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ATS Members: Check Yo' Selves!

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by Battleline

And then there are some people that post about something completely irrelevant to what the topic of the thread is about.

Never did I say I didn't like Glen beck or what he says... I mean come on man, look at the top post of the page you posted on (pg 4).

The question isn't about Beck, it's about people trusting what Big News is saying when they have been deceiving us for the past 8 years.
The question isnt whats being said, its why are they saying it now?

In the future, try not to be so judgmental. Sure, I'm not putting Beck, Fox, or CNN on golden chairs, but that doesn't mean I'm shooting them down either... I'm just taking a step back to look at the bigger picture.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by Odessy
So where do you get your info to form your opinions??

My post was not directed totaly towards you Odessy,don't take the brunt of it.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:33 AM
LOL Fox news - reality entertainment at its best!

Here's a few straight forward answers ...



and that there folks is the answer to FOX and its "reality entertainment" television.

Unfortunately the NEWS has gone from global and local information, to entertainment. You want money? then you MUST get RATINGS! Without the ratings, you make no money.

Guys like Beck entertain - nothing more, nothing less. Its like charismatic preachers, movie stars and music stars - its all about the almighty DOLLAR!
You want people to watch your show? In this day and age of "reality entertainment" guys like Beck are the Brad Pitts of news casting.

The entire "show" is programed to get you excited. Get you either annoyed or agreeing, it doesn't matter, its about getting a reaction. If you like him, and the programming hits your sweet spot - guess what? you'll tune in again and again. If you hate him and what he says annoys the hell out of you - guess what? you'll tune in again and again.

This isn't a theory, or my own interpretation - its out and out RATINGS FACT!

They did it with Saddam and the Iraq war, and they will continue to do it as long as it brings home the bacon. Its NOT news folks, please understand that. Its reality entertainment mixed with news information, programmed to excite the senses.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by Battleline

I know it wasn't directed strictly towards me, but I think you've completely mistaken what lots of people here have written and questioned the validity of my thread, which I tend to hold true to.

A whole thread puting people down just because they like Glenn Beck.....what a waste

I suppose the info your asking for are circumstances "Big News" has manipulated the truth, since the only thing I'm pretty much asking people to do is question why they have let this info out... am I right?

Well, I could go and find examples, or you could look into a lot of the 9/11 media that was reported that day and afterward.
A good place to start is how we knew where Osama Bin Laden was the day of 9/11 and even had CIA guards in is hospital room.
Or how these big time news people reported the collapse of WTC building 7 20+ minutes before it did.
Or maybe you would be interested in how all of the "Splinter Cells" they found in United States soil were let go in court because they weren't splinter cells at all, they were just Middle Eastern people.
Why wasn't that reported to the American people? Well because then the Patriot Act might not have passed.

I could go on, and on, but you can do some research yourself, it may sink in better.
Also, I'm sure that other members on this board will be happy to point out how "Big News" skews the truth.

You see, thats why we need to question the motive behind why these guys report the things that they do, so we don't get more freedoms taken away in the form of Acts and Bills based on false statistics.

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:42 AM
I haven't read the whole thread, but I have an idea as to why FOX news is starting to bring up NWO topics.

I was starting to really like Beck, but after some thinking about it I'm starting to be a little wary. Murdoch is a fan of Obama, and he owns a lot of news agencies. Why then, is FOX picking up on NWO topics and criticizing Obama? The latter can be explained away as FOX pandering to its Republican viewership, but the former has a more subtle cause.

I believe that the Mainstream Media realizes that more people are becoming aware of what's going on in the world, and so in an attempt to shut off a large portion of the population from waking up, they're trying to polarize the NWO conspiracy crowd and make it a Republican talking point. That way, those who identify with the Democratic party will think the NWO is just political rhetoric to attack 'their' president. By making awareness of the NWO a partisan issue, they have effectively cut off around 50% of the American population from researching or believing it.

