althoght I get usually the key energies of "revolution", "change", "construction", "rebirth", so I have to see which events fall along it.
Sometimes its incredible the accuracy and detail of these cycles! I get amazed!

A coincidence astrology vs timewave : cycles of history
A coincidence is that I found that in 2008 the major peaks in timewave, which corresponded to the major events (Georgia war, June peak oil crisis, October economy crises, and War in Palestine in December) all correlated also with periods of intensified astrological energy.

To make it more clear, we are between 2008 and 2020 in a period of much societal rebirth, much radical change and events, that tend to cycle back every 84, 250 or approx 500 years, and other minor cycles.
This is basically most outer planets, like Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, aligning themselves in the so-called cardinal signs (which are where the strongest zodiac energies are).

Obsviously you get the major revolutions and conflicts, but also times of great inventions, men and ideals: I say it, backwards we go to 1930s-1840s, then 1840s-1850s, then 1760s-1770s, 1680s... 1510s... and so on.
You can fit most of the most important changes during last centuries into this cycle!!
So you get it again now.

Then, as inner planets square and opposed this configuration, the energy is magnified for a few days, during these years. Of course, it does not mean something will happen in that date, just that is more energy around and events are more likely.

15-20 August and 16-22 September, high energy
So, in 2009, the most striking astrological energies occured in February as a Uranus-Saturn opposition was exact, in April, when Mars formed a T-square with this opposition, and now in 15-20 August and 16-22 September, and new powerful aspects form.

The coincidence is that this is again the timewave dates (like in last year!), and also the webbots dates. No wonder they are aware of this.
But it means only strong energy.

I think the increased novelty in the air (as astrology also shows) affects more some specific people, which have their charts activated (like me for example, since I am quiting my medicine job next week and applying to go abroad to a radical different thing: farming!)

But it does not mean that a event will happen. It happened in February yes (riots), and in April yes (Flu started). Hopefully, the economy will not crash (but a crash is of course extremely likely in September); and hopefully a war will not happen (but everyone will have ther energies and emotions stirred up).

This, based in our beautiful planetary EVOLUTION, only shows as our OPPORTUNITIES for growth, for love, for radical change towards the things we love. Of course, a few ones make "mistakes" and destructive actions, which affect everyone, like the economy or a war.

But let's pray that the old comes into the new, with much peace!
I have trust in life.

What do you all think?

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 05:37 PM
Following my previous post.
And as reply to you, Evasius.

"I would like to get feedback from you about what you think we should focus on during these crucial moments in history. We can't afford to just observe and compare with the graph and then make lovely correlations (although that aspect of this thread will continue)."

I will be making many important changes this last part of the year and also next year; perhaps some of the most important changes in my life (mostly related to what I do in life, as a job)

I dont wait for society - be the change you want to see in the world, now!
I decided to not wait for what society can change, I do the changes myself, like Gandhi put it. If I wait for something to happen, I let go of my free-will. The purpose is to use our will, in divine's will: a will based in inner feeling, bonding and love.
So, I will find something that I can truly serve others, in a spirit of community, not more profit-oriented companies or working with the conservative academic world.
Also, returning more and more to nature and self-reliance.
Reliance less in money and more in shared resources and people.
And love in each moment, praying, findind inner peace and purpose.

That is what I am doing now, no matter what happens.

My predictions 2009-2012 and onwards
My feeling is much change for the world: economic depression, much of this self-reliance thing coming mainstream, later perhaps the ufo thing coming in disclosure and social revolutions. These things starting in 2009-2010, and culminating by 2020-2025. This is my bet, based in much insight.

For 2009 short-term, only a widespread flu pandemic (but manageable), and further economy crash (either September 09 or March 2010), and people resorting to alternative lifestyles afterwards.
I also think this is a great time of scientific inventions.

Also some earth changes, the vibration of Earth rises up, and of course, much cleaning has to occur, to no one-step big disaster (rather, many small-steps over the years). The world to be much different in 10, 20 years. Ascension gradually occurs over the next several hundred years!
For me, Ufo disclosure should start in 2011 (some major sighting or government talks) and go gradually to become a fact by late 2020s.
A love/back to family revolution this century: another of my guesses

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by segurelha

And it's becoming clear all these previously supposed facets of day to day living, society, reality, time, the cosmos are all connected so intimately that there seems to be some underlying thread peircing them all and lining them up on the same 'necklace.'

About part 2 of your post, everything you said resonated with me as well, especially in particular:

I will be making many important changes this last part of the year and also next year; perhaps some of the most important changes in my life (mostly related to what I do in life, as a job).

