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PRUFOS -´Police Report UFO Sightings´Organisation.

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 01:11 PM
Very interesting hour long interview with Detective Constable Gary Heseltine - Head of PRUFOS Police UFO reporting Website:

Google Video Link

Richard D. Hall interviews Detective Constable Gary Heseltine. Gary has spent the last seven years compiling the PRUFOS (Police Reporting of UFO Sightings) database. In his research which goes back to 1901, over 700 police officers have been involved in UFO sightings. He talks about the Alan Godfrey case from 1980, the Rendlesham Forest case and gives his views on Disclosure, the future and describes some of the most notable cases.

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 06:29 AM
Filmed fleet of UFO's by a policeman in Slovakia on this thread:

Massive UFO Fleet filmed by Policemen in Slovakia

Good footage, interviews and analysis being reported locally:

Kind regards,


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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

MischeviousElf -great stuff.

There are some other interesting Police UFO pdf files below.

Police Report on Rendelsham forest incident (pdf) :

British Transport Police UFO Reports-2005 (pdf) :

British Transport Police UFO Reports-2006 (pdf) :


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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 10:45 AM
1978-Police Officer Suffers Burns from a UFO:

THE FRESNO BEE-Manuel Amparano talks about sighting an unidentified flying object at 3:32 a.m. May 13, 1978, as if it happened only days ago.
Coming face-to-face with a UFO creates vivid memories.
Amparano's sighting is one of the most detailed of the many accounts of UFO sightings in the Fresno area documented over the years in The Fresno Bee and on Web sites.

The Fresno resident was working as a Kerman police officer.

"It was just a routine patrol," Amparano says of the encounter 24 years ago.

His early morning sweep took him past Kerman High School. At Del Norte and California avenues, Amparano saw "a circular-type thing, similar to a round fireball or a setting sun, about 100 to 150 feet off the ground."

He knew local teens had been setting palm trees on fire, and he thought he had caught some young vandals red-handed.

"Then I realized there were no palm trees in the area. The fire seemed to be inside of an oak or maple tree. This thing started lifting up," Amparano says.

The officer started adjusting the spotlight on his patrol car to get a better look at the object. But just before he turned on the light, there was a bright blue flash. Then the object made a sharp turn and moved away toward the southwest at a rapid speed.

Amparano had not left his car. And the windows were rolled up because it was a cold evening. He did not hear any other noise except for the engine of his car.

The Air National Guard, weather bureau and the Fresno Air Terminal told Amparano nothing unusual showed up on any of their radar screens that night. The encounter might have been dismissed as an optical illusion, if not for the burns Amparano suffered on his face and chest.

"It was like a sunburn when you fall asleep at the pool. There were white blisters on the parts of my body facing that light. I also had trouble with sunlight. It was like right after you have your eyes checked and they are sensitive to light. That lasted about a week," Amparano says.

Doctors at Fresno Community Hospital told Amparano the burns appeared to be caused by microwaves.

An immediate search of the cotton field where the sphere had been sighted revealed no evidence. But for years, nothing would grow in a round area in the field. Today the spot is part of an almond orchard.


1979,Minnesota-Sheriff Blinded by Light from UFO:

North Dakota UFO.

August 27, 1979-Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson of Marshall County was on duty that night, driving not far from the North Dakota border, when at around 1:40 a.m. he saw a light through his side window. It was obviously not on a road and looked too glaring to be a car headlight.
He first thought it might be a small plane on or very near the ground. He turned left on another road to try to get closer to the light to identify it. Suddenly, the light moved toward him, travelling so fast that it almost instantaneously was upon his car (covering an estimated mile and a half).

Johnson was blinded by the brilliance of the light and heard glass breaking, then lost consciousness.

When he returned to consciousness, the car was stalled and had skidded across the highway. He felt sluggish and shaky. He radioed headquarters, at 2:19 a.m., to request assistance. Soon another deputy arrived, who called an ambulance.

