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Pisky's ATS Story

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 08:15 AM
oooooooooooooh my pisky, whats next??? wow, you know, you never cease to amaze me, its always different than i expected, and always better!!! keep up the awesome work!!!

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 12:57 AM

Originally posted by Pisky
"Oh feck", she said, "I look like Ravenna.

I hope LC meant that as a compliment

Wonderful work yet again, Pisk-meister

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 07:35 PM
Chapter 38 - Daughters of Darkness

Tobias ran his hand across his close cropped hair and took a deep breath. Fingal muttered something in Latin, shaking his head as his mind digested what LadyCool had told them. About Isabella, about Tamsin and about the young girl's lifeless form lying on the couch while her murderess smiled down upon her.
The trio stood beside the tomb where Tobias and Fingal had first discovered LadyCool. Deep in the bowels of Chillington Hall itself they had ventured in search of the missing members of Stokesay. Through the Great Hall with its platform at one end, past the dining room and the library they had searched until, inside the little chapel, Fingal discovered the doorway leading to the catacombs.
And now this. LC brushed away a strand of blue hair and looked at her watch scanning the date for the fifth time in as many minutes. She had been in that tomb for almost two days. Two days in the company of a five hundred year old corpse. LC closed her eyes and shivered.

"So where exactly does this leave us ?", Tobias asked, "You are certain that Tamsin is dead ? ... I mean, you didn't check her pulse or ..."
LC exploded; "Of course I'm fecking certain !!!", she snapped, rounding on Tobias and daring him to challenge her again. "I know what I saw", she continued, her anger suddenly dissipating as it was replaced by a profound sadness.
"She looked so little", LadyCool said quietly, "Tobias ... Tamsin's dead." Then she swayed slightly, her hand instinctively going to her throat, before steadying herself once again.
"I'm sorry", Tobias said, touching her arm in a gesture of support. "Bugger this place. Lets go. Back to Stokesay." LC nodded in agreement.
"What about Angover ?", the old priest asked, "He's still here."
"Feck him", Tobias replied, "He can rot here as far as I'm, concerned." The soldier glowered around the catacombs with a look of fury on his face. "
"And Isabella ?", LC asked, "What about her ?"
"I said we'll go back to Stokesay. I didn't say we'd let the bitch get away with it", Tobias replied, "Whoever she is, she's a fecking nutter. Like one of those serial killers. Hannibal fecking Lecter's sister."
"I think its deeper than that", LC said softly, "Something ... isn't right ... I don't feel right."
"You've been locked away in a tomb for two days", Fingal said handing a bottle of 'Best Pixyland' to his companion, "No wonder you feel strange. Its lucky the top was broken or you could have suffocated."
LC took the drink and smiled. Fingal was always one to look on the bright side. Even though she followed a pagan tradition herself, LC cared for the old priest and respected his views. She drained the bottle and burped.
Fingal grinned.

The Great Hall at Chillington had changed since its inception in the sixteenth century. Gone was the stone floor strewn with rushes, gone too the large Tudor chests, inside which the Giffords silver plate was locked securely. The only remnant of the bygone age was the platform, the long table upon it and an old chair, possibly dating from the time of the first occupant, which stood beside a door leading to the Lords personal rooms.
Tobias stood at the far side of the Great Hall, having entered it by way of the inner corridors which led from the Hall to the little chapel and eventually the catacombs. Scanning the room, he motioned to his charges to follow as he strode carefully towards the doors leading outside. The full moon shone through the tall windows, making the room seem as bright as day as they moved quietly across the dusty wooden floor.
They were about half way across when a hitherto unseen door opened and a figure walked furtively into the room.
"Angover !!!", Tobias shouted angrily. The figure halted, spun on its heel and rushed back through the door. "Wait here !!!", the soldier yelled to his companions as he set off after the errant blacksmith, the noise of his boots echoing around the room.

LadyCool looked around the Great Hall. Directly before her was the platform where the Lords of Chillington once gave their judgement upon the people. She climbed the four wooden steps to where the table stood covered in a film of dust, and surveyed the room. Tall glass windows, some of them broken, looked out towards an overgrown lawn. Beyond that stood the woodland through which Tobias and Fingal had ridden. And the gatehouse. LC shivered. She couldn't see the gatehouse from where she stood, but she knew in which direction it lay. Fingal stood below the platform, his mind engrossed on translating a Latin motto carved on the wall, so neither of them noticed as the door beside the Lords chair slowly opened.

