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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 01:07 AM
I woke up from what seemed like an eternity of sleep. Hell, I wasn't even sure if I was alive still. I looked over at my display "Damn, 14 hours. Wonder why I haven't been called by now?" I tapped the comm panel

"Toodles to the Science Lab. Any new results"? a pause, silence.
"Negative. We were not able to get any new data from the corpse".
"Alright, thank you" I said.

As I got up, I looked over at the table display and read the daily news. "Chief Engineer Slayer is no longer on Board. Commander Badgerprints is no longer on board". I suppose I was reading some minds when I pitched the idea of taking computer function over.

I put on my uniform and headed to the command center. Hopefully Luder was back on the bridge so I could pitch my idea to him. I would imagine he would not have any problem with it. With Engineering now short a Chief Engineer, I am sure they wouldn't mind handing over computer maintenance to the science lab.

I entered the command Bridge and heard Luder talking

We are all set. There is nothing else we can get from here. We are sittig ducks as of now. Lets get underway

"Captain Luder. I been meaning to speak with you. I have an idea. Not sure if Vargas mentioned it to you or not"

"Ahh yes he did. You want the science lab to take over computer maintenance".

"Yes, sir. I just thought it would be helpful to the engineering crew, since they are short a Chief Engineer now".

"I will have to think about it" said Luder. "But before I give the official go ahead or not. Go ahead and transfer computer diagnostics to your station"

"Thank you sir. I am VERY proficient in both Conventional computing and the quantum computing systems of the Penelope".

I could feel the vibration of the ship as it was coming to full power. The engines were almost ready. I transferred computer diagnostics to my station with the go ahead from engineering. I sure hope that wherever Luder takes us, it will be more peaceful than the now destroy earth.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 04:11 PM

Onboard the Yydryl Cim had never interacted with the whales. Now standing face to face with them, she knew they were deeply mystical ancient creatures but prior to her visions in the forest she had no idea that they could be relevant to her mission.

One of the whales, the larger and elder looking came up to the glass looking Cim eye to eye, “Hello I am Saraswati, it’s good to meet you at last, ShaRA.”

Cim’s was taken aback that he knew her real name, no one outside her clan knew her name. “ It’s an honor meeting you, Saraswati.”

“Timing is everything ShaRA.” He dips his massive head a bit as a nod. This being was so powerful Cim was mesmerized and awestruck simultaneously.

“It is time for me to return in time to Atlantis. You can assist me thusly, can you not?”
ask the mighty creature.

“Cim stood there for a moment looking at the carpet, then she looks up meeting once again the gaze of Saraswati, “Yes of course, I can. I will go and prepare and be right back. With your leave?” she waited for an answer.

“That will be fine.” Saraswati replies.

Cim engages her vehicle and returns to Atlantis, she shivers from the strange frequency there. She dips a vile into the waters and leaves as quickly as she came, returning to her quarters on the Yydryl. She needs something from the time and place to imbibe the tags for the whales. She takes three diamonds out of a small jeweled box and puts them in the vile with the water, Cim then activates a small frequency vehicle around it spinning at an incredible speed, it appears like a star twinkling before her. Once it slows she retrieves the diamond tags from the vile and returns them to the jewel box.

Cim then uses her vehicle to return to the aquarium,
“I suppose I will have to come in there?” she says to Saraswati

“Yes” answers the ancient whale.

“I will place this diamond on you between your eyes and that of your companion and I will activate it once I am out, ok?” ask Cim.

Cim then uses her vehicle to enter the tank, she places a diamond tag on each whale and Saraswati opens his mouth, Cim place's the box inside.

“Thank you, ShaRA, please continue on your quest, my quest is one in the same. I may have to contact you again and it will be in vision as I did before. I do hope you to understand the importance of this?” says Sasaraswati with a flip of his tale causing waves in the vast tank.

“I do!” she says. Cim then proceeds in activating the tags, in a large flash of brilliant light, the whales were gone.

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posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 12:24 AM
Impassive and quiet, the entity that was Asher silently watched the reality around him. There was information beyond what most could dream at his fingertips, yet his mere human mind couldn't process it all at once.

It was like having a trillion page book containing all of the answers to the mysteries of the universe, but only being able to look through it one page at a time. His now 'quantum' memory served as a sort of index, but it was difficult (mostly impossible) to traverse.

With amusement, Asher thought of himself as a computer with infinite memory, but with an aging, decrepit processor to crunch the information.

Like a quantum ghost, Asher watched every movement and conversation aboard the Penelope as the ship's grand computing systems did their work in his new white world. It was much like being plugged in, he mused. Except that it was much more detailed and came at him all at once, like an ultra-high resolution image.

He had tried to interact with that world and succeeded. He had sent a message to Captain Luder and that message had been received. However, Luder was overburdened with the multitude of conflicting crises he was facing and had moved on to more relevant problems than a sourceless text message, which was completely understandable in Asher's opinion.

The point was, it had worked.

Now, Asher knew how to interact with quantum computing systems from his current location. With a thought, he searched for the correct lightning stream and accessed the Penelope's mainframe.

Luder stood on the Penelope's bridge, looking haggard and tired. Asher speculated that the good Captain could use more time away from the bridge than he was getting.

The ship's mainframe couldn't seem to figure out what Asher was. Nothing had ever communicated back from the 5th dimension but computational echoes.

It was stumped.

By default, it allowed access to the entity that was Asher, it's controlling AI cluster determining that resistance would have been futile anyway.

There was a now familiar snap and hiss on the bridge as the hologram generators came online. The bridge crew treated it as normal until they remembered that Asher's body had been removed from the bridge hours ago.

Without so much as a flicker, a blue-gray image of a clean-shaven Asher appeared in its normal position to the right of the Captain's chair.

With amusement, the image snapped Luder a salute before turning to Toodles, the new science director and computer technician aboard the Penelope.

"I apologize for the momentary blackout earlier. I get the feeling that was my fault. I've gone over the mainframe a few moments ago and it seems as if all the systems are green.

"I'm not quite sure what has happened to me, but I would hazard a guess that my mind has been translated onto the 5th dimension... Not really sure what that implies, but you are an expert in the field of quantum computing and mechanics, maybe you can tell me?

"Also, concerning the Consortium specimen you are currently analyzing: They classify themselves as 'Ierakeen'. They seem to be a rather lowly member of the Consortium from what I can determine. If you recover any sort of decorations or artifacts from the specimen, I can use them as markers of a sort to garner more information about them.

"Let me know if I can help."

With a grin, Asher turned back to the Captain.

