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Pisky's ATS Story

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posted on Dec, 19 2004 @ 12:22 AM
Keep it up Pisky!

posted on Dec, 21 2004 @ 06:25 PM
WOW again pisky!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 3/14/2004 at 01:44 PM
Pisky's ATS Story

I wonder if we are going to make it to this march?!?
Pisky, to think you've been writing this that long, and it is STILL absolutely amazing! keep up the awesome writing

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posted on Dec, 21 2004 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by smilingsarah82
I wonder if we are going to make it to this march?!?
Pisky, to think you've been writing this that long,

Bugger me ! - I didn't realise its been going for that long ... and there's lots more pixyness to come too !

For anyone who is interested - I found an online version of the original Nosferatu (from 1922).
It can be downloaded (in 6 seperate parts) HERE

posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 12:06 PM
Ignore the above post. The greedy bastards expect us to pay !!!

However, fear not - for the Original Cornish Pixy has discovered another copy of Nosferatu which can be watched via Streaming Media. (And downloaded by use of 'Stream Down' or other Streaming Media download software).


posted on Dec, 23 2004 @ 09:00 PM
Chapter 43 - The Undead

"Where did you take the coffin ?"
Pisky leaned on the table, glaring at the man sitting opposite. It had been over an hour and they were no closer to getting any answers than they had been when Radu had first entered the room. Pisky tapped his fingers on the dark wood table and Hertz leaned beside the fireplace while Klaus sat quietly in the armchair. Radu was not being very communicative.
The pixy repeated his question. This time the man deigned to reply. "I did not take any coffin anywhere", he said, smiling.
"Utter bull# !!!" Pisky snapped, "We have a witness who saw you helping others to remove Anna's coffin from the inn"
"That interfering child again, I assume", Radu replied, "The little bitch should keep her mouth shut. Maybe I'll teach her how to do it. Maybe I should knock out a few of those lily white teeth of hers eh ?". He clenched his hands into fists and grinned. He was larger than Pisky, with curly black hair, a long moustache and a smarmy expression on his face which the pixy instantly despised. "Listen, you slimy feck !", Pisky snapped, "Harm one hair of that kid's head and I'll fecking well rip your intestines out and feed ..."
"Please" said Klaus, putting his hand on the pixy's arm to interrupt the flow of invective, "Radu. You were Anna's playmate when you were both very young. Surely you don't want harm to befall her ?"
"She's dead", Radu said coldly.
"Then what did you do with her coffin ?"
"I told you, I did not take ..."
Hertz bent down and looked directly into the mans eyes. They were bloodshot as if he had been awake far too long. "Radu", the professor said softly, his eyes never leaving those of his captive, "What have they threatened you with ?"
"Threatened ? Me ? I am afraid of no man !" Radu exclaimed as if his honour had been disparaged.
"That may be so", Hertz replied, "But I'm not talking about any man".
Radu blanched and he turned away. "I do not know what you are speaking about", he said after a pause, "I am not afeared of any woman either !"
"Stop playing the arsehole !", Pisky snapped, "You know what he means."
"and what do you know of, eh ? - You'll be back in your cozy little cottage in pixyland within a week and where will Radu be ?", he glared at the pixy with a look of pure disgust, "Six feet under if I'm lucky. Thats where I'll be if I open my mouth to you. And will you be able to do anything to stop it ? - No"
Pisky stood and walked over to the window. He opened it and took a deep breath then closed it again and returned to the table.
"It looks as if you've beaten us Radu", he said sorrowfully. "There is nothing more we can do. You refuse to answer our questions and we cannot in all conscience force you to do so. So ...", he reached over and picked up a bottle of slivovitz, "As a gesture of goodwill, will you take drink with us ?"
Radu smiled broadly and shrugged his shoulders, "Since you recognise the better man, it will be a pleasure", and he took the proffered glass and drank.

"So what are your plans now?", Radu asked as he enjoyed his brandy, "return to ..."
A knock at the door interrupted his question. Hertz poured another glass of Slivovitz while Pisky went over to the door and opened it, keeping his body between the occupants of the room and the new arrival. He said a few muffled words before closing the door and returning to the group, a smile on his face.
"Good news !", he said happily, "They've found the coffin - all we need to now is reclaim it and ..."
Radu shot into the air, his brandy splashing down his arm. Then, catching himself, he muttered an apology and wiped the drink off with his handkerchief.
"Well", said Hertz, "It looks as if we don't need to involve you after all".
Radu nodded, his face ashen. "In which case, you must excuse me", he said worriedly, "I have other tasks to attend to", and with that he rushed out of the room, and down the dark passageway towards the stairs.
From behind the door a small shape detached itself from the shadows and entered the room. "Did I do ok ?", Jenica asked.
"Perfectly", the pixy replied with a grin, "Now I need you to do one more thing for me if you are willing". And with that he grabbed his coat and with Jenica in tow, followed the rapidly fleeing Radu.
"What was that all about ?" Klaus asked once the door was closed, "You have found the coffin ?"
"Not yet", Hertz replied, "But soon. Pisky guessed that Radu would stay tight-lipped so he asked Jenica to wait outside until he signalled to her. She was then then to come to the room and knock on the door. Once she did that, the pixy answered as if it was a genuine message. His comment about finding the coffin was designed to scare Radu into rushing off to check whether or not it really had been found. Pisky is following him as we speak".

It was almost an hour before the pixy returned, a grin on his face. In the room, Hertz was telling a stunned looking Jenica about some of his travels around the world while Klaus sat beside the fire, his mind elsewhere.
As Pisky entered, Jenica leaped from her seat and handed him a small package. "All done", she said happily.
"And the church ?"
"Father Petre almost saw me, but I managed to hide behind the font until he left", Jenica said with a giggle. Pisky smiled and placed the package into his pocket.
"Did you find it ?", Klaus asked, desperate for news about his daughter's coffin.
"I did", the pixy replied, "But if Hertz is correct, we need to walk carefully from now. May I suggest that you stay here and look after Jenica until we are sure of things ?"
"But did you see Anna ?"
"No. The lid was fastened down", Pisky replied with relief in his voice, "But don't worry. We'll bring her back to you if we are able".
Klaus nodded and looked towards the window. "It's almost sundown", he said.
"Then we need to leave now", Hertz said, fastening his coat, grabbing his hat from the stand and picking up a small Gladstone bag from the floor before heading towards the door. Pisky nodded and with a wave to Jenica, followed the professor out of the room.

