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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 06:10 PM

After a rest in her quarters aboard the Yydryl, Cim decided she was safe to travel again. Multiple excursions in concession, had a negative affect on DTST as it was an internal
part of their anatomy.

First she would send a quick message to Silo. From her com she sent a text message.


“Oh, what a relief to be on Earth.” Cim said aloud to herself basking in the fresh air and sunlight. Everything seemed normal at the cabin but Cim approached it with a bit of trepidation. Opening the front door Cim shouted “Milli, Milli, you still here?”

From the Bear rug in front of the fireplace, a monotone version “Roar” says Milli like a board Operator. “Thanks for letting me stay but I am so bored! I have noticed unusual lights outside and some noise from your friends the Big Feet, I almost wished they had come in and I would have gone with them. Hey can you wear that sweater that Silo had on, I can come with you.”

“What? Slow down there Milli Bear….I just traveled light years, time and space.
Lights, the Rootak and you were in my sweater? That explains why she wanted it.
We will work something out. Anything I can do for you now? Cim asked Milli Bear.

“Yes, please just get something I can go inside and put me outside for a bit. I want to indulge in the heat of that fire ball. Oh and Cim you know that cat of yours Nando, he didn’t mind me living in his fur, do you think maybe…..”

“What….hmmm, well if Nando didn’t mind and you can keep him out of a bear’s mouth, literally, why not! Oh and the big fire ball, it’s called the Sun.” says Cim

“The Sun.” says Milli “I like it. The Sun.”

Cim dragged Milli out to the patio and hung it on the rail. It looked like a bear looking over the rail, it was quite a sight. The sun was beaming down.

“This is perfect, for now says Milli.”

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 12:42 AM

Punching up a live feed from the control panel at my fingertips I watched in awe as the Yydryl filled the massive viewing screen before me on the bridge.
Panning out to inspect her entirety I was struck anew at Ship’s incredible size.

At the same time I started yet another scan of Ship’s shell I wished Deson into responding to the intercom communication I’d left him earlier.

I had too many questions only the Armour could answer and I badly needed his help.

As if on cue the intercom light flashed indicating an incoming message, I fumbled with the controls in anticipation but the communiqué was from CindyMars not Deson as I’d hoped.


Carpet was right, Leisure Officer CindyMars had left Ship. Well, what could I do? Maybe it was best she was off Ship while things were so unstable but I surely would miss my friend. Wishing her the best my thoughts turned back to Ship and the flash of light I had seen during an earlier scan in my quarters, the flash of light that seemed to be a precursor to Ship’s falling silent.

If whatever had caused that flash of light had perforated Ship’s shell it made sense to me the alarm system would have enacted. But, the part of Ship’s shell surrounding and protecting Ship’s center consisted of hologram and live material.
Was an alarm system built into this ‘skin’ surrounding her Center like it was on the rest of her surface?
I didn’t know.
What I did know was I needed Deson.

Opening the intercom system again I left Deson a second message.


‘Carpet?’ I called when reaching the hall, ‘Please get Chumley to the Armor and lay a path for me to the same. We need Deson.’
‘Will do Silo.’ Carpet responded, but no path opened in the fibers in the rug.

‘Silo, watch...’ The rug blanketing the corridor didn’t move as usual but an obvious change in color of the knap spread out in a bright lilac pattern before my feet.

‘Nice touch Carpet, makes it easier to see and follow where you’re taking me. Why that color though?’ I huffed and began running, following the shading.
‘Isn’t purple your favorite color?’ Carpet continued to shadow the path a few steps before me.
I chuckled and kept running.

‘What are you going to do in the Armory?’ He asked after I changed floors and resumed following his new color scheme.
‘First off, get a weapon. Second, ask Deson what the hell is going on with Ship and pray he knows. Third? Hope to hell Deson will tell us what to do.’

Rounding the next curve we met Chumley puffing his way towards us from the other direction.

‘Prisoner Ensign is stowed in the brig Silo.’ Chumley sketched a small salute. ’I guess I don’t get to eat him.’ Chumley deadpanned falling into a jog beside me.

‘Good work Chumley! I said but about tripped when I noticed a strange expression on the mammoth Rigelian’s face.

‘Creator but he’s got an ugly mug!’ I thought. But the Rigelian had also just cracked his first joke and I’d take that grimace on his rubbery lips as his first smile!

At least something was looking up I grinned foolishly jabbing the guard with my elbow as we kept running towards the Armory and Deson.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 08:14 AM
Being sucked out with the last of the non gravity tunnel, antar fell like a one ton lump onto the warm surface of what could only be described as a pliable rubber mat, with human skin like appearance.

Finally feeling her limbs once again she grasped her legs which were tangled beneath her and instantly felt the whoosh of wind hit the back of her head as the chamber behind her closed.

From the floor she adjusted her eyes to see the amazing sight before her, it was what appeared to be a massive glass dome the size of 10 football fields filled with clouds of every size and shape with colors ranging from dark grey almost black to bright white with silver lining.

In the distance she saw clouds raining down within the hangar and emitting quick flashes of lightning which shot in every direction before grounding into the mat which seemed to be an absorption device for the electrical currents.

Sitting for several moments taking in the crackling sounds and watching the mesmerizing electrical currents flow in and out of the clouds, and actually enjoying the smell of fresh rain she could feel every hair on her body standing straight up.

Her long flowing hair was jutting out straight around her head and it actually snapped and popped as she grasped it into a twist at the nape of her neck.

Always having loved the thunder and lightning this was somehow not so bad, at least not after the living chamber of darkness she had just escaped.

Running her hands through her hair was a grim reminder that someone aboard the YYdryl had given her a huge blow with an object which left a large lump on the back of her skull.

The Yydryl, what an experience it had been, taking challenges had never been something she liked to pass and this one was beyond mystery from the first moments of her arrival and the subsequent events which lead her to this precarious position somewhere unknown and alien.

A loud clap of thunder brought her back to the moment and as her eyes began to adjust she could see the ceiling was most likely some sort of glass and what lay beyond could only be the deep ocean as she could now see schools of fish swimming past in all directions refected by the short lightning flashes.

Taking a moment to stretch and make a plan she decided quickly to try to get through the hangar and to find some way out.

Standing her head felt dizzy for a moment but setting off in the direction of the other side she soon gained her footing and picked up the pace.

One of the clouds above her sparked lightning and a light rain fell down upon her soaking her instantly. Like a maze she was going to have to be careful not to be hit by the bolts descending down once a cloud bursts.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 12:41 PM

Not exactly a early morning Kaylenian, Deson was checking the feed systems running to the Pistol trees with slightly blurry eyes.

