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Reinhardt Thread - "Suggestions and Predictions"

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:01 AM

Who Is Up For A Chat On RTR Tonight..

To Brainstorm This 60 Minutes Thing A Little?

07:00 pm

logged in as “reinhardt”

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:47 AM
Thank you so much for the updates!!!



Holy shebang!!! Thats gonna be a doozy for those that are going to "weather" the storm. Look out below, abrakazaaam!!! 401k be gone!

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 12:21 PM
The legislation that is the root cause of our economic situation was never debated. Seems like it snuck through... Per

The "Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000" (H.R. 5660) was introduced in the House on Dec. 14, 2000 by Rep. Thomas W. Ewing (R-IL) and cosponsored by Rep. Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. (R-VA) Rep. Larry Combest (R-TX) Rep. John J. LaFalce (D-NY) Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA) and never debated in the House.[2]

The companion bill (S.3283) was introduced in the Senate on Dec. 15th, 2000 (The last day before Christmas holiday) by Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) and cosponsored by Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R-IL) Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX) Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) Sen. Thomas Harkin (D-IA) Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) and never debated in the Senate.

Given the above-stated chronology, it would appear that the House and Senate versions of the bill were introduced just prior to the Christmas holiday in December of 2000, following George W Bush's (first) election (in November of 2000), while then-President Clinton was serving out his final days as President. The bill was never debated by the House or Senate. The bill by-passed the substantive policy committees in both the House and the Senate so that there were neither hearings nor opportunities for recorded committee votes. In substance, it appears that the leadership of the Republican-controlled Senate and House incorporated the deregulation of credit default swaps into an omnibus budget bill (without hearings or recorded votes)at a time when the outgoing president was in no position to veto anything.

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 01:01 PM
from the wiki article above:

The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 has received criticism for the so-called "Enron loophole," 7 U.S.C. §2(h)(3) and (g), which exempts most over-the-counter energy trades and trading on electronic energy commodity markets. The "loophole" was drafted by lobbyists for Enron working with senator Phil Gramm[3] seeking a deregulated atmosphere for their new experiment, "Enron On-line."[4]

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:05 PM
R is on right now...

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:03 PM
how was it?

this is crazy:

Volvo truck sales plunge 99.7%
Evening Standard
24 October 2008, 2:19pm

The depth of the recession was revealed today as truckmaker Volvo admitted demand across the Continent has crashed by 99.7% as it took orders for just 115 new lorries in the last three months.

That compares to orders totalling 41,970 in the third quarter of 2007.

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:38 PM

Originally posted by ThePowerOfOne
R is on right now...

Can you sum up what R said?

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:11 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous Avatar

Originally posted by ThePowerOfOne
R is on right now...

Can you sum up what R said?

i can do better than that - here's the log of the session...

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[deuterium_is_heavy] Why is R~~'s timeline all start with NT?
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[GLP-ICE] Legatus info:
[Shermanium] nothern trust
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[anti_theocon] let's not lose sight of the fact that if chuck doesn't win, one of two guys will be the next prez...and thinkg i know which one is not bushy#2, and i don't go around trying to do anything that will contribute to the ultimate horror...but have fun!!!!
[road4010] ATS & GLP all in one room

