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My abduction experiences 1

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by lonesomepine333

I'm willing to entertain that thought that the government is behind it all, for sure. The very last abduction I had was special in that I paid very close attention to detail on everything happening and fought being "put under" so I could see more of what happened after I was taken.

You see, after a certain point when I was a kid, I was no longer allowed to remember the details once I started floating out the window. I would sort of "pass out" or be "put under". I don't know which, but I would go unconscious either way. (It is interesting that I could go unconscious, when according to some, that I was already asleep. But I digress.)

Anyway, I mentioned I looked at the details of the top of the house, etc. There was one more thing I didn't mention. Something so unexpected, that to this day it remains the greatest anomaly of my experiences. When critically examining what did or did not place in reality, this single item truly makes me ask "What the F?"

Ok. Here it is: As I was floating out of my bedroom, after looking at the roof (as mentioned in my earlier post) I shifted my attention upwards (as that's where I was going). I saw a ship which completely encompassed my vision all the way out to my periphery. I thought, “holy crap – it’s huge!!” Followed by my thought of, “What the F?!” because what I was looking at was a rectangular well cut into the bottom of the ship which appeared to be an opening for me to float through. (I was heading right for it.) And while that wasn’t too weird, what was weird was that it had the classic Yellow/Black caution tape around it. The next thought that entered my mind was, “it’s not aliens? It’s ours!? Why would aliens use the same designation for caution we do. This isn’t right! This doesn’t make sense!”. And with that I floated closer to the opening and felt like I was slipping away to sleepy land. I fought it a few moments more but as I passed through the opening I was out. Fifteen minutes later (by my clock) I way lying fully awake in bed. It’s at that time that I did the rest of my investigation (with the punctures, the dog, etc)

What does it mean? Does it support the idea that I dreamed it all up? I was shocked and surprised by the caution lines painted on. When I’m having these experiences there is never anything out of place, like in a dream. Everything is perfectly real, but this just was just totally out of place… or was it?

(I should mention that there was no writing of any kind on the ship that I could see.)

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by JonInMichigan

From my own personal experiences/encounters Jon you were not taken by the black opps but definitely by ET's.

ET's can take you in various ways and without your physical body--- you don't float to the ship and through objects unless it is ET's directing you no matter what.

Black opps/human operations cannot do it, they haven't been given that ability yet nor will they ever have that ability while remaining in the 3D world-- it is an ability that can only be understood and used from the higher dimensions, this is what I've been told by them. Black opps have the technology of creating an anti-gravity field that can float objects and move them but not through solid objects or walls and they do not have access to removing souls from bodies.

ET encounters can happen 3 different ways.

#1 The first and most common:
While asleep in a dream, they can make contact in various ways but this is without physically showing up. They could be anywhere they want even their home planet and still make contact with you this way.
(They don't need to be close)

#2 This happens more than physical abductions:
They can take your soul out of the container or body and transport you onto their ship. These encounters can seem like you were gone forever when in actuality they only took you for 10-20mins. There is a method on how they do this and it would take a while to explain so I will leave it for another post. The body is kept alive and pumping blood to the brain while you are absent. When you are taken this way time seems to not exist as you are in a higher dimension and things can get really strange especially when they take you onboard the craft and out into space.

These encounters leave people questioning themselves whether it was a dream or it really happened. Usually they are not allowed to remember everything but even if they are they will still have a hard time accepting that it really happened because they were out of the body and the physical memory is not there as the physical body was left behind.

#3 This is the most uncommon way people are being abducted believe it or not-- physically. This is when they take you in your body through a wall or out the door into a craft. You can float through objects because they can manipulate all things in our 3D world. They operate from higher dimensions so the beings that would take you are usually worker beings engineered specifically for the 3D world. They are usually there to help assist in taking you as you are not in spirit forum anymore but in physical.If an ET were to reveal himself to you in the physical body they would appear almost see through transparent, glowing, nothing like you've ever seen in this world. (Not solid) Not so much like a ghost but like pure energy with vibrant light and color and you can feel the energy not only see it.