"Nice try Luder, but you're going to have to try harder if you hope to be rid of me! At least you won't have to endure me shooting at you any more. All kidding aside, somehow I'm still around and glad to help if you need me. I'll be keeping an eye on the Penelope when I can.

"By the way, I found Studious. He seems to be on the Yydryl again, which defies all reason and chance, but that goes without saying. I've got no idea how he got there and I haven't had time to find out, but that's where he is if you were interested."

The image of Asher glanced out at the debris field beyond the Penelope's forward view screen.

"What do you plan to do now?" the image asked.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 05:17 PM
As I was paying attention to the ships vibrations, I almost didn't notice it at first. But then a control that was blinking, caught my attention. "Odd. There is some kind of feedback coming though one of the mainframes quantum loop data streams. That is impossible" I thought to myself. As I was tappin away at the panel, the holographic projectors kicked on. It was Seeker.

Originally posted by SeekerOfAUTMN

"I apologize for the momentary blackout earlier. I get the feeling that was my fault. I've gone over the mainframe a few moments ago and it seems as if all the systems are green.

"I'm not quite sure what has happened to me, but I would hazard a guess that my mind has been translated onto the 5th dimension... Not really sure what that implies, but you are an expert in the field of quantum computing and mechanics, maybe you can tell me?

"Also, concerning the Consortium specimen you are currently analyzing: They classify themselves as 'Ierakeen'. They seem to be a rather lowly member of the Consortium from what I can determine. If you recover any sort of decorations or artifacts from the specimen, I can use them as markers of a sort to garner more information about them.

I pulled up all relevant data on quantum computing systems and quantum theory in itself and transferred all the data to my quarters. "Seeker, give me a day or so to get some answers for you. In the meantime, thanks for the data on the specimen. We have pieces of his ship in the cargo bay, as well as his uniforms in the science lab with the corpse if you want to check it out. All the data is located on core memory drive SL252"

I accessed the UEF interweb and searched "Ierakeen" with no results. Although I did get a page that listed all known species with limited data on them. One of them mentioned an avian like species with no name. Why it never occured to me to check the beyond me at this point.

I glanced over at my long range scan display. "Captain, I am picking up faint traces of the enemy ships again. They are almost out of range, but trajectory suggests they may be headed this way. The main docking bay reports that all survivors from the surface are now aboard".

I looked over at the captain and said "If they aliens are headed this way, they could get here within 20 hours. In the meantime, requesting permission to leave the bridge and get some answers for seeker"

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posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 02:34 AM
Watching the U-Man and his shirt tail crew make their way down the corridors under the escort of G-droids I let me breath out in a long sigh.

Turning to Deson who was examining the tapes handed over by the U-Man leader I wondered what was going on behind the large liquid eyes of the Armor.

‘So, what now Deson?’ I asked as we both made our way to the Waldo parked askew beside the door where we’d just exited Ships Center.

‘First of all we get these tapes locked away someplace safe.’ Leaping lightly into the back of the Waldo Deson indicated I should man the sticks.
I was glad to be behind the controls of the vehicle again. Even after driving it only once I was hooked.

‘Make your way back to the Armory. I’ll keep the tapes in my safe unit.’ Deson indicated as I sped along the back corridors of Ship. ‘And I don’t have to tell you to be easy on the breaks this time?’ Deson snorted a laugh and I joined in. The laughter provided much needed relief of built up tension accumulated from our encounter with the U-mans.

‘You got to admit Silo, that was pretty funny. You should have seen the look on Chumley’s face when he went airborne!’ Deson barked over my shoulder laughing and recounting my mishap with the Waldo breaks that had sent myself and the big Rigelian flying.
The Armors delight rolled out in great waves of laughter, a happy sound as infectious as it was intoxicating. I laughed along and marveled at the what an interesting being the Armor was.

Rounding the last corner to the back bay of the Armory I slowed the Waldo, but the craft still gave a unsatisfactory lurch before coming to a complete rest.

‘I’ll have to see to those breaks.’ I overheard him mumble a reminded to himself as he trotted forward towards a set of shelves that ran the length of the west wall.

Stepping closer to the shelving Deson reached into an empty space between two long rifles and made three or four quick hand signals. The area responded by dissolving into a liquid glow revealing a huge space hidden behind the outer compartments.

Catching a glance of what I could only assume were rows of weapons - the likes of which I‘d never seen before, I watched in interest as Deson stretched his arm into the area, half engulfed by the shimmering light, and deposited the U-Man tapes out of my sight behind the weapons before extricating himself from the force field.

My eyes sparked with questioning interest and I was about to ask when Deson spoke.

‘Don’t even ask. Chumley wouldn’t let me rest if he knew what I had in there.’ Deson smiled a conspirators smile and to my surprise gave a wink from his great knowing eyes.

Repeating his gestures again in the small space between the long rifles the shimmering glow blinked off revealing nothing of what I’d just seen, the vault becoming invisible once again.

‘So, what now Deson?’ I wondered aloud.

‘The U-Man will stay, but you can be assured his crew will escape.’ Holding up his hand before I could reply Deson continued.

‘The U-Man Studious will stay. For how long - I don’t think he knows. But his crew are none of our concern. Ship will let them go, you watch.’ Deson spoke prophetically, the hairs on my arms rising like a breeze had passed over the surface of my skin.

‘So she let’s them go. Is that really a big deal? ‘ I couldn’t help but think of poor ‘Twitchy’ and mentally brushed a small pang of regret away before it could flourish into concern for the strange U-Man.

‘I doubt it. If they were important Ship wouldn’t let them go. Why she plays this cat and mouse game between now and their *escape* I don't know. I deduct it’s all a part of her learning process.’ Deson’s hands strayed to a long barrel on the work bench and he began to use a soft rag on the piece as he listened.

‘Whatever happens we’ve got to get CindyMars back here and we’ve all better get together and make some decisions. We've got handful's of them to contend with and each more important than the last.‘
Exasperated with all the complications I grumbled an expletive under my breath.

‘Damn, I mean dang it, Sir, I’ve got to get back to the Center. Did you see those specimens!? They’re growing so fast it's already a jungle in there! I’ll need an army of droids to get it into shape if I loose much more time.’ With a last sigh I made my way to the door and waited for Deson to reply before I left off to find CindyMars.

‘You know one thing that still worries me Silo?’ Deson cocked his head and spoke down to the weapon he was working.

‘That we don’t know how those men got here? Or where they came from Sir?’ I raised my eyebrows and smiled.

‘That we don’t know how those men got here or where they came from.’ Deson parroted and grinned down at his hands while he fit the barrel to the stock.

‘We’ll just have to find out then won’t we Sir.’ I replied swallowing a chuckle.

‘That we will Silo. That we will. Now go find CindyMars.’ The armor glanced up and gave me a nod.

