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Pisky's ATS Story

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posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 05:15 PM
Man had a lot to catch up after being away for a time nice to see your keeping up with the story Pisky good work.

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 05:32 PM
Chapter 55 - Aid from unexpected quarters

The Great Hall was a prison. A grand one, to be sure, but a prison nevertheless. Inside, corporate mercenaries had blocked access to the stairs and Solar, although the kitchen and infirmary were still open. Soldiers, both corporate and British Army, stood guard outside the main door to ensure that escape was impossible. Needless to say, all weapons were locked away and under heavy guard, especially the Wayland Swords of Tobias, Sarah and Fingal.

The old priest was pacing around the hall muttering to himself about the lack of 'Best Pixyland'. During the search for weapons and equipment that could be used against them, the corporate mercenaries had discovered the cache of cider and acquired it for themselves. "Bunch of heathens !!!", Fingal ranted as he joined Tobias at one of the windows and looked out into the courtyard. Black garbed mercenaries could be seen talking with each other while greedily guzzling the last bottles of cider. "What a waste of good drink !", the old priest continued, "The only drink they deserve is that foul 'Colonial pee-water beer' the pixy told me about. The stuff they drink in Oregon".
"Oregonian beer is pretty foul", Sarah said from her chair beside the fireplace, "But then again, we've been drinking 'Best Pixyland' for so long, we've been spoiled".

"How long do you think we'll be stuck here ?", Ravenna asked as Tobias turned from the window. The soldier sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "No idea", he replied. "It's been what, four days so far and there's no sign of anything changing in the near future. Feck knows what they're doing though. I'd have thought we'd be on our way to a camp or something by now - or dead."
Ravenna shivered at the thought.

"There's that woman again", Fingal said as he watched through the window. Isis was storming through the courtyard casting black looks at the corporate mercenaries as she went. MacKiller strode after her, shaking his head and obviously not enjoying his role of bodyguard.
"Didn't you say you thought you knew that gob#e ?", Fingal asked Tobias as the soldier turned back to the window.
"Not sure", Tobias replied, "He seems familiar. There were a few Canadians seconded to us just before everything went to #, but I didn't really know them and it wasn't long before my squad buggered off anyway."
"He doesn't seem too thrilled to be looking after Cleo anyway", Fingal said as he watched Isis disappear into the Gatehouse, followed by a rather harassed looking MacKiller.

The days were long and boring. Imprisoned in the Great Hall with no cider, the erstwhile freedom fighters spent most of their time sitting around, looking through the window or telling stories. LC told of her first run-in with the Azraelites which had happened long before she met up with Sarah and Asala. Asala herself spoke of her escape from London in a troupe of dancers sent out to entertain the corporate troops. Sarah was visiting friends in the UK when all commercial flights were cancelled and she ended up on the wrong end of a corporate identity parade. Ravenna spoke of some of her archaeological digs, including the discovery of wooden artifacts supposedly made by Jesus Christ himself. And Cpr12r described how, during a exchange program between students of the US and UK, he had been stuck in Wales when the plague had wiped out the family he had been staying with, leaving him alone in a country he knew little about.

Erisian was just explaining how she had obtained access to the Belgian supercomputer nicknamed 'The Beast' when the door to the courtyard opened. Every eye was upon the newcomer as he entered the hall, closing the door behind himself. Tobias stood and peered into the gloom of late evening as the shadowy figure approached.
As he reached Tobias, MacKiller smiled, "I thought it was you", he said, stretching out his hand in greeting, "Nice pickle you've got yourself in, I must say".
Tobias shook the soldier's hand and grinned. "Yes", he said, "I thought I recognised you but close up ... yes ... MacDonald or something ?"
"MacKiller. You were easy to spot. On TV when you lot wiped out that corporate squad. Very professional."
Tobias nodded.
"Listen", MacKiller said, "I can't stay long. I couldn't get here before now because of ..."
"Cleo", Tobias grinned.
"Exactly. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I'll do whatever I can. The corporates don't tell us squaddies much and the Azraelites are a close-mouthed bunch of bastards, but what I did find out is that their boss isn't coming back here until the end of the month. Feck knows what for"
Tobias nodded his thanks.
"OK", MacKiller said, looking around the group, "I've got to be off. I'll keep my eyes open and get back to you as soon as I can".
And with that, he turned and strode away.