The doctor who examined Johnson found him to be in a mild state of shock.

His eyes were irritated as if Johnson had suffered "mild welder's burns," and Johnson couldn't stand to be exposed to any bright lights.

The patrol car had very peculiar damage. The inside headlight on the driver's side was smashed but not the one to its immediate left. There was a flat-bottomed circular dent on the left side of the front hood, about a half inch in diameter, close to the windshield.

There was a crack in the windshield on the driver's side, that ran from top to bottom, with four apparent impacts. The electric clock was running 14 minutes slow, as was Johnson's wristwatch.

The shaft of the roof antenna was bent over at a 60-degree angle, starting about 6 inches above its base.

The trunk antenna was bent over at 90 degrees, but only near the top. No damage occurred to the car's regular antenna on the front hood. Essentially, all the damage to the car occurred on the left, or driver's side.

Investigations occurred immediately, both by the sheriff's department and by investigators from the Center for UFO Studies. The police determined that Johnson's car traveled about 950 feet after the first damage occurred.

No cause could be found for the event, including collision with another vehicle or a low-flying plane, a hoax on the part of Johnson, or anything else. In addition, experts from Ford Motors (the vehicle was a 1977 Ford LTD) and a team of engineers from Honeywell examined various portions of the damage.

A windshield expert, Meridan French, from Ford, noted after examining the windshield fractures that "Even after several days of reflection on the crack patterns and apparent sequence of fractures, I still have no explanation for what seem to be inward and outward forces acting almost simultaneously. I can only [conclude]... that all cracks were from mechanical forces of unknown origin."

No cause could be found for the clock running slow, the peculiar antenna damage, or other physical traces.

UFO hits police car ~ Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson encounter, August,1979.

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 07:48 AM
Police Pursue UFO in Malbrán:

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

A strange luminous object engaging in sudden movements in the sky was seen by eight police officers patrolling the locality of Malbrán in Santiago del Estero, department of Aguirre, as was reported today.

The phenomenon lasted for half an hour and was further witnessed by other residents of that community.

Police officers from the locality were later able to ascertain that the phenomenon was seen by residents of the outlying towns, although no one has been able to explain the object's orgin.

According to today's edition of the El Liberal newspaper, the incident took place last Saturday evening. It all began when officer Ariel Roldan and seven other men under his command rode together in a vehicle belonging to the Provincial Police. One of the officers traveling in the vehicle's payload alerted the others to the presence of a "large luminous object" in the sky. The intense white light moved "from one side of the vehicle to another", causing the law enforcement agents to pull over and get out of the vehicle to find out what was going on.

They immediately lit flares and tried to approach, setting out along a local road, as was reported. However, the light made a sudden movement shortly afterward and left the area.

According to the description subsequently offered by the police officers, the object had "a very powerful light" and flew at an estimated altitude of 4000 meters. After this strange experience, the officers were able to attest that they were not the only ones who had experienced it. Aside from verifying that a number of motorists driving through the area had seen the object, they learned that it had also been observed in several neighboring towns, as the chief of the Pinto station phoned them to ask if they had seen the unusual phenomenon.

SOURCE: Circulo Ufologico Riocuartense (COR) and Crónica (newspaper)

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 07:19 AM
Royal Canadian Mounted Police UFO Witness Silenced
From the Vancouver Sun of April 26th, 1976.

Bill Toffan, the 21 year old Terrace RCMP constable who said he had a near crash last Wednesday after sighting an unidentified flying object while on highway patrol, has been ordered by his superiors not to comment on the incident.

Toffan says he would be putting his job on the line if he said anything further, but his superior says there is nothing out of the ordinary in the order.

RCMP subdivision head, Edward Trefry, denied there is any police cover-up of the incident.

"We're not trying to hide anything. It's simply policy which has been laid down throughout this subdivision that all press releases are made by senior personnel at each detachment instead of by the individual officer." Inspector Trefry said in an interview from Prince Rupert.

