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The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New World Order

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 06:47 PM

So there is no confusion when the time comes.

I am trying to gather it all in one thread. I thought I would bring it all to one location and post the findings. If anybody here has something they would like to add by all means do so. Please do your own research and see if you don't come up with the same scenario as I have. I'm not trying to be a Doom and Gloomer just somebody who has his eyes wide open. You be the judge.

Try and have a nice day!

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Google Search the following.

The Council on Foreign Relations
The Bilderberg Group
Trilateral Commission
New World Order
World Government
North American Union
Military Industrial Complex
Federal Reserve fraud
Security and Prosperity Partnership
Martial Law
Freedom to Fascism
Big Brother Society
Police State
Cashless Society
Scientific Dictatorships

New World Order

In international relations theory, the term "new world order" refers to a new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. However, in conspiracy theory, the term "New World Order" (the capital letters are distinguishing) refers to the advent of a cryptocratic or totalitarian world government.

At the core of most theories, a powerful and secretive group of globalists is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an autonomous world government, which would replace sovereign states and other checks and balances in international power struggles. Significant occurrences in politics and business are speculated to be caused by an extremely influential cabal operating through many front organizations. Numerous historical and current events are seen as steps in an on-going plot to achieve world domination primarily through secret political gatherings and decision-making

World Government

World government is the concept of a political body that would make, interpret and enforce international law. Inherent to the concept of a world government is the idea that nations would be required to pool or surrender (depending on point of view) sovereignty over some areas. In effect, a world government would add another level of administration above the existing national governments or provide coordination over areas national governments are not capable of adequately addressing as independent polities. The authority granted this level and how it relates to national governments and/or citizens is debated by both proponents and opponents of world government.

North American Union

The North American Union (NAU) is a theoretical regional union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States similar in structure to the European Union, sometimes including a common currency called the Amero. The idea of regional integration has been discussed, proposed,[1] or debated among former government officials with business leaders in academic and scholarly circles for many decades,[2] but nothing approaching the integration suggested by a "North American Union" has ever been seriously considered by leaders of the three nations, and government officials from the nations say there are no plans to create such a union.[3] The formation of a North American Union has also been the subject of various conspiracy theories.[4][5][6][7]

Military-industrial complex

The term is most often played in reference to the military of the United States, where it gained popularity after its use in the farewell address of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, though the term is applicable to any country with a similarly developed infrastructure. It is sometimes used more broadly to include the entire network of contracts and flows of money and resources among individuals as well as institutions of the defense contractors, The Pentagon, and the Congress and Executive branch. This sector is intrinsically prone to principal-agent problem, moral hazard, and rent seeking. Cases of political corruption have also surfaced with regularity. A similar thesis was originally expressed by Daniel Guérin, in his 1936 book Fascism and Big Business, about the fascist government support to heavy industry. It can be defined as, “an informal and changing coalition of groups with vested psychological, moral, and material interests in the continuous development and maintenance of high levels of weaponry, in preservation of colonial markets and in military-strategic conceptions of internal affairs” [1]

The Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an American nonpartisan foreign policy membership organization founded in 1921. Located at 58 East 68th Street (Park Avenue) in New York City, with an office in Washington, D.C. Some international journalists believe it to be 'the most influential foreign-policy think tank.' [1][2][3][4] It publishes a bi-monthly journal Foreign Affairs. It has an extensive website, featuring links to its think tank, The David Rockefeller Studies Program, other programs and projects, publications, history, biographies of notable directors and other board members, corporate members, and press releases.[5]

The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an unofficial, annual, invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in the fields of politics, business, and banking. The participants talk about a variety of global issues, economic, military, and political.[1]

The group meets annually at luxury hotels or resorts throughout the world — normally in Europe, and once every four years in the United States or Canada. It has an office in Leiden in the Netherlands.[2] The 2008 conference took place in Chantilly, Virginia.[3][4] and the 2009 meeting took place from May 14-16 in Athens, Greece.[5]

The Trilateral Commission

The Trilateral Commission is a private organization, established to foster closer cooperation between the United States, Europe and Japan. It was founded in July 1973, at the initiative of David Rockefeller; who was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations at that time. The Trilateral Commission is widely seen as a counterpart to the Council on Foreign Relations.[1]


