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Pisky's ATS Story

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posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 04:54 PM
Poor Ravenna, she's a heroine though now! Poor Tamsin and Angover
have to say I'm not feeling too much sympathy after what they did to me but still...

posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 05:28 PM
Just saw your signature Lady Cool!



posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 03:19 AM
Happy Birthday pixy padawan !

posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 05:58 AM
Sorry I've not posted my praises lately, but I usually check out the pisky story while at work, and it's been fairly manic over the christmas period. Things have calmed down now, so I got a chance to catch up.
I have to say WOW! what a treat that was. I'm quite into tales of vampires (I'm an Anne Rice fan) so I particularly enjoyed this latest part of the adventure, and it looks like there's more to come with Isabella still being in the picture. I can't wait to see what happens.

posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 03:33 PM
Heehee, thankyou Sarah!! And thankyou Pisky!!

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 06:02 PM
Well that's a relief. I didn't end up 6 feet under after all. I'm not too pleased with those Ravens though.

And happy birthday to you, LadyCool. I know its a bit late but its the thought that counts.

posted on Jan, 7 2005 @ 08:01 PM
Chapter 48 - Etheric Espionage

It was a cold December's evening when Loki saw the riders approaching but even in the dusky twilight he recognised them. Rushing downstairs from where Erisian sat monitoring internet traffic, he wrenched open the main gate and dropped the drawbridge, standing aside as the three horses walked slowly through. Pisky and Fingal looked knackered. Ravenna, sitting behind the stately Muryannan, was white with pain. Even Muryannan herself appeared drained. Pisky nodded to Loki, who raised the drawbridge and locked the gates before following them into the courtyard. The pixy dropped from his horse, muttering abuse as his knee clicked. He handed his reins to Rhiannon, who had certainly lived up to her name, having slipped effortlessly into the role of ostler while they were away. Fingal dismounted, stretched and yawned while Muryannan slid off Kelyonan before offering her hand to Ravenna.
"I need a fecking drink", the pixy said, and led them towards the hall.

They sat around the fire, this group who had been through so much together, and listened as the pixy told what had befallen their blacksmith and his daughter. When he was done, Asala sobbed quietly on Pantha's shoulder while Loki sat shaking his head in disbelief. Ravenna, her ribs expertly bandaged by KayEm, sat with her hands in her lap, still unable to accept the Raven's betrayal. Tobias stared into the fire, his mind whirling. They had lost so much to the Corporates. So many to the plagues, the ghettos, the gulags. It wouldn't be long before the enemy forces were up to strength once more - and then the battle for survival would really begin in earnest.

The next morning, Tobias sat on the curtain wall abutting South Tower with a sad look on his face. The breach made during the meteor strike was almost filled and the tower itself now had a roof, as had the Solar. Everyone had worked together in order to repair the castle's defences, since it could be only a matter of time before the Corporates discovered it.
Alongside Coleman, who had made a quick recovery thanks to KayEm's nursing skills, Tobias had spent the last week on the roof, since the apprentice blacksmith could no longer clamber around as he had used to. That said, his task was no less important. He carved stones and rocks into useable sizes before placing them onto a jerry-built pulley and lifting them to where they were needed. Tobias then hammered the stones in place before fastening them with concrete mortar. Now, sitting on the eight foot tall Curtain wall, the soldier surveyed their handiwork and sighed.

Down in the courtyard, Pantha and Sarah sat chatting together while Rhiannon fed and watered the horses. Damien, her young son, often helped with the work but today sat alone, tears in his eyes as he remembered his friend. Rhiannon looked over, but nothing she said could ease his grief. Only time could do that, although there would always be a spot in his heart for Tamsin. LadyCool stood with KayEm watching as Loki demonstrated his latest piece of pyrotechnical wizardry. Normally he would take great delight in such a task, but even he had fallen prey to the grief that accompanied the loss of two of their own.

