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Remote Viewing is Real

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:46 PM
About three years ago, I was watching the history channel and they had a program on the subject of remote viewing, which is essentially clairvoyance made methodical. Apparently, it was developed by the CIA to counter the esp programs of the USSR.

Anyway, I was skeptical of this matter, and like any good skeptic, I needed to find out more. Thus, I went to google.

One of the results was of a website that claimed to teach remote viewing to you for free (however, I am not been able to find this website now), so since there was nothing to lose, I clicked on it.

The methodology was not complex, and are as follows:

1. formulate a question in which you want answered. It cannot be a multiple choice or yes/no question. It must be open ended (to prevent bias)

2. clear mind (hard part)

3. meditate on the question with a cleared mind

4. the random stuff that pops up (visuals, auditory, ideas, etc..) are pieces of the answer

5. write them down.

The website also contained a "test" page, for you to test out remote viewing.

The test page was just a regular webpage with hundreds of links on it, each entitled "picture 1", "picture 2", etc.. all the way to 200 something I think. The goal was the predict the picture before you clicked on the link. Which picture to try to predict was completely up to the user.

It looked something like this:
picture 1 picture 51 picture 101
picture 2 picture 52 picture 102
picture 3 picture 53 picture 103
... ... ...

So I sat at the test page, and attempted this method twice, but to no avail. However, the third attempt was different. I remember very clearly as it has changed my life.

I was focusing on the sound of my computer humming until it was the only thing that I was thinking about. And then I stopped thinking about it. I focused on the question "what is picture #___" for a second and let that thought go. As my mind was clear, I started to see flashes of red and green and a shape that looked like a sillhouette of a person with one arm back ending in a spherical shape. I thought it was someone playing basketball. After this, I immediately wrote down the words red and green on a piece of paper and drew out the shape that I saw. I then clicked on the link, and I was shocked.

It wasn't a picture of someone playing basketball but rather a woman playing tennis with her arm back about to swing. The racket was what made the spherical shape. What's more was that she was playing on a red and green tennis court!

So I immediately tried to do this again. This time I saw mushroom shapes, so I drew out a mushroom shape on the paper. When I clicked on the link, it was a picture of a pile of glass mushrooms on the floor! There was no way that it was coincidence, especially twice in a row.

After some reflection, the way I think this works is that there is indeed a collective consciousness of some sort and that we are all connected to it. Everything that is already known is all out there, and our minds are actually constantly receiving. However, because we are constantly thinking as well, we cannot tell the difference between what we think up and what we receive, and so that is why the clearing of the mind is very important. That means that everything from that point on are received.

I also think this ties into our right brain's function of intuition, or what we call intuition, which is essentially the act of knowing without the means of knowing.

Anyway, in conclusion, Remote Viewing is real and is credible. It does not produce the conclusive answer to your open-ended question, but it will produce bits and pieces which can be pieced together into the full answer.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:49 PM
that's pretty cool

i wish the link you were talking about was still working. i'd like to play around on that site for a bit lol

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 05:56 PM
This is what i replied in response to another thread the other day where the op was talking about "Time travelling".

"I don't believe while remote viewing your consciousness leaves your body, Instead i theorise what remote viewers are doing is tuning in to another persons experience of that place.

To explain further.....When a joey (young Kangaroo) is born it is like a blind peanut, Or a sea turtle buried under the sand and emerging and similarly somehow knowing to head for its mothers pouch or the sea. people call this instinct....But surely these animals cannot be born with a road map built in ? So i theorise that because thoughts are expressed as electrical pulses maybe they are somehow able to be imprinted into the energy around us just like a pc hard-drive.

And because every Joey or turtle that ever lived had their experiences of being born and the route they needed to survive left on this hard-drive for others to easily tune into it, So that in the case of the turtle the sound of the sea seemed so familiar it just became natural to head for it......It has often been said children are more able to pick up on such things?

So in short i believe people are subconsciously able to tune into others experiences left on this hard-drive that is in the space around us, This would account for Remote viewing, Re-incarnation, Telepathy and many other psychic abilities of which many have been proven..........However it may be so hit and miss that under scientific conditions it is hard to validate ?

Does anyone think this plausible ?

Forgot to say i think possibly this is what the pineal gland is used for."

