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Pisky's ATS Story

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 04:14 PM
So I wanted to be a nun ?
'The hills are alive with the sound of black helicopters ?'

Top notch work again, Mr Piskandir

Edit: I hope you don't mind, but I just stole Galadriel's speech for my siggy

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 04:58 PM
I've just been catching up with the last couple of chapters.
I'm just glad that my monitor hasn't got a smellyvision feature built in with those socks around !
excellent work as usual, always leaving me wondering what on earth's gonna happen next.
I bet I'm going to be dreaming about dark clouds tonight

posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 02:06 PM
Do you want to walk in the footsteps of the Pisky ?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to wander the courtyard of Stokesay, and actually see the Hall, Gatehouse and Church mentioned in the Pisky's story for yourself ?

Now you can ...

I found a panoramic pic of Stokesay, complete with pan and zoom.

Stokesay - Panoramic Image

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 09:56 AM
I knew it! I've been to Stokesay! I went a few years ago (I've been to so many ruins and castles they all seem to merge to be honest, but the good old beeb reminded me of when I sang singing in the rain with a full encore at the front)

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 03:20 PM
wow pisky thanks for the pic!!! i love being able to see the castle, just as beautiful as i imagined!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 03:41 PM


But, I do understand a smattering of Quenya....heh...that one passage in particular, the only bit I know.

How ironic.

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 02:26 PM
Chapter 36 - Piskandir

"The fifty have been recalled", Muryannan said softly with a look of sadness on her face. Her hair shone golden as the final rays of the sun streamed from the West. The tall woman sat with Pisky at one of the tables in the courtyard, far enough from the normal evening bustle as possible in order to avoid being overheard.
Pisky scowled. "It's that bad ?"
The woman nodded.
"You know you have to answer, Piskandir", came the reply. "Not even the 'Pixy Pilgrim' can deny this call".
Pisky leaned back against the wall of the Great Hall and sighed.
"It has been too long", Muryannan said, "Far too long". She looked down at her hands, at the skin which was almost translucent, the nails like mother-of-pearl. "These hands have been idle for too long. So long without the feel of a bow, the thrum of a bowstring. We have become lax, Piskandir. Frolicing gaily while the earth slipped slowly into perdition. Expecting our knowledge to be a shield. But now it ends, now we return to our beginnings."
She looked up, her emerald eyes shining as she looked into those of the pixy.
"Where is the Court now ?" Pisky asked, picking up a bottle of 'Best Pixyland' and pouring two flagons.
Muryannan picked up her tankard and sipped daintily, "Where else in this time of trouble, but Tintagel ?" She took a deep breath. "Most of what you call 'Corporates' are still North of the Parrett, however there have been ... 'incursions'". She put her flagon down. "Scouts, if you will. We have been lucky so far. Their plague killed many of their own people. They needed to regroup, keep the people in fear for their lives. There were not enough to win outright, but the ... public", here she visibly shivered, "... apathetic, lovers of the Status Quo. Those who don't even know that their lives aren't really lives. Just existance. They who obtain their daily dose of propaganda from Faux News. All the same. They are all the same. They just accepted it. As long as it didn't affect them, they did nothing. And all the time the Corporates were building their empire. Planning their conquests".
"What about here?", Pisky asked, gesturing around the courtyard.
Muryannan pushed a stray piece of hair from her face. "The darkness will be here eventually", she said sadly, "Of that have no doubt."
"Then I cannot leave", Pisky said defiantly, draining his tankard.
Muryannan shook her head. "You ever were a stubborn pixy", she said. And she smiled.

