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Swine Flu news and updates thread

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posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by jesuitsdidit

maybe they r vaccinating health care workers to pass the virus on to those with low immune systems..

posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 09:17 AM

Week 46 Sets Record Number of H1N1 US Pediatric Fatalities (11/28/09 18:29)

WHO Weather Report on Ukraine H1N1 D225G Required (11/28/09 17:10)

WHO Silence on D225G Vaccine Mismatch Confuses Media (11/28/09 15:31)

posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 09:18 AM

H1N1 swine flu mutation spreads, deaths worldwide on the rise
H1N1 swine flu mutation spreads, deaths worldwide on the rise


As health officials seek to smooth concerns over the prospect of a more voracious H1N1 swine flu mutation, evidence mounts that the mutated strain is spreading.

With the World Health Organization reporting an increase of over 1,000 swine flu deaths in one week, health officials have been grappling with public awareness of the pandemic's potency - saying the mutations do not pose any significant threat to public health.

However, with the deaths of two French patients infected by the same mutation as that recently found in Norway, there is growing evidence that the more virulent mutated strain is spreading. The two Frenchmen who were reported on Saturday to have died from the H1N1 mutation did not appear to be in communication with each other prior to their infection, and both had been hospitalized in two different cities - supporting the concern that the mutation is arriving in an organic manner from the general flu ecology. ...

...Why is it every article about the mutation of the virus, there is a line in there, saying "The Vaccine is still effective?" B.S!! It is All About the Vaccine!

One note, 80% of France's population one week ago, were against the Swine flu Vaccine, but France has been working a propaganda campaign and now the population of France is wanting the vaccine - it switched in one week's time!


Another Plague Lashes Out in Europe - Article Is From Associated Content Site 11/29/09 8:00
Another Plague Lashes Out in Europe - Article Is From Associated Content Site

This is an article from Associated Content, which if I am correct is available for MSM companies to pick up if they want. This article goes through all the information we know about already, including the spraying of Ukraine, WHO ignoring what is going on there, etc.


As if the hysteria of H1N1 influenza were not enough to alter the mood of the population, now there is another disease, more dangerous than the flu around Europe and apparently some U.S. states as well. This new threat to public health has the particularity to calcinate the lungs of those affected.

In Ukraine 1.5 million people have been infected, and thousands more are diagnosed every day. So far, preliminary numbers show that at least 300 people have died from the disease, most of them had no medical complications prior to getting the violent illness. The rapid expansion of this unknown disease may be due in part to the high density of the population in Ukraine and the fact that there is a high migration rate.

The possible causes of this new disease are discussed; one of them being the fact that many of its characteristics are similar to the 1918 Spanish Flu, which killed millions. Other scientists believe it can be a new version of pneumonic fever, due to the short time it takes to cause death.

Hundreds of residents in Kiev, complained that their neighborhoods and surrounding cities were repeatedly sprayed by planes which left dozens of chemical trails in the sky. The new disease appeared in Ukraine a few days after these cities were sprayed. Local newspapers reported that several planes flew aboveKiev, confirming what was said by the residents. ...


Fran a Reader, put together 70 Swine Flu Vaccine Stories - How it Ruined People's Lives 11/28/09 12:10pm
Fran a Reader, put together 70 Swine Flu Vaccine Stories - How it Ruined People's Lives

Thank you Fran!

Her Email to Me:

hile a few stories about adverse reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine have gotten into the mainstream media, the reality is that most mainstream media outlets are extremely hesitant to publish such stories. The general belief in the media seems to be that if they publish a story about a "rare" adverse reaction to the H1N1 vaccine, then the general public may be discouraged from taking the vaccine and more people will get sick. However, this is a totally false assumption by the media. The truth is that reports of serious adverse reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine are constantly pouring in. In addition, the pharmaceutical companies who produced these vaccines spend millions of dollars to advertise on mainstream media outlets. Do you think that the owners of those mainstream media outlets are going to do anything that will jeopardize that source of income? The truth is that the mainstream media is not going to tell you the stories of those people who have had their lives destroyed by H1N1 swine flu vaccine side effects. Since the mainstream media will not give these victims a voice, we will.