Hmmm, a trifle high on the phosphates on 36D. Deson adjusted the flow of the nutrient running to the particular tree. Long rifles looking all right. Ammo good. Weapons distribution stations report ok. Still need to repair the legs of two of the .....

At that moment, a ping came from the com system.
"Incoming priority 1 communication from Silo."

Deson's right ear swiveled towards the sound. "Engage privacy mode 1 and playback the communication." A small receiver/transmitter surgically located under Deson's skin activated allowing him and only him to hear the message.

"Message is as follows:

Foreign object? Ship's center? And Ship not responding? This should certainly prove to be amusing indeed! Hmmmm.... best be prepared for when Silo arrives. Chumly had better not try to sneak another flamethrower out. Good guy at heart, just a trifle too enthusiastic at times.

Deson had to smile at that thought. Deson had a "Interesting" sense of humor. The worse thing got the more that he used words like "Interesting or amusing" to describe it. People have learned in the past to run if he ever used the term "Hilarious" to describe a situation.

Being a 6 legged centauroid, Deson went about getting ready in a unique way. First went onto his large armor plated back a solid cased backpack that he could rotate his waist around and reach into it to extract things. Then into it went a variety of gear. 2 Pistols, extra clips, Medical kit, Muzzle mounted Gas mask with oxygen dispenser, Commo headset, spare Commo headsets, A variety of Grenades (Smoke, Flash bang, Tear Gas and good old Frag), scanner equipment, Infra red goggles, various test equipment, and finally one of his favorites, a extendable lance. Nothing like a very sharp point driven by roughly 1,100 lbs of 6 legged armor plated centaur to get the point across. They're also good for opening stuck doors as well.

Deson then went into the back of the armory and removed a small pouch.

Silo will probably want this now that they are finished. Best to make sure.

He then unpacked it to reveal 7 Six inch blades in thin sheaths. Deson did a mental inventory of the contents.

ok, 3 knives with a contact neuro toxin. 3 knives with electrical discharge capabilities. One special.

Deson looked at what he called "The special". It looked like any other knife. Blade tapering to a point but when you looked closer you could see a sharp edge only on the upper 4 inches of the blade. That was where the special was. The edge consisted of Monofilament. A string of carbon molecules one atom thick. An edge that would slice through anything material with the exception of pure flawless carbon or a Force Field. And how often do you encounter pure flawless Diamond anyway? That one wasn't easy to make either. Couldn't use anything material to handle it. Carefully balanced small strength force fields and glue.

Time to protect the Herd.

Deson put away the pouch and waited for Silo to show up.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 01:49 PM

Cindymars decided to take a drive into town, maybe go by the animal shelter.
She also wanted to see some of the locals at the General Store, she loved the small store as opposed to the large Mart up the Freeway.

Marge and Ernie were so warm and inviting and always made her feel welcome, when she stopped by. Ernie always had a big smile for her.

“Well hey there missy, where you been all my life.” says Ernie, teasing as usual.
“Ernie, I have been waiting for you.” Cim says with a smile.

She got a few things she needed and asked if there was a shelter near by.

“No Miss Mars but we got a stray out back, he’s a good mouser. We call him Sasquatch.”
says Ernie.

“Really can you pet him? Is he tame? asked Cim.

“Oh yeah, he’s right sweet.” replied Ernie.

Cim went out back and called Sasquatch “Oh the irony” Cim thought, and he came running right over. She gave him a small piece of cheese, which he ate.

She reached down and picked him up, he purred gently and gave her a nuzzle with his nose.

“I guess it’s ok to take him Ern.”

“Yep he seems to like ye.” Ern said.

“I hope he likes Milli.” Cim thought.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 02:10 PM
Deciding to stay towards the middle as the clouds were throwing down lightning bolts from each side of the hangar with every new cloud burst, antar set out in a medium jog towards the other side in hopes of finding an outlet.

Was it her imagination or were the clouds beginning to get more electrified by the minute? When first landing inside the cloud dome they seemed to be less active but now lightning was beginning to strike more often and much more intensely.

A cloud burst rung out with a huge bolt that made the ground shake beneath her feet and antar looked up through rain soaked eyes to witness a being catapulted into the center of one of the clouds, she used her camo abilities to lay flat on the ground and melt into the fleshy substance as the passenger cloud passed overhead and out through the same portal as she had entered.

It was all beginning to make sense now, if her memory served her the Zonya's had talked about such technology being used but she could not remember by which species or for that matter on which planet.

Part of her wanted to try and catch the attention of the next pilot but thought better of it until she figured out where she was.

As she made her way carefully through the now violent cloud enclosure, several more occupants began landing within the centers of the flying thunderheads and exiting through the same place as the first.

The atmosphere began to get thicker and the humidity levels almost unbearable so antar stepped up the pace and was running at almost full speed to the other end and the possible exit.

Something was flickering on the opposite side of the enclosure, almost mirage like but more solid. Advancing at full pace she soon neared closer to the shimmering passage before her.

Slowing down to get a closer look at the portal before reaching any closer to it she pulled out her amulet and placed it on her left wrist.

Taking a deep breath and stepping cautiously through the egress she disapeared into a large hallway with doors on either side running down the length of the corridor.

There were no distinguishing numbers or marks on the doors to signify one from the next so taking a chance she reached for the first door to her right, it was open and yet as dark as pitch black inside.

Taking the light from her side pouch and shining it in the lightless room, she saw nothing but a pillar standing solitary in the center of the darkness.

Walking up to it carefully and shining the light on the middle she stood back saying outloud, "Whoa!" "What is this doing here?"

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 02:10 PM

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 06:38 PM
The damaged Nyx Class dropship roughly touched down in an unoccupied docking bay aboard the Penelope. An unoccupied bay was a rare sight at the moment, but this one had been cleared for a reason.

An NI agent, supposedly self retired, was coming aboard. Asher contemplated the turn of events with highest suspicion. NI had never meant good things for the Penelope.

Asher watched silently through the network view portals within the docking bay as the dropship doors opened and a loading ramp slid down to the bay floor with a metallic clang. Nenothtu had sent along a security contingent and they were training weapons upon the figure within.

The leader of the contingent gave the man within specific instructions and he emerged a moment later with his hands in the air before stopping as his feet hit the loading bay.

Asher recognized him immediately. It was NI-Thanatos, the man who had given him the disgusting, yet useful, packaged plasma emitter grafted to his arm. Thanatos had called himself Steven Sorokov, a name that held no significance with Asher even after a historical datamine. The name simply didn't match any known living being, but that was to be expected when NI was involved. All of one's past became null and void when one became NI.

