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The Lightworkers are being decieved

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 02:47 PM
Hi all.

This thread very much interests me as I for one have always been under the belief that there are much more active "dark forces" out there than people think.

One of the things that always amazes me is when Christians deny that Satan and his followers can actually effect events in this world, be that directly or just by infulence. If you infact read the Bible there are many accounts of him doing just that!

Unfortunatly I have not had any "direct" experiances of this kind of malevolent force in my life, something for which I count myself lucky. But I am always interested in learning something more about what's out there.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 05:17 PM

Originally posted by LDragonFire
LGM make no mistake, The universe makes no mistakes. The balance between the Light and the Dark must be maintained even though the Dark always tries to alter this. You are obviously being targeted, but the purpose is still unclear to me as to why.

I fully understand why.

This war has been raging for eons.

I have this Omega energy in me I have since birth. Everything I enter I end it full stop. I fight the fire, and will keep it from consuming mankind this time.

I am being targeted because the old world is fighting to survive and keep its control.

I know I have laid down the gauntlet. What they have not realized yet is the sleeper has awakened. The dark sun will not rise.

So all the sun worshipers stop waking up at sunrise to see it.

Balance will return this year.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 06:09 PM

Originally posted by LDragonFire
Im both Light and Dark, a Tiger can't deny it's stripes but I know the universe is working in everyone lives and there is a power that is mine and will balance me, she will complete me and it is what the universe demands and it doesn't make mistakes. I have surrendered to this truth and have achieved a certain level of peace, but until the union actually occurs there will be no pacts between dragons and men.

How is this pact going to benefit man?

Sorry if my last post seemed cryptic I am busy making dinner.

I am making some of my famous (it should be famous) secret recipe Tilapia. Mmmmm yummy.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 12:21 AM
Perhaps it's just me, but I'm quite confused

I tried to follow this thread but it all just seems so cryptic, yet i'm rather interested. Could someone perhaps clarify?

So far, what I've gathered is that you're being followed by "nagas" and seduced by women, and somehow this ties in with Nazi cults and their spinoff organizations?

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by Seanbomber

Those that are in the know understand.

I need a break and 37 stitches.

Edit: I had to remove that music video, the visual was not the one I wanted, just the song.

This one is depressing visual. I embedded the other one then came back and saw it was not what I meant.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by Seanbomber

It is very hard to explain what might be happening here.

There is such an ongoing sequence of events and it is next to impossible to lay them out in a cohesive manner to explain and show the pattern.

But suffice to say.............There seems to be a coordinated effort to dis empower the OP.

As far as the tie in with the Nazi occult belief system, my understanding isn't that it is a direct tie, but perhaps similar to the occult practices known by the Thule/Vril society which was used by them to gain the power they sought and implemented.

I think it may even tie in with many cult like happenings you may have seen with different groups that followed Mdm. Blavatsky and the Great White Brotherhood.

There are many schools still following these principles and I will leave it to the individual to discern what is useful and adds to personal empowerment and what steals from the individual.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by interestedalways

Good points my friend.

There seems to be a coordinated effort to dis empower the OP.

Yes it seems so doesn't it? You have been there the entire time seeing it happen.

Most people live a mundane life and do not try and realize the spiritual level of existence. Some realize this existence but do not go deep enough. Some go deeper but see it with blinders or rose colored glasses. Some choose the path of the Shaman/healer.

The first group does not shine any light on the astral plane. The second is like a lit match. The third like a candle. The forth are like a flashlight.

Then some choose the spiritual path of the Shaman/Warrior. This is the path I have taken.

This path is seen on the astral like a burning sun. It then attracts the negative of the astral and those of that vibration try and quench it...kill it.

There are a lot of followers of the lower astral and they have fooled themselves into believing they are of the light. Some have cult like groups, one of these groups actually call themselves The Society of Light. The leader of this group has a doorbuster prize he lures them in with. He claims to be working from the heart chakra and then twists it all to lower the group down to the root chakra.

This group lets in discarnate into themselves and become walk-ins. That is where your soul either takes the back burner and lets the walk-in take control of the vessel or the soul will leave entirely and let the discarnate wlk-in take over completely.

This group believes these discarnate soul are of the light. They are not they are of the lower astral.

What is after me is not this goofy cult group. I have been under attack way before I ever heard of them. What wants me is the discarnates that this group lets take them over. A discarnate is a spirit that is not incarnated into the physical and may not be able to in the case of these to do this from the natural birth process. They are not yet of a higher enough level to do this.

