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Theory: Bible an Illuminati Blueprint...orchestrating a 2nd coming after the AntiChrist....

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by badmedia

i basically agree with what you said. but not entirely. close though!

for example, while studying the bottomless pit, i realized the thing is a portal to some place else. i traced it back to enki's abzu. then, i found out it was connected to the tower of babel reference. and somewhere in there, i also found out it was the gate of Eden! (ka-dingir-ra (gate of god. but if you remove the word "ka" (gate) and the "ra" (which shows possession), you have the remaining "dingir". it was in a holy temple, so it could be proceeded by an "E" (that's what they did to show it was a divine building). so it would read: E.DINGIR. and E.DIN is sumerian for EDEN. it's the gate of Eden! (i dunno what the gir is. .still trying to figure that out. it's got several references including "furnace" but why would it be the gate of eden-furnace? doesn't make sense. i thought perhaps it was glowing, it was interpreted locally as a furnace??).

anyway, it's a portal of some kind because not only were we sent threw it and blocked from going back threw it again but gilgamesh used it (or one like it) in the epic of gilgamesh and the beings in revelation 9 are going to use it too, to come here. it's ALL CONNECTED.

question is: why hasn't anyone ever noticed that the babel meant gate of eden(gir)? oh, things that make you go hmmmm...

in other words, the tower of babel could have several related names, such as THE TOWER OF THE E.ABZU. or THE TOWER OF THE GATE OF CHAOS. or THE TOWER OF TIAMAT. or THE TOWER OF THE ABZU OF TIAMAT. or THE TOWER OF THE GATE OF GOD. or......


place was apparently off limits, so it got shut down again! i think enki was using it to bring more races here from offworld, thusly the reference to confusing the languages. there's a little glitch in the story here, and i'm not totally sure what to make of it!

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 08:54 AM
Sounds like a star gate.

It is my belief that we are put on this planet to learn a lesson about good and evil. I think this planet is a school, and it is quarantined off from the rest of the universe, and the only way to get out/back is to learn the lessons and learn how to live and let live, rather than control and take over other peoples will.

All the while we try to force our way out with technology, instead of learning the lesson and when that happens you have the battle of Armageddon. Of course, the irony is the only way to teach the lesson is to allow it to happen. Just like to understand what hot and cold is, you have to experience them both.

Similar to babel. Which was destroyed because it also did that. And then our languages were manipulated and cultures created, at which point our aggressions were confined to only this planet, rather than across the entire universe. When we can actually learn to get along with each others cultures and beliefs, and not be fooled into following symbolism and differences for evil things, then we can proceed to get out of here. And that is exactly what Jesus showed people, how you should act towards each other, not to go around making wars and doing bad things in his name.

What you mention pretty much goes along those same lines. We were put here through a stargate, and the gate was closed.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 08:54 AM
Well there are problems with that theory. Mainly the fact Christ did more to expose the illuminati and upset them, which is why they stirred up the town and then got him crucified.

Fortunately for Christ hes a space/time ressurecter. Like the terminator, he prophecies coming back with fire, which I believe to be resonant earth grid fire and the power to eliminate bad frequencies to save our psyche from the modern magick of greedy fools. God fated Christs travels with much suffering and mockery, but alot of good will come from this. Which is why we should respect Christ, on the other hand the bible also talks about false saviors and even goes into detail on who the anti-christ will be-a hissy fit without restraint. Which the illuminati or whomever know how to play surrogately through fools of the modern day. And they want you all to see christ as satan and the devils diguise will end up being christ in your eyes for a time. And view this new savior as the christ. When there is nothing new under the sun.

The ancients infused Christ with star power, which I believe is how he enahnced his natural abilities. I think in theory, the lost years of Christ he was taught by master alchemists and given the secrets of ancient knowledge kept hidden from the warring and divided populace.

ive grown up lutheran, left religion for a more worldly/lite-pagan lifestyle in my youth, but as i get to my 30s, life makes me more humbled to the fact that something out there is trying to communicate to me the signs of our times. All I can call it is God or savior because it frankly is everywhere and evident. So by nature i feel i recognize false saviors quite well. but only ended up manipulated and alone because the world, like yesterday, today hates the idea, in a prideful reactive state, of the ioda of the possibility of a need to change the self and not the world around it.

