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Those With ADHD Are the new race "Aquarian Children"?

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posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 08:34 AM

Originally posted by Itzkevin
please do not say this is a lie because it isn't. I'm 16 and my parents had me go to UC Davis to get a test and pssibly treatment for my ADHD. I scored 123/130 on the IQ test and had 89%accuracy on a reflex test. There were more test and an MRI. The MRI showed moderate brain activity on what gave a person without ADHD high activity. I look forward to further development on this.

Hey debunkers, your witnessing a first hand account of the medical basis of ADHD. oh nos!@! but I thought there wasn't a medical basis OMGWTFBBQ

it looks like Itzkevin's experience here is COMPLETELY MIRRORING past studies that have shown ALREADY ESTABLISHED medical evidence of ADHD.


This peer reviewed study looks like a good start:

Zametkin, A.J.,Nordahl, T.E.,Gross, M.,King, A.K.,Semp le, W.E.,Rumsey, J.,Hamburger, S.,& Cohen, R.M.(1990) Cerebral glucose metabolism in adults with hyperactivity of childhood onset. The New England Journal of Medicine,323,(30).1361-1366.

This study basically says PET scans taken showed that the more a person with ADHD concentrated the slower their brain functioned vs the exact opposite for the non-ADHD control group. However, when the ADHD subjects took stimulant medication, that was remedied.

hmmm I don't know though, the debunkers so far have proven that

Debunker, Joe. "The Spoiled Brat Theory" Any ATS Thread. The Internet. Pages: 1-99999999

holds some really solid evidence to the "true" cause of ADHD.

There is also the International Consensus Statement on ADHD which was in January 2002, but that was only signed off on by 80 of the world's top psychologists and psychiatrists. The "spoiled brat theory" probably still hold's a candle to it though.

oh! here's a link to that study (23 pages - 15 pages of those are references)

And this study has some crazy scientist! (probably goofy hair...) that says that ADHD is linked to the dopamine (hah, dope.) transporter gene.

Cook,,(1995) Association of attention-deficit disorder and the dopamine transporter gene.American Journal of Human Genetics,56.993-998.

Hah! is genetics even a science though?!

well shoot...I'm stumped.

I guess we'll never know if ADHD is medically based...


posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 08:52 PM
One of my friends has been diagnosed with ADD. He's an very interesting guy. He always a fascination with trains, planes, cars, and "girls" a lot. Most my my friends hate him for the way he acts, and behaves usually. He hates vegatables, he lies and make excuses to go and do something else that is more interesting to avoid boredom. He talks what he wants to talk about. His jokes can be funny but not all the time, he always asks me of how I could help him by hooking up with girls, and wants to know their feelings and thoughts all the time. It can be a bit annoying, but that's the way who he is. He's still learning and shows good heart at what he's doing.

Speaking of which at a early age, I myself have been diagnosed with CAPD. Which is similar to ADHD, and ADD. But apparently CAPD or (APD) hasn't been talked about that much, and is not wide known. But it's often misdiagnosed with ADD, and ADHD. My parents gave me Ritalin, to see if I would start to pay attention in school, but hasn't worked. My parents wanted me to try Phonics. Which I wasn't good at that as well. My school grades were falling. So something had to be done. So my parents made sure I study study study hard. Repetition and repetition. Made sure that I remembered every single thing, narrowed down into simple general points, so that I won't forget. It managed to work. So I'm on a gradual learning curve myself, along with my friend.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 02:29 AM
What is CAPD and what does it stand for?
Crazy Aquarian Personality Disorder?


Seriously, I'm curious....never heard of it before. Is it a variation of ADHD?

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by phoebeflakes

Judith W. Paton, M. A., Audiologist, San Mateo, CA

The easiest, quickest way to communicate is simply to say something and then deal with the other person's reply, right? Except that if your listener has a CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) your remark might come through with certain words drowned out by other noises, or with some words sounding like different words or as meaningless strings of verbiage. You might begin to suspect this when the other person's expression doesn't register understanding, or if he "answers the wrong question," or when he asks you for additional information which most people would have been able to infer from what you just said.