Thanatos was thoroughly scanned by Neno's team before he was cleared. The scan reported highly advanced computing hardware laced throughout Thanatos' clothing, but it wasn't deemed threatening. The Penelope's network had isolated the newcomer with a 5-fold geometry encryption.

Without another word, the contingent formed up around the man and began marching him up to the bridge. They did not seem to think that wrist binds or a neural-lock collar were necessary. From his slowly collapsing virtual world, Asher wondered if that was a mistake.

NI was a monster. It certainly wasn't below them to send in a "concerned father" figure to obliterate a morally inclined foe.

However, voice analysis hadn't indicated any sign of deception. Such data wasn't to be relied upon 100%. NI was known to be an expert at fooling voice detection techniques.

Several minutes later, the contingent arrived at the bridge with Thanatos/Sorokov in tow.

Captain Luder greeted the man with noticeable suspicion and Neno lurked nearby, glaring. Asher noted this with a degree of satisifaction. At least they wouldn't be taken off guard.

Thanatos/Sorokov stated that he was willing to divulge any and all information on Naval Intelligence that he had. Such information would be substantial, he argued, seeing as he had been a high ranking official within their computing branch. All he wanted was to be able to talk with his son, who he evidentially believed was still aboard.

As if suddenly realizing it was there, Thanatos/Sorokov looked over at the interface chair where Asher's comatose body was still neurally attached to the network.

The man's eyes darted around the bridge with manic speed before Thanatos/Sorokov asked breathlessly:

"Seeker8241...? Can you hear me?"

With a hum and a flicker, Asher's image appeared on the bridge beside the Captain, who was looking confused.

"Yes, I can hear you Thanatos," he answered. "And yes, I remember you. You installed a particularly unnerving plasma generator in my arm that proceeded to spawn a swarm of nanites in my body. Thanks for that, by the way. As if anyone needed any reassurance that I was a freak.

"How many people died before you perfected the Enhancer Project? There were less than 100 Enhancers the last time I checked, and I am trial 8241. Over 8000 deaths on your shoulders Thanatos.

"And what did you get from all that work? A hundred soulless machines to do your bidding!

"Don't bother asking because I'm disinclined to help you find your son. You're a living Dr. Frankenstein. You create monsters. I have trouble believing that your son will be different."

Asher turned to Captain Luder.

"Captain, I will be manning the guns as the rescue operations finish up in case a threat presents itself. If you need me, either yourself or Nenothtu can reach me with your personal codes. I will inform you if a situation arises and await your instructions."

With that, Asher's image flickered and died as he retreated back into his virtual world, the sterile and uncaring place that had become his home. He didn't care enough to listen to any more from the broken old man that had been his creator.

Thanatos/Sorokov watched the spot where Asher's image had stood as if expecting it to reappear. His haunted gray eyes were brimming with tears.

Slowly, the old man's eyes turned to Captain Luder.

"He was the last Enhancer ever created, the most advanced we could manage with unlimited financial resources. Before he became Seeker8241, that man's name was Asher Sorokov... He is my son."

Sorokov wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

"What I've done must have worked... He isn't an Enhancer anymore. Captain... What happened to him? Why is my son fatally integrated with this ship?"

The silence that fell across the bridge seemed heavier than air.

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posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 12:03 AM

Entering the Armory it was all Chumley and I could do to stop ourselves from beginning a tour of the new weapons mounted in their cases and stored on the shelves ringing the room but Deson the Armor was no where in sight so we waited respectfully at his workbench.

‘We’ll look later Chumley, promise.’ I said under my breath, the guard stood taller. I knew what it cost Chumley to stay at my side. Getting his hands on new weapons, any weapons came right below his love for Whisper on his list of life’s priorities so I felt pretty good the big guy stuck with me.

‘Where’s Deson do you think’ I asked sotto voice.

‘In back with the ‘good stuff’‘ Chumley relied from the side of his mouth.

Answering our question the Armor appeared from a back room, carrying something in his hands, his expression serious.
I was struck anew at the beauty of this being every time I saw him but I tried not to let my appreciation for his physical form show, Deson seemed uncomfortable with fawning and I wanted him to feel at his own ease when around me.

‘ATS Silo, Second Security Officer Chumley, welcome friends,‘ the Armor greeted us formally. ’Now tell me again of this ‘flash’ of yours.’ He asked getting right to the heart of why we were there. The underlying steel in his voice gave me a sense of relief. Not only did the Armor comprehend the gravity of the situation but he was going to help, though I never doubted he would not.

I explained the light I’d seen strike off Ship’s shell while I was viewing her on my new monitor and how the flash gave the impression something had penetrated Ship’s Center. I added how Ship cut off her conversation with me at that very moment, and her subsequent reluctance, if not inability of responding to verbal intercourse since.

‘Deson Sir, if something did penetrate Ship, whatever ’it’ is could be in her Center right now.‘ My unspoken ‘What do we do’ relayed clearly as I looked questioningly into the Armors eyes.

‘First, we get you armed. Then, we go take a look.’ Deson replied sure of himself, and of us it seemed.

‘Chumley, if you would, please choose a weapon or two for yourself. I’m sure you know what’s appropriate for a mission of this kind.‘ Deson was as much as telling the weapon happy guard not to go wild with his choices and keep his mind on the task at hand.

‘And Chumley, please refrain from drooling on the inventory.’ Deson gave a rare smile at the Chumley’s back, the guard had already lumbered off to start searching the shelves and isles giving little grunts and moans of appreciation as he went.

Turning back to where I stood waiting the Armour motioned me closer.
Deson’s unflinching gaze met mine in question as he held up something that looked to me like a pouch.

‘Are you ready?’

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posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 01:51 PM

When Cim returned she laughed seeing Milli in the bear rug hanging over the patio rail.
What a sight, good thing that she did not have any visitors, she thought.
She had Sasquatch in a tomato crate that Ern had given her. He seemed ok.

Milli says “Hey, what you got there, hmmm?”

“I got you a cat, but let’s see if he likes it her before you jump onto his fur.” replied Cim.

“Hey, I am not a parasite!” answers Milli.

“Sorry Milli, I just want to be cool to this cat, his name is Sasquatch.”

Milli laughs. Cim pulls Milli off the rail and into the front door.

“Ok let’s let Sasquatch out and see if he likes to urinate on bear rugs.” Cim enjoyed Milli’s sense of humor.

“Ha ha ha” says Milli. Sasquatch apprehensively sniffs around and goes straight to the rug flops down and begins cleaning himself. “That’s great” says Milli, “Maybe I will wait until he is done.”

Cim laughs, “Yeah maybe?”