"This is to avoid confusion and there are no exceptions to the rule," he said.

According to a press release made last week by Staff-Sgt. Murray Morrison, commanding officer of the Terrace detachment,Toffan saw a vehicle with its lights flashing ahead of him on Highway 16 about 60 miles east of Prince Rupert.

However, when he drew closer, he discovered it was not on the road, but was flying. As Toffan drew abreast of the air-borne object there was a blinding flash. He was so startled he nearly lost control of his car. He stopped and investigated the area on foot but found nothing.


Police Officer UFO sighting -Blue Ridge,Canada
UFO Research Institute of Canada:

At 2:30 a.m., Frank Riley,a police officer with a military background, observed what appeared at first to be a shooting star over the Blue Ridge area of Seymour Mountain. Through the bathroom window he observed three red and white pulsating cylindrical lights. The sensor alarm in the patio was activated and the light which illuminated the lane went out. One of his dogs, outside the house, started to whine. Panic-stricken, Frank tried to wake up his wife, but it took all his effort to awaken her for just a brief moment before she fell back to sleep "like a rag doll." This had never happened before. Their nine-month-old child was "giggling" in the other room - another unusual occurrence. By 3:00 a.m., the lights had disappeared. Frank remarked that he had never been so frightened in his life.

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 05:22 PM
From the TRUE Report On Flying Saucers, 1967:

The Exeter Puzzle

Scores of people, including two highly reputable policeman,
swear that what they saw over a period of weeks in the New Hampshire area - big, silent and glowing - was nothing the Air Force could explain away.

As recounted in John G. Fuller's exciting book, "Incident at Exeter," it stands as probably the best-documented - and most tantalizing - case in the growing mystery of UFO sightings.

The fact that two policeman were among the observers didn't hurt its case for authenticity, either.

Nor the fact that the New England locale is not particularly known for wild-eyed story-telling.

On the warm, moonless night of Sept. 3, 1965, Norman Muscarello, then 18, burst into the Exeter police station, still shaking from having seen, as he was hitch-hiking home about 2 a.m.

"The thing" was bigger than a house, he told Patrolman "Scratch" Toland, with brilliant, pulsating red lights around. It floated toward him silently. Diving from the road into a small ditch to avoid the on-coming object, he watched, terror-stricken. Then it backed off slowly until it had reached a sufficient distance for him to get up and run.

At the same time, Patrolman Eugene Bertrand, an Air Force veteran, was cruising when he found a lone woman at the wheel of her car just two miles outside Exeter. Still badly shaken, she told how a huge, silent, airborne object had followed her for 10 miles, at only a few feet's distance from her car. It, too, had brilliant, flashing red lights. When she reached the Route 101 overpass, the UFO took off at a great speed. Officer Toland, putting the stories together, instructed Bertrand to return to the open field with the boy.

While Officer Bertrand was shining his flashlight toward the tree line, the horses in a nearby corral began kicking and whinnying, dogs began to howl. Muscarello then let out a yell: "I see it! I see it!"

What Muscarello and an astounded Bertrand saw was a brilliant round object rising up silently over the pines. All of a sudden the entire area was drenched in a brilliant red light as the object fluttered toward them, still noiselessly. Racing back to the patrol car with the boy for fear of radiation, Bertrand reported to the station, "My God, I see the damn thing myself!"

Moments later, Patrolman David Hunt pulled up in another cruiser. He had heard Bertrand's exclamation on the radio and decided to see for himself. He got out and observed the slow, rocking movements of the still-pulsating object moving slowly across the tops of the trees and toward Hampton.

In the next weeks, many other seemingly valid sightings were made in the New Hampshire area. None, however, was more vivid than Ron Smith's.

The 17 year-old high school senior was out driving with his mother and aunt when they spotted an object in the sky. He stopped the car, looked up and saw something with a red light on top and a white glow on the bottom. It passed over the car once, stopped in midair, then went back over the car again and yet a third time.