The serpent represents knowledge without the higher vibrational energy of the advanced human soul. It is a dark energy without light. It is almost anti-light...the dark sun.

It is all pretty hard to put into words because I do not fully understand it myself.

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 06:14 PM
Something you have said about this cult being on ATS actively recruiting is very interesting from a personal point of view, something I became of about 6 weeks ago, the first time in many moons whereby I was not aware of it in its infancy.

I was somewhat surprised by how close this came to my presence before I knew. Not an issue from that day and will never be again

Something I feel the OP should think about here, a tiny bit of advise and I am not preaching or teaching, but speak truth.

It is best to not talk about it further. To give any information, especially formulating thoughts and ideas before we type, any type of energy further to this. Let it/them go.

Are you aware of Tulpa's ?

If so why create them even if the epheral or give them power?

Also it is very good to be aware of when the events are actually manifestations of your own Psyche, your own emanations as apposed to any others. until you have totally cleaned your own sub conscious you can never be sure.

Also though I respect Shamanism very much, If we look at a tree, starting from the crown, and the rots, mother earth as the "The Source" "The Light" "one" etc, do be aware that at the last branch/trunk on their journey to full emancipation and enlightenment are sidetracked and follow the branch their. All the experiences and, guides, powers etc are sure signs you are getting close to the root, but if you follow that path you go horizontally away as such from the true path, the true aim. And usually so close as well.

Ignore them/it, protect yourself, do not get sucked into giving all your energy to fighting, battling and protecting from Lower vibrations as such, there are multidudes that can never be vanquished and will pop from the void spawn as they are fought anyhow.

Protect, through as you said the eightfold path, 5% of practise being to protect. 95% on fighting your OWN demon of ignorance, get back on the trunk /road/path to the source.

There is no battle to fight except against yourself really, many many many distractions on the way though.

Live the Now, you are focusing on the past to much, it/they/ whatever have gone/happened is no more, you can nothing to change it. You are feeding them by thinking and labelling yourself on past events.

  • NOW

  • LOVE

  • FOLLOW THE PATH to Controlling your own mind only.

    Love and Light


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  • posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 08:34 PM
    reply to post by MischeviousElf

    Thank you Elf I appreciate the advice. I do understand and have been on the crossroads many times. I am not a new to this...there is much more to it and I am not right now fighting for myself bit someone else. I cannot say too much more then that except this thread is more tutorial than anything else.

    I am also serving notice to this cult that is they do keep going after this other person I will take them to the depths and leave them stranded with no way out.

    I let others do bad Karma first and as a warrior my place is not to take part in hurting my karma...but to accelerate there bad Karma. Kind of like a High priest cop if you will.

    There are more than just lower astrals involved. Most new age thinking refuses to acknowledge this and it was the only way to be on the same ground to speak eye to eye. All energy has many facets.

    The ultimate light does have the ultimate dark. Make no mistake about that and it is putting the world out of balance. Non of us know the ultimate truth to say that any of us do is to be in delusion because if we did we would not be here in the physical.

    I am taking on the heat to get it off my friend. I am in the realm of Knowing don't worry about that. I know exactly what I am doing.

    This Coyote is wily and a trickster...they have no idea what direction I am taking them. I have the ability to spin light and dark. I am a true Hedgerider one foot firmly planted in this world and the other firmly planted in otherworld.

    Thank you though for your concern.

    Edit to add:

    I appreciate the love and light, but that's not how it works. You cannot have light without casting shadows.

    Love light and shadows,

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    posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 11:12 PM
    Great thread OP

    I agree with many things you said.

    Starred and Flagged

    posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 06:48 PM
    Somewhere in my travels looking at some of the ideas and implications within this thread I discovered a new word I had intended to follow up on.

    That word was/is Tulpa...............

    Just so happens I was playing with key words that I thought were completely unrelated and I found the wiki link for Tulpa.

    I grabbed a paragraph from that and it is this......

    Areas of intense Fortean phenomena are called window areas. Many of them were places of former religious importance that have now waned or fallen from use. Could the worship or occult use of an area over hundreds of years create a sort of artificial life form? Something that fed on the worship. When the worship is taken away the "thing" still needs to feed. It now feeds by creating fear with paranormal manifestations.

    Another idea is that they are a massive, collective, sub-conscious, thought form. The thought form or tulpa is said to be a 3-D semi solid image created by the power of the mind.