It was almost dark when the two adventurers reached the old mansion house where Radu had unknowngly led them. It was well away from the village proper, along a rarely used track through the woods and looked as if it hadn't been lived in - or even visited - for many years. Pisky led the way around the back where a door led into the bowels of the house. The dingy cellar into which they descended was filled with empty wine racks which were covered by spiderwebs and mildew. Pisky walked slowly through the racks until the pair came to another door, which opened with a creak. This room was empty except for Anna's coffin and a terrified Radu who was fastened to an iron grating with a pair of Pisky's socks stuffed into his mouth.
"Well, I couldn't just let the bugger leave now, could I ?", the pixy said, answering Hertz's unasked question. "He might have taken her somewhere else and then where would be ?"
Hertz smiled and shook his head, then placed his bag onto the floor and opened it.
Pisky looked down with interest as he watched his companion remove various items from the bag and place them on the floor. Two crucifixes, a small glass bottle with a transparent liquid inside, a hammer and a nasty looking wooden stake. As Hertz took off his coat, the pixy could see a large Gurkha kuri fastened to his belt.
"For protection", the professor said, handing one of the crucifixes to Pisky. Then he walked over to the coffin. "It is as you said", he said, "The lid is securely fastened". And with that he took out a small Swiss Army knife and began removing the screws that held the lid down.
At that Radu began thrashing around as if in fear for his immortal soul, desperate to escape his bonds and leave this house of death. He moaned fearfully through the rancid socks that Pisky had used as a gag, his eyes opened wide in terror. Hertz continued working at the coffin lid until with a cry of triumph, he released the final screw and took hold of the lid. "Pisky - a hand if you will".
The pixy walked over and took hold of the other side of the coffin and on a count of three, they lifted the heavy wooden lid and placed it carefully against the wall.
The pixy looked sadly down at Anna's face. It was as white as marble, her dark hair making her pale skin appear even more pronounced. Her hands were crossed at her breast, her white dress making her look as if she was the bride of death itself. Pisky sighed at the waste of a life.
Then her eyes opened.
"Holy fecking # !!!!!", Pisky yelled, leaping away from the coffin, his heart racing like a triphammer. Radu groaned fearfully. Only Hertz seemed unaffected by the unnatural occurance. A ghostly hand reached towards the side of the coffin like a large white spider and grasped the edge. Pisky stood dumbfounded as the occupant of the coffin sat up as if on some ghastly hinge. Turning to the pixy she smiled, displaying long canine teeth more suited to a demon from Hell than a human being. Bright red eyes burned within dark sockets. Pisky shivered and broke wind.
"Don't look into her eyes !", Hertz snapped, moving forward and thrusting his crucifix into the creature's face. Anna - or whatever demonic entity now possessed her form - hissed like a cat and with an unbelivable show of acrobatics, leaped from the coffin to land directly in front of Radu.
The man screamed in fear, the gag falling from his mouth. Anna leaned forward quickly, grabbed his head and opened her demonic maw of a mouth. Radu whimpered. Pisky cursed. Then Anna stopped, her eyes widening in shock. With an unholy groan she dropped limply to the floor, Hertz's wooden stake jutting from her back.
Radu scrabbled desperately away from the incapacitated vampire, all the time moaning and whimpering in utter fear and disbelief. "Shut up !", Hertz commanded, "And stop that struggling - you'll dislodge the stake !"
Pisky moved over to his companion, shaking his head. "Well bugger me", he said, "You were right"
"Of course", Hertz said with a sardonic grin, "But we are not finished yet. Please be so kind as to break up some of those wineracks and bring the pieces here. We will need tinder. Meanwhile ..." and with that he unsheathed his kukri and checked the sharpness of the blade.

"Radu", Hertz snapped as the flames from the small fire illuminated the room, "Why did you bring her here ?"
The Romanian had lost his early arrogance and merely sat staring at the fire.
"Why ?", ordered Hertz again.
"Because he told me to"
"Who ? - Ionescu ?"
Radu nodded.
Hertz looked across to where Pisky was screwing down the coffin lid once more. "We will need a cart", he said as the pixy completed his task, "Tomorrow we will return Anna to her father".
"What about this gob#e ?" the pixy asked, gesturing to the stunned Radu.

"He is going to tell us everything", Hertz said, "Aren't you, Radu ?

"It all began two years ago", Radu began, his voice low in the dark cellar. "I am one of the Securitate. No-one knows except for Ionescu and two other Securitate officers. It was they who helped me carry the coffin here from the inn". He took a deep breath then continued, speaking as if in a trance.
"We were doing a sweep of the area - looking for a political prisoner who had recently escaped - and during our search of this house, Ionescu discovered a coffin. It contained a body which was pinned to the floor by a wooden stake. He told no one at that time, only later informing three of us - his most trusted agents - of his find." Radu shivered as the memories flooded back. "Ionescu is a vain man, as you may already know. His greatest fear is of ageing. This find gave him an idea. Ionescu knows the old legends, he researched them since he was a child. He knew what would happen if he removed the stake, and wanted to make a deal with the old vampire. He wanted to be made a vampire - to attain immortality. To never age."
Radu closed his eyes and shivered.
"Well, that obviously hasn't happened yet", Pisky said, "When he collected us it was during the daytime".
"Yes", the Romanian replied, "When he removed the stake, it was as he expected. The vampire rose. Ionescu bartered with him, offered to protect the old creature in return for immortality. Whenever the vampire killed someone from Voivodeni or one of the surrounding villages, He would inform Ionescu where the body had been left, and Ionescu would send out one of us to take care of the 'formalities'"
"Ensuring that none of the victims became vampires themselves ?"
"Yes. To us they were just corpses. We always got to them before they turned"
"But what about Anna ?" the pixy asked, "Why was she so different ?"
Radu leaned back against the cold stone wall, "The vampire wanted her", he said, "He chose her to be his ..."
"Bride ?"
"If you will. I was ordered to collect her from where she had been left, and bring her here, but you", he gestured to Hertz, "got to her before I was able to do so".
"Messy bastard isn't he, this vampire ?", Pisky said sarcastically, "you'd think he'd pick up after himself"
"You don't understand", Radu said, "He is a Voivode. A nobleman. For him to do the work of a peasant is inconceivable".
Pisky shook his head.
"So that's why Ionescu interrogated us for so long about that 'drunken brawl'", the pixy explained, "to give you time to get Anna out here and ready for her new master"
"Which must mean ... Oh feck !"
"Exactly, my pixyish friend", Hertz said softly, "We must prepare for a visit".

posted on Dec, 23 2004 @ 09:05 PM
great !!!

