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Questions for ReconPilot...

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posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by HiAliens

There is a large ET presence EVERYWHERE . So dont kid yourselves .
When technology reaches a certain stage it becomes VERY EASY to hide it under your nose . Cloaking ,dimensional doorways ,holograms ,stuff like that .

The battle going on ,on this planet is a battle for hearts and minds just as ALL battles are . There is good and bad on both sides of the line ,so you have to be very carefull how and who you judge .

Yes , the NEW australian governement has come down hard on CIA operations here because it was against the countries interests and those of the Alliance . Howard was cooperating with BUSH , that should say it all .

During world war 2 macarthur betrayed the aussies on a number of occasions. he was ,thankfully such an incompetent blunderer though ,that we fought off the japs without US help in the end. Macarthur was hoping to land OZ in the same boat as japan so that having 'rescued us ' he could then exploit and undermine australias soveriegnty and serve the interests thereby of Enki's family . Enki knows all to well that australia is Altairs main base of operations . He fears and hates us more than anything because we whooped his ass in the last galactic war and now we intend to finish him off ,PERMANENTLY.

On the european front , eisenhower however ,did a competent job and was a more honourable general .

Remember this though . The bad guys always work to undermine free societies by undermining the political system. The last star wars episode beautifully illustrates the way Enki's family works to corrupt democratic process . Amazing to me how few people see that even as the very same process was unfolding on US and British soil .

How many good honourable men and women in all branches of service have ,after being a part of a mission that grated their conscience have said to themselves "THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR !"
Be it marines ,cia , airforce ,whatever . So in the end it all boils down to individuals answering their conscience and humans who allow greed and self interest to get the better of them .

Enki's humans represent about 30% of earths population . They share the same attitude ,same goals and drives .

What alarms and disgusts most ET's is the way humans rape plunder and destroy nature instead of living in a respectfull cooperative relationship. You are killing this planet with your greed ,vanity and power lust .
So when you people get all self righteous about population control its a bit hard to take you seriously . Water resources alone are reaching a critical breaking point . You have poisoned the rivers and atmosphere , you have poisoned your food supply with chemicals and you are wiping out innocent species that maintain a healthy symbiotic balance that SUPPORTS LIFE .Many Humans are a virus , a disease ,on this planet . They are
,if they continue to go unchecked going to result in total population destruction by your OWN HAND, if you people dont get real .

Enki created his genetically crippled humans as a weapons system . A dumbed down slave work force/army to do his bidding . Their brain function is limited so they will follow orders without questioning their validity sustainability or morality . Sorry people ,but thats the ugly truth .
If you cannot see that NOW when the planet is in crisis you never will.

The stakes are very high here but you people need to ask yourself ONE fundamental question .Who are you ?

Bodies are easy to create , but not souls . The annunaki created a weapon that could harvest souls ,erase their memories then dump that soul in an engineered body to make it usefull to them . Many of you are literally slaves ,body AND SOUL.

Enslaving a body is one thing , but raping and abusing a soul to make it accept a human body and forget its true identity is the ultimate evil.

That weapon lies buried under the bermuda triangle. Everyday , it recycles souls as they leave bodies and dumps them back in to new ones .
Thats why you dont have any memories of who you are or where you came from. You have been stripped bare ,harvested and recycled .

And thats why our presence here is a mercy mision fraught with the utmost difficulty and hazard . The machine ,this soul catcher, is an extension of Enki's ego .It feeds on people's ignorance and fear ,litterally .

Anyone who dares to openly threaten the machine is targeted for termination by it or Enki and his family .They fear the truth coming out and causing a catastrophic breakdown of their confidence trick .
If enough souls turn on the machine they can overload it . Fear really is the only enemy you have . Face it .

Many good souls have been lost to the machine. As long as you allow fear ego and greed to rule your lives and judgement ,the machine is your master . BUT its loosing power now so the annunaki are panicking as the people are waking up . The worm is beggining to turn .

So if you want to know why I get attacked so vigorously here ,its because I am threatening the livelihood of the machine and by extension ,the humans who are dependant upon it . The machine just feeds . It does not care about sustainability . And so the corporations do the same , the goverments do the same . They rape the forests and land for trees and minerals because Enki's family is hopeing against hope that
Somehow they can escape this rock before the final judgement is passed on them for their evil ways .