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:14 AM

[anti_theocon] funny that fcc is voting on nov 4!
[agent_smith] sachs is getting all the money and control of the bailout money
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[Infohunter] But it was such an orchestrated accident that the blame has to be put squarely in front of most of our nations jackasses for them to know who to blame...IMHO...
[deuterium_is_heavy] Deliberately, while pretending to fail.
[Qa] sachs knew what was coming..evidenced by their moves in '06
[econ901] lehman was payback for ltc
[RTRR43704] filtering cash......
[Qa] Fund must ahve been a willing accomplice
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[YepYep] king henry had to know it, he bought it all up for sachs.
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[sy5551] R how come the scheme hasn't changed or been innovated heavily over the years?
[agent_smith] so theyre going to blame the mid level brokers and mortgage folks and we're going to fall for it?
[deuterium_is_heavy] So Goldman is the Counter-party to Lehman CDSs?
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[reinhardt] took me 15 hours to figure it out
* verycourious has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[RTRR86680] hmm
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[Infohunter] [sy5551]: R how come the scheme hasn't changed or been innovated heavily over the years? Why fix something that's not broke yet...
[Shermanium] r~~
[RTRR11145] i just watched it. i worked all day today.
[reinhardt] hint: i hate being conned
[Shermanium] u buy anything cbs says?
[econ901] that they want to rewrite all the rules?
[YepYep] not a word
* ThePowerOfOne has quit IRC
[droos] they were all raking in fees for years and gladhanding the lobbyists in washington to keeps their hands off
* ThePowerOfOne has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[Infohunter] It is all a distraction to the REAL play at hand...
[RTRR86680] u mean congress and greenspan playing dumb?
[YepYep] playing?
[droos] crooks go where the money is: wall street and washington
[Infohunter] Bretton Woods II
[reinhardt] hint: the media is state-controlled
[looseal] So are you saying AIG is paying Gold S with my money?
[Satire] So they caused the problem and now they are gonna offer a solution?
[Infohunter] Close??
* verycourious has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[reinhardt] yeah
[Shermanium] cbs=shill
[RTRR11145] yes, while at war the media is stated controlled.
[reinhardt] too many hints
[anti_theocon] media is corporate controlled, as is the state
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[intrigue] agree info, this must be a ploy for something else. maybe the next one
[akrion] info can you elaborate on the Bretton Woods II
[reinhardt] the state is the government
[Terry_lol] the whole segment was saying = get rdy ppl, we're screwed, and it was all incompetence that got us here
[econ901] i almost fell out of cahir when the one guy said at teh hiegths of mngmt tehy didnt know
[RTRR86680] regulation regulation regulation
[RTRR43704] new currency roll out
[sy5551] how bad is going to get before Nov 15th? If you've taught me anything R, it's that nothing is a coincidence, so what I'm looking for is a bill to make the next bubble a possibility in late december this year
[agent_smith] bretton woods established oru current global money system
[YepYep] how could they not know, Paulson was the CEO at Sachs, come on.
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[reinhardt] the government tells 60 minutes what the king wants the peasants to hear and think
[Shermanium] lol
[RTRR86680] right
[Shermanium] yes!
[Ishtahota] When the Media is state is the info being put out....but they don't controll the inter ...yet...but when??
[RTRR11145] well that is obvious with the news anyway.
[RTRR86680] and?
[anti_theocon] the corps tell the government what to out in the press release
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[Infohunter] All I know from a few quick hits is they want to rewrite the rules, look at what AIG's lobbyists are doing as we type this??? Trying to block and action in the future to actually pin down a crook and handcuff him...
[Terry_lol] bear stearn sold for "pennies on the dollar", reminds me of something I've heard recently
[econ901] 1 thing that jumped out from the piece: guy said AG was 'as powerful; equal to the pres' as the president in 2000
[reinhardt] the first 20 minute segment on 60 minutes was too much truth
[econ901] socialism shift teh financial power into the govt
[RTRR86680] Greenspan, not AG
[sy5551] but what does the king want the peasants to be aware of and why? what will this pave the way for? what's the next bubble?
[deuterium_is_heavy] AG= Alan Greenspan
[RTRR43704] the peasants look at the derivatives while the king storms the castle
[econ901] AG = alan greenspan
[BrianFrank] 2 73 users
[YepYep] yepyep
[Infohunter] [reinhardt]: the government tells 60 minutes what the king wants the peasants to hear and think.... Oh Yeah.......EVERYTHING you see is calculated......
[Shermanium] why have the truth?
[reinhardt] are any of u familiar with a FACA and a dude named Vince Foster?
[RTRR86680] uh huh
[Shermanium] hillarys buddy
[deuterium_is_heavy] Vince Foster killed...
[YepYep] dead, gunshot wound to the back of his head.
[econ901] kennedy sr. said teh same thing after the 29-33 crashhes... he saw that power would shift to washington
[agent_smith] clinton had foster killed
[RTRR86680] vince is dead
[YepYep] self inflicted
[surfagogo] supposes suicide no?
[reinhardt] and FACA?
[anti_theocon] mebbe
[deuterium_is_heavy] Tied to Clintons.
[RTRR86680] no
[Shermanium] donno
[Infohunter] Vince Foster was killed during the Clinton admin i think...
[agent_smith] wasnt that the fund used to bring down USSR?
[Infohunter] Killed???
[Infohunter] I don't remember...
[Ishtahota] suicided..
[YepYep] yea.. rite
[deuterium_is_heavy] ya ISH
[agent_smith] suicide by CIA
[YepYep] exactly
[anti_theocon] oh i thought you said xlinton had foster kids!
[RTRR86680] Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA)
[looseal] Vince Foster...the guy who fell dead up hill???
[Infohunter] Yeah, he was offed...
[econ901] this is a folding of power that would never fly under 'normal' circumstances
[BrianFrank] 2Suicide of Vince Foster
[Qa] one can make a person commit suicide so technically it's suicide
[econ901] CDSs were the contagen to enable this power shift
[Terry_lol] database?
[Shermanium] but why put the truth on national TV?
[reinhardt] it is a law that makes it the public's right to know what private institutions are participating in closed door hearings when it comes to national planning
[Shermanium] makes no sense
[econ901] like the energy task force
[Shermanium] what does CBS have to gain
[agent_smith] u mean like the energy task force we still don't have a user list for?
[RTRR11145] what law?
[Shermanium] ratings?
[Ishtahota] sherm..."in plain sight.."
[Infohunter] [reinhardt]: it is a law that makes it the public's right to know what private institutions are participating in closed door hearings when it comes to national planning....Sounds Stinky..........
[reinhardt] that is what i kept asking myself "why so much truth?"
[INTRIGUED] cbs works for the state
[YepYep] CBS is the new "do boy" for the state
[Shermanium] yeah ish
[droos] but is FACA effective or just implemented to appease the masses?
[Qa] the 60 minutes piece?
[droos] for clarity
[BrianFrank] 2The Death of Vincent Foster Evidence Of A Cover-up
[reinhardt] good question droos
[agent_smith] just not enforced when it comes to "them"
[agent_smith] much like any other law
[RTRR86680] so they are doing it before they are forced to?
* captcrunch has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[BrianFrank] 2LOL
[reinhardt] now here is the rub..
[Ishtahota] shhh
* snooks has quit IRC
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[reinhardt] try to hold off on posting for a minute
[YepYep] forced to, they want to.. they have access to the next Pres, power, press, control.
[STEELRAT] shhhh
[Qa] i thought the 60 minutes piece made it out to look like since even Greenspan "didn't" know what was coming, how could anyone else. Even the top hedge managers "didn't" know what derivatives really were
[econ901] faca is a sham, R you might have the article in your research, I recall right after crooked-E there was a little publisized story saying how acctg lobbiests had 'watered down' and 'removed the teeth' from the new rules
[anti_theocon] our 'state' has been taken over by the same hooligans that control the flow of is not inherently ebad, but it has been taken over by riffraff
[reinhardt] i asked "why the truth" until i remembered a con-artist's negotiation tactic
[Shermanium] shhhhh
[Infohunter] shhhhhhh
[reinhardt] start with the truth.. to set up the next lies
[Qa] althought he 2 truths were that derivs are the easiest way to make money, it provides an incentive to f up corp's and sectors of the economy, and the FED chairmen is more powerful than the Pres
[Shermanium] build trust
[agent_smith] the old rat poison disinfo trick
[reinhardt] the first 20 minute segment was the truth
[Qa] sorta 3 truths lol
[agent_smith] 90& good food, 10& poison, u still die
[reinhardt] the second and third were the lies
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[deuterium_is_heavy] AGREED.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:17 AM

