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What strange abilities do you have?

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 11:57 AM

Originally posted by MOFreemason
While I can't scientifically prove that I have any actual "paranormal ability," I do have a very strong 6th sense of intuition.

Whenever I feel as though something can/may go wrong, I get a very weird feeling in the deepest pit of my stomach and head.

Again, nothing major here...but I have certainly learned to "listen" and "sense" when my body is somehow giving me a slight warning of some sort.

I think I can relate to the same sense you have. It's weird because I will think about it as I feel that sort of sense, and then when someone comes home or calls home, I sensed it already. I too don't think it's much but still a wonder to me.

There's more to than just sensing people's arrivals, but I cannot seem to think of them at the moment. im trying to think of them right now,

I remember on the brink of making a lane change, I didnt look at my blind side and was about to make the lane switch, and then I tell myself not now or nevermind, and within seconds, a car passes on that lane that I didn't see with just the side view mirrors. If I had made that lane change I would have clashed with the car beside me. I would like to say I am lucky but it has had happened almost every time I forget to look at my blind side. So now I always make sure I don't forget to look at my blind side even though there seems to be no cars at all.

Also, there was a company part I attended last year and they were doing a prize raffle. I decided to guess who was getting what prize and I was right 95%. I think it's coincidence or luck, but it does make me wonder sometimes.

This, "sense" thing seems to be leaning towards a positive path though.

Could you share some of your experiences? I would like to hear about it

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:01 PM
Dont know where to start,I do tarot card readings for anyone around the world,without knowing anything about them.
Also I can watch certain films and right down messages for whoever Im with.

Its the same kinda way I read into my tarot,,using my intuition and guides help to analyze and turn things around into what is needed.

Also,,even though Ive only done this once,,I class it as an ability of mine.
I can listen to some loud music using headphones and receive dates/places/years/times/names of people that died in not so nice circumstances.

I have the first list I did at home with several names etc,but dont know how to follow up on what information I reieved.

Ive known for years that Im psychic/meduim

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:05 PM
My first post on ATS btw -
Anyways, back to the topic..
I have some "abilities" too, i have really good eyesight, never checked it though but my friends at least cant see as far as i can which is kinda disturbing, also, i can see clearly in the dark which has been useful on some events..
But to the "strange" stuff..for some reason i "know" things..
Like what people are going to say when i talk with them, what people have "done" in the past or will "do in the once i was talking with my friend and she confessed something to me, then she was shocked as i said "I knew that already" - It was shocking as she hadn't told anyone about it and i just knew it for some reason..It's really disturbing sometimes, and the worst part of it is that there are many things that i really shouldn't know - or dont want to know (personal stuff etc.)

And i dont really know if this one is true or just my imagination, but sometimes when i concentrate really hard i can "see through other peoples eyes" like when i'm looking at someone, and i start to concentrate i can see what they are looking at - i have somewhat "proved" this to one of my friends, we we're sitting in a bus and seated somewhat like this
(ascii art)
\_* _/**
*= where my friend sat
**= where i sat
And i could tell him like what coloured cars we're going to pass the bus soon, or what coloured houses, what kind of trees, was there people etc. etc. etc.

Also, nice thread, i'd like to see if anyone else has similar experiences with me, would make me feel more..human (i guess.

I hope that people understand what im trying to say (sometimes my explanations are bit confusing, sorry for that)

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:06 PM

Originally posted by InfaRedMan
Actually, I'm surprised you're here online instead of traveling around the world on your private yacht which you purchased from winning the lottery every week! Let me guess... it doesn't work that way right?

You're assuming money is what I seek or need, ha. But, just so you know, I've not worked for the last 13 years.
Survival is my goal! BTW, don't be in the stock market on the 17th.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:18 PM
I can make an older person look and feel maybe 10 years younger, if she takes my hand and has a positive feeling towards myself. This was sometimes very obvious, but no one ever realised, it was me.

A friendly hi from me, to all ATS members.
Just joined your board, beeing a long time reader.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:25 PM
i heal alot faster then other people. not super-fast healing like wolverine or anything but cuts or bruises that would take atleast a few days to heal completely disappear overnight.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:42 PM

What strange abilities do you have?