Asala left the Hall, carrying a tray of food. Smiling wanly at Damien, she walked towards the South Tower curtain wall where Tobias now stood repairing the bottom of the arrowslit windows.
"Something to eat ?", Asala shouted as she reached the wall. Tobias looked down and smiled. "I'll come down", he replied, turning to leave.
"It's ok", Asala said, "I'll come up. Save you a journey." And with that she began climbing the small wooden scaffolding leading up to the top.
"Watch out for those bits of stone", Tobias warned, as his companion reached the wall and began walking gingerly towards the tower, "they're ..."
Asala's foot slipped on the stone, she scrabbled to keep her footing as Tobias leaped towards her. The tray flew from her hands and with a shriek she toppled off the wall into the courtyard.
"# !!!", Tobias cursed, leaning down and dropping off the wall to where Asala had fallen. "Coleman !", he yelled as he saw the blacksmith running towards him, "Get KayEm now !!!"

"I'm OK", Asala said as she watched Tobias drop down from the wall, "I'm not hurt. I didn't even break the ears of my Minnie Mouse hat". She smiled, then her expression changed to one of puzzlement when she realised that Tobias was ignoring her. In fact he looked desperately worried. "I'm OK", she replied, "really". She watched as he bent down to a small shape that lay huddled below the wall. "KayEm !!!", he yelled, turning away, seeming for all the world as if he was looking right through Asala. Tenderly he turned the figure onto its back. Asala strained to see who it was.
"oh # !", she said as she looked down.
She saw herself.

She was still standing in shock when KayEm actually ran through her to reach the prone figure on the ground. Tobias held Asala's hand talking quietly to her as KayEm checked her pulse and respiration. "Stretcher ... NOW !", KayEm shouted, then turning back to Tobias said quietly "This is bad".
"But I'm here", Asala said, waving her hand in front of KayEm's face. "I'm ...bugger !!!" She yelled as she began to lift off from the ground. She watched as Sarah and LC rushed over with a stretcher from the Infirmary. She watched as 'Asala' was lifted carefully onto the stretcher and carried towards the hall. She floated across the courtyard, watching in fear and wonderment as she realised what was happening. She was having either an Out of Body Experience or, more worrying, a Near Death Expereince. She certainly didn't like the idea of that one bit.
"I want to go back inside !", she said to herself, remembering what she had read on ATS about OBE/NDE's. The thought makes the action and she could 'will' herself back into her body. Unless, of course, it was already too late.
"I don't like this !!!", she moaned as she began to ascend slowly above the castle, "All I wanted was to have a normal life. A house, kids to take to Disneyland, And now ...", angrily she glared around herself, Normally a placid and caring woman this situation brought out the worst in her. "It's all the fault of the Corporations !!!", she ranted, "Evil power crazed scumbags !!! ... I wish I could give them a piece of my mind !!!!"


Asala blinked her etheric eyes and looked around. She was no longer hovering above Stokesay. Instead she seemed to be in some dark, wood-panelled boardroom. The curtains were closed, the only illumination coming from small flickering candle sconces placed around the walls. A large mahogany table stood in the centre of the room with seats for thirteen people, although only three were currently occupied. A tall man sat at the near end of the table, his back to where Asala now stood. The others occupied chairs opposite each other, though they had turned to face their companion. Asala gasped, recognising both men from their photographs and TV appearences, although this was the first time she had seen them in the flesh.
A sibillant voice with a slight French accent seemed to echo through the room as the man at the top of the table spoke.
"It is good to see that you are improving, Tony", he said, leaning towards the man on his left, "I hear that you had a ... little problem"
Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom grimaced and nodded. "Your sources once again are top notch", he said. "My people managed to keep my little 'accident' from the press, but of course you would have heard about it".
"Quite so", said the Frenchman. "And is it true ? ... that you were callously attacked by a ... how you say ... Piksee"
"Pisky", Blair replied, "I spent over an hour hanging by my ... crown jewels ... from Tower Bridge. The peasants merely jeered and clapped, congratulating the Pisky for his heinous crime while I dangled there in ..."
"Yes, yes". The Frenchman interrupted. "But you are well again now ?"
"Yes, Thank you, Monsieur le Marquis".
"Well, I'd have found out where he lived and nuked the sonofabitch !", came the reply from the Frenchman's right.
"I daresay you would, George", he said with a smile. "You always were somewhat ... highly strung"
"I prefer to say that I won't put up with any crap, monsewer", said the President of the United States, "I never took crap from Saddam and I'll be damned to Hell if I'll take it from some fairy"
"Pixy, actually", Blair explained. "Fairies are cute and have wings, Pisky is an utter bas..."
The Marquis sighed and signalled for silence.