"It is good of you to bring my dear daughter's ... friend ... to her, priest"
The voice cut through the air like a knife through butter. Cold, piercing, powerful. LadyCool spun around, her foot catching on the long skirts of her dress, and with a squeak toppled off the platform. Fingal reached out as he saw his companion fall, and with a dexterity belying his age managed to catch her before she could hit the floor. Unfortunately it was at the cost of his own balance, and the pair ended up tangled together on the dusty floorboards.
LC looked up at the tall, stately woman standing on the platform and shivered. The dark haired Isabella, hands on hips, smiled down at LadyCool with a look of amusement. "I always thought priests preferred little boys", she said sarcastically as Fingal attempted to disentangle himself from LC's skirts. "Foul minded harridan !!!", cursed the priest, "Murderess !!!"
"And who exactly did I murder, priest ?", came the mocking reply. "Surely not this little child here", and with that she moved aside and gestured towards a point just behind her.
LC's mouth opened in an 'O' of shock, her jaw dropping as she saw the slight figure standing before her. White, almost alabaster skin. Blonde hair. A grin of pure malice. And red eyes.
"Oh my god", she whispered, her head spinning as she recognised the girl she had last seen lying dead in the gatehouse. "Tamsin"
"Please help me", whispered the small girl, reaching her arms towards LadyCool. "It's so cold here at night and I want someone to play with."
Isabella grinned evilly. LC struggled to fight the dizziness that threatened to overwhelm her. The red eyes pierced her soul. Her hand went to her throat. She rose, leaving Fingal sitting on the floor beside her. And slowly and inexorably began to move towards the steps. Towards the platform. Towards the two daughters of darkness who stood smiling in the moonlight.

The main door slammed open with a crash. There was the sound of a bowstring followed by a shriek. LadyCool blinked her eyes, saw Tamsin reaching for her and promptly leaped off the stairway towards where Fingal was pushing himself to his feet.
The demonic Isabella screamed in pain and anger, an arrow embedded in her neck, black blood gushing out of the wound. She scanned the room for the source of her misery. And found it.
"Feck !!!" The voice was unmistakeable. Isabella tore out the arrow and leaped into the air. Fingal's jaw dropped as he watched the woman fly into the air, covering the distance between the platform and the door in one leap.
"Pisky !", he yelled. but the warning was too late. Isabella crashed into the pixy as he was about to loose another arrow.
With a foul Cornish oath, Pisky hit the floor, his back slamming onto the wooden boards as Isabella landed on him. His bow flew from his hands to land beside Fingal. Isabella's strength was unbelievable. The tall, spindly-looking woman had the strength of a bodybuilder and the face of a demon from hell. Her eyes shone red, her teeth, long and pointed reflected the moonlight coming from the open door. Her tongue whipped out, like that of a snake as her hands held tightly to the pixy's arms, ensuring that he could not defend himself.
"First Gifford. Now you." the woman hissed. Her neck arched, mouth open, fangs glistening as she fixed her gaze upon the pixy's neck.
Pisky grinned and belched.

The change was instantaneous. Isabella screamed in disgust, shot vertically into the air, spun around and caught hold of one of the ceiling beams. Like some vile spider, she skittered along the ceiling, every now and them screaming shrilly and scraping at her face as if she had been burned by acid gas.
"Fingal ! - use the cross !!!"
"What ?" The old priest looked around, distracted.
"The cross !!!" Pisky yelled, pointing to the crucifix that hung from Fingal's neck.
LC reached over, grabbed the crucifix and, almost pulling the old priest off his feet, waved the relic towards Tamsin.
The young girl screamed and flew towards the door of the old Lord's living quarters. Isabella dropped off the ceiling and with a glare of pure evil, followed, slamming the door behind her.

"Was that what I think it was ?", LadyCool asked as the pixy collected his bow.
"If you're thinking 'vampire', then yes", Pisky replied. "Ravenna got on the Vatican Archives. The whole story is in there."
LC sat heavily on the edge of the platform. Fingal stood dumbfounded."That's impossible", he said, "vampires don't exist"
"According to the Vatican they do", Pisky replied, "And I'd say that what just happened here constitutes pretty good evidence"
LadyCool dusted off the skirts of her dress before turning towards the pixy. "What did you do to Isabella ?", she asked.
Pisky grinned. "Garlic breath", he said. "I ate a clove washed down with 'Best Pixyland' - No vampire can stand a garlic flavoured belch."
LC giggled. Fingal shook his head in amusement.
Pisky looked around. The moon was sinking towards the horizon, dawn was nearby. "Where's Tobias ?", he asked.
"Here !"
The soldier strode from the side door, a look of disgust on his face. "The bastard got away" he cursed, then turned towards the pixy.
"What in fex name are you doing here ?"
"Long story", Pisky replied. And was just about to relate what Ravenna had discovered when LC suddenly stood up, plucking at the high neck of her dress.
"Oh sh1t !", she said quietly, her face pale.
"What ?"
"I think I've been fecking bitten !!!"

posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 05:48 AM
What?? Noooo I can't be a vampire! I've watched far too many movies and programmes about them, I know what happens! Dammit...

posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 08:34 PM
Chapter 39 - Kiss of the vampire