Christ was not a false savior, he lived, tried to change the hearts of the populace against his false masters with a little cryptic truth who kept the secret of the sacred tesseract in motion, creating healing waves of..ions. Consider the names they use on new cars..for instance..saturn-ion. or Element. Ehem..then theres the logo's, all part of a simple ritual..yet hidden in plane sight. wierd..

This creates the war, dissentions, degradations. And leaves the populace in the middle, mentaly running away, in denial. Shopping, escape, vacation, or it polar and people who wander into dark earthly realms. but considerations of good and evil must be weighed against a natural standard I think. changes. These changes often coincide with human paradigm shifts, which perhaps could be forseen.

So to me the bible is a time travellers guide to the inner and outer. A cryptic for all ages. Which yes is friggen strange.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by undo

most bible prophecy has come to pass centuries ago, it was related to events gathering pace in jesus's time and shortly expected to happen....not hard to make some statements and pass them off as "prophecy" if you are in the thick of political events and know what might be would be like george bush prophecising a war with Iran in 2000 only for it to happen in 2012....he was able to make the "prophecy" as it was planned all along...

Revelations - many so called prophecies in there have already come to pass too, centuries this and you'll see. I'm too pushed for time right now to include links, will try to do so tonight....

As for the "second coming"...again many gods before jesus who were themselves said to have been born to a virgin, baptized at 30, resurrected etc...ALSO said tHEY would come's really a symbolic thing related on one hand to solar worship and on the other hand one could consider jesus already having returned when he appeared to one of his disciples after his "death".....

I don't believe there is any "real" second coming and that John of revelations was writing about events in the past and events going on his time that would lead to X, Y and Z's all a bit of a jumble that book. No douby Jesus was convinced one day the kingdom of god would come to earth....he was obviously an optimist and envisaged a time when the entire world would know what he knew about god being within...but i don't for a second think he's going to be the one making it happen !!!!!

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

i agree that alot of prophecy has already been fulfilled years ago. but the one thing i can see no evidence of, is the finding and opening of the gate. that's followed up by a massive alien type invasion, which is preceeded by a huge mothership crashing into the ocean (unless i'm not interpreting this correctly). something big is still set to happen, unless it happened already, in which case, i have no idea what's going on!

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 09:43 AM
(p.s. the solar worship thing is a misnomer. i could prove it to you but then you would be mad at me! )

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by undo

Hi Undo
which verses are you speaking about that you think speaks of an invasion....?

I was thinking the second coming would be the invasion - but one orchestrated by the controllers on where else is there some suggestion of a separate attack and whom is is meant to be by....I'm curious.

For there to be a real second coming by a real Jesus would mean the "wrath of god" unleashed upon earth was a rather visicious attack that killed tens of millions who had been deemed "unfaithful" to the lord....not v.compassionate, rather genocidal really, the kind of thing Jehovah-Enlil would have done. Before this happens there is the "rapture" a few years previously, where all the "chosen" ones are "saved"...the second coming just smacks of an invasion and then when the battle is over, all the "sheeple" are returned to earth to inherit their new world. This is not the energy of love and peace for sure....

As for the sun worship thing, I'd also be interested in hearing why you think I'm wrong on this, I've researched it quite a bit and can see the correlations....I am not saying there was no real Jesus behind this but that the bible is written in a way that presents many layers of meaning, and that perhaps the layer of meaning inferring the sun worship thing was a way to capture the imagination of the pagan sun worshippers, with Jesus being portrayed as the fleshly manifestation of the Sun (god).

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by mastermind77

The thing is, if you take as fact that Jesus willingly went to his "death" , he surely would have realized what kind of cult worship he'd be inviting by this although he sought to enlighten the masses, at the same time he did so in such a way as to create what he surely would have realized would be just another religion. From the writings about him , even those in the gnostic texts, he didn't seem to exactly discourage being worshipped either. He seemed perfectly content to embrace his guru-status , which makes me feel a little suspiscious I'm afraid.

