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Pisky's ATS Story

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posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 10:31 PM
You got my personality perfect!!
you rule pisky.

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 06:22 AM
I have avoided this wonderful story since there is so much to read to get up to speed, but now after reading the last few pages I finally decided what to do with myself today when the DH is watching the Superbowl. (It is not safe to be around him when it's on

Can't wait to catch up on this.

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 09:54 AM
Relent didn't he got my personality perfect?

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 10:16 AM

Originally posted by cpr12r
Relent didn't he got my personality perfect?

Yes he did, and now I know why we have been seeing so much of the Pisk in chat. He has been studying you all very well indeed. I do hope he's not some sort of psychic vampire in disguise just sucking the essence out of everyone in the chat to transfer to the board.

Oh, and this is just priceless:

"Gosh !", Asala exclaimed, and turned away quickly to save their blushes as they woke and leaped to cover themselves. "I'll come back later", Asala said with a smile on her face and quickly left the room.

That is just sooooo Asala -

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 05:26 PM
Chapter 57 - Shapes in the mist

"Any last words ?", De Mornay asked smarmily, "Do any of you wish to beg for mercy ? ... to fall upon your faces and cry for deliverance ? ... No ? ... then let us begin"
LadyCool fixed De Mornay with her eyes as he pulled up his cowl; "No matter what you do to us", she said coldly, "The pixy will catch up with you one day".
De Mornay glared at LC, his red eyes glinting from within the depths of his hood; "Pixy ?", he said sarcastically, "I don't believe in pixies"
"You should", LC replied, "They believe in you"
De Mornay shook his head. "I saw the Constantine trailer too", he said. "Surely you can come up with something original ?"
LC just glared.

"Enough !", came the shout. "Azrael is waiting !", and with that he began to walk to the end of the line, the Souldrinker held before him.
"Oh feck !", muttered Loki as the acolyte pulled his head up and bared his neck ready for the blade. A cold shiver ran down his spine at the sight of De Mornay approaching, a smile of ecstasy on his deathly white face. Loki's rapidly beating heart threatened to explode from his body, while behind the sound of his laboured breathing could be heard a rumbling as of thunder. As he set his face towards his approaching death, an old Viking prayer came to mind, and with all the strength he could muster, he spoke the words.

Lo, there do I see my father
Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers
Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning
Lo, they do call to me
They bid me take place among them
In the Halls of Valhalla
Where the brave may live forever...

There was a noise like a sighing of the wind and the acolyte behind Loki groaned and fell, an arrow in his back. Erisian screamed as her own captor leaned against her before sliding onto his side, eyes open in death. In less than a second every murderous acolyte of the dark angel had gone to meet his god, dropping soundlessly to the ground, eyes wide in shock. De Mornay screamed in rage and tore at the nine arrows that had pierced his body at the same time but even his voice couldn't mask the rumbling noise that now filled the air. He turned, looking into the fog that had reached the edge of the field and, seeing the dark shapes within, his face fell.

, he spat in disgust. And the shapes resolved themselves as they charged out of the mist.

Twenty horses at least. And upon each a strangely garbed figure wielding either bow or sword. The animals seemed to be flying as they leaped out of the mist over the kneeling captors. Bowstrings thrummed as the riders fired at the unprepared corporate mercenaries who had gathered to see the sacrifices. The horses, sporting wicked looking spiked armour on their heads which made them look like the unicorns of fable, charged the mercenaries and impaled them while their riders despatched others with their weapons.
"Pickwick !!!"
Tobias recognised the voice. Muryannan. He turned and watched as Kelyonan flew through the mist with Muryannan on his back. Pickwick turned slightly, and pushed his hands as far back as possible. Muryannan drew her bowstring and fired. The arrow cut through Pickwick's binding and he was free. Instantly he grabbed the dagger of a fallen Azraelite and released Tobias, then moved to do the same for the rest of his companions. "Fight !!!", shouted Muryannan, her voice clear through the chaos, "Fight for your very souls !!!"

Pickwick took hold of Sarah's hands and was cutting through her bonds when a black shape rose before them. De Mornay kicked Pickwick backwards and grabbed Sarah's hair, pulling her head sideways. She strained at the still tight handcuffs but to no avail. De Mornay raised the Souldrinker. Sarah closed her eyes as Pickwick struggled to stand. Tobias, in the act of releasing Loki turned and sprinted towards the vampire, but knew in his heart that he would be too late. The blade swooped down towards Sarah's unprotected throat, then she felt the grip on her hair loosen and heard a curse. When she opened her eyes, she saw the vampire struggling to release himself from the armour spike of an angry looking horse. KayEm waved from the saddle and tugged on the reins. The horse shook its massive head and De Mornay shot off the end of the spike, disappearing into the mist.