LadyCool pulled down the high neck of her dress and gingerly felt the skin just below her left jawbone.
"Oh sh1t", she said worriedly as the pixy moved towards where she sat at the edge of the platform. "Can you see anything ?"
Pisky leaned closer, the stench of his garlic breath bringing tears to LC's eyes. Two livid red puncture wounds could be seen on the white skin of her neck, like the evil red eyes of the evil queen Isabella.
Pisky nodded, his mind whirring at the possibilities. A memory of two decades past.
LadyCool grabbed the pixy's hand, "Am I going to ... you know ... turn into ..."
Pisky took a deep breath. "No. Not now. I believe that Isabella was saving you for Tamsin", he continued. "By taking some of your blood, Isabella did make a link with you. Her telepathic control is much stronger than if she had not done so. That's also why Tamsin was able to call you to her. And that", he said gesturing to the door, "Is why you need to go back to Stokesay - to get you away from Isabella ... and Tamsin"
"But how can you know that I'm not going to turn ?", LC asked worriedly.
Pisky grinned. "Firstly, you grabbed Fingal's crucifix. If you'd been that far gone, it would have burned you - like holding a red hot poker. Which reminds me - I think I need to make another visit to Mr. Blair"
LC smiled. Never a day went by without the pixy making desparaging comments about the treacherous Prime Minister.
"Secondly", Pisky continued, "You're standing in a beam of sunlight. Thirdly, you didn't hang from the ceiling when you smelt my garlic breath".
LC giggled; "It is ... dare I say ... pungeant", she replied.
"There's nothing like a good old garlic belch to keep Nosferatu at bay"
LC closed her eyes and sighed in relief. The pixy turned away.
"Tobias", he said, his voice loud in the almost empty Great Hall, "I need you to take LC back to Stokesay. It's not safe for her to be here."
The soldier shook his head; "Bullsh1t !!!", he exclaimed. "What is all this vampire crap anyway ? ... This Isabella is just a nutcase. A serial killer. She's not a fecking vampire for God's sake. You make it look like as if we're in some old Christopher Lee 'Dracula' film".
Pisky glared at the soldier angrily. "Isabella is a wanderer in the outer darkness", he began in his best 'Anthony Hopkins' voice, "She is vampyre, Nosferatu. These creatures do not die like the bee after the first sting but instead grow strong and become immortal once infected by another Nosferatu. So, my friends, we fight not one beast but legions that go on age after age after age, feeding on the blood of the living".
"My arse", Tobias replied, "I've seen some strange things recently - but vampires?"
"If you had seen Isabella, you wouldn't be so skeptical", Pisky snapped, rounding on Tobias.
Fingal moved between the soldier and the pixy.
"You know something, don't you ?" Fingal asked as Pisky turned away in annoyance.
The pixy stood for a while, his mind elsewhere, then spoke. "I should have known that Isabella wasn't what she appeared to be", he said angrily.
"With hindsight everything seems easy", the old priest replied, "If you remember, I thought Tamsin's was just another case of demonic posession, How could you have known better ? - she tricked us both."
The pixy thought back. The Carpathian mountains. The little village peopled by countryfolk who still believed in vampires. The deaths. The hunter.
Pisky took a deep breath. "I was in Transylvania in the late 80's" he said quietly. "I've seen this kind of thing once before"
Fingal's jaw dropped. Pisky was about to continue when the old priest held up his hand for silence. "Tobias", he said in his Irish brogue, "The heathen pixy is correct. Believe me, it is best that you take LadyCool back to Stokesay".
Tobias looked first to Fingal, then to Pisky. Their faces seemed carved in stone.
"Why can't you do it ?", asked the soldier then, "I'm an ex-squaddie. Surely I'll be of more use here than back in the castle". He turned back to Pisky; "I do assume you're going after Isabella ?"
"Fingal is a priest", the pixy explained, "and an exorcist. It isn't physical strength we need here, otherwise you'd be the first choice. As it is, your task is to safeguard LC and get her back to Stokesay safely". He took a piece of paper and a pen from his pocket and scribbled something upon it. "Give this to Pickwick", he said handing the paper to Tobias, "He'll know what to do".
The soldier looked at the strange arcane looking scribble and shook his head. "Pickwick ?"
Pisky nodded, "A new arrival. He's in Stokesay with my old teacher".
"This I have to see", Tobias grinned. "I bet you drove your teacher round the bend."
"I was a model of decorum and scholarly attitude", smiled the pixy, "Of course Muryannan is so old she probably gets me mixed up with other kids and thinks I was a rapscallion just like them".
"Of course", Tobias replied, not believing a word of it.

"So what's your old teacher like then ?", Tobias asked later as he checked his horse's tack prior to departure.
"Think Galadriel times ten", Pisky replied, "Then add a bow".
Tobias chuckled to himself, then turned to LC who stood staring into the bright winter sky.
"I never want to lose this", she said sadly. "Pisky ... can't I stay ? I want to kick that evil bitchs arse from here to Inverness"
"A worthy cause", the pixy replied, "Unfortunately, with the link you have to her, its just not safe. When you get back to Stokesay Pickwick will sort things out, but until then you need to keep away from Isabella and Tamsin."
LC shrugged her shoulders, nodded and climbed onto Tobias' horse. The soldier grinned, waved and without a backwards glance rode away across the overgrown grounds and out of Chillington.