Enki is due to be executed very soon now. He will not be allowed to escape this time around . Neither will his loyalists . If they are allowed to escape they will do the same thing over again .


posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by HiAliens

And to answer briefly you last question . Telepathy is possible but face to face contact far more credible yes ?. WHEN you are mature enough to handle it an ET may come clean with you . You bump in to them everyday on the street without recognising them. Look at the abuse I get here for being stupid enough to admit I am one ! why should they bother to come clean when humans give us so much grief.

you are so addicted to your preconceptions and prejudices that its just to dangerous .

There are heaps of ET's posting here . I know some of them quite well.
But they are much smarter than me and dont declare themselves .
Who can blame them .

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

great to you again reconpilot.

i have asked you questions and you have already answered them, so just wanted to let you know im reading, and am enjoying this thread.

thanks for answering some questions reconpilot.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:30 PM
Thanks ReconPilot... You've certainly given me a lot to think about. I'm going to take a closer look at the history of Oz now, and the E.Ts are everywhere info is really interesting. I'll get back to you...

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 01:10 AM
reply to post by pureevil81

DUDE ! How are you ? I was wondering how your are doing .
well you know I am still making an ass of myself here because of my lack of decorum and sensitivity .

You guys really need to understand though that I dont have all the answers . My family stilll keeps me in the dark on a lot of stuff. And there really is no such thing as the definitive truth unfortunately .

What you dont know wont hurt you....

You know , I want to believe obama is okay . maybe ,we will see I guess .

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 07:13 AM
It is my opinion that any outside "help" is not going to come in OUR best interests at all.

Anyways it is not their call , this planet belongs to us , if they are so worried that we are destroying usable resources (biological as well!) , there is always the other side of the coin. Just shows how MUCH MORE interested they are on what we have and not in our own development.

It would be very easy for them to have a different approach , and that is not even hard for a human to understand. Intervening in other's affairs has always showed itself as bad for the natives.

As soon as we are weak enough , most will end up accepting help from anyone , and that is when we fall really.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by reconpilot

im well recon, i hope you are as well. we had some good conversations did we not, at least interesting to me.

i do have another question for you, you mention there are E.T.'s posting here, as well as we walk by them everyday. i was curious if you could tell us some signs to look for, is there anything that would give away an E.T. like body language or anything at all.

you have explained your situation to me already, so if you cant answer its cool man. just thought i would throw it out there.

take care of yourself reconpilot, i know you will.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 05:47 AM
Hi Recon - I posted before about the Terra Papers, and this thread you are talking about Enki and family as being the ones doing us in - but I was under the impression? it was more Enlil - that Enki was the creator that defended us?

And when you speak of being et, is that literal, as in not born here and come here in physical form from somewhere else? Ultimately we're all soul and whether or not we're an et is a question of semantics depending on what housing we're in as I see it - I was born here, have been most successfully brainwiped and really pixxed off about it but have always always always felt you'd have to be crazy to choose to come here - therefore either I was crazy or I didn't choose - both fit

And humor helps - thank you for your feedback - K.

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 03:10 PM
heavy hands only mentioned 6-8 levels of existence i thought it was more like 11-13 lvls
i think that heavy hands might truly believe he is in the right
in the sense that his family his leaders feed everyone lies even them shelves
and i dont think hes high enough up the ladder to get the truth
i feel the earth has a very great value to the universe i think we are the center

the center of something grand and unavoidable we get so much attention because we deserve to we have something they need and it is not found anywere else

i have always felt that at some point we eventually become stars and life springs from us

i am not afraid of death i have never been i always try to attack my fears it always seems important. going against unsurmountable odds does not bother me

i also feel the tide has turned you can see by the quickening that the ones that think they are in control are starting to worry i think they are starting to see them shelves loose
Things are not as they have planned

also malta is very old that is where the knight templar are from malta is its own government and is barely the size of a small city malta is very important to the elite
the order of malta knights of columbus everything ties back to it

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 12:21 AM
Greetings HiAliens and also to ReconPilot and quetzalcoatl13.

I am grateful for this opportunity to discuss the recent hidden hand thread as I am currently in a state of confusion. The hidden hand thread threw a switch inside me. I have just started to wake up and I am still spiritually "groggy" for want of a better term.

