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Fight Club Pub.

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by nyk537

i am immune towards dog vader
so again no chance nyk

can we get a consent: just offering lovely backing goods to each other?

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 03:11 PM
"Meat its whats rotting in your colon!"

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by wormwood13

Hmm, that does explain a lot.

On a completely unrelated note, has anybody else noticed a tendency to think fondly of Comrade Lenin while reading ADB's posts lately? It's really wierd since she hasn't even made a debate post yet, but I'm definately feelin' it (or wish I was lol). No really, clever use of the avvy. If I didn't have such strong feelings about my avvy I would do something similar.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by The Vagabond

On a completely unrelated note, has anybody else noticed a tendency to think fondly of Comrade Lenin while reading ADB's posts lately?

Excellent. So you'll defend its use in case any of the more prudish mods tell me I haven't provided her enough cover?

It's true, socialism is sexy. Too bad we're not ready for it yet

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 03:58 PM
I have responded to Budski's opeining....

But now I feel bad..., I mean, rabbit food?


posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by americandingbat

I never said that. I'm just gonna do what we always do- hope that nobody with a sense of decency ever wanders into FCP.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 04:13 PM
Awesome avatar Americandingbat.........

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by americandingbat

I like the new avy.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

Don't feel bad - it tasted good, even sans meat

I have replied

I'm in a hurry because I don't want to have anything on my mind except Liverpools match against Real Madrid tomorrow night.

Heck I might even take an extension to get over my hangover

Yes, it's a big game - one of the make or break games of the season, but at least we lead 1-0 from the first leg.

As added poignancy we are approaching the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster, when 96 fans were killed and hundreds more injured.

There was a service planned for tomorrow, but UEFA (european governing body) was unable to change the date of the match.

With this in mind, the famous stadium of Anfield will be an emotionally charged place, with tens of thousands of Liverpool fans in full voice.

Any one who wants to know about the disaster can find info in this PDF

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by budski

Wow, I imagine the fans may be full of mutual respect and good will. Especially after such a tragedy!

Maybe I can bang out an answer tonight - Unless you've smashed my reasoning to bits! Then it'll take longer, I understand re: th upcoming extension - no problems here

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

It'll be mostly Liverpool fans tomorrow night - about 35 - 40,000 of them.
If you want to get a taste of the atmosphere (widely regarded as the best in the world) go to youtube and type in "anfield roar" or "you'll never walk alone"

the real tragedy is ongoing - the justice campaign for the families of those who died.
Police ineptitude and attempted cover ups and slanderous accusations in the gutter press.

Take your time with your next reply if you like - if it's up tomorrow I'll either answer thursday or use my extension

But many thanks for the offer - appreciated

[edit on 9/3/2009 by budski]

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 05:41 PM

Originally posted by orange-light

can we get a consent: just offering lovely baking goods to each other?

Umm ... NO!! Have you so quickly forgotten all the health hazards of refined sugar and white flour? Seriously, orange, it's those unnatural refined carbohydrates that put your blood sugar on a roller coaster, overwork your pancreas, and provide no real nutrients with their calories that are going to get you!


Originally posted by wormwood13
"Meat its whats rotting in your colon!"

Oh, hogwash! Meat doesn't take any longer to digest than any other protein, or whole grains, and it doesn't "rot" in your colon. By the time it gets to your colon, it's already been broken down by your digestive acids and enzymes into amino acids and base molecules, and it's swimming in bile and stomach acids with no exposure to oxygen and air.

Try an experiment: take a piece of cooked meat and seal it into a vacuum bag (ie NO air). Then leave it out and see how long it takes to rot - you'll be very surprised.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 05:48 PM
A quick ping to 44ss, to mention I've just posted my opening statement:

Round 2: Ian McLean vs 44soulslayer: "Here Ye! Here Ye!, Read All About It!"

The floor is yours!

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 06:14 PM
Wow Heike, did I hit a nerve?

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 06:22 PM
Because the environment of the digestive tract is warm and moist, the meat rots and creates free radicals, unstable, destructive oxygen atoms that can cause cancer, premature aging, and other degenerative conditions. These free radicals are released into the body during the long digestion process. You cant see all that in a ziplock, but by all means, eat what you will....or who you will............

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 07:06 PM
Just for the record, I'm playing nice now but reserve the right to play cut throat at any time. In an hour or so, if I don't see an extension notice, I might start on my opening.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by wormwood13

Weren't you here for the "veggie debate?"

I admit, I do get tired of people basing their nutritional decisions on urban legends, myths, and disinformation.

Here we are on ATS, and one of the biggest and most harmful conspiracies of all time goes largely ignored.

The "old" version of the food pyramid was virtually identical to the diet used to fatten hogs for slaughter, and the new one isn't a whole lot better.

They're LYING to you, dude, to get you to eat their refined, processed, packaged, convenient, low fat, sugar and sodium and chemical laden foods. The very foods that are killing us all if we listen to the growing numbers of nutritionists, researchers, doctors, and dietitians who have discovered the truth and are telling us to go back to the old ways - eat all foods in moderation, try to eat foods which have the least possible amount of processing or refining (in other words eat whole natural foods as much as possible and eat at least some of your fruits and vegetables RAW), avoid sugar and refined (white) flour, and avoid processed vegetable oils. Oh, and MOVE your body - get some exercise, and preferably include some type of "hard labor" at least once or twice a week.

The lipid hypothesis is a lie. The "dangers" of high cholesterol are a lie. Low-fat diets being healthy are a lie. HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) being "okay in moderation" is a lie. Canola oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, and margarine are worse for you than butter, coconut oil, (virgin) olive oil, or even lard!

You're parroting what you've been told by people you should be able to trust, but it's mostly lies intended to keep us alive but basically unhealthy so that the pharmaceutical companies and the health care system can maximize profits from keeping us "treated" and drugged.

Wake up, do a little research, and start thinking for yourself. Back when people ate lots of meat, eggs, milk, butter, lard, fresh produce, baked goods made from unrefined stone ground grains, and little sugar because it was an expensive luxury and a rare treat, and did a little physical WORK, heart disease was so rare in America that the inventor of the first heart monitoring machine was told to work on something that was more likely to be needed.

Yeah, you hit a nerve. I'm tired of watching my family members, friends, and everyone else start being 'sickly' and needing an array of medications in their 30's and 40's. I'm tired of watching all my female friends and coworkers struggle with their weight constantly because they're using diets that don't work and disrupting their bodies until they can't work right any more and the inevitable result is obesity, disease, and finally death after years of medicated misery.

Humans are designed and intended to be omnivores, and the omnivore diet includes animal protein. Yeah, a lot of us probably eat more of it than we need for optimum health, but excess meat doesn't hurt us nearly as much as the excess consumption of refined carbohydrates and sweets.

And yes, it does annoy the heck out of me when ordinary people repeat the lies they've been told and influence other people to believe the propaganda.

Whack on that nerve again and I'll tell you some more stuff you didn't want to know.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by The Vagabond

On a side note, Semper and I are in agreement that the 24 hour deadline doesn't start until Midnight PST (we didn't really discuss PST but there it is...

Good Luck and Have Fun Ladies and Gentlemen...

Posted Last Night...

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by The Vagabond

Yeah! What he said! You think I'm just hangin' around counting on your generosity as to deadlines?

Nope. No sireee. I would be lollygagging and dragging out the clock... that's how I roll.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by Heike

heike dear you will be surprised
i am so afraid of roller coasters that even my blood sugar doesn.t roller costers

no problem with that

i want backing goods, they are so lovely and tasty!

i want i want i want

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