[deuterium_is_heavy] T. Boone Pickens.
[econ901] d'oj only watched the one
[sy5551] the truth about failure, will provide the reform for the next lies, but where will the lies be leading us?
[Qa] was that link on ur site the 1st segment, R?
[reinhardt] what was the second segment? remember?
[Shermanium] lol "completion date"
[RTRR86680] T Boone Pickens
[deuterium_is_heavy] Lies lead us away from Oil to "Clean Energy."
[Ishtahota] lies to bury truth
[Shermanium] yes!
[agent_smith] so 60 mins gives u some truth but then points us in wrong direction for blame?
[Infohunter] [Shermanium]: lol "completion date"... You Betcha....
[Qa] isn't that an old trick though
[Shermanium] is that producer still on 60 mins?
[sy5551] so are we saying here that clean tech is 'the next big thing' as you see it R?
[reinhardt] T Boone Pickens
[seeker401] truth to validate..then the lies to lead
* ThePowerOfOne has quit IRC
[Shermanium] pacino played him
[agent_smith] old tricks are old because they work
* ThePowerOfOne has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
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[justyc] they could tell the truth for the whole show and it wouldn't matter. far to many people don't or won't care so it doesn't matter if it is rubbed in their faces. it's the domesticated human they're telling
[reinhardt] read what T Boone says
* YepYep has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
* beavx has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[Qa] yeh they do; was about to say what justyc said
[deuterium_is_heavy] T Boone is a dirty crook.
[Shermanium] ??
[RTRR86680] they will use eminent domain to do a landgrab for all those windmills?
[Shermanium] comple4tion date
[droos] clean energy is an easy sell to the public
* dettol has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[RTRR43704] t boone pickens=h2o
[deuterium_is_heavy] Eminent Domain to grab land - I caught that bit too.
[JoeMac] does Rex have a call in DrSteveParent ?
[reinhardt] why would the king tell the peasants what the king's "plan" is?
[agent_smith] nex t bubble - alt energy and carbon credits
[deuterium_is_heavy] All in the midwest.
[dettol] hi all!