Tobias dragged a terrified Erisian behind a broken wall before cutting off her bonds. Pantha joined them with Sarah close behind. "We need our weapons", Pantha said, "These little knives are no good against guns."
"There !", Tobias exclaimed leaping out from behind the wall. "Pisky !", he yelled.
The pixy pulled his horse away from the corpse of a recently trampled mercenary and rode quickly over to where Tobias stood. "We need weapons", Tobias said, "You caught those bastards on the hop but they're already regrouping"
Pisky nodded, looked around and galloped to where KayEm was shooting at a half hidden corporate. As the pixy arrived, the mercenary popped up and aimed his weapon. A pixyish arrow caught him in the throat and he dropped like a stone.

Tobias watched as the two horses veered off to the right, heading to where the captured weapons had been locked away. The guards moved forward to intercept, only to be ridden down and trampled. Pisky bent down, grabbed one handle of the weapons chest and waited while KayEm did the same on the other side. Simultaneously, they turned their horses and carried the chest to where Pickwick was freeing LadyCool. Pisky nodded to KayEm and they lifted the chest, then hurled it to the ground where it shattered.

Tobias hefted Excalibur and grabbed his pistol which he fastened to his belt. Sarah did the same, followed by LadyCool and Asala. Pantha picked up her SA80, checked the safety and nodded then walked in a crouch behind the wall and took her position. Loki rummaged in the broken chest, picked up a strange looking cylinder and grinned to himself, then followed Pantha to the edge of the wall. The shaking Erisian picked up her rifle and bit her lip, they weren't out of it just yet, but the odds had increased dramatically in their favour. She looked up at Tobias and smiled weakly. The soldier took her face in his hands and kissed her, then with a grin ran across to where Loki was crouching with Pantha. "Watch this !" Loki said, aiming the little cylinder towards De Mornay's helicopter, "Don't stand behind it or you'll get your balls burnt", and with that he pressed a stud and a small incendiary rocket blasted from the front while a jet of fire was expelled from the other side. Three corporates went up in a fireball as the rocket slammed into the chopper and exploded. Loki bowed, then threw the home made rocket launcher away and unclipped his pistol. "One shot only", he said sadly. "And I didn't have enough time to make any more".

LadyCool watched as two black-uniformed mercenaries crawled through the undergrowth on her left hand side, about fifty feet in front. Grinning, LC pointed to the men and smiled as Phoebe ran around their right flank and disappeared. Suddenly one of the soldiers screamed and leaped into the air with Phoebe's fangs fastened tightly to his buttocks. He screamed again and tried to dislodge the dog, but a single shot from LadyCool's pistol felled him forever. Phoebe dropped and growled at the second corporate goon. He struggled to aim his rifle at the terrier but in a blur of motion she had him by the throat. What was left after she had finished with him didn't live long.

Behind the fallen wall, Pickwick worked on freeing Isis. The priestess was annoyed at being left for last but didn't think thought it prudent to complain until she had been freed. Rubbing her wrists she looked over the wall, hoping that her own helicopter was still in working order. Through the mist she could just see the aircraft, and although there were corporate mercenaries nearby, she did not expect too much of a problem getting to it. She walked in a crouch to a particularly broken piece of wall and stepped through. A corporate mercenary ran past screaming in fear, followed by Pisky who was waving Kernow around and yelling vile Cornish epithets. Isis stepped back until the pixy's horse had passed, then moved quickly towards the undergrowth. There was movement to her right and she turned to see a corporate mercenary aiming his rifle at her heart. She opened her mouth to shout, to tell him who she was, when his head exploded and he fell to the ground. Isis stood dumbfounded as MacKiller lowered his weapon and rushed over, passing the recently deceased mercenary on the way. Taking her hand, he led her quickly away and sat her on a piece of broken wall, defended by a small overhang. "Thanks for that", she said eventually, "But I don't think he would have fired if he had known who I am".
MacKiller laughed and gestured to Isis's dress which shone in the moonlight. "He knew who you are", he said, "He'd have to be blind not to".
Isis shivered.

"What's your score ?", Cpr12r asked as Annie dropped breathlessly to her knees beside him.
"I haven't been counting", she said, checking her bowstring for damage.
"I've got eight so far", Cpr replied happily. "I'd do better if I could get up that tree though", he said pointing to a large oak to their left. Annie shook her head. "It's not a game you know", she said, "This is a matter of life and death".
"Well", Cpr12r said, "As long as we live and they die, it's all the same to me ... cover me", and with that he ran soundlessly towards the tree.

Asala ducked as a bullet slammed into the wall behind which she was crouching. She moved slightly and another bullet hit. Every time she tried to change position she was fired upon, the last time making her drop flat to avoid being hit. Looking around, she saw a piece of broken branch which gave her an idea. Taking off her Minnie Mouse ears, she fastened them to the branch and then peered through a broken piece of wall. A corporate sniper was taking cover behind a hummer, his rifle aimed in her direction. Slowly she moved her own weapon towards the gap and using her left hand, aimed at where she believed the sniper would show himself just slightly as he took his next shot. With her right hand holding the stick, she slowly lifted the mouse ears above the level of the wall. The sniper shifted position and fired just as Asala pulled the trigger of her pistol. Asala felt the mouse ears torn from her grasp at the same time the sniper disappeared from view, his head blown apart by her pistol shot. She picked up the mouse ears and sighed; There was a hole blasted through them and they fell apart in her hands. She placed them reverently on the ground and crawled away.