"So what do you think of the 'newcomers' ?", Erisian asked as she tapped rapidly on the keyboard.
Beside her in the Gatehouse, Ravenna sat looking over her shoulder. "Pickwick is ok", she replied, "But that woman is seriously spooky."
"Muryannan ?" the hacker muttered, a frown on her face as she saw that more and more sites had been deleted.
"Yes", came the reply, "I swear, it was as if she was reading my mind."
Erisian nodded, but her own mind was no longer on her companion's problems. "Every news site I've tried to get to has been deleted".
"What ?"
"Look", the hacker said, leaning away from the screen so that Ravenna could see. "CBS, Faux, BBC ... all dead."
"That's strange", Ravenna said, "What about ATS ?"
"Down for maintance", Erisian replied, "Meaning they've had to scarper again."
Ravenna rubbed her eyes, "Reuters ?"
"Dead as the proverbial Dodo", Erisian sighed. "It looks as if every news site is down."
"What about Rense or Icke ?"
"Rense was shut down a few weeks ago", Erisian said, hitting a key and swearing as yet another error page appeared, "Icke is holed up in the Isle of Wight somewhere and hasn't been able to update his site for a while."
Ravenna sighed, "Can you do anything at all ?"
Erisian grinned, "Am I or am I not the girl who cracked the 'Beast' ?"
"You got caught", Ravenna replied, "Pisky told me".
"Irrelevant", giggled Erisian, "Give me a few minutes and I'll get your news for you. And then I'll see what I can find out about Isabella."
Ravenna stood and walked over to the window. Outside, the last few rays of sunlight glinted against the windows of the Great Hall. Pisky sat at one of the tables, talking animatedly to Muryannan as the ostlers settled down the horses for the night. Through the door of the hall, Ravenna could see Asala warming herself at the fire, while on the curtain wall Loki sat chatting with Pickwick.
Sighing, Ravenna leaned her head against the cold glass of the window. Closing her eyes, she let her mind wander. She worried about old Fingal, even though he was the obvious choice to accompany Tobias to Chillington. Sword bearer or not, the old priest couldn't be expected to keep up this pace for much longer and Ravenna hoped that once he returned, he would concentrate on his duties as priest of St. Philomena's and allow younger people to do the physical tasks. Maybe he would bequeath 'Erin' to her, Ravenna thought. But probably not - Fingal was as stubborn as the pixy and as he had been given the duty of 'Sword bearer' would perform such duty to the best of his ability, even if it ended with his death.
Ravenna shivered at that thought and wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to force away the cold,

"So how long have you known Pisky ?", Loki asked as he sat beside Pickwick on the curtain wall.
"Since we were babies", came the reply, "My mother and his are close friends."
Loki grinned, "I can just imagine him as a baby", he said, "I bet he looked just like his avatar"
Pickwick laughed, "Many a true word is spoken in jest", he said, opening a bottle of 'Best Pixyland' and taking a drink. "Not bad", he said, smacking his lips, "Not real Pixyland cider of course, since that would require apples from Pixyland, but it's good enough."
"What's this 'Piskandir' stuff then ?" Loki asked.
Pickwick wiped his mouth and belched. The sound echoed around the courtyard and Loki looked at the man with new respect.
"Pisky wasn't content to stay where he was born", Pickwick explained, "He needed to wander the world learning new things. The first time he came back to the village of his birth, his grandmother called him 'Piskandir' - it means 'Pixy Pilgrim' - and it just seemed to stick."
Loki grinned. "And what about Muryannan ?", he asked, "Who's she ?"
"Lady Muryannan of Hexworthy", Pickwick explained, "Is a handmaiden - a 'lady in waiting' if you will - to Joan, Duchess of Cornwall."
Loki looked perturbed, "I thought Prince Charles was Duke of Cornwall. Wouldn't that make Camilla the Duchess ?"
Pickwick grinned, "Ignore the Windsors", he said, "I'm talking about a much older lineage. One that goes back farther than the Roman conquest."
"But what's this got to do with Pisky ?"
Pickwick took another drink, "Lady Muryannan of Hexworthy", he said with a grin, "was Pisky's dyscajor."
"His what ?"
Pickwick grinned embarassedly; "Sorry", he said, "I forgot you don't speak Cornish. 'dyscajor' means 'teacher'."
"Bugger me !", exclaimed Loki, "she doesn't look that old".
Pickwick smiled. "You'd be surprised", he said.

