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Timewave Zero - Countdown to Transition

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 06:19 PM
We all know Michael Jackson referred at himself as a Peter-Pan alike figure...He said this

Yeah...Eartthquakes could happen in the same period every year but what I would like to make notice is that sinchronicities between each year are approaching themselves at a speeding rate...

That picture of the " drop-effect of the timewave at zero point " makes me think about parallel universes getting more near each other every " period " and than entering the same area...

No year like 2008 and 2009 seems to be like living the same situations every month...I mean, I had deja-vu almost every day of 2009!

And the fact that my dreams are actually happening in a " alternative " way, manifesting some influence on reality, makes me think that what I dreamt was real in one parallel world, but the same thing is happening differently in our reality...

But, I also like to consider another possible opinion: if I notice so many sinchronicities is because my consciousness, intuitivity, is expanding, getting to another level...

Intuitivity is my map, and I'm getting the instructions to read the map properly by myself...Some day the street is foggy, confused...Some day it's clear and I know what I'm doing and where I'm getting at...

I don't consider myself special to have these experiences of " expansion of intuitivity ", I believe is a common thing to everyone...You have just to wanting to expand your intuitivity

People are aware...aware of their life-map...Like never before...

In three weeks on July and August I've written all the period 1781-present of repetition of historical episodes, themes we are coming through...Related to the timewave...

Now I'm trying tow write those period of history in an alternative way they could happen to be repeated, adjusting them to the present situation and expected future situation...
That's my summer of my interest in history...

I don't like to be able to know something about the future...But I understand we need at least the instructions...A simple warning of what it's waiting to happen...

Sometimes I feel like I am swimming in a ocean of information flowing in streams, and I can get " the information by the stream ", I can hold it and think about it...
This is called having a good feeling or bad feeling...
Sometimes I feel like people leave some track of info behind them and I can get it...
We have the 5 senses to get information, but we always under-consider the intuition, the stream

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 09:28 AM
Sorry Matteo, but I'm sceptical of your precognitive abilities. And rather thought it took this whole thread off course.

So lets get back on track with the timewave, shall we?

I just thought everyone would like to know that the ship that went missing was hijacked on July 23, which if I'm not mistaken was a timewave peak!

Also I'd like to say thanks to Evasius for all the great work he does!

ps. Thought I'd share my two cents in that it is my opinion that 2012 is a self fulfilling prophecy. I figure if we can get enough people on the same positive wavelength when zero point comes, some pretty neat things will start to happen. Also, I think what is seldom realized is that movement towards greater novelty is also movement towards greater freedom, as habits restrict possability. Therefore, if there is anything we can do to prepare, it is to learn gow to deal with making something from nothing. For when true freedom is acheived, this is what must be done in every moment.

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by penkala

the web bot report said that this summer there would be whistleblowers "on the run" with "a device".

could this missing ship contain a device of some sort that, once revealed, would create a consciousness change?

for instance, the device may be a suppressed free energy device, it might be an ETV or a nuclear warhead intended for a covert attack.

each of these, if revealed to the greater public (hopefully not the third option) could potentially open the eyes of a great many people as to the truth of many things.

as the 22nd has been noted as a major peak in the timewave, as well as from other sources, perhaps we can expect some mind blowing information to come out.


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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 04:04 PM
The problem with Whistler blowers on the run with a device is that that phrase can be interpreted in so many ways. When i first read that, I thought of those people countering people who are spreading myths about healthcare using the internet and such devices. It could also be interpreted as the whistle blowers being people speaking for/against a recovery in the world economy again using such devices as the internet for mass media. So personally, I'm skeptical about this web bot.

One interesting thing I read in the New York Times about this guy called Bruce Buenos De Mesquita, who is a professor of game theory mathematics at New York University. For those of you who don't know, game theory is basically the idea that in a battle between competing interests, each party will act rationally in attempting to achieve its interests. The things been amazingly accurate, somewhere around 90% accuracy. Anyway, he made one of his rare mistakes with the Iranian election, he thought pro-Mousavi forces would win. Of course Mousavi would have won if the election had been fair, but the model I guess didn't take into account the pursuasive power of the gun.