‘Yes Sir!’ I saluted and left the armory to follow his order.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 07:45 AM
There I am sitting on the veranda watching the kids play and the wife is screaming in the background, I can't hear what she is saying but it sounds urgent. "Prof-Rabbit get off your arse and fix that bloody racket right now!"

Opening my eyes I am confronted with something completely different! Emergency lighting and a single alarm, pain! my head feels like it's been used as a football, my left leg feels like a prawn on a barbie turned once too often and I'm weightless!

Now memory streams back, running a diagnostic on a replaced power coupling I had just begun to head for a coffee when hell opened.

"We are under attack!" "Shields, shields!" screams from the speakers, I dived for the control panel then everything went black. Now I'm floating in the middle of the the main engineering control room, everything seems dead, only a few emergency lights are on and that bloody alarm! Fine predicament for the chief of engineering on the largest space station in the sector!

Time to count stock, checking my pockets I come up with, one all purpose utility tool, one personal data pad, one lucky stone and a squash ball, well no point sitting on the fence post, taking stock of the room I am about 5 metres from the nearest wall and moving very slowly away, throwing the ball at the opposite wall I catch it coming back, again and again.

40 minutes later my arm aches but I am now moving towards the wall and will reach it in a few moments, 40 minutes has given me time to consider my options, all the main panels are dead, gravity is off, life support is off, so the situation is grim, reaching the wall I grab a a rail and push off for the opposite wall, moments later I neturalise the momentum, opening the emergency locker I go straight for the med kit, some pain spray for the leg and the head, on with the magnetic boots, now for some work!

First order of business kill that bloody alarm!, next ripping off panel covers I stack them in the locker, the less floating objects in zero gravity the better, routing power from the emergency packs I first power up the sub display panel, nothing, pulling cables and shunting feed loops I get power to the nearest external camera, it normally covers the main vent dump outlet, plugging the video feed into the panel I get grey nothing, cursing I'm about to reshunt the camera when it begins to clear from the edge, something was blocking the lens but is slowly moving away.

The scene shown by the camera is complete chaos, pieces of everything, station, ships, bodies all slowly come into view of the camera, nothing whole, then I see a small shuttle collecting debris, finally the Penelope comes into view, suddenly I find myself shouting at the screen "Over here! scan over here!"

Control room shielding, damn! Not a transmitter/emitter anywhere. Frantically I pull another section of base panel, taking more cable from the emergency packs I attach one end to the outer shielding for the camera feed line the other end of the power pack I strip bare, finding a conduit that goes through the floor to the outer hull I scrape the bare cable across the conduit pipe and get sparks!

... - - - ... SOS, Morse code and a spark gap transmitter, hundreds of years of technology and I'm back to Morse code, ye gods I hope this works!

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posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 04:46 PM
I was reviewing all the data we were still collecting from the debris field around earth, while at the same time trying to come up with a theory as to what had happened to seeker. The short range scan console lit up. "Captain, I am picking up an odd EM fluctuation coming from one of the pieces of debris. It is too coherent to be random power fluctuations. It looks like ancient morse code".

Captain luder came over to look at my scans

Helm, take us to those coordinates

It was a person alright. A human who had survived the space station explosion. "The piece that he is in looks like it is the main console room for the space stations engineering section. How someone managed to create even a primitive transmitter out of that is beyond me".

"We will pull it into the cargo bay and retrieve the person" said Luder. "Then we MUST get out of here".

Another blip on my screen. This time the long range sensors. Seems our new friends had, in fact decided they were not done. I thought to myself, there is no way we can win. Maybe it would be in our best interest to contact the Yydryl. We need all the help we can get.

I looked over at Luder again, preparing to deliver more bad news. I almost could not bring myself to it. He looked so worn out, as did the rest of the Command crew. Judging by the looks on everyones faces, I'd say no one was getting more than 3 hours of sleep per day.

He put his hand up to interrupt me. He knew what I was going to say and was probably wondering what took me so long to see it.

"Let me guess. Our friends aren't just sensor glitches huh"? he said.

"No sir. I have confirmed that they are indeed heading this way" I replied.

Suddenly It occured to me what had happened to Seeker. Of course! The 5th dimension was theorized in the 21st century to be a Universal medium for infinite amounts of data. At least for our 4th dimensional existence. I am aware of the experiments to store data on that dimension, but no one has ever successfully brought data back.

When his consciousness was separated from his body, he existed entirely 4th dimensionally. But that conscious energy would have quickly dissipated into the surrounding energy of the Universe. In order to keep it coherent and organized, he would have had to have been sent to the 5th dimension and written into the quantum fabric as a computer algorithm stored for later retrieval. It would have to be written in such a manner that the program is designed to break when the Conscious patterns emerge. So it did, and that's what brought seeker back into consciousness.

Of course. It makes sense now. Seeker has just become the most advanced AI ever achieved. He was literally a human mind written as a computer program that regained its conscious control and reverted back to seeker. Actually negated the need for a 3rd dimensional computer to retrieve him. Because he was aware and capable of doing it himself.

Amazing. And to think it was the implant on his arm that achieved this. That thing probably had as much computing power as the entire Penelope. NI has to be at least a century ahead of us in terms of technological capability.

"Captain. The debris is on board and there is a confirmed Human inside. He is alive and conscious" I said. "Alright, keep an eye on those it were. We will be heading out shortly" said Luder.

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 11:23 AM
...---... It seems like hours I have been sparking that code on the conduit but in just 20 minutes I see the hazy blue of a tractor beam pass the camera and the control room lurches, I hope they realize there is no inertial damping in here.

There is a jolt as the control room is captured and stabilized, then a 1 gee acceleration, good, the pilot knows I'm here, the pain sprays are wearing thin as I imagine the chaos in their med bay, after the rush of self preservation leaves my mind I am overcome by grief, so many friends on the station, now so many bodies floating past the camera, how many survived? too many questions without answers, I can only wait.

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 12:57 PM

Two droids escorting Nathan from his cell arrived and they left once Nathan was under the watchful optical sensors of the four other droids guarding Studious and the rest of the team.

Ackerman: "They let you out?"

Nathan: "Well if by "they" you mean a very wobbly young lady then yes."

After this the Lt. Commander continued to brief Studious on the rumors of the cancer.

Ackerman: “There had been rumors of an entire shadow war taking place that few inside NI even knew about.”

Studious: “If no one knew about the war who would be fighting it?”

Ackerman: “Anyone maybe everyone. They just wouldn’t know that’s why they were fighting.”

The Colonel stopped for a second thinking he had seen a shadow moving behind him. He wondered if he was becoming paranoid.