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 03:07 PM
holy cow, we have company!!!
pisky, those socks of yours must be registered as a lethal weapon

great writing!!!

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 04:55 PM
I would like to wish a Merry Pixmas and Happy New Year to everyone who has supported this little venture, especially those poor unfortunates who have risked their reputations by actually appearing in it.

posted on Dec, 25 2004 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by Pisky
I would like to wish a Merry Pixmas and Happy New Year to everyone who has supported this little venture, especially those poor unfortunates who have risked their reputations by actually appearing in it.

Merry Pixmas to you too,
(and your worried about our reputations?!? i'd be more worried about those socks of yours lol)

And Happy holidays to everyone.

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 06:31 PM
Chapter 44 - Nosferatu

"Please let me go !", Radu whined as Pisky walked over to put out the fire. His stomach churned at the black shrivelled thing in the centre of the flames and it took all his resolve to tread down the fire, knowing what it contained. Then he turned rapidly to Radu and glared.
"You must be fecking joking", he said to his captive angrily, "You're the reason we're here tonight. Let you go ? You'd be straight off to Ionescu and we'd be well screwed. No ... you stay here with us"
"Bastard !" Radu spat, "Then we'll all die !"
"Don't you want to meet ...", Pisky began but stopped at a gesture from Hertz. The professor walked silently to the door and listened intently. From a hitherto unexplored part of the cellar came a sound. A shuffling of feet and strange high-pitched squeaks.
Hertz moved away, his crucifix already in his hand. Pisky reached into his pocket and took out his own cross. Radu was white and shivering. If he had been scared at Anna's appearance, he now looked utterly terrified. His mouth opened to scream but nothing came out. Pisky looked down at the crucifix and was not surprised to see that his hand was shaking. Even Hertz seemed concerned.
The sound came closer, Pisky lost control and broke wind. Hertz moved away from the pixy while Radu began whimpering, either in fear or disgust.
A rat ran into the room, followed by another and another. Then ten or twenty more. That explains the squeaks then, Pisky thought, as his his eyes fixed upon a dark shadow that loomed towards the doorway. Long and thin it looked like nothing either of the three had seen before. Humanlike but definitely not human. Slowly the darkness moved towards them. A darkness with a white face and hands. And that face was one from nightmares. It looked like those of its rodent companions, rat-like with long eyebrows which framed dark eyes with a pinprick of red in their centres. The long nose was hooklike while below, two long pointed fangs sprouted from the centre of the dark gash of a mouth.
The figure stood for a moment, hands clasped, and watched. Radu moaned and struggled against his bonds but the creature ignored him, the pinprick red eyes shining like rubies in the torchlight. Suddenly Hertz moved. Leaping forward, he thrust the crucifix directly at the hideous creature before him. "We're strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! We're strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! Our God is with us !" the professor shouted, wielding the cross like a weapon. Waving it right in the face of the creature before him.
And the vampire smiled.
And reached out.
And took the cross with a look of contempt and cast it across the room.
Hertz stood and looked at his empty hand. He seemed to be in a daze. The vampire ignored him and looked behind to where Pisky stood. The pixy looked at his own cross and dropped it, reaching at the same time for something in his pocket. He moved closer, pulled out a gun and aimed it directly at the terrifying visage before him.
The creature laughed then. A dark, hollow laugh from the bowels of Hell itself. He shook his ratlike head. "Go ahead", he said, "Pull the trigger. Your bullets cannot harm a creature such as I". He smiled.

Pisky pulled the trigger and a jet of water sprayed from the gun straight into that evil face. The reaction was instantaneous. The vampire screamed in pain and rage as his skin began to burn, pieces falling away and displaying the white bone below. Pisky pulled the trigger again, this time covering the creature's hands which he had put to his face to protect them. The vampire spun rapidly in an attempt to avoid the scalding, acidic liquid, turning his back to the pixy. This was probably the first mistake he had ever made. It was certainly the last. With a yell, Hertz tore his kukri from its sheath and struck. The vampire's head flew from his neck and landed with a wet squelch beside the now screaming Radu, while the body dropped like a stone and begin to shrivel. Hertz stood beside the pixy, his bloodstained kukri in his hand, a look of relief and triumph on his face. Then together they watched in awe as the vampire decomposed rapidly, the ratlike head becoming in seconds, a dessicated skull.

"Holy water I assume ?", Hertz asked as they drove a commandeered cart back to the village. On the back lay Anna's coffin, the woman inside now at peace.
"Yes", the pixy answered, "I asked Jenica to get me a water pistol and fill it from the font in the church".
"Good idea", Hertz agreed, "Considering the fiasco with the crucifix"
Pisky turned to his companion, "I thought vampires were scared of crosses", he said.
"Obviously not all" came the reply, "But whoever that one was, he was certainly many centuries old as evinced by his rapid decomposition. Maybe its something that comes with age. Who knows ?"
"Maybe he was Jewish", grinned the pixy.
"Then remind me to take a Star of David with me next time I hunt the undead", Hertz replied with a smile, "Just in case".

The pixy stood inside the main hall of Chillington and looked through the window into the winter sky. He remembered those days as if it was just yesterday. How Hertz and himself had been later arrested by Ionescu, condemned to death and taken to a cheerless cell in Bucharest to await execution. How in Timisoara a group of people, appalled at the tyranny of President Nicolae Ceausescu had called for change. How the country had responded, removing the dictator from power and heralding the fall of the Communist government. And how, during the chaos, Hertz and Pisky had escaped from prison and eventually from Romania itself.

Fingal appeared at his side. "Ready ?", he asked softly. Pisky nodded, turned from the window and let go of the past.

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 10:28 PM
awesome pisky, just fooking awesome, a holy water pistol!!!!!!! nice touch!!

i can't wait for the next story!!

pisky, just wanted to add, that you know my undying love for coffee right?!? well, my 'secret santa' at work got me a platter of starbucks coffee for christmas LOL (and ive only been there a month and a half)!!!
(edited to add the above sentences)

[edit on 12/27/2004 by smilingsarah82]

posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 08:50 PM
Chapter 45 - Out of the frying pan ...