[Shermanium] haha
[Shermanium] not smaprt R
[deuterium_is_heavy] Along the NAFTA corridor.
[econ901] because its teh fake one hehe
[seeker401] "If you don't buy into natural gas, you're not buying into the Pickens Plan as a bridge to the future?" Rose asks. [-- a bridge!!
[Shermanium] or the4 old one
[reinhardt] econ901 bingo
[sy5551] [reinhardt]: why would the king tell the peasants what the king's "plan" is? to distract from his real plan?
[GLP-ICE] Investors pump money into those funds, which are then debased.
[agent_smith] the message isn't for the peasants, it's for the court, the peasants are supposed to make the connections
[econ901] like acct books, 3 diff ones, depending who wants to see tehm
[droos] to run up the king's investments?
* irate has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[RTRR86680] money laundering 101
[Infohunter] it is the distraction???
[Ishtahota] super hiway...take land...socialist folks can't do anything
[deuterium_is_heavy] Wind corridor is the Nafta Corridor...exactly Ish.
[justyc] they will do what they want and just laugh in everyone's faces now. the law won't stop them - they're on their side. they write laws to suite their crimes
[surfagogo] good connectiopn seeker
[reinhardt] is it possible T Boone has never heard of something called "globalization"?
[Shermanium] its good to be the king
* RTRR81350 has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[agent_smith] ok so what's the real bubble then?
[Shermanium] haha
[JoeMac] Boone is going to make money
[irate] im late!