“So your friends, the Rootak, why do they only come around at night?” Cim notices ripples in the rug.

“They like to avoid human contact and hunters. They can move around more freely, under the cover of darkness. I am hoping to speak with them tonight.” replies Cim.

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 04:00 PM

While Chumly was looking around Deson placed the pouch on a counter.

Looking at Silo I could tell that she was one that could be trusted with the "special". She was focused on the pouch as if knowing it's contents were important. The other blades weren't of any immediate concern but with the "special" she could do a lot of damage.

"I have been thinking about your difficulty in carrying weapons when you "Morph" as I believe you call it and I may have a answer. It may not seem the most powerful but used properly could come very much in handy. You are capable of forming a pouch sort of like a "kangaroo" I believe the Humans call it?"

At Silo's nod Deson continued.

"Very well. This pouch contains 7 knives in sheaths small enough to where you can carry them (unlike a typical firearm) around in your pouch without limiting your abilities too much. Since the Orion empire has so many different types and masses of beings I'm going to use Human mass (since they typically only vary so much in mass) as a standard unit of measurement. "

Deson, quickly unpacked the pouch and laid the knives on the counter. Indicating 3 of the knives that had greenish hilts he said: "These 3 knives have a neuro toxin that self regenerates over time. They are good for about 7 to 10 stabs depending on how long you leave it in the wound. Regeneration time is roughly 5 minutes. 20 seconds to unconsciousness when used against a Human sized target. 2 minutes to death."

He then indicated 3 others with an Electric Blue hilt. "These contain a modified electrical discharge mechanism like a Boosted Electric Eel gland. Each one is a one shot discharge and then 45 seconds to recharge. Roughly a 850 volt discharge. On human sized targets there is a chance to kill. At the very least it should throw their muscles into spasms that will last for about 30 seconds thus making capture easier."

He then pointed to a Black hilted Knife. "Top 4 inches of the blade are edged with Monofilament. Capable of cutting through almost anything material except pure flawless Carbon. It slices right between molecules. It's that sharp. Be very careful using this and inserting it into the sheath. You'll slice yourself and not even feel it until you hit nerve clusters"

"With lots of practice you should be able to throw them but remember, lots of practice. Unless you've had experience in knife throwing I wouldn't recommend that just yet."

Deson placed them back into the pouch and handed it to Silo.

"Use them in good health, may they serve you well, may they strike true."

Silo was then struck with the feeling that this was more than just a "Here are your weapons speech." That this was more.

"The weaponsmaster back in my old Herd told me the same thing when he gave me my first lance when he felt that I was ready." Deson said while tilting his head in almost a benediction.

At that point Chumly came walking out form amongst the shelves. He was carrying Carbine and a Pistol. Deson nodded approvingly. "Good choice. Interchangeable ammo and good for tight corners. Come here Chumly, I'm going to upgrade you and downgrade you at the same time."

Good thing that he exercised restraint. He's realizing how serious this is. I would have had to say no to anything larger let alone an AGNES. Depending on how well he does, I'll take him to the firing range so that he can have some fun once this is all over. That reminds me. I'd better take "Vinny" with me. Nothing like a field test to confirm what the firing range showed.

Deson then reached into a drawer where he pulled out several clips that looked like they would fit into the Pistol or Carbine and placed them into a pouch with a shoulder strap.

"These Red clips are armor piercing rounds. These Blue ones conduct a Electrical Shock when they hit the target. They have several prongs on the front for piercing light armor. Load the blue ones first. We are going to want to take whomever this is alive. Use the Blue ones for capture, the Red ones to take him down. But only if you have to do so."

Looking at Silo and then Chumly he said "Now, I need to get something from the back myself. I hope that I don't have to use it."

At these words both Silo and Chumly felt a bit of rising worry. What the heck could Deson have that even he doesn't want to have to use? Deson then went into the back room of the armory and through a locked door. He was then seen to emerge cradling in his arms something that looked very nasty indeed. Both Silo and Chumly recognized it by seeing some placed at certain key points in the Yydryl. Typically manned by two security crew members.

"That's an AGNES isn't it?" Silo and Chumly said at the same time.

"Assault Gun Nominal Energy System" Deson said. Then he continued "Some idiot in weapons development thought that they were being cute by calling it that but the troops hate the name. They call it a "Big Fun Gun" Well.... you know how troopers are. It's a rapid fire pulse Laser system capable of blasting it's way through a lot of armor..... and beings."

"This is Vinny. My personal one. I couldn't resist tinkering with him and added something special. You see this tube on top?" pointing towards a small tube mounted on the barrel. "This fires needle sharp bullets at hypersonic velocities using a magnetic system. I call it a Gauss Rifle. I figured that Energy weapons can be sometimes deflected or slowed down by Reflective or Ablative armor. There is very little that will stop good old Kinetic energy. It's a prototype and if it works out it'll probably be issued at a later time. No Chumly, you can't play with one yet. It takes a lot of training and you have to hit your target without causing a lot of collateral damage and we don't want that in Ship's Center. Maybe later on."

Deson then went to a computer console and typed a few buttons. "Good. It's ready. I'll have it sent here from motor pool ASAP." Turning towards Silo and Chumly, Deson said "I was going to give this to you two later on but it's ready now and we can use it. Let's step outside while I lock up." Deson and the others stepped out of the armory and the Deson turned around and touched a pad on a control pillar. "Ship's armorer Deson initiating Stage 3 Armory lock down" After a few seconds a computerized voice replied "Identification accepted. Initiating Stage 3 protocol". Large blast shields then deployed complete with a blast door came slamming down from the ceiling with a loud Clang!! "Stage 3 lock down of armory complete. Have a nice day." came the computer voice.

Glancing at the looks from Silo and Chumly, Deson spoke " Made out of Nano Carbon layered with steel one molecule thick of each giving the walls, floors, ceiling and blast door the protection of something that posses both strength, flexibility and heat dispersion of each to a thickness of 2 feet. Upper level security and command staff can override it opening the armory but it protects from unauthorized intruders. Something that's not shown in the ship's schematics for good reason."

The sound of an engine could be heard coming down the corridor.

"Ah here it is now." Deson nodded. "The guys at the motor pool owed me some favors (in addition to a case of Brandy every year) for something that I did a while back. I'm not going to go into exactly what happened but they call it "The incident" and suits me fine.