"So you were in the Carpathians then ?", Fingal asked as the pair watched their companions ride into the distance.
"Yes", Pisky replied, removing a bottle of 'Best Pixyland' from his saddlebag, "I assume the reason you interrupted my explanation was because of ..."
"Yes", the old priest said. "Hertz. Have you seen him since then ?"
"Not a thing", the pixy said, opening the bottle and offering it to his clerical companion, "Last time I saw him, we were both in that prison in Bucharest".
"Its lucky Ceaucescu was ... removed", the priest continued, "Or both of you would have been for the chop".
"True", Pisky mused,"... the vagaries of Fate"
Fingal turned, his eyes glinting as he fastened them upon the pixy; "So you know who Hertz is then ?"
Pisky smiled. "The august Professor Hertz van Rental", he replied, "Is Ravenna's older brother".

posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 10:00 PM
I've been dreaming about your story... it is pretty realistic dream, (sometimes I don't want to wake up)

Get hungry now for next part ....

posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 10:03 PM
Pisky great work man,your talent is amazing??I saw you added Nosferatu in there did you know that it was the earliest surviving screen adaptaion of Bram Stoker's Dracula novel has had a long and dangerous life of its own.

Almost destroyed by Stoker's widow because of copyright infringement, this film has outlasted many others of the silent era. There are many new releases of Nosferatu and all this goes to show that, "You can't keep a good vampire down."
Did you see the film,???...
There has also been a series about him in animation form..great work..

By the way I took the liberty of voting for you as the most devoted ,talented member on the site.It is the Nobel Prize day and that got me thinking of something of the kind for ATS...
That idea got me in some muddy waters though,but then again if it's to praise talent like yours ..It has been worth every bit...Keep it up..
I'm one of your admireres..
here's the animated site..

Glad to be of service,by the way there's also a Dutch D.J. who calls himself Nosferatu..

posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 04:12 AM
Yes, I know about 'Nosferatu' - I saw a clip of it, where Orlok came out of his coffin in the ship as if he was on some kind of a hinge, when I was about seven years old and it scared the holy crap out of me.
I managed to see it in its entirety when I was about eighteen. An amazing film. Very spooky to say the least. The remake was ok but not as truly scary.

I had to leave my own library in storage when I moved to the US, but it contains quite a few vampire books. Summers' 'Vampire - His Kith and Kin' (first edition) and 'Vampire in Europe'. When I was younger the myth of the vampire fascinated me. I actually visited Transylvania in the late 80's (just before the revolution which deposed Nicolae Ceaucescu). The Carpathian mountains are beautiful and terrifying at the same time. I even visited Vlad Dracula's gravesite on the island in Snagov lake - And no, he isnt there. But that just adds to the mystique of the place.

posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 06:42 PM
Have to admit Pisky the story just keeps getting better and better likeing the new lady cool witch vamp thing keep it up.

posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 04:44 PM
Hertz van Rental

And that garlic breath
remind me never to walk downwind of you if you're out hunting the undead

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 12:24 AM
Chapter 40 - The Seal of Dracula

The sun had risen. Outside Chillington, a small flurry of snowflakes raced around the house like small white dervishes chasing themselves in play. Pisky led Kelyonen and Fingal's horse into the stable block, while the priest prepared for yet another spiritual battle. A battle with a foe the type of which he had never before encountered. But the pixy had. And so had another - Ravenna's brother. Her half-brother to be truthful - her mother being her fathers second wife. As he prepared the holy water, crucifixes and Bible, Fingal thought back to the story Pisky had told him as they awaited the full coming of dawn. Of the land beyond the forest, the devil's undead and mindless bureaucracy.

The horseman rode slowly into the small village square, his burden held tightly to his chest. Only his eyes could be seen above the woollen scarf wrapped around his face against the chill winters air. Those eyes, cold and hard, had seen such sights that would have damaged irreparably the minds of most other men. Maybe his mind had been turned. Maybe he was, as some of his collegues said, peculiar. If that was true, then so much the better, because what he had found this very afternoon was not something an average person would be able to deal with.

The man tugged on his horse's reins, halting the animal before a small inn. Carefully he dismounted as snowflakes floated gently down, alighting upon the cloak which covered the object he was carrying. A small boy left the sanctuary of the inn and took the reins, leading the horse behind the inn and into the stableyard. The man took a deep breath and entered the taproom.

Instantly the soft hubbub of voices stopped, heads turning to see who had opened the door, letting in the icy breath of winter. The man kicked it closed, the heel of his boot resounding against the wood, before walking towards the bar.
Every eye in the place followed him and he noted every one. The two old men smoking beside the fireplace, the group of labourers drinking beer, the old woman muttering to herself and the shadowy figure sitting alone in an alcove, a bottle of Slivovitz on his table.

Motioning to the innkeeper to clear the bar, the newcomer carefully lay his burden onto the stained wood. She wouldn't mind, he thought to himself. She was beyond that. For now at least. He lifted the edge of his cloak and gazed down upon her face. He didn't know her name, didn't know anything about her except for where he had found her and the manner of her death. He took off his hat, revealing dark brown hair greying at the temples, and pulled down his scarf.
The innkeeper thrust a brandy into his hand as he turned to address the room. He nodded his thanks and began to speak. "I found this woman about two miles away, near the crossroads", he explained, his accent betraying his Dutch origins. "Does anyone know who she is ?"
The old woman stopped muttering to herself and started wailing. A funereal keening that sent shivers of ice down the backs of everyone present. One of the old men crossed himself and uttered a prayer. The man looked over at the innkeeper whose face was almost as white as the corpse itself. "Do you know ?", he asked.