In any case, he recalculated the Iranian situation based on the current situation, and found that the protesters' power would surpass or equal Achmadinijad's by the end of summer, and Khamenei by the end of October. This matches up with the Timewave's prediction of great uncertainty at the end of October.

posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by cynic121

Very cool. I havn't heard of this guy, but I'll be sure to look into it.

I really hope that he's right as I think this would have a huge positive effect. Especially as it resonates for the eventual overthrow of the ruling elite nearing 2012.

Thanks for the beta!


posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 01:20 PM

Originally posted by John Matrix
By 12/21/2012 , each of us that are alive will have lived through thousands of years of time resonance. We will have experienced thousands of years of living through change, compared to those people of the past who experienced so little change in their lives. It's mind boggling.

It is said that more people are alive than there are dead. That is also mind boggling.

isnt this what happened to most advanced civilizations in the universe i mean some contactees say that most of the beings they have encountered are more than 1000 years old, could this have to do with that, also they perceive time different than we do. mmm makes you wonder and think doesnt it.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 01:36 PM
well i have to confirm something for sure and that is that it also feels like time is going faster, many old people like my grand parrents and so say for sure the days move faster me also i also find that the years pass way faster than they did 15 years ago, its not because they are old no its because these people lived all those years and they could observe this effect really well, its for sure that time the days and so are going faster and faster.

i think the new entering of time will be for sure 1 that well makes our calenders our watches and so obsolete, time wont go normal anymore, also inventions etc will go way faster, perhaps it is because we where hold back and now time speeds us up in the process of getting to the correct level again.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 04:28 PM
It also fits very well and accurately the linguistics of disappearences.

Which is not only one boat, but this year has been subs, boats, planes, and many other cases on the news!

Originally posted by Tamale_214
reply to post by penkala

the web bot report said that this summer there would be whistleblowers "on the run" with "a device".

could this missing ship contain a device of some sort that, once revealed, would create a consciousness change?

for instance, the device may be a suppressed free energy device, it might be an ETV or a nuclear warhead intended for a covert attack.

each of these, if revealed to the greater public (hopefully not the third option) could potentially open the eyes of a great many people as to the truth of many things.

as the 22nd has been noted as a major peak in the timewave, as well as from other sources, perhaps we can expect some mind blowing information to come out.


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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 08:00 AM
By this day, we should see some news about the world, some novelty time.
I intend to leave Ats. I will follow just this thread.
It doesn't exists that a forum makes me cry.

This thread is a jewel. I, by myself, have done researches for the whole summer.
I have put some faith in people who post here. I was feeling like I was living in a comunity. These are just damn crap.

Most people here are paranoid, fear-mongering, some fear their shadow.
Thanks to give me the truth. Truth about people of the world.
I am here by two months. I met people I live with everyday. People that show how reality in this world is sucking.

So, I feel the timewave will be right in all its characteristics.
The United States will collapse like a sand castle.
I hate Americans. They live in a dream. Well, they will experience nightmares.
No dollar, no economy, no food, no house, no peace.

I can't accept to be in a forum where people makes me post something like this. Yes, I do sound rude.
I do sound offended. I am.
What I learnt on here is that I have to care for myself. I know what's best for me. I know what I have to do to be a better boy.
The others should think on their own issues, I think about mines.
That's it.
I'm becoming like my father. I will be a little better, I hope.
I was a kind, pacific, shy boy. Now I feel like I can punch someone and fight. I say my opinion and I explain it when it's necessary.

This is kinda a big conscience expansion. Maybe. The world needs clear facts. The fact is, I'm not anymore shy.
If someone tries to offend me, I will answer explaining my opinion.
Years ago, by now, I would be in a mess.
Now I feel strenght, resistance, fight, clarity are keys to the world.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 03:06 PM
ANSA.IT - Next generation of semi-conductors for computers could be done with Dna molecules, experiment of researchers of IBM with California Institute of Technology, this is to contain the spending.