What came down the corridor could best be described as unusual. A 6 wheeled vehicle with a cargo bay, 2 seats, a pair of mechanical arms mounted on the front and back, balloon tires with treads, and painted purple. "From what I understand Chumly's favorite color is purple and you like to get samples. This will do both. Fully amphibious and all terrain. You steer it like a tank using those 2 levers you see on the chairs. Push both forwards go forwards. One forwards one back and it'll spin in it's own length. Easy to drive. Mounting brackets for a Semi portable type 2 are in the cargo bay. Enjoy. The corridors are wide enough we'll be able to get to the ship's center quickly. I'll let you two decide who is going to drive and I'll ride in the back. Just be careful taking corners and turn the headlights on so that others can see you coming."

Deson then pasted a note on the blast door of the Armory and climbed into the rear cargo area.

This has all the potential to become absolutely Hilarious Deson thought to himself.

"Let's go" He said.

Silo couldn't help it. she had to know what that note that Deson posted said. What important news to others could it contain?

Peering at the note pasted on the blast doors it said:

"Gone fishing at ship's center. Hope to be back soon."

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 04:25 PM
Simply in awe of the crystal which stood regally atop the ancient pillar in the middle of the room, antar stepped cautiously toward it stumbling in the darkness as the steps leading up to it were not within the illumination of her wrist light.

Eyes steady on the magnificent beauty of the gem taking in its size and unusually circular shape, she finally reached the top of the steps and climbed up the pillar and without hesitation touched the beautiful cyan colored stone with her left hand, closed her eyes and before the first breath was completely exited, the entire room came to life and a slight vibrational shock wave raced through her hand and across her chest leaving a rippled affect which touched her very soul.

The sweet smell of fresh ocean air and something like old fashioned white roses stirred her senses back from the bliss of the vibratory field now pulsing through her body mind and spirit.

Letting out a loud and joyous laugh, she placed her hand on the transparent wall which now displayed several deep sea aquatic animals playing gracefully amongst each other, to her amazement the room was more an under sea Temple than a mysterious place of unknown origin.

And reaching out to touch the rainbow jellyfish if only from the other side of the enclosure, there was a slight fluctuation as her hand slipped through and splashed to the coldness of the other side.

Suddenly there was a high pitched frequency within the chamber and the sound of footsteps running up the hall outside. Looking for someplace to hide, she headed up to the top of the stairs and hid behind the pillar and the cyan crystal.

posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 11:50 AM
‘Please, would you turn that light off now?’ The woman said softly, her hand raised to cover her eyes from the glare of the man’s flashlight beaming in her face.

Studious let his light drop slowly traveling the full length of the woman before the beam of light rest pointing at the few paces of ground separating them.

‘You’re the man Studious. You were here before.’ Her ethereal voice floated across the space between them to swirl around the Colonel like a caress.

As the woman stepped closer Studious fought the urge to rub his eyes. Was she real? And how did she know his name?
The possibility he’d sustained a head injury flicked through his mind before the woman spoke again.

‘Be welcome here Studious. No one here will harm if you pose no threat. I trust you will choose not to inflict any damage on our hospitality this time.’ Moving even closer the woman reached out a hand so pale it was translucent to lay across his weapon and gently stoke the end of the muzzle with one finger. Giving her no resistance Studious allowed the tip of his weapon to dip down much like he had with the flashlight.

Large violet eyes looked over Studious’s shoulder to the cocoons, her smile of welcome disappearing.
‘So you’ve found the cocoons, and my crew members.’ Her gaze flicked back to his searching for a reaction.
’Their loss is, regrettable.’ She added, her words not matching the tone in her voice. ’But the ones you're seeking are well, don’t be alarmed, they are unhurt.’ She assured him.

Regarding the woman with a mixture of curiosity and appreciation held his tongue and kept himself still almost as if not to frighten her off.

‘Be welcome Studious.‘ She reached out to offer her hand but pulled it back as if she thought better of touching him.
‘It’s a pleasure to have you aboard.’ She said instead settling on a verbal salute.

‘The pleasure is all mine. Mam?’ Studious finally spoke turning his response into a question.

‘Delia. You may call me Delia.’ She replied...

And then she was gone.

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Watching the woman leave Studious could only stand stunned. He figured she wasn't real but couldn't assume anything.

Realizing that if she was real she might be going for help, he moved toward the first cocoon containing Lt. Cmdr. Ackerman. Using a knife he began to cut away the membranes and spider web like filaments.

Pulling him out of the cocoon and laying him on the ground Studious began to remove the spider web like material from the man’s eyelids. After he removed most of the strange fibers Ackerman began to awaken.

The Lt. Cmdr. shot up like he’d awoken from a nightmare. Looking around nervously in the darkness he saw a glimmer of light hit the old man.

Ackerman: “Colonel?”

Studious: “Yeah?”

Ackerman: “What the hell happened?”

Studious: “What’s the last thing you remember?”

Ackerman: “We were in the cell and you had just jumped to the dropship. You were going to open the door for us. Then I can’t remember anything, it’s all just a blank.”

Studious: “That’s when you must have been replaced.”

Ackerman: “Replaced!?”

Studious: “It’s a long story, here help me get Evans outta this thing.”

Ackerman stumbled to his feet and upon seeing the cocoon lit by Studious’ flashlight said “What the hell is that!?”

Studious after a short pause said “No idea. But it looks like a cocoon.”

They both moved toward Evans encased in the wall. Giving Ackerman another knife he began to cut the membranes away at the bottom while the Colonel worked at the top.

Once Evans was free they placed him on the ground and pulled the spider web like strings from his body.

Evans nervously looked around into the blackness and saw an arm. Aiming at where he thought the face should be he struck Ackerman.

“You stupid idiot!” Ackerman yelled as he wiped the blood from his lip.

“Is that you sir?” Evans said as he looked back and forth and put his hands out in front of him, unable to see in the darkness.

Studious shined the flashlight around at the faces of the three of them. That gave the other two a chance to see each lit face.

Evans: “Sorry sir it’s just stuff like this has happened to me before. But usually I’m paralyzed.”

Ackerman: “Not another one of your crazy stories Evans.”

Evans: “No it’s true I tell you!”

Studious: “That may be so Evans, but right now we’ve got to get the heck out of here.” The Colonel hesitated before continuing but realized that they would never be able to prove the woman he saw wasn’t real . Knowing this he said “A woman from the crew spoke to me. She’s probably going to alert the others. We don’t have much time.”

The old man thought about telling them of the Earth but realized that it would only distract them.

Realizing the urgency of what they were doing Evans and Ackerman stumbled back onto their feet.

Studious handed Evans his weapon and told him to cover the door.

Ackerman hearing this said “Are you sure that’s a good idea” as he nursed he lip.

The Colonel and the Lt. Cmdr. worked on the next cocoon containing Monroe. They were quicker this time becoming more adept at removing the membranes and webbing.

