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The Lightworkers are being decieved

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by headlightone

Check your U2U's please.


posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by headlightone

Just to tell you an old story as you seem to have added me to your "respected foes" etc as well, and in relation to the issues that prompted this thread.

only engage if you sense true divinity

The Buddha was once travelling through a region and the local magician or holy man jester heard of him. He became angry as he had the local landowners and rich mans attention prior to this, in all things spiritual, even though he was infact not at at all on the right path.

He was jelous as he new he would never have the true divinity the Buddha had, so he went one day, as he was thinking of this all the time, the obsession in his mind growing, and emotions etc stronger and stronger, he went to the Buddha and started abusing him. Calling him all sorts of bad things, shouting at him, cursing him and such like.

The Buddha looked on and seeing the men's heart and knowing his true state and feelings, just sat and seemed to have great love and compassion for this man. not rebuking him, but allowing him to carry on until he left.

One of the Buddha's disciples came to him and said "why did you let this man speak to you so, why did you accept this critisism and lies"

The Buddha said he never actually accepted it, but also did not want the man to suffer anymore by rebuking him or proving him wrong and continued to say

If my brother, someone came and gave you a present, but you refused to accept the present, then who would it belong to?

The disciple of the buddha said

Well the person who tried to give it

There is much wisdom in this in relation to a lot of the issues that this thread was raised for as well, and for all of us to take on board

Love and Light

May all who read this be of happy mind, live in the NOW and be free from fear and overflowing with true love


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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

That was really nice Elf.

It is cool how you are attempting to bring this into a place of healing rather than harming.

Love to you, the giver of the gift.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by interestedalways

Thank you,

A true Healer or warrior only fights for what is RIGHT, to regain Balance and not out of any personal involvement or gain.

Otherwise they are a mercenary or magician not warrior or healer

Equanimity is needed to be able to do this properly.

Not to you IE but those who it is will know and crypicts aside, I am not sure if you have noticed something in this thread, that I am beginning to peice together from the comments and such like:

I am realising something now, about this situation and thread and the poem about the players gave me much insight, as well as some glimpses in meditation and healing, behind the scenes with no involvement or personal knowledge of the ins and outs of what it appears has been transpiring.

I thought from a scant piece of info I never asked for or looked for a few days ago,a member I respected had been as this thread points out a victim of a spiritual or psychic problem/attack or emotional reaction to a previous situation.

I dont do politics etc, I have as many know been on ATS a long time and just contribute to keep the quality good, and support Love Truth and advancement of all humans and life.

I alluded in a previous post with the youtube link, and I must stress this I went to some considerable lengths to HEAL the situation. I think though maybe the wool was pulled over my eyes from some glimses ive had and thats all I will say, as to what i have seen and on what plane

For all to know my name on ATS wont be dragged into this, I wont post on this thread again.

People often dont want solutions because it takes away their power, i.e. why do many with very bad childhoods (I had one to!) lead with that so we know about it upon meeting them, and if a solution is offered they shun it?

It takes away their energy manipulation and poor me syndrome.

I feel maybe solutions are not wanted here by some of the "players" as the poem stated.

I must add though BALANCE will take place in the situation, and I am afraid the work I have done, in innocence and not in written word or spoken to any member or human, to cause that may be not quite what is expected by those who cried wolf.

BALANCE has to now come to pass in the sexual attachments, and love attatchments and relationships of the person I tried to help. Sorry for any boomerang over the coming weeks, and in ways that no one could expect, just serendipity and coincidences etc.

If you want the spots to be still be there don't go to the doctor for antibiotics.

Many speak much and claim much on ATS, I have given more info on this sort of thing than any other post in ATS as you know I am usually very unforthcoming. This to will come to pass and probably has started already.

To clear up any views of involvement beyond what it was I have to press submit :d

I think I will leave ATS alone for a while, this has taken up far too much of my energy, and many deserving beings are around.