The personal H1N1 vaccine horror stories that you will read below come from comments on this blog along with stories from the following sources.....

Bird Flu Pandemic

BabyCenter Community

Miscarriage / Pregnancy Loss Blog

Health Freedom Alliance

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine, Possible Side Effects and the Potential Dangers of Squalene

Canadians for Health Freedom

Facebook Group - h1n1 Vaccine Reactions

Facebook Group - don't get the h1n1 vaccine

Facebook Group - Refusing The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine

These are stories that you will not hear in the mainstream media. The reality is that a significant number of people are being hurt by the H1N1 swine flu vaccine and people need to know.

What follows are unedited stories from victims of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine in which they share what has happened to them in their own words..... 70 testimonies ...

...#66) Sufferer:

Please do not take this flu-shot vaccination. I got one about 8 years ago and look what happened to me, I have peripheral neuropathy. It started with the arm they injected; numbness and tingling, all seemed quite harmless at first. But then it spread like a wild fire throughout my entire body, slowly but surely. Trust me, you don’t want any neurological disease, you would rather die its quite terrible. You can almost cure any part of your body except your nerves, any damage is usually irreversible and incurable.

#67) Debra Giraudo:

My son and his pregnant wife just lost their little baby. She got a swine flu vaccine and lost the baby that day. We would like to join others in a class action suit. Do you have any information?

#68. shantelle:

I Have Some Of these Side Of Affects …And i think Its Not Right Because they Didnt Tell me Anything about This..All told me Is that There Be a Some redness and Ur Arm Would Hurt…..But They Didnt Tell Me After That Bull Is Done….I’ll Start Coughing Snizzing…Feeling headachs having A Runny Nose and Sore Body…Man and even Hot and Cold Sweats NOw and Then……And i can’t Eat Sometimes….Some of those Sound Like Swine Flu Effects …What The Heck This is suppose to help me Not Get me Sick …..I got the Swine Flu Shot ...

I can post the whole article if u like, let me know J.


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posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 09:19 AM
generally i will post the latest at least once a day from 3 sites

flucase and recomb i usually just post the headlines
ukrplg i post a short summary of each article (or all if important)

posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 09:21 AM
imo the virus is in the vaccine
the vaccine will spread the virus
theyve done it before

they want to reduce the world population by 95%
and/or provide a smokescreen for the coming economic collapse by creating a situation so serious that we wont notice the collapse

its all been discussed on the icke forum

the swine flu is an engineered virus deliberately released to cause a pandemic
theyve based it on the A/H1N1 virus responsible for the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed 50-100 million which at the time was 2% of the world population
now it can spread much quicker as people travel more and faster

if u r not aware of the depopulation agenda see my posts and threads on the Icke forum

posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by jesuitsdidit

Yes, that's right, jesuitsdidit!

And I believe you are right about the depopulation agenda as well.

posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 10:29 AM
^ yes md
i was suspended on friday for calling someone a shill
altho ive been there 18 months with 6000 posts
so ive set up my own forum
but will post here till it takes off..

ive been focussing on the depop agenda for over 2 years
the swine flu is defo their creation and it appears to be mutating

ive only just started here but will get going now
i joined yday

but it seems a bit quiet
i used tobe on the Icke forum about 10 hrs a day
so need to pick up again

now ive found a better forum i'll get going n cranking out the info..

this whole game is about spreading info..

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posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 11:35 AM

FDA Stopping Any Websites Claiming To Help/Prevent Swine Flu Alternatively! 11/29/09 9:45am
FDA Stopping Any Websites Claiming To Help/Prevent Swine Flu Alternatively!

Seems like the government does not like any claims of the Swine Flu being helped on the internet. The FDA is shutting down any sites with information claiming to help the Swine Flu alternatively, besides the vaccines and Big Pharma medicine!