Although I was too late to post in the hidden hand thread it left me exhilarated but also anxious because along with everything that resonated with me about the nature of existence and our place within it, I detected signs of serious manipulation at hand, especially after re-reading the material. It was like military-style PSYOP material - subtle and convincing on first read, but not perfect and less so on subsequent examination.

I cannot imagine sitting between "lives" joking and laughing with the very beings who brought us September 11, World Wars I & II and countless other crimes against humanity.

The idea of letting such a "game" play out without at least trying to change things is horrifying.

This whole "harvest" business is not making sense to me. I do not believe in the concepts of heaven, hell or purgatory, yet this is exactly what hidden hand was describing.

I believe that I too am a soldier of the Light. I am waking more and more every day, but the veil still obscures my full understanding of my purpose.

quetzalcoatl13, how can I wake fully and determine my purpose? I feel like a half-trained recruit who doesn't know what he doesn't know.


posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 01:10 AM
Greetings fellow being of the light. It is good to "meet" you. Now is an important time for those like us who are awakening to their true reason for being here. By the way, congratulations on waking up. The hardest part is always the first step.

The hidden hand resonated the same way with me. While technically we all do play our part here, by no means do we all spend time together between incarnations. Those of similar vibrations always stay closer together, it is a natural progression of like minded forces to gather. That post was indeed an attempt at manipulation, PSYOPS is a good analogy. There are individuals on both sides that are a bit like special forces, specifically where they are on either side to battle the opposite of themselves.

In truth, we do not have to agree with the negative forces nor spend time with them between incarnations. Every being who exists has the right to choose what they want with their existence, each path is as valid as the other. We need only accept that they are who they are, and send out love and light to them. The Ra material opened my mind and made me realize the necessity out of equality. They offer what they consider holy, which is pain and suffering, and we deny that energy. In return, we offer light and love, and they deny it right back. This is part of the balance.

You point out something that is very valid, in shining light on the evil of complacency. The Boondock Saints is one of my favorite movies, and their is a quote in that movie that says: "Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men." To think that we would be apathetic towards the suffering of others in any realm, whether here or elsewhere, is the type of idea that they promote. In reality, many have watched from afar and wept for the suffering of mankind. Now is the time that we can finally try to help change what has been a system built around fear and suffering.

The harvest is specifically referring to the 2012 material, though I believe the true date to be November of 2011. A harvest happens after a certain number of years and is effectively a separating of souls into groups based off of their decisions and placement into other dimensions. "Positive" polarity souls (service to others) will mostly move into a 4th density copy of earth. "Negative" polarity souls (service to self) will be moved into the same earth. Those who did not choose either will return to this earth and keep attempting to evolve. This is only my current theory, but from what I understand is correct. Its possible that the positive and negative polarity souls will be split up and will each go to their own earth, or simply that we will all remain on this earth as the earth itself moves into 4th density and thus affects all our electrical fields.

What they call heaven and hell are simply the higher and lower planes of this realm. Everything in the universe is constantly vibrating, Quantum Physics has shown this, and we can only perceive so much of the spectrum around us. Heaven and hell are physical places, but the disinformation around them is wrong. Every being decides where they want to go when they die. We all make contracts and then follow through on them. Earth is different in that we forget when we incarnate here.

Dont worry about trying to rush your remembering. Everything will come to you naturally, just try to exude light and love and general acceptance, and act when you feel in your heart you must. I seriously doubt you are a fresh recruit, from what I know all the representatives of the light here are well versed in their individual realms. Theres a pretty high bar to get here. Work on meditation, visualization, and reading anything that resonates with you. Ask the universe and the light to aid you in remembering. Above all, have faith and trust. We are here for a reason, and Im sure you will begin to remember your source and your reason.

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 02:35 AM
reply to post by quetzalcoatl13

quetzalcoatl13, thank you for your words. I shall look into the Ra material.

Love and Light,


posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 07:10 AM
reply to post by kshaund

I noticed this too. Yes, it was Enki (also known as EA) who created and defended up while it was Enlil who wanted us as slaves. Recon seems to call the one god by two names....they are entirely different characters !