Shaken and frightened, he started back to the Exeter police station to report the incident when, as he told Fuller:

"I came to my senses. I wanted to go back to make sure it was there. To take another look to make sure I wasn't seeing things. We did go back. And sure enough, it was in the same spot again. It passed over the car once, and that was the last time I saw it."

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 11:04 AM
UFO Hunters -Cops Vs UFOs

Investigation into the countless police reports across the world involving patrolmen and UFOs.

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posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 05:15 AM
Any other interesting police UFO reports out there,please feel free to post.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 02:42 PM
Police officers report UFOs over Sussex:

23/09/98. 0215 hours. Location: Henfield, Sussex.
Two uniformed police officers, one male and one female were on patrol in the Henfield area on the main A281 Brighton Road when they saw several unusual lights in the sky. Each light was the size of a Jumbo jet aircraft. For scale a large aircraft flew near to the lights. Each light was circular and not connected to the others. They stopped their vehicle to get a better look. As they watched they suddenly saw a beam of light being shone down to the ground approximately 200-300 metres away. It was a rural location with no housing nearby. They drove toward the beam but it suddenly went out. Both the officers were shook up by the incident that lasted in the region of 35-45 minutes. The sighting was officially reported to the MoD.
On Duty sighting. 2 Officers

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 07:37 AM
Extremely interesting series of incidents involving multiple security police (and a state patrol trooper) witnessing the landing of unknown object(s) and the resulting inexplicable electromagnetic effects:

The Coyote Canyon incident(s)


1. On 2 Sept 80, SOURCE related on 8 Aug 80, three Security Policemen assigned to 1608 SPS, KAFB, NM, on duty inside the Manzano Weapons Storage Area sighted an unidentified light in the air that traveled from North to South over the Coyote Canyon area of the Department of Defense Restricted Test Range on KAFB, NM.

The Security Policemen identified as:
SSGT STEPHEN FERENZ, Area Supervisor, ATC MARTIN W. RIST and AMN ANTHONY D. FRAZIER, were later interviewed separately by SOURCE and all three related the same statement; at approximately 2350 hrs., while on duty in Charlie Sector, East Side of Manzano, the three observed a very bright light in the sky approximately 3 miles North-North East of their position.
The light traveled with great speed and stopped suddenly in the sky over
Coyote Canyon. The three first thought the object was a helicopter,
however, after observing the strange aerial maneuvers (stop and go), they
felt a helicopter couldn't have performed such skills. The light landed
in the Coyote Canyon area. Sometime later, three witnessed the light take off and leave proceeding straight up at a high speed and disappear.

2. Central Security Control (CSC) inside Manzano, contacted Sandia
Security, who conducts frequent building checks on two alarmed structures in area. They advised that a patrol was already in the area and would investigate.

3. On 11 Aug 80, RUSS CURTIS, Sandia Security, advised that on 9 Aug
80, a Sandia Security Guard related the following: At approximately 0020 hrs., he was driving east on the Coyote Canyon access road on a routine building check of an alarmed structure. As he approached the structure he observed a bright light near the ground behind the structure. He also observed an object he first thought was a helicopter. But after driving closer, he observed a round disk shaped object. He attempted to radio for backup patrol but his radio would not work. As he approached the object on foot armed with a shotgun, the object took off in a vertical direction at a high rate of speed.
The guard was a former helicopter mechanic in the U.S. Army and stated the object he observed was not a helicopter.

4.SOURCE advised on 22 Aug 80, three other security policemen observed
the same aerial phenomena described by the first three. Again the object
landed in Coyote Canyon. They did not see the object take off.

5. Coyote Canyon is part of a large restricted test range used by the Air
Force Weapons Laboratory, Sandia Laboratories, Defense Nuclear Agency and the Department of Energy. The range was formerly patrolled by Sandia Security, however, they only conduct building checks there now.