"Got it !"
Ravenna turned at the voice. Erisian grinned. "I managed to get through to the Reuters secure server", she said as her companion joined her at the computer. "The news goes there first, then is edited and put on the live website", she explained.
"Now then, lets see what we will see ... ", Erisian bit her lip, "... Current news ... now this is interesting ... not to be released to public under pain of ... wow !"
Ravenna leaned across, "pain of death ??? ... what on earth can be so important that ... oh !"
"Exactly", Erisian replied, "No wonder the corporates don't want this little gem to get out just yet."
"At least not until they can use it for propaganda purposes, I daresay", came the reply. "List of casualties of recent meteor storm ... hmmm"
Ravenna followed the list with her finger as she read out the tally of dead and injured. "Sidney, Australia - 100,000 ... Johannesburg, South Africa - 180,000 ... Dallas, Texas - 57,000 ... Look at this !!! ..."
Erisian jumped up, startled. "What ?"
"Las Vegas was wiped off the map !!!", Ravenna's face went white. "A whole city."
"London got hit too", Erisian continued the list. "The Houses of Parliament had a direct hit. Note here says that Tony Blair was recuperating at Chequers after his recent 'illness' - meaning when Pisky strung him up by his balls from Tower Bridge - But Prescott copped a piece of meteor up his ..."
"I'm sure Pisky will be please to know that", Ravenna interrupted. "Is there anything else on the site ?"
"Not much. Testing for some new biometric chip is almost completed. Thats about it."
"OK", Ravenna said, walking over to the printer, "I'll just print this off for Pantha and we can get on with the 'Isabella' stuff"
Erisian nodded and started the search.

It was almost dark when the two travellers reached the village of Brewood. Few people still lived there, a legacy of the plague and the corporate takeover. Most of the village's population had either succumbed to the modern version of the black death, or had moved to the nearby city of Wolverhampton where they could at least attempt to live normally. Now, as Tobias and Fingal rode through, few lights could be seen. Far into the distance the woods surrounding Chillington Hall showed as a blacker patch against the darkening sky.
"That way ?", Fingal asked as Tobias consulted his map.
The soldier nodded."Normally I'd want to wait 'til morning before going in", Tobias said as they rode through the deserted streets, passing the church of St. Mary and St Chad where generations of Giffords were buried. "But that's not an option here".
The old priest nodded his agreement, his hand dropping to Erin's hilt. "I hope they're alright", he said softly, "All of them. Whatever caused Angover to snap like that, I'm sure we can sort it out."
"I certainly hope so." Tobias replied, replacing the map into the pocket of his jacket. "The sooner we're back in Stokesay, the better."
Leaving the outskirts of the village, the pair joined a small lane that wound its way through the first trees of the woods, heading towards an open area of now overgrown lawns which surrounded Chillington Hall. According to the map, before they reached the grounds, they would come across a small house in which the gatekeeper once resided. It was before this house that a large wooden cross stood, erected in the sixteenth century, ostensibly to commemorate John Gifford's rescue of a woman and her child from the claws of a ravening panther. Or wolf, depending on which account was correct. Whatever it was made no difference at all to Tobias, whose only wish was to discover what had happened to three of his charges.
As the moon rose and the stars began to glitter in the darkening sky, the soldier and the priest rode on.

Password: *******

Ravenna watched as the homepage of the Vatican Archives appeared on the screen. Biting her lip, she scanned the page, finally selecting the 'search' option and entering the name 'Isabella'.
A list of names appeared, from Saint Isabella, through to Isabella Rossellini and everyone in between. Finding the correct one, Ravenna selected the line and clicked the mouse. Instantly a biographical report was displayed, including a rather unflattering portrait painted in the fourteenth century.
"OK", Ravenna said, "Lets see what we've got here ...