A dark shape loomed above one of the corporate mercenaries, a glittering silver blade slashed his throat. Foul words were uttered and the shape moved away.
"Piskandir !!!", Muryannan yelled above the din of fighting, "There !"
The pixy looked to where another mercenary was dropping to the ground, the black cowled figure of De Mornay standing above him, blood dripping from the Souldrinker blade.
"What the feck ?" Pisky said as he reached his teacher's side.
"He's trying to summon Azrael !", Muryannan explained breathlessly. "He can't have his original sacrifices so he's making do with what he can get !"
"Fecking marvellous !", the pixy muttered sarcastically, "How many's he up to ?"
"I have no idea", came the reply, "But just in case ...", Muryannan took aim, not at De Mornay but at the blade. There was a rattle of gunfire, the arrow was released and flew wide of the mark.
"Feck me !", Pisky said, "That's the first time I've ever seen you miss !" He turned towards Muryannan who was swaying on her horse, her left arm hanging loose. She dropped her bow and held tightly to the top of her arm where blood welled around her fingers.
"# !", cursed the pixy.
"It's not too bad", Muryannan said shakily, "But there's no way I can use a bow right now. It's up to you"
"Get to Pickwick !", the pixy said, sheathing Kernow and removing an arrow from his quiver. Taking up his bow, he notched the arrow and took aim. De Mornay had despatched yet another unwilling victim to his deity and was striding towards a lone mercenary who stood peering from behind a tree. The vampire lifted his blade, triumph in his eyes. The mercenary looked up, bewildered to see the Azraelite standing before him wielding a knife. Pisky loosed the arrow and it flew true, hitting the Souldrinker and wrenching it from De Mornay's grasp. The vampire looked up, saw the pixy grinning and scowled, then slammed his fist into the mercenary's face. The soldier dropped to the floor as De Mornay leaped sideways to where the blade had landed. Pisky cursed and, unsheathing Kernow, urged his horse forward.

"Ten !", said Cpr12r to himself as yet another corporate goon fell, an arrow in his chest. Sitting on a thick branch of the old oak tree, Cpr had a relatively unhibited view of the whole area as far as things went, considering the mist rolling in from the fields. He watched as one of Annie's shots hit a soldier in the shoulder causing him to fall backwards where he was beheaded by one of the riders. Cpr12r didn't know who those people were, but he was grateful all the same. He had caught the names 'Pisky' and 'KayEm' and assumed that those august personages were in the thick of battle, but with the mist and smoke of gunfire he couldn't make out who they were. No matter, the corporates were easy to recognise, as was the vampire who was now attacking his own people. Cpr12r shook his head, notched an arrow, and waited for his next victim.

It was almost as if time had stopped. Pisky pushed his horse to the limit wanting and needing to reach De Mornay before he grasped the Souldrinker once again. It was as if everything had stopped except one figure. De Mornay picked up the blade then, with a yell of triumph, bent towards the unconscious soldier. Lifting the dagger high, he spoke vile words in a foul language and sent the mans soul to Azrael with one slash of the blade.

De Mornay stood, arms upraised, blood dripping from the silver blade. He screamed words which had not been spoken for millennia.

Pisky lifted Kernow and charged towards his enemy as a boiling fog began to form between them. De Mornay smiled as if in ecstasy, watching as a shape begin to coalesce within the mist, ignoring the profanities shouted by the pixy as he forced his horse closer.

A tall, dark figure which, if allowed, could blot out the stars themselves.

Pisky pulled desperately on his horse's reins as the shape took form. Tall. Black. Winged. Skeletal. The horse, eyes rolling in terror, turned quickly, almost tipping the pixy out of his saddle. A long bony hand reached out from the darkness and touched the animal's flank, just missing Pisky's leg. The horse dropped without a sound, casting Pisky to the ground where he struggled to remove his foot from one of the stirrups.
"Beware, Piskandir !!!", came the cry from behind him. "His touch brings death !!!"

The angel of death had come.


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posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 07:43 PM
ol' Azrael looks like a charmer.

maybe i shall invite him to a party...

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 11:02 PM

Oh no, what is going to happen next, Hey thanks Kayem for saving my backside!!!!! Pisky came to save the day once again,

Great story pisky, this just keeps getting better and better.

posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 08:34 AM
"I don't believe in pixies"
"You should", LC replied, "They believe in you"

Too Hilarious

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 05:16 PM
Chapter 58 - Dies Irae

Pisky struggled to free himself from his fallen horse as Azrael, the Angel of Death completed his transfiguration. He stood before the pixy, seven feet tall wearing a dark robe and cowl which covered most of his head but showed his face, which was that of a skull. Black raven wings were folded at his back and in his skeletal right hand he held a scythe which was almost as long as he was tall.
Azrael stood for a while, regarding the struggling pixy, then turned and faced De Mornay. Pisky sighed in relief and with a final push, lifted the horse slightly and slid his leg from underneath.