Asala moved slightly. The Frenchman tensed, as if sensing something, then shrugged his gallic shoulders and leaned back in his chair. Bush and Blair neither saw nor sensed anything untoward.
"His excellency requires an update", came the sibillant voice once more after a short pause. "He believes that you have ample time to prepare. He wants a date."
Blair looked across at where Bush was doodling on a notepad. The President smiled to himself, then turned to the Frenchman. "Imbolc", he said.
"Appropriate", came the reply. "The time of new beginnings. You are sure you can deliver ?"
"I'll uphold my side of the bargain", Bush replied.
"And you ?", The Marquis turned to Blair.
"Please convey to His Excellency that all will be ready in time for the Imbolc celebrations. Irrespective of the wishes of 'my' people, the UK will join the European Union, and the soon to be formed American and Asiatic Unions in one New World Order, with One Government, One Currency and One Religion."
"And you will deal with the 'insurgents' ?"
"Corporate forces are already sweeping through the country, Monsieur", Blair said sycophantically, "They are of limited size of course, but thorough. Unfortunately, as with other countries of the world, we are limited to terrestrial communications".
"Due to the meteor strikes taking down the Communication Satellites ?" The Frenchman looked from Blair to Bush.
"Exactly", Blair replied.
Bush nodded sadly. "GPS is down too"
"Obviously. Please continue, Tony".
Blair cleared his throat. "Lack of satellite communications has, of course, hampered our work, but do not be concerned. - the UK will join the New World Order. Actually, according to recent surveys, many people believe that a one world government and currency are best for everyone. No charges to change from pounds to dollars, that kind of thing. No passports needed".
The Frenchman leaned forward conspiratorially, "And the chip?"
Blair smiled. "We've got a series of commercials ready to go", he said. "I don't see any problem with that, do you George ?"
Dubya shook his head, "No problem at all. They either take it or ... BAM !", he pointed his hand like a gun, then blew on the finger tip.
The Marquis smiled. "Subtlety was never your strong point, was it George ?"
"Now come on, Pindar, you ..."
Bush shot back in his seat, shocked at the anger of the Marquis. He shivered, sweat beading his head and ran a finger between his collar and his neck. "Erm ... I ..."
As quickly as it appeared, the anger was gone. The Marquis smiled as he spoke once more to the President: "I am the Marquis de Libeaux. Remember that ... Temporary". Bush gulped and reached for a glass of water.
"Now, where were we ? ... ah yes ... Tony, you mentioned the 'New World Order'" , The Frenchman nodded at Blair who was sitting stock still in his chair, a fearful expression on his face. The Prime Minister cleared his throat; "Yes, Marquis", he said, "I ..."
"His Excellency dislikes the title", the Frenchman interrupted; "Conspiracy theorists have given it a bad name. He suggests World Community. He believes - and I concur - that it displays a single mindset wherein every person can consider him or her self a member of a great society of like-minded thinkers".
Asala made a 'finger down the throat' motion at that and shook her head. Again the Marquis stopped and looked around.
"Strange ...", he muttered to himself, then returned to business.

"Returning to the subject of the 'insurgents' within the UK. I know you have previously assured me that Corporate forces will break the backbone of these rebels, but I would like to know ... now ... how you plan to deal with them. I heard that a whole county has declared itself 'off limits' to Corporate agents, and that there are pockets of resistance in the ... shall we say ... wilder parts of the country"
Blair swallowed. "Cornwall has always been a thorn in the side of any attempt to make a One World Ord ... er ... World Community", he explained. "Even though they were assimilated into England hundreds of years ago, the Cornish consider themselves a race apart".
"Sounds like Texas", Bush muttered, "Except Texas is on the right side".
Blair took a deep breath. "We plan an attack in Taunton in three weeks", he continued, "Which of course will be blamed on Osama and his terrorists. We will then tell the Cornish that unless they allow us into their county, in order to protect them, we cannot guarantee that there will not be further attacks".
The Marquis nodded.
Blair leaned back in his seat; "If I may be so bold as to ask ... where is Osama anyway ?"
"Actually, I received a communication from him only last week", the Marquis replied, picking up a small attache case from beside his chair. Reaching inside, he picked up a photograph and placed it on the table.