"Well, thats a turn up for the books", Loki said as MacKiller left the hall.
"Could be useful", Tobias replied, his mind on other things. "I wonder why De Mornay's waiting for the end of the month ?"
"Imbolc", Asala said softly, "Remember, thats when the Official World Community is supposed to begin".
"So what's that to do with us, I wonder ?", Tobias mused, "Unless they plan to take us to their HQ in chains like some ancient Roman triumphal march".
"Which is quite possible, knowing the corporate mindset", Asala replied, and with that she sat down and sighed.

The days passed. Imbolc beckoned. MacKiller visited as often as was prudent, with information that while interesting did nothing to ease their minds. Escape, although discussed, was not an option. Weaponless, they could do nothing except offer their lives on the altar of corporate greed, and with little information on De Mornay's plans they couldn't even work out their own counterattack.
It was dark one night when things changed for the better. The group were sitting huddled before the fire, talking about nothing in particular when Sarah noticed something just beyond the light of the fire.
"What's that ?", she asked, "Did anyone see that ?"
"Ewwww's a rat !!!", Asala exclaimed, pointing to a small brown animal running along the side of the wall. It had obviously got in through the bottom of the door from the courtyard, which was so old and warped that it no longer fit perfectly into the frame.
"I thought you liked rats", Sarah said, grinning.
"Thats mice", Asala replied, "One in particular. Not nasty old rats with long tails and sharp teeth thank you very much"
"That's one brave rat", Loki said as the animal began to walk quite deliberately towards the centre of the room.
"Thats not a rat", LadyCool answered as the rodent scampered past her, "It's Old Sparx - KayEm's hamster !"
"He must have been left behind when they went to Cornwall", Ravenna explained, "Although I can't imagine KayEm forgetting to take him".
They watched in amusement as the hamster stood on his hind legs and began rummaging inside his face pouch. Normally hamsters would fill those pouches with food for use later on, but it seemed as if Sparx had something else inside. Tobias bent down and watched in interest as Sparx pulled out what appeared to be a small piece of parchment. He fiddled with it for a while then held it up in his small hand-like paws.
"Well, I'll be buggered !", Fingal exclaimed, "Would you just look at that !"
Upon the piece of parchment was a message. Tobias leaned closer and peered at the writing.
"Best pixyland in the med case", he read, "PS watch for the mist" It was signed with a picture of the pixy baby.

"There's bugger all in the med case", Loki exclaimed, "The fecking corporates took everything. If there was any drink in there, it's gone !"
"Maybe, Maybe not", Fingal muttered, standing and heading for the infirmary, "If I know Pisky, he put aside something for an emergency"
"I wonder what 'watch for the mist' means ?", Sarah asked, "It's obviously from Pisky but why so cryptic ?"
"Maybe he hadn't got enough space to write anything more", LC answered, "Or didn't want to, just in case Sparx got captured"
"Eureka !!!", yelled Fingal from the infirmary. This was followed by a creaking noise and the sound of bottles clinking together. Fingal returned with a grin on his face and 'Best Pixyland' for all.
"There's a little trapdoor at the bottom of the med case", the priest explained as he handed around the drink, "The devious little pixy dug a hole underneath and stashed away some drink. Three fecking cases !!!" And with that the priest did a little jig of pleasure while his companions enjoyed their unexpected bonus.

[edit on 29-1-2005 by Pisky]

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 06:15 PM
Just when you thought the best pixyland is unreachable!
God answers the alcoholics' prayers i tell ya

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 10:33 PM
lol... MacDonald....

how DARE he get the name wrong!

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 10:57 PM
Yay another great chapter..... *claps*

posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 09:56 AM
Go MacKiller!

Another great chapter!

posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 07:57 PM
YAY, another awesome chapter, and i thought mackiller was a bad guy,
now i can't wait to see what pisky has in store for us next!

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 04:39 PM

A bad guy?


posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 04:46 PM
Mackiller is my hero *bows down and worships statuee of mackiller*

hmmm my new religion "chris"-tianitty is a full support of pixianity
cause pisky rules and yeah.

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 07:18 PM
Looking for disciples? I'm ready to convert to pixianity!

posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 09:45 AM
Is there a cash allowence for converting to this new religion?

posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 10:04 PM
Yea i can use some cash. Heck there should be some 'best pixyland' allowance. That'll definately bring followers to the doorstep.

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 07:54 AM

That would bring me in...

