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The Blue Pill People

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

we are in a the past i only felt i know it.

i found a warning...

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edi= also there is a battle of good vs. evil going on right now of epic proportions...

choose the light for the win imo

search this forum for some good stuff...


take care and much love to all

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edit= we need NESARA now!!

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

"Letting the fears it creates in us, consume us, will only make matters worse. Letting those fears so damage our ability to reason that we start to live in a world of delusions only makes us easier to control."

Don't confuse fear with righteous indignation or anger. Those of the (at least currently) dominant "Blue Pill" variety are the fearful ones. That's why they/you depend on secrecy-based government. It's only YOU who can't handle the truth!

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:43 PM
Are you free?

If you're worried about this, whose answer would calm your mind?

Is this place your paradise? Do you look around the world and see the pinnacle of your every ideal? Can you achieve any moral ambition you desire to because nothing is standing in your way? Can you have all you need and more because everyone is willing to share the resources around us so that all people can pursue their unique work in life and give back for what they have received? Are you naturally healthy and energetic, with a clear mind and joyful and excited just to be alive?


Are you instead living in a place where you frequently have to turn your head because of atrocities you have no power to prevent? Do you frequently make decisions out of guilt? Are you in debt because of the education, the health care, or the luxury items you could not afford? Do you work until you are too tired to do much else just to pay those and other bills? Have you heard of indentured servitude?

Do you want caffeine to wake you up, a pill to help you sleep, an aspirin so you feel no pain, some chocolate cake to make you feel better, a diet pill to make you thin again, an injection to take away your age, a prescription to keep you in a happy mood, and another one to sexually excite you? Do you have to have that purse, that car, that newest electronic gadget?

Are you, have you been, or are your children forced to attend a school by law regardless of whether the teachings agree with your personal beliefs or not? Do you sometimes fear for your or your family's safety because of the state of the world?

Have you been lead to believe that the idyllic world I described above is a myth or a fantasy that can never come true? That it is against human nature to be peaceful, healthy, and productive?

Can you love who you love without fear? Can you speak any concern or opinion, no matter how controversial or strange, in front of your peers without fear of ridicule or punishment? Can you move around, live, and purchase what you want without your likeness and transactions being recorded?

Well, why not?

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

I don't think it qualifies as paranoia if there are facts to back it up. It's true it is not just black and white, but it is also true that given current events and the progression of the world in the past 100 years, the world is heading toward one world government. The fact that the UN even exists is testament to this, and the UN is consistently gaining more and more power. The EU is trying to make its nations sign away their sovereignty.

Most of us "red pillers" (which is a really stupid thing to call us, IMO) did not "leave society", nor do we want anarchy. All we want is to not live under a police state. We just understand that trading freedom for security DOES NOT WORK, especially if it is security against an unseen and indestructible force known as terror. You just assume Bin Laden was behind 9/11 and all that even though there was no freaking proof. If you still do not know this, the Bin Laden confession video is proven fake beyond question; the guy does not even closely resemble Bin Laden. Not surprisingly, Bin Laden released a video a few days after 9/11 saying he did not do it.

I've stayed in society and whatnot. I go to work, school, I party, I drink, I smoke, I enjoy life. But it just pisses me off that 90% of the people out there are dumb as sh!t, and ONLY care about working, grades, partying, drinking, smoking, enjoying. And notice I say grades instead of school. People these days no longer go to school to learn, but instead just to get that A (or at least those who "care" about school)! People now are just so freaking blind. They are ignorant to their own ignorance and apathetic to their own apathy. This is the NEW WORLD CULTURE that the NWO is being founded upon, and this is the NEW WORLD CULTURE that is being spread throughout the world. I was born in China back in 88, and lived there until 94. When I went back there 10 years later in 04, it had changed SO much. It became just like this. At the time, I didn't think much of it, but now, I realized. This is why there is so much "destablization" of governments in South America and Africa. This is why the Middle East are always targeted (save Saudi Arabia and Israel). It is because they are the last who are resistant to the NEW WORLD CULTURE of being ignorant to one's own ignorance and apathetic to one's own apathy. A world of people who knew nothing more than what came out of their TV, whose opinions and realities are shaped and molded by ENTERTAINMENT.