[sf01] "real bubble"
[Shermanium] no R
[JoeMac] we need wind
[Terry_lol] there is a powermove in the oil world on it's way
[deuterium_is_heavy] no R.
[JoeMac] we are running out of money for oil
[Shermanium] he aint dumb
[reinhardt] A wise investor would realize that T Boone is baiting and switching
[JoeMac] Bonne is rich on purpose
[RTRR86680] how
[INTRIGUED] we save our oil while we use the rest of the worlds
[RTRR81350] hello all
[agent_smith] they're supposed to bring on new huge oil fields
[dettol] wouldnt it be fun if we could establish what the 'messages' were and worked out a way of sending false ones? that would confuse the hell out of the 'court', right?
[reinhardt] the real plan takes place behind closed doors
[econ901] stuff has to get built & paid for
[JoeMac] our oil is minimal
[JoeMac] very very minima;
[JoeMac] minimal
[Shermanium] lots of solar VC in the last qtr
[deuterium_is_heavy] no we have TONS of oil
[sy5551] hmm I see R, is there a time pattern you follow in the bridges?
[deuterium_is_heavy] Alaska
[Terry_lol] there are 2 massive shelves in Alaska, and USA is not going to see a cent of it
[econ901] the difference between the plan and selling the plan
[JoeMac] a ton of oil is used in 14 seconds in America
[reinhardt] the outside investors follow T Boone's advice (and "honesty") and lose their as-es
[Terry_lol] *drop of it
[agent_smith] alaska oil is sold to japan
[JoeMac] we may have tons
[RTRR86680] LOL
[JoeMac] millions of gallons
[Shermanium] wow yea R
[reinhardt] globalization is the "only plan"
[RTRR86680] right
[JoeMac] minimal has meaning
[JoeMac] use your words correctly
[deuterium_is_heavy] North American Union.
[Infohunter] [reinhardt]: the outside investors follow T Boone's advice (and "honesty") and lose their as-es....So the "King" can make all the money....
[reinhardt] we need to find out the real plan and wisely invest if possible
[Qa] so then who is T Boone working for?
[dettol] hey R, what do you think oif the billions of barrels now being discovered down in New Zelaand? have you heard of that?
[econ901] thats my point
[Qa] that's thee question
[econ901] teh selling is different each time
[looseal] I saw that T Boone
[Shermanium] t boone = oil?
[econ901] 'but what we tell teh people'
[JoeMac] Green energy is very Obamiam now
[reinhardt] r u getting it?
[RTRR86680] any idea yet?
* ThePowerOfOne has quit IRC
[JoeMac] T Boone sees the winner
[sy5551] [reinhardt]: we need to find out the real plan and wisely invest if possible, and in your opintion, what would you say the best way of uncovering the real plan is?
[JoeMac] he is betting his profit on the black dude
[GLP-ICE] T Boone has been oil since day 1. He made all his money from that. I see no reason for him to change.
[Terry_lol] Reinhardt , Iran may dump cheap oil onto the market heavily very soon
[Shermanium] yup
[reinhardt] America's "energy plan" has never had anything 2 do with America
[justyc] i wouldn't say globalisation was the only plan - they'll move out into space once they control the planet
[JoeMac] keep in mind T is 82 years old

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:17 AM

[JoeMac] and not stupid
[agent_smith] new silicon wafer tech will be on plastic, printable circuits, blah blah
[Terry_lol] they have threatened to do so
* ThePowerOfOne has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[Shermanium] terry : lindsey williams?
[Qa] T-Boone is old as hell too, this can't be solely for him
[Qa] there must be others behind him
[RTRR86680] 80 years old
[RTRR43704] Interstate Highway System
[JoeMac] he is doing it to get rixh
[JoeMac] rich
[surfagogo] he's only a mechanism
[JoeMac] more rich
[Infohunter] It has always been for the oil rich countries...
[JoeMac] that's reaching
[Terry_lol] Iran and Venezuela are not part of OPEC, OPEC is french for "shills for the World Bank and IMF"
[sy5551] it's never been about one person, it's about globalization