My first gift is patience. My second gift is "sheeple" syndrome.

I have the ability to watch the deliberate and slow-motion destruction of my country by psychopaths -- and I do nothing. I have the ability to watch misleading stories and sometimes outright lies being broadcast as news -- and I do nothing. I have the ability to soak up the fact that our country and ruling elite are involved in too many crimes to count -- and yet I do nothing.

Hmmmmm, think I'll go back to sleep now.......

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:43 PM
I can water-witch and have not been wrong so far...

Can also tune in to surroundings and will have physical symptoms if a place is "off."

Always have bad dreams 3 nights in a row before someone I know dies,unexpectedly or not.

Have had many "episodes and incidents" that could be considered "para" and don't pursue because it's just too hard to try and understand/sort through.
Best left alone most of the time.I have traveled all over the world and there is MUCH out that is un-natural.

I live in a 100 yr. old home and there is an "entity" here but we've made peace and don't mess with each other.
I get very cold and nauseous before she is seen by myself or others but she's not threatening at all,simply curious.

I can read very qucikly and retain in suprising detail.

Star for you urban,you made me spit coffee on keyboard laughing.

I also have a strong and experienced "BS Shield" that keeps me safe most of the time.

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by spines
Or maybe it is proof positive that someone in the future (ie: you or someone close to you in life or occupation) has figured out how to accurately communicate through time.

Yup. Apparently I did.

The most unsettling example of this weirdness was back in December 2004. I was a member of a closed forum (membership was by invitation only, as it was related to the semi-illegal involvement with ethnogens) and I received a brief message/impression that something horrible out in the Pacific ocean would occur just after midnight, the day after Christmas (by my local time/date), and it would involve those near the coastline. Well, I was at a friends Christmas night, and I didn't leave for home until about 1:30AM in the morning on the 26th. During the drive home I turned on the radio and heard on the radio about that tsunami which swept across the Indian ocean, which happened about 15 minutes after midnight my time. My mind went numb and I almost lost control of my car.

Okay, maybe it did happen in the Indian ocean, which is just beyond the pacific ocean, but I have to clarify this by saying that these messages do not come in the form of printed or verbal words. These messages come in like old long forgotten memories, like remembering a long forgotten dream that suddenly pops into my head, where all the exact specific details may be a little gray .. but, how I interpreted that message was close enough for me to realize that there is something to this.

And, this is not the only incident I've managed to mention. In the later part of 2006, on another forum, one that is still up with those messages still there, I warned about the messages I was receiving concerning poisoned food, and I even gave the date that we would know for sure about this. And, on that date we learned about the melamine in all that pet food.

Same with many other things. I even posted the date we would be going to war with Iraq over a year before we did, giving the exact date. And, a couple years before most people heard about Countrywide Mortgage, I received warnings about the coming economic collapse and the fall of the dollar (our funny money), and I even posted messages specifically stating to keep an eye on these crooks, because when you learn about them, it will be an indication that the economy has begun its crash.

I gave up counting after 300 of these messages from the future incidents. Now, not all were spot on correct, the man-made ones do not always pan out exactly as reported (and I have my ideas about why, such as mentioning them can alone change the future .. I mean, if I said you would be hit by a bus tomorrow you could prove me wrong by staying home), but all of the natural disaster ones have been spot on. And, just to be on record HERE, I've also warned about the asteroid strikes that will come in November 2011 (there will be 3 of them)! We'll have to wait a while to prove that one.

Also, because these messages are so gray in nature, it's difficult to interpret them myself, particularly not knowing about all things I would need to know about in order to better interpret them. These messages are probably like how empaths receive their impressions. It's just a feeling about something that just suddenly pops into my head, they come to me like suddenly remembering a dream I had forgotten until now.

And, BTW, I have been working on my space/time communicator for a few years now, and although I have not finished it yet, as I understand it, I will have completed it in the spring of 2011 (what is mysterious to me though is I've received no messages from myself beyond 2012, so I don't know what's up with that). So, as of now, I can't SEND, but I can receive.

EDITED to add: BTW, the very first message I received from myself in the future was received when I was 8 years old, which was 43 years ago, and it was about the end of civilization in Novenmber 2011 .. 11/11.

