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Pisky's ATS Story

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posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 06:53 AM
yes, a warning label would be very appropriate,

and i can't wait to see the surprise!!! i love surprises!!

posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 08:56 AM
One of the best stories I have heard here on ATS.

This story just doesn't end...

posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 09:09 AM
I don't think this story will ever end and if it does I have no idea how you could end it

posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 07:42 PM
Why do you guys want it to end again?

posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 07:44 PM
I don't want it to end and it never will for there would be no good way to end it....

posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 09:26 AM

Originally posted by I_s_i_s
Why do you guys want it to end again?

I dont.

posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 07:33 PM
Chapter 51 - Carpe Diem

"That is so much better", Annie sighed as she sat beside the fire, her boots off and her right foot wrapped in a hot soothing poultice. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes.
"It's a wonder you could walk at all", Pickwick said as he picked up the remainder of the herbs he had used to make the healing balm. "That foot's terribly cut. You're lucky it didn't get infected"
Annie nodded. "Serves me right for kicking out at people with knives", she said.
Tobias leaned over from his own chair; "So what exactly happened ?", he asked.
"About thirty miles west of here, we bumped into a group of ... well, I thought they were Corporates. Turns out they were some kind of cultists. They were doing a ritual or something with a goat and I realised that we really didn't want to get caught out there with three nutters like that. Problem was, when I moved back, one of them saw me. Cpr took two down with his bow, but the last one slashed out a me with the knife he'd been using to cut the goat's throat. I tripped, ended up on my back and lashed out with my feet. The knife went through my boot and gashed my foot. I saw red and well, you've heard the stories of the fiery temper Welshwomen have"
Tobias smiled. "I assume he got a lot more than he bargained for ?"
"You could say that', Annie replied.
Cpr12r laughed; "She stuffed his knife up his ..."
"Yes, well ... that's enough for now", Annie interrupted, shaking her head.
"Anyway", Tobias said, "It's been a long time since we've had guests here. What brings you to this neck of the woods ?"
"Our comms systems are shot to #", Cpr12r replied. "We've got the computers but no access to the net anymore. That's why you haven't heard much from us lately. When we first set up, we had cellphone/net access but since the meteor strike took down the comms sattelites we've had bugger all"
"So what do you need from us ?"
"Do you have anyone here who could help us install a radio mast ?", Cpr12r asked, "If we had one, Annie would be able to set up the wireless computers we have. Problem is we don't have anyone with those kind of skills."
Tobias nodded slowly. "Why not use bog standard phone lines ?"
Annie grinned. "You don't know where we are, do you ?"
Tobias shook his head, "Just that you're in North Wales"
"Snowdonia", Annie explained. "There's not a BT line for miles and certainly not half way up a mountain"
Tobias laughed, "Ah, I see", he said, "Well, Loki should be able to set up a radio mast for you. He's a decent enough engineer although his speciality is somewhat more ... pyrotechnical", Tobias grinned. "I'll find him and ask him to have a word with you".

Loki was in the remains of his laboratory checking some schematics when Tobias appeared at the door.
"Another Weapon of Mass destruction ?", Tobias asked as Loki looked up.
"Castle map", Loki replied, handing it to Tobias for his perusal. "I was just wondering if we could excavate an escape route from the infirmary under the moat and into St. Philomena's. From what Asala said, it won't be long before we have to feck off sharpish and a secret tunnel seems just the job"
Tobias looked at the map and nodded, then rolled it up and handed it back. "I've got a job for you if you want it", he said.
"If it's cleaning the bogs you can forget it", Loki said indignantly, "Every time Damien uses it, he fecking well blocks the pipe. He's a complete ..."
"How do you fancy a trip outside ?", Tobias said, interrupting Loki's scatalogical rant.
Loki was intrigued. "Where, exactly ?"
"Feck me !", Loki said grinning, "I haven't been there since I was a nipper. What's the job ?"
"Build a radio mast for Meibion Glyndwr. Receive/Transmit."
"Not too difficult", Loki said, "But I'll need someone to give me a hand"
"They've probably got someone there who can follow instructions, but you can take Sarah if you want. She's been pacing around for days for something to do".
"Fair enough", Loki replied, "She's a swordbearer too, which will help in case we meet any Corporate scumbags"
Tobias took a deep breath; "Annie said she and Crp12r bumped into some nutters sacrificing a goat. Feck knows who they were, but just in case keep your eyes peeled".
"Noted", Loki replied. "When do we leave ?"
"Whenever they're ready. Annie's foot looks as if it's been through a wringer. Pickwick wants her to rest it for at least a week".
"No chance", Loki said, grinning.
"That's what I thought", came the reply.