Isabella of France.
1296-1358, queen consort of Edward II of England, daughter of Philip IV of France. Married Edward in 1308 ... nourished hatred for the royal favorites, the Despensers, who were responsible (1324) for the confiscation of her estates ... became mistress of Roger de Mortimer ... plotted with him to invade England ... Edward II was forced to abdicate and Edward III enthroned early in 1327, Isabella and Mortimer caused murder of Edward II and began a corrupt rule of England. Finally rebelling against the couple's flagrant misgovernment, Edward III seized power in 1330, had Mortimer executed, and imprisoned Isabella in Castle Rising. Supposedly died in 1358. Known as 'She Wolf of France'.
True nature discovered in early sixteenth century, after multiple deaths in and around Brewood, Staffordshire. Isabella later killed by Sir John Gifford of Chillington, standard bearer to Henry VIII.

"Oh shhhiiitt !", Ravenna said, hand flying to her throat as she read the words displayed on the monitor.
"Research with regards to Isabella's true nature as ..." She spun around to face Erisian whose own expression was one of disbelief. "This is ... I ... my god, Eris, Fingal ... Tobias ... They don't know !!!

"I knew there was something", Ravenna said breathlessly. "It was the dates. If she really was Edward II's wife, then by the time Gifford 'killed' her in the early sixteenth century, she would have been at least Two hundred years old !"
Pisky ranted foully in a mixture of Cornish and English as the new knowledge permeated his brain. "Bollocking hellbags !!!", he shouted, pacing around the room, "I should have fecking known there was something iffy. Feck !!!!"
KayEm laid a comforting hand on the pixy's arm. "None of us could have known", she said calmly.
"I should have fecking well known !!!", the pixy snapped, "It's medieval history for fex sake !!!"
KayEm looked into the pixy's eyes. Her own brown orbs sending out waves of calmness. "No one could have expected this", she said, "Not even you. Now what we need to do is get word to Tobias and Fingal."
Pisky looked through the high windows of the Great Hall. The moon shone through the darkness. "We'll be lucky to get there in time !", he said. "If Isabella is released before they get to Gifford's Cross, feck knows what will happen to them ! We need to start out right now and hope for the best."
Muryannan stood, her long dress swishing as she walked gracefully to where the pixy stood. "Take Kelyonen", she said softly. "He will get you there faster than any horse in your stables. I will follow on later."
Pisky looked astounded. Pickwick even more so. "Take Kelyonen ? ... take your horse ?"
"Yes. Go, Piskandir. Save your friends and return swiftly." Muryannan smiled.
"Feck me !" the pixy said, still shocked that his old teacher would allow him the use of her own horse. He well remembered what had happened years ago when he had pixy-rode the same horse, much to Muryannan's annoyance. He nodded his thanks before turning to Ravenna. "I'll need some stuff from the kitchen. You know what. Ask Asala to get it ready. I need to pick something up from the Gate House." And with that he rushed off out of the hall and into the courtyard, calling to the ostlers to ready Muryannan's horse."

By the time Pisky returned from the Gate House, all was ready. Ravenna sat on her own horse which, alongside Kelyonen, the ostlers had readied for travel. "I'll meet you in Chillington", she shouted as she cantered through the gates. "I have something to do first." Pisky shook his head and mounted Kelyonen. The horse turned his head and glared, daring the pixy to make a wrong move. Pisky grinned. The horse snorted and pranced around as KayEm strode from the hall with a satchel of food. Handing the package to her husband, KayEm smiled and wished him well. Pisky grinned, and with a wave, galloped through the gates into the gathering darkness.

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posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 05:41 PM
man bit of catching up to do good to see the story is going on strong keep up the good work pisky.