Is that similar to what your saying ?

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 07:03 PM
Yes I 100% believe you. I've been experincing this since 2001. I'm in my mid 20s now. I have never tried your experiment. I believe it works without outside pressure on oneself. I think it may be hard under testing because youre there to perform, and I believe most people which are good on paranormal is kind of invert in personality and big thinkers. SO when they come to make big experiements they may get too much pressure and fear of failure in the labs. Also there is lots of people thinking they "have this gift" while they dont. Its mostly those who dont over-do and over-think, and go maniac about it who really are gifted.

I have not done much remote-view myself. Mostly its what I call "funny thoughts" about the future predictions. Sometimes I make it a game whats going to happen next in the world, other times it comes to my from intution. I was quite clear about 1-eerk before the earthquake in China that it was going to be an earth quake there. Other times its mostly just me trying and getting this ballon-head and thoughts starting to wandering. When you start to get-rid of certain thoughts because you dont think they are logical or for some reason they dont reasonates with you, then its most of the time the right answer. And you find that out-after the prediction has occured. And thats kind of frustration.

I would say I have probably predicted things in thought patterns about 100-200 times. Mostly just disasters and global news.

On another hand I've started to get it in my sleep now too, and thats mostly predictions in my own life. I dream and think something about the situation im in, then I see it in my awake state a week or two later, and remember what I though when I was dreaming it.

That's kind of scary to me.

I dont say I'm nostradamus, I only try to predict something a week or month ahead. Not years or hundred of years, I think that may be a lot harder, or impossible.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 07:31 PM
I completely believe it's possible. I do it.

I don't follow guidelines and the terminology and technical jargon of it means diddly to me. What I know from my own perspective:

It is not 100% accurate
I would not bet my life on the validity of anything I have sketched (I am far too skeptical of even myself to be blinded by it nor am I so arrogant as to assume I am "special" in anyway shape or form)

It comes and goes...I find targets with some emotions attached to them are MUCH easier to pick out.

I couldn't read a target with a number accurately if my life depended on it LOL there's not enough emotion for me.

I did several "tests" here on ATS with some great success...I had a really hard time focusing in on the numbered targets but had little trouble picking out items that the tester had around them.

It must work differently for some people. Dunno.

It's hard to describe how it happens...It's like short video clips in my mind...I sense smells, tectures and feelings as well as some motions or actions.

Is this just RVing or a combination? I think the later.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 07:45 PM
That is an interesting theory. I've never tried it myself. Since you can't find that URL anymore, I made a very small sample site. I think I will get my kids to try it and see how close they can get! Sample Site

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by Cameoii

Thanks for that! This sample is probably basically the same as the website the OP is talking about.

I might try this knowing that remote viewing is seen as a fact by many people.
Just to let anyone know, link #5 is a giraffe

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 10:50 PM
Nice thanks for making the site. It is pretty much what it was like. Take about 20 minutes to clear your mind. The site said 20-30 min.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 08:18 PM
I really do think there is something to RV, when government gets involved in things and lets people know about it you know they have some big time research into it. Thanks for the subject and thanks for the site!

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by ken10

The pineal gland is the doorway to the other evening I had the experience of seeing soft waves of colour behind my shut eyes, neat I thought watching this for a few moments, then there was an audible click in my forehead and I was literally projected forcefully into the next dimension, vales and vales of tiny coloured pinpoints of energy, swirling and scintilating little atoms of bright colour, periphial vision and no horizon, my gaze went on and on and on, no boundaries meet my eyes just colour and energy wow wow wow!after that wonderful experience I was ever mindful that everything was surrounded by energy, the stones at my feet the birds in the sky all bedecked in tiny prisms of energy fields..fantastic!!

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 02:46 AM
I also think re remote viewing, we have different sleep levels, and at the deeper sleep levels quite a lot goes on that we would be better off knowing nothing about, theres nothing more disconcerting than coming momentarily to, out of the body somewhere totaly alien to you, excuse the pun, thank goodness built in reflexes take over and in the morning if one does remember , its only a fleeting memory...hmmm lol then you think was that just a dream... or??? I've had a few ors.....the perfect spy
but of course now they have electro magnetic traps for such as we that go where we shouldn't ....hmmmm


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