Studious: “How long has this been going on?”

Ackerman: “The rumors of a shadow group have existed for a long time but the idea of a shadow war has only existed since the Nimitz incident.”

The old man saw another shadow but this one was different.

Studious: “How do you know this isn’t just all rumor and theory?”

Ackerman: “Earth was destroyed, presumably the civilian government has been decapitated. This will give the shadow NI a chance to seize power.”

As he walked he saw another shadow move and wondered if something was following the team.

He turned to Ackerman and whispered “Did you notice anything weird following us?”

Ackerman nearly laughed saying “Besides the creepy killer droids?”

Studious: “No it’s like a shadow, but it’s different each time. It’s like several things are following us.”

Evans moved closer and whispered “I see it too.”

The Colonel looked back at Nathan who had joined the team to be taken to their quarters. Judging by the increase in his twitching he had seen something as well.

The old man saw the shadow and again it was different than the other two times he had seen it. When he looked back at Ackerman his was as white as a sheet so Studious knew he had seen it as well.

The Colonel then saw the shadow in a different location but this time it was raising something…..a weapon of some sort.

The old man grabbed Ackerman and tackled him to the ground as a red beam was fired. It missed Studious’ head by a few inches.

The droids seeing this sudden movement trained their weapons on both of them. The team assumed they were about to be killed.

Then miraculously all the droids turned off. Fearing that the alien crew was trying to kill them Studious yelled “The Droids!”

In a moment they had each grabbed one of the four droids guarding them.

Studious pulled a panel off a droid and jammed it into the circuitry the panel had covered. Sparks flew from the still disabled droid.

Ackerman grabbed the droid from behind and pulled at its weapon turret until he ripped it off.

Monroe grabbed the droids head piece and bent it slightly.

Evans removed a panel and being an engineer he rewired the droid causing it to short circuit.

While it would have been impossible for them to succeed if they only had 3 seconds the droids were trying to reboot and this added several seconds allowing the team to defeat the droids.

Quickly Studious formed a plan and told Ackerman “Get to the hangar bay. I’ll disable that green beam we encountered that took Seeker. Hopefully that should give you the ability to escape."

Ackerman: “What about you Colonel?”

Studious: “That’s an order!”

Ackerman: “I outrank you.”

Studious: “Well then….just do it! It’s our only chance.”

Ackerman nodded and took off. Studious could hear that Evans was objecting to leaving him behind and the old man was touched by this.

The Colonel took off and ran down several corridors but every time he looked back he saw a shadowy figure still following him. Anything he did to lose the shadow failed.

The old man stopped but the shadow kept moving first he saw it on his left then it was behind him and then it came closer and closer. Each time it changed its form.

However when several droids arrived and began searching the area the shadow was nowhere to be seen. As if the shadow was hiding from the droids.

As he tried to get away suddenly he ran into Delia again.

Delia: “Hello Studious.”

The Colonel began to back away.

Delia: “Don’t be afraid, I’m not here to harm you.”

Studious eyed her skeptically but did not respond.

Delia: “But your team blasted one of the walls, cut a….”

Studious:“Please don’t harm them.”

Delia said angrily “Why not, they’re harming Ship!”

Studious: “That shadow was trying to kill us.” He looked around for the shadow but it seemed it had left. “Then those droids leveled their weapons at us.”

Delia: “No someone tried to kill you but lunging around like that made the droids think you were trying to escape. That's the only reason the droids would try to kill you.”

Studious: “So who did try and kill us?”

Delia: “Someone.”

Studious: “Do you know this someone?”

Delia: “Maybe, but that’s not the point. I don’t like that someone anymore than I like your people tearing Ship up.”

Studious: “Please forgive them.”

Delia: “Why should I?”

Studious: “You know that this is all that shadow’s fault.”

Delia: “Yes but they keep attacking Ship.”

Studious: “Can’t you tell them not to.”

Delia: “How?”

Studious: “There has to be an intercom or something. Right?”

Delia sarcastically says “Oh of course they’ll listen to voices coming from the walls telling them not to escape.”

Studious: “Let me speak to them.”

Delia: “Your voice coming from the walls would be just as frightening for them as my voice. And by the time I got you near them they would have moved on. It’s very difficult to keep them contained without killing them.”

Studious: “Then let them escape.”

Delia: “What, why!?”

Studious: “They won’t be able to attack Ship once they’ve left.”

Delia: “Alright, but if I’m going to help your team escape you’re going to help me."

Studious: “How?”

Delia: “Follow me.”

Delia led Studious through several doorways which did not attack him with their tentacles. They traveled toward a buzzing electrical noise until Studious saw that it was a room with a deep chasm and a walkway. On one side of the walkway there was a large circular structure with a thin walkway that circled it.

Studious: “What do you want me to do?”

Delia: “Turn off power to system 1138. This will prevent anyone from using the green transport beam to capture your team as they escape.”

Studious thought "That was exactly what I was going to do!" then said “Why don’t you do it?”
Delia walks forward stumbling a bit. The Colonel hadn’t noticed it before but she seemed unsteady.
Delia: "Well...uh..." she points over to the deep chasm and then at the control panels.

Studious: “Oh.” He peers over the edge looking down at the chasm below.
“Who designed this? I mean why would you make control panels that can only be accessed by standing on a thin walkway above a deep chasm?”

Delia: “Just do it!”

Studious grumbled at the homicidal design as he shimmied across the ledge to the control panel. Reaching it he pulled a lever and then moved further along the ledge and turned what looked like a screwdriver. Both times he could hear something powering down.

Then she told him “Not the lever you idiot go back and turn it up again.”

Studious: “Alright, alright!”

The old man shimmied across again and turned the lever back up.”

Studious: “Happy now?”

Delia: “Yes.”

Just then a group of droids approached.

The lead droid told them “Turn on automatic updates.”

First Droid: “Confirmed.”

The rest of the droids moved on but two stayed behind.

First Droid: “Do you process what’s going on?”

Second Droid: “There is a 75% chance it’s another attack.”

With their business taken care of they start to chat.

First Droid: “Have you seen the new BT-16?”

Second Droid: “Yes some of the other droids sent me data packets about it. They report it is quite…"

Studious picked up a ball bearing and threw it behind them.

First Droid: “Did your sensors detect that?”

Second Droid: “Negative it’s probably just an error. Do not allocate CPU.”

Studious moved quickly back onto the walkway but a droid saw him and said.

Second Droid: “Freeze! We are not so easily distracted. We will require your identification.”

The old man turned around and looked at Delia.

Delia turned and told the droids “You don’t need to see his identification.”

Second Droid: “We do not require his identification.”

Delia: “He’s not the person you’re looking for.”