There is also the possibility his death was actually faked....and so we have someone who used deciet as a means to an this really laudable ? He would have then also briefed his disciples about what to write regarding his ministry , life and death....what kind of person would want others to believe in the ridiculous suggestion that he was born quite literally to a virgin by some immaculate conception, that he rose from a literal death to return in the physical on earth......surely it would have been understood by him/his disciples that most people would see all these "facts" about his life in the literal sense...that they presented these metaphors as literalisms, an act of short sightendness to say the least , rather reckless. Why not be more overt with the truth instead of spinning all kinds of yarns and metaphors around them, all the mystique.....inviting people to wash his feet, genuflect before him, implore him for redemption and all that nonsense.....he quite obviously embraced all the glamour that comes with being a guru, much like Sai Baba really.....???

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 11:19 AM
Revelations has not been fully fulfilled ever. Because it mentions bad things that happen, and shows the philosophy and the way the system works you can throughout history find it happening on a small scale.

For example, Hitler and the numbering system etc.

But it has never been fulfilled on the entire world as revelations says. There has not been a 1 world government, where the people are united behind the anti-christ as when the tower of babel was built.

Many of the things weren't even possible without modern technology. For example everyone being able to see the anti-christ at once. Or the spy technology and tracking abilities modern day computers give. So I really don't see how you can claim it's already happened.

And even if it already had happened in the past, the actions and systems are still possible today. And there is certainly things going on to make it happen. Furthermore, you even talk about how the constellations mark the ages and such - Well how can it have all happened when we still haven't left the age? Revelations doesn't get fulfilled until the end of the age.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 11:42 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

well first, let me give you some prior data.
the previous chapter (revelation 8) talks about a mountain on fire, crashing into the ocean, at which point it poisons the water with some kind of toxin. i believe this is all part of the same event as the opening scene in revelation 9. the opening scene in 9 is of an angel coming down who can unlock the gate (The bottomless pit/the abzu), his description seems to fit enki, etymologically (the angel of the abyss (abzu), apollyon). so my theory is, when enlil and co. arrive for the party, they will be kicking the current overlords *enki and his entourage) out of earthspace, which results in the mothership crashing,which i believe is the mountain on fire that crashes into the ocean. next thing you see is enki reopening the gate (all bets are off ya think?) and in comes the things described in 9. it refers to them as locust type beings. i believe that's a reference to flying (ufos) and their appearance is rather unique.. i believe the guy who wrote it down and the people who translated into english, just used the words they had available to them at the time and what they were seeing was equivalent to the scoropion men described in the epic of gilgamesh and the cherubim described in several places in the bible... in other words, it sounds like the old reptilian guard will be incoming. the ones sent threw the gate, a very long time ago, before it was sealed up. they would be the equivalent of (i think?) the IGIGI.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by undo

Rev 20: "Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven , holding in his hand the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain. And he seized the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for 1,000 years, and threw him into the pit..........."

This is meant to take place after the 2nd coming (invasion as I see it).In some bibles "pit" is "abyss". Enki was the one given domain over the deep, the waters, the pit, the abyss and Enlil had the skies, the air. Enki was the one who tried to help man understand god-is-within, Enlil (jehovah) sought slave worship and total control. Enki is Satan, Satan meaning "adversary of god"....the bible, OT in particular, is simply a marketing tool for Enlil-Jehovah, with Enki being demonized for having challenged his rule and helping humans escape his tyranny and abuse back in the ancient days.

We see revelations is supposed to be the final battle between Enlil and Enki, with Enli's intentions being to wipe out most humans and reinstate his kingdom of god as he had in ancient days (his lovely race of slaves his once again)....and that Enki's influence over man is to be quashed.

Enki-ism and Jesus-ism (is there such a word !) is a very similar spiritual philosophy it's pretty odd that Jesus is caught up in this battle, depicted as being on Enlil's side when we can understand from the NT and gnostic texts Jesus (whether a real man or fictionalized character used as a vehicle to express deeper spiritual truths) was NOTHING like Jehovah-Enlil and was seeking to USURP the old ways of external deity worship.