Most of us aren't that sophisticated about CAPDs, however, and are much more likely to wonder if the listener is just not very intelligent or doesn't really care about us and what we are saying. People with CAPDs (which are usually part of a learning disability) have been embarrassed by situations and reactions like these all their lives.

A CAPD is a physical hearing impairment, but one which does not show up as a hearing loss on routine screenings or an audiogram. Instead, it affects the hearing system beyond the ear, whose job it is to separate a meaningful message from non-essential background sound and deliver that information with good clarity to the intellectual centers of the brain (the central nervous system). When we receive distorted or incomplete auditory messages we lose one of our most vital links with the world and other people.

These "short circuits in the wiring" sometimes run in families or result from a difficult birth, just like any learning disability (LD). In some cases the disorder is acquired from a head injury or severe illness. Often the exact cause is not known. Children and adults whose auditory problems have not been recognized and dealt with are forced to invent their own solutions. The resulting behaviors can mask the real problem and complicate not only school and work, but even close relationships, where communication is so important. Advice like "Pay attention," "Listen," or "Don't forget --," hasn't helped either.

It takes specialized testing to identify a CAPD. Some of the tests used by educational therapists, neuropsychologists, and educational psychologists give at least an indication that a CAPD might be present. These include tests of auditory memory (for sentences, nonsense syllables, or numbers backward), sequencing, tonal pattern recognition or sound blending, and store of general information (which is most often acquired through listening). The most accurate way to sort out CAPDs from other problems that mimic them, however, is through clinical audiologic tests of central nervous system function. These are better at locating the site of the problem and reducing the effects of language sophistication on the test results. Do your best to choose a professional who is familiar with CAPDs, is comfortable working with adults, and who can write a useful and understandable report. You might ask: "How many adults with auditory processing disorders do you work with in a year?" or, "What kind of a report would you write to help me or my employer understand my problem?" Nowadays there are many ways professionals can help you streamline your coping abilities. Also, there may be conditions accompanying the CAPD which are medically treatable like allergies, Attention Deficit Disorder, Tourette syndrome, or nutritional deficiencies.

This checklist of common features of CAPD might lead you to consider such a possibility for yourself, a co-worker, or a friend or relative, if several items apply:
- Talks or likes T. V. louder than normal.
- Interprets words too literally.
- Often needs remarks repeated.
- Difficulty sounding out words.
- "Ignores" people, especially if engrossed.
- Unusually sensitive to sounds.
- Asks many extra informational questions.
- Confuses similar-sounding words.
- Difficulty following directions in a series.
- Speech developed late or unclearly.
- Poor "communicator" (terse, telegraphic).
- Memorizes poorly.
- Hears better when watching the speaker.
- Problems with rapid speech.

Courtesy of this site

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 03:32 AM
Hey....thanks!... (GreenBicMan)

Yeah, never heard of it, (CAPD) but got me thinking...

I find it interesting that it is possibly found alongside tourettes syndrome. Tourette's runs in my family. And obsessive compulsive disorder. My brothers all got diagnoses and they all had more acutely debilitating symptoms of stuff, than any of the females in my family. Older brother has asperger's...also linked... Nobody ever took me to a doc but I had symptoms of everything pretty much as well, on a lesser scale.... most faded as I grew older except for the concentration problems. (I have no more tics and OCD is very diminished now) ADD/ADHD is often found alongside tourettes and ocd, as well as asperger's. I'm just farting around really, there's nothing solid, no statistical analysis here cuz I hate stats, failed it 3 times
, but over time and hearing a lot of case stories and reading things, I start to think that there is some common denominator, some part of the brain or similar factors that links them all...I dunno.

So, anyway....back to the my mind it sounds much like something that could easily be a symptom of ADD. (probably why it's mistaken/diagnosed as that often)
It really makes me think of the way I feel like I have loose connections when I try to translate my thoughts into articulate speech and utterly fail on the spot. Same with how many have trouble processing what they read as well. Like a sort of the same faulty mechanism could be involved only here and there, affects different elements worse for different people. I dunno. Again. Just farting around with it all.