It's the repetition of the invention of battery, in my opinion.

I don't approve this choice. Dna in a computer? No way

With my summer research about the timewave I can likely say what wil be major events:

This week there should be a coup d' etate and Romanticism movement.
September 2009 could be a rush for power.
October 2009, something that could relate to the first asteroid registered, maybe that attack on Washington DC will actually be a repetition of this, if it will happen.
November 2009, eruption, very strong, so much that it will change the course of politics.
Europe rebellion riots ( Catholics could be suspected for a attack ? I don't know ).
December 2009, begins Industrial Revolution and Restauration Age.

January 2010 will see a discovery and a market crash.
March 2010 the Poor Law and the fire of N.Y.
May 2010 harvest problems. In June 2010 will be more.

July 2010 sees the start of Civil War in Usa.
August 2010 something big related to the sun.
September 2010 the start of Medical Revolution.
October 2010 starts something related to communications and maybe Claytronics.
November 2010 the return of Far West.
January 2011 the invention of cinema and a start in a design change for cars.
March 2011 Russian Revolution, end of Ottoman Empire.
May 2011 Big One in California and first flight.
June 2011, Titanic, World War.
July 2011 World War and 1918 Flu Disaster.
August 2011, India and Gandhi.
September 2011, 1929 recession.
October 2011, The Thirties, mega-unemployment in United States.
November 2011, Pearl Harbor and World War.

December 2011, World War.
January 2012, Cold War and Ufomania.
April 2012, Cuba missiles story.
May 2012, 1968, Iran and Israel, Internet, dollar crash, Moon landing.
June 2012, austerity, Usa-Vietnam.

August 2012, Chernobyl, videogames, Hollywood youth like River Phoenix in Stand By Me.
By September 2012 we are in the Ninties. December 2012 starts with 2005.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 03:42 PM
Hello all,

The stock market is falling since Friday 14th, exactly as some astrologers have predicted.
And that which I have also predicted in my blog

If this easy prediction is correct, then we will have another 2008-style crash by mid September, which is only next month!

This also fits neatly with the 22nd Augusttimewave peak and webbot linguistic of a new sustained decline in the economy.
I would personally watch for September 7th, as Mercury turns retrogade, and then into the powerful new moon of the 18th that month.

However, as of this week, I have too many personal changes, which have really peaked, to worry about the stock market, lol!
Its not the stock market that makes me happy, but my changes (aka novelty)

This all fits very well with this new timewave turning point, which shall bottom in noveltythis October and November!

Again, all 3 (timewave, astrology and webbot) with the same dates and similar energy.

There are so many dates of intense energy, that I dont call it anymore a prediction, just a return (cycle) of a specific energy of radical change.
Here we go with 14-18 August, 22-25 August, 5-7 September, 16-23 September

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 04:59 PM
May I insert a little sanity into this topic? To Matteo, you kinda need some proof rather than just saying stuff. First you say that most people here are fearmongers then you go on to predict the end of the world practically. I fail to see how you are different.

I think there will be a stock market decline, and I think that correlates with the passage of health reform (health reform is not a bad thing, just adds uncertainty although ppl will be thankful when it moves into full swing) and a possible assassination attempt on Obama as the boy in Columbia said.

I think the problem with the thread is too much focus on predictors like timewave and other conspiracy theory. If you want an accurate picture of the theory the timewave is helpful but only when combined with hard facts. The Great Recession has been halted, but we have yet to see a recovery. So the stock market overvalued its stocks. Combined with profit taking and the correction the stock market will go down. Not because we are sinking into the recession again, though.

The stimulus, though, was designed to start having an impact in September and move into full swing by the end of the year. This correlates with the bottom of the trough, and things returning back to normal. Lets remember, a lowering of the time wave graph is not neccessarily an indicator of bad things. A revolution in Iran would lower it but would widely be seen as a good thing.