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 02:31 PM
Chapter 56 - Love and hate in the World Community

The full moon hung in the sky, its light flooding the courtyard and creeping through cracks in the shutters to shine on the faces of Tobias and Erisian. They sat together on one of the large wooden benches discussing the future. It had been the first time Tobias had been able to speak of his feelings and even then he had required a certain amount of 'Best Pixyland' in order to pluck up the courage. The soldier of the crown turned freedom fighter who had led so many raids on corporate facilities, bearer of the sword 'Excalibur' and leader of the Stokesay contingent since Arthur's death had found himself utterly tongue-tied and had eventually blurted out his feelings like a schoolboy unsure of the response his words would receive. Fortunately he hadn't had to wait long for Erisian's response. After a moment of shocked disbelief she had leaped into his arms laughing and crying with happiness all at the same time.

They talked for hours; Of the past, of their future hopes and of fear of the present. It was as if nothing and no one else existed but the two of them. The Corporates, their militia thugs, De Mornay and his Azraelites, all dissipated into nothingness as first Tobias then Erisian told their tales, one to another.
It was in the early hours of the morning, when everyone else was asleep, that they crept quietly into the infirmary and it was there they were discovered late the next morning by a bleary-eyed Asala. Tobias lay on his back partly covered with a sheet with Erisian beside him, her head on his chest. "Gosh !", Asala exclaimed, and turned away quickly to save their blushes as they woke and leaped to cover themselves. "I'll come back later", Asala said with a smile on her face and quickly left the room. Tobias and Erisian looked at each other's embarassed faces then burst into peals of giggles as if they were a pair of naughty school children.

When they had dressed and entered the Great Hall, Tobias led Erisian to the bench they had occupied the previous night. Empty bottles of 'Best Pixyland' lay scattered on the nearby table, which reflected the light of the sun coming through the open widows. In the kitchen Sarah and Asala prepared the mid-day meal while Pickwick hummed an old tune as he mixed a disgusting smelling concoction which, he explained, was a well known Cornish cold remedy.
Pantha sat beside the fireplace with LadyCool and Ravenna, while Fingal and Loki discussed the possibility of making molotov cocktails with cider instead of vodka.
Tobias had just poured two tankards of cider and was downing his own when Cpr12r popped up beside them; "When's the happy day then ?", he asked, a mischievous grin on his face.
"Subtle as a brick !", Pantha muttered from beside the fire, closing her eyes and shaking her head. Erisian blushed red as a beetroot and Tobias choked on his 'Best Pixyland', spraying the table and almost hitting Cpr who had to leap away to avoid being drenched.
"Serves you right too", Annie said, grabbing Cpr's arm and pulling him away. "You're bloody hilarious you are", she said sarcastically, "an embarassment to romantic lovers everywhere".
"I suppose everyone knows then ?", Tobias sighed, "Thanks very much Asala"
"Hey, I didn't say a word", came the reply, "No one saw you go into the infirmary this morning, so you had to have been there all night. Two plus two equals ?"
"Sorry", Tobias said, "I didn't know we were that obvious"
Erisian giggled, Tobias chuckled and within moments the infectious laughter had spread throughout the hall.

It was a few minutes after lunch when the outside door opened and MacKiller entered. Quickly he slid the door closed and strode purposefully towards Tobias. "Something's going down", he whispered, looking furtively through the window towards the courtyard. "Tonight."
Tobias scowled; "Any idea what ?"
"Whatever it is, it's happening here", MacKiller replied, "I heard two of those spooky Azraelite bastards talking earlier. De Mornay's coming here when the sun's gone down. Just him and a few acolytes. They're in with Isis now, probably telling her the good news. She's pissed off, I'll tell you that. She fecking loathes him. Personally I think she's planning to do him in, and the sooner the better if you want my opinion".
"You'd best tell her his little secret then", Erisian piped up laughingly, her face shining in the sunlight pouring through the window.
"That he's a vampire ?, no fecking way !", MacKiller said grinning, "She'd never believe me. To be honest, I'm not sure I'm that convinced either. The living dead ? Sounds like somebody's been reading too much Anne Rice."
LadyCool leaped to her feet and stormed over to the soldier, an angry expression on her face. Turning her head, she pulled down the collar of her shirt to display two red welts on her long white neck. "See these ?", she spat angrily, "A vampire did this months ago. An old bitch called Isabella. And when I see her again, I'm going to rip her heart out, burn it and have the dog pee on the ashes !!!"
"As long as you don't plan to eat the bloody thing like those mad bastards in Transylvania", MacKiller said grinning.
"Someone ate a human heart ?", asked Erisian, "Ewwww !"
"Technically they drank it, MacKiller explained. "They dug up some poor sod they thought was a vampire, cut out his heart, burned it and mixed it with ash and water, then swigged the lot. Kind of like a 'meaty drink', so they said".
"Ugh !" Erisian said, turning slightly green.
"Well, I'll never drink beef broth again, that's for sure", Cpr12r quipped.
At that, Erisian clapped her hand to her mouth and rushed towards the open windows.
"Bit late in the day for morning sickness", Cpr12r said grinning. Annie clipped him on the head and dragged him away before he could say anything else.
"OK", Tobias said as he watched Erisian with her head out the window, "Enough jokes." He turned back to MacKiller; "Is that all you've got ?"
"Sorry, thats the lot" MacKiller said, then saluted Tobias. "Gotta go", he said, "I'll keep my eyes peeled - see if there's anything I can do"
He turned and strode swiftly towards the door.
Tobias watched him walk away. So it would be tonight as expected. Whatever it was, it had been planned to coincide with the Imbolc celebrations and the official formation of the World Community.
It couldn't be good.

