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Chuck Norris claims thousands of right wing cell groups exist and will rebel against U.S. government

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 03:36 PM
How can anybody take this seriously? Chuck Norris?!?

Let me just put it to you this way: Chuck Norris knows his fan base.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 03:40 PM
I like Chuck but he needs to shut up about things that's not real. You don't need to put any negative ideas into the minds of the enemy. The next thing you know, we'll be visited by jack-booted thugs in the middle of the night to confiscate our arms.

Don't be silly Chuck and stop dreaming.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 03:53 PM
Chuck ain't dreaming

In fact this is getting cooler by the minute.

This is going to be some frackin incredible fight...

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:00 PM
Even if some group(s) were to rise up ..the military would crush it..The only way for such a thing would be if led by the military..

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by BlackProjects
Even if some group(s) were to rise up ..the military would crush it..The only way for such a thing would be if led by the military..

I'm in the Army and my buddies and I have come to the conclussion that if we had to face off with Chuck Norris then we will surrender.

Read the Chuck Norris fact page, who the hell wants to mess with that?

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:21 PM
Hey , arent Nazis right wingers??Now wait a second. Are you telling me that hes thrown his lot in with the Nazis and other enemies of equality ??? I dont care how bad things get, you never throw your support behind fascism... thats a very unhealthy manouvre. Not least because it annoys the hell out of me, but also because alot of peoples parents and grandparents died fighting that sort of attitude . I hope the version of "right wing " he is in with, is not the sort that hates people for being foriegn and is also one of those non existant fair and honest right wing groups... oh wait... its all gone to hell and now chuck norris is the enemy of freedom.

This is going to be some hell of an apocalypse. Thank god that here in UK we can pot shot at him with the futile nukes we have left.:O

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:22 PM
Chuck Norris Fact:
On his birthday Chuck Norris chooses a very luck child to be thrown into the sun.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:23 PM
Why are thousands of right wing cell groups needed when you have Chuck Norris?

Talk about overkill...

Seriously now, think about peace, a revolution is what is needed for the institution of a police state, unless it's actually won, in which case you'll have a new set of violent people being corrupted over time, which is the lesser of two evils, but still evil.

The ideal solution is to erode the current status quo from within, peacefully, surgically.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:29 PM
I think he should get in touch with Sylvester Stallone, We NEED Texas Ranger and RAMBO in this together!

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:33 PM
How quickly this devolves into a lefty vs righty war of insults. That's just what they want. Can't we see that there is no real difference. I am a recently reformed "righty". While I still am conservative, Bush 2 and his pals completely went against true conservative values. And I'm not talking about abortion and all that, I'm talking about small government and fiscal responsibility. Bush began the process of enlarging the goverment and uncontrolled spending, then kicked open the door of national socialism so Obama could go running through it. Now Obama has the reigns of uncontrolled spending and has already overburdened our grandchildren with our debt and he has the luxury of an already angry public believing it's all Bush's fault. Both of them and most of our congress and house are declaring themselves the leaders of our (their) new empire. It reminds me of the line from Revenge of the Sith - "So this is is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause". We in the meantime are in a stupid arguement over which "side" is right. They are on the same side and we have this illusion of having a choice at election time. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are only truly interested in their own power and play off of each other to attain their goals. And with the populace hypnotised through an unprecedented amount of "helpful" prescriptions and the constant reminder from government that only they can make it better for us, we sit on our couches getting fatter while our children waste their lives trying to get the high score on guitar hero and we hope that someone will make things better.

Well, some of us have seen this coming for years and some (like me) have had their eyes opened more recently. We are not "crazy right wingers clinging to guns and religion" or the "liberal freaks in line for a hand out", but merely are preparing for the obvious rough times ahead. We see our surroundings now as to what would be helpful in a survival situation or when TSHTF. If something were to happen and their was a "revolution", we have already in our minds picked sides. It's a simple choice of taking care of ourselves and neighbors or allowing the feds to take what we have earned for themselves and their sheep. Perhaps this is what Chuck Norris is referring to. In the meantime I am hopeful, although doubtful, that the government that is supposed to represent us sees that they are going in the opposite direction of what most Americans want. Writing thousands of checks when you have a negative balance will only make things worse.

BTW - Yes, Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris, but death was too afraid to tell Chuck about it.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by TrueBrit

No, the Nazi's were "national socialists".
"Right wingers" are, or at least used to be, for smaller government and capitalist sociaty. Extreme opposite ends of the scale. Socialism has been referred to by some as the step between capitalism and communism. In current America though, both the right wing and left wing have become socialists.

[edit on 10-3-2009 by tallcool1] Mussolini, the father of fascism, was a socialist. He split from the socialist party to join a more extreme left-wing group which became the Fascist party. So they were radically more left that the Nazis and began to refer to the Nazis as the "right wing". The word Nazi actually stands for the National Socialist German Workers Party. So although the Nazis were a little to the right of the ultra leftist Fascists, they were still both different parts of the same "left wing".