I hope this helps!

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by JonInMichigan

Oh I forgot to add:

Black opps also have been given ET tech as we know and have their own craft and gadgets, they also have an abduction program MILABS, they only have the capability of using EMP type equipment shutting down all electrical and paralyzing us with a wave signal sent to the brain. We then would black out, their method of moving us differs, we would need to be taken out of the house physically then into the ship. They can float you on board but not through objects. Black opps are the one's who use needles and things to insert implants, I believe that is what they are doing.

Most abduction cases we hear about sound like black operations because they are the one's who stick things up a persons nose and give injections. That is not how ET's do it. They must have a microchip implant experiment going on and are testing the general public in private fronting as ET's. (Just a guess) I have been told though what capabilities they have but have no idea about what operation they run but I do know they manufacturer or grow grey and other various small biological creatures that appear to us like your typical small grey. They are worker beings nothing more than programmed robots and perhaps they use them as a front for their operations/cover up.

From the way you described your experience I don't believe you met the black opps, I believe you encountered the real ET's---unless you had implanted memories installed. (Black opps can do that)

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 09:41 AM
My son has been calling me out for the sightings he's had for the past 3 months due to my reluctance to have sightings. Out of sight, out of mind, may not actually protect anyone, but its instinctive for me. He had seen the crafts being chased by helicopters twice. I went out and saw the craft soundlessly and slowly flying out of sight, larger than any of the noisy small planes that often fly quickly over, covered completely by a red light. I went inside. Some time later he called me out again urgently. I watched the craft being pursued by a chopper against the mountains to the northwest. It appeared to be the same one. The chopper made noise. It was almost cat and mouse. It was going just as slow as usual, the chopper kept gaining. Then it would blink ahead. It did that twice and blinked out. I don't see how these guys are working with black ops.

Not to mention that though there were many indicators that something more than the sightings were happening, including the actual sighting of a grey, I really didn't examine them. I would acknowledge something briefly and then quickly forget it. It wasn't until my children starting sharing the sightings and I became alarmed that I allowed myself to put the memories together and started asking other family members. I wasn't guessing what it meant, I knew. When it didn't involve my children I didn't explore anything and it now feels as though that was the programming, because in view of what was happening, it was unnatural not to explore what it meant. My sons sighting of a grey was like mine, while he was awake, though he was settling down to sleep. The cat was growling and hissing at the door. He got back up and turned on the lights and searched the house, then turned them all off and was settling into to sleep when he saw a light in the upper left hand corner of the door right where the cat was looking and growling. There is nothing that shines there, he always sleeps there at night. When he looked he met the greys eyes and nearly jumped out of his skin. But he wasn't paralyzed. He felt as though he was being gently admonished for being awake still. I was furious in the morning as I had spent many nights outside trying to mentally tell them to leave us alone, and especially my children, and claimed universal law, and cosmic laws (ie. any galactic laws that would pertain to our race due to our dna!). In fact, he had been given a bad headache off and on anytime he thought to tell me about one of his memory leaks. I'm guessing they knew I would be upset and for some reason was trying to keep this from me. I asked him why he hadn't run upstairs, since he could move, and wake me up!!! He said, he knew how angry I would have been and they were nice. Defending them!!!

Thats another thing. Its part of the experience. When I watched that chopper chasing that craft I felt as though I was to blame. Certainly they could have picked it up on radar.
But I think they probably follow all ufo related threads online. And the loyalty issue is rather large. If they were merely black ops, then why would it feel as though a choice had to be made between them and us (not the people but the cartel running the show who are reflected in the authorities). This has been what I've been examining lately, the loyalty issue that surfaced when I saw the helicopter and a very strong sense of where the loyalty led.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 10:18 AM
reply to post by JonInMichigan

I am doing some digging on some things that i have read stating, the government has a anti-gravitational device.....I will share this with you as I discover more.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by Malevolent_Aliens

Why do the have three ways to do it?