The first misconception that most people have is that the Federal Reserve Bank is a branch of the US government. IT IS NOT. THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK IS A PRIVATE COMPANY. Most people believe it is as American as the Constitution. THE FACT IS THE CONSTITUTION FORBIDS IT'S EXISTENCE. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution states that Congress shall have the power to create money and regulate the value thereof, NOT A BUNCH OF INTERNATIONAL BANKERS! Today the FED controls and profits by printing WORTHLESS PAPER, called money, through the Treasury, regulating its value, AND THE BIGGEST OUTRAGE OF ALL, COLLECTING INTEREST ON IT! (THE SO-CALLED NATIONAL DEBT). The FED began with approximately 300 people or banks that became owners, stockholders purchasing stock at $100 per share - the stock is not publicly traded) in the Federal Reserve Banking System. They make up an international banking cartel of wealth beyond comparison. The FED banking system collects billions of dollars in interest annually and distributes the profits to its shareholders. The Congress illegally gave the FED the right to print money through the Treasury at no interest to the FED.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was launched in March of 2005 as a trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity among the United States, Canada and Mexico through greater cooperation and information sharing.

This trilateral initiative is premised on our security and our economic prosperity being mutually reinforcing. The SPP recognizes that our three great nations are bound by a shared belief in freedom, economic opportunity, and strong democratic institutions.

Martial Law

Martial law is the system of rules that takes effect when the military takes control of the normal administration of justice.

Martial law is sometimes imposed during wars or occupations in the absence of any other civil government. Examples of this form of military rule include Germany and Japan after World War II or the American South during the early stages of Reconstruction. In addition, it is used by governments to enforce their rule; for example, after a coup d'état (Thailand 2006), when threatened by popular protests (Tiananmen Square protests of 1989), or to crack down on the opposition (Poland 1981). Martial law can also be declared in cases of major natural disasters; however most countries use a different legal construct, such as a "state of emergency".

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 07:06 PM

The Rockefeller family, the renowned Cleveland family of John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) ("Senior") and his brother William Rockefeller (1841-1922), is an American industrial, banking, and political family of German American origin that made the world's largest private fortune in the oil business during the late 19th and early 20th century, primarily through the Standard Oil Company.[1] The family is also known for its long association with and financial interest in the Chase Manhattan Bank, now JP Morgan Chase.


The Rothschild family (often referred to simply as the Rothschilds) is an international banking and finance dynasty of German Jewish origin that established world-wide operations mainly across Europe and the United States, and was ennobled by the Austrian and British governments.

The two principal Rothschild representatives in New York, J. P. Morgan Co., and Kuhn, Loeb & Co. were the firms which set up the Jekyll Island Conference at which the Federal Reserve Act was drafted, who directed the subsequent successful campaign to have the plan enacted into law by Congress, and who purchased the controlling amounts of stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914.

These firms had their principal officers appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Advisory Council in 1914. In 1914 a few families (blood or business related) owning controlling stock in existing banks (such as in New York City) caused those banks to purchase controlling shares in the Federal Reserve regional banks.

Bohemian Grove

Besides this type of merriment. the annual gathering serves as an informational clearing house for the elite. The most powerful men in the country do their "networking" here, despite the Grove's motto "weaving spiders come not here" (don't do business in the Grove). At these gatherings men representing the government, military-industrial, and financial sectors meet and make major policy decisions. The Manhattan project, which produced the first atomic bombs, was conceived at the Grove in 1942. Other decisions made at the Grove include who our presidential candidates will be. There are speeches, known as "Lakeside Talks", wherein high-ranking officials disseminate information which is not available to the public-at-large.

Scientific Dictatorship

A Totalitarian Utopia

Author and social analyst Aldous Huxley originally published his classic futurist novel "Brave New World" in 1932. Like the works of family friend H.G. Wells, this was not merely speculation but an insider's exposition of the plans of the "world controllers" as he foresaw them at the time.