Blaine, your basic understanding of this issue is so incredibly subpar that you do not deserve to comment on ANY side of the coin.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

Let me ask you something. Do you pay your taxes? Do you buy things to entertain yourself? Do you have a job to earn money? Or do you not pay taxes, have you never bought something you didnt need, do you not have a job?

We live in a world that we want to live in. It doesnt matter that our government can take what they want, because there is no way to stop them. If we did prove to the world that our government was just controlling its people via brainwashing, what would happen? Our country would fall apart.

You can think and say what you please sir, but the fact remains that if you even so much as pay one cent in taxes, or purchase something you dont need, or even things you do need, you will be supporting that brainwashing government.

Stop being a hypocrite, go about your business, live your life to its fullest, and make life comfortable for those who you leave behind when you finally shuffle off this mortal coil.

P.S. Dont say that you dont buy things you dont need, you're on a computer for crying out loud. And if you say "Oh its not my computer, im at work", your still supporting the government by giving them some of your hard earned money.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:55 PM

Originally posted by Lightworth
reply to post by Blaine91555

It's only YOU who can't handle the truth!

What truth is that?

That I am not so delusional and paranoid that I believe Science Fiction Movies are real?

That I understand the real way to change things is through getting involved in the process and not by lining my walls with tin foil and hiding behind locked doors?

That I can see when confidence men are trying to use my fears to control me or empty my wallet?

That my views are based on a lifetime of experience and accomplishment rather than paranoia based on fiction and wanna be Messiahs on the Internet?

That I can tell the difference between the reality of groups of bad people who weasel their way into elected office and the fantasy of huge, worldwide conspiracies, involving impossible numbers of people?

Part of the definition of sanity is the ability to tell the difference between fiction and reality. Only those of us living in reality can make any change in this world. Those who live in fantasy are just victims.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:59 PM

Originally posted by WhatTheory
Sorry, but the author of that story sounds like a lonely person with to much time on his hands.
It's easy to speak in generalities, so how about some specifics?
What illusion are you talking about?
What don't we know specifically?
How exactly are the 'elites' keeping the masses under control?

Sorry, but that story sounds like the ramblings of an idiot with some sort of a paranoia disorder.

[edit on 20-6-2008 by WhatTheory]

Whoa harsh.
Lets talk about illusion

Bush administration accused of doctoring scientists' reports...

Ex-Bush spokesman: White House fed war propaganda to a “complicit” media

Book says Bush just using Christians

What we don't know specifically. I think a large majority of people are oblivious to olmost everything. How many people know enough history to help them make wise choices in the present. How many people are really aware of the present situation? Theres so much disinformation that people are confused in the face of mortal danger in the world. How many people have a realistic view of the future?

Im 27 and today was the first I had ever heard of this story about a fascist coup attempted in the 1930's which very closely parallels conditions in america today. I really encourage any conspiracy theorist worth his salt to study this bit of history repeating itself.

The elites keep everyone in line with a great program of mind control. First all media is controlled by these super rich individuals so they bottleneck what information gets out to the public. Secondly you are inundated with mind altering substances from the moment of conception to the grave. Plastic acts on the developing fetus like a hormone, because its composition is similar to hormones in the human body. This leads to birth defects and genetic damage that carries on into generations to come. The water you drink, the food you eat, covered in pesticides and full of flouride at levels that reduce IQ and passify the individual. The school system is federally funded and every child recieves a massive dose of propeganda, selective history, social conditioning and behavior modification. Indoctrination. A constant barrage of terror is used to keep everyone terrified at all times to ensure that nobody is thinking straight. Serious consequences can be used on anyone who breaks the status quo ranging from fines and pee tests on up to imprisonment and torture without trial indefinitely once they list you as an enemy combatant.