6. On 10 Aug 80, a New Mexico State Patrolman sighted an aerial object
land in the Manzano's between Belen and Albuquerque, NM. The Patrolman reported the sighting to the Kirtland AFB Command Post, who later referred the patrolman to the AFOSI Dist 17. AFOSI Dist 17 advised the patrolman to make a report through his own agency. On 11 Aug 80, the Kirtland Public Information office advised the patrolman the USAF no longer investigates such sighting unless they occur on a USAF base.

7. WRITER contacted all the agencies who utilized the test range and it
was learned no aerial tests are conducted in the Coyote Canyon area. Only ground test are conducted.

8. On 8 Sept 80, WRITER learned from Sandia Security that another
Security guard observed a object land near an alarmed structure sometime during the first week of August, but did not report it until just
recently for fear of harassment.

9. The two alarmed structures located within the area contain HQ CR 44

Electomagnetic effects:

1. On 13 Aug 80, 1960 COMMSq Maintenance Officer reported Radar Approach Control equipment and scanner radar inoperative due to high frequency jamming from an unknown cause. Total blackout of entire radar approach system to include Albuquerque Airport was in effect between 1630-2215 hrs.
Radar Approach Control back up system also were inoperative.

2. On 13 Aug 80, Defense Nuclear Agency Radio Frequency Monitors
determined, by vector analysis, the interference was being sent from an
area (V-90 degrees or due East). On DAF map coordinates E-28.6. The area was located NW of Coyote Canyon Test area. It was first thought that Sandia Laboratory, which utilizes the test range was responsible.
However, after a careful check, it was later determined that no test were
being conducted in the canyon area. Department of Energy, Air Force
Weapons Laboratory and DNA were contacted but assured that their agencies were not responsible.

3. On 13 Aug 80, Base Security Police conducted a physical check of the
area but because of the mountainous terrain, a thorough check could not be completed at that time. A later foot search failed to disclose anything
that could have caused the interference.

4. On 13 Aug 80, at 2216 hrs., all radar equipment returned to normal
operation without further incident.

5. CONCLUSION: The presence of hostile intelligence jamming cannot be
ruled out. Although no evidence would suggest this, the method has been
used in the past.
Communication maintenance specialists cannot explain
how such interference could cause the radar equipment to become totally
Neither could they suggest the type or range of the interference signal. DNA frequency monitors reporeted the interference beam was wide spread and a type unknown to their electronical equipment.
Further checks of the area was being conducted by Technical Services,

6. High command interest item. Briefings requested IAW AFOSIR 124-4 be
completed at HQ AFOSI/IVOE. HQ CR 44 and 51 items.


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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 05:46 AM
The Hudson Valley UFO flap:

On March 24, 1983, a very large number of people saw UFOs, probably two of them, in one area of the state of New York. Exactly how many people saw that is not known, but the UFO hotline set up after the sightings by several CUFOS ufologist recorded 300 calls from witnesses.

Here is one of these events that night.

A few miles away from the spectacular sighting a week before in Brewster, state of New York, traffic came to a halt again, a few miles away from there, on the same Interstate 84: a weird object hovered above the road and motorists stopped to watch it.

Among the witnesses who publicly reported their experience, was Andi Sadoff, who had been a New Castle police officer and also an instructor in criminal charge of children abuse in the last 5 years at the time of this sighting.


"I was working on a midnight to 4 a.m. tour, and was setting up some radar, for detecting cars speed up."

"I looked up into the sky and saw, coming from East to West, there was a series of lights. And first I thought it was a plane, it was quite in the distance, quite far away. But is was really quite large."

"As I recall, there were mostly white lights but there were green lights also. It was alternating, green and white lights."

"All of a sudden from a hill I saw a string of white lights, very wide, forming a half circle. It was just coming over the ridge and it caught my attention because it was so large."

"It approached my vehicle, and as it approached my vehicle, it stopped, and it seemed to hover."