"Who summons the Angel of Death from his abode ?", Azrael said. And those who heard him were surprised that the voice was soft and almost comforting".
"I do !", said De Mornay, a smile of victory on his face, "Many have I sent to you and now I see you manifest."
"Then you will return with me.", Azrael replied, "For those who give death and summon death receive death in return" And the skeletal hand reached out and touched De Mornay on the shoulder.
De Mornay chuckled. "Do you think I would not prepare for your arrival ?", he said.
The Angel leaned towards the vampire, his dark eyesockets fixed on the red fire of De Mornay's eyes. "Undead Abomination !!!", he said.
"If you say so", De Mornay replied arrogantly, "And as such you have no power over me."
"So that's why the bastard wanted Isabella !", Ravenna whispered to Fingal as they listened to the conversation. All other sound had stopped, not a gun fired, not a bowstring thrummed. The unexpected appearance of the Angel of Death had caused a ceasefire between the opposing forces. "He planned to get Azrael here and knew that the Angel wouldn't be happy about it."
"All the time De Mornay said he was worshipping the Angel, he was really planning to use Azrael his for his own ends", Fingal said in disgust. "He had his own people in the Vatican, knowing that any supernatural entity discovered would be reported there. When you found Isabella, he must have though it was all his birthdays rolled in one."
Ravenna closed her eyes and sighed.

"Now Azrael", De Mornay said sardonically, "I have a little job for you. Over there are forces antagonastic towards my good self. One in particular spies for a competitor for head of the One World Religion and who even tried to send me to you earlier on.". Isis's hand flew to her throat and her heart beat rapidly.
"Your time has come and gone", Azrael said, "Would that I could take you with me in an instant."
"But you can't so be a good little angel and listen to what I want, there's a good chap."
Azrael's wings ruffled and anger flowed from him, making everyone in the vicinity shiver.
"I want them all dead", De Mornay said gesturing towards the small band of Stokesay left huddling in various places of cover. "And I want that Priestess to be given a particularly nasty painful demise - but I'll leave the details to you. You are, after all, a past master of the art."
"It is not for you to choose the time", Azrael said, his skeletal face mere inches from that of De Mornay. "Foul, unnatural creature, thou who sent thousands to me before the time chosen for them. Thou art a coward who chose the curse of undeath rather than come to me at your due time. I will do no bidding of yours."
De Mornay grinned, his face as white as Azrael's skull. "I commanded you here, I summoned you, I stirred you up. When the stars were right I used the words of power hidden for millennia. With the Souldrinker I charged the words of my lips with the power of control over death itself. You seek to deny me ?", he asked sarcastically the answered his own question, "You have no choice."
A strange expression crossed the face of Azrael then, as far as it was possible for a skull to have an expression. It was a mixture of anger and sadness. The Angel of Death bowed his head and something like a tear fell from his empty eyesocket.

"There are those here whose time has come", said the Angel, stretching his black wings. "And they will be first to meet me. As for the others ... It pains me ... I sorrow for those whose thread is cut short. I will take you to my bosom with softness and you will sleep forever in peace" And with that he took to the air, flew quietly across the clearing and landed beside a shaking corporate mercenary. The soldier raised his weapon and fired point blank into Azrael's face. The Angel leaned forward arms outstretched and grasped the man by the head. The scream of fear as the mercenary met his end echoed around the misty clearing as his soul left his body. Azrael dropped the corpse and took to the air once again.

The pixy hobbled to where KayEm stood beside LC and Asala. "Twisted my fecking ankle when that fecking horse landed on me !!!" he muttered as KayEm looked upon him with concern. "OK ...", he continued, "You know more of this magick stuff. What happens if we take De Mornay down ? - Will that free Azrael from his control ?"
"Feck knows", LC said, watching as the Angel flew above a fleeing corporate before landing in front of him and taking his soul.
"I supposed theoretically it's possible", KayEm replied, "I know there's no chance of stopping an Angel, so taking down De Mornay may be the only chance we have."
Pisky nodded his thanks and hopped to where Tobias stood with Erisian. They held each other tightly, fear evident in both their faces as they watched the approach of the Angel of Death. "We need to bump off De Mornay", the pixy explained once he got their attention. "KayEm says that might be the only chance we have."
Tobias nodded absently then shook his head. "What do we need ?" he asked.
"Wooden stake and sword", Pisky replied. Stick the bastard in the heart and then chop his head off. Hopefully that will free Azrael from his control and we'll be home free."
Tobias looked across at the expanse of field between him and the vampire. "We'll need some fecking luck to do that", he said. "You up for it ?"
Pisky nodded, then Tobias saw the pixy's swollen ankle. "No chance in hell, mate", the soldier said. "You're hopping around like fecking Zebedee from 'Magic Roundabout'. You wouldn't get within fifty feet of the bastard."
"I can still ride a horse !" the pixy exclaimed.
"Too obvious - If we have a chance of doing this we need to get in quickly and unobserved. You charging into battle like some mediaeval warrior wouldn't exactly be easy to miss"
The pixy was about to remonstrate when Erisian screamed. The dark shape of Azrael flew past, heading towards a soldier who was running like the clappers towards the treeline. He didn't make it.
"Oh my God", Erisian said, her hand to her chest, "I can't take any more of this. Lets go ... lets do it ... At least it'll give me something to keep me occupied" And with that she picked up a piece of the broken weapons case and began whittling it into a point.