It was late at night when the sound of rotor blades could be heard coming from the west. Tobias put his arm around Erisian who shivered and leaned against him. LadyCool sat stroking Phoebe while Fingal and Ravenna spoke in quick whispers at the opposite side of the fireplace. The light from the choppers sodium lights lit up the courtyard for a brief second as it overflew the castle, then dimmed as it passed behind the Gatehouse and landed in the grassy field beyond.

An hour went by. Two. Finally the door opened and a squad of fully armed corporate mercenaries swarmed into the Hall. Behind them came two hooded and cowled Azraelites who stood either side of the doorway, their faces hidden in shadow. A corporate officer snapped a command. The mercenaries strode forward. One groaned as LadyCool lashed out with her foot, ensuring that his chances of procreation were now precisely nil.
"Get on with it !", ordered the officer, "Or we'll all lose more than our nuts !!!"
The corporates moved as one, pulling daysticks from their belts and advancing menacingly. One grinning goon approached Fingal, "Give it up father", he said, lifting his visor. "You're too old for all this anyway".
"Too old my arse !", snapped Fingal, and punched him in the mouth. The soldier staggered away spitting teeth as his companions surrounded Fingal and cuffed his hands behind his back.
Tobias managed to disarm one of the corporates, take his daystick and break the arm of another with it. He was just about to ram the stick up a particularly sensitive area of yet another goon when he too was surrounded and cuffed. Eventually, despite what limited opposition they could offer, the defenders were overwhelmed by force of numbers and stood dejectedly in the middle of the hall with their hands fastened behind their backs.
"Well, this is a pile of fecking poo and no mistake", Loki muttered as he struggled with the plastic strip that held his hands tightly.
"Don't pull on it", Tobias said, "It'll just make things worse." He stood beside Erisian who looked ready to drop. "Remember what we talked about?", he whispered to her. She nodded. "Just keep that in your mind."
Erisian closed her eyes and swayed against him.
"Remember the message Sparx brought", Tobias said quickly, "The pixy is out there somewhere. Watch for the mist, he said."
Erisian nodded. "I'm scared", she said quietly.
"We all are", Tobias replied.
"Even you ?"
"I'm #ting bricks", Tobias said, a weak smile playing across his face. Erisian put her head on his shoulder and muffled a sob.

The door opened and an Azraelite entered. He muttered a few words to his companions at the door before striding quickly towards the corporate officer.
"He is ready", the Azraelite said, then turned, collected his companions and left the hall.
The captors were herded into the courtyard, through the gatehouse and over the drawbridge. The moon shone brightly above them as they were taken into the field beyond the moat. A black helicopter with the sigal of Azrael stood a few hundred feet before them, while behind the field stretched towards the nearby woods which could be seen only faintly through the approaching winter fog. Azraelites took charge, forcing the captors into a line facing the helicopter with Stokesay on their right. There were twelve in all, each standing behind one of the freedom fighters, forcing them to their knees as the dark High Priest approached. Behind him came the proud Isis, her head held high, her gown glittering in the moonlight. And there was MacKiller, eyes flickering around, looking desperately for some way to aid those who had become his friends.