This is another of the classics that is well worth re-reading; it is amazing how many of the developments he predicted have since come to pass. The full text of the book is available online at several different sites, along with numerous commentaries. (see Huxley)

In the introduction to the 1946 edition of the book, published shortly after the end of World War II and the first use of atomic weapons, he wrote:

Banking cabal

The banking cabal refers to a conspiracy theory regarding collusion between bankers, financiers, and other associated individuals of extreme wealth to manipulate the strings of commerce, politics, and media in order to serve their common interests. The primary source of their money and power is described as the use of fractional reserve banking and fiat money to surreptitiously steal wealth from the rest of society via inflation of the money supply and by levying interest on sovereign debt. Financial bubbles and stock market crashes further this influence. The international bankers are said to be responsible for creating and operating to their benefit many of the national and international banking institutions throughout the world, including the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group. Via these groups and other methods, the international banking cabal control multinational corporations, including the mainstream media, influence political elections and appointments, overrule general public opposition, and seek to establish a New World Order.

The Bretton Woods system

The Bretton Woods system of monetary management established the rules for commercial and financial relations among the world's major industrial states in the mid 20th Century. The Bretton Woods system was the first example of a fully negotiated monetary order intended to govern monetary relations among independent nation-states.

Council of the Americas

The Council of the Americas is an American business organization whose stated goal is promoting free trade, democracy and open markets throughout the Americas. This includes Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as South America.

It was founded in 1965 by David Rockefeller and a group of like-minded business people and is the US section of the North American Business Committee, founded in 1948. Since that time, membership has grown to over two-hundred corporations, including some of the largest US blue-chip companies (see below), which the Council claims represents the majority of those US corporations that have private investments in Latin America.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The author of this translation of the famous Protocols was himself a victim of the Revolution. He had lived for many years in Russia and was married to a Russian lady. Among his other activities in Russia he had been for a number of years a Russian Correspondent of the MORNING POST, a position which he occupied when the Revolution broke out, and his vivid descriptions of events in Russia will still be in the recollection of many of the readers of that Journal. Naturally he was singled out for the anger of the Soviet. On the day that Captain Cromie was murdered by Jews, Victor Marsden was arrested and thrown into the Peter-Paul Prison, expecting every day to have his name called out for execution.

This, however, he escaped, and eventually he was allowed to return to England very much of a wreck in bodily health. However, he recovered under treatment and the devoted care of his wife and friends. One of the first things he undertook, as soon as he was able, was this translation of the Protocols. Mr. Marsden was eminently well qualified for the work. His intimate acquaintance with Russia, Russian life and the Russian language on the one hand, and his mastery of a terse literary English style on the other, placed him in a position of advantage which few others could claim. The consequence is that we have in his version an eminently readable work, and though the subject-matter is somewhat formless, Mr. Marsden's literary touch reveals the thread running through the twenty-four Protocols.


Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") is a name that refers to several groups, both historical and modern, and both real and fictitious. Historically, it refers specifically to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In modern times it is also used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy "power behind the throne," allegedly controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations, usually as a modern incarnation or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati. In this context, Illuminati is often used in reference to a New World Order (NWO). Many conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati are the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of such a New World Order. Confusing the issue further is the fact that there are also several modern fraternal groups which include the word "Illuminati" in their names.

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Novus Ordo Seclorum
The phrase "novus ordo seclorum", appearing on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States since 1782 and on the back of the United States one-dollar bill since 1935, means "New Order of the Ages" and only alludes to the beginning of an era where the United States is an independent nation-state, but is sometimes improperly translated as "New World Order" or "New Secular Order".[18]

Many Anti-Masons believe that high-ranking Freemasons are involved in conspiracies to create a Novus Ordo Seclorum - an occult New World Order. These theorists claim that some of the Founding Fathers of the United States, such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, had Masonic symbolism interwoven into American society, particularly in the Great Seal of the United States, the one-dollar bill, the architecture of National Mall landmarks, and the streets and highways of Washington, D.C., in order to mystically bind their planning of a government in conformity with the will of the Great Architect of the Universe, whom they believe has tasked the United States with the eventual establishment of a hermetic "Kingdom of God on Earth".[19]

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 07:22 PM
Nice thread slayer. It's funny how many agree about a NWO and have such conflicting reasons for having one. Many, in fact say they dont believe in any NWO.

I agree that most people consider it gloom and doom. I think it's exciting watching it happen before our very eyes. All differences aside.

You put it together very well.

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 07:29 PM
I'll give you a star and flag for a well laid out post.Although ive read just about everything on the NWO for many years and i dont believe it for a second.Atleast the mainstream conspiracy view,i think its a natural progression with no need for hidden hands and would take centuries to come into fruition but there you go! Good thread.

[edit on 18-5-2009 by Solomons]

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 07:42 PM
Well see that's just it. Some people will look at it and say...