How did you learn they have three; maybe there are others and they didn't tell you.

Interesting post, though. Starred.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 11:03 AM
the greys are intruding beings. they paralyze us because they are afraid of us and our emotional makeup. don't be afraid just get angry when you find yourself in their presence
really angry struggle growl attack. they feed off your fear but lots of anger will send them
scrambling. It worked for me.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by mystiq

Hi Mystiq,

I watched the craft being pursued by a chopper against the mountains to the northwest. It appeared to be the same one. The chopper made noise. It was almost cat and mouse. It was going just as slow as usual, the chopper kept gaining. Then it would blink ahead. It did that twice and blinked out. I don't see how these guys are working with black ops.

It’s an interesting game that the military and black opps play, I believe the military most of them have no idea about the black operations that are taking place. Most of them do not know that they have ET craft and technology and cloned little alien looking beings. I think black opps has set it up intentionally to make the military actually believe their craft and abductions are coming from the real ET’s when they are not.

In the case above it sounds like a engineered ET craft flown by black opps messing with the military, the chopper going after it and playing cat and mouse. I believe 98% of the military are left in the dark and really don’t know what is going on, I believe the black opps are operating in complete secrecy keeping all the technology from anyone’s knowledge. So for the most part you can have top military officials who would tell you NO there is nothing hidden about ET’s, we do have UFO reports but we do not know anything about aliens and the military does not have any secret operations with aliens or treaties it’s all nonsense.

The reason why I’m saying this is because honestly and I haven’t commented on this subject much on ATS and you can quote me all you want but here comes the absolute truth.

ET Ships, do not materialize in our 3D world unless they want them to, they can operate inter-dimensionally, so what does that mean? It means you can’t even see them let alone take a picture or video tape them. Whatever we see comes from our physical eyes, well we cannot see things in higher dimensions yet a real ET craft could be right in front of you in another dimension and you wouldn’t even hear or know it was there.

So all of the so called UFO’s we are seeing are either ET’s that decide to show themselves and materialize into 3D land,, OR these UFO’s are black opps or possibly another governments. Discluding some of the probes they will send, because those will show up in our skys operating and engineered for 3D. So basically I am saying and you can quote me that real ET ships are rarely if ever captured on film unless they dematerialize and show themselves intentionally.

I have only seen a few of them on youtube that could and I mean could possibly be real ET craft (not saying they are). How can I tell you might ask? They will show up on camera as LIGHT objects and they will appear to look like they are morphing, changing shapes, this is where they are de-materializing and they can change colors in this process. The higher dimensions are pure energy this means their ship and YES you heard from me is not a physical object unless they decide for it to be. That is how they manipulate matter, they can change things in our 3D world because everything is made of nothing more than ENERGY.. OR LIGHT. Which is like energy to them.

Think of it this way, just imagine all things physical, all matter in our world is nothing more than light or a projection of light. Well that is how they see our world, all physical matter is nothing more than light to them or energy. They have a projector and they can use that projector to change physical matter or energy into a different form or picture. Just like a movie projector works for us, for them it really is that simple. For us this seems like a fairy tale from never never land with peter pan and captain hook. Yes they really do use pixie well who knows but what I can tell you with 100% certainty is they are made of pure energy and so are their ships and everything else.

I’m not talking about the beings created by black opps or the given to us engineered by ET’s for our own use craft on earth. I’m talking about the real ET’s and their ships that are the higher ups watching over this world and pretty much running the show from behind our 3D view in never never land. They are everywhere because what do these guys do, they are in charge of taking our souls when we die and placing souls in babies when they are born among zillions of other things that we are not supposed to know or understand yet. They could be in the same room as you even in the same place where you sit at the same time in another dimension. I’m not saying they are but they operate like that and all things in our world that seem impossible are possible to them because they are operating in nothing more than pure energy form. It gets even deeper than that I would assume most of you would not even believe what I have said so far but hey at least I tossed a bone.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 11:23 AM

Originally posted by Syandos
reply to post by Malevolent_Aliens

Why do the have three ways to do it?