"It then turned left started coming around where I was parked. I started shaking my head, thinking that this was strange because I heard no sound and this thing was large. It then passed over my vehicle and headed towards the town. Then about four minutes later, it came back in my direction. It turned over my car once again, but this time it was much lower. The way the object moved was very smooth, as if it was gliding. when it came around I could see the shape better.
It was in the shape of a V with white lights on the top and green lights on the bottom. It was flying towards me and headed right for my car. So I looked out the window and did the normal thing. I locked the door. This time it was very low. I stuck my head out of the window and it stopped right over my car."

"It then hovered there about 20 seconds, and I could see a masse that was very large. Behind it, that is, behind the lights, I could see a large solid object."

"There was no sound, and I was looking at this thing and I was thinking, what is it? When I put my head out of the window and looked up, it was huge."

"There was still no sound at all, and I'm saying to myself, this can't be happening, what's happening here? So I got on my radio and I made a call to one of the other guys and they said they got quite a few calls about it. The object then started to move again and headed over the ridge, and that was it."

"The thing that I recall most is that I was amazed that there was no noise. There was no huming, here was no engine, no low sound to it. It was absolutely silent."

"I was sitting there looking at it, and I wasn't afraid, I was just amazed, it was just weird and I didn't now what it was. Where did it come from?"

"I'm not tring to say what it was, I don't now what it was. I know it wasn't airplanes."


posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 10:42 AM
Extremely interesting 'eyewitness testimony' interview with the Police Officers involved in the Portage County UFO incident:

As featured in this great thread:

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 12:21 PM
Two Police UFO incidents from Michigan ,USA (courtesy of Richard M. Dolan´s book ´UFOs and the National Security State´)

On the 14th March 1966 at 3:50 A.M, two deputy sheriffs in Dexter,Michigan,saw several disc shaped objects maneuvering above the town.Three other Police agencies had already reported similar sightings.
Selfridge Air Force Base confirmed tracking objects on radar at extreme speeds and maneuverability..

..At midnight on March 17th in Milan,Michigan,another law enforcement officer saw a UFO.This time, a policeman saw what he thought was a plane about to crash,although its silence puzzled him.
When he tried contacting headquarters,his transmitter malfunctioned.
The object did not crash.Instead,it approached the patrol car to within about seventy five feet,followed him for about half a mile,then flew off.
It appeared to be about fifty feet in diameter,with lights spinning at the periphery.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 03:54 PM
The Redmond,Oregon UFO incident involving Police Officer Robert Dickerson:

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 03:18 PM
Belgium Police working with Belgian air force to catch UFO.

Belgum Police Chasing UFO - November 1989

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 05:25 AM
UFO Encounter, North Dakota - Sheriff Files UFO Report:

Original police report entitled "Unidentified Flying Object Report" referencing an event that occurred on July 10, 2003.

On 07-10-03 at approximately 2300 hours, my wife Kelly went outside on our back deck to have a cigarette. While she was looking up into the southeastern sky, she noticed a small formation of three or four stars.

One of the stars shot straight down and stopped.A series of red lights came on, and the object started moving in a northwest direction. She yelled for me to get out there, and when I got outside I saw what I first believed to be an aircraft, except the red, white, and green lights were in a vertical formation, not horizontal.

Description of Object

I now noticed that the speed of this object was relatively slow. I listened, and heard a muffled sound much like a jet aircraft makes. The object got closer, and I estimated it to be about 1,000 feet in the air.

It was just light enough to make out a silhouette. The object was longer from top to bottom than it was from front to back. It had depth to it, and if I were to associate a shape to it, I would say diamond-shaped.

The craft had two small, red lights on the front of it, and two small, red lights on the rear about in the center of it. When it got closer, I noticed several larger windows that projected light from inside the craft.