It was late afternoon. Fingal and Pisky stood in the hall despondantly shaking their heads. "We've been through this fecking place three times now !", the pixy muttered, "Where is the bitch ?"
Fingal slumped onto one of the chairs and sighed. "We must have missed it", he said.
"That's obvious", Pisky snapped, more at his own failure to discover the whereabouts of Isabella than at the priest's reply.
"Have a drink", Fingal said, removing a bottle of 'Best Pixyland' from his pack. "We've got about two hours before sunset. If we haven't found her by then, I suggest we go to the gatehouse and hole up there".
The pixy reached for the bottle, and as he did so, knocked over a wooden stake which rolled off the table and landed on the floor.
"Feck it !!!", he ranted, lashing out at the stake with his foot. It shot through the air to slam noisily against a tapestry-covered wall.
Ranting foully in Cornish the pixy failed to notice a look of consternation on Fingal's face until the priest stood and began walking towards where the stake now lay. Pisky expected him to pick up the piece of wood, but Fingal ignored it and instead began pulling at the tapestry covering the wall.
"That sounded hollow", the priest explained as Pisky joined him at the tapestry and began heaving against the ancient coverings. With a loud rip, the tapestry tore in half, revealing a small wooden door flush against the wall. There was no doorknob, in fact the only obvious marking was a small hole half way up the right hand side. Pisky removed his knife and slid it into the hole. Concentrating deeply, he turned the knife and with a small, almost inaudible 'click', the door swung open.

A long candle-lit corridor lay ahead, with a slight incline leading downwards. There was another door at the other end, larger than the one the pixy had just opened. Carefully Pisky returned to the hall and picked up his bow while the priest collected his bag. Then, with grins of encouragement, they ducked under the small doorframe and crept silently along the corridor. The door at the end was easily dealt with, and soon enough the pair of adventurers found themselves standing in a large lavishly-appointed sitting room which appeared to have come straight from the pages of Charles Dickens.
"It'd be a nice place" Pisky said, looking around the room, "If there were any windows"
"I wonder what this place was originally ?", Fingal asked no-one in particular, "Before Isabella obviously took it for her own"
"Cellar ?" Pisky mused, "Maybe a storeroom ?"
"Its certainly the best 'cellar' I've ever seen", Fingal replied, wandering around. He placed his bag on a small delicately-made table before picking up a small carriage clock from the nearby fireplace and admiring the workmanship.
Pisky turned around to check the left hand side of the room. "Nothing obvious here", he said checking for secret doorways in the manner of a veteran player of Dungeons & Dragons. A small noise distracted him and he turned to where he had last seen the priest. The expletive that came from his mouth at seeing the cause of the distraction was such as to make even a worldly wise rap-artist blush with embarassment.
"Drop your bow", Angover instructed as the pixy moved to notch an arrow and send the man straight to Hell. Pisky glared. Angover stood behind Fingal, one hand grasping the old priest's jacket, the other holding a knife at his throat. "Drop the fooking bow, pixy", the blacksmith snapped pressing the sharp blade closer to Fingal's vulnerable throat. The old priest flinched but said nothing. Pisky dropped the bow, all the while glaring at Angover who seemed unconcerned about the pixy's ire.
"Drop the sword too, and empty everything out of your pockets !", he ordered. Keeping his eyes fixed on his adversary, the pixy complied. He unbuckled the belt which held 'Kernow' and carefully lay the sword onto a nearby couch.
"Hurry up !!!", Angover snapped, "Empty those fookin pockets"
Pisky muttered constant abuse as he complied. A packet of pixy stix dropped to the floor, followed by a Hershey bar, a pocket watch with an engraving of the Pixy Baby on the lid and the pixy's wallet.
"Pull your pockets inside out" the blacksmith said then, "Just in case"
Pisky did so. A small Swiss Army knife fell to the ground. Angover grinned at his own intuitiveness.
Keeping the blade at Fingal's throat, Angover frisked the priest as best he could with one hand, removing the sword 'Erin', Fingal's wallet, Bible and small bottle of holy water before snapping the chain of his priestly crucifix and casting it to the ground.
"Over there", Angover motioned with his head towards a door behind him. It was almost invisible in the candle-lit gloom. Pisky moved slowly towards it, constantly seeking a way out. "What's in there ?" he asked as he reached the door.
"The one you're seeking", came the reply as Angover pushed Fingal closer.
"So what are we ? - Lunch ?", asked the pixy angrily.
"Breakfast", Angover smiled.
"At least let us have our fecking cider", the pixy said, as Angover and the captive priest reached the table containing Fingal's bag. "Theres a bottle in there"
Angover considered for a moment, then rammed his hand into the bag, took out the bottle and thrust it into Fingal's hands.
"Let's call it a 'last request'", the smith said, motioning Pisky through the doorway. Fingal was taken by surprise when the blade was removed from his throat and he was pushed bodily after the pixy who just managed to save the bottle of drink before the door slammed to. From the other side, Angover's manic laugh could be heard. Both Pisky and Fingal shivered.

The door was English Oak, at least three hundred years old and about four inches thick. Pisky kicked at it out of frustration then looked down the stone steps towards where, if Angover had been telling the truth, the vampires now slept. Slowly and carefully, he walked down the steps, his footsteps echoing. At the bottom of the steps a doorway led into ancient vaults which must have been built by the original owner. Candles illuminated this place of the dead, which was dark and grey with ledges on either side that must at one time have contained the coffins of early residents of Chillington. Now, however, they were empty. As the priest joined him, Pisky pointed towards the far side of the room. Fingal muttered a prayer of protection. Three heavy stone tombs stood lining the far wall, each with a stone carving on the ornate lid. The pixy moved quickly to the left hand side and grasped the lid. "Give me a hand with this", he asked the priest as he pushed with all his might. Fingal added his own strength but to no avail. "Just as well LC wasn't put in one of these", the old priest said , "Or she'd still be here. These things are massive !"
"Bugger it anyway", the pixy said, leaning against the tomb to catch his breath, "There's something we need to do first"
Fingal looked bemused, "What ?", he asked, "We have no weapons, there's nothing here for us to make any with. I have to admit that I'm at a loss here my pixyish friend".
"Fear not", said the pixy, grinning, "For the power of pixyness will protect us. But first - a drink !"