How did you learn they have three; maybe there are others and they didn't tell you.

Interesting post, though. Starred.

Hi Syandos,

Technically getting down to it:

There are only two kinds of abductions:
Abduction of the soul and
abduction of the body.

As far as contact is concerned that can happen in many ways.
Image flashes,
Answer to our prayers,
Views of the future,
Visions, and the list goes on.

I don't like the word abduction because when we use it---it's not good.
I mean it sounds horrible right? Well even though all abductions are frightening, scary, traumatic etc.---Most abductions are not meant to be horrible, but in some cases they can be. BUT, every abduction has it's purpose, I could explain alot more about it but if I did most of you wouldn't be ready to hear it or believe me. It's hard to believe that a horrible abduction could actually be for the good of a person right? IT sounds out there, well it's much much more complicated than that.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by Syandos

Oh the only other thing I wanted to add so we don't mix up the word ET.

We think of ET's as extraterrestrial beings from other planets.

Little creatures or whatever our society has led us to believe.

Yes some of these ET's do come from other planets and some of them DO NOT.

IT's true they come in all forms.

Some of them live in pure energy form. The universe is made of pure energy and all physical things or the creation of the physical universe came into existence from what?

Some people think it was just a BIG BANG and came from NOTHING.

BOOM there it is SUDDENLY.

Bbbbbzzzzzzzzzzz WRONG ANSWER,

The universe existed before it became physical in pure energy form.

ENERGY, is eternal and never dies.

SOULS, are made of pure energy/intelligence and never die.

The only thing it did was Materialize. Just like the ET's materialize.

This means our physical universe could DE-materialize if someone wanted it to.

That means everything we see all matter---everything in the universe all galaxies, trillions of stars BOOM could vanish into thin air.

So what would we be left with then? ENERGY.

So we don't mix it all up.

ET's can consist of beings from another planet just like us in the physical.

Beings that live beyond what we know as space and time in pure energy form. Time does not yet exist, space does not exist travel is instantaneous, these are called the higher dimensions above 3D land.

There are no physical laws that apply to these dimensions only higher laws of eternal spirit matter. What is eternal spirit matter. ENERGY.

It's all

Beings from the 4th-5th-12th and so on dimensions.

ET Defintion for no mix-ups.

ET's can be Family members---Deceased, what we call Angels in all shapes and forms.

What we call demons, what we call God, what we call spirits, what we call poltergeists, all of the things people have seen etc. etc. etc.

The universe if full of all kinds of energy and various entities some with a soul and some without.

Some with form and some without. Beings that exist could be cloud looking or like gas. They are still alive in energy form and some have souls and some do not.

So when we think of ET, I would hope people open their mind a little bit to the true definition of what ET really means and is.

It's not just a little being like we are told.

IT IS EVERYTHING, not of this world in all dimensions higher or lower.

I don't care what religion you are but your GOD of that religion is ET literally.

Just think about it.