"I don't think you should even be walking on that foot yet !", Pickwick said the next morning as Annie hobbled around the hall, "let alone climbing mountains!"
"Look", Annie said angrily, "Meibion Glyndwr has no news or internet access. We don't know what the Corporates are up to, we have no intelligence systems at all right now. We came here to ask for help. Tobias has offered it, we we're leaving. The sooner we get back, the safer Meibion is"
Pickwick shook his head. "At least take this with you", he said handing Annie a small leather bag, "Add a spoonful of the herbs to boiling water twice a day. It'll help with the pain and swelling".
Annie placed the bag into her jacket pocket. "Thanks", she said with a smile. "Personally, I'd rather stay here being cossetted and cared for, but there are people in Wales who are counting on us".
Pickwick nodded, "I understand", he replied, then watched as Annie left the hall in search of her travelling companions.

Pantha and Tobias watched from the courtyard as Loki and Sarah rode across the drawbridge. Annie rode pillion on Loki's horse while Cpr sat precariously behind Sarah. The plan was for them to ride as close as possible to Meibion Glyndwr's mountain retreat before leaving the horses in the care of a sympathetic farmer and then climb from there. Once the task was complete, Loki and Sarah would collect the horses and return to Stokesay.
"I don't like so many people away from the castle", Pantha said as she followed Tobias back into the hall. "It doesn't feel right. First Pisky and KayEm, now Loki and Sarah".
Tobias nodded, "I know what you mean", he replied, "With what Asala told us, I'd rather have everyone here just in case the corporates try something".
"Which they will, eventually", Pantha added.
Tobias sighed. "This is a pain in the arse", he said, dropping into a seat beside the fire. "If this crap hadn't started, things would be different. But now ... We can't make any plans for the future ... can't do anything."
"Can't have a relationship with a girl because you don't know how long you'd have together ?" Pantha grinned.
"Is it that obvious ?", Tobias asked.
"KayEm told me."
"How did she find out ?"
Pantha smiled, "I think every woman here knows - except one", she said. "And she would love to know. Now, are you going to talk to her or not ?"
Tobias acted puzzled, "How can I talk to KayEm ? - she's in Cornwall", he said.
Pantha rolled her eyes; "Erisian", she replied.
Oh", Tobias said smiling, "Erisian. You think I'm sweet on Erisian ... is that right ?"
"Not at all", Pantha said, "I don't think you're sweet on her, I know it"
Tobias sighed; "I don't know", he said sadly, "Can we risk it ? Is it fair to get together knowing that one day I might go out there and never come back ? I couldn't put her through that"
"Pisky and KayEm are together", Pantha replied, "Why not you two ?"
"Pisky and KayEm are ... well, Pisky and KayEm", Tobias poured two tankards and passed one to Pantha.
She took the drink and shook her head, "If two people want to be together then they shouldn't fight against it. You don't know what's in the future. You both could live until you're a hundred and what a waste it would be if you didn't do anything about your feelings until it was too late".
"Your family's in the Highlands aren't they ?"
"Yes", Pantha replied with a tear in her eye, "And there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss them. But I know that they love me and that they are safe. One day I hope to get there myself but I know that it's just too dangerous to try to get there right now. Now, your 'family' - or rather the woman who would love to be part of your family, is just over the courtyard from you. Don't waste time John. Carpe Diem, as Robin William's character said in 'Dead Poets Society'. Seize the day".
Tobias drained his tankard and smiled. Taking a deep breath he clapped Pantha on the shoulder and strode towards the gatehouse just in time to see Loki and Sarah come charging into the courtyard with Annie and Cpr12r clinging on precariously behind.
"Raise the drawbridge and close the gates !!!", Loki shouted as he leaped from his horse, "We've got company - and its not the friendly kind !!!"

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 07:56 AM
Ooh.err. Actually, this means some fighting
I mean, parasol, what parasol....

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 09:24 AM
OoOoOoOoOoOo a fight scene I can't wait to see what I destroy *eyes get that evil look* Muahahhahaahahhaha
Another great chapter

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 01:29 PM
Another wonderful chapter.

I wanna be in the next one

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 03:42 PM
Steel yourselves for the terrifying debut of Isis in the next Chapter, and MacKiller in the one after.

And then .... ?

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 03:49 PM
Ohh.. I wanna be famous!

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 06:32 PM
OOH i just cant wait!