Second Droid: “He is not the biological entity we were tasked to locate.”

Delia: “He can go about his business.”

Second Droid: “You may continue to fulfill your function.”

Delia: “Move along.”

Second Droid: “Your presence here is no longer required.”

As they left the room with the control panels Delia says “Ugh your team just attacked the hangar bay but is now running away.”

Before Studious could speak she continues “Don’t worry we’ll chase them in a circle they’ll be back.”

The two continued down several corridors and through several doorways but with Delia near him the tentacles did not attack.

Suddenly a shot came from behind them and hit part of the wall next to them causing a small explosion.

The Colonel shields Delia and they quickly move to escape. Through the smoke they can see that the dark shadowy figure is still following them.

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Emptiness filled the room after the whales were gone. Cim stood there feeling a loneliness that she was unaccustomed to onboard the Yydryl, she liked being
among others. In moments like this Cim imagined the comfort of one timeline, a family,
a beginning and a end, “Oh well “ she said aloud to herself, and shrugged her shoulders,
“That is someone else’s destiny.”

Cim smiled at the thought of her friend and she walked to the com to send a message
“Officer Cindymars to ATS Silo, please meet me at the Swamp. Mars out.”

“I want a drink, a strong one.” still talking to herself as she boarded the lift.

As Cim entered The Swamp she sees a service droid behind the bar polishing a glass.
“Hello there.” Cim addresses the droid.

“Greetings, Officer Cindymars, what can I get you?” the droid hangs the glass and waits.

“Well let’s see, first your designation.” Cim peruses the spotless interior.

“My designation is N1777234” answers the droid.

“Cool, I will call you Harvey, it’s a better name for a bartender, don’t you think?” Cim puts her elbow on the bar and taps her chin with her index finger.

“That will be fine. Can I make you a beverage?”

“Yes can you make a Leapin Lizard?” ask Cim

“Accessing files.” says Harvey. Suddenly at lighting speed there sits her drink.

Cim lifts the glass “Excellent work Harvey, cheers!”

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:04 PM
‘Something tall green and foofy Ms. Mars?’ I said climbing onto a bar stool next to the Leisure Officer, feeling better by just knowing she was back aboard the Yydryl.

‘No wait, don’t answer. Let me look.’ Taking the drink from her hand before she could even take a sip, I held the glass up to the light, took a whiff of the green liquid, poked at the little piece of whatever it was garnishing the rim and found the drink acceptable.

‘Hey you.’ I called to the droid behind the bar, ‘What’s your name?’ I glared completely wasting the expression on a droid who wasn’t programmed to care what mood I was in.

‘I’ve been called Harvey, ATS Silo.’ The droid repeated slightly mechanically.

Turning my eyes to the right at CindyMars I raised my eyebrows in question but CindyMars didn’t answer.

‘Harvey huh? Well Harvey, that’s a mighty fine name for a bartender. Now how about you make CindyMars another one of these jumpin’ lizards.’

‘Leaping lizards Mam, ‘ The droid corrected me.

‘Yes, leaping lizards, make her another one and... No, wait, strike that, make a pitcher of them, and Harvey,‘ I said following up in a loud whisper, ‘Make sure Officer Mars and I don’t see the bottom of our glasses for the rest of the night...’

With an exaggerated wink at the droid I tossed back whatever was in the drink, swallowed it in one gag, tried to slam the glass down on the bar top and didn’t even flinch when ‘Harvey’ swiped it from my hand before it could shatter on the counter.

‘So Leisure Officer Mars. Tell me you’ve not had a day from hell. Because if you can't, then you’re buying.’ Swiveling on the bar stool I reached out and grabbed my friend in a huge bear hug, knocking a bowl onto the floor sending pretzels flying.

With face muscles hurting from the smile I gave Cim I released her from the hug and held her out in front of me by the shoulders before shooting my hand up in the air for a high five and breaking into laughter.

Damn it was good to have her home.

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With a flicker, the image of Asher on the Penelope's bridge vanished.

Asher retreated from the ship's mainframe, pulling back to his new white world. Before he left, he sent a message to Toodles:

[Officer Toodles, I'm vacating the mainframe temporarily. However, I'm leaving behind a personality fragment, so if I am needed you can reach me that way. I have questions that need answering and I can't find the answers here. I will return at your call or the Captain's.]

Being back on the infinite white plane was a soothing relief. White lightning flickered around him in a calming cadence before Asher remembered why he had returned.

Eagerly, Asher began searching through the lightning storm for a specific computing pattern that would resonate. He had encountered it once before and it had been just as alien then as it undoubtedly was now, but it was unique. He would recognize it.

And then he found it.

The Yydryl was a vast living organism, an amalgam of computing devices and organic material. Its very thoughts were quantum. In this, it was similar to Asher, and perhaps that is why the enormous spacecraft thrummed with a sort of recognition when Asher began to interact with it.

As Asher observed the ship's mind at work, it's recognition drained away to a sort of sadness. With a start, the entity that was Asher realized that the being had thought that he was another of its kind at first.

The Ship was lonely. An odd trait for a spacecraft, but understandable. Asher could interact with any system that he pleased, but Yydryl could not. It was isolated and alone.

Asher began to communicate with the great mind that was Yydryl, and to his surprise, it began to communicate back. The Ship immediately determined that Asher was not a threat as his motives no longer involved self preservation.

Asher had no need to fear death, therefore, had no need to threaten life. Simple really.

Ship was prepared to allow Asher access without a struggle. It too was curious about a great many things, and perhaps that is why it complied with Asher's requests with air of amusement. Yydryl knew Asher would never attempt to force answers from it, but Asher didn't have to.

The Ship even made some suggestions as to which of its crew could best help him, and Asher gladly took the advice.


It was a swamp-like environment, complete with a whole plethora of organisms living within. Amazing really, Asher pondered.

There was a long polished bar in the middle, its surface gleaming like burnished bronze. A robot served drinks behind it and two figures were chatting contentedly.

The figures were exotic species that Asher didn't recognize, and he filed their images away to run some inquires later. Their races weren't important, but their knowledge was.

From the fibrous material near the bar, a bio-engineered projection system arose from the ground, a tiny module with a biological lens at one end. Asher had explained the system and Ship had laughingly obliged by forming a biological version.

Behind the figures at the bar, an almost solid looking image of Asher was projected. It cleared its throat politely, the sound issuing from the swamp around them...

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Rubbing my eyes I looked over CindyMars shoulder, then looked again.

‘Huh?‘ I grunted, not believing my eyes.

Where had the U-Man come from? And one I’d never seen before!

Then, “It” coughed.