I've considered changing my life path for a few months now, but I haven't shared my thoughts on the issue with anyone. Just last night I had a conversation with my wife, and she shared with me some similar thoughts about maybe changing what she does for a living. Her purpose was the same as mine - she wanted to do something that would actually make a difference and help in some way. She said she'd thought about being a teacher. My jaw nearly hit the floor because that's what I've been considering as well, but that would involve costs, going back to school, extra time, etc. Last night marked a major turning point in our lives in that we made a conscious decision to pursue new paths.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by Evasius

I also believe there has been a sort of conscious shift, perhaps we see this on the graph leading up to the August 22-23 mark. I came back to my home country a couple weeks ago, I decided to make a few changes - I got a new job in only a few days and I've begun to become more positive. This is a feeling im beginning to share with others as well. Last night I spoke to my mate about feeling 'positive energy', just talking about this seemed to make it stronger. Perhaps this is what we need to be doing, talking to our friends and family to make a difference.

The problem is our media

I did also find this about a solar impact

There was another one about New Zealand tribesmen' warning, i dont remember where I found it though. But the perspective was quite similar to our interpretation of the graph.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by Evasius

Hi Evasius,

I tried to U2U this to you, but apparently don't have enough points.

I tend to refrain from participating in the forums, though I check out most new posts and follow those of interest. I have followed your Timewave Zero post with interest and have come across an article that I'm sure you would be interested in.

In the article he mentions many times how todays political situation in the US is akin to the French Revolution. I couldn't help but recall your mentioning that a period of time we were in, or were entering, should have a correlation to the French Revolution. Perhaps this article makes that very correlation.

Or perhaps the window of today's time period has already passed us by. In any event, I thought you would find this a very interesting read.

Keep up the great work!!! I really enjoy your insights.


posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 12:52 AM
reply to post by JRSB

I've felt similar shifts in my consciousness the week preceeding the last few major transition points in the timewave graph (at least as far back as october 7, 2008). I'm starting to feel it now feel it now - my experience last night really kicked it off, it's all just really tightening up.

Thank you for the links as well - I've seen the Woody Harrelson clip promoting the 2012 movie (uugh). People are taking that crap seriously which is worrying - some people don't even realize it's Woody...

Anyway, about the 2nd clip, that was interesting. Yet one more source (which in itself is a complilation of sources) all giving the nod towards late August. That information was a little creepy, but if it's true what can we do, eh...stock up on canned soup I suppose but I think we'll need more than a few snacks on hand if calamity strikes (which I'm holding out for a non-catastrophe...)

And, about that Maori prediction, here's the thread:

august 15th 2009 maori - waitaha prophecy

It's a prediction literally for tomorrow, so apologies for the late notice to everyone else (I just found ot yesterday). For what it's worth, before bed I pose a question to 'whomever' - perhaps my subconscious - about what the next two major shifts will bring, and the only memorable portion of one dream so far involved New Zealand. The dream was a few days ago and I thought what was conveyed was Air New Zealand as in a possible crash or something, but I disregarded it until I heard this prophecy from NZ.

Here are 2 videos about the August 15th prophecy:

Ancient Prophecy for August 15 2009

Druanna Psychic Reading for August 15 09 with Derek

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 01:03 AM
reply to post by LowRiderrr

Thank you for that article, the correlations to the actual resonance between cycles is pretty spectacular - the French Revolution is referred to 5 times in that article as the author compares predicaments. Here are a few relevant portions from that link:

The fact is, that the American people have awakened to reality. And this is one slumbering giant that will have its way—one way or the other. The United States of America has entered a period of momentous revolt, the likes of which has not been seen, since the French Revolution erupted on the streets of Paris in 1789.


Against this backdrop, LaRouche delivered a history lesson on the dynamics of the mass strike process, in a symposium with colleagues today.

"This is a mass strike, comparable in many features, to the French mass developments of June-July 1789, something which we have not seen, which is even comparable in either Europe and North America, since the 1930s. Faced with the systemic revolt of the U.S. citizenry against the combined general breakdown-crisis of the U.S. economy, and the hatred throughout the population against the role of both the President and the majority of the U.S. Congress, the vast majority of the U.S. citizenry are in a revolt against the elected officials of the government.

"So, both the President and the Congress have gone into hiding this weekend, hiding from the U.S. population as a whole body—not against some limited numbers of disgruntled citizens. This is a condition fairly compared to France, in the months of June and July 1789, a time when the King and Queen of France had gone into hiding from a French population which was enraged against them, by such developments as the King's bringing in foreign troops from the Queen's brother, the Emperor Joseph II, in rage against France over the matter of the earlier orchestrated scandal of the 'Queen's Necklace.'