Awareness of the NWO problem has to be embraced by both parties. Once you research it, you'll find that both parties are compromised and are both striving for more government control and are thus basically the same.

It takes a very cold and calculating collective to psychologically manipulate people like this, but they've been doing it for years now anyway.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by Burginthorn

Lots of people talk about these news stations like they are strictly entertainment sources, and while that may be the way it seems to us, lots of people get their info from these channels.

I mean check out this current active thread:
"FEMA Prisons" top google search as of 3/3/09
Glen Beck mentions these camps (which could or could not be real, besides the point) and now its the number one search on Google...
Thats why we should question these motives, people listen.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 02:15 AM
reply to post by Viral

That is a really good way of looking at it all Viral.

You may be onto something ....

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by Odessy

Very interesting ideas.. what you say makes since now. Good post.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by Viral

Yeah Vrial, thanks for the post.

A part of me wants to believe that a lot of people are waking up.
And more than just waking up to the situations going on around us, but waking our consciousness as a whole.
I know I feel that way, but I can't judge for the others, I'm not really too sure of whats going around in the heads of the rest of society.

If govt. started to catch on, then yeah, perhaps they would go as far as trying to separate us from the other side.
Only problem is, both parties have the same opinion on this. They would have to cater towards the Dems as well.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 03:47 AM
Good topic.

Personally I was expecting this to happen.

Look at it this way.

Imagine that you have a family member or a work colleague etc who has mentioned FEMA camps, stock market crashes before they happen, NWO, NAU, 911 and so on. You do not believe them and focus on what matters in life such as job, mortgage and purchases.

Slowly but gradully these predictions start to unfold via mainstream news and newspapers. Still might not be true you think and you have better things to worry about like making that payment to a bill or putting in more hours because your salary has been cut.

Little further down the line you lose your job, you lose your house and your car. Possibly your partner due to stress of events etc.

Your starving, homeless, jobless and hurting badly.

How will you react when you realise you were fooled? Tear the place a new one? Exactly what the PTB need to further the agenda.
Spread the word about whats really going on? Get arrested for terrorism
Beg for help? Exactly what everyone will eventually do after the first two.

Sheeple is not a word I like to use as it is condescending but that is what sheeple will do when the SH their fan after the shock caused by long term denial

As for people who have been reading about this for a long time now I am wondering if we have conditioned ourselves to accept the inevitable.

I do not mean this to offend but in a way we are all sheeple right now even myself as we are taking part.

Its a double edged sword.

Theres no winning I am afraid to say.

Society is held in place by the people that contribute to it, this is exactly why they are removing that achilles heel by taking away your rights and fear mongering. Once that is closed its over and you either put up or............

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 03:54 AM
misspost, please delete.

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 06:02 AM
Have you ever thought that NWO is just something they want you to believe, while they are make something else?
Think about it: MSM are talking about it. That would NEVER happen if they were involved on it somehow.

Maybe it's like this: TPTB are just making the opposite of the NWO, or something completely unrelated to it (but bad enough that you don't have to know it). So they idiotize common people with consumism, global warming and other stuff, and the more aware gets fed with this NWO stuff just to be mislead and be unable to see the "real" picture.

This would respond to the OP as to why they would just talk about those things openly.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 07:06 AM

Originally posted by Odessy
reply to post by Doomsday 2029

Doomsday, its good to see another member on here with the same mentality as me right now...

I think desensitization is a huge factor in this, especially for the general population.
Here's what I think, right now at least:
These things are being talked about not for the conspiracy crowd, but the general population for the exact purpose of desensitizing them; the conspiracy crowd, however, has fallen for this as if that news agency is now all of a sudden on our side. An added bonus for big time news.

By mentioning now, in an article here and there, things like FEMA camps and the New World Order, media is paving the way for such things to become accepted.
If people start hearing about them now, then in a few years when everything starts up, they'll say to themselves, "Oh, I heard about this on the news a long time ago, must have been thought about for some time," and then go on accepting whats happening around them without really questioning anything.