    Buddhist llamas [sic] in Tibet are said to be able to summon up tulpas during intense meditation. Western explorer Dame Alexandra [David-Néel] was said to have created a tulpa of a monk whilst studying in Tibet.

    Polish medium Franek Klusk was said to have summoned up huge cats, birds, and even ape-men during séances. Perhaps, considering the types of beast he called up, he was creating tulpas.

    If individuals can create tulpas imagine what the collective, gestalt mind of humanity as a species could do. Perhaps dragons are a giant worldwide thought form emanating from our innermost fears.

    Here is another bit from the link headed as Spiritual lineage, I found it a bit long, but am including it anyway.

    Jansen (1990: p.7-8) in her treatise on singing bowls relates the experience that David-Néel narrated in her book Tibet, Bandits, Priests and Demons:

    When she entered the temple of the Bön monastery of Tesmon, the service that was being conducted was rudely interrupted. While a lama was busy with a kyilkhor, a magic diagram, and sacred cakes, called tormas, one of her bearers entered the temple, clearly indicating that he was not very impressed by the sacred rituals. He was ordered away by the monks. Objecting and cursing violently he insulted the lamas by shouting out that the tormas were only made of momo dough (bread dough).

    Then, as the man came forward, the bonpo[18] grasped a chang, [19] which was standing next to him, and swung it around. Strange, savage sounds filled the room with a tidal wave of vibrations that pierced my ears. The disrespectful peasant screamed and staggered back with his arms held up as though he was warding off something threatening. 'Get out', the lama repeated again. The other bearers grabbed their friend and rushed out of the temple, greatly disturbed. Bong! Bong! continued the drum. The accompanying bonpo returned unpurturbed, sat in front of the kyilkhor, and continued the muffled singing and chanting. What had happened? I hadn't noticed anything, except for that extraordinary sound. I went outside and asked my bearers. The troublemaker who had disturbed the sacred ritual had lost his bravado. 'It was a snake. I tell you', he said, nodding to the others who sat around him. 'A snake of fire came out of the chang.' 'What? Did you really see a snake of fire?' I asked. 'Is that why you recoiled?' 'Didn't you see it?' they replied. 'It came out of the chang when the lama beat upon it.' 'You must have dreamt it,' I said. 'I didn't see anything.' 'We didn't see the snake, but we did see flashes of light shoot out of the chang,' the other bearers interjected. In fact, they had all been witnesses to a miracle.

    Later David-Néel questions the bonpo that emanated the thoughtform, and the bonpo affirmed:

    That it was the power of the zoung[21] that I cast,' declared the lama emphatically. Speaking more softly he said: 'The sound creates shapes and beings..[.]the sound inspires them

    Though Alice Bailey may have been inspired (and comparable to a tertön), her collaborative work with Djwal Khul, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, that evocatively described the process for working with thoughtforms, is not formally recognised by the Himalayan dharmic traditions. Thoughtform are not only the energetic phantasmagoria of our consciousness and mindstream, either intentional or unconscious, but may also constitute an emotional filter (refer trance, NLP) or lens that shapes the play of our phenomenal experience; as per the incisive quotation of Bailey et. al.(1951: p.489) in A Treatise on White Magic:

    I would advise anyone that finds this interesting to look at the entire article, and I will leave you with this last quote.

    "A thought-form can also act as a poisoning agent, and poison all the springs of life....A violent dislike, a gnawing worry, a jealousy, a constant anxiety, and a longing for something or someone, may act so potently as an irritant or poison that the entire life is spoilt, and service is rendered futile. The entire life is embittered and devitalized by the embodied worry, hatred and desire....and is held back by the poison in his [sic.[24]] mental system. His vision becomes distorted, his nature corroded, and all his relationships impeded by the wearing, nagging thoughts which he himself embodies in form and which have a life so powerful that they can poison him."

    This does reinforce what Mischievous Elf implied by suggesting to not give it more energy by thinking on it.

    Wiki link to Tulpa

    Edit to add: Emphasis and italics by me.

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    posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 10:30 PM
    Thought forms...Tulpa...intent...bringing bad energy in is all very basic occult 101. Most people of the occult get information from books. I too have read them all but I get mine from experiences no one I have met have ever had.

    It is why my OP was written the way it was.

    Elf has some wise words but they came from a few different authors one would be Christopher Penczak. The entire post was taken from his teachings. I respset Chis Penczak but he has not experienced the things I have either.