Wow, I wonder if someone even hints at things like: garlic, Kombucha Tea, Cinnamon, Honey, Vitamin C and D on websites as alternatives to Big Pharma medicines to help your body naturally ward off the flu, colds, WITHOUT taking any medicines or getting that Swine Flu vaccine, they want everyone to get so badly - will also be shut down?

Personally, I have had great results from using Honey - after an cut up onion had soaked in it for 24 hours as a cough medicine and helping my daughter get over a cold/flu. I also used garlic in things to help her. Wonder if that information has to be taken out?

So, I say to EVERYONE - Do NOT get the Vaccine - NOR using Big Pharma medicines - there are Ways to combat the flu naturally - I will say again - Cinnamon proved to save all the people who worked at those factories during the 1918 Spanish flu! Those people did NOT get the flu! I have purchased good quantities of Cinnamon and use it in many things now for my daughter and I to eat.


The Food and Drug Administration has found at least 20 Web sites that may be fraudulently marketing products with claims that they guard against or cure swine flu, according to the Associated Press in an article published Monday, according to the article, "Cracking Down on Swine Flu Drug Fraud." Consumers now can submit tips about possible online swine flu fraud or scam sites to the FDA at its Flu Contact site. Also see the article, "Online Gangs Sell Fake Swine Flu Drugs, Firm Warns."

Also check out the November 27, 2009 article, "Virus mutation spreads as swine flu deaths leap | AFP | MyWire." Swine flu virus mutations are spreading in Europe, French health officials said Friday as the World Health Organization reported a leap in deaths from the disease by more than 1,000 in a week. As the flu mutates, becomes deadlier, and travels around the world, there's a tendency for more cyber shopping sites online to spring up.

The FDA is concerned about various sites offering products with unproven claims. And the FDA is rebuking the sites to stop claiming flu prevent products that haven't been proven by validated scientific studies and approved specifically for flu prevention by the FDA. ...
cont 30% of article
Omaha - Trying last-ditch lung bypass for worst H1N1 cases 11/29/09 9:25am
Omaha - Trying last-ditch lung bypass for worst H1N1 cases


WASHINGTON (AP) — A technology originally developed for premature babies may be helping to save some of the sickest H1N1 flu patients by rerouting their blood so their lungs can rest.

It's a risky approach using equipment that only certain specialized hospitals have. But faced with children and young adults struggling to breathe despite ventilators has intensive-care doctors dusting off these machines, named ECMO, that they often consider last-ditch and almost never use for influenza. ... 20%


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posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 11:44 AM
latest 2

Ukraine Health Minister Tells Population - Get Ready for Measles and Rubella - Due to Your Mistrust of Vaccines! 11/29/09 8:35am
Ukraine Health Minister Tells Population - Get Ready for Measles and Rubella - Due to Your Mistrust of Vaccines!

Can't the Ukrainians get a break?! The health minister has told the population, due to them not trusting vaccines and not getting the measles or Rubella vaccine, they can expect an epidemic of those this next year to 2011. Remember, the Ukrainians have already been warned of a second wave of the "Swine Flu" by their government and WHO. Seems to me they are really trying to scare the population there into getting all kinds of vaccines!


Ministry of Health predicts the outbreak of measles and rubella in 2010-2011. Об этом в интервью газете "Урядовий кур'єр" сказал министр здравоохранения Василий Князевич. This in an interview Uriadovyi Kurier said Health Minister Vasyl Knyazevich. ...25%

Official Numbers - Ukraine 11/28/09
Official Numbers - Ukraine 11/28/09

1,802,805 SICK


422 DEAD





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posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 03:18 PM

Originally posted by jesuitsdidit

Can't the Ukrainians get a break?! The health minister has told the population, due to them not trusting vaccines and not getting the measles or Rubella vaccine, they can expect an epidemic of those this next year to 2011. Remember, the Ukrainians have already been warned of a second wave of the "Swine Flu" by their government and WHO. Seems to me they are really trying to scare the population there into getting all kinds of vaccines!

That's quite funny when just two weeks back the Ukraine Minister for Health said she would not be getting vaccinated against H1N1, but would be using garlic and onions to ward it off like most Ukranians.