They didn't know how long they had been locked in this antechamber to Hell when at last a sound made them take notice. Holding the almost full bottle of cider clasped tightly in his right hand, Pisky pointed to the centre tomb. Slowy and inexorably the lid began to slide sideways. "There too !", Fingal whispered, motioning to the one on the right. It also was being opened from the inside by a creature of immense strength. "Feck me !", Pisky muttered, even though he had seen such sights as this more than once. The first lid fell, the sound echoing through the otherwise empty vaults. In an instant, Isabella sat up, her eyes piercing the gloom and settling upon the priest and the pixy. Isabella smiled, her long, pointed canines shining in the candle-light. The second lid fell, to reveal Tamsin, her expression one of pure malevolence.
"My friend the priest", Isabella hissed as she gracefully exited her place of repose. "And the pixy. Again"
Pisky grinned and saluted the woman, but inside his heart beat like a triphammer.
Turning to Tamsin, Isabella smiled. "You choose, my dear", she said, gesturing towards her 'guests'.
"Hmmmmmm", Tamsin said, sighing. "Decisions, decisions".
After what seemed hours but was probably mere seconds, Tamsin smiled. "I hear that pixy blood is too sweet with all the pixy stix they eat. So much sugar must be bad for the teeth ...", she pointed to Fingal, "I choose the priest."
Isabella nodded.
The two demons from hell moved slowly away from their tombs, licking their lips in anticipation of the feast. Closer they came, and closer, until they were no more than twelve feet away from their quarry.
The vampires smiled.
Fingal prayed.
And Pisky hurled the bottle at the ceiling, breaking the glass and showering the undead creatures with cider.

Isabella screamed in both shock and agony as the white unblemished skin of her head and face began to burn wherever the liquid came into contact with it. Within seconds her once beautiful face was scorched and in parts the white bones of her skull could be seen through the damaged skin. Tamsin dropped to her knees, sobbing as if boiling water had been poured over her. Her head began to burn, the silky blonde hair shrivelling, and when she lifted her hands to wipe the painful liquid away, her hands were burnt beyond recognition. Isabella turned, her face almost gone, and grabbed Tamsin's blackened hands. Dragging the screaming girl along, she rushed past the pixy and up the stairs towards the secret room. A creak and a bang and they were gone. Pisky rushed to the door, but it had been locked securely once again. He kicked it and swore before returning to the vaults where Fingal waited.
"They won't be back here", Pisky said, "Some cider splashed their tombs. They are useless now".
Fingal grinned and clapped the pixy on the back. "I have to admit, I was a wee bit worried when they came out of their 'boudoirs", the old priest said, "But I should have had more faith. After all, if you can have blessed holy water, there's no reason we can't have blessed holy cider as well"
Pisky smiled. "Well, I hoped that was how things would work out", he replied, "That's why I asked Angover for the cider. Obviously he didn't realise that as a priest, you'd be able to bless it and make it the pixyland version of holy water".
And at that, with a mixture of relief and joy, both priest and pixy fell around laughing.

"We're going to have a bastard of a job getting this thing open", Pisky said as they stood beside the thick oak door. "You'd think they wouldn't have had the presence of mind to actually close the door seeing as they looked as if they had been dipped in acid".
"True enough", Fingal replied, "But here we are, and if we want to get it open within the next week or so, we'd best start now". And with that, he slammed his shoulder against the door.
Within an hour they both sat against the door, bruised, battered and dispirited. The door seemed just as strong as ever. "Feck this", Pisky said. "If I ever see Angover again I'm going to ..."
"Quiet !", Fingal whispered. "Listen ..."
Noises came from the secret room. Pisky tensed. Had Isabella and Tamsin returned ? Could even a vampire heal itself that quickly?
"Open it" A muffled voice came from the other side. A voice that neither Pisky nor Fingal recognised.
They stood rapidly as a key was thrust into the lock. A faint 'click' denoted that the door was no longer locked.
"Come out !!!" The voice was loud and commanding. Pisky looked at Fingal and shrugged. They pushed against the door.
Standing in the secret room were four uniformed soldiers. Three men and a woman. Each wore black overalls with helmets, the face plates open. They held wicked looking crossbows with sharpened wooden quarrels. Two aimed directly at Pisky's heart, two at Fingal's.
"Out of the frying pan", muttered the pixy, and sighed.

posted on Dec, 31 2004 @ 02:17 PM
bloody hell...

no that's all I can come up with.

posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 02:27 PM
HOLY CRAP.............

*as she sits infront of her computer screen staring blankly with her mouth gaping wide open*

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 07:00 PM
Chapter 46 - Betrayed

"Stay exactly where you are until I tell you to move". The man who spoke was tall with a blonde crew cut and muscles that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger jealous. The high-powered crossbow that he held was pointed directly at Pisky's heart, so the pixy decided to comply - for now. The other two men flanked him, while the woman, a young dark haired waif, lowered her own weapon and moved to the door leading eventually to the hall.
"Tell her we have them", she said to someone on the other side of the door, "We're bringing them out". She turned back to her three companions and took up her original position.
"OK", said the original speaker gesturing with his crossbow, "Walk slowly towards the door after us. Follow us through the corridor to the hall. Once there you are to wait until released". Pisky looked across at Fingal and shrugged. The woman and one of the men walked backwards into the corridor, keeping their weapons aimed as Pisky and Fingal began to move. 'Crew Cut' and his other companion followed, their weapons aimed at the backs of their captives.

Exiting the corridor, Pisky looked at the windows and saw that the sun was soon to rise. Outside, the few birds still around at this time of the year had begun their dawn chorus. A command from 'Crew Cut' made Pisky and Fingal stop in the centre of the hall.
"What's this all about ?", Fingal asked.
"You'll find out soon enough', the small woman said curtly, keeping her crossbow aimed at the priest's chest.
The main door opened. A dark shape wrapped in a black cloak and hood entered, followed by another black-garbed military-type. The cold air from outside chilled the priest's bones making him shiver while Pisky ignored the cold and watched intently as the two newcomers walked slowly towards them.
The taller figure stood, face hidden in the folds of a large hood, and watched for a while. Then with a flourish removed the hood.
"Gem !", Fingal said joyfully at seeing his God-daughter again. He moved to embrace Ravenna but was stopped by a sharp command from 'Crew Cut'.
"We have to wait just a little while longer", Ravenna said, her face white with anguish. "Just in case". Pisky was amazed to see tears in her eyes and realised at once what was going on.
"They're waiting for dawn", he explained to the bemused priest, "If we're vampires, we'll get fried in the rays of the sun"
Ravenna nodded.
"But we're not vampires !!!", Fingal exclaimed, "We ..."
"We have to be sure, Fingal", Ravenna interrupted, "You were found in the vampires own lair. We can't risk ..."
The sun slowly rose. The day promised to be what Pisky called 'Brisk' - sunny but cold. His favourite type of day. A ray of sunlight moved slowly up the wall of the building, finally nearing the lower edges of the windows. Pisky lifted his hand into the light and grinned. Then he turned his face so that Ravenna and her companions could see him in the full light of day. Fingal copied the pixy's actions, and was immediately embraced by Ravenna whose obvious look of relief made the pixy smile for his friends.
"As you have no doubt realised by now, these are my 'Ravens'". There were now six people gathered around Pisky and Fingal, including Ravenna herself, "Well, half of them", she corrected, "The others are looking for Isabella". Fingal nodded enthusiastically.
'Crew Cut' stepped forward, hand thrust out. "James Hunter", he said. He took the priests own hand in one that was larger even than that of Tobias. The others similarly responded and soon the group stood beside the large oak table while Pisky explained what had happened in the vaults.