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 07:18 PM
Hey , just call me Aunty pantha, Stokesay's agony aunt

good to see more ATSers joining the story. I wonder what isis and mackiller will have in store for them?

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 07:51 PM
ooooooooh i can't wait,

i finally get sent on a mission, LOL, and we come running back!! I hope we really hurt the corporates, ooh what if it isn't the corporates......I can't wait to see what happens, and how our new companions, or foes (we dont' know yet) are going to fit it!!!

Welcome Isis and Mackiller

[edit on 1/17/2005 by smilingsarah82]

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 10:11 PM
Chapter 52 - Siege

"Get everyone out of the Gatehouse !!!", Tobias shouted as he leaped onto the curtain wall battlements behind the stables. Loki rushed to comply while Sarah raced into the Hall with Cpr and Annie hard on her heels.
"Corporates !!!", she yelled, making LC drop her tankard onto the sleeping form of Phoebe. The dog leaped into the air, barking and growling while simultaneously attempting to shake the cider from her fur. LC muttered imprecations as she slipped on the puddle and almost fell, while Asala ran out of the kitchen and almost tripped over the angry hound.
Pantha stood calmly while pandemonium reigned. "We all know what to do", she said, "And where to go". She walked quickly to the corner where she kept her belongings and selected her own weapon while Sarah loosened Caledonia's scabbard and checked her own brace of pistols.
"Very fetching Lara, I must say", LadyCool said as she rummaged through her own kit. Sarah stuck out her tongue at LC then turned to Pantha. "Where do you want Annie and Cpr ?", she asked.
Pantha checked the safety of her SA80; "Can you get on the roof ?", she asked, "Those bows will definitely be useful"
Cpr12r grinned, "Consider it done", he said and in a flash had left the Hall, bow in hand and quiver strapped on his back.
"Take the solar windows", Pantha said as Annie turned to follow her companion, "It'll be easier than trying to climb with that foot of yours". Annie nodded and hobbled across the floor towards the courtyard and the steps leading to the solar.
"Trust the fecking pixy to miss all the work", LadyCool muttered as she strapped on her pistols and tied her hair into blue pigtails, "By the time he gets back, it'll all be over".

The door opened and Erisian rushed in, her face white with worry. "Anything for me ?", she asked, forcing the fear away and heading to where Pantha was directing the defence.
"You were pretty good with a rifle, so Tobias tells me", Pantha said picking up a weapon and handing it to Eris, "Didn't you shoot an Azraelite off one of the walls that time in Warwick ?"
Erisian nodded, checked the rifle and smiled grimly.
"South Tower curtain wall, please", Pantha said. Erisian nodded seriously and left the hall.
Pantha took a deep breath, hefted her weapon and strode towards the door, "Lets get it done", she said then stepped into the courtyard.

"What do you mean, they're just sitting there ?", Pantha asked as Tobias dropped off the curtain wall and trotted over to where she was talking with Loki.
"When I buggered Eris out of the Gatehouse I had a look out the windows", Loki explained,"I expected to be shot at at least, but nothing. They're just sitting around just outside the moat".
"Must be waiting for something", Tobias said as he scanned the castle defences, "Or someone"
"They're Corporates right ?", LadyCool asked.
"Yes. Mercenaries plus a few squaddies probably for backup. They don't look happy I'll say that for them"
"Then why are they here then ?", LC asked angrily, "Why didn't they say 'sod the corporations' and bugger off like you did ?"
"Feck knows", Tobias replied, "Maybe some of them really believe in the Corporate way of life"
"Nutters if you ask me", came LC's reply, "But then again it's not really that different from Bush's wars. "Even though many troops knew the wars were immoral, they still fought because of a sense of honour. Although why they would fight for a gob#e like Bush is beyond me".
"True", Tobias replied, "The people I worked with in REME were the most honourable bunch of buggers around. We had the idea that 'you joined, so you fight' and so we did. Some died for the poodle and his lies, but when the Corporates took over, that was it. We'd fight for the country even with an arsehole like Blair in charge, but for the greedy CEO's of McDogturds and Wal Fart ? - No fecking chance. Thing is", he continued, "There are always some bad apples. Just because most of my old compadres gave the Corporates the V-sign doesn't mean that every squaddie did. A lot just got seconded to Corporate Mercenary squads. Some even left the army and joined the Corporates. Probably thought it would improve their career prospects."
LC shook her head in despair at what people would do for an ideology, even a warped one such as the New World Order. "I'm off to North Tower then", she said, "Asala should be there by now and ..."
"Chopper !!!" One of the men standing on the battlements behind the stable yelled, pointing desperately towards a small speck in the sky. It was small, not one of the standard black helicopters but definitely heading in their direction. The castle defenders numbered around fifty, with another twenty or so huddled in the hall or watching from the courtyard as the helicopter moved closer, eventually hovering about a hundred yards in front of the Gatehouse.
"Loki", Tobias said quickly, "See if you can get a closer look. I want to know whos in that bird".
Loki nodded and pelted across the courtyard into the gatehouse. The two men guarding the heavily locked gate watched in interest as he charged up the stairs, then disappeared from view.