Light Configuration

There were three larger red and green lights running vertically along the front edge of the craft. I was trying to pay attention to as many details as I could, and the one thing that stands out in my mind is that the speed was so slow and the muffled jet engine sound did not match and the sound was farther behind the craft.

I also estimated this craft to be around 100 feet long and approximately 200 feet high.
It was moving too slowly for its size. The sky was lighter in the west, and I was hoping that when it got in a position that the sky was lighter, I would be able to tell what it was.

Witness Credibility

I have spent 14 years in the U.S. Air Force, all of them around jet aircraft. I cannot explain what we witnessed using any logical means. Our Law Enforcement dispatch center is handled on a state wide basis.

I called State Radio and identified myself by my unit # 4610, and inquired if they had received any reports of strange aircraft or UFO reports. I was told NO. They informed me that if they did, they would notify me.

The report is signed:

Lawrence F. Gessner


Sheridan County

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posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 06:02 AM
Several Police Officers witness huge UFO over Lebanon,U.S.:

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 09:28 AM
California -1960:

During a six-day concentration of UFO sightings in northern California, August 13-18, 1960, at least 14 police officers were among the numerous witnesses. At 11:50 p.m. (PDT) August 13, State Policeman Charles A. Carson and Stanley Scott were patrolling near Red Bluff when they noticed an object low in the sky directly ahead of them.

Witness Sketch:

Verbatim text of the police teletype report to the Area Commander:


Officer Scott and I were E/B on Hoag Road, east of Corning, looking for a speeding motorcycle when we saw what at first appeared to be a huge airliner dropping from the sky. The object was very low and directly in front of us. We stopped and leaped from the patrol vehicle in order to get a position on what we were sure was going to be an airplane crash. From our position outside the car, the first thing we noticed was an absolute silence.Still assuming it to be an aircraft with power off, we continued to watch until the object was probably within 100 feet to 200 feet off the ground, when it suddenly reversed completely, at high speed, and gained approximately 500 feet altitude. There the object stopped. At this time it was clearly visible to both of us. It was surrounded by a glow making the round or oblong object visible. At each end, or each side of the object, there were definite red lights. At times about five white lights were visible between the red lights. As we watched the object moved again and performed aerial feats that were actually unbelievable.

At this time we radioed Tehama County Sheriff's Office requesting they contact local radar base. The radar base confirmed the UFO - completely unidentified.

Officer Scott and myself, after our verification, continued to watch the object. On two occasions the object came directly towards the patrol vehicle; each time it approached, the object turned, swept the area with a huge red light. Officer Scott turned the red light on the patrol vehicle towards the object, and it immediately went away from us. We observed the object use the red beam approximately 6 or 7 times, sweeping the sky and ground areas..

We first saw the object at 2350 hours and observed it for approximately two hours and 15 minutes.Each time the object neared us we experienced radio interference.

We submit this report in confidence for your information. We were calm after our initial shock, and decided to observe and record all we could of the object.

Stanley Scott 1851
Charles A. Carson 2358."

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 04:16 PM
Police Officer tracks UFO with radar gun.

Texas officer tracked Stephenville UFO's speed with police radar gun.

Steve HammonsMarch 31, 2008 On Jan. 8, 2008, an Erath County, Texas, area peace officer on patrol used his police radar system for tracking speeders to measure the speed of a huge object in the sky.

He stated, "I had to swivel my radar head up into the sky. And I knew I got a good hit on it. It showed 27 miles per hour and was accelerating slowly."

Officers compile drawing of Stephenville UFO:

"This is what I and several other officers saw. I did not see the back, only the frontal view. The two large lights were bright like landing lights, but solid light blue in color similar to LED. The wing tip lights remained steady. The top and bottom tower lights strobed sporadically. It had three towers on the bottom and two on top. It was bigger than a B1 Bomber. It lumbered around town then headed off towards Mineral Wells..

It was about 500 ft off the ground. The colors above are the actual color. This drawing is a compilation of all the law enforcement that saw the craft."

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