As the day progressed, Ravenna dismissed the Ravens, all except the small woman who had previously kept Fingal in her sights. "Lexine is my personal aide", Ravenna explained as they looked around the secret room leading towards the vaults, "She keeps me appraised as to any changes of plan the Holy Father may require of us. She is loyal and trustworthy and you can speak openly in front of her". Lexine ran a hand through her short bobbed hair and smiled. Ravenna bent down and picked up a book. It was a small Bible. "This is yours", she said, offering it to Fingal.
"You keep it, Gem", the priest said, smiling, "I know you lost yours in the asteroid strike." Ravenna nodded and slipped the book carefully into the breast pocket of her coat. "After all, I'm a priest", Fingal continued, "I can always get another."
Pisky hardly heard their conversation, ranting as he was about Angover being a 'Thieving bastard', having stolen the swords 'Kernow' and 'Erin'. Once the pixy got to what he wanted to do to the errant blacksmith, Fingal put a stop to the ranting lest Pisky's words offend Lexine who was already blushing redder than a beetroot.
Ravenna sighed and shook her head.
"Please continue", the pixy said, "you were saying ?"
"Hunter commands the Ravens when I am not there to do so." Ravenna continued, "Otherwise he reports directly to me, and you know who my superior is".
"And what happens when they find Isabella ?" continued the pixy, "I assume she will be dealt with appropriately"
"We have instructions to ..."
The door opened and one of the black garbed Ravens strode into the room. "We have found the woman", he said in a clipped voice before standing at ease before Ravenna as if waiting for further orders.
"Excellent !" Ravenna exclaimed. "Then lets be off ... Lead the way if you will"

The coffin containing Isabella's burnt body was situated in a small building behind the Gatehouse. One of the Ravens stood on guard outside the edifice, knocking the door as Ravenna approached. There was a sound as of a lid being replaced and the door opened. Hunter greeted Ravenna deferentially and gestured inside. As he entered and looked around the room, Pisky realised that it had once been used to contain gardening implements which had been removed to make room for the casket. It had no windows and the door was thick and heavy. "Angover's work", he muttered. Fingal agreed.
When everyone was inside, the door was closed, the only illumination coming from a small battery-powered lantern. "We need to keep the door shut", he explained, "So that no sunlight hits the body. It's damaged enough as it is".
Pisky was about to ask exactly why they were so concerned since Isabella was about to be destroyed anyway, when Ravenna ordered the coffin opened.
Hunter lifted the wooden lid. Ravenna took a deep breath as the horribly scared visage of Isabella was revealed. Lexine groaned and turned away, holding her stomach and struggling not to vomit.
"Feck me !", the pixy said after a moment, "That 'Holy cider' certainly did it's job well".
"Very true, my pixyish friend" Fingal said in agreement.
"OK, whose got the stake then ?", Pisky asked, looking around the room. Hunter grinned as if he knew something the pixy didn't.
Ravenna motioned for the lid to be replaced before turning to the pixy. "Standard orders as of three months ago, state that All supernatural creatures discovered in the course of an investigation are to be captured if possible and returned to the Vatican". She sighed, "I'm sorry Pisky, but Isabella isn't going to be destroyed."
"The feck she isn't !!!" the pixy snapped, "You didn't see what she did to Tamsin ... she ..." Pisky tensed as the barrel of a pistol was pressed against his neck.
"There's no need for that", Ravenna said curtly. Hunter replaced his pistol into its holster and turned to his boss.
"Bring the truck around to the front of the gatehouse", she ordered. Hunter nodded and left the building. Pisky was fuming, Fingal looked shocked beyond belief. "This woman is one of the most dangerous creatures on this earth" the priest said, "You can't just let her go !"
"We aren't letting anyone just go", came the reply, "Isabella will be taken to the Vatican and studied. We already have two demons and a ..."
"Bollocks !!!", exclaimed the pixy, "What in Hell's name do you want with a fecking vampire ?"
"I don't know !!!", Ravenna snapped back, "I'm not a bloody crypto-biologist ... I just find things. And I take them where the Holy Father wants them taken !!!"
"Its a pity that bastard Angover took my sword", Pisky ranted, "Because there's no way in hell that Isabella would be leaving this building in one piece if I'd got 'Kernow' in my hands !!!"
Ravenna's shoulders slumped. She looked around the room. The coffin. Pisky. Fingal. Lexine.
"If you'd still got the sword", Ravenna said quietly, "I would expect nothing less".

Pisky and Fingal stood and watched as the truck containing the body of Isabella moved along the winding road away from Chillington. Hunter drove, with Ravenna and Lexine in the cab. The other Ravens travelled in the back with the coffin. Eventually the truck disappeared into the distance and all was quiet once more.
Fingal sighed. "What now ?", he asked. The priest looked older than Pisky had ever seen him. "They didn't find Tamsin after all"
"If those bastards couldn't find her, it's unlikely we will", the pixy said resignedly. "Sod it. Let's go back to Stokesay. This is a fecking joke."
And with that the pixy led the way from the gatehouse back to Chillington and the stables that held their horses.

The truck had travelled no more than a mile from Chillington before Hunter stopped the engine.
Ravenna had been looking through the window at the untended fields, wishing that she could be anywhere else but here. Something felt wrong, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She turned to see why the truck had stopped, her eyes widening in disbelief as she saw the barrel of Hunter's pistol pointed directly at her. Lexine sat beween the two, her face white. "Out", Hunter commanded, "Both of you".
Ravenna opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it when Hunter cocked the pistol.
Followed by a worried Lexine, Ravenna opened the door and dropped from the cab. Two of the Ravens stood, weapons raised.
"What on earth are you doing ???", Ravenna asked angrily.
The ravens ignored her, turning instead to Hunter who peered out of the passenger side of the cab.
"Make it quick", he said, and drove slowly away.
The two manhandled Ravenna and Lexine down an incline and behind a large hedge, all the while saying nothing.
"You've been with me for almost a year !", Ravenna said in disbelief, "I don't understand ..."
The sharp crack of a pistol stopped her speech. She looked in horror as Lexine dropped to the floor.
Ravenna's eyes widened, her mouth opened in shock. There was another report, a searing pain in her chest and she knew no more.