"When the institutions of national government such as the head of state, his government, and the national legislature have fled into hiding against the fully justified rage of the general population as a whole, you have a situation of crisis which is comparable to that of the French Revolution.


In the case of the French Revolution, leading republicans, like the Marquis de Lafayette, failed to act at critical moments, and lost control over the entire process, leading to the British intelligence-led destruction of France, and a new decade of wars on the European continent.

The resonance isn't over, we're still well within the French Revolution, however it should end around late August when this peak occurs in the current cycle. But don't forget that's not the end of conflict during that era. That revolution gave rise to a whole new set of wars and upheaval that shaped the 19th Century and beyond.

Thanks for posting here and expanding on one of the original claims at the beginning of the thread. The similarities between eras are amazing, obvious, and very hard to dismiss.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 01:18 AM
This week has been pretty wild in environmental terms. Earthquakes in Japan, floods in Asia and fires in California. I didn't realize it until today. Oh and also the meteor shower! Man, synchronicity seems to be speeding up into a massive scale! Its like we are being forced to pay attention to the same thing, slowly...

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:06 AM
reply to post by Evasius

Yes, it took me around 3 years to achieve this point of actuallycoming forward to push this change.
It was in 2006 where I noticed where my path was not going anywhere, and that I had to change direction.

Actually, Evasius, it gives an opportunity to exercise courage. By having courage to not only dream about but actually manifesting actions which push around the change that excites us.

It's still not easy to change a job or career, particularly nowadays. But is it worth to live a life that is not going toward our dreams?
We have this life, and we have to take the opportunity!
Follow you heart!

And yes, it is usually around these timewave peaks, that changes to our personal levels also tend to occur!

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 06:20 AM
Hey Evasius, Just wanted to throw in a small prediction about the upcoming August peak. Last night while laying awake in bed the I couldn't get the thought of a considerable size hurricane effecting the east coast. I was actually vacationing on the coast of North Carolina last week and I kept getting a ominous feeling.... It felt like a thick, heavy, oppressive, static... Almost like being under water. I thought to myself that this part of the US is about due for another formidable hurricane... There hasn't been one in quite some time. While I was looking at the weather channel a few minuets ago for any inclining towards a system development, 'there are non as of now.' I was thinking about TW0 and if it could possibly make weather predictions. Anyhow, I just wanted to throw that out there and see if this was an intuitive thought or not. Guess we'll see? Any matter, we're all along for the ride.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 07:53 AM
Hi Evasius,
This is the first time I have posted in this thread although I have been interseted in it for a long time now. I listened to the Web Bot guys on Coast to Coast and yes, the timeline correlates exactly.

There are alot of people who completely dismiss the web bot and the timewave, but just looking at life all around us at the moment, somthing has to shift. I am not saying I am one hundred percent behind these things, but as so many have commented before me, it resonates with me and just 'feels' right.

And I have learned that these 'feelings' can be the best guides we can ever have in our life. As for 2012, again I feel that this is in fact 'Zero' date, but I doubt that the many predictions that have been made will actually come true.

Alot of my thoughts come from reading Madame Blavatskys The Secret Doctrine. I learned from that book that life does indeed work in cycles. Everything is created and comes drom the 'One' and therefore everything will one day be returned to the 'One'. This date being the 'Zero' date

This happens several times (The Days of Brahma). 2012 Being the end of our cycle and the beginning of the next (which is also how I believe the Mayans saw it, along with many other ancient civilisations).

Esoteric Bhuddism also teaches that we have had our 'fall from grace'. We have fell from the highs of the Mental Being and in our cycle visited the highs of Physical Being. After 2012 I believe that we will then ascend to the highest levels of spiritual being possible to Human Being.

This however, again I PERSONALLY BELIEVE, will lead to a great loss of human life. At every shift there are things that need to be integrated back to the One, To be differentiated once again. The ones who survive will only be the most spiritual among us.

Congratulations Evasius on a great thread, and I hope you continue to do a great job,

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 02:54 PM
hi, i found this thread recently, and I pretty much skipped to the end (I'm gonna read the other posts later) but here are my two cents:

Not every change has to be bad. From what I heard about the time wave zero graph dips usually mean that great change is happening, and in many instances it is good change. For example on the font page you talk about how the discovery of relativity made the peak at world war II not that bad. Lets bear in mind that the Health care debate is suppossed to be wrapped up within this time period. Now my interpretation is that means that health care will pass, since we are in a dip and dips mean change.