ET equals not of this world.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:32 PM
I completely disagree with the craft being connected to the black ops in any way. Though I can't be sure of the black triangle we've seen frequently here. But the one with the red light completely covering it, was identical to the one we saw on April 12th of this year, the first sighting of many in our new location. That sighting occurred immediately after I was ranting internally about nwo, thinking of Bush and his henchmen and thinking "they don't represent the human race..." I was thinking then of all the third world women and their children and concluded with "they represent the human race!" I stood up and was rooted to the ground. I couldn't move, but just before I started to panic, the words formed with a emphasis "WE represent the human race!" I went outside to have a smoke and there it was, and all my children saw it. This was just a few days after I had had an extreme reaction to seeing Jim Spark's alien script, and when trying to explore it had seen a school, a culture and then an entire planet fade from view. Then this sighting. Then shortly after my one and only past life experience involving the planet I'd seen, followed by numerous sitings. In that time period I had woken up with another, which I've had many of, scoop mark on my arm that took a long time to heal. The closest I've ever seen to what I get, and I have scars from them, is a punch biopsy on the Rense website. Doesn't itch or hurt, but takes a long time to heal up.
Then on vacation, my then 6 year old refused to go to sleep until after midnight after just having another sighting at my grandmothers. This time, my 17 year old with his eagle eyes said it was diamond shaped he believed under the light. My youngest finally said, he thought they were following us and was afraid of being taken through the window in the night. I had no idea where he had gotten that from and he when my teenager calls us out to see something, he runs inside and hides. My 17 year old had an actual sighting of a grey, while awake. My childhood one was during the day while I was playing outside, not the normal time for these things I've read, when I was 5. My son also experienced 2 hours missing time while watching a show that started at midnight. He went to grab a quick toaster snack and came back at 2 with the show over. Note, our sightings involved wake time, and neither of us has actually had sleep paralysis, but my grandmother did when she said someone was in her room. My mother had never seen greys, neither had I until a couple years ago online. She nearly jumped out of her skin this summer when I showed her pictures and she said she dreams about them frequently. But she believes they're demons.
The last sighting we had was of a craft that was identical to this one, soundless with a large red light surrounding it. It was on the 15th of this month. My son called me out. We watched it soundlessly fly over our roof about as high as the small planes that fly over somewhat low, but faster and making noise. Then we went in. I had a vivid impression of a man and woman's face, and felt they were nordics. It wouldn't go away and felt contact of some sort. I was trying to, for the upteemth time tell my son to not go outside when he suddenly jumped up. "They're back!" We both ran outside and it was flying soundlessly over again. He pointed to a tree 50 feet roughly away and there was an orb there. Miriam Delicado describes these as probes in her book that take samples from our planet, but also that scan people. I asked if he had felt contacted, felt pinged. Is this how he knew. He said yes and nodded. These are not black ops. They are connected to my childhood experiences as well and as of last spring, seem to be bringing back some interesting memories.

Edit to add: I think I sleep far too deeply for paralysis to be used on me, I slept through house construction as a child, and the memory I have of an abduction at 5 involved both greys and nordics. At that time it also seemed to involve aryan militia (ie. nazis) but there is a strong feeling of aversion towards our secret militia and feel they broke away from this involvement, at least this group did. The two public accounts that are the most meaningful to me, and I had to purchase their books as they resonate deeply with me are: Jim Sparks and Miriam Delicado's account.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by mystiq

I completely disagree with the craft being connected to the black ops in any way.

Rarely if ever do real ET ships show up in our skys to be physically seen by humans. They only show themselves for a reason , they are strictly business.

If you see what appears to be a ufo moving around with colors and lights--mumbo jumbo being chased by helicopters it's NOT the actual ET‘s.

ET Ships are everywhere in our skys if we could only see them but since they are inter-dimensional they are absolutely and completely invisible to us, even for the military and black opps they are undetectable.

You mentioned Jim Sparks and Miriam Delicado, in Miriam’s case she was followed by a ball of light on the freeway if I recall for hours. The ET ships can appear as a form of light, most ET’s and their ships are pure energy in light form. If they choose to show themselves they would look like a large object or outline of translucent light that could change colors and shapes-- what we call morphing. That is a real ET ship meaning it has Real extraterrestrial beings piloting it ---not a drone craft that can be sent by ET’s or black opps. Black opps do not have the ability to move inter-dimensionally. Jim Sparks and I share some things in common from my own experiences.