1. It's not real!
Even though there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

2. It's real and how wonderful.
Even though there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

3. It's real and we are headed for a nightmare and nobody is listening.
Even though there is overwhelming evidence.

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 08:41 PM
Wake up Call: Remastered ATS members must see!


Originally posted by whatukno
Ever see those Cash for Gold Commercials?

Think about the early part of the video, when the US government required everyone to turn in their gold standard currency for the legal tender we all know and love? Don't you see how it's happening once again? Gold is actually worth something. They know this and they want to make sure that people don't have something that can be used as real currency.

This happened in ancient times with regularity. Currency (gold) was the first thing an invading army took when they went into a civilization they sought to control. Why? The answer is obvious, they need the money to pay for their control. This is why Gold Bullion is illegal in the United States today. You aren't allowed to have a large gold brick in your home. You can buy the rights to that bar of gold but your not allowed to have that brick in your home.

Executive Order 6102 is an Executive Order signed on April 5, 1933 by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt "forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates." It required all persons to deliver on or before May 1, 1933 all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by them to the Federal Reserve. Under the Trading With the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917, as amended on March 9, 1933, violation of Executive Order 6102 was punishable by fine up to $10,000 ($166,640 if adjusted for inflation as of 2008) or up to ten years in prison, or both. Because of this forced immediate sale of gold to the Federal Reserve at the government set price of $20.67 per troy ounce, this Executive Order is often referred to as the Gold Confiscation of 1933. Shortly after this forced sale, the price of gold from the treasury for international transactions was raised to $35 an ounce; the U.S. government thereby devalued the U.S. dollar by 41%.

Now they want once again to recall every bit of gold they possibly can back into their own pockets and giving the people worthless paper they can more easily control.

Again, New World Order's are nothing new, they have been done in the past, created and destroyed only to be created once again by another group. It's not exactly scary if one is to look at history, what is scary is that people seem to forget the past and condemn themselves to the repeating of those mistakes.

The EU can be thought of as the new Roman Empire. Of course Hitler wanted this too but the reason he was fought against and defeated was because he wanted to do this on his own. Do you think for one minute that the holocaust was the true reason for WWII? No, the reason WWII was fought was because Hitler sought to control and dominate without the will of the few elite families. If Hitler had the backing of the Elite families, no one would have cared how many Jews he exterminated, how many people he slaughtered. The MSM would have spun the story differently. The Jews would have been labeled as terrorists or some other radical group with the terminology at the time and it would have been buried.

The same goes with our own civil war, slavery wasn't the reason the civil war in the US was fought, the reason was that the southern states, the states that produced raw materials that were used for manufacture wanted to be free from what was becoming an oppressive government. The elite at the time realised that a truly free country without their control and a country with the amount of raw materials that could be used for trade would make a formidable enemy. This is why the civil war had to be won by the north, the abolition of slavery was a political ploy, something that probably wasn't in the best interest of the elite, but had to be done as to keep the will of the people with the elite.

Throughout history there have been those that seek power. There always have been those that sought power, there always will be those that seek power. The names change in and over time, but the goal is the same. The goal is the complete control of this planet and it's resources for a small group.

Of course within these groups factions form, they split and they fight for superiority. This will happen throughout time until the day that mankind is extinct. What the NWO fears, and there is nothing they can do to stop it but try and delay the inevitable, is the proverbial Visigoths from coming over the seventh hill. This of course means the downfall of their propped up empire and the ushering in of a new dark age for humanity, where people once again will fight for supremacy and control, and the whole process starts all over again.

What is amusing if you step back and look at human history, is that this fighting and this enslavement that has been going on from the dawn of human history is primarily over a soft yellow metal.

The funny thing is, if mankind's lust for money were to disappear, so would these peoples power. If mankind's social structure somehow for some reason were to change and our fanatical desire for riches were to evaporate, so would any hope for these people to gain power over the masses.


Originally posted by EvilAxis

Biometric ID cards have been issued since the beginning of November 2008 to foreign residents living in the UK. UK Gov "Forgot" To Buy Readers For Its Biometric ID Cards 07/02/09

This chilling summary of the current state of affairs by technology web site is worth reading in full:

A report published by a group of lawmakers from the House of Lords has revealed the extent of the "surveillance society" that the United Kingdom is sleep-walking into as our country comes first in CCTV and DNA Profiling.