Blair picked it up and looked at the back. He read it out aloud.

"Dear Marquis.
Having a wonderful time in Disneyland. Met Mickey and Minnie for beers after work. Minnie got drunk and was slurring her words. I bet old Walt's spinning in his grave. Off to Magic Mountain tomorrow.
Love, Osama".

"Nice work if you can get it", Dubya drawled."What's his next job anyway ?"
"He's retiring from terrorism once the World Community is up and running", the Marquis explained with a smile, "I believe he's planning to set up a rock band ... Bin Jovi"
Blair grinned. Dubya didn't get the joke. The Frenchman sighed in mock despair. Asala worried for the world with this trio at the helm.
"So then gentlemen", the Marquis said finally, "Unless any of you wish to add anything, this meeting is adjourned".
Blair shook his head, Bush shrugged his shoulders. Asala rolled her eyes.
The Marquis leaned against the table and stood. "I look forward to meeting with you again after Imbolc", he said, leaning forward and shaking first Dubyas hand, then Blairs. The pair collected their papers and left.
Finally alone, the Marquis sighed. "Most disconcerting", he said to himself. "That feeling of ..." He spun around rapidly. Asala screamed, her hand flying to her throat.

"It's ok !!!" KayEm leaned put her hands on Asala's shoulders and slowly eased her back onto the bed.
Asala took a deep breath, her heart racing. She closed her eyes and waited for her pulse to slow.
"Welcome back", KayEm said, smiling.
Asala blinked her eyes and looked around the room. Tobias stood at the bottom of the bed, with Sarah and LC flanking him. They were smiling. Asala returned the gesture. "Have I got a story for you", she said, pushing herself into a sitting position. "You are not going to believe where I've been !"

posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 04:28 AM
wow, I'm glad asala's ok!
How did it feel to virually string Blair up by the crown jewels I know a few people that would like to see that happen

posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 06:08 PM
I hate you, Pisky. I really hate you.

Here I am feeling sorry for myself because I think I've got a cold coming and you come along and make me laugh.

I wonder what Tony Blair would think if he read your story. Or George Bush for that matter. You'd end up with a chapter called 'Pisky goes to the gulag' or something like that.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 06:07 PM
Gosh *Breaths* im OK!! whoo hoo

great stuff pisky

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 06:08 PM
Chapter 49 - Pixyish Partings

They sat around the fire once more, listening intently to what Asala had to say. She told of Blair's dislike of the pixy, of the fast-approaching 'New World Order', and of the Frenchman's fury with the President.
"Bush called him something - Pingu or something like that - and he went up the wall. He told Bush never to refer to him with that name outside of ritual, whatever that meant. And he called himself 'Marquis de something or other'" Asala took a sip of cider. "Has anyone heard of this Pingu or Pindu or whoever he is ?"
"Was it 'Pindar' ?", the pixy inquired, "The Marquis de Libeaux ?"
"Yes !", Asala exclaimed, "Thats it ... Who is he ?"
Pisky took a deep breath; "He's a very high level Illuminatus according to certain sources", he explained, "Very high up - this gob#e even outranks the Queen"
"Bugger me !", Loki said, almost dropping his tankard. "And who's this 'Excellency' he was talking about, I wonder ?"
"Feck knows", replied Pisky, "Probably the 'Big cheese'. Could be the Antichrist for all I know"
Asala shivered. "This 'Pindar' was bad enough", she said, "I'd hate to have to meet his boss".
"So why did he call Dubya 'Temporary' ?", Sarah asked, leaning back into her seat after refilling her tankard.
"Skull & Bones", Loki explained. "Thats his Bonesman's name. Don't ask why he's called that because I don't know. There are two theories. One is that he was too idle to bother choosing a name so they marked him as having a 'Temporary' one, the second is that he was given the name by the other Bonesmen. Almost as if he's only going to be around 'Temporarily'"
"You mean they're planning to sacrifice him in one of those rituals Asala mentioned ?"
"No idea. I shouldn't think so. He's gone above and beyond duty as far as the New World Order is concerned".
"World Community", the pixy corrected sarcastically, "Or WC for short".
At that, LadyCool sprayed cider all over Phoebe, who looked up with a disgusted look on her face and began shaking it off over everyone nearby.
"WC ?", KayEm asked, "What's so funny about that ?"
"Typical Colonial", grinned the pixy, "WC is short for 'Water Closet' in England - A toff way of saying 'Toilet'"
"Or 'Bog' said LC"
"Or Lavvy", added Asala.
KayEm shook her head and sighed.