The point being, revelations is ENLIL -JEHOVAH's vision , the god of the bible throughout the entire book is JEHOVAH. We can see Jehovah-Enlil all over the plan for the extermination of the masses in the second coming....i

When we consider the new religion the Illuminati wish to bring in is Luciferianism, this does not equate to something dark and sinister AT ALL. It is all about god-is-within, the glorification of man rather than some external, invisible being. The "bad" part is how they bring this enlightment to mankind...the way the Illuminati's new world order is brought about via genocide and every other "evil" under the sun.

It's as if the controllers of the Earth have used Enlil's tyranny and slavery to achieve their planed Enki-like new religion , to be "as Enki" if you like....Enki was the creator god, not Enlil-Jehovah ...they likely have plans to genetically engineer the future human race, just like Enki did, and "perfect" humans in contrived fashion rather than let natural DNA evolution take it's own course.

I often wonder if the Annunaki are still about, and even if they were, are we a match for them now in terms of weaponry, technology, that their future influences, either through the attempts of Enlil's faction or Enki's, will be rendered futile......that neither have the power they once had millenia ago, but that the "new gods" on Earth, these "Illuminati" have transcended them and become AS them...are we not almost full circle now, able to do the very same things the creator gods did to us....the ability to genetically engineer, clone, etc just around the corner....? That the new system is "Enlil reborn" in the metaphorical sense, intending to hand over the man the illusion he is free while planning to shape the survivors anew in Enki-like fashion

The Age of Aquarius is the age of waters by the way........Enki has often been called "Aquarius" because of him having been given rulership of the abyss, the deep, the waters......the Illuminati plan to genetically engineer the future human race and no doubt Transhumanize them to is very much Enki-like, no ? The controllers want to be as the gods before them

In ancient tales it was always Enlil who tried to wipe man out/cleanse the Earth....not Enki....Enki would not have condoned the wiping out of 4/5 of Earth's population to scourge the planet of Enlil's influences . It might be that the Annunaki are out of the equation now, earth is attempting to birth new "gods"

Just my little theory might mean little given "death" is not the end for us, so "why worry" but personally I'd like to live down here a few decades more before ditching my body-prison, so trying to understand what they are planning could be the difference between premature "death" and getting to stay down here for a while longer. It sure is a a fascinating world to be part of, the best movie I've ever watched without doubt !

Anyway, I'm rambling.........

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:03 PM
well i think enki created the hybrid rulers. i don't think he created humans. remember, he's the tricky guy? this war between enki and enlil is very old, it predates humans on this planet. i think enki saw us on some other planet, living a pretty kick back natural life and saw a way to kill 2 birds with one stone - revenge on enlil and new slaves to boot, to rebuild his former empire on this planet. so he brought us here threw the abzu gate. his big enlightenment was to teach us trade skills but he wouldn't allow the humans to read or write. only the hybrid rulers and their hybrid offspring were allowed to read or write. so the slaves maintained an oral history of it, which you can find in every ancient culture, including the ones from sumer, akkad, babylon, egypt, and that covers the biblical texts as well.

what follows is enki and enlil's war between each other, being played out over the dead bodies of the human slaves, one of which ended with the flood scenario and the others resulting in the wiping of entire villages of enki's hybrids. this war is huge and very old. our planet is not the only place effected.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:07 PM
here, read these (short, 3 chapters each, written by me on this subject):



posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by undo

how interesting Undo, I'm going to look into that more indepth.
Could make alot of sense given how some people are starting to think the powers that be are maybe conditioning the masses for a possible alien attack.....thing is I'm not so sure they would be Enki's lot as why would Enki's lot want to "torture" those that did not have "the seal of god" on their forehead.....? Enki never waged war on his creations yet these beings DO...These beings sound reptilian too, could they be another race of alien who are reported to live in underground bases and be in cahoots with the governments ? Wouldn't this make more sense given these beings are written as being on god's side, ie Jehovah's, and Jeohovah is Enlil ? The controllers here would know full well the plan and go along with it, acting as if they are the enemy when really they condone the whole attack and perhaps send up a few remote controlled back engineered craft to make it look like they are "fighting back"....?