I wonder if vaccine companies could be running a Mafia-type "protection racket".
- "Pay up for the vaccine or we'll make sure your population gets a Really nasty variety of this disease."

posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 05:18 PM

Originally posted by jesuitsdidit
reply to post by jesuitsdidit

maybe they r vaccinating health care workers to pass the virus on to those with low immune systems..
I dont know if thats what they are trying to do but thats what will happen.

posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 09:48 PM
Anti H1N1 vaccine group were right and they win
Look at this news story.

Dr. Richard Schabas, Ontario's former chief medical officer, "shakes his head" about money spent on the global H1N1 panic because it fails to meet pandemic criteria for illness and deaths. And there will be no third wave, he said.

this a bit shocking.

hich we have seen, he said. However, H1N1 is not causing the high levels of illness and death that would be expected of a pandemic as compared with seasonal flu.

that we should react to evidence, not to fear." As well, the SARS crisis was in Canada only while the H1N1 panic is global.

So what he said in the end was that all this H1N1 flu nonsense wasnt has big as the seasonal flu is, also those people who have died from the so called H1N1 flu was not swine flu at all but rather some severe reaction to the seasonal flu, lets remember hospitals are now covering up

the seasonal flu as H1N1 flu so you really cant trust the media for information on what the person might have died from.

Its also worth noting that after a few days of sharp critics on how or why the flu was hyped the canadian politician health minster Leona Aglukkaq
said the following

"It's not over, the pandemic is not over," said federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, who got her H1N1 flu shot Friday. "The more Canadians that receive the vaccine, the less people will be sick. It's a see-saw effect and I would really strongly encourage Canadians to get the vaccine."

Noticed how desperately the elties are trying to convic the citizens?
and are repeating the key words (its not over, its not over, pandemic)

Tell me what do you think.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 06:42 PM
It is secondary infection that kills and that can come in many ways.The thing that worries me is that h1n1 may very well be with us for a very long time and it is there year long not like seasonal flu.Over the years the deaths will add up I think that is its purpose.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 10:14 AM
I just moved across the country from vancouver to Ontario, grabbed a job at a local crap job to find that 5 people in my training class were infected, 3 were hospitalized and 2 were not. In short the entire workplace has been hit hard.

Seems that the average person will get h1 and it will seem like a regular flu. Some people get it and experience symptoms of flu for weeks. It will go away then come back a few times.

In my case it cycled around for about 5 weeks - off and on I'd get fever and sore throat but nothing really bad. It would clear up for a few days then start all over again.

By the end of the 8th week being sick off an on I finally ended up with Pneumonia.

The American company my employer represents, has made it clear that missing work will result in written warnings X2 then the third results in termination.

Even with a doctor's note stating the reason.

The main reason these viruses take hold is partly because people simply cannot take a week off of work to rehab, employers need them at work and disregard basic health of ALL employees. Pressure at work to not miss time is a huge problem and sadly many jobs really are on the line.

Do you go to work still sick and spread the viruses some more or do you stay home and rest until you're all clear?

So I am the sort to take the week to recover, my employer can kiss my arse if they don't like it. Trouble is I get back to work feeling better only to be reinfected by the 300+ people who DO NOT stay home when they're sick.

Lose lose for everyone, employers included.

Is the economy so bad that the all mighty bottom line takes precedence over the health of the workforce producing the profits?

The H1N1 is overblown for the most part. The average person has an immune system that will fight it sufficiently. People like me who suffer from asthma are at risk, as are others with more chronic health problems. My co-workers put my health in jeopardy by coming in sick. As I would to them if I came in sick...

If you're sick..say home and rest. If we all did this the reality is that most of these "pandemics" would not occur.

If you have an arse for an employer, make sure you document every visit to doctor or hospital - when you miss a few days due to flu / cold / illness in general.