The report entitled "Surveillance: Citizens and the State" and written by the Lord' constitution committee found out that Britain has more than 4 million cameras - one for every 15 Britons in the land - and a national DNA database that accounts for one in every 14 citizens in the country.

The committee chairman, Lord Goodlad warned that "There can be no justification for this gradual but incessant creep towards every detail about us being recorded and pored over by the state", adding that the levels of surveillance in the United Kingdom could well threaten the current democratic ecosystem.

The Lords evaluated existing government data collection ventures such as the National DNA Database (NDNAD), the NHS Data Spine for electronic health care records, the children's database, and the National ID card project, most of which have attracted scorn from a wide range of vocal critics.

Fears that the society could turn into a carbon copy of George Orwell's 1984 "Big Brother" surveillance state are further exacerbated by the fact that the report, which provides with 44 recommendations, is not a binding document.

The document comes as individual privacy and liberties in the UK have been subjected to unprecedented pressure with a number of projects initiated by the current government promising to make things even more critical.

Coincidentally, the report has been published on the same day that the first UK Government ID cards are released, without a reader.

The government has already plans to spend £12 billion on a central database that will track all emails, phone calls and browsing sessions. The National ID card project is already in its last stages and the national DNS database has already had its first issues; The European Court of Human Rights decision has already asked the government to remove DNA details, from its criminal database, of people who haven't been convicted of any crime.

House Of Lords Report Warns Of "Big Brother" Britain 06/02/09

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

I guess my definition and your definition of *overwhelming evidence* differs quite noticeably it seems.

[edit on 18-5-2009 by Solomons]

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

This post is Golden...

Oops, I meant Silver-ish...

Hopefully this influences anyone considering creating a thread on the topic to be diligent with their research...

Well done bro...

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 09:17 PM

Originally posted by Solomons
reply to post by SLAYER69

I guess my definition and your definition of *overwhelming evidence* differs quite noticeably it seems.

I'm not exactly sure how to take that.

I'll be adding more as time goes by. Thanks for contributing.

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by chapter29

Hey thanks.
Just doing my part for King and Country. ooops

I mean for mankind

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 12:01 AM
There are a lot of NWO threads on ATS right now - I have one myself and I must say this is one of the more well researched and informative threads I've come across.

I, for one, am flagging it because although I've done reading and research, I still like to check up on their webistes once in awhile and this will be a great resource.

Thanks Slayer69 for the lnks and info.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 12:26 AM
Superb collection of all the reference material anyone should need to be educated on the topic of the New World Order. However, I believe we are currently dealing with a new social political reality disorder; it deals with the ‘see no evil’, ‘hear no evil’ so there ‘is no evil’ American political psychosis. Symptoms usually develop among the rabid politically partisan crowd. These view all the evidence you have so studiously collected as evidence of a _________ wing __________ party conspiracy (Just fill in ‘right/left’ or Democrat/Republican).

For those that suffer with this disorder all of the obvious proofs you have collected will just confirm what they wish to believe; never wishing to be confused with the facts… But keep up the good work Patriot! Maybe going over this thread and a good smack upside the head will help a few of these willfully ignorant electorate! Well, there IS a CHANCE...

A Flag and a Star!

[edit on 5/19/2009 by SGTChas]

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 12:47 AM
Solomons, this has been going on for centuries. Fact of the matter is that the NWO concept is as old as mankind itself.

It's the same thing repeated over and over and over again. A small group take power over large masses of people and oppress them for the small group's benefit.

The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, The Czars of Rome, Kings, Nobility, Knights. All of these hierarchical groups exploited a lower class to support their comforts.

What's different about the NWO? The type of government they plan on implementing.

To understand this, I must elaborate on the type of government that this is going to be.

An Oligarchy (Greek Ὀλιγαρχία, Oligarkhía) is a form of government where power effectively rests with a small elite segment of society distinguished by royal, wealth, family, military or religious hegemony.


Corporatocracy or Corpocracy is a form of government where a corporation, a group of corporations, or government entities with private components, control the direction and governance of a country.


Think of the life within a Corporate Oligarchy. This is the ultimate goal for the NWO.

An entire society not under the rule of law but through corporate policy, every person of working age within this relm would not be a citizen, but an employee.