"Anna ... it's Anna", came the reply, "Klaus' daughter."
"And where is Klaus ?"
"He went to Bucharest on business", the innkeeper explained, "He's the doctor. He has to collect his medicines from the capital once every month. He should be back tomorrow."
The newcomer rubbed his eyes. "Do any of you remember when you saw Anna last ?", he asked, his eyes scanning the room. "She rarely comes here", said one of the labourers, "to be honest, she's a bit of a snob". Then he realised what he was saying and clapped a hand over his mouth. The old woman glared at him until he turned back to his drink.
"And you, sir ?", the man asked, looking towards the darkened alcove. "Do you remember when you last saw her ?"
The figure leaned forward, placed his hands onto the table and pushed himself to his feet. He walked slowly towards the bar, his eyes fixed upon the marble face of Anna. "I only got here yesterday", he said, "I've never seen her before."
"You're not from here, I take it ?"
"No. I'm here doing research", came the reply. "I'm Pisky by the way"
"Hertz van Rental"
The pixy looked down at Anna's lifeless face and shook his head. "What do you think happened ?" he asked his new aquaintance.
"Lean closer and say nothing untoward", Hertz whispered, turning Anna's head to the side. The pixy saw two small puncture wounds on the throat, which otherwise was free of blemish.
"Dog ?" Pisky asked softly.
"Too clean. A dog would have ripped her throat out."
"Bat ? Hamster ?"
Hertz stood up, covered Anna's face and instructed the innkeeper to have her taken to a back room to await his return, then he grabbed a bottle and strode towards the dark alcove, far from prying eyes and ears.

Pisky followed the enigmatic man and sat opposite, pouring each a glass of the strong plum brandy so common in this part of the world.
"You said that you are here on research", Hertz began once they were sitting comfortably with their drinks in their hands. Pisky nodded. "May I ask on what subject ?"
Pisky grinned. "Vlad Tepes", he replied.
"Ah", Hertz nodded, "The infamous Kaziglu Bey, as the Turks called him". He took a swallow of brandy, sighing as the burning liquid poured down his throat. "What do you make of him ?"
"Well, many people around here would prefer him to Ceaucescu any day of the week", the pixy said. "Vlad at least had a sense of justice. Ceaucescu is just another tyrant"
"Oh where are you now, Vlad Tepes", Hertz said softly. "I've heard that particular comment quite a few times since coming here". Everyone had heard of the tyrannical Romanian President, Nicolae Ceaucescu and his secret police, but since Hertz's own task had taken him far into the Carpathians and away from the major cities, he had so far been able to avoid their gaze. Pisky nodded his agreement.
"So what do you make of the claim that Vlad was a vampire ?" Hertz filled their glasses as Pisky considered the question.
"Propaganda mostly", the pixy replied. "The original woodcuts were commissioned by German travellers who wanted to sell their wares upon returning to their native country. People then loved bloodthirsty stories just as much as they do now. Yes, Vlad was a maniac, but he was also a fearless leader who many followed out of respect. The Turks were terrified of him, even though it was with them that execution by impalement originated. Vlad just 'improved' on the technique". He took a drink, then continued. "His grave on Snagov was discovered empty when it was excavated. Some people says that proved the vampire story. Personally, I don't believe he was ever there."
"And vampires? - the undead who come forth from their graves at night to suck the blood of the living ?"
Pisky shook his head, "Premature burial, lead coffins, even old tramps living in disused tombs. And that's just the top of my head. As for 'Dracula', 'Carmilla' and 'Varney the Vampyre', not to mention 'Nosferatu' - I can't buy that."
Hertz nodded solemnly. "Those marks on Anna's neck were not caused by a dog, nor a bat, nor even a hamster.
They are the Seal of Dracula, the kiss of the vampire".
"Bollocks !", exclained the pixy.
"You desire evidence ?"
"Evidence ? Of the living dead ? - How ?"
Hertz leaned closer. "We watch and wait. We hold a vigil beside her coffin this night. And once she is buried, we watch her grave. If, after a week, she still sleeps the sleep of death, then we leave with no harm done. But I do not believe she will stay so quiet."

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 08:05 AM
Top banana, you mean Pisky was a skeptic
that's more of a shock then the rest! Keep up the good work oh wise one.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 07:11 PM
WOW did i have alot of catching up to do........ Awesome work pisky who would have guessed vampires..... I hope LC makes it out of this ok, and un-vampireish...

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 07:31 PM

Originally posted by LadyCool21
Top banana, you mean Pisky was a skeptic
that's more of a shock then the rest! Keep up the good work oh wise one.

Back in the annals of time, when I was around the same age as the Pixy Padawan, I wrote a little discourse on vampirism for my literature exam. I attempted to prove the true origins of the vampire, using records from as far back as the 1700's. Catatonia, Lead coffins halting decompostion (I've see that on a documentary - its weird to see the face of someone who died over a hundred years ago, even if its only on TV). To say nothing of homeless old tramps who at times lived in unused crypts.

Of course none of those examples explain why people actually 'saw' the undead, saw their dead relatives and were attacked by them.

Hallucinations caused by grief ?
Nightmares ?
or the real thing ?

The more I learn, the more I need to learn. I now know that the vampire legends go back to ancient Greece, far earlier than I first believed. Yes, I'm still a skeptic at heart but I have a more open mind now than I did when I was sixteen.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 07:53 PM
Another amazing story! I award you Pisky an Oscar for all your great storys! Keep them comming!