I want to figure this stuff out, I mean, my family is riddled with problems, most undiagnosed other than my brothers. It's very interesting....

My dad was repeatedly taken out of school when young, because they thought he was mentally handicapped as a child but somehow blossomed into an evil manipulative bastard that can figure out how to control people and pick them apart psychologically after just meeting them (very unfortunate thing, trust me) invents things, knows how to build anything (and I mean anything, if he's wants it, I mean, like serious technology, machines, friggin figured out how to knit by looking at a sweater (how the!), to guns, musical instruments, exquisite building/construction, and just so many countless things, from scratch, and has done this endlessly.... has ridiculously high IQ scores that even I am a tad skeptical of
It's a bizarre transformation and I'm envious that he somehow figured out how to get everything in his head put to use so extravagantly.....

But now I think he should be isolated from humankind and wish he was dumb as a turd....he doesn't use any of it for anything other than selfish reasons lol Actually realized recently he fits the description of a 'psychopath' as was given on some documentary aired recently...whatever that's worth....

Erm...yeah a little venting there...blah blah

Hey, though, if being completely debilitated and ineffective in putting my head to good use saves me from being a psycho, maybe I shouldn't complain, come to think of it....
Meh. Still envious. There's only one other person in my family that turned out similar to my dad, but he kinda timed out on the world for a heroin addiction and I almost can't blame him.

Uhm Sorry for the length. That always happens..

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 07:55 AM
reply to post by phoebeflakes

Yeah, it falls under the "umbrella" it sounds like.

To me, this all related down to seratonin/dopamine (the main effects of xtc) as to me it seems me and others and building a "common bridge" between all of us..

Someone much smarter than me could perhaps take it from there

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 10:48 AM
Hey, no worries, it's cool you have an idea of a possible link anyhow....and that I'm not the only one that thinks it's there. Ultimately I just need to do some research though...but I'm being lazy at the moment...

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by phoebeflakes

Yes, I have my hand in other things as well.. I am sure there are people though on to something obviously, I mean look at the meds they dole out for this.. same exact thing except for a little magic in one lol

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 09:31 PM
sorry guys- I read a lot of this thread, but not all of it- it's too long

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on bipolar disorder and the 'Aquarian Children' so to speak.
I ask because doctors tend to group 'us' (ADHD and Bipolar) together when defining coping mechanisms, etc. And by the way you all describe ADHD relates a lot to my experiences. I have no trouble focusing on something that I put my mind to, but the intuition, the simultaneous projects scattered around, and my completely 'unquiet mind' makes me feel an interconnectedness.

Ah, but maybe Im just going through a manic phase right now. lol!!!

Could it be mental disorders in general? Are the so called 'normal ones' the actual rejects?? Im reaching, I know

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 12:49 AM
I think allot of so called ADHD kids are just hyperactive due to bad diet and zero real exercise, Doctors just find it too easy to name the problem ADHD.

Same thing with linking bi-polar with anyone who is bone lazy and cant keep money in their pocket. Just too easy to give them a pill and a label.

I have ADHD and went days without sleep as a kid. I seemed to "know" allot of things I had not studied and could make links between vast subject matter, to come to what I thought were logical conclusions , but everyone else thought I was nuts. I was told constantly I should be more like other people and something was wrong with me.

I sucked at about 90% of daily tasks but at the same time felt like everyone else around me was retarded and on a "go slow". I could not figure out if I was inferior or superior.

Back when I was a kid they did not have a name for it, I was just a "problem child" so some child psychologist stuck me on sleeping pills that made me a zombie and stole my memory for about 6 months

These idiots who seemed half asleep to me were trying to "figure me out". If they took a gram of speed and an E with their cornflakes they might have had an idea.