* BanzaiPuma has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[reinhardt] follow the companies and individuals that are behind the closed doors!
[INTRIGUED] venezula
[JoeMac] Pickens is his own man
[econ901] R- but surely insiders make money on both directions
[agent_smith] t boone would sell vagina if it was worth more and he could market it
* RTRR99320 has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[JoeMac] he lost almost everything once
[RTRR76334] amero is new plan?
* bober has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[RTRR86680] NO ONE is their own man
[JoeMac] and then became a billionaire
[seeker401] lol smith
[Ishtahota] globalization will happen....or perhaps we can stop it?
[sy5551] [reinhardt]: follow the companies and individuals that are behind the closed doors! how?
[seeker401] hi info
* BanzaiPuma has quit IRC
[Shermanium] yeah how?
[agent_smith] i dont think we can stop it
[JoeMac] he is a renegade billionaire in my opinion
[reinhardt] energy is always the plan.. but less ours than the world's
* RTRR54948 has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[BrianFrank] 2Thats because Canada is Socialist!
[agent_smith] not from the outside
[Infohunter] Ahhhhhhhhh
[JoeMac] a shady man sure
[Terry_lol] "Well, the plan then is foreign oil. You're totally at the mercy of foreign oil. There's no option one, two, three," Pickens says.
* RTRR54948 has quit IRC
[reinhardt] cheap labor is the plan.. always has been.. always will be
[Qa] we already have it, no?
* BanzaiPuma has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[STEELRAT] Dubai, India and China
[seeker401] mm
[RTRR86680] slaves
[JoeMac] but a wealthy man by virtue of risk choices
[Shermanium] dammit, i gotta leave
[Infohunter] Lookie overseas and see who is building power
[Qa] The US no longer holds the value it once did so they're dumpoing it piece by piece
[econ901] control energy, keep wages low
[reinhardt] not foreign so much as foreign infrastructure
[Shermanium] ask good questions y'all
[JoeMac] T Boone is good with money
[agent_smith] next cheap labor may very well be American
[JoeMac] and investments
[sy5551] energy and healthcare? or just American's health care matters?
[sf01] So how do we get India to fight Iran and steal their oil?
[reinhardt] see ya sherm
* RTRR41601 has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[econ901] food = energy iyo?
[Shermanium] tomorrow?
* B has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[Infohunter] R...we are looking at the biggest of projects right?
[Shermanium] wed?
[droos] would a major economic collapse not deflate wages?
[RTRR86680] bye sherm
[RTRR11145] the ppl that are going to be allowed into the US from Europe countries?
[reinhardt] ?
[Shermanium] ill be here
[INTRIGUED] oil, mexico, venezeula,canada
[Infohunter] cya sherm
[Shermanium] peace
[reinhardt] 80 users
[BanzaiPuma] Hello, R. and others
[Ishtahota] americans/amero-union will be the work force.
[reinhardt] hi
* Shermanium has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[Infohunter] like in power
[Qa] indutrail base, financial base, what's the next base they'll dump? energy?
[droos] let unemplyment get up around 8-10% and people will work for less
[anti_theocon] you could get them to provide free support calls to iran...
[justyc] bye sherm
[econ901] food source could strictly be considered an energy source
[deuterium_is_heavy] Hi Banzai.
[econ901] mosanto style
* ThePowerOfOne has quit IRC
[Infohunter] is it always the biggest the most money to be made to figure out who is in play?
* B is now known as Guest28730
[looseal] Ish...I'm not convienced of that
[econ901] or you think history shows its more to do with hard assets?
[agent_smith] next boom economies, 1st world nations will be Dubai, India, Russia, China
[anti_theocon] spread the word that iranians are most likely to run out on their bills at motel 6?
[RTRR43704] eisenhower highway system
[sy5551] the amero and AU, are all on their way, no coincidence that they called for full economic integration by 2010 in the SPP and now we're having the economic event of crazyness
[reinhardt] i'll prove it by Q3 2009
[econ901] i remeber warren buffet saying teh 'good' thing that came out of the .com bubble was 'all teh infrastructure' that was left
* bah has quit IRC (*.net *.split)
[BanzaiPuma] R., have you ever read what this 535 person wrote at GLP?
[Ishtahota] americans/amero-union will be the work force.
[reinhardt] ?
* bah has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[agent_smith] but what kind of work force?
[Ishtahota] socialist are a paid labor
[Infohunter] R...[Infohunter]: is it always the biggest the most money to be made to figure out who is in play?
[sy5551] [reinhardt]: i'll prove it by Q3 2009, prove what?
* ThePowerOfOne has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[RTRR99320] no need to wonder how socialism will be, we are already socialist, and have been for quite some time
[sy5551] yeah how do we figure out the projects that matter and how do we invest accordingly?
[reinhardt] so i am going to start an open page to allow group brainstorming on the actual "energy plan"
[deuterium_is_heavy] Bubble builds the infrastructure with the outside shareholders money....bubble bursts, and corporations walk in and snap up the infrastrcuture
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[road4010] R Is Obama a shill?
* B has quit IRC
[RTRR86680] where?
[agent_smith] lol
[Satire] lol