So really what choice is a person given. Death and taxes are guaranteed. If you oppose this administration and the military industrial complex, things can go from bad to worse. So work your jobs, pay your bills, because your all just cogs in the machinery generating revenue for a group of elites. The only alternative seems to be descending into a depraved violent state and lashing out at coworkers, mall goers, classrooms full of kids, with the arsenal our founding fathers intended for us to use on tyrants not on each other.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by gibbs1189

Look, the point is that 90% of the people out there ONLY care about those stupid things, and do not care about anything else. Who doesn't watch TV on the occasion? Who doesn't want some new gadget? But when seeing that show or buying that thing becomes all-important, THEN it is a problem. Like I said, people now are so consumed by consumer products and work that they do not think anymore. Why think when you can be entertained?

It's like the prolefeed from 1984. The mass bullsh!t that keeps the population inundated with entertainment so that they can't think. Like American Idol, or any of those stupid ass shows that do not make anyone a better person, or leaves you with anything, other than realizing, "man, I got nothing out of that show except for entertainment and just completely wasted an hour of my life."

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:02 PM
I think there' s always been one pill; it' s up to you wether it' s a good trip or bad... perhaps or most likely elements of both.
The mind- control is everywhere, and I bet it's effective.
But, I don't think it's terribly complicated, ' eat junk food it's ok to be fat eat junk food it's ok to...'. If you ( the consumer ) are judged a bit smarter, then maybe it's, ' there's no point in resistance- it's a thyroid condition there's no point in...'.
Anyway I don't mean to make fun- it's truly a heartache that things are so screwed up.
Speaking of paranoid, remember Joe McCarthy ? Hell, ths card carrying live and let live libertarian now knows he was right- there were foriegn ( and not foriegn ) agents absolutely everywhere and there still are. They spent billions and billions influencing us, especially in the areas of education and entertainment, then WE created the politicians and entertainers who service us.
I think you get deeper by understanding that the hoax communism is now simply re-named globalism and creating ignorance and fear are it's purpose. It is merely a tool.
At this point in time I am disolusioned enough to have doubts about which pill of yours I might choose. if I hadn't already chosen...
I don't like the pill analogy because it seems to mke it so easy to go back.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by Skelkie3

That's true. If I were Neo I wouldn't take either pill. I would never take a random pill given to me by some sketchy black guy with a gun that I've never met.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:27 PM
One of the en-fleshed rules for spirit to mortal, believe it is real.

I came into this world with awe of it and learned many ways of it. Than I realized something is wrong here. I believed I was free as a kid till later reality enslaved me to work serving a mechanism of greed and totality.

I knew the world was BS. I often told my family this, my mother would say to me, you don't believe in anything. That was so true because I looked upon the world for what it truly is.

People are passive and lulled into a dream state by powers running the action. You begin life as a hapless child, become a kid, learn the ways, and step out into the matrix of life.

Like following the rules of the road, you merge with traffic and go about your path in life. Until you hit that traffic jam and you begin to think. Now you can either go back to sleep believing it is what it is or make that decision to get out of it and forge a new path of less resistance.

You can't escape it entirely, but you can avoid it with rational thought and direction. I see people so bought and paid for they only know how to wake up and go about as zombies every day. They say the same things, do the same things, buy the same things, play games the same way as they are conditioned.

The whackowski brothers opened the eyes of those who want to know the truth. I first watched the matrix and it was entertainment, than I watched it again as with a focus and again with realization. It is how it is as the elitist want us.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by italkyoulisten

You seem to have added a large number of words and sentences to what I posted, as you reinvented me to fit your theory.

In your version of the world, there are only two sides to the coin. Only a Red Pill or a Blue Pill. In my world there are many sides to the coin and many colors of pills.

Everyone wants to control us, to manipulate us, to bend us to their will. Even you in your post are trying to bend me to your will and I of course am trying to bend people to mine. The difference is; I recognize the difference.