Enlil is Jehovah, Enki Lucifer (not to be confued with Satan, who was a made-up figure essentially and just a case of slanderous defamation of character to make Enli-Jehovah look good).

In this current system it seems like the Enlil faction is using Enki-like tactics to achieve the desired slave species. Take Luciferianism for example - the "god is within" religion they want to usher in through Maitreya...Luciferianism is not devil-worship, it's essentially gnositicism like Jesus taught in the teachings that never made the bible.

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Hi cosmic - Yes, thanks for jumping in - it's confusing me too and I really do want to know what others think about it

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 07:56 AM
To anyone else in this post generally - do you believe you are an et ? (as in having physically come here from another planet - or as a walk-in ? I read of walk-ins many years back and haven't really met anyone who claims such - and it didn't dawn on me until I read recon's comment here about being from elsewhere that humans might not be the only ones here. So I'm very interested - not a believer or skeptic - but a learner of all that might be and welcome any stories - thank you - K.

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by kshaund

I am a walk in. I agreed to a fulfill the remainder of the soul contract the original tenant of this body had. In addition to that I can continue in my work as a soul under contract to the army of the light.

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
reply to post by kshaund

I noticed this too. Yes, it was Enki (also known as EA) who created and defended up while it was Enlil who wanted us as slaves. Recon seems to call the one god by two names....they are entirely different characters !

Enlil is Jehovah, Enki Lucifer (not to be confued with Satan, who was a made-up figure essentially and just a case of slanderous defamation of character to make Enli-Jehovah look good).

In this current system it seems like the Enlil faction is using Enki-like tactics to achieve the desired slave species. Take Luciferianism for example - the "god is within" religion they want to usher in through Maitreya...Luciferianism is not devil-worship, it's essentially gnositicism like Jesus taught in the teachings that never made the bible.

These teachings of Enlil and Enki, though generally more accurate than the Abrahamic religions, also have inconsistencies. The one you call Jehovah, also known as Yahweh, is not the benevolent creator that is described through the Enlil information. He is a jealous and angry creator spirit. While he did originally create humans as creators themselves, when humans gained free will Yahweh struck them down. Neither of these beings is benevolent, they both just want to change humanity into what they desire. Yahweh wants them to boost his self esteem, and Lucifer to perpetuate service to self polarity.

Luciferianism is technically devil worship, because Lucifer is what you would call a devil by definition. His service to self teachings are not gnosticism. However, there is a sect of Luciferianism which is called Gnostic Luciferianism. Traditional Luciferianism is the worship of Lucifer as the ruler of this world. This belief structure is not as much about the infinite creator within, but as considering yourself god. While we are all a part of the infinite creator, the belief in ones self as the end all and be all is an ego distortion that leads to constant service to self and te denial of the divinity in all things.

By the way, while it is correct that Lucifer and Satan are not the same being, Satan does in fact exist. I've met both of them. The name Satan is not wholly accurate, but a shortened version of Satanos. He is a general of Lucifer while Lucifer is the highest form in their army.

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by quetzalcoatl13

Thanks for the interesting post - I don't know much about Jehovah et al - but I generally find throughout the times its the same story, different characters. I've always wondered 'what on earth am I doing here!' because this place is so wonky at the best of times but can't imagine what an actual walk-in would feel, remember, know? I think we're trapped, lied to, deceived and even though 'ultimately' it could be argued it was agreed to at some point at some time, all I know is 'now' and if I have no recollection, to me it isn't relevant - I'm still here feeling totally trapped hoping a sense of humor will help -

posted on Nov, 14 2008 @ 04:44 AM
Wow , id given this thread up for dead , sorry everyone .

I have very mixed feelings about posting . I am fortunate at the moment to have a fair amount of leisure time so my original intent in posting here was a fair bit perverse bloody mindedness and a curiosity as to how my input would be recieved.

For my family , both immediate relatives and in the larger sense , plausible denialbility is part of our survival routine here . Its a sad reflection of how things are and how badly things went wrong .

Some of you have some very rigid preconceptions of the cast of characters you have researched . You want to know about enki and Enlil more than anything its seems . but to understand the bastardised history you have managed to piece together you MUST understand the technology to avoid interpreting the work of sitchin and others either to litterally or failing to understand the metaphors that would have had to serve to describe technology from a very primitive human perspective.