I received a direct transmission of a 1700 year old advanced yoga practise this weekend from a recognised master, they are not given to everyone, and I have not done some of the work I should have done on this as my time is VERY short, as I had real compassion for those involved, tut, tut.

Still though to all LOVE and LIGHT, and be full of Unconditional Love not Sticky attached Love they are very different my friends.

You thought co incidences had happened already, sit back and enjoy guys, and I, or anyone cant do anything about now. It is done as such a few days ago.

BALANCE is what is based on truth, Love and the HIGHEST Interest, which is not yours or the ego's especially where these have been playing games with others feelings.


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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 05:40 PM
There have been huge threads discussing TSOL in the past. I for one read those posts and the webpage in it's entirety. There were mixed feelings on the whole thing. I have applied the visualizations they teach in my life (I am talking about the TSOL of solist mysticism, not this group from 1930s Germany that was linked earlier) but I do it in my own way and have never gotten together with them directly. The idea that you can use visualization to make yourself more positive is not a dumb idea, TSOL introduced this idea to a lot of people.

So after reading this thread I started asking myself: "Hmm so now maybe I should not send out any light, radiate it, or towards others, because I may be deceived and may be doing harm." I thought about this long and hard. Then of all things I actually remember my communications class 101 rule: You cannot not communicate.

Even if you sit there and say nothing, you are still communicating that you are sitting there saying nothing.

Likewise, if you are negative people will receive that (subtly or subconciously perhaps) but they will still receive it. If you send out positivity and you don't annoy people then they will respond positively to you. You may be able to convey a message of balance or neutrality, but in today's world this can easily come across as self-absorbed or uncaring. Though done correctly, perhaps it is the answer. Since I have no choice but to communicate, I choose for now at least, to communicate in positivity, and in light.

This "cult" may or may not be something nasty to get mixed up in, but some of their ideas can certainly get the ball rolling on a person using visualization for positive spiritual purposes.

LGM: Sounds to me like you got mixed up in this because you were trying to help others, that is noble and fine, yes. But it comes across like you are saying nobody is on the "middle path" unless demons are trying to suck their life out. It makes much more sense that a person on the middle path would have few to no enemies, unless they have given those enemies reasons to come after them. I hope this is clarified as to more what exactly you mean.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 11:55 PM

Originally posted by Novise

LGM: Sounds to me like you got mixed up in this because you were trying to help others, that is noble and fine, yes. But it comes across like you are saying nobody is on the "middle path" unless demons are trying to suck their life out. It makes much more sense that a person on the middle path would have few to no enemies, unless they have given those enemies reasons to come after them. I hope this is clarified as to more what exactly you mean.

Thank you for posting in my thread. I never did state that "That the middle path" has anything to do sucking life out of you or that it is about personal demons or real entities attacking you is that path.

The middle path is the Ying and Yang, the male and female, the light and the dark.

It is about balance. The middle path is the balance of the physical human and the higher self. The physical human has animal in it and can be dark or light. It is about not being out of balance by trying to state all is of the light because we are incarnate souls having a human experience otherwise we have no need to incarnate. We would be just light bodies already at the next level and not having this conversation. We would have a complete knowing.

We are here to learn and gain all that the physical has to offer before we can move up to the pure light. While we are here its is about light and shadow. We are here to feel touch smell see and taste the physical and make mistakes so we can learn.

This is the middle way.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 12:49 AM
Thank you all for your help and replies. This thread is now becoming too much for me and I am in danger of loosing my new found freedom from this attachment.
I find it a little sad how its become like a game of winners and loosers. Posters are becoming cryptic and Ive had enough. I agree with Elf its time to move away from this thread. Im glad this is out in the open but I shall now move on.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by headlightone

Got your message. I am not playing this game anymore!!!!!!!!

Please could I have MY thread closed NOW?

Edit to add this

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 02:30 AM
Thread closed for staff review.

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