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:03 PM
Interesting thread!! I enjoy reading others posts as well. S&F 4U!

First, welcome new members Klavier & Head Shelton. Enjoy ATS, there's SO much to explore. Keep your tin foil hats on at ALL TIMES.

*Hyper mobility disorder - My mom use to call me Bendy Cindy when I was little. I'm beyond flexable. Double jointed almost everywhere. Sounds cool right? Yeah, until you get older. This causes me great pain because I actually have to be conscious about my movements other wise I hyper extend myself.

*Loved the post on empathy. Just call me Troi. I can tell if people have secrets. I also really take on their pain. I can see someone even via tv and just feel so deeply for their plight. I think a part of me feels if I can take a little of this on for them, it will lesson their pain. Naive I know. I'm a good listener. I think I could be an awesome counselor - at least for the patient. For me, just practicing my empathy skills with family and friends and the occasional stranger - it's draining.

*Prophetic Dreams with Collaboration - don't flame me just yet. These are usually big events. Not something that happens on a daily basis. I predicted both of my parents deaths two weeks in advace. I did tell my mom about my dads, and my husband about my moms as soon as I had the dream. My dad wasn't even sick at the time. My mom had been sick for over ten years but nothing new when I had my dream. In some ways I think it's my higher self preparing me. ::shrug:: Just a theory. Recently, I dreamt of the recent ice storms just south of me and during a nap yesterday I dreamt of seeing a fight happen outside my house and I went to get involved and my husband said to just stay out of it. I woke up, went out to get us some dinner, stopped in Starbucks and boom - there's a guy laying on the ground getting beat up! I haven't seen a street fight in twenty years!

*Intuitive - wish I'd listen to it more often.

*I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by Whisper67

Thank you
Though i've been lurking around from 2006 i just recently registered..
Oh and i'm saving this thread in my bookmarks, nice to see how the other people on ats are

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:21 PM
Spider senses tingle in stomach and head when something is wrong/bad.
Massages that 'heal' one old-timer in my family.
Occasional 'SLIder'.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:26 PM

Originally posted by caitlinfae
The clairsentience aspect has just started to happen recently and I usually find that when I'm talking to people, even online on messenger, I will get reciprocal feelings to what they are experiencing, even physical symptoms, like a pain in my forehead and nose when my friend was just recovering from a sinus infection that I had no idea about. It's still all at a developmental stage, and I'm working on it, but it's really quite demanding.

The receiving of symptoms from people you are linking with has two purposes. Firstly, it is an accurate reflection of how they are feeling when you are linked with them. Secondly, and most important, because you are then certain of their medical conditions, you can give them healing. (I assume you know how to.)

During about 20 years when I sat in a development circle as a sitter then as the leader, I would get all sorts of aches and pains, some of them quite severe. I then had the opportunity to relieve their pain, and give them some spiritual healing.

It gets quite interesting when you're in the checkout queue, debit card in hand, and then 'bang', you can hardly stand up because of the pain, so you do the healing work to get rid of the symptoms ASAP. I mostly never got to see the person concerned, as I was just the nearest healing resource available.

You have a beautiful set of spiritual gifts there, and they are improving all the time.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:35 PM
Ok I can bend my thumb all the way backward and touch the top side of my wrist. Photos of my famous skill available upson request

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 02:49 PM
This thread caught my attention, so I thought "why not?"

I'm in my upper 30's, so no, I'm not a teenager with fantasies. I'm also former military. Does that count for anything? I don't know, but somehow we've all been conditioned to put our "non-crazy" status out there first, as if we have to prove we're not in a group prone to give in to fantastical ideals. Having said that, I'll list a few various things I've discovered over the years. None of them are extraordinary, as I've yet to be able to control them or figure out how to make millions. In fact, one in particular has been quite difficult to live with, but here it goes....