Anyway to cut a long story short, lots of drugs, breaking laws, almost getting killed, loveless relationships etc... and I sorted it out. I run a mortuary and own another company involving zoology , physics, engineering and physiology . A pioneering kind of work I feel appreciated in and there are zero limits to what I want to do.

I personally believe I would have been more focused and productive in my youth if ..

(a) I was taught to believe in myself.
(b) I was not treated as though I was "disabled " in some way.
(c) I was genuinely challenged.
(d) Someone with my condition talked to me, so I felt connected to at least someone.

I wasted years because that never happened.

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 01:49 AM
Hey Guys I can identify here with you guys except with a twist. I am ADHD and bipolar. Both of my illnesses are comorbid or tied together. I also take meds for both illnesses. I take dextroamphetamine, geodone, doxepin, and roserem. I find these illnesses as both curse and blessing. Being bipolar I have to perform a great balancing act in fast forward being ADHD.

I can reason with my mind in the top 2%. I have an imperfect photographic memory, I can remember eating baby food and I am now 30 years old. I have an impaired attension span but the amphetamines fix that very well. I do have a degree already in drafting, but am pursueing a degree in geology studying volcanoes. I can pull a 3.69 gpa in college without any meds. I will be attending college in the fall with an adjusted attension span and expect better than my 3.69 w/o meds.

I have some psychic ability but must really meditate a lot to get a little real conscious power. I have superstrong subconscious psychic ability which manifests itself the most when I am in danger. I know I can trace the neural pathway of this superstrong ability to eventually posess it consciously but being ADHD I get sidetract easily and must repeat more times to learn the skill. Being bipolar gives me special powers of concentration of emotions and thoughts. This does not fill the attension span void in my spirit because I am immense and could utilize the collective attension span of several men.

I also have a sleeping disorder called dyssomnia. In this senerio every day at bedtime when the body tires I fight sleep involentarily. I literally fight sleep at the fundamental level. Why? Because I can. At least that is my best guess. This is the real serious part of the disorder as it causes problems with
keeping to a schedule perfectly. Somehow I always find a way to get by and accompolish the things I wish. I am also nocturnal and this causes me to work harder to accompolish daytime activities like attending college. For the record I usually attend afternoon classes.

I also know without a doubt that my great gifts are also caused by my mutations or disorders. I have become comfortable with the fact that I am a mutant. I don't believe in evolution at all, I believe in mutation. There is a big difference in these two because of the scientific law of entropy. Evolution is actually impossible because everything moves from order to disorder in this cosmos. This is the reason that these gifts come tied to its respective curse. We can mutate and obtain growth mentally but not without entropy exacting its curse and manifesting a disorder. In the end it comes down to spiritual strenth, will, and desire to live that keeps one going.

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 07:09 PM

Originally posted by phoebeflakes
What is CAPD and what does it stand for?
Crazy Aquarian Personality Disorder?


Seriously, I'm curious....never heard of it before. Is it a variation of ADHD?

Nope! :p It stands for Central Auditory Processing Deficit. GreenBicMan pretty much said it all. I don't think CAPD runs through my family. But they found it weird, that I wasn't like my brother at all.

I barely talked, I wasn't really socialable but I did a bit of socializing with other people, I was very shy and independent. My school grades weren't that great (except for math, phys ed, and art) I'm a visual/ kinesthetic kind of learner. One of my talents that I possess is my creative mind, but not so much mechanically inclined, (so building creative things from scratch and knowing how it works in reality is difficult to process in my mind.) But my ideas can be far out wild, to wow I never thought of that before.

Umm directions and instructions is another thing that I have problems with. Sometimes even simple directions or instructions, can be difficult to remember. So to tackle those things, everything would be written down, not in general terms. But in detailed description. I could easily misunderstand things.

But other than that, I'm a hard worker, cooperative, easy to get along with, and always smiling.

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 07:53 PM
I am part of this brotherhood aswell my fellow Aquarianaiansics!

Beam me into your vessels of puritas equilibrium and we will leave this planet for our homeland Aquanox in the Aquatic Quadrant.