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 10:25 AM
Hey pisky good work man I'm really getting the feel for this part being drawn in to it all. just stop writeing them so qwickly lol.

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 06:16 PM
pisky, dont listen to se7en
!!! i like it when you write quickly, i love yer stories!!

lol j/k se7en

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 10:01 PM
Chapter 41 - Dark Conspiracy

"Take it around the back !", Hertz snapped, glaring at the old man and his apprentice as they started to unload the empty coffin beside the front door of the inn. Pisky stood looking through the window as the villages only undertaker shrugged his shoulders and began pushing the hastily constructed casket back onto the cart. It was a rare person who owned a car in this small village in the middle of the Carpathians, let alone a hearse which would be used only once in a blue moon. Hertz watched as the undertaker clambered aboard and drove the cart towards the back of the inn, before turning back inside and walking over to the pixy.

The innkeeper stood beside the door that led into the back of the inn, where the body of Anna was currently at repose. He watched carefully as the two strangers to the village spoke quietly together before turning towards the door. Quickly he moved to intercept them. It was, after all, his inn, bought after years of toil and strife.
"Sirs", he said, leaning against the door and blocking their way, "I daresay that you are here for the best of intentions, but I cannot allow you to cross this threshold without knowing who you are and for what reason you are here in our village."
Pisky took a deep breath and was about to verbally abuse the man, who he considered a 'jobsworth', when Hertz stepped forward, a card in his hand.
"Hertz van Rental", he said, thrusting his business card into the mans hand. "Professor of metaphysics, Amsterdam University ... Affiliated", he said after a slight pause, "to Miskatonic University in Arkham".
"Miskatonic ?", muttered the pixy under his breath, "Rather you than me"
Hertz grinned.
"And you, sir ?", the innkeeper asked, looking from Hertz to the pixy.
Pisky took out his wallet and removed a card. It contained a photograph of the Pixy Baby and the words 'The Original Cornish Pixy'. The innkeeper peered at it for a moment before moving away from the door and placing both cards on the shelf behind the bar.
Hertz nodded his thanks and turned the doorknob. With a creak worthy of Dracula's castle the door opened, revealing a small corridor. "To the right", the innkeeper said, gesturing in said direction.
Pisky peered through the gloom. Directly in front of him was a door. To the left of that, a small stairway led into darkness. To the right another door. Hertz opened that and entered the room beyond. Pisky shivered involuntarily and followed.

It was a small parlour with another door directly opposite which Pisky assumed led to the back of the inn. The room itself was quite cozy if you could ignore the corpse lying on the sofa where the innkeeper had laid it. Hertz looked around, his eyes scanning the room. Pisky did the same, but he was looking for drink. There's nothing like a death to make you want a drink, he thought. Especially when the death was an unnatural one. He still doubted the 'vampire' theory, but it was only fair to give Hertz the chance to prove it. Personally the pixy thought it was a lost cause, but he had agreed to stand vigil over the dead woman with his new acquaintance and planned to keep his word. However, there was no way in hell he was going to do it sober.
Just as he discovered the innkeeper's personal drinks cabinet there was a hammering on the door leading to the back of the inn. Hertz rushed over and opened it, then moved aside to allow the undertaker and his apprentice to carry the coffin inside. Pisky watched as they set up a small trestle table, before lifting the body and placing it inside the coffin. This was then lifted carefully onto the table and the lid leaned against the wall. Hertz moved to the casket and crossed Anna's hands over her breast before turning to the undertaker. "I trust this will cover the expenses", he said, handing over a large amount of cash. The undertaker grinned happily and nodded. "More than enough", he said, thrusting the money into his pockets and taking his leave.
Hertz turned back to Anna, sorrow shadowing his face. No matter how many times he had seen this very same scenario, he would never truly get used to it. And if he was right, what would follow would be ten times worse.
He looked up as Pisky appeared at his side clutching two brandy glasses. He offered one to Hertz who took it and sipped slowly. Pisky downed his in one and went for a refill.

"So we just sit here all night ?", the pixy asked as he returned with the bottle. Hertz nodded. "And what happens if you're right ? - Let's say that she really was killed by vampire. What do we do ? Stake her through the heart like Cushing did to Lee ?"
"No, no, not exactly", Hertz replied, "I just want to cut off her head and take out her heart".
"You must be fecking joking !" the pixy exclaimed, pouring himself another glass of brandy.
"Not at all", Hertz explained. "The stake through the heart merely paralyses the vampire and pins it into its coffin. Removal of the stake releases the monster. To utterly destroy such a creature of darkness, it must be beheaded, and preferably the heart removed and burnt".
"Won't she turn to dust or something like that when she's killed ?"
"Anna cannot be killed again", Hertz replied, "She is already dead. Her soul, if our fears are correct, has been corrupted by a creature from Hell and her body given unnatural longevity. We will have to destroy her body in order to free her of this demonic influence. Then she will be at peace. However, she will not turn to dust." He held out his glass for the pixy to refill, then continued.
"When a person is killed by a vampire, the natural decomposition is halted. She will always look exactly as she did at the time of her death. She could exist in this state for many hundreds of years, never changing. However, should her body be destroyed, her unnatural unlife will come to an end and - if her unlife has been extended for centuries - she will appear to age rapidly in an instant. Anna however has not been undead so long. She will appear afterwards as she does now".
Pisky took a deep breath. "Well, I'll just have to hope that you're wrong about this 'vampire' stuff then", he said.