1. I always thought it odd that people couldn't view something, think it through, and duplicate it or create something better on the first try. For years and years, people always tell me how talented I am and don't understand why I don't go into business for "x" item I've done...take your pick on anything I've done, and there's been a compliment to coincide. The downside is that once I do it, unless I have an intrisic "need" for another, I won't do it again, as if I have some inbred desire to experience these things and move on. A Jack of all trades, master of none. However, deep down, I know I can master any of them, yet I don't desire it...I'm still looking for "something". I don't know if this falls into the "gift" or "curse" category, or even if it's "special", but I've not met anyone like me in this regard. Let me elaborate on one detail...I can pick and choose ANY subject matter, whether I have experience in it or not, (within reason), pick it apart, and recreate it or make it better. So while I don't claim to be able to go out and build a moon rocket to prove myself, (although I KNOW I could if given enough time, money and resources), I can go completely out of my areas of expertise and pick a project and make it successful, then it's off to something else. People who have known me my whole life are always shocked to discover these little "projects" of mine, and then they look at me differently. I'm suddenly thrust into the "smart" category, worthy of something more than what they use to give me before.'s natural to me. I definitely break the preconceived notions of stereotypes! LOL!

2. Dreams...ok, everyone dreams, right? Well, like the above, I've been told my whole life I should write a book of dreams. Every night, practically, I have so many I can't remember them all. Some have predicted events that came to pass, and while I can't prove it, I now pay attention to them a lot more. This is worthy of it's own post.

3. This is the biggie...I can "feel" the thoughts of others, especially when they are thinking about me. When I am in the presence of people, I know who is sincere and who isn't. No, I can't read minds. But I do get snapshots of their thoughts and emotions, implanted as if they were my own. This has been probably the hardest thing to live with, because most people I come into contact with are insincere with me, or have selfish motives. This, in and of itself, has led me on long search that started many years ago. I sought to understand many things, and to try and put a label, even if a scientific one, on it. My library has expanded on out-of-ordinary human abilities, needless to say!

A recent theory I'm contemplating, regarding this last item, is something I feel COULD explain what I've experienced ever since I can remember. Science has already made mention of the fact that we have thousands and thousands of "random" thoughts in a single day...hundreds in an hour. My theory is that these are not random at all, and that WE ALL have the ability to be "plugged in" to one another, and thus these "random thoughts" are really the thoughts of others penetrating our conscious mind. The thoughts we experience as our own end up being random thoughts in the minds of others. With me, I was conscious from a young age as to what was mine and what wasn't.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:01 PM
I am kinda mad does that count as an ability

Never mind here goes
couldn't empathy with a person just simply be that empathy. Feeling there emotions does not necessarily mean you have an ability not saying you are wrong just suggesting an idea. Its just that a lot of people find it easy to relate to other people's emotions.
Also the problem with precog and deja vu like occurrences is it can just be your mind playing tricks with you. I sometimes get a feeling that I have been to a place before when I know I haven't or that have already gone through the situation I am experiencing at that point in time. Now that doesn't make me a precog. It just maybe that as I am taking my surroundings in my mind presents a copy of it to me like a memory when really it is just showing what is currently going on.

By the way I am not going against any of you but this is the sort of topic which damages the credibility of people who believe in conspirancies and such like.

And to emeraldzeus I dream in colour which my family find strange is it that unusual.

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by Tallsorts

Thank you for that...good to meet you! Oddly enough, I didn't realise that I might be the one to supply healing until you suggested it. I can do it, but I guess I assumed that it was the other person's responsibility. I almost never suggest to people that I can heal or offer it to them, but I sometimes do the sneaky stuff, and don't metion it at all. It seems to work better that way. I find it fascinating how clearly the information is presented can be, and how precise.

Twenty years in a development circle is quite an achievment. Do you still practise, if you don't mind me asking? I've lost touch with the circle I was with and got totally sickened with all the bitching and infighting. I was really amazed at how physically demanding it is, but perhaps that's because I'm a beginner!

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:17 PM
I can think rationally and logically.

Rare, I know.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:38 PM
Star for you Yarco because THAT is a rare thing to be able to do indeed.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:43 PM
I can "push thoughts" into my husband's and mother's heads. They "hear" them as if I'm saying them out loud. It only happens with people I'm close to and I have to be concentrating hard on something for them to "hear" it.

When I was a kid, I used to dream about the future. It would happen ~ three weeks after dreaming about it. Usually nothing major, ordinary day to day stuff, but I'd remember having a conversation or being in a place when it hadn't physically happened yet. I do that a lot less frequently since getting older (maybe twice a year now.)

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