Using standardized testing throughout school, the offspring of the employee would be trained (not educated) in his or her specified field. All aspects of life have people doing jobs they were tested and evaluated for. In a Corporate Oligarchy, your trade would be determined for you from birth.

Employee Housing,
Your housing would be based on your value to the company. The higher the value you are the more house you would be assigned.

Medical Bennifits,
Because all Doctors and other health care practitioners work for the company, all medical care for employees would be free. Or if the corporation chooses, they will deduct the costs from your salary, automatically. Welcome to indentured servitude.

The more value you are to the company the better your perks become. A low level employee would not be able to enjoy the luxuries that someone of a higher level employee.

Doesnt that place sound so swell?

The drawbacks are on the other hand, terrible.

You have zero freedom of speech, movement, or autonomy. Because you are an employee your every action is a reflection on the company.

What happens when you quit or get fired from such a land? Brings on a whole new meaning of the word Terminated.

But gee whiz, I wonder how a corporation could possibly take over a country?

I wonder if it would have anything to do with making damn sure a private organization has complete and total control over the money supply.

Wonder who did that?

Next, you take over the gross domestic product.

Kinda fell for that ourselves.

The point is, the NWO is coming the difference now is that it's not going to be a sovereign king but a CEO or Corporate President. Not elected by the people but appointed by the board of directors.

[edit on 5/19/2009 by whatukno]

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by whatukno

Everything you point out is exactly what David Rockefeller and the Bilderbergers have plotted for us. However, you have failed to mention a couple of aspects of their demented plot; that being the maintaining of the population at optimum age and levels.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by SGTChas

Ah optimum age and levels. Guess that could coincide with "retirement" and "workforce". If you are not a contributing member of this society you are eliminated from it.

The young, or Trainees, are valued members of this society because of the work they provide. Procreation won't be regulated. For one it can't be, and for two it is in the best interests of the company to to have a large employee pool to choose from. The chances are with a diverse work force that the best and brightest are chosen for their optimal carrier paths.

The old and retired are in fact "retired" as they then become a determent to the company. The only way out is to have enough credits in the company to ensure your well being after you are no longer any use to the collective.

They compensate you your entire life in their own banks when you run out of their currency and credit you die.

You are an employee and an account number, your worth minus your consumption determines your lifestyle.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by Whisper67

I know there is a lot of threads out there and it can get a bit confusing that's why I tried to pull this together in the hopes that it can be used a reference post.

Thanks again.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 02:36 AM

Originally posted by SGTChas

For those that suffer with this disorder all of the obvious proofs you have collected will just confirm what they wish to believe; never wishing to be confused with the facts… But keep up the good work Patriot! Maybe going over this thread and a good smack upside the head will help a few of these willfully ignorant electorate! Well, there IS a CHANCE...

A Flag and a Star!

On can only hope the readers will pick up on the ongoing cover ups, Heck some of them don't even bother trying hide it anymore they are just coming right and saying in public.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 03:42 AM
Awesome and informative guide, deserves a sticky really.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 04:55 AM
reply to post by SGTChas

You hit the nail on the head, Sarge. That's why I've been screaming about it not being a 'left/right' paradigm. If the partisans among us would step back and LOOK, they could see that both 'sides', both 'parties' are doing the same practical things, and both are heading to the same convergence point. They have been for some time. They do tend to promote that notion that it's 'the other side', though, through most of the news media. It keeps folks unbalanced, and gives them tunnel vision so they can't see the bigger picture.

Personally, I think the 'NWO' isn't as well organized as they're given credit for. That's both a strength and a weakness. I see it more as a loose collection of groups, ALL of whom want to be the top dawg. This promotes more infighting among themselves, but it also makes it tougher to define a target for the opposition. The one thing they all know, though, is that anyone NOT in one of those groups is the 'opposition'. That's us, folks.

When more organization begins to coalesce, it will start... correction, HAS started... on a regional basis. Right now, they seem to be implanting the idea of a world government for future implementation, but implementing regional governments i.e. European Union, North American Union, etc. Anybody have a 'Real ID' in the US? They've been issued in NC. On the back of a driver's license, there is a holographic foil 'seal' depicting the North American continent, with no borders, on a globe, as plain as day. There also appears to be a tiny rectangular raised area in the corner of the seal. I think 20 or 30 seconds in a microwave will do 'em some good. Don't try that at home kids without testing it out first. Microwaves vary in power, and it COULD create a miniature lightning bolt and a cute little black spot on you ID. Our DMV computers 'went down' for about a week last year while they were jacking into the nationwide system.