Pisky hobbled over to where KayEm and Muryannan watched the progress of Azrael. "Can we get everyone on horses and run ?", KayEm asked.
Muryannan shook her head; "The Angel of Death will not be denied. Unless the vampire's hold upon him is broken, Azrael will be under his command. Piskandir ? ... You have spoken to Tobias ?"
The pixy leaned on the wall, his aching leg lifted off the ground. "Yes. He's taking Eris with him - They know what to do." he said, looking back to where his companions were crouching beside the wall.
"Wait !", Erisian said as Tobias stood to leave, a hastily carved wooden stake now jammed in his belt. She took from her finger a small silver ring and pressed it into his hand. Tobias smiled and leaned forward, kissing her softly. "We'd best go then", she said and led the way towards the undergrowth.

De Mornay watched intently as Azrael called to him the souls of those due to die this day. So far all had been Corporate mercenaries which didn't concern the vampire. What he was waiting for was when Azrael began taking the insurgents. De Mornay licked his long teeth and smiled hideously as he thought of the death of Isis. How dare she attempt to assassinate him. And once all was done here, he would take the priestess' body to the Temple of Isis and after displaying his power would order Azrael to slay all followers of that once proud religion. He, Gilles De Mornay, would rule as head of the One World Religion. Maybe one day he would even have power enough to challenge Pindar and his master. The vampire smiled once more at the thought.
A flash of movement to his left caused him to turn, and it was this reaction that saved his dark existance. The stake slammed into his side, missing his heart by the tiniest fraction. He groaned in pain as Tobias pulled the weapon free and lunged once again. The vampire spun around, slamming his elbow into Tobias's face and throwing him to the ground. Shaking his head to clear it, the soldier saw De Mornay tear the dark blade Vectis from its scabbard. Tobias grabbed the handle of Excalibur and only just managed to deflect a slash from the vampire's weapon before rolling away and leaping to his feet.

"Feck !", Pisky muttered, "Look over there !"
KayEm and Muryannan followed his pointing finger. Tobias and De Mornay fought to the death, each wielding one of the Wayland swords. Excalibur the King, and Vectis, sword of darkness.
Tobias had the upper hand, his anger at what had befallen his people at the hands of this bloodsucker giving him strength. De Mornay slipped backwards and his chest split open as Excalibur slashed sideways. Tobias swore as he watched the vampire's body heal itself instantaneously. It would have to be a neck slash, Tobias remembered, De Mornay had to be beheaded.
"Bollocks to this", the pixy said to his teacher, "I need Kelyonan". Mury nodded and whistled to the horse.
Pisky turned to his wife; "Remember what we did with the weapons chest ?", he asked. KayEm smiled and ran for her own steed.

"Azrael - Aidez Moi !!!", De Mornay screamed as Excalibur slammed once more against his own sword. In his red eyes could be seen a twinge of fear, and that was all Tobias needed. He hacked and slashed and the vampire retreated. "Azrael - Aidez Moi !!!" he shrieked. And the Angel of Death turned and slowly moved towards the fray.

"Tobias !!!", Erisian screamed from his left. He spun and kicked the vampire to the floor then turned to where Eris was pointing. Azrael was approaching. De Mornay struggled to his feet just as Tobias lifted his sword putting all his strength into that one strike. Somehow the vampire managed to deflect it, although it cast him once more to the floor. Tobias cursed and leaped sideways as the skeletal hand of Azrael reached for him. The soldier rolled to his side, Azrael moving slowly towards him. Suddenly he felt tired, bone weary, as if he just wanted to sleep forever. He shook his head as the Angel of Death moved closer. "Come to me", Azrael said softly, "And I will give you rest eternal".
Tobias blinked. He felt so tired. Surely death was nothing to fear, not this kind of death. A peaceful death and eternal sleep.
"No !!!!!"
Tobias blinked his eyes at the voice. Erisian ran behind the Angel and placed herself in between him and Tobias.
"No", she said breathlessly, "You can't have him"

To the fallen Tobias, it was as everything slowed down. He watched as from his left two horses charged across the field. Before him stood Erisian, arms wide, challenging the Angel of Death himself, while De Mornay viewed the proceedings with a look of joy and triumph on his face.
"You can't have him", Erisian said quietly as the Angel moved closer.
"I must take you all", Azrael said sadly shaking his head. "I wish that it were not so"
Tobias pushed himself to his knees; "Eris - No !", he said, his voice little than a whisper.
"I love you", she said, and he heard tears in her voice. Then the skeletal hand reached out and touched her softly on the shoulder. With a sigh she dropped to the floor and the light went out of her eyes.