Jumping from the bar stool and scrambling backwards I blinked my eyes, my antenna swiveled on their stalks to pin a deadly look at Harvey, then a questioning one at Cim before returning to the apparition that had seemed to rise up out of thin air.

‘What the hell was in that drink!’ I bellowed at Harvey while still backpedaling and trying to regain my balance.

‘Cim? Do you see what I see, or, well, am I seeing things? I whispered loudly inching my way towards CindyMars.

‘Whatever it is I’ve got it in my sights,’ came a deadly reply, but not from Cim.

One antenna trained on the U-Man apparition, my eyes on CindyMars I swiveled my other antenna back over my shoulder to see Chumley approaching us from the door of the Swamp, his weapon drawn and ready.

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 04:10 PM

Simultaneously Silo jumps and yells at Harvey, Chumley comes in guns a blazing
and next thing Cim sees, is Harvey with guns a blazing. Cim notes to self, Harvey is armed.

“WEAPONS DOWN EVERYONE! Jeez it’s a hologram. Sir, please explain.
You look familiar, are you from the Penelope?”

Chumley was not adhering to Cim’s orders. “Silo, please have Chumley put down his weapons.”

Silo instructed Chumley to lower his weapons but he still wasn’t to keen to do so.
“Not until we know who and what this is.” says Chumley

“Well enough.” Cim says to Chumley and then turns to the hologram
“Sir, if you wouldn’t mind. Who are you and what can we do for you?”

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They run but as they run away from the smoke, debris and the killer they reached another chasm which he started to fall off of. Just in time however she reaches forward and pulls him backwards.

Studious: “I think we took a wrong turn.”

Delia: "No you took a wrong turn."

Studious: "Then why didn't you stop me?"

Delia: "With all the smoke and debris I wasn't able to see where we were going. Oh yeah and did I mention someone was trying to kill us!"

Just then the figure appeared behind them and fired.

Studious smiles happily and says "Is trying to kill us!" then his smile quickly fades when he realizes what he's just said.

Delia quickly hits the controls and the door shuts, leaving them stranded on a short piece of bridge overhang. The figure continues to fire at the closed door behind them.

Delia: “There’s no lock!”

Studious hits the panel.

Delia: “Quick use the controls that extend the bridge.” But looking at the destroyed panel and then at Studious expression she knew what had happened.

Studious: “I think I just destroyed it.”

Studious: “Wait a second who puts a giant chasm in the middle of ship? What purpose does this serve; I mean why do you need a big empty area?”

Delia: “Well Studious you see this is an organic Ship that means that any mechanical components have to be added to suit it. They can’t fit everything in perfectly. Now if this was a mechanical ship this would make no sense at all.”

Studious: “Oh, ok.”

Hearing noises on the other side of the door Delia says “He’s coming through!”

Studious sees a string and metal piece on Delia’s belt and takes it from her.

Delia asks concerned. “What are you doing?”

Studious: “Making dog tags so they can identify our bodies “See 'S' for Studious and 'S' for….”

She punches him….hard.

Studious: “Okay, okay I’m actually going to use this to swing across.”

Studious swings the small grappling hook above his head and throws it across. It latches onto a pipe on the other side. He pulls it to make sure it’s secure and then holds Delia close.

Behind them the hatch door begins to open and they can see the feet of the figure that was chasing them.

She moves closer which Studious interprets as her trying to kiss him but he backs away saying “Whoa are you trying to give me a good luck kiss?”

Though the old man was worried that a little piece of string wouldn’t hold 2 people he was surprised to realize that Delia wasn’t adding much stress on the string at all. It was as if she wasn’t even there. That nearly made his heart stop, was this woman just another illusion?

They swing across and land safely. Just as they reach the other side, the door opens enough for the figure to fire at them from the other side of the chasm.

Once they had run out of range and hidden he stopped her and said “Hey…uh…I felt something between us when we swung across.

Delia looked at him smiling and said innocently “Yes?”

Studious: “My cane!”

Delia: “WHAT!”

Studious: “You stole my cane!”

Delia: “I didn’t steal it! I feared you might go off on some darn-fool idealistic crusade like you did last time.”

Studious: “Well where is it?"

Delia: “Right here.” She presents the wooden object.

Studious says as he holds it in front of them “Ah the weapon of an old man, not as clumsy or random as a firearm. This was a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

Delia: “You mean your society was more civilized when it used wooden clubs?”

Studious: “From a certain point of view.”

Remembering the threat that was following them Studious asks her “Why don’t you call some of those droids to help us?”

Delia: “Many of them were chasing your team but one of them stupidly closed the blast doors so they’re trapped for the moment.”

Studious: “Great.”

Then as they rounded the coroner they saw the figure before them. He changed shape right before the old man’s eyes which made him even more menacing.

Studious raises his cane, and still facing the figure says “Run, Delia. Run!”

Delia: “What about you?”

Studious: “Better me than you. Just make sure my team gets out alive.”

Delia gives him a sad smile and says “I knew I was right about you!” before taking off down the hall to safety.

The shapeshifter pulls out the weapon he’s been shooting at them with the entire time and it changes form, turning into a sword.

Shapeshifter: “I’ve been waiting for you, Studious. We meet “again,” at last. The circle is now complete when I “left” you, I was but a pawn; now I am the master of the mind control.”

Studious: “Only a master of Evil, Shapeshifter.”

The old man swings at the Shapeshifter and they engage each other in a duel. After a moment it becomes apparent no one has the advantage.

Shapeshifter: “You should not have come back.”

Studious: “You can’t win Shapeshifter. If you strike me down Delia will surely destroy you.”

Shapeshifter: “That's a lie! Why would she care if you died?"

Studious: “But how do you know she won't, after all you know nothing about me.”

Shapeshifter: "Wait whose Delia again?”

Studious tries to answer but the Shapeshifter cuts him off.

Shapeshifter: “I know you’re thinking we’ve never met. In one sense that is true, but I’ve been watching you.”

Studious: “You have?”

Shapeshifter: “Well I’m the handler for someone who was watching you.”

Studious: “So you were watching someone else watching me?”

Angry the Shapeshifter lunges and they continue to duel.

The Shapeshifter then locks "blades" with Studious and says as he pushes his opponent's cane back slowly “Your powers are weak old man.”

Studious looks over and sees Evans watching him as the rest of the team boards the transport. The old man smiles knowing that they will escape.

Then suddenly the Shapeshifter’s sword turns back into his firearm and he trains the weapon on Studious. The old man knows that his cane will not be able to deflect that blast, and so he raises it in what he believes to be a final salute to this world.

The beam cuts across his upper chest and with a serene look on his face the old man collapses…

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 08:04 PM
"Correct," Asher said to the blue skinned being. "This is merely a projection of my residual self image. I could display something else if it would be more comfortable for you."