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 09:15 PM
Thats just typical. I'm away for a bit and look what happens.
Pisky, if you've killed me I'm going to come back and haunt you

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 06:46 AM
Well I've got to say I didn't trust the ravens with a ten foot bargepole...see this is what it does to you! Poor Ravenna...foolish Ravenna, but poor all the same; she'll have to walk to Stokesay!

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 07:10 AM
OMG! well, this is certainly a change in events. I didn't like that guy from the minute ravenna said that he took charge when she wasn't around...

well, we'll have to see if ravenna makes it back to stokesky, or if this is the end of her... (knowing you pisky you always have something up your sleeve)

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 10:40 PM
Chapter 47 - The Bait

A voice called her. A soft, melodious voice. Maybe even angelic.
Ravenna swam through the darkness towards the sound. She strained to hear that wonderful voice. Her eyes flickered open and a fuzzy brightness made her blink. She took a breath and pain pulsed through her body. The blackness descended again.
The voice called her back and she fought to open her eyes. The world was blurred as if she was seeing things from underwater. A shape loomed over her, bright shiny hair and a face full of concern.
"Am I in Heaven ?", Ravenna mumbled drowsily, "Are you an angel ?"
The voice giggled. "Not an angel - far from it"
Ravenna blinked her eyes, and the face came into focus. "Muryan ... ouch !!!" A stabbing pain in the chest made her fight for breath but this time she stayed conscious. "how did ... ?" she she began to ask when the pain had subsided.
"This" Muryannan held up a small bible. Embedded in it, having gone almost the whole way through, was a flattened bullet.
"Fingal's Bible", Ravenna said quietly.
"The book saved your life", Muryannan explained, "It stopped the bullet from entering your heart. You have two broken ribs but other than that, you're fine".
Ravenna tried to sit up, but the pain was too much. "What about Lexi ?", she asked.
Muryannan looked up. Fingal's concerned face came into view, shaking his head sadly. Ravenna reached for him, stifling a sob. The old priest knelt beside her and held her hand, tears welling in his eyes. "When I first saw you there, I thought you had lost you", he said. Ravenna wiped her eyes and smiled.
"But you didn't", she said. And for a while they cried together.

The sound of horses hooves made the three turn towards the road. Pisky rode down the incline and behind the hedge where Ravenna lay. "Did you catch them, Piskandir ?" his mentor asked as he dismounted.
"About a mile down the road. The bastards put her in a chopper. All I could do was watch." He glared at Ravenna who winced at the pain of her broken ribs.
"So the Corporates now have Isabella ?", Fingal asked.
"Worse", the pixy said angrily. "The chopper wasn't Corporate - it was the fecking Azraelites". He turned towards Ravenna. "Thanks very much", he said sarcastically, "You just delivered a fecking vampire to people who worship the Angel of Death !"
"I didn't ..." Ravenna said, trying to sit up.
"Forget it !", snapped the pixy. Ravenna closed her eyes.
"Pisky, you really shouldn't blame Gem for this. She was as much a victim as we were", Fingal said softly from beside Ravenna's side.
"If she hadn't played the fecking jobsworth and let us finish Isabella once and for all, we wouldn't be in this mess !!!", Pisky replied.
"The priest is right, Piskandir", Muryannan said, placing her hand on the pixy's arm. "We will deal with this in time. But for now we need to recover the two swords and return."
"To Stokesay ?"
"At first"
Pisky nodded.

They rode slowly back to Chillington, Pisky leading the way on the horse Muryannan had used to get there from Stokesay. The pixy's mentor rode her own Kelyonan with Ravenna perched behind. Fingal came last, a tired expression on his face. It was now early afternoon and they would have their work cut out if they were to discover the swords before sunset. Reaching the gatehouse, the pixy halted his horse and looked into the hole that had held Isabella's coffin for the last four hundred years or so. Gifford's cross lay shattered in pieces around the overgrown garden. With a shake of his head, he rode onwards towards the hall itself.
Reaching the stables, Muryannan dismounted and helped Ravenna do likewise while Fingal slid off his own horse with a weary groan. Pisky rode around the house, scanning for possible hideouts that could be used by Angover and Tamsin. He found nothing of note and returned to the stableyard where Fingal was rummaging inside his saddlebags for a bottle of Best Pixyland.
Ravenna leaned against a wall, looking whiter than ever, her breathing coming in little gasps as the pain from her ribs threatened to overwhelm her. She looked up as the pixy rode by, desperately wanting to explain her actions but knowing that Pisky would never understand. He now considered her a 'Jobsworth' - A bureaucrat who would follow the book to the letter no matter how stupid that was or how much pain would be caused to others. But surely even the pixy would realise that she had to follow the wishes of the Pope. The man who was leading the war against the powers of darkness - however surrepticiously that was done. Ravenna sighed and a twinge of pain made her bite her lip.

"We're going to be at it all fecking day and night", Pisky exclaimed once the group were back in the great hall of Chillington. "And there's no way Angover's going to show himself until he knows its safe to come out".
"And Tamsin ?", Fingal asked.
Pisky turned to the priest. "Vampire or not, she's badly hurt. She won't leave her resting place unless its absolutely necessary".
"Unless there's a victim to be had". Ravenna said, sitting across the table from the pixy.
Pisky shook his head. "There are four of us", he said, "Believe me, she won't want to take us all on. She can't risk it, especially after what we did to her and Isabella"
"Then I'll be the bait", Ravenna said, and explained her plan.

"Are you sure you want to go through this, Gem ?", Fingal asked as they stood just inside the door of the main hall.
Ravenna smiled wanly. "I don't want to do it", she replied, "But after what I did, this is the only way I can think of to make things up to you all. By getting the swords back".
"You're assuming that Tamsin is actually with Angover", the pixy said. "What if they seperated ?"
"Then at least you'll have a shot at one of them"
Pisky nodded. "Do you feel up to it ?", he asked.
Ravenna smiled again. "I feel like crap", she replied, "But I'd feel worse if I did nothing at all."
"Then lets go and get it over with. It's almost sunset." And with that, the pixy led the way out of the hall towards the stable.