As for the collapse of the US, its highly unlikely. The US didn't collapse in the Great Depression, and that was when there were greater strains on the economy by now. Despite tough rhetoric, neither China nor Russia have come up with an alternative to the dollar, and will not do so. Lets remember that if China dumps its dollar bills its currency will appreciate and the US will by less exports, meaning it would be economic suicide for the Chinese to do so.

And Matteo, as an American I find your insults ignorant, baseless, and stupid. You take a population of over 300 million people and reduce them to a simple stereotype. You say people here have poisened the forums, yet you hypocritically do the same.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 05:36 PM
I don't want to make this wonderful thread one where people argue, I can't even begin to think about people arguing on the internet.

Days ago and still today, I feel very angry. Can I?
I must say that you also have all the reason,as an American, to be harsh to my comment of before.
I always admired Americans. But, by 2008, my " Myth Population " started to fall miserably.
I know in every poulation there are power-seeking people and good, caring people. If you are one of these, that's good.

I'm not fear-mongering, I present the facts. Look to the resonances, if you wanna look by yourself. As you can see in my list, there are also good events.
I believe the resonances will not be exact, countries could be different, events could be symbolically bringing to the historical ones, not litterally.
The list is a starting point, to think about. That's it.

Wanna talk about the economy? For me the Dollar " died " on July 27.
I think this week we could start to see hyperinflation.
The article of July 27 said that in two weeks hyperinflation would be arrived.

I have an opinion about Americans, I'm starting to see them like good people are just now realizing they were living in a cage, and now are starting to jump to the riots meetings.
The thing I can't answer to, yet, is Who allowed powerful people to build a cage for citizens?
The citizens aren't completely un-involved in this.

Many of the Americans don't even imagine the difficulties populations like Africans and Russians and North Koreans have to deal with every day of their life.
United States are the Titanic. And the iceberg has already hit the boat.
Money will not work as a raft. Those people are even lucky to have some exit-passage.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 06:19 PM
I'm not quite sure what to make of your comments in regards to Americans, in one post you hate, in one post your reasonable. In any case, I won't comment further

I've looked it up on google and google search on this website and I couldn't find anything on the 27th, if you could direct me to it I would appreciate it.

I'll present my arguement: hyperinflation can start from several ways. The one that would apply to this situation is as follows: The fed starts printing money, lots of money. Anyone who knows basic economics knows that when supply increases without an equivalent increase in demand price, or value, of that thing drops. In this case its the US dollar.
Now this affects the consumer. When a working person find that tommarrow their paycheck will be worth less than today, that person naturally spends it today. This leads to an increase in demand, and without an increase in supply this leads to prices increasing. Now the value of the dollar doesn't increase because people generally buy goods, not US Treasuries.

Now the value is shrinking in value and goods are increasing in prices. This leads to more people spending their money now rather than leader, which increases prices, which leads to more people spending their money now and so forth. The end result is inflation, and in extreme scenerios hyperinflation. Lets bear in mind the Fed has engaged in a MASSIVE amount of dollar printing. In economics this is called an increase in the monetary base.

Now here is why that won't happen: we are not in a normal scenerio. As you all know demand right now for goods, or basically how much people spend, is shrinking not increasing. We are in what is called a liquidity trap (liquidity in economics basically means the amount of dollars going around) basically buisnesses layoff people, those people spend less money, buisnesses earn less, they layoff more people, and so forth.

In terms of those big banks and hedgefunds we have read about, they have tons of assets that are worth nothing. What basically happened was tons of people bought the subprime mortages, and when the housing bubble burst NO ONE wanted to buy those mortgages, meaning they were worthless. Now they have lots of assets worth nothing and no money to invest in other things. Then these firms go into bankruptcy and go under, which is what happened to Lehman Brothers.