I am at your disposal brother,sister,mother,father,son,daughter,pet,uncle,ant,cusin,teacher,master,student,

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by Angel One

I must admit I am envious of your situation angel one. I was only blessed with ADHD unlike yourself, and the entropy theory makes perfect sense. I was harping evolution before I read this but you're theory is going to be what I look into next. The d-amphetamines do wonders for my attention span as well. I would describe it as, my hyperfocus ability from having ADHD is still present, but with the d-amphetamines I am able to use my hyperfocus on usually mundane tasks, and dedicate the amount of brain power to homework and other tasks as I would doing things that I do enjoy doing.

After reading some of the medical studies on ADHD my pet theory right now is that an ADHD brain "burns its gas" many times faster than "normal" people. Because of this, we only use the "brain gas" that we have on subjects we are interested in. Those of you that know about the stimulant drugs that are used to treat it know that they increase the supply of neurotransmitters in the brain by inhibiting uptake, etc... My hypothesis is that with this increased "brain gas tank" we are able to utilize our full brain power on tasks we enjoy, and do not enjoy as well. That's why stimulants work so well.

But anyways....the MAIN thing that I wanted to ask you was when in your life did you become so self-aware? (and able to utilize your gifts)

I figured it out this year of my life, and I am 21, and have been learning to optimizing my skill set for the past few months. I definitely hope to be as self-aware as you are when I am 30.


posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 02:18 AM
You are starting to figure out what I figured out.WE ARE WHAT THE HIPPIES OF THE SIXTIES WISHED THEY COULD BE.We are born anti-establishment.

We are born with a natural ability to fight brainwashing and manipulation,we are designed to shut down if we are not happy doing what we are doing with our lives or if we feel we are being manipulated and yes I said FEEL because we trust ourselves so much you cant shake us ,we trust ourselves because we know that most people gauge their own self worth by their money and status which coincidentally IS NOT HOW WE GAUGE OURSELVES so we automatically distrust you this is our advantage.YOU SEE WE SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY TRUST PRIOR GENERATIONS BUT WE DONT THIS IS THE UPGRADE.We are not looking for free love and a couple of joints like in the sixties either we ARE LOOKING FOR WHOLESALE CHANGE,BUT NOT IN THE DIRECTION PEOPLE THINK,WE ARE LOOKING FOR A RETRO CHANGE,ONE THAT NEGATES THE ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES THAT LIES AND MANIPULATION AND VERY LIMITED SPECIALIZED EDUCATION AFFORD THE RICH OF TODAY.We have options so if you try to pigeonhole us into one job or career or mindset you will fail.You cannot bribe us with money because our very minds will defeat your attempt WE CAN MAKE MONEY DOING ANYTHING WE HYPER-FOCUS ON--anything.You cant tell us that things arent possible because we are smarter than you are we all proved it by fifth grade when we quit learning with you and began learning above you.You cant show us the right way when WE KNOW YOU ARE DOING IT THE WRONG WAY EVEN IF WE HAVENT EVER DONE WHATEVER IT IS BEFORE IN OUR LIVES.We dont need to learn what you had to learn we ONLY NEED TO WATCH YOUR MISTAKES AND WE CAN IMMEDIATLY FORMULATE A SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM,IMMEDIATLY.This is why we wont listen to you for very long and you think we are rebelling,we arent rebelling we really just dont believe that you know enough to tell us what to do.

We do not have faith in your systems because we can LEARN OUR WAY OUT OF YOUR SYSTEMS ALMOST OVERNIGHT.


And the sweetest thing is when the boomers are gone WE WILL BE ABLE TO CHANGE EVERYTHING WE WANT TO.

I dont think this is a babyboomer trait is it?I am on the outside edge of the boomers at forty and I was implanted at seven by a group of people who abducted me.Not aliens ,people.