Hidden behind the undergrowth not a hundred yards from the front of Chillington Hall, Angover watched as first Pisky, then Fingal rode out of the stables. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but from the looks on their faces, they were in the middle of an argument. The blacksmith leaned closer as a blonde woman he had never seen followed the pair. Just as she reached the side door, Ravenna ran out and grabbed hold of her strirrup. The woman pulled away, leaving Ravenna standing in the dust. She appeared to be crying.
By the time the sun had set, the three riders had disappeared into the distance, heading towards the village of Brewood.
"Tamsin, my only love", the blacksmith called sofly behind him, "Come and feast. Build up your strength." And from a shallow grave in the midst of the woods the vampire rose once again.

Ravenna looked at her watch. Ten minutes. She took a deep breath, yelped at the pain from her ribs and started to walk slowly across the overgrown lawn in front of the house. Her heart beat rapidly, each one feeling like a dagger in her chest. "Hopefully KayEm will be able to do something to help", she thought. "Assuming I get out of this in one piece."
A white shape flittered from the woods. Ravenna tensed. She looked around, but could see nothing except the darkness and that ghostly shape.
Then it flew straight towards her. She gasped and dropped to the floor, making herself as small a target as possible. The creature that once was Tamsin moved faster than Ravenna though possible. Too fast !, Ravenna thought, and screamed as the vampire reached her.
Ravenna's scream masked the hissing sound of two arrows flying to the mark. Just as Tamsin turned her ravaged face towards Ravenna, her eyes opened wide, she gave a little cough and fell sideways to the ground. Ravenna shivered as she saw two arrows embedded in the vampire's back, one piercing her heart.
"Tamsin !!!!!"
Angover rushed from his hideout and with a moan of grief stumbled towards the centre of the lawn where Ravenna now stood beside the vampire. Tamsin's eyes were open, exuding pure malice. "Remove the stake", they seemed to say. Ravenna shook her head and moved away.
From the other side of the lawn, Pisky and Muryannan raced towards their companion. "Your shot wasn't up to your normal standard, I have to say Piskandir", Muryannan said breathlessly as she ran.
"She was fecking fast" the pixy explained with a grin. "I should have known that you would have had no problem though."
Muryannan smiled. "Is that your blacksmith ?" she asked as she noticed Angover leave his hiding place.
'That's him alright", Pisky replied, and pushed himself faster.

Pisky reached the fallen Tamsin just in front of his mentor. Ravenna stood shivering nearby as the Pixy notched an arrow and aimed at the approaching blacksmith. "Careful, Angover", he said, "Not too close".
Angover stopped about ten feet away, an savage expression on his face. "Feck you, pixy !", he growled, but kept his distance. Muryannan moved closer.
Gesturing to the vampire, she spoke quietly; "Would you prefer me to ..."
"Yes", Pisky replied to the unasked question, "Please"
Muryannan nodded and whistled. From the darkness surrounding the hall, came Kelyonan. The horse walked over to his mistress and neighed. Muryannan moved to the opposite side and began fiddling with something attached to her saddlebag.
"Oh my god !", Ravenna moaned and dropped to her knees, struggling for breath. Distracted, Pisky took his eyes off the blacksmith and that was all Angover needed. With Muryannan on the other side of the horse and Pisky's attention diverted, the blacksmith leaped forward. With a growl, he slammed into the pixy, sending him cartwheeling, his bow flying into the air. Ignoring Pisky's abuse, Angover grabbed his daughter and with a cry of triumph, removed the wooden arrows from her back. The effect was instantaneous. Tamsin's eyes blinked, she grinned evilly and leaped towards the kneeling Ravenna. "No Tamsin, RUN !!!", Angover shouted, but Tamsin's bloodlust was up and he called in vain.
"Feck !!!", Pisky exclaimed as the vampire took hold of Ravenna's long black hair and pulled her neck closer to the gaping, fanged maw.
The pixy scrabbled for his bow. Angover jumped across, grabbing hold of his feet. "Feck off !!!", the pixy ranted, releasing one foot and slamming it into Angover's face. The blacksmith grunted but kept hold of his quarry. Angover reached down and plucked a wicked looking knife from his belt, lifting it high, ready to plunge into the pixy's belly. Pisky swore.
Then a terrifying scream rent the air.
Angover stopped. His face clouded. His eyes blinked. He released the pixy, who rapidly moved away. Behind the blacksmith Ravenna groaned and threw up. Muryannan lowered her bloodied sword and closed her eyes.
"Why am ... ?" Angover said, then he noticed the knife. "What ???" The man was obviously disorientated. "Where ... ?"
Then he turned around.
And wailed.

Inside Chillington Hall, Angover sobbed like a baby while Fingal sat beside him, offering support and friendship. Tamsin was at peace, no longer a wanderer in the outer darkness. No longer 'Nosferatu'. But Angover was now alone, having lost his wife to the plague and now his daughter to a plague of a different type.
Outside, Pisky dug a small grave beside a tree. The tree promised beautiful blossoms once spring was here once again, a fitting memorial to the little girl who brought so much happiness to everyone she met.
"What happened to Angover in the first place ?", Ravenna asked as the pixy completed his work.
"From what I worked out, originally it was Isabella who took control of him", Pisky explained, "She possessed Tamsin and used her as a kind of conduit. Angover's love for his daughter made him a perfect candidate for Isabella's dominance. He would do anything for Tamsin. She got Angover to dig Isabella up and remove Gifford's wooden quarrel from her chest. You know the rest."
"And now Angover is ... ?"
"When Mury ... ", the pixy closed his eyes, "When Mury released Tamsin's soul, Angover returned to himself. He can't remember anything about trashing the computers or kidnapping LC ... nothing."
"And the swords ?"
Pisky shook his head. "The best we can do is look around where he hid Tamsin - Over there in the woods."
"Do you need a hand ?" Ravenna offered.
"No thanks", the pixy replied, "You need to rest. It'll be a hard ride back to Stokesay with broken ribs"
Ravenna nodded and watched as Pisky strode off towards the woods.

It turned out that the pixy was correct in his assumptions. The swords 'Kernow' and 'Erin' were hidden beside the shallow grave that had hidden Tamsin from view.
After a heartrending funeral performed by Fingal, Angover informed them all that he would be staying at Chillington to tend his daughter's grave. All attempts to dissuade him from that course of action failed and so, at sunrise the following day, the remaining four bid goodbye to their friend and rode into the cold light of dawn.

posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 06:37 AM
well, even though tasmin was a sweet little girl in the beginning, one vampire down, one to go. and i am glad to se ravena made it through with only a few broken ribs!!!
great writing pisky, can't wait for the next one!!

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