"How many are out there ?", Sarah asked as she fingered the hilt of her sword.
"I reckon about two hundred all told", Tobias replied. "They've got us circled, but that means they're spread quite widely apart. It may give us an advantage, that is if they don't get any reinforcements".
"Which is highly improbable, given that they're waiting around, isn't it ?"
Tobias sighed and nodded. Sarah looked grave, slipped Caledonia from its scabbard and watched the reflection of the afternoon sun glint from the metal.
"I wonder what these swords really do", she said pensively. "I mean, they're nice and all but aren't they supposed to be magickal ?"
"Feck knows", came the reply, "But we could certainly do with some magick right now"
"Magick, my arse !"
Tobias and Sarah turned at the voice, smiles playing on their faces as they watched Fingal and Ravenna cross the courtyard. "I'd say a Mass for our victory", the old priest said, handing round a bottle of 'Best Pixyland', "But those buggers out there would probably interrupt it. Fecking heathens !!!".
Ravenna put her arm through Fingals and smiled sadly. With her hair tied up in a pony tail, she looked more like a High School Valedictorian than the female version of Indiana Jones, but the sword at one side and holstered pistol on the other gave the lie to that illusion. "Do you have any idea what they're up to ?", she asked as Sarah replaced Caledonia into its scabbard.
"Bugger all", Tobias replied, "Loki's in the Gatehouse seeing what's up with that chopper. Other than that, I guess all we can do is wait".

LadyCool and Asala stood inside the top floor of North Tower watching through the windows as the helicopter touched down on the other side of the Gatehouse. "I didn't think we'd get found out this early", LC said quietly. "I expected the Corporations to have bigger fish to fry".
"Me too", Asla replied, checking her pistol and ensuring that she had sufficient ammunition.
"You don't like this fighting stuff do you ?", LC asked, fiddling with the small Victorian parasol she carried as a good luck charm. "You never liked it even when it was just the two of us and Sarah"
Asala sighed. "Just because I don't like fighting doesn't mean I can't". She reholstered the pistol and turned back to the window. "Yes, I'd rather help people or cook or just hang about talking but we can't do that now, not until everything's back to normal. If that ever happens. So I do what I need to do to survive, just like everyone else. We're in this thing together and whatever happens, we'll do it together"
"Just like the Musketeers", LC said raising her parasol like a sword, "One for all"
"And all for one". Asala smiled.

Loki moved closer to the window overlooking the moat and opened it slightly. Balancing his directional microphone on the window sill, he began his vigil. A hundred yards or so beyond, the helicopter touched down softly, the pilot shutting down the engine almost as soon as he landed. It was smaller than the normal Corporate helicopter and had been painted black and rose-gold with a large Ankh emblazoned on the fuselage.
Loki watched as the door opened and a small swarthy-looking man alighted, lowered the steps and offered his hand to whoever was still inside. A small hand reached out and took his own dark one and he moved slowly backwards, helping his companion down the steps to the ground.
The woman who stepped from the aircraft was dressed in a white gown which looked for all the earth like that of an ancient Egyptian priestess. However, it being the middle of winter, her clothes had been tailored to take the cold into consideration and appeared to Loki to be made of some shiny material he had never seen before. Around her shoulders a short wollen cloak hung down her back while her head was covered by a hood from which the occasional wisp of wavy black hair protruded. Nevertheless, it wasn't the woman's appearance that shocked Loki, but the nasty looking snake that hung around her shoulders. The cobra, which Loki guessed was about five feet long, hissed angrily at being taken into the wintery air. Slowly the woman disentangled herself from her reptilian companion and handed it to the dark man. "Too cold", she said in an imperious manner, and watched as he returned the snake to the warmth of the chopper.