Placing Monroe on the ground they only removed the strands from his upper body before moving on to Nathan. They told the Dr. to remove the rest.

As Dr. Monroe removed the twine he kept repeating “Facinating!” Eventually he continued. "It’s taken care of all our bodily functions why it’s even…"

Ackerman said into the darkness of the room “Spare me the details doc. What can you tell me about this stuff.”


Ackerman could tell Studious was about to say something further so he warned him “It’s useless. When he gets like this it’s not worth talking to him.”

The two freed finally freed Nathan and placed him on the ground. His body twitching slightly under the biological net that surrounded him. Like a trapped fish.

Once the netting was removed his twitching subsided and remained only as an eye tick.

Standing they all moved toward Evans and toward the hole in the wall. Toward the light.

Studious told Evans to give him his weapon back.

The Colonel was going to go through the hole first…

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It was a moment when time stood still.
I listened to the Armor's presentation of my new knives with such intensity the room faded until all that existed was Deson, myself and the weapons.

With great patience Deson explained the unique use for each of my new blade types, how they would react, what their specific uses were.
The holding pouch he made from bio-materials and was formed with me in mind as he was sure it would remain with me in morph so I’d have no trouble with loosing the weapons if I had to evade a dangerous situation by blending into the surroundings.

The B.E.G’s knives I found most interesting as they’d deliver enough voltage to kill, but depending on how I used them they could stun a being leaving them alive, disabled and easy to capture.
The Neo-Knife would poison, kill in 2 minutes, the Black-Mon’s would cut through anything - live or non.
Now the mantle of responsibility passed to me. Deson had done his part, now it was up to me to lean to throw them, a practice I’d dedicate myself to willingly if not obsessively.

Directing me to his side Deson reached out with both hands and bending down slightly as if to bow he cupped his warm dry hands, one on each side of me knee and from there, in tandem, began to moving up the skin of my inner thigh.
Where his hands came to rest circling my skin my flesh tingled and grew warm.
The Armor mumbled something under his breath before pulling his hands away to stand erect once more.
Bringing his fingers back together to form the ‘O’ - the girth of my leg - I now understood. He’d taken the measure of my thigh and was eyeballing the circle between where his thumbs and his first fingers met in figuring the circumference.

Stepping out of my line of sight I tried not to think about the warmth of his hand and the liquid flush he’d caused to travel up my leg.

Returning, Deson bent almost double and this time instead of his hands touching me a soft material clung to my skin binding itself together tightly but not uncomfortably.

Righting himself Deson explained the sheath was made of the same material as the ‘pouch’ and I shouldn’t loose it during morph, but, I may have to practice. It would hold any of the knives, two if I used the keeper on the inside and the outside.

Laying his hand on my shoulder the Armour looked at me squarely, the weight of his gaze making it difficult to match his eyes. As the color climbed up my cheeks I hoped Deson didn’t know his touch was responsible for my blush.

"Use them in good health, may they serve you well, may they strike true.’ He said solemnly. ’The weapons master back in my old Herd told me the same thing when he gave me my first lance when he felt that I was ready.’ Deson said while tilting his head in almost a benediction.

Deson’s dropped his hand, and without another word moved back behind the working bench.
The spell was broken. I was back in the armory, the room in full view where I could see and hear Chumley making his way towards us from the rows of weapons where he’d been making his choice of sidearm for our mission.

Deson, pleased with Chumley’s choices congratulated the guard and improved on them by supplying the perfect accouchement of projectiles.

Deson’s own weapon of choice was a stunning example of the Armors expertise. Refined and modified by and for the armor I hoped one day he’d allow me to accompany him to the firing range so I could try out his personal ‘Vinny’ myself.

Our next surprise came in the form of a vehicle. Deson not only had designed the buggy for his own use but for my trips to Ship’s Center when long distance ventures were called for.

Chumley, quite beyond himself at the arrival of the Waldo jumped into the drivers seat even as Deson indicated we should choose who drove. Admittedly I was dying to get my hands on the control ‘sticks’ but my main reason for asking Chumley to move into the passenger seat was based on the mission before us.

‘Chumley, move over.’ I commanded and to my shock the guard just gave me a dirty eyeball.

‘Look Chum, it’s either you drive, or, you ride Carbine.‘ I shot my eyebrows up and wiggled them at the guard. ‘You can’t do both. Now choose.’ I knew his choice already but still held out my hand. ‘Give me your weapon and you drive, or, I drive and you...’

Chumley swung the Carbine as far away from me as he could without letting it go and moved over into the opposite seat as Deson jumped lightly onto the back of the vehicle.

‘What’s that you posted on the door?’ I’d never seen anyone use paper to post on doors and I was too curious for courtesy, I wanted to know what it read.

Deson gave me the chin to go look, I read the post and began to laugh. ‘We’re a long way from fishing in the Center Deson, a long way!’ But I appreciated his humor and laughed again climbing into the driver’s seat of the Waldo.

‘Now tell me which way to drive so I don’t crush poor Carpet.’ I asked Deson for the back way to Ship’s Center so I didn’t have to take the main halls. The driving sticks proved to be so simple to learn, he Waldo so responsive to my touch we moved off as smooth as if I’d been at the sticks before.

‘Make your way to the back of this big bay, behind the weapon storage racks. There’s a connection to the storage bays from there and from the storage bays we can move into Ship’s Center pretty much right where your new quarters are.’ Deson replied enjoying the ride and his new Waldo being put to good use.

Chumley, hardly able to sit still in his seat kept making forward motions with his tentacles. He obviously wanted me to go faster.
No more encouragement was needed, I pressed forward on the sticks, the Waldo responded by lurching forward so even Deson had to scramble a bit to remain upright.

Taking the corners wide and whipping back to hug the inner wall was no less than thrilling. After the second curve I don’t know what pleased me more, Chumley's growing unease at the speed reached by the Waldo or Deson's uncharacteristic whoops of joy as we rounded each bend fishtailing slightly on the slick unprotected floors.

‘The main storage door to the Center is your next on the left.’ Deson shouted from behind me even though the Waldo was surprisingly quiet as it sped along.

Not bothering to slow down, the door was still a clip or two ahead I couldn’t resist and put on a last burst of speed marveling at the Waldo as it ate up the distance.

The next moment went from thrilling speed, to thrilling spills.
The door before us opened, a U-Man stepped out.
From where I was at the stick time slowed for the second time that day.
I saw the U-Man from the Penelope’s raiding party step into the path of the Waldo, the lights glaring across his eyes, the look of fright in the man’s expression stood out in stark relief on his face.