So we have this attack then we have the attack in the "second coming" suggesting THEN Enlil wages all out war on mankind, both the "righteous" AND the "unrighteous" we are told....just blind FURY. Maybe the church has wanted to confuse this second coming with that of Jesus when they were never one and the same....couldn't quite see Jesus wanting to wipe out makind really, it makes no sense. Makes more sense that the church, wanting control, misrepresented jesus deliberately...they knew what a threat his teachings were and needed to try and assimilate him into their external-deity religion so they equated Jesus as jehovah's right hand man so to speak when clearly he NEVER was and even the Hebrews knew this as never accepted him as the "messiah".

PERHAPS then we are looking at a blatant twisting of facts to further the church's desire for control and power.....that Jesus was really of the Enki-energy but they assimilated him into the Jehovah scheme....what better way to control the people than by preparing them to be slaughtered if they didn't accept Jesus - Jehovah but Jesus never WAS Jehovah or anything to do with him !!!

Back to this text though........I wonder if it alluded to something in the PAST ? John's visions do seem to be a jumble, with no clear timeline of events either.....go on any site that attempts to make sense of the timeline and there's always a variety of viewpoints ! The Vedas mention a war that went on, terrible weapons, fancy crafts, being in our HISTORY.

IF they are using revelations as a plan then they would have to pull all the cards out and follow all "prophecy" including the attack from beings that seem to appear from the belly of the earth and/or the waters.....I was wondering where on earth this staged alien attack might fit in, having read on here and elsewhere about how many are thinking some invasion is being staged and I was trying to figure out WHEN and HOW this would fit in with prophecy as from my research have determined the second coming can't happen until the anitchrist which seems to be planned for 2012...yet there seems to be something we are being conditioned to BEFORE that happens..........the text you just showed me now makes sense.

Ooh, I love good puzzle !

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:16 PM
Umm, the system they bring in is just an illusion, you will be a slave. It is important to remember that things will never be sold as being bad, it will be sold in a way that merely looks and sounds good. It is in fact 1 world economic slavery. Give highlights of the system, and I will show you exactly why.

I don't need either of these 2 people to tell me what freedom and slavery are. I know what they are for myself. I don't need to know if 1 person is presented as good, or 1 person is presented as evil and if they are reverse. It doesn't matter, they are just images. I will determine my choice based on the actions(their fruits as it is called).

If you call 1 bad, and 1 good and don't examine why, then it's no different than the people running around with false idols. You are just simply holding on to different idols. All I see is people claiming 1 is the bad guy, and the rest of the people claiming the other is the bad guy. I'll be looking at their actions instead. And the system you push for is slavery.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

well that's a very good question. my theory is, at this point anyway, that they don't have permission to attack anyone else. the others are being protected somehow. it may be keyed to DNA somehow? enki knows his time is limited. he wants to pull a samson and bring down the whole place, so there's nothing left to be salvaged (it says, woe to the inhabitants of the earth, as the dragon has been cast down among you, and he knows his time is short... (paraphrased). oddly enough, he's referred to in revelation as the great dragon, a name also given to enki by his own scribes in the sumerian-akkadian text, ENKI AND THE WORLD ORDER.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by undo

the story appears to go that Enki created hybrids by mixing annunaki DNA with the DNA of early man , who would have been Neanderthal-like. Originally the hybrids were used for slave labour but Enki didn't like the way they were being abused and used and decided to offer us more equality. Enlil wanted to wipe man out, Enki managed to save some of the people and help them to get started again. After the catastophe, Enlil was persuaded man was needed, so there was no further attempt to wipe the whole hybrid species off the face of the Earth again.

Because the Sumerian texts never once mention Enki engaing in genocide, I can't equate Enki with the god in the OT of revelations, who clearly seeks to raze the populace to a minimum once again. However, the Enki-like plans for man's future by the Elite are highly evident....genetics, transhumanism, etc.....Enki was the scientist, not Enlil.