Pisky was just about to pour another glass of plum brandy when the door leading deeper into the inn opened and two men entered. Behind them in the darkness the pixy could see the shape of the inkeeper. He appeared to be keeping his distance from the new arrivals. Of the two, the younger was obviously military. He wore the uniform of the Romanian Army and carried an AK47 which, the pixy was disturbed to see, had its safety off. The other man wore a long black leather coat and had a fur cap on his head. He looked unarmed but appearance could be deceptive, especially if this man was a member of Ceausescu's Securitate - the President's secret police.
The man looked at his watch. "Good evening", he said cordially in an accent that reminded Pisky of Bela Logosi's rendition of Dracula, "I am Mircea Ionescu, captain of the Securitate here in Voivodeni". Pulling off his gloves, he reached into his right coat pocket and removed the two cards Hertz and Pisky had earlier given to the innkeeper. "Hertz van Rental", Ionescu muttered. "Doctor of Philosophy and Metaphysics. Affiliated to Miskatonic University no less". He grinned. "Impressive credentials, Doctor", replacing the card into his pocket.
"And who do we have here ?", he said sarcastically as he scanned the pixy's card. "The original Cornish Pixy. Whatever that means". He shrugged his shoulders and put Pisky's card with the other.
Ionescu took a deep breath. "I have heard some ... worrying rumours", he began, his eyes moving from Hertz to Pisky and eventually to the coffin where Anna lay in repose. "Rumours which I find it necessary to get to the bottom of. Hopefully you will be able to help in my inquiries and afterwards leave with my blessings". Pisky tensed. The soldier with the AK47 moved closer to his commanding officer.
"Of course", Hertz replied, "We will endevour to offer as much aid as we are able". He took a sip of his brandy. "Although, being so new here, I am unaware of exactly how we will be of use to you."
Ionescu smiled. "It is just a local matter. Nothing to concern yourselves with. However, I must ... request ... that you accompany me to my office. It is only a short walk away. You should be back in your lodgings in short order". And so saying, he stood aside and gestured towards the door.

Ionescu was a bureaucrat. He, like all of his kind, loved his rules, his forms and his procedures. The matter was, as he said, merely a local concern but their descriptions had been given with regards a drunken brawl a few days previously, so he had felt it necessary to investigate. Neither of them had been in the village at that time, which put them in the clear, nevertheless the procedures had to be followed and the forms completed. By the time Hertz and Pisky finally left the Securitate office, it was long past midnight.
"We must hurry", the doctor said, wrapping his scarf around his mouth, while Pisky muttered abuse about mindless bureaucracy and 'Fecking jobsworths'
"I wonder who reported us ?", Hertz said breathlessly as they rushed along the dark, snow covered streets.
"Whoever it was must have been half blind or completely ratarsed to get us mixed up with anyone else", the pixy replied, trudging through the snow behind his companion.
"What I can't understand is why the captain of the Securitate bothers himself with something as mundane as a street brawl" Hertz asked himself. Then he stopped. "God in hemel!!!" he exclaimed. "We must hurry my pixyish friend - I believe we have been a victim of a conspiracy". And with that he began running towards the inn, every now and then making exclamations in a mixture of Dutch and German, while the pixy struggled to keep up.

"Who took her ?", Hertz asked angrily, glaring at the innkeeper with a look of impotent rage.
"I don't know", the man replied with fear in his eyes, "They said that you had sent them".
Pisky looked around the room in which they stood. The parlour. There was the drinks cabinet, there the sofa, there the trestle table. The coffin containing Anna's remains was gone.
"What did they look like ?"
The innkeeper shrugged his shoulders. "I couldn't tell. It was dark", he said. "They weren't local. No one I knew anyway".
Hertz sighed. "We need rooms for the night. Do you have any vacancies ?"
The innkeeper answered in the affirmative and left to prepare them.
"How could I have been so stupid !" Hertz ranted once the door closed. "To be taken away from my task at the very time I was needed".
"There was bugger all you could have done", the pixy replied, "If we'd refused to go, Adolf with the AK47 would have insisted".
"So now do you believe ?", Hertz asked, staring at Pisky hopefully.
"In vampires ?", the pixy replied, "I don't know about that, but there's certainly something going on here. And I, for one, don't like it at all".