In terms of the resonence with the french revolution, I think that Iran and China provide most of that. In Iran the massive unrest is no secret, and it looks like the forces are in a stalemate. Perhaps the revolutionary forces will gain the upper hand soon. Also in China there have been reports of the muslim minority in the west has been very restless. There were clashes and I wouldn't be suprised if there was more unrest there and in Tibet.

As for revolution in the US, I highly, highly doubt that will happen. I see you guys like to site the anti-tax tea parties and the passion shown at town hall meetings, but I think context is needed. Those anti-tax tea parties were pretty much contained to rural very conservative areas. No where were there massive uprisings. Furthermore, much of the current passion can be linked to conservative think tanks and health care industry leaders inserting people into town hall meetings in order to disrupt them. As well as misguided independents who see these instructions and believe myths like death panels. Overall though, most townhall meetings have not been like that. In townhalls with people yelling, if you actually watch the video its actually a couple of people yelling loudly while everyone else quitely waits for them to stop.

In terms of economics, I find a crash hard to believe. If anything september and october should be good months for the economy. The stock market is a leading indicator, not something that indicates the current state of the economy. That means that if september and october were going to be bad months, the stock market would have anticipated it 6 months before hand. If anything, 6 months ago was when the stock market started to really pick up and begin this rally that has driven the market from 7000 to 9000.

In conclusion, I think that you guys are being way to fear-mongering in terms of predictions. A dip in the timewave, from my understanding, is generally a good thing. This dip likely means that we will finally get the health care reform we need, the economy will pick up, and the unrest in countries like Iran and China will resume.

Oh, and I don't buy the whole "I feel it in the air, a big hurricaine is coming." The mind is a powerful thing, when we honestly believe something it can make that something real. Hence why plecibos work. When you honestly think that your brain can pick up changes in the weather, like hurricanes, that are hard for even normal animals to predict, then its most likely your brain tricking you.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:12 PM
Webbot has something happening on Aug 22nd - they are not sure what is going to happen - but there is something!

All the markers have hit this month for the Aug 22nd event actually happening.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by quango
This got me thinking of the endpoint, of Dec 21, 2012 and what it might mean. The OP, (Evasius) has mentioned numerous times how he believes this to be a transition, not an end; a point where what lay on the other side is up to us to decide.

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we are already creating that experience right now. No matter what you believe will happen on 2012 (Mayan end, Nibiru, nothing, Second Coming), it's safe to say that everyone on this site is aware of that date. Even if we think it will be a day just like every other, there will surely be some sense of anticipation as the date approaches. Certainly on that day, it will be hard to put out of your mind the idea that, this is it. This is the day. Will something happen or won't it?

Now expand out from just this site. Lots of dates get tossed around on this site, come and go. But this one is going to be different. This one will be out there, part of popular culture. It's already building. Hundreds, thousands of websites; discovery channel pieces; a Hollywood blockbuster out soon; and brief mentions in the media now will become an avalanche in the days leading up to that one specific date.

Does it mean that something is going to happen? No. But to me, if the Timewave endpoint is to represent the ultimate shared experience, a complete connected consciousness, there are only a few events I can think of which could impact the entire planet at once. Aliens? Asteroid? Apocalypse?

Or is it something as simple as a shared conscious thought. Like some self-fulfilling prophecy, are we actually laying the seeds of the moment which will become the Timewave endpoint? Is there something special about that day? Or have we simply chosen that day to do something special?


(sorry if this has a rambling nature - I warned that I would put it into words as best I could) :")

I think this is by far the best post I have read. It makes perfect sense. 2012 is a self-fufilling prophecy because everyone knows about it. I wouldn't be suprised that by that date even people in rural 3rd world countries will know that this date has some meaning to it.

Furthermore, when big events happen human consciousness tends to think about the same thing. When the agricultural revolution happened and spread around the world, I bet a lot of people were amazed.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:32 PM
Finally I can post again after some problem with both my computer and the loss of my password to log in here!

Taking a weekly agenda I noticed sinchronicities

I want to say that I recently noticed that almost every minor event of my life in 2008 is repeating in 2009...
I met the same people in the same days, same things happen, same theme of event

In January 2008 I was in a very bad mood because of the death of a great actor like Brad Renfro is and in January 2009 I realized a movie script with the remake in my version of one of his movies
The mood changes happened on the same days in 2008 and 2009 January!