One of the things they DO have a fairly interconnected grip on is the world economy, but again, it's divided into regions. Notice how those governing regions are generally promoted initially as an 'economic partnership'? Unfortunately, they evolve politically from there. Eventually, they'll all merge into one, but subdivided into smaller, but more numerous regions, subdivided into yet smaller, but more numerous regions, etc, like a giant pyramid scheme. Where have I seen that pyramid imagery before? The 'World Government' will be a small group at the apex of the pyramid. Problem is, they'll have to figure out just which group gets to sit there, and that's a weakness.

It appears that their main weapons are the economy, partisan divisions, and just plain avarice of the people. They tell us we can 'build wealth', but take a look at where all the wealth in the US is currently going. It's not in my pocket. Is it in yours? They let us accumulate a little 'stuff', hoping we won't notice how much 'stuff' is sliding into their pockets, and the fact that we work and pay taxes to put it there. They keep the left after the right, and the right after the left, by continually switching out who appears on the top of the heap, and trying to scare the 'other' side, to keep them distracted and divided. But how much difference is there, really, in what 'this' party is doing compared to what 'that' party did? It appears to me that for the past 20 years or so, they've just taken up where the other left off, using the tools that the 'others' put into place, and ever tightening the grip. If the economy goes entirely off the rails, though, watch out. There will be more division than even the elite can direct.

I don't think the NWO is a multi-generational scheme millenia in the planning. I think it's just developed that way. Those cats at the top of the heap are not noted for their patience, but they ARE noted for taking extreme measures to hang on to what they've accumulated so far. And the accumulation just keeps growing. At some point, those 'extreme measures' will necessarily be directed at each other, to sort out who gets to sit on the peak. That point will be THEIR most vulnerable point, as it is ours now, assuming that enough people wake up to see that the false 'left/right' paradigm is indeed false. If they don't wake up, they'll just be soldiers in each group's individual cause against the rest.

The most necessary thing, IMHO, is not to let ourselves get roped into a 'collective' whose government is too centralized. Currently, this is already the situation in the US and Europe, and to a lesser extent Asia. Everyone should realize that they are a part of the 'collective' even though they are going at it with the 'other' half of the collective. Strange how there can be unity in division, isn't it? We are divided against one another, but united in all those things the elite need us to be united in, i.e. supporting their personal economies. The perceived divisions just keep folks from realizing that. Collectivism will kill us all if we let someone else force and direct the centralization of power in it. That experiment didn't work out so well in the Soviet Union or any of the other collectivist organizations that allowed power to be centralized.

I'll get off my soapbox now, before everyone falls asleep.

Slayer, you really did your homework, didn't you? Do you EVER sleep, or just catch a combat nap here and there? Between all this research, and the work you put into the Space Opera, i think you must be in motion nearly 24/7. Star, flag, and an 'A' for the effort!

nenothtu out

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 05:40 AM
I have to say that last year I was more skeptical with regards opinions on the NWO, but I am becoming more aware of a veiled threat to civil liberties, which appears to be 'systematic' and very much in lieu of 'coincidence'.

However, my main belief with regards to the NWO has been put off by those that espouse those more outlandish themes in the theory, such as mass depopulation, police state, martial law etc, and on a global basis.

One could say I am generally open minded until I read the conspiracy angle.

My take is quite simple, the NWO is globalisation compounded by the control by the few, but most importantly, ignorance of the many. Television and internet, both seen as Western symbols of freedom and democracy, are what is causing (in no small part) such ignorance in today's society. Isn't it ironic, therefore, that such freedom is being used against us for the purpose of keeping that leash tort? We therefore know what is going on without actually having knowledge of it - if that makes sense.

Therefore, I don't believe in a NWO that is a mere 'prison planet'. This serves no end and all rule through dictatorship ends, often violently. The 'cabal' rules by keeping it's head down and people (blissfully) content! That's where the profit is made and people do not live off people that are subjected to high walls and bars!!

I suppose, if you really want to control the masses, you could implement a cashless system, utilise a central World Bank and then chip people thereby controlling the information that determines the standard and well-being of their lives ... oh dear!!

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