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posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 10:17 PM
Brilliant Story Pisky lol Hertz car rentals
once again another great story two thumbs up

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posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 10:41 PM
Chapter 42 - Jenica

Early the next day

Pisky sat in the taproom, a glass of strong Romanian beer in his hand. Across from him sat Hertz whose morose face told its own story. "I don't suppose there's a castle nearby is there ?", the pixy asked in an attempt to break the tension, "Or is that too much of a clich ?"
Hertz shook his head. "I wish there was a castle. Clich or not, it would at least give us something to go on" He took a swallow of Slivovitz and stared at the smoke-blackened ceiling.
The door slammed open. Pisky sprayed beer all over the table, just missing Hertz who turned quickly towards the source of the commotion.
"Where is my daughter !!!". The voice was sharp and tallied with the fox-like face of the man to which it belonged.
"Anton !!! ... where is my daughter !!!"
The innkeeper rushed from the back room, a look of unease on his face. "Doctor Klaus !", he said as he reached the newcomer. "Please come with me into the ..."
"Is it true ?", Klaus interrupted. "My Anna ..."
Anton the innkeeper turned to where Hertz and Pisky sat nursing their drinks. "Herr doktor ... these gentlemen will be able to answer your questions better than I"
"Feck !", Pisky muttered under his breath. Hertz stood. "Hertz van Rental", he said in introduction. "The good innkeeper is correct. Should you require answers, we will attempt to furnish them to the best of our ability. Please follow me." And with that he took Klaus' elbow and steered him towards the back of the inn.
Pisky stood and addressed the innkeeper. "Bring us a bottle of Slivovitz and some glasses will you ?", then followed the two scientists out of the room.

"I cannot believe this poppycock !!!", Klaus snapped. "The undead ? ... You think I am some old peasant who still believes in Nosferatu ?"
"Not at all", Hertz replied softly. "The death of your daughter has come as a shock and I would rather leave it at that. But the facts remain that Anna was found dead with the seal of Dracula upon her neck. And that her coffin was removed from here while Pisky and myself were detained".
"Seal of Dracula", Klaus snorted, "Rubbish ! ... My daughter ..." Suddenly all the anger left him and he appeared what he was. An old man whose only daughter had recently died. He swallowed tightly, forcing back the tears.
"Whereas I too am skeptical about the vampire angle", Pisky said pouring out three glasses of brandy, "All happened as my esteemed collegue has explained". He distributed the drinks before taking a seat on the sofa. "Ionescu visited us earlier - he requested that we accompany him to his office. While we did that, Anna's coffin was removed. We believe ..."
"That Ionescu deliberately took us away from our vigil in order that Anna could be snatched", Herzt finished.
"But why ?", Klaus asked. "And where is she ?"
"That", Hertz said forcefully, "Is what I plan to find out".

In the end it was the pixy who discovered the slim thread that answered all of their questions.
It was about noon. The snow had finally stopped falling and Pisky had decided to have a walk to clear his head, leaving Hertz back at the inn. Slowly he trudged through the snow, breathing the cold air and humming a tune. Leaving the village square, he turned a corner and was struck on the shoulder by a snowball.
"Little bastards !", he muttered, glaring at a gang of four boys standing under a tree across the road. They looked between nine and eleven years of old.
"Sorry mister", one of them yelled, "It was her fault - she ducked !"
Pisky looked into the doorway of a small confectionary shop. Huddled inside was a small girl of about seven. She was covered from head to toe by snow and looked ready to cry.
"I don't like this game", she sniffled as she noticed the pixy standing nearby.
"Four against one", the pixy said angrily. Then he crouched down and smiled. "I'm Pisky", he said.
The girl sniffed.
"What's your name ?"
"Jenica", she said, knocking snow from her coat.
"Well then, Jenica", Pisky asked with a pixyish grin on his face, "Shall we show them what happens to bullies ?".
The girl sniffed, then her eyes lit up and she nodded.
"Then watch carefully". At that, Pisky took off his gloves and began scrabbling in the snow. Soon enough he found what he was looking for and hefted it in his hand.
"You're not going to throw that at them are you ?", Jenica asked, seeing that the pixy was holding a rather heavy looking stone.
"Just watch", he said and, taking an instant to aim, hurled it through the air.
"Missed !!!", yelled one of the boys as the stone flew wide and struck a branch of the tree.
"I wasn't aiming at you", the pixy shouted back. Then laughed like a piskey as a pile of wet cold snow was dislodged from the branch to land full square onto the gang.
Taking her cue from Pisky, the little girl giggled as she watched her four tormentors drag themselves out of the snow before squelching off down the street.

"You need to go home too", the pixy said, "You're almost as wet as they are"
"I'm ok", she replied, "I only live over there anyway", and she pointed towards a house directly behind the inn.
"What are you going to do now ?", she asked innocently.
"I'm trying to help the doct ..." Then he stopped. And thought.
"You live there ?", he asked, gesturing to the house Jenica had earlier pointed out.
"Yes", she said, "why?"
"I don't suppose you saw anything last night, did you ?", he asked hopefully, "Anything strange ... out of the ordinary ? ... it would have been between eight and midnight"
"I go to bed at seven", she replied. The pixy's face dropped.
"But something woke me up. I don't know what time it was, but when I looked out of the window I saw someone taking a box out of Anton's house"
The pixy took her cold hands in his and looked into her eyes. They were the laughing eyes of someone who still beleived in the innate goodness of humanity. "Was it a big box ?", he asked.
"And did you see where it went ?"
"No", she replied, "But you can ask Radu if you like"
Pisky looked perturbed. "Radu ?"
"Why would he know where the box was being taken ?"
Jenica sighed, "Because, silly", she said exasperatedly, "He was one of the men who carried it out !"

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