But I do think these things are important to us ATSers as well, and if we think with our heads, can use these things against them, and spread the real truth.
Now, when we talk to friends and family about these important topics, we have something to show that they can relate to. "Oh, you don't believe me? Even CNN and Fox are talking about," and we can show them a clip or whatever.
This way, they won't be listening to what the news is saying, they will be listening to what we are saying and our take on it. The news will just confirm what we've been saying and, hopefully, make them start to question whats going on.

Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.

I do not know many people from other areas so I am basing this on the population around me. People are willing to step up for themselves even if they know little of what is oppressing them. I'm not saying everyone, I know plenty of people who go along with anything just because that is what an authoritative figure tells them. Think about this: even some people who know nothing of the NWO or any conspiracies for that matter will still fight oppression.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 07:09 AM

Originally posted by seb2882
Have you ever thought that NWO is just something they want you to believe, while they are make something else?
Think about it: MSM are talking about it. That would NEVER happen if they were involved on it somehow.

Maybe it's like this: TPTB are just making the opposite of the NWO, or something completely unrelated to it (but bad enough that you don't have to know it). So they idiotize common people with consumism, global warming and other stuff, and the more aware gets fed with this NWO stuff just to be mislead and be unable to see the "real" picture.

This would respond to the OP as to why they would just talk about those things openly.
The best place to hide something that you want no one to find is in plain view

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 09:41 AM
Some things we all need to remember when thinking about this subject.

First, the MSM realizes that even ordinary people are starting to question their agenda. I'm sure if an honest poll was reported to the public, it would say that newspaper readership (this is obvious) and TV news viewership is WAY DOWN, and that people are questioning whether the media is truthful and objective about the news they report.

When you have all the media stating that our economy is rosy for the last two years, even up to the day the SHTF economically, that is a huge wake up call to the average person who had been feeling the pain for a long time. Because everybody pays attention to MONEY.

The above, on top of the MSM support of the wars should have a lot of the people who are even just barely warm, scratching their heads and thinking just a little bit.

The obvious bias from various news channels became even more apparent to me during the election process. I used to think MSNBC was pretty honest in most of it's reporting. It seemed like they were really calling a spade, a spade when it came to Bush & Co. outrageous agenda, unlike FOX which was just a cheerleader wh*re for Bush, only to see the same thing happen on MSNBC towards Obama. It actually made me sick to see various newscasters slobbering over Obama every day, especially Chris Matthews. His actions reminded me of Marsha Brady's crush on Davy Jones.

Fox was no better than MSNBC when it came to excusing every misstep and backstep, and just plain "did he really say that"ness of John McCain.

So the MSM knows people are starting to question them. What better way of bringing the ordinary people, and the SKEPTICAL people back into the fold.

The thing to remember about Glen Beck, Lou Dobbs, Jack Cafferty, and any other newscaster that seems to speak out against their pet peeve, that you can relate to, and seems to be standing up for the "little people" is.....we are talking long term plans here.

It's kinda like how the secret agencies around the world put people into place to spy for them, it's long term. They may spend 20 years looking like one thing, living their lives, BECOMING what they are supposed to be, doing everything the way their "Character" would do things, until the moment is right.

The way I judge whether a newscaster is really trying to educate and inform the public is this, are they basically just a *one or two note* instrument?

Then you have to wonder, why are they being allowed to say the things that they say. I like Lou Dobbs, Glen Beck, and Jack Cafferty, but I have no illusions as to what they are doing.

Validating your concerns, but ONLY A SMALL PART of it, so you will trust them and become distracted by a little part of the picture.

So you won't be able to focus on the BIG picture.

Unless you don't play favorites and monitor all the news channels, take everything they say with a grain of salt, read between the lines, and double check both sides of every story, you will be doing exactly what they want you to do.