The image paused for a moment before continuing. The being with antennae seemed nervous but the blue skinned being was collected.

"No need to be afraid. I'm not here to hurt anyone. I have no reason to."

Asher maneuvered his image over to the bar where it glanced down at a bluish drink sitting forgotten on its surface. One ghostly hand reached out to grasp it, but the hologram merely passed through.

The image flickers for a moment before stabilizing.

"This drink is a 'leaping lizard', a semi-popular party drink during the 20th and 21st centuries. It is created by mixing melon juice, triple sec, and vodka. I would guess that you encountered this drink on a separate relativistic version of Earth's past and have grown to favor it..."

Asher's image stares at the blue skinned being intensely.

"It would seem that your kind are adept at walking the multiverse. This ability is astounding in itself, and I would very much like to understand how it works but that is a conversation for another time.

"Your Ship, the being called Yydryl, has kindly given me the opportunity to co-exist with it for the time being. I'm actually here because I have a measured stake in a man named Studious. Yydryl tells me that he is aboard and I was curious what he was doing here... again...

"In all honesty, I've come to believe that he might be slightly insane, and I fear that I may be the partial cause of that. One could say that I feel slightly guilty.

"Would the two of you kindly explain why he is here if you can? And also his current location would be superb. Yydryl seems to think that it is better for me to ask you than for it to reveal the answers to me."

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Luder stirred from a restless sleep, which seemed to have lasted hours upon hours, but a quick glance at the chronometer showed it had actually only been about 30 minutes or so. Theresa was gone, having left a note on the night stand that she should be out in his stead while he rested.

Luder groaned as he sat up, his head feeling a bit woozy and the tinges of a headache setting in, the nap being nowhere near close enough to make up for the near-thirty hour day he'd just had. He got up and walked over toward the viewport and saw the Penelope was still in orbit around Earth, clouds of debris silently drifting by the ship, in their never-changing orbits.

He pulled his boots on and grabbed his communicator, heading for the command center.


When he arrived on the command center, the first person he saw was Theresa, a concerned look on her face. She moved over and whispered in his ear, "You shouldn't be up here right now. You need sleep. Captain." She accentuated the last remark with a slight grin. He nodded and closed his eyes, moving past her.

Mr. Toodles, what is the situation with those life forms you picked up on the surface of the planet earlier? Have rescue teams been assigned to check them out?

Theresa grabbed his arm and walked back in front of him.

"Some things have happened while you've been away, Luder. First off, it seems Asher is still alive in some manner and is moving around the ship in hologram form. I'm not sure of the mechanics of this, but he's here, nonetheless." With that, Luder brightened up.

"He's alive?!"

"Well, kind of. He flickered into existence shortly after you left the command center and spoke at length with Mr. Toodles. I believe he's moved out to the Yydryl at this point in time and informed Mr. Toodles he would return when or if called."

"That's the first bit of good news I've heard in a while." Luder gave a lopsided grin.

"I figured that if anyone would survive any of this, it'd be him. Hell, the Penelope would probably be destroyed and there would be one flickering computer screen with his face on it floating somewhere in the void."

Theresa laughed and continued, "We picked up a new engineer, Prof Rabbit and he's on board right now from what I understand. You may want to consider him for a replacement for Slayer and the excellent crew he snatched when he left out earlier. Right now, it seems our best bet are a group of civilian engineers who were hauled on board from the escape pod."

Luder rolled his eyes. Theresa smiled and kept going.

"Mr. Toodles says that there unidentified alien ships about 20 hours out from Earth, which could be headed this way. Right now, his recommendation is that we leave as soon as possible in order to avoid the same fate as the rest of the fleet here." She paused.

"What about the survivors? Are they still down there or what? We can't just leave them here. Mr. Toodles, can you get a better sensor reading on those lifeforms?" Before Toodles could answer, Theresa spoke up again.

"Also, Mr. Toodles has requested he be put in charge of computer maintenance due to Slayer's departure. He seems to know his stuff."

"Mr. Toodles, you are as of now our Chief Science Officer and our Chief Computer maintenance guy. We need all the help we can get and if Commander Jackson says you're good, I say you're good. Now get me some more details on those life forms."

Luder turned to his command station and sat down heavily, blinking his bleary eyes at the readouts on the console, trying to make sense of the flashing numbers and read outs. He clicked through the reports and snorted.

"Where is the president at?" Luder asked. He got blank stares from the rest of the crew. "Mr. Toodles, if you would be so kind, use the internal scans and find Brandom for me so I can have words with her." Luder yawned and shook his head. It was going to a long..... day?

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With several shudders the control room, or what's left of it comes to a halt under artificial gravity, I can hear solid thumps as presumably the blast doors are reset, finally the control room door cracks open under the power of hydraulic jaws and fresh air floods in. Determined to exit what is left of the control room under my own steam I move toward the door as it finally screeches back into it's recess.

Several maintenance crew are milling around, as I hobble over they snap me a salute, "Chief Warrant Officer Prof-Rabbit" the Sargent has good eyesight to read my uniform in the dim emergency lighting, "please lie on the stretcher so we can take you to med bay as you are bleeding Sir!"

It is only with the light coming through the door I notice my blood is just about everywhere, what was floating in zero gravity has now followed Newton's first law and covers a fair few surfaces, between my head and my leg I give up and stagger to the medical stretcher being prepped by an orderly and a med-tech. The med-tech makes an efficient diagnosis, "Electrical flash burn to the left leg and a contusion to the right rear cranial area, you have lost a fair amount of blood" he looks at my tags, "B negative blood type, not much call for the rarer types so there is plenty in stock for you Sir" all this as they wheel me out of the corridor, only when we get into the hanger bay proper do I see what happened, or at least surmise those few seconds of the attack, some 40 meters of the control area has been sliced from the station proper, the power of the beam that did it must be enormous.

I grab the med-tech's arm, "Please go to the opposite side of the wreckage, it's important, I must see if my quarters survived"

Seeing the plea in my eyes they wheel me around to what was the port side, it appears intact, a lieutenant is ordering maintenance crews so I motion her over, "Yes Sir!" another snappy salute.

Smiling I ask, "Lieutenant, please have someone go in to my personal quarters, you will be able to access them from corridor B6 on this side, just ask them to force the doors and leave them open"

The lieutenant raises an eyebrow "Sir?"

With a sigh I say "I would not ask if it was not important lieutenant"

"Yes Sir!" another snappy salute then she grabs two of the maintenance crew and hurries them to the sheared off section on the port side, a few minutes later and the lieutenant returns, "Done sir, crew report a vague life-sign, but no one appears to be in your quarters Sir!"