In March 2008 I had a very bad dream and almost on the same day a year after I had another very bad dream

In the middle of March 2008 I gave a special gift for a younger special friend, same happened with another special young friend quite on the same week a year after

There is a person I meet just rarely, I knew him on March 19-21 2008...On March 19 and March 21 2009 I met him and very strong sinchronicities happened

Important point in life: on April 7 2008 I fell sick in a terrifying way during a dentist visit; on April 7 2009 during a walk I met almost everyone of my friends and it was a very important day

There is a person I meet only twice a year or so...I have a strange dream about him for no reason in April...A year exact after I contact him on the net and suddenly the next day I meet him...

On March 19 2008 I dreamt about a friend moving...On March 24 2009 I read on the net that one of my friend is actually moving, may be the same of the dream

April, May 2008 I was concerned about my health care, and on April and May 2009 I was reading all the latest news about swine flu

The sinchronicities continue!

I feel I am very intuitive and it's like my mind is concerned about something and the next year I understand why I was concerned about that issue

Also, August 27 should be a very important day in my life because it's five months and 26 days after my 19th birthday, and my father on his 19th birthday and 5 months and 26 days had his only little brother born...In my family dates like this are repeating...

I was born on March 1 1990, on February 29 2000 my cousin with my same name and surname was born on my same hour and minute...

I have many dreams on my dreams agenda that usually come true following a unknown cycle, before was 7 months than 26 days, now it seems it's a year and a month and 26 days after the dream...
I'm concerned about dates like August 27 and September 11 and October 7 for very big points of novelty in my life...

I believe, having done a research on my dreams agenda, that I dreamt and continue to dream about the same parallel universe or something like this...Dreams are parallel universes...Everybody is calling me " The one who guesses everything ( after a dream ) "
Maybe Evasius remembers that on July 6 2009 I dreamt about my grandma passing away...That's it, on that same day the grandma of my girl best friend died...

On August 21 2007 I dreamt about a unknown person with a hat and brown hair resembling Oliver Twist, with cards
On March 21 2008 I knew a new person: hat, brown hair and cards, obviously resembling Oliver Twist

The curious thing? I feel like I am always " feeling " him approaching my street, like I suddenly think to him and he suddenly appears every single freaking

Now I'm quite concerned because I dreamt a few times that he came to live in my family for some reason after a accident wiped out his whole family...It would be very very sad

( I work with younger teens and children in a community youth group )

I believe that two or more parallel universe will merge into one on December 21 2012 and many many people will suddenly appear alive that here don't exist like they always lived here and history will be different in our memories, maybe will be even reversal to the one we know

Think about it

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:59 PM
I also want to add that by September 15 2008 I became very concerned about the possibility of a nuclear attack in Iran/Israel

On October 26 2008 I had a dream about my mother having a strange flu and fainting on the ground
November and December were two bad months for many different reasons and I spent this time in tension
( with a happy " pause " by November 12 to December 7 and during Christmas holidays )
Yes, I have a precise weekly agenda and I can remember dates very easily

I actually feel like I already lived " the themes of 2009 " in the year 2008

Think about it, maybe the timewave is like the universe...We see things that in reality happened ( shifts of consciousness, novelty events and such ) in 2008...
I felt a very big big shift of consciousness and I was relieved about my life during October 24-26 2008

June 25-26 was another important point IN 2008 because I was involved in arguments in my youth community group with my colleagues about kids...
Isn't Michael Jackson related with the figure of " kid " ?

July 22-25 2008 were some days of big novelty for me, like the start of my holiday, living the experience of 48 degrees above zero on the beach, an earthquake shake and a very bad and sad event happening in my town right after I came home ( in the same place where I was before to get home )

WANT TO GUESS? During July 22-29 2009 I experienced " start of my holiday, heat waves like never before, a earthquake shake and I was doing researches about the Timewave, and yes a bad sad event again "


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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 05:18 PM

Originally posted by Matteo

June 25-26 was another important point IN 2008 because I was involved in arguments in my youth community group with my colleagues about kids...
Isn't Michael Jackson related with the figure of " kid " ?

Thats a stretch, I would say that michael jackson has more to do with music and pop culture than kids.

July 22-25 2008 were some days of big novelty for me, like the start of my holiday, living the experience of 48 degrees above zero on the beach, an earthquake shake and a very bad and sad event happening in my town right after I came home ( in the same place where I was before to get home )

WANT TO GUESS? During July 22-29 2009 I experienced " start of my holiday, heat waves like never before, a earthquake shake and I was doing researches about the Timewave, and yes a bad sad event again "

*hits head* earthquakes tend to happen around the same time of the year. Its like saying OMG hurricanes hit florida the same time every year!

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