"Feck me, it's Cleopatra !", Loki muttered to himself as the woman strode from the helicopter towards a Corporate Hummer standing fifty or so feet away. The Mercenary standing beside the vehicle was concentrating on a map stretched across the bonnet and didn't realise he was being addressed until he was spun forcibly around by the small Egyptian manservant.
"Who the f..." The soldier began then seemed to recognise the woman. "I'm ... er ... sorry ... ma'am, but ... I ... "
The woman sighed; "I am not a ma'am", she said coldly. "Neither do I require your apologies. I am a priestess of Isis. You may refer to me with either the title 'Priestess' or as 'Isis', this being the name each of us is given once accepted into the mysteries".
The mercenary swallowed; "Yes ... ma' ... er ... Priestess ... Isis"
Isis shook her head in annoyance. "Who is in charge of this debacle ?", she asked.
The mercenary straightened. "That would be me ... Priestess", he replied, hastily adding the title.
"So he's not here yet ?"
"No Priestess. I believe he plans to arrive after dusk"
Isis glowered at the soldier, "He invites a member of the Temple of Isis to witness what he calls his 'greatest triumph' and yet cannot do me the most basic courtesy of being here to welcome me. Tell me, why should I wait ? ... why should I not leave right now and return to the Temple ?"
The mercenary shivered visibly, knowing exactly what would happen to him if she left. "Would you allow me the honour of caring for your needs until ..."
"You need not worry", Isis said, "Bad manners or not, I wouldn't miss this for the world. When his little foible fails utterly - and mark my words, it will fail - He and his acolytes will be cast aside. Once that is done, the Temple of Isis will be one step closer to being the chosen religion." She looked into the mercenary's bloodshot eyes and smiled, "Make sure you choose the right side".

"So who do you think they're waiting for ?", Tobias asked Loki after he had returned to the courtyard to give his report.
"No idea", came the reply, "Whoever it is, Cleo doesn't think much of him. She's waiting for him to feck up so that she can take his place. Something about the chosen religion or some such crap".
"Didn't Asala mention something about a One World Religion ?", Ravenna asked, "Blair was talking about that wasn't he ?"
"It's not much of a surprise", Tobias explained. "The NWO, Illuminati or whatever the buggers call themselves have always planned for one. I just didn't expect it to be a contest"
"I remember the pixy saying something about the One World Religion a few months ago", Fingal said. "Something about the 'cult of self' or something like that. He said that many people may call themselves Christians and go to church every week, likewise they could call themselves Jews and visit the synagogue, or Muslims and attend the Mosque - but inside do they truly believe ?"
"Feck knows", Loki replied.
"Yes, some do, at least in Pisky's eyes", the priest continued, "He said that the average person doesn't truly follow Christ, Jehovah or Allah. They follow the cult of self. The religion of negativity. The ideas that allow corrupt governments to kill innocents indiscriminately. To sacrifice their own young to boost their personal coffers. The I'm OK, Jack mindset that allows people in the most advanced countries of the world to be homeless and starving."
"So the pixy thinks that the One World Religion is just Luciferic thought masquerading as positive religions ?" Tobias asked.
"Yes", Fingal replied, "And he's not the only one. But from what Loki just said, it looks as if there may be some kind of competition within the ranks. Whoever this Isis was talking about it's obvious that there's animosity between the camps."
"A religious war inside the NWO could be just what we need to take the heat off us", Tobias said. "But for now we need to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Where's Coleman ?"
"He took over in the Gatehouse when I came out here", Loki answered, "He's watching Cleo in case she slips up and gives us a hint as to who she's waiting for".
"I don't think we've got much longer to wait", Sarah said pointing to a pinprick of light in the rapidly darkening sky, "If I'm not mistaken, that's our man."
And with that, they all turned to watch as the helicopter ranged ever closer.

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 10:36 PM
NWO internal Religous politics?

very tasty!

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 09:05 AM
I'm truely amazed at the descriptions!
Imho you know whats one of the traits of a very good writer? When you can put yourself in any character's shoes and know exactly how they would feel, have an idea as to how they'll react. THis story is so character driven and each character has a uniqueness to them. ( Besides every one of them is KICK BUTT) BRAVO!
By the way little pixies if something bad happens i just want you to know its not my fault. Its the goddamn snake Aphophis'! Bad pooofy baaaaad poooofy!

Cant wait for Mackiller!

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by I_s_i_s
By the way little pixies if something bad happens i just want you to know its not my fault. Its the goddamn snake Aphophis'! Bad pooofy baaaaad poooofy!

Ahh stop it, you make me laugh too much, I'm going to be saying 'bad poofy!' for the rest of the day

Nice chapter pisky, right where's the fighting...

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 12:42 PM
Very nice, another wonderful chapter.

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