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 05:51 PM
Don't feel lonely. I'm reletively new here. And I also have a bit of catching up to do myself. But I definently like what I've read so far. Most of the writers at this board are pretty good at what they do. I'm not going to name any names, but I have only seen one story that I thought wasn't that good.

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 08:41 PM
VERY nice work again, Pisky !

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:58 AM
Well, I am done catching up. And I'm gonna have to say that I agree with Ravenna. I had to go back and start from the beginning. Reading just the last one was kinda confusing!

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 06:05 AM
AWESOME...... what else can i say???

nice writing mr. pixandir

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 12:58 AM
I think that I speak for everyone when I ask, When can we expect the next part?

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 01:13 AM
The next chapter should be ready either tomorrow night or Thursday

Ravenna - I have to say that your avatar has to be one of the spookiest I have seen in my time here

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 03:48 AM

Originally posted by Pisky
The next chapter should be ready either tomorrow night or Thursday

Ravenna - I have to say that your avatar has to be one of the spookiest I have seen in my time here

Great! I can't wait.

I also have a question for Ravenna. Is that pic in your avatar just a doctored up picture of you? Just curious.

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 07:53 PM
Actually Pisky, if you think that's spooky, just have a look at this ...

Originally posted by HALLOWEEN78
I also have a question for Ravenna. Is that pic in your avatar just a doctored up picture of you? Just curious.

I got my avatar (and the pic above) from She's an artist from Spain. I love her stuff though, very atmospheric. She's done a few album covers too.

posted on Dec, 2 2004 @ 03:10 AM
Thanks. The curiosity was killing me.

In my opinion, your avatar is scarier. I don't know what it is about it. It's just kreepy as sh**!

posted on Dec, 3 2004 @ 06:30 AM
ravenna, that is kinda spooky, LOL

pisky, can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!!!

posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 11:16 PM
Chapter 37 - Death becomes her

Red eyes.
That was the last thing LadyCool remembered. Red eyes shining in the whiteness of a cold face. Red eyes burning like embers in a snowdrift.
Red eyes.

By the time they had reached Gifford's Cross, it was getting dark. Angover lifted LC from the horse and led her through the small gate towards the house before taking from his belt a small ring of keys. "Skeleton keys", he explained as he tried one after the other in the lock of the oaken door. Eventually his patience was rewarded by a slight click and the door creaked open at his touch.
While her captor had been obtaining access to the house, LC watched Tamsin. The girl had dismounted, strode imperiously through the gate and stood almost spellbound staring at the large wooden cross that dominated the small garden plot. LadyCool had been about to ask what she was doing, when Angover opened the door and pushed her roughly inside.
She was taken along a small wood-panelled hall into what appeared to be a reception room. Grunting his apologies, the blacksmith fastened her hands to a large iron fender in front of a long cold fireplace before returning to his daughter.

LadyCool had no idea how much time had passed by the time the door creaked open and Angover returned, his clothes dirty and covered with mud. "What the feck are you playing at ?!?!", LC snapped as the blacksmith strode over to the fireplace and unfastened her bonds. Angover looked at her impassively, his eyes glazed over as if under the influence of some illicit drug. LadyCool got to her feet glaring at the blacksmith with undisgused hatred in her eyes. "You fecking raktoff bag of rancid hamsters dung !!!!", she snapped, borrowing from the pixy's vocabulary as she rubbed her wrists in an attempt to force warmth into her cold hands, "What in fex name are ..."
Silence !!! The voice was hard, cold and commanding. It brooked no refusal. LadyCool spun around, a curse on her lips, which died in her throat as she saw the woman standing before her.
She was every inch a Queen. Imperious, majestic and powerful. A white face, framed by long jet black hair. Her long velvet gown was from another age, the only blemish being a rust-coloured stain around a hole above her heart. She smiled. Her teeth shone in the light of Angover's lantern. LC stood, her heart beating, mind racing, as she took in the vision before her. The woman - the Queen was beautiful - hypnotically so. The deathly power of the cobra was inside this woman. The hypnotic power that made the hare stay and watch as sinuous death bore down upon it.
LC struggled to force her gaze away from those eyes, those piercing eyes, those eyes that threatened to drown her.
The woman stood, one alabaster hand on Tamsin's shoulder, the other at her waist as she watched LC's reaction with amusement."Je m'appelle Isabella", she said, and LC shivered.
"Isabella. So this is Isabella", LC thought somewhere in the back of her mind as she watched the woman turn towards Tamsin. The young girl looked up at her companion, a look of love and longing on her face. She smiled.
Isabella nodded towards Tamsin, before turning once more towards LC.
"Regardez", she said softly, and struck.