    Beside have had a lover that is a true Skinwalker and doing some intense deep otherworld work the intensity of things I ahve only told you interstedalways that have nothing to do with my ex lover the Skinwalker are more than hair raising.

    I know you are a very grounded earth sign and you awlays ground yourself I then have to remind you of my life's path with Odin. Remember?

    I have learned from experience not from what other new age people have written. I don't care what Buckland says or Penszak, Moura, and the hundreds of others I have read.

    You want to know who comes damn close? Crowley and Wait have skimmed the surface.

    Remember the synchronicity of anne's spell she wants me to cast? I will not go into detail but please I dont need the thread derailed into airy fairy hippy dippy run of the mill new age crap.

    I go by my experience and my own personal "Book of Shadows"

    I just wanted to give fair warning to others.

    If you google "Crowley LAM" you get a bunch of new age alien sites thinking the LAM is an alien because of Crowley's portrait of it. Who's initials in real life on this board is LAM? The same person that suggested that spell to me the other day...remember IA what we are really talking about here. Try not to lose focus.

    Even after all these years of talking to you about these things you only have a slight fraction of it IA. I am a bit lazy in typing and would need to write a 400 page book to explain and I am not going to do that. I will give hints and bits of info so others are more aware.

    "I have seen the anti-Christ and he scared me" ~Adolph Hitler

    He was not talking about the Christian anti-Christ. He is talking about the anti-Christos...Jesus was not the Son of God he was the Sun of God. This is a big hint.

    Edit to add: I think this thread has run its course.

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    posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 09:58 AM
    reply to post by LoneGunMan

    The ego vs. a gift or a curse. Great mystical power is thrust onto certain individuals, it's nothing to brag about as it is a curse more than a gift, it is a great burden and in most cases not wanted. The only case I know on where it was taken on willingly was in the case of Jesus Christ and it was his love that was his motivation.

    LGM you seem to be gullible when it comes to women, and it could be the jest of what is happening, if they don't love you the way you think they should or if they leave you, does not a naga make.

    You mention Omega energy and Odin, I have no idea why you would mention these things unless it is driven by your own ego, or its the mental image you have of yourself. Yet with such power, you still don't seem to be able to "see", and to speak of your power or the source makes you weak as all powers have a counter, and you have let yourself wide open for any attack that you know is coming. You would not show your cards in a game of poker or tell what your next move in chess, but you have done just that.

    You need to find balance, or frankly you are doomed.

    I don't want these gifts, I just want to live my life with my family and friends, I don't want to have dreams, I just want to walk away. But in the end Gods Will will be done, and surrendering to this, will bring strength and peace and clear vision, even if he needs to give you proper motivation.

    God has a purpose for us all, surrender to it, or fall. It will be the most difficult thing you have ever done.

    posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 04:17 PM
    reply to post by interestedalways

    Hi InterestedAlways,

    I was following some of your reading and noticed the reference to Tupla and NLP/Hypnosis... I'm wondering if its a derivative of Tuple...

    In NLP you have what is called the Four-Tuple which is a representational system to indicate the given senses utilized during an experience of consciousness.

    Smelling and looking at a rose.

    You may remember the sound of your grandma's voice, and feel comfort and secure.

    The Four Tuple would be Ve, Ki, Ai, Oe

    V=Visual K=Kinesthetic A=Auditory O=Olfactory

    The external visualization caused an internal feeling of comfort as you had an internal auditory presentation of grandma's voice which was enhanced by the external smell of the flower.

    Each experience a person has can be labeled as a Pattern with a 4Tuple attached to indicate its environmental factors that have decided its internal functions with the mind. A person can then change those 4tuples by using key words that replace some of the elements, like if the person then visualizes a picture of Grandma in her mind then the 4tuple changes to Vi, Ki, Ai, Oe.. So the visual element is now using an eidetic image or remembered. This will usually be accompanied with the person turning the eyes up to the left. Eyes up and to the right will usually indicate constructing images, this can also be seen as defocusing the eyes.

    As you change each part of the representational system in the persons 4tuple, you have gained somewhat of a control of the person's unconscious processes and this allows you to further pattern or pace this person by changing words to guide the person ideas into another representation.

    So, if someone always said things like.. "I like what I see." "That looks nice". "I find dark colors awful." "Do you see what I'm saying?"

    This is a visual person frequently using words that indicate sight, imagined or remembered. see, looks, dark, see

    If we want to further take control of this person we can use a change of 4tuple to gain some of that by changing her visuals to auditory.. with statements like

    "I hear the same thing". "It makes me think quiet". "That is quite a loud color" "I heard you and voice the same."