JUST my humble opinion.....

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:58 PM
FROM Mr Pecks show....

Topics Discussed on today's program may be disturbing for some viewers. The views expressed in this program are not prediction of what will happen, but what could happen.
The panelist have been asked to think the unthinkable. viewer discretion is advised.

Guess again anywhere, this is the situation that could possibly be coming to our shores.The war room, WE are war rooming different scenarios... We are not predicting that these things will happen, we're asking... could they happen? and what do WE do if they happen? Heres our second scenario... Global civil unrest...

Now the United States is no longer the worlds policemen

Mexico has been taken over by NARCO gangs

Oil and gas pipelines have been targeted and destroyed

Tourism non existent due to safety concerns

Ukraine is the first european country to fail... Eastern European

Ireland is the first western European country to fail

50 million people worldwide are unemployed
there are riots in the streets

Were gonna start with Mexico...

There's breaking news that has just come over the wire in the last couple of minutes.(toss off FOX tm.)

I believe you have that update?

I .. do on a ( garbled )... The chief law enforcement officer their has now resigned, after one of his officers and a prison guard were killed over the last couple days with notes threatening is family and everything... THIS is what WE talked about last time I was on with is that, Mexico is this close to being a failed state, its gonna be a narco state and this is gonna pose serious security concerns for the UNITED STATES


I believe it will play into at least , to the DISENFRANCHISE and a
possible uprising here in the UNITED STATES

With, god forbid, please everybody have a seat and relax a little bit

On the world stage what are you most concerned about, if , IF these things would come true, IF WE had to retract back into ourselves? Because we can't afford to the worlds police, what concerns you, what does the world look like?

A couple of Scenarios ARE becoming very REAL, not just risks BUT PROBABILITY...
Lets say we go into a prolonged depression, price of oil falls to $5 or $6 dollars a barrel
the gulf states STRAT going under one by one, Saudi Arabia depends on very expensive oil so does IRAN, Irans got a population of 70 million, people start to starve, they're out of money a big army, they move into the gulf and take it, you have a hostile regime in charge of OUR resources --- THAT IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY...


posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by mental modulator

That sounds like a script... even up to and after the urgent update...
Entertainment at its finest!

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 04:46 PM
WOW being from Scotland myself i don’t get to see fox and cnn at all but the fact that topics such as Fema and the new world order is very worrying indeed. very good point my friend!

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 09:59 PM
I have to say that I was surprised to hear Beck discussing FEMA camps, I didn't hear about the Lou Dobbs comment until I read this thread and that is a bit surprising too.

My first thought was this is becoming too big for them to ignore and maintain any credibility with their viewers. Knowing what I know about the news business when my mother worked in the AP office in Albany I know nothing is by chance in the news business. What they report on as well as what they leave on the floor, old talk from keypunch days. The one thing they want is for people/sheeple to TRUST them. Listen to the slogans in the ads, "the best political team on television" of course then you will buy whatever is said and lazy people love it.

My money is on this one. They have to maintain their trustworthiness and this gives me great concern that things really may be moving ahead much more quickly than most of us would even like to think. I hope not though.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 10:10 PM

Originally posted by Odessy
You are falling into their trap,

What trap?

and with a smile on your face!

I never smile, it looks strange on me.

I'm disappointed with the feedback I'm hearing from the majority of ATS members posting on the recent media conspiracy frenzy going on with Glen Beck and CNN News.


Two of the most recent threads are on the home page now:
Glen Beck: FEMA
CNN: New World Order

Ohh.. Who?

But I'm also talking about some of the other Glen Beck and Fox News threads predicting the total collapse of the economy...

Click on either of the two threads I've listed and listen to your responses...
"I used to hate Glen Beck, now I love him!"
"CNN hit it right on the money!"
"I can't believe their finally talking about these things!"
and on and on and on...



I think your OP is a tad misleading. It should read "ATS American Members: ..."


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