Despite herself, LC screamed, and the sound of her own voice broke the spell. Rapidly she took in the room as Angover moved towards her. "No fecking way !", she said to herself as the smith reached for her. Angover was almost upon her when she lashed out, slamming her foot into his groin. Groaning in agony, he dropped to his knees as LC grabbed a small vase from a nearby table. With a yell of triumph, she smashed it onto his head before kicking the table out of her way. She turned quickly, her eyes taking in everything at once. The tall, stately Isabella stood beside the door, holding in her hand the white form of Tamsin. The girl's head lolled limply over Isabella's arm as the Queen smiled at her in an almost motherly fashion. Slowly she walked towards the nearby couch and lay the small bundle upon it.
LC stood unbelieving, unable even to move as the enormity of what she had seen crashed into her mind. "You bitch", she growled as Isabella bent to kiss Tamsin's cold white forehead. "You murderous fecking bitch !!!"
Isabella smiled and licked her lips. "She is my daughter", she said in English. "And you will be hers".
And then she turned her red eyes upon LadyCool.

"What in fex name ?!?!?" Tobias looked down at the gaping hole as the light from his torch illuminated the area to the front of Chillington's gatehouse. Beside the hole stood a crumbling wooden coffin, mercifully empty of its previous contents, while the wooden cross that once marked the gravesite lay shattered nearby.
"It took some strength to rip that fecking cross down", Tobias said, glancing at where the pieces of broken cross lay scattered over the overgrown lawn.
Fingal shook his head in disbelief at the desecration. "Angover, Angover", he muttered sadly, "What have you done ?"
"I'm more concerned as to what he's going to do." Tobias said, bending down and picking something up from beside the coffin. "What do you make of this ?"
Fingal took the proffered object and scrutinised it carefully. "Looks like a crossbow quarrel", he mused as he turned it around in his hands. "Its too small to be an arrow. Strange that there's no metal arrowhead on it though. Whoever made it just sharpened the wooden point", he returned it to Tobias, "Maybe they couldn't afford it."
"So it's not Angover's work then ?"
"Certainly not", came the reply, "He didn't make this. It's not his style, plus it looks too old."
"Feck it", Tobias snapped, hurling the quarrel away and striding towards the gatehouse. The building was old and the door, made of English oak, looked as if it would need a battering ram to get it open. Tobias checked it, found it locked and rather than wasting more time with it, slammed his elbow into the nearby window. Fingal looked around at the noise of breaking glass, then turned back to where Tobias was now reaching in and unlocking the window from the inside.
"Wasn't that a wee bit risky ?", Fingal asked as the soldier pulled the window frame open, "What if someone heard ?"
"Sod it !", Tobias replied, heaving himself through the opening, "We haven't got time to pussyfoot around now. Fecking Angover must have gone round the bend, digging up some poor bastards grave." And with that, he dropped to the floor inside the house, padded silently to the hallway and opened the door for the priest.