I was normal before I was taken,after I was taken I exploded intellectually and physically.I read the entire World Book Encyclopedia set,every word of every page of every volume when I was eight years old.Including the dictionaries,and I dont even want to hear one doubt out there.I was born short and fat but I was the least likely most outstanding male athlete in my high school,I played six sports.Excelled at all because of a basic understanding of teamwork and group dynamics ,both things I had READ ABOUT THEN IMPLEMENTED.

I have noticed the same type of changes getting stronger and stronger as I see each new generation come forward.

I dont know what is up but my experiences are real and what is obviously happening to the younger generations is undeniable.There must be a connection.

I have considered the fact that the past generations were somehow BEING HELD BACK INTELLECTUALLY IN ORDER TO MAKE THEM BETTER SLAVES TO THEIR GOVERNMENTS.Through a series of paralell actions and manipulations using government ,religon and corporate interests,peoples ability to think outside of the establishment HAS BEEN CONTROLLED.

We are designed to be immune to this control,it is really that simple.

I would never dream of taking medication although I have experienced the same things as all of us I dont view my talents as a negative I view them as gifts.

The only reason someone would take medication was if they believed they were sick and we only believe we are sick if a doctor tells us we are sick.My point being that I have never been sick,maybe sick of dealing with such a large volume of BS and manipulation EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE,and trust me the only reason I get sick of it is because I BASICALLY SEE ONE VERY SIMPLE HUMAN USING A FRACTION OF THEIR POTENTIAL TO MANIPULATE OTHER HUMANS WHO ARE REALIZING EVEN LESS OF THEIR OWN POTENTIAL.

And I know there is something wrong with the whole system,it isnt natural somehow for humans to allow themselves to be manipulated at all.

I dont consider changing jobs at will because I am bored to be a sickness.
I dont consider the ability to fix or troubleshoot ANYTHING THAT EXISTS to be a sickness.
I dont consider the ability to focus my mind enough to UNDERSTAND ANYONE AT ALLS PERSPECTIVE to be a sickness.
I dont consider the fact that simply reading and never doing is absolute learning for me is a sickness.
I dont consider the fact that I will sacrifice power and position FOR PRINCIPAL in a heartbeat to be a sickness.
I dont consider the fact that I consider the needs of the many to outweigh the needs of the few to be a sickness.
I dont consider the fact that I think and talk fast to be a sickness I am usually HAVING TO TEACH THE PEOPLE AROUND ME ON THE FLY.You have to talk fast when you are teaching multiple people almost constantly.

For the love of god herself ,can you believe this internet thing!!Maybe our kids wont have to lug bloody books around constantly so they can feed their minds as much info as those formidable minds require.I always wonder how much I could havs absorbed had I had the internet as a kid,but then again I have conversations about world polotics with my eleven year old neice.

I believe that the world is very very sick and we are actually the cure,and I say this because if you numericlly exclude all of the humans who will live and die as of today that do not have acess to high education or any education YOU ARE LEFT WITH A VERY,VERY SMALL NUMBER.

Out of that very,very small number you must exclude all of the people who dont have the ability to think as fast or as creatively and innovatively as we sick people do,NOW WHO DO YOU HAVE LEFT OVER,YOU HAVE US A SMALL NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN TERMS OF WORLD POPULATION,BUT A SEEMINGLY OVERWHELMING MAJORITY WHEN IT COMES TO PEOPLE IN A POSITION TO HAVE MAXIMUM IMPACT IN CHANGING THE DIRECTION HUMANITY IS HEADING IN.

We are system busters and I think we are getting near to the time we are supposed to start busting out.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by dviper785

Hello dviper,

I can say that I had the pineal awakening at about 19 years of age. This is where the pineal gland opens up and physically changes. When I was 19 my psychic power was far greater than it is now. I could do telepathy and hear peoples thoughts, I found this problematic because I didn't like what I saw in people, I could see their sicknesses nakedly. This caused me to close up my mind for years and not do that anymore.