As far as UFO’s go, the higher percentage out there 95.999% is my guesstimation from what I’ve seen of all online and offline material of pictures and videos are not real ET inter-dimensional craft---they are nothing more than ET probes, drone craft, black opps or natural phenomena. By the way black opps have fleets of ET craft. You could have seen a drone craft but they wouldn’t be playing cat and mouse with a helicopter the way you described it.

The crashed ufo in Roswell was a drone craft with drones recovered, the real ET’s intentionally delivered it with drones recovered. Those are not real ET’s they are biological robots. Worker beings.

Real ET’s cannot be killed ---Just as an example--If we shot one of them in a body they would get another one.
--- They came from other parts of the universe not in a physical body like ours but outside of the body. They can change bodies and occupy others bodies anytime they choose, other parts of the galaxy require new bodies, humans will never leave our solar system in the physical body. Our bodies could never make it there--even in ET ships. That is part of the reason why ET’s have a hybrid program, some of the hybrids are not meant for our solar system and will be taken to other places.

The grand illusion of reality we are living in is so far over our heads, If we only really knew the involvement ET has on earth, IT would blow people’s minds away. Enough said.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:26 AM
I'm sorry, but our experience is difference than that. They show up in real ships and are scientists, not spiritual gurus for the most part.
Edit to add:

Bluestar Fulfilling Prophecy by Miriam Delicado

p.33 They led me across to the left hand side of the road and as I looked up I saw another craft. This one was larger than the one on the road. There in the doorway I saw them: two tall beings with blond hair and brilliant, large blue eyes...
p.34 The second the craft and the balls of light were gone everyone in the car began to stir..
p.38-39 Age Four or Five:
On the other side of the field we could see a very big bright light, about forty feet across, hovering slightly above an old shed. We both stood still, staring. As we watched a blue ball of light the size of a baseball came out of the center of the hovering light. It flew across teh field towards us so fast that I thought it would hit me and make a hole right through me. It stopped six inches from me in the center of my body. After it was done with me, it slowly moved to Janice and did the exact same thing. When it finished it went back up to Janice's forhead where it sent a blue beam of light into her head; then she simply turned and went back into the house without saying a word. When she was gone I heard a voice in my head telling me to go with them....
After they finished changing my blood they let me walk around the craft and look out the windows. It was very interesting. I watched as they sent out probes (known today as orbs), which I was told, all had different jobs to do. Some where sent out to collect data from the air, water and soil and bring physical samples back to the craft for testing. Others, I was told, would be sent out to look for someone specific if they had to pick them up...
I was allowed to watch from the window as the craft landed on the Earth, but I was not allowed to go outside. I had no idea where we were, but it was night and it looked like a huge grassy field. Outside I saw at least four other craft in a circle. People and Aliens began to emerge from the craft and gather outside. I wanted to go and join them but I was told I was too young. They did however tell me, it was a meeting between Aliens and people to talk about the future and share information.

Lights in the review mirror, of a car. Two crafts in the one sighting and a craft with an orb, and then a circle of them in the early childhood one.
Many people have seen ufos. I have no idea why they allow certain people to see them, but it is obviously something they are doing for the benefit of the people who are watching. For some it is because they need to be jogged into remembering something they should be doing. For others its to reveal their presence. They do this for many all over the world. One of the memories I have is of a woman who is very good at working with children, who wins their affection and takes away a lot of fear. She's a grey.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:36 AM
reply to post by mystiq

The ships are real and physical for us if they choose to appear-- but they rarely if ever show up for everyone to see in the skys is what I'm saying. All of those objects are nothing more than drone craft, black opps or natural phenomena. But if they want you to see them they will show themselves to whoever they choose individually. They have control over that.

Science is hardly even a word for ET's IMO-- creators and babysitters of life sounds more accurate, If some of what I'm saying is disturbing anyone or they dis-agree well that is fine I would expect most people would but, I'm not here for a popularity contest or to earn respect-- only share things I know from experiences--The truth is more than people can handle and sounds more like a fairy tale for us on earth but it doesn't change what it is...