The house had a musty smell that was the result of years of neglect. Dust covered the wooden floor, while spiderwebs hung from lampshades and curtain rails. The furniture, some pieces over a century old, also sported a covering of dust which caused Fingal's nose to tickle as he walked through the hallway. "Footprints", Tobias said, aiming the beam of his torch along the hallway floor. "Someone's been here - and recently by the looks of it". The soldier bent to examine the faint scuffs in the dust, which led off to the rear of the house. "Then lets hope they're not here now", Fingal muttered, "because they're bound to have heard that kerfuffle".
Tobias nodded and stood listening for a while before training the beam around the hallway and following the prints along it. A door stood open, the darkness beyond like the inside of a tomb. The footprints continued inside, onto a carpet that was old when Churchill was a baby. Carefully, Tobias entered the room, his senses on alert, his ears straining to catch any sound. Nothing. "Something happened here", the soldier explained as he walked slowly around the room. A table rested on its side, the dust covered vase that once stood upon it lay in pieces on the floor. Marks on the dusty carpet seemed to have been caused by a pair of knees landing heavily upon it, while other marks indicated a struggle of some kind.
Fingal's voice held a shiver of fear, "You best see this".
The soldier walked over to where Fingal stood pointing at an antique couch upon which the ever present dust had made a film. Someone had been lying upon it, however it wasn't the slight marks in the dust that caused Fingal's exclamation, but what accompanied those marks.
Tobias reached over and touched the small dark patch at one end of the couch. He rubbed his fingers together and examined them in the light of the torch.
"Blood", he said.

LadyCool kept her eyes tightly closed. She didn't want to see those red orbs again. Ever. She remembered shouting at Isabella. Remembered cursing the woman for what she had done. Remembered little Tamsin lying dead upon the couch while her murderess smiled. Remembered those red eyes.
It was cold where LC lay with her eyelids firmly shut, refusing to open them lest she see the murderous Isabella once again. Or worse. Her head ached and her throat was sore. Dust tickled her nose and threatened to make her sneeze, and something hard and crunchy pressed into her back. She lay there and listened. She heard the sound of her heart beating as if it was far away, the soft sigh of her own breathing.
Then a sound. Voices. Muffled voices. Voices she recognised. She opened her eyes.
And saw nothing but blackness.
"OH FECK - I'M BLIND !!!" she shrieked, reaching upwards automatically to grasp her face. This was immediately followed by a muttered curse as her elbow scraped against a cold, hard surface. "What the f ..." Then she stopped, her ears straining as the voices came closer.
"It's coming from inside there ... here, give me a hand".
"Feck me - this is going to be a real bastard to shift"
"Ready ...", a pause, "Heave !!!"
There was a loud grating noise, a flash of light and a massive crash. LC lay quietly, trying to calm the sound of her beating heart. Her eyes, unaccustomed to the light, at first could only make out two shadowy forms, but the voices were unmistakeable. "Well feck me", said Fingal, "'Tis sleeping beauty"
LC sat up, blinking her eyes. She looked around, taking in the grinning faces of Tobias and Fingal. Then she looked down. "I'm in a fecking coffin !!!", she shrieked, grabbing onto Tobias and using him to pull herself upright.
"It's a tomb actually, lass", Fingal corrected.
"I don't give a flying feck what it is !!!", came the reply, "Just get me out of this thing !!!"
Tobias grinned, grabbed her by the waist and lifted her out of the tomb. It was old, at least five hundred years had gone past since it was first occupied and LadyCool was not pleased to see that the original occupant was still there. Seeing that, she began ranting in a manner that would have made the pixy proud and only stopped when she realised that her rescuers were grinning inanely at her. "Now what ?", she snapped.
"Nice outfit", Tobias said, the grin across his face making him look like Pisky's avatar.
"What ???", LC looked down at herself. She was wearing a long velvet dress with a high neck and flowing skirts.
"Oh feck", she said, "I look like Ravenna. If fecking Angover did this I'm going to rip his ..." and then she remembered.
She shivered, hugged herself tightly, and told them everything.

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 01:54 AM
Hmm right now you've got me thinking...
oh no it's not what I think it is, is it? Ooh dear me...

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