"OK", Asala said as the laughter died. "I've got something more important to tell you now."
She took a deep breath and plowed ahead; "You all know that Cornwall is holding out against the Corporates. Well, Blair's planning a 'terrorist' attack on Taunton. He's going to blame Bin Laden and when everything is in chaos, come along and offer Corporate 'protection'. He thinks the Cornish will accept, and that will give the Corporate forces free reign".
"No way in hell", the pixy replied.
"He implied that there would be more attacks if Cornwall refused".
Pisky danced around ranting and cursing, threatening Blair with red hot pokers, castration and disembowelling before Muryannan stood and placed her hand softy upon his arm. "Ranting will not help, Piskandir", she said, although her breathing was fast and her normally white face held a flash of crimson. "We need to prepare ... Asala, did he say when exactly this was planned to occur ?"
"In about three weeks", she replied, "He didn't mention a specific date".
Muryannan nodded. "Then we will leave in the morning. Piskandir, please be so good as to ask Rhiannon to join us".
The pixy left, still muttering imprecations about Blair and his treacherous Government.
Muryannan sat, smoothed her dress and took a sip of cider. "Losille, you will of course join Piskandir and myself. We will travel first to Tintagel, where we will collect as many of the fifty are available. We will then ride to Taunton and await Mr Blair's attack".
LadyCool sat up, looking around the room. "Who?", she asked.
"Losille", Muryannan replied, "Piskandir's wife".
KayEm grinned. "I'll always be KayEm to you guys though", she said, "I've been that since we first met on ATS and I don't intend to change now"
LC shook her head. "One day I'll keep up with all these different names", she said then turned to see Pisky returning with Rhiannon in tow.
Tobias bent towards Muryannan; "KayEm's the only one here with any medical experience", he said, "I don't think it's a good idea for her to go with you. What'll happen if ..."
"Pickwick has certain healing skills that I'm sure he will be only too pleased to demonstrate if necessary", came the reply. "He will be staying here until Losille returns."
"Losille is KayEm, right ?"
"Losille is whoever she wants to be". Muryannan smiled.

A cold winter wind blew through the courtyard the next morning, rattling the pixy's bones and making him yearn for the warm fire of the hall and a tankard of mulled cider. He stood waiting while Rhiannon and Damien prepared Kelyonan and two of the castle's horses for the long ride to Cornwall. Beside the pixy, KayEm stood gazing at the place that had been their homes for longer than they would have imagined possible. They were both dressed for the weather, with hoods and cloaks to keep out the worst of the wind. Their swords, Kernow and Cymru were fastened around their waists while KayEm also had the rifle she had acquired from the Chupacabra caverns strapped to her back.
The hall door opened and Muryannan joined them, followed by Pickwick and virtually every member of the Stokesay contingent. Muryannan's light blue dress seemed to meld with the sky itself as she walked out of the shadow of the castle and stood beside KayEm to await the horses.