DeMornay cackled in triumph as he watched Erisian fall and the Angel draw nearer to Tobias. The vampire moved towards the tableau, desiring to see the look upon the face of Tobias as his soul was torn from his body. He didn't even notice the charging horses until it was far too late. Pisky bent down from Kelyonan and grabbed the right shoulder of De Mornay's shirt. At the same time KayEm grabbed his left and with cries of anger they lifted the struggling vampire into the air between their mounts. Wheeling around they headed straight towards the moat. De Mornay screamed and cursed, lashing out with his claws but to no avail. At a command the horses stopped abruptly, their riders released their burden and De Mornay flew into the air, spinning as he went, to land with a splash into the moat. A scream of utter terror was heard as his head broke the surface of the water, and a gout of blood bubbled from below as the vampire landed upon the submerged stakes. The pixy quickly rode to the edge of the moat to see that De Mornay had been impaled by at least seven sharpened poles, one of which had pierced his heart. His red eyes glowered towards the pixy, trying to hypnotise, to control. Trying to force the pixy to release him. Pisky glared; "You can kiss my pixy ring !", he spat, then lifted Kernow high in the air and with one savage swipe cut off the vampires head and sent his foul soul to Azrael.

Tobias knelt before the Angel, the body of Erisian cradled tenderly in his arms. Tears poured from his eyes. Azrael leaned closer, his bony hand mere inches from Tobias' flesh. The soldier kissed Eris's forhead and muttered tender words, then closed his eyes. He didn't want to see his own death approaching.

Ten seconds went past. Twenty. He cringed as hand landed on his shoulder, but it was a warm human one, not the skeletal hand of the Angel of Death. Tobias opened his eyes and saw Fingal crouched before him. Above stood Ravenna, it was her hand on his shoulder. There were tears in her eyes and a look of grief on her face. Of Azrael there was no sign.
Then Tobias looked again at the face of Erisian. She looked as if she was sleeping, she looked more peaceful than he had ever seen her. He hugged her tightly and great sobs wracked his body.

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 06:25 PM
Outstanding Pisk!!!

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 09:40 PM
Wow pisky that was a great chapter. Excellent
Can't believe erisian died
How dare the angel of death use my weapon !!!!. Only me the True God of Death can use it. *mumbles crazily* My dang weapon should destroy him for that.

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 09:59 PM
wow, pisky, you never cease to amaze me. its very sad that erisian had to die, poooooor tobias.
but im glad we got that vampire, ugg good ridance of him!!!
can't wait to see what comes next!

posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 08:08 AM
*sob* *sob* That was soooo sad.
Great chapter again pisk

posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 09:20 PM
That was Awesome! on the scale of 1 to 10, that was an 11. great job Pisky!

posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 07:08 PM
Chapter 59 - Requiem

It was all over in an instant. The Corporate mercenaries turned tail and fled into the countryside. Two fell to Cpr12r's bow while Phoebe all but emasculated another but the rest were allowed to escape. There were too many and there was no guarantee that all would be caught. Even if every mercenary involved in the seige was hunted down and sent to Azrael, there would always be more coming. There must have been reports filed, orders given - a paper trail that pointed straight to Stokesay. And when the so-called Azraelites realised what had happened to their leader, they too would seek their revenge here. Stokesay, this place of refuge for so long, was no longer safe.

Tobias touched Erisian's face softly with a calloused hand. His tears fell upon her face and he moved to wipe them away. Fingal knelt beside him, offering strength and comfort.
"Where is he ?", Tobias sobbed.
"Who, my son ?"
The soldier's voice was filled with tears as he replied. "Azrael - where is he. I want her back. It wasn't her time."
Tobias rocked the still form of Erisian in his arms as if she was a sleeping baby.
"He has returned to his place", the priest replied. "As soon as he was released from De Mornay's demonic control, he left and took the Souldrinker with him. Without that, no one will be able to take command of him again"
"I want him to bring her back !", Tobias screamed. "She shouldn't have died !!!"
Muryannan knelt before the stricken soldier and lifted his face to hers. "Even if he wanted to return her soul, he couldn't", she said softly.
"Why not ?", Tobias spat, "He took her, he can bring her back !"
"He has not the power", she replied sadly. "Once a person dies, the soul cannot return. Only if ..." Muryannan stopped and bowed her head. Then she stood, her hand clutching her recently bandaged left arm. She winced. "Let us take her, Tobias. Prepare her. There is nothing to be done."
Tobias held even more tightly to Erisian as Pickwick moved to join Muryannan. "What did you mean ?", he said, "You said 'Once a person dies, the soul cannot return. Only if ...' Only if what ?"
"It is impossible. I should not ..."
"What ?!?!?!" Tobias shouted. He lay Erisian tendely on the grass and stood, his anger surmounting his grief. Reaching out, he grabbed Muryannan by her arm, making her bite her lip in pain. "Tell me or I swear I'll ..."
"Tobias !"
There was movement all around him. Twenty bows drawn, twenty arrows aimed.
"Go on then !", Tobias said loud enough for everyone to hear. "Shoot your arrows ... Send me to Azrael ... send me to Erisian !"
"Let her go, Tobias", the pixy said quietly. KayEm walked over and softly took the soldier's hands from where they had been squeezing Muryannan's arms. Mury sighed and staggered back, pain evident in her face. As she regained her composure, she waved the archers to stand down and turned towards Tobias.
"Let us take Erisian", she said reaching out and placing her hand on his arm,"The enemy knows our whereabouts and we will need to leave this place soon enough. Our grief must wait a while. And then I will tell you ..." Her voice trailed away as she turned away.
Pisky and Pickwick moved towards Erisian but Tobias stopped them. "I'll take her", he said and lifted her up, cradling her against his chest while tears fell from his eyes.