    Not the greatest examples but you see that you have changed the persons visual representation to auditory and then you can proceed to another and each time along with certain commands you can take a control over the person.

    It sounds like this is what they are talking about to a point... I had my ideas that NLP may have been derived from Baileys studies and some of her links but looks like you may have confirmed it.

    Some of the other accessing cues for eyes in case your interested are

    Eyes Horizontal Right = Auditory construct (making up a song)
    eyes Horizontal Left = Auditory Tape Loops(remembering a song)
    Eyes Down Left = Auditory Tonal(Could be Internal or external sound)
    Eyes Down Right = Kinesthetic (Feelings)\

    It does go quite extensive into the ability to change consciousness and the person's 'Model of the world' . I really didn't like this part of NLP because it was just so confusing at times. A good book to find some of the ways to use it is in "Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, MD. Volume 2"... by Grinder, DeLozier and Bandler....

    Seems your Vril may be using a little mind control... as if we didn't know ...

    Coinky ???


    posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 12:25 AM
    reply to post by LDragonFire

    Do not tread on unfamiliar ground dude.

    I have done nothing but try and open the eyes of ignorance and I am not going to even try and keep going further because I was trying to explain something that most cannot fathom.

    You wrote this because someone took your comment off their profile. Now you are lashing out at me.

    That is not MY burden it is yours. Dont live a life in bondage to your own ego when you do not understand what you have not experienced.

    posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 12:29 AM
    I before E except after C.

    Not counting science

    posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 09:20 AM

    Originally posted by LoneGunMan
    reply to post by LDragonFire

    Do not tread on unfamiliar ground dude.

    All my life I have played with fire and knifes, and have been burned and cut many times. I will tread where I wish, when I wish.

    I have done nothing but try and open the eyes of ignorance and I am not going to even try and keep going further because I was trying to explain something that most cannot fathom.

    I agree this is a struggle to make people "See" The world does a wonderful job distracting people, just look what you have written on these pages, you don't think you have been distracted? You don't think you have been Fooled You don't think you are being kept from the Light?

    You wrote this because someone took your comment off their profile. Now you are lashing out at me.

    I made my opinions on this matter to this person in question before the comment thing. Nothing has changed, I just thought I would share them with you directly as this is my nature.

    That is not MY burden it is yours. Dont live a life in bondage to your own ego when you do not understand what you have not experienced.

    You have made statements that members on ATS are Nagas and they are attacking you. I say it could only be one of two things.

    1 You are being hunted by ATS Nagas.

    2 You just have women problems.

    Oh and the flow of information Zeems to travel upstream as well, whY I guess it's just human nature to be this way.

    I have been here a long time and have seen hoaxs on these boards before of all shapes and sizes. So now it comes to the Nagas right here on ATS, can you even come close to proving this?

    Here are some links that will help out.
    The D-Ego (Digital Ego)
    possible naga attacks? You decide.
    Wicked Game
    I reach out from the inside
    The Game
    The Gravity of Love
    Official Announcement

    Now betrayal from a woman has nothing to do with the supernatural and I have not seen nor been provided with any information that would make me feel otherwise. Again I urge you to find balance, with balance comes clarity of thought and understanding. Really the way people are we don't need any monsters in the closet.

    posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 09:21 AM
    I Have to say this.
    This ATS site is home to some really dangerous mind affecting bodies of people I have ever come across on the internet. The society the OP speaks about stands out as one of the most deceptively manipulating.

    posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 03:40 PM

    Originally posted by LoneGunMan
    "I have seen the anti-Christ and he scared me" ~Adolph Hitler

    You know, it is funny that you should mention this... He is also quoted as saying that he had seen the "mighty men" and that they "struck fear into his heart."

    posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 06:59 PM
    Having just skimmed this again quickly, I must apoligise for not checking my post before pressing submit, ATS Time is very very short for me at the moment. Again sorry for any spelling, gramah issues in this reply.

    But will add 5 mins here NOW! lol

    This brings in something to add to my reply to IE below, and to add to Alltied togethers very important additions to,

    Life is short. Could be gone tomorrow, you may be dead whilst I post, or I when you read this.....