Pulling back on the sticks with all my might my antenna vision caught Deson as he leap lightly from the Waldo to break into a gallop beside us. He obviously knew what was coming and wanted no part of it.

The Waldo came to a noiseless halt so abruptly Chumley and I were launched from our seats and went soaring over the hood of the buggy.

Chumley landed first, the wind knocked out of him in an audible whoosh, his weapon went flying from his hands but Deson was there, caught the weapon before it hit the ground and neatly spun in place to turn the muzzle on the U-man.

I fell on top of Chumley his bulk cushioning my landing where he was sprawled not a stride from the U-Man.

‘I’m going to have to adjust those breaks a bit I see.’ Deson said to no one in particular his aim of the Agnes never wavering from the U-Man.

‘You going to give me a hand up?’ I reached for the U-man from where I sat on top of the winded Chumley not having a clue what else to say to the raider who stared down at me with a look of surprise, relief and then recognition.


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Earth July 10, 1694

Cim dressed as a pirate but not disguising the fact she was a woman, entered the
“Boars Head” a raucous den of iniquity. Loud music and men fighting she spots her
prey sitting at a table drinking, a lewd woman on his lap. She approaches him with her hand on her saber.

“Cadbury, what a surprise finding you here in Port Royal.” She says pulling a chair out and swinging her leg over to sit astride.

“Cim, I, erm….I had to get here.” he looked nervous as well as inebriated, Cadbury stammered whilst licking the rum from his lips, dumps the woman to the floor, she scurrys away cursing.

“We had a deal! You Captain the Yydryl until I no longer needed you, then you got the tag to come here for your treasure and glory. You’ve really screwed things up in 2300,
I am not sure I will let you live.” She said coolly.

“What do you mean, whatcha gonna do?” he indeed was frightened, he knew her abilities and what she was capable of.

“For now nothing.” She kicked the chair as she slowly stood.
“But don’t you ever steal from me again, especially time tags.” she moves in closer to his face.

“But Cim, you gave it to me, I…” she stopped him mid-sentence.

“We had a deal, now you owe me, I will be seeing you. Enjoy your buccaneering.”
With that said she turned and left.

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Swiveling an ear toward Silo and Chumly but not letting his eyes leave the human Deson kept Vinny pointed at the human.

Putting as much steel and no nonsense into his voice Deson spoke:

"Be advised, right now you have 3 options."

Deson paused

"Option One: to run, in which case I fire. I must warn you that this weapon has two settings and only two."

"Setting A, Fires a hypersonic round ripping completely through you, in which case you would die from internal and external bleeding shortly thereafter and there would be very little that I or anyone else could do about it in the time remaining in your life span."
"Setting B, a LARGE hole is blasted right through you in which case you would perish immediately."

"That's option One that you have."

Deson paused again.

"Option Two: Is that you attack either me, Silo or Chumly. In which case the end result would be the same as option one. I'm very protective of the herd."

Option Three: Is that you help Silo up and surrender peacefully. I can guarantee that you won't be harmed. You will be placed into a cell I will escort you there and I will be there personally to assure that no harm comes to you during later questioning. You have my word of Honor on this and if your familiar with my species Honor is highly valued."

Deson paused again.

Watch his eyes. They always betray what a person is thinking about and going to do next. By the Lords of Light! I hope he chooses Option Three! I don't want to kill him unless I have to but the Herd comes first!

"Oh yes, one thing. In all honesty, and in the excitement, I really don't know which setting Vinny is on. Either setting would be very bad for you. Personally I hope that your intelligent enough for option Three. I must also inform you that I'm the Ship's Armorer and am highly trained in Vinny's use. Your call."

Deson waited to see what would happen next.

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Oregon, Cabin July 2010

As night fell on the forest and the cabin, Milli and Sasquatch had made friends.
Milli explained to Cim that it was a symbiotic relationship and that so far both animals had been favorable to the joining. Cim stored that thought as good to know, it could come in handy.

She went outside on the deck and turned on the Jacuzzi, also listening.
When the Rootak knew she was there, they always came by. Pavarotti was playing in the background and the night was cool and quiet.

“Want some company?” Milli ask. The cat slowly walks to the deck railing jumps up and makes himself comfortable. “I love the locomotion of this marvelous beast. I want to experience running and climb one of those trees.”

From the bubbling, steamy water Cim replies “That would be fun, being a cat. You can come with me later when the Rootak show up if you want. Just watch out for snakes and bobcats and, and, and….” she laughs gesturing the whole thing.

“You seemed disturbed, if I might say? What’s bothering you? I have two cat ears!”
says Milli.

“Oh, I have trying to save the world, albeit unsuccessfully.” Cim submerged into the pool.

“Why?” ask Milli.

“Because, I love it.” She answers somberly.

From the forest comes a terrible roar. “Yea, there here!” Her excitement did not go unnoticed by Milli. Cim jumps out of the water and grabs a towel running inside and up the stairs. Very shortly she is running down the stairs dressed in jeans and a sweater.
She grabs her backpack and shouts, “Come on lets go.”

They run down the stairs and onto the path into the forest. Cim pulls out her flashlight and illuminates the path ahead. “So where are the Rootak?” Milli ask.

“I expect they are at a clearing where we gather, you will get to enjoy the locomotion,
because it’s up a ways.” she says.

“It’s ok, I have four legs.” says Milli.

Ahead the sound of the rapids as the river runs crashing through.
Cim thought of the Amazon and Silo, she missed her time with her friend and felt guilty that she had not revealed all to her but she couldn’t, not yet. Approaching she spots Thomng, her Rootak friend, fishing for dinner.

Thomg looks up from fishing with a grizzly,and gives her a grunt. Good thing she understood Rootak and they English. “He says go on up the others are waiting.”

“Wow, really big fella, really big. How about you get me one of those?” snickered Milli.

“Cute.” says Cim

"How about the bear?" ask Milli.

Finally they reached the clearing where about ten or so Rootak sat in a circle around a fire.

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Studious considered the three options carefully but came up with a fourth option.

Deciding to take a diplomatic approach with the aliens he reached out his hand and helped the alien named Silo up and began to speak.

"Oh excuse me. I was just” and then walking away from her he began to sing “strolling through the park one day. In the middle of this giant bay. When I was taken by surprise by a pair of roguish eyes.”

The old man pointed at the headlights of the alien vehicle as he held the note. Hoping the aliens would be distracted but unfortunately they only stared at him.

After a moment he continued with a less known piece of the song.

“In a moment my poor heart was in dismay.”

“A choice was all they gave to me.”

He whistled the instrumental portion.

“Of course we were as hostile… can be.”

He whistled again looking around trying to find something he could use.