Isis sat on a piece of broken wall, her eyes glazed, her thoughts elsewhere. A movement from her left made her jump and she turned her head to see MacKiller striding across the battlefield his face streaked with soot from the burning helicopter. In his hand he held a wicker basket fastened shut by leather straps. "Your pilots dead", he said as he sat beside Isis, the basket between his legs. Isis closed her eyes.
"Your chopper's fecked anyway", MacKiller continued, "The fuel tank's been punctured ... I found this inside though. I assume it's yours. Clothes ?"
"Apophis", she said softly, opening the straps.
"A what ?"
"Apophis", she repeated, then opened the lid and turned it towards MacKiller. He recoiled as he saw a nasty looking King Cobra staring up from the depths of the basket. "Best keep the lid shut", Isis said, "Its far too cold for him here". And she closed the basket and refastened the straps. MacKiller sighed in relief. "To quote Indiana Jones", he said, "I hate snakes !"
Isis giggled, "He's ok when you get to know him", she said, "You really should make the effort - you never know, you could end up as friends"
"I'd rather just stay acquaintances, if you don't mind", MacKiller said.
Isis smiled.
"What do you plan to do ?" MacKiller asked once the snake was once again locked carefully away.
"Try to get back to the Temple, I suppose", Isis replied, "Although how I'm going to do that with no transport, I have no idea"
"There are a few hummers back there", MacKiller said pointing through the mist, "You could use one of those"
Isis sighed, "I suppose so", she replied, "But I don't know. Something's not right. Why did that mercenary try to kill me ?"
MacKiller thought for a moment; "They were under De Mornay's command", he said eventually, "Maybe he ordered them to do it"
"But he didn't give any such orders", she said worriedly, "I was watching him all the time. He was concentrating on the ritual and on summoning Azrael".
MacKiller shrugged; "Fecked if I know then".
Isis bit her lip and looked into the distance, a concerned look crossing her face.

As Tobias walked slowly across the drawbridge into Stokesay, Pantha appeared beside the pixy. "He's taking it hard", she said sadly, "I can't imagine what he's feeling right now".
"Nor me", Pisky replied. "You know that we have to leave Stokesay ?"
"I guessed as much", Pantha said, "How long do you think we have ?"
Pisky shrugged his shoulders, "A day, possibly two, but I wouldn't want to push it. We need to go as soon as possible. Tonight. At the very least we have to be away from here by sunup tomorrow.
Pantha sighed. "And what about ..."
"KayEm's helping Fingal with the arrangements. And Loki is finishing up a few things before we leave".
Pantha sighed sadly and turned her face away from the pixy lest he saw the tears in her eyes.

Leaving the Great Hall, Fingal walked over to where Pantha waited while Pisky massaged his ankle. "We cannot leave our fallen comrades here", The priest said, "Unshriven and with no words said over them. I would like to take them to the church. They will rest in peace in the catacombs below the altar."
Pantha looked across to where Pisky was gingerly replacing his foot onto the ground. "We have time", he said, answering the unasked question. "But we need to do it soon. Mury's organising transport, the horses and a few hummers the corporates left behind - Then we need to work out where we are going. Annie's in the Gatehouse looking through the computer - fortunately the bastards left that alone, and Cpr12r is working with some of the riders to shift anything we need to take with us."
And with that confirmation, the old priest strode away to make his own arrangements.

It was two hours later that Fingal reappeared in the doorway of the Great Hall. Tobias stood beside one of the old oak tables, staring at the body of Erisian which had been wrapped in a makeshift shroud.
"We are ready", the old priest said as he reached the soldier's side. Tobias nodded and pulled the sheet away from Erisian's face to gaze upon it one last time.
A sob rose into his throat but he forced it down, then after a moment of reflection covered her once more. Loki and Pickwick entered bearing a stretcher, which they placed upon one of the other tables.
"You won't need that", Tobias said, "I will take her myself". And with that he lifted Eris and carried her for the last time through the courtyard, over the drawbridge and into the church.

The crypt was old and dusty. Candles supplied the only illumination, casting ghostly shadows in this most gloomy of places. Shelves around the walls held the bodies of the dead. Crumbling coffins hundreds of years old shared the crypt with the white shrouds of the newly dead. Beside the gated doorway was a marble tomb. There was no inscription upon it and it had never been used for its original purpose. The historian in Fingal had discovered that it was made for a long-dead member of Lawrence de Ludlow's family who, like the first owner of Stokesay, had died at sea. With no body, and no one of high enough standing to warrant such a tomb, it had been left empty for centuries. It had been the pixy who suggested that it be used for Erisian, an idea that met with the approval of both Fingal and Tobias.