[edit on 10-3-2009 by tallcool1]

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by Anubis_4400
Sadly some people do view Norris as a godlike figure, and would gladly do what he tells them to do no matter how crazy it is.

But if Norris does become president (he wont), we might get to see the coolest fight ever.

Chuck Norris vs Vladimir Putin

I would pay a lot of money to see that fight.

[edit on 10-3-2009 by Anubis_4400]

i have some respect for the man on many things but i wouldn't go so far as throw politics in there. However if i even thought for a moment this would be the headliner in the next UFC bout I'm with Anubis_4400 on this one and i would vote for him in a second!

True test of a good leader, don't ask your subordinates to do anything you aren't willing to do yourself.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:50 PM

Originally posted by BlackProjects
Even if some group(s) were to rise up ..the military would crush it..The only way for such a thing would be if led by the military..

take a real look at US armed forces... particularly Airforce and Navy and where most of these kids were raised...

There are 20,000 war heads laying in buildings in Texas and Cali btw...

The food supply is grown in the Midwest... best hope the Fed would have under Obama is The Army and they are deployed and... wouldn't last an hr against the airforce...

The American terrorist, a succeeded Texas will have thousands of nukes...

These people aren't Iraqis

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:55 PM
Chuck should just stick to the Ab Roller with Christie Brinkley.

How would he get intelligence like this, well unless he was in a new movie.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 04:55 PM
OK, while its possible that there is some sort of wing-nut right wing militia "Uprising" in the offing, the idea that Chuck Norris announcing it makes it so much more dire a pronouncement. Do we have a source for this other than just some guy posting it? Did he say this on Larry King or something?

Even if he really said it, if you take him seriously, you've got a serious case of confusing movie image and reality. He's just a bad actor. Decent martial artist but BAD actor in a lot of BAD movies. You do realize those invincible Chuck Norris jokes are... jokes, don't you?

Come on!

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 05:07 PM

A notice to unorganized militia to 'activate'.

A message will be sent out to right wing groups.

Serious business guys...

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 05:14 PM
I posted too quickly. Its looking like CHUCK NORRIS is the one taking Chuck Norris too seriously. Sort of sad, really.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 05:20 PM
I am really appauled at most of the responses hear on this thread.

Some of you talk big about a revolution, but sit there and wonder who would step up and lead. Who would dare speak against the Govt. that people would know in mass.

It's really great with our country in the mess that it is in, and our Constitutional rights being side stepped, trashed and shredded on a daily basis, and you want to just crack jokes about a true patriot to this country.

When will "YOU" put down your toys and step up to the plate.

As far as Chuck Norris, Jesse Ventura, or Ted Nugent go, the only thing I question to them is "Where in the Hell do I sign up?!!!!"

Our country needs honest men to step up and fix this rouge Govt. of the USA.
As far as anyone that is thinking all out war and a blood battle, get a clue.
You change with showing mass force. When it comes down to it. The people in power will stand down if the people stand up and give them the easy door out.
When you have millions of free wanting patriots, armed and stead fast but ready at your door, you will not risk trying to turn the Military machine on them as you know you and your family will die.

If you care about our Freedom, Constitution, or anything for that matter, please don't cut down a patriot as many might want to discuss this in a serious manor.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 05:27 PM

Originally posted by questioningall
reply to post by grantbeed

I hear about all these "right wing" people................ one question



I don't frickin get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revolts should have STARTED 7 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!

That is why these people get me sick............... YES something needs to be done................. but since those right wing people's "Hitler" which is who we had for 8 years is gone...................... NOW THEY WANT TO REVOLT???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been building for far longer than that. Each successive administration takes away more rights. Many of the same people who are talking revolution have been talking it since H.W. and before. Obama has simply made it crystal clear he follows the agenda of the elite's like his predecessor by following the banksters and printing more money out of thin air for the stimulus bills.

His questionable citizenry and anti-gun stance are tipping folks into all out rebellion. HR.45 and Holder's desire to reinstate the "assault weapon ban" are a line in the sand many will not allow to be crossed without returning fire.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 05:34 PM
It's actually a warning to the US government by, Chuck you see...
In 1994 Chuck went drinking with some of his buddies, one of whome happened to be a top Air Force general. The two got pretty wasted and started throwing their 'weight' around so to speak. The General got miffed and exclaimed that he knew one thing Chuck COULDN'T do...that was orbit the Earth without a rocket and capsule, Chuck bet the general a case of beer that he could. The General took him up on the offer...on April 14th, 1994 a naked Chuck Norris re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. He left a fiery trail that was seen in Asia and Europe and 14 US this day, Chuck is waiting on his beer. his comments were a warning, he wants his DAMN BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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