If we twist things around a bit and say it is the ENKI faction here on earth using ENLIL's plan as outlined in the Bible , we would have to concede Enki has resorted to genocide to win his battle with Enlil and all the other horrors leading up to this..........but nothing in the ancient texts suggests Enki was anything like that, it was always Enlil who was the mudering, soul-less tyrant.

This is what makes me think Enlil and Enki are kind of out of the picture now...there may no longer be any war going on between these beings right now over Earth, it is a cause MAN has adopted (the illuminati) in order to raise themselves up to the same godly status Enlil and/or Enki once had. The Annunaki seemed to disappear a few thousand years ago....?

Bottom line the bible plan seems to be Enlil-Jehovah's plan....this is what the Illuminati appear to be following. This is a bit of a mind twister when we know the NWO coincides with Aquarius, the water bearer - ENKI....ah but hold on a minute - Aquarius ALSO is an AIR sign and rules the SKIES, the AIR (Enlil) Aquarius is kind of an ammalgamation of two things, WATER and AIR, or ENKI and ENLIL, which is the perfect metaphor to describe how the NWO is both Enki-like and Enlil-like and supports my notion that The annunaki may be out of the picture now and it is MAN bringing all this about !!! the Illuminati "gods" not the Annunaki "gods " !

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by undo

thing is I'm having trouble imagining Enki destroying masses of his people...he never did before, that was Enlil. Also, the bible is clearly the plan of Jehovah, it is Jehovah warning "woe, woe" and jehovah saying "only those with MY seal" survive , jehovah implied in the second coming that murderes millions and and Jehovah is easily linked to ENLIL, not Enki.

Could the Annunaki just be out of the picture, and that the scenario is that the illuminati /controllers are playing BOTH roles here, Enki-enlil, Jehovah-Satan ? Last we heard of the Annunaki was a few thousand years ago yet until then they were about quite alot, clearly very hands-on in man's affairs? why the need to operate from behind the scenes when they were apparantly so powerful and technologically advanced, why wait thousands of years to achieve their aims ? They could have tried for it a long time ago ? Where did they go and why did they go ?

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

well that's where i have to disagree with sitchin's interpretation. i don't think finding a group of naked people on a paradise planet is what he claims it is. lots of smart, educated people have went around naked, and tribal folks have had variations on that theme for a very long time.

here's the thing that i think will bring it all into perspective:

civilization requires slaves. that's our enlightenment. we were taught how to co-exist in civilized society and build these monumental structures, mine for resources and make various trappings of our own civilization, which would be overseen by enki's hybrids. have you seen the pottery from sumer??? check this plate! and i mean, really study it!

circa freakin' 5000 BC! from one of the old cities of sumer

HOWEVER civilization requires slaves. see how that works? i think the whole universe works like that to some degree or another, i mean, there's always going to be someone who has more authority and so forth and life does go on. but we had a rude awakening. i'm not sure what the plan was for us at the time we were on the paradise planet, whereever that is (i don't think it was here!). but i do know what we ended up with. this is an okay place, for a "prison planet".. it's certainly beautiful. but i hear tell that there's even better out there.....

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

IMO when someone had their wings cut, that most likely means they lost their technology to leave. All our technology gains are usually based on military gains. For the purpose of wars and control over people. Thus whoever is in charge here would be the loser of a previous war and their technology stripped.

However, to assume the anti-christ and the system you speak of is from someone new is not true IMO. Because before the anti-christ comes, there are certain requirements. And not just in prophecy, but in having the technology to do the things in it. So thus far we have been pushed in that direction and have been creating the systems and technology that will make it possible. What you talk about as being good is merely the capstone of it really.

When Jesus came, people were slaves and he tried to free them. We are still slaves today, it's just done without chains economically, where our labor and wealth is constantly leeched upon. Exactly one of the things Jesus was against was Money Changing and Usury(interest on loans). And the element of today, and the element that maintains control has been doing exactly those things. In the end, full control over resources(the things of actual value) will be given, and you won't be able to buy or sell with your credits without the chip.

So I don't know which is good and which is bad. You can't tell based on what it says in books. Only by the actions.

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