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:18 AM

[looseal] socialist is we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us?
[Terry_lol] Is Obama a politician?
[reinhardt] my site
[Terry_lol] there's ya answer
[agent_smith] Obama is a modern day slave
[sy5551] all politicians are shills, if you're president you're a shill
[econ901] cool
[RTRR86680] good
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[agent_smith] owned by teh NWO
[sf01] the dollar is a food stamp
[anti_theocon] if we're not corporatocracy, and we are indeed socialist, they're doing a hell of a good job covering it up
[reinhardt] follow the money.. not the politics
[Qa] Obama has a purpose to serve
[Terry_lol] lol NWO is a mysnoma
[agent_smith] it works
[Terry_lol] it's Old Fractionalised World Disorder
[Qa] calm the pop while shtttit really hits the fan
[RTRR99320] When corporations run gov = fascism
[RTRR76716] Reinhardt, you should allow people to access information on your site without PW protecting
[anti_theocon] yes
[Satire] cosign ^
[irate] what news papers should we be buying nov 4th
[justyc] obama & northern trust r buddies
[BanzaiPuma] Re: energy. some of the current bubbles are deflating already (solar for example), it's built, paid for (by European tax payers) and stocks are now dying.
[Terry_lol] NWO is the term they use to scare us all into paralysis
[verycourious] [reinhardt]: i'll prove it by Q3 2009, prove what?
[BanzaiPuma] geez you people are fast
[looseal] RIGHT...follow the money
[econ901] whens teh paysite eta
[RTRR11145] i agree
[reinhardt] where have i heard that before?
[anti_theocon] i used a milder term, but yesm fascist
[RTRR86680] i disagree
[reinhardt] give it time
[RTRR76716] Clean tech is in the same stage where technology was in 1995
[RTRR76716] then came 1997-1998 the crash
[REDPILL] [ Tyco software a threat to national security
[RTRR99320] 100% USA = social fascist
[RTRR76716] and then the boom of 2000-2001
[sy5551] [sy5551]: yeah how do we figure out the projects that matter and how do we invest accordingly?
[looseal] Watergate....follow the money...deep throat
[RTRR86680] hmmm, redpill!
[sf01] CAFE standards
[agent_smith] clean tech is a great idea but a horrible profit model
[deuterium_is_heavy] Hal Hollbrook.
[reinhardt] America's government is the biggest threat to America
[JoeMac] none of this matters
[RTRR11145] i'll say
[anti_theocon] 99320, you're on it
[akrion] R is the king using the Economic hitmen tactics to influence other countries and gain control?
[RTRR76716] reinhardt, where have you heard that before...probably plenty of places
* deansantoro has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[BanzaiPuma] sy5551, i think look at the top management and/or top investors and look for connections
[RTRR76716] but honestly
[agent_smith] they don't want solar power, wind power and magic power unless they can meter it all
[JoeMac] Bush will suspend the elections
[econ901] [--wondering how/who plans next 'stage' of globalism...
[JoeMac] and put you in jail
[BanzaiPuma] sorry to be such a bore, but look at SOLAR: FSLR (First solar) main investors are WALMART people
[deansantoro] hey all
[STEELRAT] deuterium is heavy talks a lot of sense
[BanzaiPuma] so if you look at major investors/major stakeholders it becomes easier to figure out
[agent_smith] nah Bush already signed out
[sy5551] yeah but who do we invest in? the builders? the companies handing out the contracts or both?
[RTRR76716] if you allow access, u'll probably come out on top. Not that I am going to clamour for you to allow full access
[JoeMac] anyone not for freedom for everyone is an enemy combatant
[RTRR86680] redpill can u say more about tyco?
[RTRR99320] "akirion" --- USA already uses hit man tactics on its own people, why wouldn't we use them in outher countries?
[INTRIGUED] nothing changes, the ptb just keep making money on new projects
[deansantoro] been working the early voting polls!
[seeker401] carbon credits trading might be THE next bubble
[seeker401] imo
[reinhardt] gonna work on the site cool of u all to show up!!
* Esprite has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[reinhardt] take care
[JoeMac] You and I are going to become enemies of the state
[seeker401] cya R
[RTRR86680] bye r
[agent_smith] Walmart investign in solar shoudl be a big clue not to fall for it, or not to stay in longer than they do
[justyc] carlyle group bought into nano solar
[akrion] RTRR99320 - the idea is very different
* RTRR72083 has joined #RevolutionBroadcasting
[econ901] plsr & thx
[sy5551] later R, thatnks again
[INTRIGUED] we have to find their projects and make money before they shut them down
[sf01] late r
[deuterium_is_heavy] bye to R~~
[RTRR99320] I hope sun, wind become the next bubble
[justyc] c u r
[Infohunter] Cya R....
[BanzaiPuma] Agent Smith, i've bee short FSLR since $280's, it's close to $100 now
[Esprite] crap, I just missed R
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[REDPILL] no, but boon pickens plan is land grab
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[RTRR11145] ttfn
[INTRIGUED] see ya r
[deuterium_is_heavy] Agreed REDPILL
[BanzaiPuma] Boon Picken's company is also down int he dumps
[STEELRAT] and you missed a lot of crap as well
[BanzaiPuma] CLN
* sf01 has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[looseal] Bye R...gonna follow the money and look to see who is behind closed doors
[surfagogo] cya
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[agent_smith] yeah, THEY will build up teh false bubble in alt energy and profit too
[JoeMac] land grab by eminancy
[Ishtahota] R~~...ready for your site...later
[REDPILL] for the h20 rights
* surfagogo has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[RTRR76716] you'll need to know something
[agent_smith] they'll also bail out on it and leave the peasants holding the paper
[deansantoro] I am looking for a web guru - designer/coder/database ...
[reinhardt] bai
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* reinhardt has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:21 AM
the conversation carried on a while longer after that. u2u me you email addy if you want the rest.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:57 AM
microsoft wants ALL your