Tobias moved beside the three and sighed. "I'll miss you buggers", he said to Pisky and his wife, shaking the pixy's hand and giving KayEm a bearhug. "You too", he told Muryannan, "Even though I don't know you very well. You seem to have been here for ever". He offered his hand, which Muryannan took daintily.
"We'll be back before you even know we've gone", the pixy said, grinning.
"Hope so", Tobias said. "Hey, bring us some of the real Best Pixyland when you get back. I want to see if it's as good as you say it is".
"Actually", Muryannan said softly, "It's even better".
And so goodbyes were said. First Pantha then Loki, Ravenna, Fingal, Erisian, Sarah, Asala and finally LadyCool who staggered down the steps of the hall with a heavy looking bag in her arms.
"Just in case you run out of drink on the way there", she said breathlessly and handed the bag to Pisky who noticed that the contents clinked together. "Cider ?", he asked.
"Guinness", she said, "I was saving it for a special occasion - the end of Corporate rule - but, what the hell, we could be waiting a long time for that so you may as well have it to fortify yourselves on your journey"
"An excellent idea", Fingal said, "It makes me wish I was going with you".

Rhiannon and Damien walked the horses towards the throng. Kelyonan was ready for the off, a glint in his eyes. Muryannan put her head to one side and smiled at the horse who seemed to smile back.
Pisky loaded the bottles in his saddlebags alongside the food that Asala had prepared, and leaped onto his horse. KayEm and Muryannan mounted in a more genteel fashion, smiling at the pixy who pisked about with a bottle of Guinness in one hand, the reins in the other and Pillywiggin the kitten on his shoulder.
Pickwick took Muryannan's stirrup and leaned close. "Namárië", he said softly, "Nadath nâ i moe cerich."
LC looked to Erisian, who whispered her translation. "Farewell. There is much you have yet to do". LC shrugged.

Muryannan looked around at her new friends and smiled. "Don't worry", she said, "I'll have them back to you safe and sound ... Piskandir ? ... Losille ? ... shall we be off ?", and with that she turned her horse's head and led the way through the gatehouse and into the morning sunlight.

posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 07:37 PM
WOW, so much is happening, Im very glad that asala is alive!! and hope we kick blairs arse!!!!

can't wait for the next installment!

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 07:04 PM
Chapter 50 - Meibion Glyndwr

Erisian virtually flew down the stairs of the gatehouse, a piece of computer paper in her right hand. Leaping over the sleeping Phoebe, she rushed through the door, turned towards the hall and sprinted across the courtyard. Wrenching over the door, she caught her breath before skipping over to where Tobias, Loki and Pantha sat drinking. It had been three weeks since the departure of Pisky and his companions and this was the first Eris had heard about them since then.
"Take a look at this !", she said, thrusting the paper into Tobias' hand. Erisian stood behind him as he read, her head on one side, a grin on her face.

Reuters 07:15
Public release authorised.

Terrorist Leader found dead with deactivated Suitcase Nuke.

The body of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was discovered outside Taunton this morning alongside the remains of a deactivated explosive device. The device, believed to be a 'Suitcase nuke' was missing its cache of plutonium and is no longer active.

It is believed that bin Laden was planning to leave the explosive inside a Left Luggage locker in the railway station before returning to his safehouse. It is unknown as to why the Al Qaeda leader chose to perform this particular operation personally rather than delegate it to one of the sleeper cells believed to be hiding in the UK.
The explosive was programmed to detonate at 9:11am this morning and would have caused massive loss of life.

The cause of bin Laden's death has not yet been released to the press but is believed to include multiple arrow wounds and at least one red hot power embedded into the body. An envelope found beside the body contained a photograph of a strange looking baby and a note which stated 'Don't feck with the pixies' [Faximile Included]

Police have ruled out sucide.

"Well blow me down with a Guinness flavoured fart !", Loki exclaimed as Tobias handed the printout to him.
Eris giggled, "I thought you'd want to see that as soon as possible", she said grabbing a tankard and filling it with cider.
"That's the best news I've heard for weeks", Tobias said happily, "Blair's gonna be pretty pissed though. Another of his plans down the toilet".
"And it couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke", Loki replied sarcastically.
"And so say all of us !"

Damien sat on one of the curtain walls watching the sun set behind the tower, his eyes moist with tears. It had been almost a month since Tamsin's death but he still hurt inside. She was the only person in the castle of his own age and despite the kindness of Asala and Sarah, he felt desperately alone. He sighed and hung his legs over the edge of the wall. Below him was the moat which held a deadly secret - beneath the calm waters were eight foot tall stakes designed to impale anyone attempting to gain access to the castle via the moat. So placid, this water, and so deadly.
Damien watched the sunlight flickering on the water for a while then looked across to St. Philomena's. Fingal's voice flowed from inside the church through the open door, his chanting taking Damien through the centuries to Mediaeval England. He wished he was there now. Away from the Corporates, away from the uncertainty, away from the pain.