New World Order! NWO! Illuminati! Reptilians! ...and on and on and on! The Bogey Men have always held us back and always will. These things are in fact both excuses and tools. Excuses we use to grovel in fear and to cover the lies we tell ourselves when we convince ourselves we are powerless. Tools used by those who know the truth used to control us and our behavior.

There is no difference between letting ourselves be controlled by a Political Party, a Cult or fear-mongers like the Alex Joneses of this world.

Every generation believes it is the last. Every generation thinks it has knowledge unknown to the last. Somehow though, we manage to survive and progress while the paranoid among us hide in fear while whispering dark secrets into each others ears. The boring, mundane among us keep the system together and get involved in the system and try to improve it, while the others complain and do nothing, or turn to criminal behavior, which they rationalize based on lies they tell themselves so often they come to believe them.

Yes, there are many bad people in government. Yes, there are many bad people in business. Yes, there are many bad people in religion. These things can only be changed from within the system and will never be changed by those who withdraw from the system into a fantasy world where fiction becomes their reality.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

You must be the strongest person in history to bear the weight of reality when everyone aorund you is oblivious.

How I marvel at your ability to see through everything straight to the truth, the one true truth.

I am dazzeld by your arrogance at being the ONE, the person who gets it.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by crmanager

And I am equally dazzled by your unending blindness and support of the system that herds you into your sheeple pen. Line up to be shorn! BAA-AA-AA


posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:47 PM
Blue Pill, Red Pill, take the placebo of your choice. It does not concern me or you which placebo humans consume, it matters not. It is the Illusion, Delusion and Influence that we should be concerned about. There are fantasies and then there are fantasies. Which do you choose? Choose for you are living just that, a fantasy within a fantasy. Do we not obsess over our thoughts? Do we not consume our affections and possessions? We live out our comfortable lives, and smile and laugh and eat our lamb chops and taco salads, all the while chit chatting on our tainted cell phones and checking our diluted watches. What life are we living but that of which is Ignorance. I say again, which do you choose? It matters not which Pill you swallow for it will be regurgitated when reality sets in. We are but sheep in a flock and a storm of hungry lizards approaches.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:58 PM
im fed up of the dam matrix, its not even that clever just over written by unintelligent people to give the illusion of intelligence.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

So, you've been reinvented... lot of that going around.
It's been going on for a very long time; this mysterious blue tablet of ignorance, willful or otherwise.
Was Napolean really short ? Thor god of war ?
Oh hell- I've got ribs smokin' on mesquite; I think I'll pop the top on another of those blue pills...

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 03:43 PM
Most people are sheople, they don't want to wake up.

Back in the fifties or sixties an experiment was done to determine how much other people were concerned about doing what was right when it went against what they were told. People were put in front of a console, where they were told to ask questions to some person that they could not see, and hit a button that would shock the guy every time he got a wrong answer. They were told to keep asking the questions and hitting the button when the answers were wrong no matter how much the guy begged for them to stop. The questions were difficult, and as the test the guy would beg for the person to quit, claiming he never agreed to something like this. The theory was that only one person in a thousand would complete the test, and that person would be a sadist, but the results were that sixty percent of the people kept on rolling right through the test. The researchers were shocked. The story of this test is rarely shown, I watched it one night around three AM when I couldn't sleep.

That pretty much tells me the truth about human nature. Most people will do what they are told as long as they aren't the ones getting tortured, including torturing others. You can live your life like a sheople, or you can learn how to escape the numerous invisible walls that keep most people imprisoned, and live your life the way you choose. The thing is that you have to be willing to take risks in order to free.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 03:52 PM

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 04:07 PM
The system has us...there's no denying that... unfortunately we must rely on that very system that enslaves us. We're all corporations buried under contracts that we willingly signed ... this makes us property of the government.. or slaves.

This is a great non-profit website that provides info on how the government creates an artificial clone of each of us and uses it to keep us under the systems control.

Natural Person

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