De Mornay smiled. "This night will see the culmination of many years of arcane studies", he said to Isis in explanation, "Years of toil and hardship. Years of suffering. Years of pain. All leading to this one moment when Azrael becomes manifest."
"Fecking nutter", Tobias muttered.
De Mornay grinned and took from his belt a black-bladed dagger with obscene words engraved upon it in a vile long-lost language.
Isis gasped and her hand flew to her throat.
"You recognise it, my dear"
Isis shivered and nodded her head. "
- The very blade that Set used to kill Osiris".
"Exactly. But before then, it was called
, the Souldrinker. The soul blade of Rl'yeh. The stars are right, the sacrifice prepared, the blade cries out for blood, Azrael will walk the earth once again." De Mornay turned towards the captors kneeling before him, each held down by a cowled and hooded Azraelite.
Isis' hand dropped to her belt. Slowly she drew forth a thin wicked looking blade, the handle of which was formed into the shape of the Goddess for whom she was named. De Mornay stood watching the sky, calculating the march of time, the Souldrinker held tightly in his right hand.
An indrawn breath was all warning De Mornay had when in an instant Isis whipped her dagger into the air and plunged it into his back. The Azraelite staggered under the blow then turned slowly. The look of triumph on Isis' face turned to one of shock as De Mornay cocked his head to one side and grinned. Isis staggered backwards "This ... isn't possible ... not ..."
De Mornay gestured towards Isis. Two Azraelites rushed to her side and took hold of her arms. "Despite that little show of disrespect", De Mornay said, "You will still have the honour of seeing my plans come to fruition. And then ? ... well ..." He shrugged his shoulders. Then, as if remembering something turned his back towards one of the Azraelites; "Remove that", he said sharply. The acolyte reached up, pulled the dagger from the High Priest's back and cast it to the ground.

De Mornay took from his robes an exquisitely wrought gold pocket watch. He looked at it, then to the black sky above. One by one he caught the gaze of his captors, looking for any hint of fear in their faces. Loki scowled at the Azraelite, Asala shivered but held his gaze, Pantha glared back, Sarah looked as if she wanted to tear off his head while LadyCool wanted to tear off something else. Ravenna frowned, Cpr12r forced away his own fear and grinned while Annie glowered as only a Welshwoman can. Pickwick would have dropped his trousers and mooned if it was possible but had to settle for a vile Cornish oath similar to those used by Pisky while Fingal muttered the immortal words "pogue mahone" as the Azraelite's gaze fell upon him. Erisian swayed and almost fell when the piercing red eyes met hers, but she refused to be the one to break eye contact.
And then there was Tobias. Seeing the murderous rage in the soldier's eyes, even the vampiric De Mornay shuddered.

"Only twelve", De Mornay muttered. "I need one more." He beckoned to the corporate mercenary officer. "Did I or did I not tell you to capture thirteen ?"
The officer gulped; "You did, sir"
"I should have your soul shouldn't I ? - After all, it was the fault of your men and you are the officer in charge. Surely you should be willing to sacrfice yourself in order to keep the honour of your squad intact ?" De Mornay smiled.
"I ... er ... would ... er"
De Mornay shook his head. "You would be a sad specimen of a soul to send to Azrael." he turned to the two acolytes holding Isis. "Take her with the others".
Isis's head spun around; "You can't do that !!!", she snapped, "I am a Priestess of the Temple of Isis ... you have no jurisdiction over ..."
"If you want to get technical with me", De Mornay drawled, "You tried to kill me. I am entitled to defend myself."
"What ?!?!?", Isis almost shrieked as one of the acolytes pulled her arms behind her and fastened them together, "This isn't self defence, its murder"
"Sacrifice actually", the vampire replied, "Put her with the others".

De Mornay stood watching. Thirteen sacrifices, thirteen unwilling souls ready to be torn from their bodies and sent to the Angel of Death. Behind them dark garbed acolytes, each looking like a smaller version of their deity. And beyond that the fog rolling in from the hillsides.
De Mornay looked at the little gold pocket watch in his hand, closed the lid and smiled.

It was time.

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 04:24 PM


posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 06:10 PM
That Rat Bastard Vampire!

We need pisky and his garlic breath.

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 10:19 PM
OMG. i can't wait to see what happens next, poor isis, someone should have warned her he was a vampire.................

can't wait to see where this takes us!!!

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 07:32 AM
Its all Mackillers fault!

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 07:34 AM

MacKiller makes the story

It's never my fault.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 07:44 AM
*glares at Mackiller* *PINNNNNNNNNNCH* *owww* You deserved it!

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