Now I have grown and can handle other peoples sickness better bacause I have dealt with all of my sickness. I however am finding that reopening these abilities to that level is progressing slowly. I am seeking help from God to restore these capabilities. When I was 19 I obtained the Nostradamus book and keyed it. This is why I had such quick psychic powers. I was using spirits and didn't know it. Long story short, I ended up burning up the Nostradamus book and turned away from the occult when I percieved that I was being decieved. Now I serve God and He tells me that the power I am to recieve from Him makes Nostradamus look very weak.

So to answer your question I bacame self aware, in the sense you are speaking of in 1998-1999 between the age of 18 and 20. For the most part though I have been self aware since age 3 to 5, at least that is the age of my first conscious memories. But I have a hazy memory of peeing on the doctor when I was delivered. I also can remember my mother singing me to sleep as a baby and swinging in a baby swing.

I like your ideas about the neurotransmitters that is quite accurate by my figuring and research. I do exhaustive researce on all of my disorders and the meds I take, so I can say that you are correct. I understand psychology and its science well enough that I diagnosed myself literally. The doctor I currently have has only been in agreement with my diagnosis. This tells me I am correct in my current understanding of the mind. I still have a lot of learning to do though.

Sometimes I really hate the bipolar part of the diagnosis, as depression is absolutely miserable. I would say that I would rather do without it but it is part of what makes me, me. It also keeps me humble and makes me know that I need God. So the disorder causes me to use Gods power and not my own. This makes one absolutely more powerful than they can be alone.

You are about the same age I was when I began to awaken. Don't let it slow or stop, keep opening it more every day. If you find open doors in your mind search them out, don't ever close them, as they are hard to reopen later. Don't fear the abilities you unlock as that causes the doors to shut. Finally, I would recommend not using any occult functions to obtain psychic powers, that is cheating. If you seek psychic power seek it from God. Psychic phenomenon is a result of using more of the brain power than the normal man, it can also be a result of spirits acting in your life, so be careful but don't stop.

Have a good day dviper,
God Bless

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 11:50 AM

I am sorry that you interpreted my posting incorrectly. I am not 'debunking ADHD. I am saying that it is a treatable and common disorder that makes life hell for some people. I am saying that ADHD is a medical problem and should not be equated with any freakin cosmic rays, vaccines, mysterious additives in our milk or general lack of upbringing. These individuals are often brilliant and so is my son!

Now as a vegetarian, organic, health conscious mother, don't you think that I have tried everything? I was against the meds, but the Specialist, who by the way went to school for umpteen years and is an expert (Canadian Docs are not in it just for the money nor forced by the drug companies to push pills like they are in the States), convinced me to try it.

Night and day folks. Once teased at school, at age 9 my son is finally reading, can draw and does not run around the house screaming his head off, acting like the tasmanian devil and doing harmful, impulsive things. He does not act like a zombie either!

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed, not by Joe next door, but by a bonefide Specialist then for God sakes keep trying meds until you find one that works!

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by king Pop!p
reply to post by krazykanuk

Your tone is out of line. Sorry for your experiences, but your son should not be on meds unless he is extremely impulsive and can not control himself. We did not say we were "Aquarien Children". We are just discussing the matter. Mayb you might have ADHD too?

King Pop your opening post says: Those With ADHD Are the new race "Aquarian Children"? So now you are saying you are not making this claim?

Sorry, but yours and others tones on here is out of line by saying we should get off meds for this condition. You are not doctor, nor do you know me or my son. So you have no opinion in my personal matters of health. Plus, you may be putting ill people at risk. Those who may be buying into these notions without a proper diagnosis.

Some of you on here are claiming that ADHD is caused by anything but a simple malfunction in the body. Like any other disease, I don't deny its existence. Nor do I think that it is caused by someone pouring poison into my vaccines my either (most of us have been vaccinated and we are all not ADHD) PS. ADHD and Autism are very different.

Now, being ADHD does not preclude someone from being a genius. They are mutually exclusive things. I could have been born with one leg shorter than the other, does that I am some genius of a new race?

My neighbour is a fat, ugly and lazy moron but never been to the doc. a day in his life. I don't have a disease therefore I am a moron....Your logic makes no sense.