A shadow moved to his right and he turned to look. Two figures moved slowly along the road leading to the Gatehouse, one of whom seemed to be limping. Quickly he spun around and dropped onto the roof of the stables, skittered across and leaped down to the grass of the courtyard. "Tobias !!!", he yelled as he saw the soldier crossing from the toilet block. "Someone's coming !"
"Get Loki and Pantha !", came the reply as Tobias began jogging along the grass and towards the Gatehouse. He released the clip that held Excalibur safe in its scabbard and slowed down as he reached the gate proper. There he waited for the new arrivals to reach the drawbridge before removing the great wooden barrier on the gate and pulling it ajar.

Two bedraggled looking figures stood before him. Both appeared to be in their late teens, one holding a longbow in his hand and with a quiver of arrows strapped on his back. The other, a woman with shoulder length blonde hair which curled under at the bottom, was using her own bow as a makeshift staff while holding her foot off the ground as if it pained her to use it.
"Cpr12r", said the archer, thrusting out his hand. Tobias took it in his massive paw and smiled "John Tobias", he said. "Strange name if I may say"
"ATS", came the reply, which told the grinning Tobias everything he needed to know.
"I'm Annie Lloyd", said the young woman, her accent betraying her Welsh origins, "Meibion Glyndwr".
"Sons of Glyndower" Cpr12r translated, "From the Snowdonia enclave"
Loki and Pantha stode beneath the gatehouse and flanked Tobias. "We've heard nothing from you lot for months", Loki said as he caught the name of the North Wales contingent.
"That's why we're here", Annie explained, gingerly replacing her foot onto the floor and wincing. "But firstly, I don't suppose you've got any cobblers here at all ? ... My boots are killing me"
Tobias grinned, "It's usually Pisky who spouts cobblers here, but he's not around so you'll just have to put up with Loki instead".
Loki rolled his eyes and shook his head while Cpr12r looked around bemusedly.
"English slang", Annie explained, "It means ..."
But the explanation had to wait as Tobias threw open the gate in welcome.

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 08:37 PM
Welcome Annie and Cpr12r!! I wonder what's going to happen next now

And good job pisky on getting binladen!!!!
*loved the note ya left behind*

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 09:08 PM
English slang *rolls eyes* Confuzzling. Yay I'll forever go down in ATS history!!!!

Edit: what are coblers? *rolls eyes at british slang* confusing...

[edit on 12-1-2005 by cpr12r]

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by smilingsarah82
Welcome Annie and Cpr12r!! I wonder what's going to happen next now

Actually, Annie is a made up character based on another literary character (which I won't mention because it will ruin the surprise). The name is what KayEm used to be called at High School

So if the ATS 'Annie' is watching and worried for your reputation
... its not you

Needless to say, cpr12r is well known in the ranks or ATS.

And 'Cobblers' = 'Bollocks'

[edit on 12-1-2005 by Pisky]

posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 05:48 AM
Bravo! And I think I might know what this Annie's about...we shall see, top notch work, yadda yadda, you know we're all running out of compliments have a pint of guiness on me.

posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 02:19 PM
I thought cobblers were a type of shoe

posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 07:33 PM
Pixhilarating!!! Ebert and Roeper give it two thumbs and a coupla pinkies up! Heck they're levitating! Kick Arse story Pisky!
I'm new here and it took me a week to catchup to chapter 50 and it was well worth it! Hey where can ya get vampires, chups, greys and bush all at once place eh?
Pisky your highness if i get fired i'll blame you for getting me glued to the computer reading frantically during work hours gulping down countless jugs of Coffee!
( sarah you're not alone!)
Looking forward to the next chapter!

Oh and i'm sorry about scooby! My friend is currently going thru the same situation and its heartbreaking!

posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 09:40 PM
Wow i guess Pisky's story now should have a warning tag WARNING: May cause you to get behind or be fired from work

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