  • NOW

  • Correct view and handling of NOW

    Is wisdom and enlightenment.

    reply to post by interestedalways

    Thank you as always interested for expanding the wisdom or absolute truth of my main thrust

    As most know I am very cautious of what I put out there, and signpost for the really interested but never fully reveal on somewhere like ATS certain things.

    reply to post by AllTiedTogether

    Extremely good interjections,

    OLD wisdom new and repackaged sold = NLP

    A Buddha, A Taoist Master, and an Daoist master were once seen all standing at a river bank in a circle laughing together after having just emerged from a forest.

    The were laughing as someone had just walked past, who had not seen them emerge from the forest, and told them not to go into the forest as it was full of the most dangerous and massive amounts of Human Blood Liking Tigers.

    They had not noticed the tigers until told this.

    ALL look into

    One Taste

    Another example, same teaching different version that shows this, an ancient Indian Mahittsatva had just spent 20 years in retreat in a cave chanting the name of God, and meditating on God being all.

    He left the retreat and an wild hungry Tiger was by the mouth of the cave. all looked on astonished as it lay by his feet and he sat down and stroked his new pet kitten/cat purring, as he tickled it beneath its chin.

    All was God in his view, thought, BELIEF/FAITH and therefore naturally is so.

    there is nothing that can obscure the light I send, matter is needed to block light and create the shadow, My light is not on the material plane anyhow, or I would be a Star and not typing this

    Though not on the material plane this light can affect the vibrations that hold together the lower vibrations or holders for form that come from the formless.

    Though if you think as you so strongly believe, the opposite of this then much shadows will be cast in any work practise you do.

    You cant put a square peg in a round hole.... except if the square peg is smaller(lower vibration) than the round hole lol.

    No disrespect what you soo strongly are sure of ARE mainly self created, though some are not as such to. However how can you know the facts of this until you know where your own mind starts and ends? And this is ony known when enlightened, which is why I say ignore all this until you can be of sufficient lack of ignorance and amount of wisdom to know what is the case.

    Until then, protect and IGNORE RELAX and stop feeding the trolls (tulpa's) lol.

    To say my post came from a book I have not even read is both flattering and bizarre lol,

    There is nothing NEW AGE about anything I say, and just this weekend I received a teaching that has unbroken lineage going back at least 700 years orally. I will not say more on it, though I promise with all my heart this is the case, and it is a very positive teaching/empowerment nothing dark etc.

    I don't do new age. I am not a Parrot repeating words without knowing what they mean

    OP really you are creating many of your own problems, and feeding those external to yourself and internal. You can play space invaders for the rest of your short life and keep getting new ufo's appearing to fight, or learn the programming language and make a new game with no enemies, or even if they are there it does not affect your experience and therefore reality of it.

    You are smearing honey on yourself on each battle and walking into a ant infested territory daily, adding more honey and walking further into the ants forest.

    OP if you have the true sort of abilities you seem to profess, and I caution all here there is a very bad Karma to claiming powers etc one does not have, it is a real block to them every actually developing, so instead of it taking a few years of hard work for a virtue/power it may never be realised in this life....

    anyhow OP you seem to be very, if as described by yourself, stuck and confused as follows:
    Rupa Dyhana - as you seem to want to battle
    which leads to
    and then to
    abhijna - the state of ability you seem to confess.

    This is confusing to me as the basic building block of that sort of state is not present from your descriptions, tone, words and descriptions.

    So unless you have managed to Hack the VERY WELL tried and tested system with many ten of thousands of results, recorded in ancient history nothing new age here, and for thousands of years across varying schools of both Atman as in Hindu and Non Atman as in Buddhism mind control and training, well unless you have done that, you are having a very active imagination life, or are being influenced correctly as you say from afar, though the whole idea of you battling and such like with them is part of the illusion being cast on you, part of the enrgy trap.

    These thoughts battles you are having are sticky and dense and attract more of them to them, as I am sure you know?

    I also don't see this dichotomy you seem to have within your own mind on Shamanism, it is in totality, across the world for 80,000 years ofr more a path of LOVE and HEALING and the Warrior aspect is only in relation to ones one mind and inner demons...

    Anyhow to leave some advise for us all to take from a very experienced shaman indeed, and I see no battle with him, just lots of LOVE and LIGHT, his love and joy is palpable, he is a true Shaman and representive of many tribes and hugely respected in Native and Shaministic cultures....

    I bow down before his wisdom and knowledge of all these matters more than me on what the OP discusses I hope he clarifies the situation for many out there.

    OODLES of light and love to all who read this post, may you be blessed with a happy and loving mind and heart free from any fear.


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