Watched by his friends and acquaintances who were already gathered in the crypt, Tobias walked slowly down the steps and carefully lay the body of Erisian into the tomb. Fingal placed a hand upon his shoulder as he passed through to the other side of the crypt. All eyes turned to him as he opened his book and began the litany to the dead. The Requiem.
"Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine; et lux perpetua luceat eis." Fingal began, and his voice carried through the crypt to everyone present; "Lord, grant them eternal rest; and let the perpetual light shine upon them ..."

With the ritual completed, Fingal led the rest of the mourners up the steps back into the church. Alone in the crypt, Tobias stood beside the tomb of his beloved with his hand resting on the cold marble. He closed his eyes as a tall shape appeared at the top of the steps, and soft footsteps approached. "I thought you would like some company" Ravenna said, "Tell me go if you want to be alone."
Tobias shook his head. "I can't believe this", he said as a sob caught in his throat, "I never thought it would end like this."
"None of us did", Ravenna replied, "Six months ago if you had told me that I would see the Angel of Death, I would have laughed in your face. Things are different now, Tobias. It's as if the world has shifted somehow. Strange things, things from legend are becoming commonplace. Vampires ... I mean , who believes in vampires ? Well, we do now, thats for sure. And now the Angel of Death ? What's next ?"
"What are you trying to tell me, Ravenna ?"
She took a deep breath. "I remember reading an old book, years ago. The original was written in various languages but there was a Latin translation, which I was able to read. When De Mornay mentioned the stars being right, it reminded me of this book."
"What book ? and what does it have to do with anything here, with me, with Eris ?"
Ravenna turned as Muryannan appeared silently beside her. Her blonde hair and light blue gown reflected the candle light, making her resemble an angel come to visit the tomb of the saints. She looked into Tobias' tear stained face and spoke softly the words of a rhyming couplet. "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange eons even death may die."
Ravenna spun to face Muryannan, her eyes wide in disbelief. "How ... ?"
"It is what I came to tell you", Muryannan said to Tobias, ignoring Ravenna's shocked reaction. "It is from the book Ravenna mentioned earlier. A vile book full of horror and creatures so foul that the merest glimpse of them can turn a man insane."
"You have read Necronomicon ?", Ravenna asked
"Part of it", Muryannan replied, "As far as I am aware, there exists nowhere on this earth a complete copy. There are many hoaxes of course, some of which even contain part of the original, but the whole book does not exist in its entirety."
Ravenna pushed aside an errant piece of hair from her face; "But I've seen ..."
"What has this got to do with here ... now ?" Tobias interrupted, glaring at the two women, both experts in the field of the hitherto unknown.
"The words I spoke come from Necronomicon", Muryannan explained. "It was supposedly written thousands of years ago and covers various subjects, most of which I will not discuss here. From what has begin to happen recently, I have come to the conclusion that the Strange eons spoken of in the book have now begun. Vampires stalk the earth, Isabella herself is still at large somewhere. De Mornay was able to summon the Angel of Death himself, using a long lost blade supposedly used to slay the Egyptian god Osiris"
"So ?", Tobias spat.
"... with strange eons even death may die" Muryannan repeated.
"And what would happen if death dies ?", Ravenna asked.
Muryannan smiled. "I am not completely certain", she replied, "But I believe that if that were to happen, the dead would return to life"
"What ?!?!?", Tobias exclaimed. "Will you please speak English, not this pseudo-archaic claptrap language you mystics like using?"
"Mystic ... hmmm ... I like that", Muryannan replied then turned to Tobias; "Mr Tobias, what we are trying to tell you is that according to Necronomicon, if you were able to slay the Angel of Death, it is quite probable that Erisian would be returned to you".

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Return of the Poofy!

Nice work your pixiness!
Where there's vampires, chups, and an Angel of death - there's always a way to bring back the dead. Eris DESERVES to come back to life. If she's gone who's gonna have the late-not-so-morning-sickness like Cpr predicted?
If all else fails there's always the book of the dead. I'm sure Isis has a copy hidden in her locker back at the temple eh?

Splendid job at the "Set kills Osiris" part.

posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 10:42 PM
WOW, does this mean we have to go up against the angel of death again??? im up for i!! whos with me!! erisian deserves to live happily ever after with tobias!!!

amazing pisky, just amazing!!!!!!

(oooooh but what about all the other people azrael brought to death, that means they come alive too..........................

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 07:30 AM
Uh oH! what about that pesky little wench of a wife of that evil vampy feck? If she comes alive ..........

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 09:51 PM
Let's take on that Angel of Deat. The God of Death shall teach him a lesson with my bow in hand.

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 06:59 AM
Interesting, the angel of death all but expressed compassion and regret for those he was forced to take, as oppossed to those he claims for the sake of doing his job. Also, a good point has been raised, if you defeat death and all are returned, you get the good with the bad.

Write on Pisky, only you can unravel and resolve the intricacies of these concepts and I can't wait to see how you pull it off.

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