“Ah!” The Colonel raised his hand in a eureka pose after he had seen something pulsing on the wall.

“I immediately lowered my gun.” The Colonel lowered his weapon as he spoke.

“And finally they did too.” Studious leaned forward and spoke persuasively. He turned sideways and prominently presenting his left hand toward his captors. However when they didn’t comply he gripped something with his right hand which was out of view.

“I never shall forget, that lovely afternoon. When I met you by the fountain in the park.”

They looked at each other in confusion because there was no fountain. In that moment of bewilderment Studious pulled out the knife he had gripped and slashed the pulsing portion of the organic wall. A strange spray of liquid came out and under the cover of this he dove through the hole in the wall.

On the other side of the hole everything was in total darkness.

As Studious stood a fist came out of the blackness and hit him in the face he staggered backwards.

“Evans you idiot!” Ackerman yelled as he took of his cap and hit Evans over the head with it.

Studious wiped the blood from his lip and moved to one coroner of the dark room. He turned on his flashlight and aimed the weapon it at the small hole in the wall.

As the team gathered around him Studious asked “Does anyone remember anything after I jumped to the dropship?”

Monroe moved forward and said “You should really see a doctor about you face.”

Studious laughed at Monroe's lack of tact and continued.

Studious: “Do any of you remember how they put you into this place? Because that might be our only way out of here.”

Evans: “Well I remember there being this woman.”

Studious: “Did she put you in that cocoon? How did she get you all in here?”

Evans: “Her name was Delia.”

Studious recognized the name and became confident that she was not just another illusion.

Ackerman: “Yes that’s all well and good little buddy but we’ve got to get out of here.”

Evans: “She was kind but scary at the same time kinda like…”

Ackerman: “Dr. do you remember anything?”

Evans: “Hey!”

Monroe: “No but it’s possible that if there ever was an entrance that this ship has grown a wall to close it.”

Ackerman: “So what are you saying?”

Monroe: “I think we’re trapped sir.”

Studious: “Nathan got any ideas?”

Nathan: “The doctor’s right I remember something closing around us,” He his eye twitched as he spoke. “but it could have just been these cocoons.” He looked at the cocoons with an angry twitching glare but no one could see this in the darkness.

Studious: “Well, to resist now would be futile. We’ve got to find a way to escape.”

Hearing a draining noise he turned on the small flashlight and aimed it at the pulsing portion of the wall.

To his shock and horror that portion of the wall was draining of liquid. Leaving only a thin layer of organic material on either side.

Studious: “Monroe, Nathan what is that?”

Monroe in shock and awe said “Why that’s incredible it looks like muscle.”

Studious: “What are you saying?”

Monroe: “I’m saying it looks like a door is opening.”

Studious: “What!? you mean I escaped only to open a door for them. Wait, are there any other areas of the wall like that.”

He swung the flashlight around and scanned the walls with it.

Nathan: “No other section seems to be made of muscle. I’m going to take a guess and say that’s the only door.”

Studious: “Alright then, quick take this” the Colonel unclipped his weapon from his vest and handed it to Ackerman. “And this” Studious handed him his knife. “All of you get to the other side of the room and stay in the shadows, only fire if you have to.”

Evans: “What are you gonna do.”

Studious: “Something I should have done a long time ago.”

Evans thinking he meant to attack those outside the dark room said “That’s suicide!”

Studious: “I meant talking Evans!”

Evans: “Well that’s worse, that’s torture!”

Ackerman took off his cap and nearly struck Evans again. Hearing the sound of the cap swinging through the air Evans ran to the darkness at the other end of the room. The others followed him.

Studious moved toward the muscle on the wall which began to open. Not exposing himself he spoke behind one side of the now open doorway and said. “Oh where are my manners. Please come in. Sorry about the mess we’ve just been redecorating.”

He then moved around the coroner of the door and said with arms outstretched

“But in all seriousness I mean you no harm.” His eyes displayed a kind and genuine sincerity.

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It took all almost all of Deson's nerves not to pull the trigger at that instant when Studious emerged but Deson knew it was a dead end.

"He won't get fa...." Deson didn't have a chance to complete his sentence.

With incredible speed Silo punched Studious yelling "That's for hurting ship!!". She reared back for another punch but Chumly grabbed her arm preventing her from doing so.

By the Lords of Light! She's letting her emotions get the best of her! I've got to end this quickly before things get out of control!!

"SILO!! BACK DOWN!! HE'S NOT ARMED!!" Deson bellowed. "Chumly restrain her if you must. I promised him that no harm would come to him and I meant that. Silo, I admire your speed and accuracy on what you just did, but knowing when and not just where to hit a target is every bit as important."

Silo shot Deson a glare that would have turned him into a little pile of ashes if looks could have killed and then thought for a brief moment and realised that yes, indeed she was letting her emotions get the better of the situation.

Looking at Studious, Deson continued "My apologies about that. Silo is of good heart but has a slight tendency towards recklessness at time. With age will come wisdom. You harmed Ship and she harmed you. Nothing permanent in either case. So the scales are in balance now. I trust you weren't permanently hurt by that?"

Deson studied Studious for a second.

Deson then spoke to Studious.

"Trust and honor must be met on both sides. You have emerged unarmed and I will lower "Vinny" Please do not make me regret my decision."

Deson then slowly lowered "Vinny" into the guard position. No longer pointing at Studious but ready to raise it up in an instant if need be.

ok, no permanent harm done. Now if we could just talk without fighting things will be for the best.

"If I understood your song earlier and the fact that you came out unarmed you wish to talk correct? I as well. Here is what I propose. You and if there is anyone with you can be escorted to a holding cell. You will be protected there and no harm will come to you I promise that. Yes, I said "Protected" and with good reason. You have already noticed that a goodly part of this ship is organic. You'll also notice that Silo used the word "Ship" not "The Ship" This vessel is a living being in a lot of ways and the crew get very attached to her. Like a member of what you would call a Family or in my case "The Herd". How would you feel if someone entered your home, and caused pain to a member of your family? You would be highly upset would you not?"

" We can further discuss this later on right now we've got to get you to a place of safety. I know it seems strange but a holding cell may be the safest place for you right now until things can get sorted out. If general word got out about you hurting Ship..... well, I'll do my best but I can't be everywhere. You've seen Silo's reaction imagine hundreds of angry crew. We have GOT to get you to a place of safety and if you value your companions lives (yes, my ears can be that sensitive) DO NOT ARGUE and let us get you somewhere safe!"

"By the Lords of Light, I vow that I will do my best to keep you alive but if you actively work against me on this then there is only so much I can do."

Please be reasonable about this. This could spiral out of control real fast.

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