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The God Gene. Are many of us from the lineage of angels?

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posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 09:22 AM

Originally posted by liveandlearn
Like you I am not a least anymore, but I have always been interested in what was behind the lineages.

I think this started delineation began with Abraham and the charge for Issac and his sons to marry from the family of Sarah. So, I would ask, what was it about Sarah that was special.

Looking at the Sumerian tablets, it states that it took 7 birth goddesses to get it right. It was a human man and a female goddess. This would connect to the matrilinal DNA that is passed from the female to both male and female but can only be passed along through the female. To this day, a Jew is only a Jew if the mother is Jew.

For me this is a good place to start. Angel or Demon? I don't know but there is something special about the female.

Great post, Sundancer, some of my thoughts surely align with yours on this. I know of the Birth Goddesses in our hidden history that some say was the invention of a man named Sitichin, but I know better. The story of how the Annunaki created humankind is reflected in the Bible, if one just reads it with an open and educated mind. The Female is the Creator here, a Woman can not give birth to a human baby without a man, only using his essence, but a man cannot bear a child, no matter what. I have always known that the Creator was a Female, not the 3 males the Christians claim did it all. I don't know if that makes a difference, probably not, but the knowing rather pleases me, anyway.

I read in here all the time about this army of Demons that is supposed to be everywhere, watching us, and trying to possess us all in a frenzy of demonic takeover. Having walked on the Ether, I have never laid eyes on anything that could be termed a Demon.

Scientists know that we are electromagnetic in origin. Most advanced medical tests assess electrical impulses in the brain and elsewhere in the body to find areas of activity or lack of it that may be causing a problem. Our thoughts register activity in the brain. This activity can be seen with modern medical equipment but not the ‘thought’ itself. The thought operates at an even higher frequency but it is quite real. The thought registers in the ether. Because Mankind has been denied Spiritual knowledge for so long, this sixth sense has become under developed and under used by most people. However, don’t worry, there is no chance of it ‘falling of.’ I say most people because some do develop this awareness. Most Governments have as part of their security department, remote viewers. These are people who learn and then train how to tune in to this higher vibration by the use of meditation, or other mental protocols, and travel through the ether to spy on each other and on selected targets.
I am left to wonder where some get these ideas of Demons, for they were not present until the Church came along.....Some take this to heart too, check this Christian page for the Demon Army.
According to the Scripture, demons are fallen angels but their names often reveal that they derive from pre-christian Gods demonized by the early fathers of the Church. In Christian writings demons in the strictest sense -- those fallen Angels who remained loyal to Lucifer in hell -- were continually being confused with Pagan deities and with Nature Spirits. So, basically, any deity that is not specifically the Christian God is automatically a Demon. See how that works? Not a lot to know, or remember, just that "Jesus is the only God, and any other God is a Demon, humans only live once, so any Ghost is a Demon, and the Bible does not mention any Aliens, so any being that arrives in a spacecraft is also a a Demon."
According to some, the Demons are so plentiful it is a wonder any of us can move around.

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