Oh the orbs Miriam and you described are undoubtedly sent by ET, black opps does not have that capability. Orbs can access many dimensions, orbs of light can be many things though, souls, ET's, probes, drones, ships, energy machines. The list goes on and on and as you put it they all have specific jobs to perform. Thanks for editing and adding that.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 02:00 AM
They are choosing to show themselves to many. This is happening and its going to keep on happening.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 03:12 AM

Originally posted by mystiq
They are choosing to show themselves to many. This is happening and its going to keep on happening.

Exactly, they have always been showing themselves to whomever they choose.

You could see their ship in the sky if they wanted you to and the rest of the people around you would say where, what ship.

They are not buzzing the skys showing off as if to say to the world here we are look at us working up a disclosure.

Most their work among governments is in absolute secrecy, confidentionally known among few. That is the way it has always been.

I'm not saying you have never seen a real ET ship, you very well may have and many people have. But getting them on video and picture is a different story.

If you were to bring a camcorder onboard a real ET ship it would malfunction not because they wanted it to but because of the energy it is made up of. You could never film inside it even if they allowed it.

From a distance outside of the ship you could take an image of that ship if they allwed you to unless it was materializing from another dimension in which case it would appear blurry almost foggy--like a light object translucent in color. The ships are completely physical but cannot be picked up on by earthly film. Our 3D film is made for 3D objects. The reason why they appear as light, translucent, color objects in the sky is because they are in a transformation process of materializing from another dimension. (If they weren't you wouldn't see them at all.)

It's just like us finding away to open up a wormhole in the sky and flying a jet inside it, the jet is very real and physical just like their ships are however the transformation of going from one dimension to another would make the jet appear translucent, blurry, fuzzy and even turn to a light object. Of course in this case if the jet was to simply be entering a wormhole from our 3rd dimension since it is a 3D object it would appear to just disappear to us. However if it was materializing from a higher dimension into our 3rd dimension then it would appear as I above described blurry, fuzzy, shapeshifting, a translucent light in color object.

The ships are not imaginary light ships they are real, they are only operating inside of another dimension but can materialize into our 3rd dimension and be completely physical objects just like an airplane would be to us. When ET's show themselves to us they materialize through something that would look like a wormhole from another dimension, because of our human eyes and the way we are designed to see things in the 3rd dimension the EBE would appear to us as, translucent, foggy, fuzzy in color until it came through the dimension, this is the tranformation process until they physically appear.

Most will appear from above you like a conduit opening up from another dimension and they will come down rather than just show up out of nowhere, they will also not appear to be touching the ground if they are ETs in pure energy form. Drones or the worker being greys everyone is so familiar with are a completely different story, they were designed for the 3rd dimension so are basically just like us in containers/bodies. Your body is nothing more than a shirt and pants for the soul, the difference between them and you is they can take their clothes off we can't. (Until we die of course, but death is not really death for us only death for us in the 3rd dimension, then we get a new body just like they do.)

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 08:54 PM

Originally posted by Cogito, Ergo Sum
reply to post by JonInMichigan


The process of sleep is fascinating, from a scientific and especially from an experiential/experimental point of view. It takes up around a third of our lives that we generally don’t have a lot understanding of or give little thought to. It’s possible to stay aware during the whole process of drifting into sleep and beyond, even to be able to listen to your body as it starts snoring. As strange as it sounds, this can be done. Things like sleep paralysis, buzzing, vibrating, spinning and swaying sensations, images, noises, feeling like you can “see through your eyelids” etc. are all a normal natural part of this process and are harmless. Most people who have tried astral projection/ lucid dreaming techniques will probably know this. They have nothing to do with aliens.

A problem is that the mind and imagination can create dreams which seem very real and lucid, but are still dreams. Not saying everyone is imagining it all, just not so sure if aliens are behind it. Though I don’t even know whether aliens exist. I hope this helps

Mr Cogito

I find your post very intriguing.