At any rate...wash your damn hands! Cough into you damn arm not your hands! And if you absolutely cannot afford to stay home and insist on going to work sick and contagious have the decency to try to keep your germs to yourself...warn people around you so they can avoid you like the walking plague you are ;P

Edited to add: no I refuse to get "flu" shots. I truly believe they are bullshyte. I firmly believe that even with the vacination, with so much exposure at my workplace to the virus and it's mutations I would have ended up sick regardless.

I trust vaccinations not one bit for a number of reasons and personal experiences.

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posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 03:02 PM
HOUSTON, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- The A/H1N1 flu was widespread in only 25 U.S. states last week, mostly in the northeast and southwest, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Friday.

"Twenty-five states reported geographically widespread influenza activity, 17 states reported regional influenza activity, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and six states reported local influenza activity, and Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and two states reported sporadic influenza activity," the CDC said on its website.

In late October, 48 U.S. states were reporting widespread A/H1N1 flu activity. But since then, there's been a decline across the country, causing some experts to believe that a fall wave of A/H1N1 flu infections has peaked.

Meanwhile, "visits to doctors for influenza-like illness (ILI) nationally decreased again this week over last week," the CDC saidi n its latest report, adding that it is the fifth consecutive week of national decreases in ILI after four consecutive weeks of sharp increases.

The A/H1N1 flu pandemic has so far hit in two waves in the United States. The first wave was in the spring and the second started in the late summer and reached its height at the end of October when the CDC alarmed the nation that 48 states were having widespread flu activities when production delays continued to hamper distribution of the A/H1N1 flu vaccine across the country.

The remarkable downtrend in the past four weeks has caused some experts to conclude that the second wave of A/H1N1 pandemic had peaked.

"The peak clearly has passed," said Ira Longini, a statistician at the University of Washington in Seattle who advises the U.S. government on flu.

Even CDC officials are considering the possibility, but in a more discreet way.

"We are beginning to see some declines in influenza activity, but there is still a lot of influenza everywhere," said Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC.

However, flu is hard to predict and some U.S. health officials say they are worried of the possibility of a third wave this winter.

"We don't know how likely a future wave of A/H1N1 influenza is this year, but we do know that the more people that are vaccinated, the less likely we will have more spread in the coming months," Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC, told a press conference on Friday.

He advised Americans to get vaccinated, saying that vaccination is the best way to protect people against the new virus and all the data so far on the safety of the vaccine is "reassuring."

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 03:12 PM
WARSAW, Poland — Poland is standing alone against the swine flu, as one of the only European Union member states to refuse to place orders for the H1N1 virus vaccine because of the health minister's concerns about its safety.

But now the country’s human rights ombudsman is threatening the health minister, Ewa Kopacz, with prosecution unless she moves on the vaccine.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 03:15 PM
No one seems to know how severe the swine flu epidemic will be, leaving the Egyptian government scrambling to respond. Thousands of parents have been left clueless as the number of infections and fatalities increases and the Ministry of Health has announced it may close schools nationwide if cases of pneumonia and H1N1 continue to rise.

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 06:23 PM
New York Autopsies Show 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus Damages Entire Airway.

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 06:34 PM
A sample from a Utah swine flu patient has been analyzed, and shows the same H1N1 mutation found in Ukraine and other locations around the world. This mutation of the pandemic A H1N1 swine flu virus, the receptor binding domain change of D225G, is associated with lung hemorrhaging and resistance to the swine flu vaccine.

H1N1 mutation: D225G

The H1N1 mutation that affects the receptor binding domain D225G causes the swine flu virus to attach to cells deep in the lungs. This can cause severe illness, including lung hemorrhaging. The D225G RBD has been found in cases of swine flu in Ukraine, Brazil, and other locations around the world. Symptoms of bleeding in the lungs have been identified here in the United States.

It's possible that more cases exist, but the type of sample taken during testing may limit the number of cases identified. Swine flu samples are typically taken with a swab of the inside of the nasal passage, while the D225G strain would be found in lung tissue. The severity of H1N1 Influenza infections in Ukraine has been closely linked to the D225G RBD change, as well. ing-lung-hemorrhaging

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 05:37 PM
Doctors query ability of Tamiflu to stop severe illness.

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