It is understandable also that you want either enki or enlil to be your saviour or the 'good guy ' . Im sorry to have to tell you this but ,they are both bad . The reason being they are one and the same person.

now I know cosmic pixie in particular is enamored of her belief that they are two seperate characters . This is in a sense true , but they are the same soul . The annunaki messed around a lot with parralel time lines to create alternate realities and outcomes .They also did it to cheat death and sometimes ,Ironically put right their own mistakes.

Surely if any of you had that ability you would do it Yes ? How many of you have had a huge regret and said to yourself , 'if only I could turn back time !'.

Everyone has a shadow , a dark side if you will . The annunaki are no different . But they abbused power in ways that would profoundly disturb you . In fact they did things to the human genome that are absolutely criminal and unconscionable . Their Mother Ninharsag is largely responsible for Enki though . He was her experiment in genetic engineering
,her attempt to build the ultimate warrior . But he got out of control .

Kshaund asked me for more on that episode . You need to go to shocka's thread stargates and 2012 . I shared a lot there .

Time is not linear . this you need to understand .it can be manipulated in many ways . It takes a lot of energy to go backwards in time but it can be done .

So go to shockas thread and read what I have had to say there . There is not much more I can add really at the moment .

to many people on this forum are in love with their pet theories and interpretations . But most of the stuff they are looking up is half truths at best and more often than not bogus ,bastardised rubbish . Sorry , but you have to understand the situation on this planet is politically complex . You are slaves ,you are owned by the annunaki , and because you are legally their responsiblity our ability to interevene OPENLY is very limited .

A lot of you are hoping they will come back and embrace you as family . Enlil was the good guy , or some of you believe it was Enki .
Im sorry , but they created you as slaves and cannon fodder .Thats all they see you as . look how they have used you all these countless thousands of years . Endless war ,slavery ,torture and death .And yet deep down ,you are hoping somehow they will apologise and put it all right . No , they are only interested in saving their own skins and finding a way to escape their final judgement .
The NWO is just a driver to get them off this rock . They became trapped by the same computer they used to enslave you ,you see .

So in the end ,when the truth does come out , you will be asked to make a choice between serving them as slaves and choosing freedom .
They will not tell you the truth about their real intentions. They never have and they never will . dont worship or look up to Enki's family . They are all self centered bastards . Petty mean and utterly selfish .

Most of the time all we can do is run interference to stop them gaining critical mass and enough control of the planet to access their lost and buried technology and use it to escape. All of hitlers technology was the result of info shared by annunaki sympathisers on the sly .

So my family then has to up the anti and come up with a reply to neutralise the threat . The annunaki are not from this universe but another . They wanted to take over control of this universe . They failed last time but at great cost to us and them . WE expect them to try again when planetary alignements will produce huge new rifts and wormholes in space . They will then exploit the time and tide to try and conquer again.

The reason we dont make contact with most enkiite humans , or monkeys as we refer to them is simply this .its to dangerous . You are a cruel selfish bigoted race . You dont live in harmony with nature .You rape murder and destroy . Then blame it on some other of your deeply divided human species . you are not exactly the best neigbours in the galaxy .

I only have to watch the way human kids treat my child at school . Bullying ,name calling ,psychological torture . you think you are the superior species because you are brainwashed to think that way .but the truth is you are in every sense a liablity to yourselves and others.
You enjoy cruelty and killing . You turn a blind eye to suffering if you can profit by anothers loss .

And every attempt we make to reason with you through literature ,film , plays ,poetry etc , is lost on most humans .they have no ability to percieve the beauty and sanctity of life . They just want sex money drugs and power , like the annunaki that created them .

So my posting here is largely a waste of time .I know that . You are pawns in a game you refuse to see for what it is .your ego's blind you .

But we have to respect your choice because you dont want to hear the truth . You fear death ,yet never truly live . You destroy other plant and animal life , extinguish it ,so you can drive new cars every two years and have 'lifestyle choices ' .

And look where its brought you to . Your only planet is here and its dying . You will never be allowed elsewhere in this universe as you are . You loose this one and your stuffed because your souls are to corrupted for you to be welcome anywhere else .

posted on Nov, 14 2008 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

Thank you very much for your post, recon - I am going to take some time and read the post you suggested and digest this a bit and get back to you

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