Do you know this for sure, I mean, anything you wish to enlighten me with.

sleep is a fascinating thing for sure.
Lucid dreaming etc...
Do you need a lot of caffiene to achieve these states?



posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by Cogito, Ergo Sum

Can you start dreaming before going to bed ??

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 09:29 PM
reply to post by mungodave

Thank you for your interest Mungodave.

That would be Mr. Sum. Or just plain old Cogito if you like.

Coffee…….very nice. Though sadly too much has a detrimental affect on sleep, so I am told by those who overindulge.

Sleep is a fascinating subject. I can only tell you as someone who has looked into it for around several decades that I certainly believe these people are experiencing something which could traumatize and confuse them. It might not really be something physical that is happening, though I’m sure it seems like it. Particularly during sleep paralysis, which happens pretty much every time we go to sleep whether we are aware of it or not, the physical senses are shutting down or may have already done so. What we can experience here can seem very real, but usually not something physical. Add to this an extreme state of fear or panic and a deep vast subconscious in a realm where whatever we can imagine can materialise to greater or lesser extent……Though many might also be experiencing something that is really happening, I know this can happen, but to me they are not aliens. I say this because I have had many similar type of experiences, though perhaps not exactly the same and I have found ways to go beyond this stage and look further. Many people who try to enter sleep more consciously have all sorts of experiences during this time because during this stage we are very vulnerable. If we were to learn more of the process of sleep we would gain knowledge of it and begin to understand what is happening and why. Many might find it is a product of their own psyche, but not all. Either way, knowledge being the antidote to fear, it is possible to confront these situations consciously and learn how to stop them, or at least find how to manage it. I wonder why advanced beings, possibly even from another galaxy, would come all this way to our speck of dirt to indulge in practices which really amounts to purposely terrorizing and traumatising humans , and also make such a botch job of some of their “abductions”. Though I always leave room for doubt, there could always be exceptions, who knows ?

Lastone, I am open to the possibility that aliens exist and of alien/ human contact in this dimension or others. I was referring more to a specific type of phenomena, not all fall into the category I was referring to. I personally know of several that would be hard to explain. One situation in particular where a person noticed a light hovering over their vehicle which cut the power, only to find themselves sitting in the same vehicle several hours later with no recollection of events. Difficult to explain logically.

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 01:09 PM
Hi it's Jaluna25. I can't seem to get back into my account. it doesn't recognise my password, or my email address to send out another password. Ever happen to anyone else? Anyway I'm sorry for the delay in replying, but you have to appreciate how scary the whole topic is to me. It took a long time for me to get up the courage to share my story, and it took me a long time to get up the courage to come back on and read peoples views. I can't explain it - but I feel like they know when I am talking about them.
I tried to read as many replies as possible, so I'm sorry if i've missed any questions. thanks very much for the replies - it's great to know i'm not alone in going through this.
One post said why is there no concrete evidence. You've got me. I often t hink why do they only come at night, why not come during the day in a public place, why terrify people at night, and i just dont know the answers.

I definitely dont think they are all bad, as when i thought 'please leave me alone, i cant go on like this, you're ruining my life' they did leave me alone. So they did respond to my distress. However, overall, I think they are very indifferent to humans. I have remembered being in pain and they didnt care.

I know it's not sleep paralysis - that doesnt explain away half the things that have happened to me: feeling that I was being held down and the back of my leg being cut open, and then waking up the next morning with an angry red scar on my leg, it's not sleep paralyis.

There is a huge cover up going on and we are in the dark. To be honest I dont even want to find out the ins and outs of what is going on,as i am just extremely grateful it is not happening to me anymore. I havent had an experience for a while now, (incidentally neither has my mum). Anyone on here who has gone through it will know the debilitating fear, which is so unfair to inflict on any human being. I still get angry sometimes when i think about the past, but overall I am trying to move on with my life.

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