Microsoft has unveiled a cloud computing service, in which data and applications will not be stored on individuals' computers.

The aim is to allow developers to build new applications which will live on the internet, rather than on their own computers.

Microsoft believes consumers will also want to store far more of their data - from letters to photos to videos - on the servers in its "cloud" of giant data centres around the world, so that it can be accessed anywhere, from any device.

imagine the nightmare of a company that big having access to al that stuff
would you trust them with it?

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:08 AM

October 28 2008 08:49








When The King Wants War..

The King Gets War

If I'm getting this right...a war should happened on Feb 2009...since the "high-def" T.V will be there...I don't quite get the other part.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:18 AM
those crazy NK's!

NKorea threatens to turn SKorea into 'debris'

North Korea threatened Tuesday to turn South Korea into "debris" in an unusually strong statement that demanded Seoul halt what the communist state called its policy of confrontation.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:22 AM
posted elsewhere, thought id put it here for reference...

OCTOBER 18, 2008 09:12
After the 40th Security Consultative Meeting in Washington yesterday, the defense chiefs of South Korea and the United States issued a joint statement containing a U.S. pledge to promptly dispatch forces to the Korean Peninsula in case of war.

The two sides also agreed to have U.S. troops transfer 49 percent of their war reserves stockpile for allies to Korean forces.

Washington promised to send 690,000 troops, 160 warships and 2,000 airplanes under the existing agreement. Rhee and Gates also reportedly had in-depth discussions on military measures in response to various contingencies on the peninsula, such as North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s transfer of power due to poor health.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:28 AM
"...fighting with their favorite enemy..."

So it should be:

Iran Vs Israel

NKorea Vs SKorea

U.S Vs Russia (I doubt it) I think this one will be fighting indirectly

China Vs ?

Middle East Vs All?

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 10:46 AM

Originally posted by justyc
the conversation carried on a while longer after that. u2u me you email addy if you want the rest.

I appreciate the posts justyc. He really didn't that much info in the chat room. probably too crowded.

Interesting though what he had to say with the Pickens Energy plan. Maybe that project will become part of the new new deal when the economy tanks?? Then we will have a big war to look forward too after that so if we can't find private jobs we can always find a job in the Military!

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