Look at Stephan Hawking.....he has a disease and he is a genius.

Everyone is a doctor nowadays......Dr. Google!

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 11:30 PM
Well Dr. krazykanuk, thanks for YOUR diagnosis, but YOU don't have ADHD. king Pop!p does, I do, and many many other people in this thread do. How do we know this? BECAUSE WE HAVE IT. Therefore, we can tell. Hell my doctor can tell too, but she doesn't have it.I'll put it in simple terms for you. If a pro basketball NBA player watches a local pickup game, do you think he can tell the players who have an NBA skill level in basketball?

According to YOUR logic - HE CANNOT.

And I would quit talking about our tones - because you implied your fat, ugly, lazy neighbor has never been to the doctor - which makes you a moron - would be the one with ADHD. That's a pretty harsh tone Dr. krazykanuk.

king Pop!p was simply sharing his opinion that making someone who is already super hyper take a stimulant might be a bad idea, that's all. I still believe and buy into king Pop!p's theory about increased self-awareness because I experience it, just like a hundred other people in this thread, and I STILL TAKE A STIMULANT.

Also the thread is about increased awareness - not being a genius - please read it again.

ALSO - IF you do read it again, please take note of the medical evidence (especially the Cook, 1995 genetics study) I posted, and historical evidence dating back to Native Americans linking ADHD and the self-awareness theory to a current genetic development/mutation/evolution.

Last I checked Dr. krazykanuk, you haven't posted any evidence. I would love to see some evidence proving that ADHD is actually a disorder, which is what you think.

posts from you are quoted

ADHD are Aquarian Children = BULL#!

Wow! some of you sound like you are right out of the dark ages! Ya, back they poked fun a people with what are treatable conditions today. Shame on you for self-diagnosing, claiming to know someone at sometime who had ADHD when you obviously know nothing about this debilitating disorder! This is just like any other disease...

It takes a specialist to diagnose this condition and it is REAL. I have lived with several family members who have been diagnosed as well as my own young son. Our lives had been a nightmare up until last year when I researched and followed Drs. orders to put him on drugs.

Originally posted by krazykanuk

Originally posted by king Pop!p
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Your tone is out of line. Sorry for your experiences, but your son should not be on meds unless he is extremely impulsive and can not control himself. We did not say we were "Aquarien Children". We are just discussing the matter. Mayb you might have ADHD too?

King Pop your opening post says: Those With ADHD Are the new race "Aquarian Children"? So now you are saying you are not making this claim?

Sorry, but yours and others tones on here is out of line by saying we should get off meds for this condition. You are not doctor, nor do you know me or my son. So you have no opinion in my personal matters of health. Plus, you may be putting ill people at risk. Those who may be buying into these notions without a proper diagnosis.

Some of you on here are claiming that ADHD is caused by anything but a simple malfunction in the body. Like any other disease, I don't deny its existence. Nor do I think that it is caused by someone pouring poison into my vaccines my either (most of us have been vaccinated and we are all not ADHD) PS. ADHD and Autism are very different.

Now, being ADHD does not preclude someone from being a genius. They are mutually exclusive things. I could have been born with one leg shorter than the other, does that I am some genius of a new race?

My neighbour is a fat, ugly and lazy moron but never been to the doc. a day in his life. I don't have a disease therefore I am a moron....Your logic makes no sense.

Look at Stephan Hawking.....he has a disease and he is a genius.

Everyone is a doctor nowadays......Dr. Google!

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 01:37 PM
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You know you are so very correct on this.

I cannot imagine what it is like to be so easily misled as the majority of phenotypes on this Earth.

My wife is just the same - I don't have to waste precious time "dumbing down" things for her like I do with the majority of people I meet and know - I couldn't imagine how frustrating that would be...

I do believe mutant's like us have the potential to turn things around for Human civilization - however we must find each other and organize before the hour is too late!

(although it will never really be too late for us - but it could spare the masses an enormous amount of hardship)

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