From around my neck I take a tiny brass tube on the end of a chain, blowing through the whistle makes a few people cover their ears, 2600 cycles is not a pleasant note, in moments there is a tawny red flash exiting the remains of the station, almost a blur it leaps off a set of mobile stairs and arrows straight towards us, two marines are raising weapons! "Stand down Marines!" I yell.

The blur hits my chest and resolves into "Tickette!" a tawny red TIC, short for Transgenic intelligent Companion, something like a Squirrel monkey crossed with a Sugar glider. Folding herself up on my chest she takes in the surroundings, "Just stay put, it's ok" with that she lowers her head and settles down.

"Lieutenant, if I can trouble you for a ships' data pad I will get out of your hair, please do not jettison the wreckage, we will need it later" I smile at the Lieutenant again. She grabs a nearby data pad and thrusts it into my hands.

"Will that be all sir?" she keeps glancing at Tickette and the corners of her eyes give away the suppressed smile.

"Yes, thank you Lieutenant" I say as we move off. Quickly I send a note to the bridge addressed the the commanding officer, I give my name rank and serial number along with the request to stow the remains of the control room. The med-tech presses a hypo spray to my neck and I relax as the pain eases.

posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 12:28 PM
"Good to see you again, Captain. I have actually dispatched rescue teams to the surface already, the survivors should be on board within the hour. They are most definitely human. 164 survived in the panama region".

"Sir, I have some information that Seeker gave me regarding the alien corpse lying in the morgue at the moment. He says their species is Ierakeen. They are a lowly member of the Consortium. Seems they were sent to do the dirty work".

I looked back to my displays and pulled up the internal scans. Not in his quarters. Seems the president is taking a little leisure time in the mess hall.

"I have located the President. He is in the mess hall".

"Seeker has also said that Studious is currently on the Yydryl. This might just be our chance to meet up with the Yydryl. It is just personal opinion, but I think we could really use the Yydryl's help".

"Sir, if you don't mind. I am going to head to the morgue and take another look at that corpse. Seeker has said he could possibly give us a location of the species if he could get hold of an article belonging to it. I am going down there and having seeker take a personal look at the whole thing".

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 10:00 AM
Chumley had lowered his weapon but more from the realization his weapon was ineffectual than my trying to force him into compliance with Cim’s order to stop shooting.
Moving slowly, his back to the wall of the Swamp, Chumley began inching his way behind the small bio-engineered projection system still casting the hologram.

‘So, you’re telling us you contacted Ship and she said you were welcome here?’ I asked the hologram while studying the look of incredulity on Cim’s face.

Before the hologram could answer, I continued.

‘And now you want to know what the U-Man Studious is doing here and well, you think he’s nuts and it’s your fault?’

Again, before the hologram could answer I continued, hoping to give Chumley enough time to make his way closer to the thin stem that jutted up form the floor.

Cim, as if she read my mind chimed in and fired more questions at the hologram. ‘And since you’ve talked to Ship, or so you say you have, then we should what? Just give up all the information you're asking for, and take you at your holographic word that you’re here, for what? To help us?’

‘Well guess what?’ I raised my voice still moving toward the hologram trying to crowd it farther behind the bar.
‘We haven't heard anything to confirm this from our Ship, who’s our Captain by the way. Plus, we’ve got strangers aboard who’ve infiltrated us for the second time, we’ve no idea if you’re a part of that attack. So, you might not blame us if we have a hard time believing you, whatever you are, just popped in for a visit because you feel guilty?’ My voice raised in octave and crescendo as I stabbed my index finger forward in the air. If I could have poked the hologram in the chest I would have.

Taking a deep breath and giving the hologram a chance to answer, or at least giving him the impression I was waiting for an answer, I hesitated, and just when it raised it’s hand in ready to reply, I gave the order.

‘Chumley NOW!’ I screamed throwing myself sideways into CindyMars knocking her to the floor.

Chumley jumped forward, ripped the bio-projector stem from the carpet fibers and threw it across the room before he hit the ground beside Cim and I causing the floor to shake and Ships struts to groan.

Our eyes met, our breaths held, we waited, and waited some more.

Cim held her finger before her lips signaling us all to remain silent.

Chumley belly rolled his way even closer to where Cim and I remained on the ground, his weapon pulled once again, now shielding us with his bulk.

‘Carpet? You there?’ I hissed under my breath hoping my friend would respond.

‘Silo?’ He did answer, but far too loudly for any of our comfort.

“Shhhhhh!’ Cim, Chumley and I trio-ed at once admonishing Carpet to silence.

‘What’s going on?’ He asked, this time so quietly the three of our foreheads almost touching so we could hear.

‘What’s going on with us, how about what's going on with you! Where have you been!?’ I hissed in a breath grateful to hear from the Milli-Being.

‘Where have I been? While you all’ve been in here doing, whatever it is your doing,’ Carpet made it sound like we’d been playing truant, ‘ The U-Mans’ have tried to escape again but this time they left the U-Man Studious behind, and he’s hurt, bad.’

Looking back and forth between Cim and Chumley I raised my eyebrows in question, my antenna straining backwards to see if the hologram had moved, or come back on or grown into something ready to leap over and kill us.

‘So you’re telling us you’ve no idea who or what this hologram guy is all about?’ Cim asked incredulously.
‘I’ve no idea what you’re talking about Cim. Now are you going to go help the U-Man Studious or just leave him on my rug to die?’ Carpet yelled making us all jump.

Prodded into action we crab walked half standing half crouching to make our way out the door of the bar standing only once we were well to each side of the opening.

‘Cim, Chumley, close off that door. I don’t want anyone in - or out of that bar until we know just what the hell is goin on here.’ I yelled across the entrance.
Chumley who’d gone to the offside with Cim manipulated the port, made sure it was firmly closed and guarded Cim’s back while she secured the door with her Ship’s ID key, effectively sealing it to anyone but herself and the working droid.

‘Carpet, where is Studious?’ I asked and was answered by Carpet turning the fibers beneath our feet a horrid pastell that matched the color of Cim’s leaping lizard drink to the shade.

‘Ok buddy, take us to the U-Man.’

Breaking into a run following the color change stretching out before us we took turns firing questions back and forth, not one of us coming up with any answers.

What was going on with the U-Mans?
How did the U-Man Studious get hurt?
Why was Ship still practicing the interment communication?
Who or what was the ‘essence - hologram - thing’ trapped in the bar.

It wasn’t until Cim asked about Harvey that we realized we may have trapped the hologram in the bar, but we’d also left it with something that knew how to get out.

Nothing we could do about it now, we had a U-Man to save.

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