This leads to the deflationary spiral. Its what fueled the Great Depression and what fueled our current recession. Though what we have seen so far is disinflation, when the inflation rate goes down without going negative, since the federal reserve and government stepped in before buisnesses made the psychological leap from not increasing prices to decreasing them.

Now the Fed didn't just print money for the sake of printing money. They printed it so they could give loans to the big financial buisnesses like AIG and smaller, less well known banks. This gave them money to start lending, since lending is the life blood of the economy. Also the government, along with some investors, bought the bad investments from the financial industry, giving the financial industry more liquidity and taking bad assets off their hands.

This, however, only fixed the lending part of the problem. People were still being laid off and the deflationary cycle was still in effect. For this Obama passed the stimulus, which basically hired people, which gives them more money to spend, which makes buisnesses more profitable and so on. The stimulus is designed to have a big effect starting in September and on. One important fact is that the Fed prints money by selling treasury bills, or IOUs, and China largely, though no soley, buys them which is why they are so important.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 06:23 PM
I ran out of room, so here is the rest of it:

What I described above means that the hyperinflation idea has several holes. First of all we have a lack of demand, so some inflation is even good to boost demend. Second, there will be a corresponding increase in supply. Also, if China buys the IOUs, there will be an increase in demand (since nations are buying the treasuries which increases demand) so the dollar won't devalue. As I stated before, if China stops buying the treasuries and lets go of its existing, then its currency starts to appreciate, which means less exports, and the American economy goes to hell, which also means much less exports, which means the Chinese economy goes to hell.

Also historically Japan did the same mass printing in the 1990s, and they didn't experiance hyperinflation. If anything they did too little and too incrementally because the printing only boosted demand a little, not enough to end the lost decade.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 07:32 AM
Resonance with the invention of the first battery:

I have just read a thread here on ats that shows the development of a new battery system that could change the world

This is going to be also a resonance for the Electrical Revolution coming in the next months.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 04:46 PM
that resonence makes a lot of sense. After all, GM and a lot of other car companies are making new batteries for their electric cars. Perhaps there will be a leap in technology for the electric car?

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 09:31 PM
Here's an image I just put together of combined screenshots from the Timewave program. Rather than viewing the longer timewave as a thin and jagged line (as in my signature), it's better to see it completely with the varying levels of novelty in relation to one another.

Time-Map representing relative novelty levels

As you probably know by now, the numbers along the far left of the program represent specific 'values' of novelty. Try and visualize the numbers along the upper left of the image extending down to the bottom of the image - as they descend they decrease in value with the very last entry totalling zero.

With the Timewave laid out in the above fashion, it's easier to see where we currently are in relation to the end point in 2012. October 25-26 marks the lowest point of novelty until January of 2011. The whole of 2010 doesn't descend below this October's level.

Also, looking at the image, you can see that although we're nearly on top of one of the peaks, we're still in a valley of novelty between even larger peaks.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by Evasius


Just so that I am clear, as i tend to be spatially challenged sometimes. We should expect that, October 22ish, may be the most novel experience that will occur for humanity between now and until at least january 2011

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by Tamale_214

The October 25-26 timeframe marks the most novel period so far in human history and is not set to be surpassed until January 2011. Likewise, until Oct. 25th, June 25-26th is the most novel time ever in human history. The trend is towards chaos although we occasionally ascend towards more calm moments.

When I say 'novel,' I mean that the amount of change experienced during that time outweighs any other moments of change in human history based on how many people are in-tune to that change. As the collective consciousness becomes more connected, the global attention becomes more focused - the descent into novelty continues, and the spiral tightens. The one aspect of the timewave that is indeed self-fulfilling is that zero-date will have the entire planet's attention which carries with it infinite focus.

Considering the above, and considering past experiences of both peaks and troughs, the week or so leading up to each dip will bring a build-up of chaos and tension that will eventually lead to something that shifts our collective consciousness in a new direction.

Also, keep in mind that both 9/11 and the current economic crisis occurred on peaks (right before the plunge into novelty). The low point on the graph was the result of the shift.

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