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My family was robbed President Bush

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 05:32 AM
This may come out rude, but I'm trying to get my thoughts across the best way I can:

Here's how I see it, you're just playing the blame game. You're bitter because there were things you could have done in your youth that would have provided a better future and you didn't do anything. I'm pretty sure while you were in the Navy you could have easily gotten your college degree. That would have given you the means to get a better job and now you're wishing you had done so, but you didn't. So, who can you blame besides yourself? It's not your fault, oh no. It''s Bush! Yeah! He's at fault! He's the one that robbing me of any chance I have to make an honest living! Yeah, that has to be it. I mean there are so many people out there making claims about him, why not make my own? Yeah! BUSH ROBBED ME!

Here, let me play you a sad song on the worlds smallest violin. Quit blaming the 'big bad government picking on the little guy' and face facts that you didn't take any initative on your future when you were younger.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by gauncents

To answer the actual question posed, if I was robbed in the middle of the night, I hope that my wits would permit me to use deadly force if I reasonably believed my (or my family's) safety was in danger. If I did not feel at risk of harm, I hope that I would not allow my emotions to take over, that I would act sanely and not kill the robber (if unnecessary), and detain the robber until the authorities could take over.

With all respect, I think the implied premise of the question is faulty. Bush's policies are not tantamount to being robbed in the middle of the night. A better question, I believe, is what should one do if one disagrees with Bush's policies. IMO, one should speak out, stay informed, join worthwhile causes, get involved, and vote. Times are hard. I would, humbly, recommend the poster to hang in there, continue to do your best, and never give up, never give in. At every turn, choose the path that will enhance your chances of more success, whether that means more education, always looking for ways to legitimately earn more money, striving for that promotion at work or looking for better job opportunities, etc. I realize that these type of suggestions are not immediately helpful but they are rational and will yield fruit in the long haul.

In the meantime, again in my humble opinion, argue against yourself internally every time you start talking to yourself or others about violence being a reasonable option where no immediate risk of harm or self defense exists - such thinking leads to no good result. Those against the War in Iraq might argue that such thinking led to invading Iraq where there was no real immediate threat.

Stay positive and I wish you well.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 06:32 AM
Hmmmm, what did Bush do.................Iraq comes to mind, and Iran is next.

Due to life changing circumstances, I have lost nearly everything I had. I am a substitute teacher, and this job offers no benefits. I am 60 years old and I have sent out numerous resumes. I have not had one hit. It's not because of qualifications, I'm sure it's my age. I live paycheck to paycheck and from school I only get those 8 months out of the year. I have not been able to find a summer position. I have cut, cut, cut and I'm barely making it. I am going to have to forfeit my car, as I can't make the payment and the bank will not refinance. If I don't have a car, I don't know what I will do. There is no bus service as I live in the county. So, it's not always "live within your means" changes can be devestating.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 06:34 AM
In '04, I did relocate. My first eye-opening was when my cell phone provider said I could cancel service, keep a voice mail, and when I settled in the next month or so, reactivate the service, WITH THE EXISTING PLAN. I sold my home, $480.00 a month payments, and leased a house in the new locale, $1250.00 a month. I called my Auto insurer to give them the address change. My rate tripled. I haven't been in an accident for over 30 years. I was told they "go by the ZIP code".

I changed providers just in spite. It wasn't much cheaper, but at least I wasn't paying for some well known national ads.

I called my phone company just prior to moving. The rep. I talked to when I moved left me HIS direct number. I left messages for 4 days, but no return call. I finally called the customer service and explained everything about the reactivation. This is when I was told that I could not keep my existing plan, for, it was not used in the new State I relocated too. Where I was moving was part of my conversation to begin with. That Rep. that ever answered his phone or returned my messages...I guess he was on a very long vacation or such. Next, I found that I needed new phones, because the existing ones could not be used with the available packages that I now would have to chose from. The closest package to my existing one was $80.00 more, yet not quite as many minutes, and the new phones were $200.00. But I would get a rebate. I sent in the required items, but the rebate never came.
Where my new house was, bordered two cities. I was not able to get the land line phone number for the city I worked in, so even though I knew no one, had business needs or other in the city I was able to get a number for due to location, all my calls were long distance.

I had my licenses, permits, except for two from the Fire Department. When the Marshall arrived, he had only brought a permit for the fire extingushers, but let me off the other until he returned with 2nd permit.
I didn't see him until the next year. He sincerely did not remember the equipment or the request. I got to pay the year, and 2nd permit, and a one time fee attached to the first year..the new permit required a new one time fee.

In the meantime, I had trouble with the utilities at both work and home. The one at work wasn't resolved until I wrote the Utilities Commissioner. The one at home was just plain baffling. I was paying almost $800.00 a month for water/sewer/garbage. and the natural gas heating was through a different provider, from the city I couldn't get a phone number to, due to my location.

Anyways, to make a long story short, I went from monthly bills of about $850.00, to over $2600.00 from relocating. My business lease was $3000.00 as before it was $1200.00 for even a larger square footage.

After two years, I spent 3 months writing one hell of a business plan and scheduled a meeting with my commercial banker for the following week.

That is when I was told my commercial lease would not be renewed.
Since then, I have moved, and lost 2 years customer base. looking in specific location, but nothing available--yet.
Gas is killing me. I sold my Corvette and Wagoneer. But, with two 4 cyls, a 6 cyl, life wasn't the same, so I bought another V-8. Gas is killing me. I am responsible for my move, added burdens, all that stuff.

I blame Bush for only one thing.
If you want to know what that is, here's a link.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 06:35 AM
Robbed President Bush? I bet he has at least snorked up some coke that he didnt pay for, maybe back in his "male cheerleader" days.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 06:39 AM
Respective to it's value in 1913, before the Fed Emerged, the US dollar is now worth less than One cent. It was 3.5 cents (respectively) before Bush Invaded Iraq and raped your country...America

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 07:38 AM
I'm pretty stunned by this thread. The number of people falling over themselves to defend the Government - "Never mind what the Government is doing, just keep compromising" - Well, you know you can only compromise up to a certain point. Are we here to serve the Government or are they there to serve us, because judging by this thread you all seem to think we should be serving them and apologising on behalf of them!

Originally posted by dunwichwitch
I would love it if society crumbled. No more of this bull# wasting half of our natural born lives earning worthless paper.

This ties in with another point I wanted to make. Someone earlier in the thread declared that they worked tireless 80 hour weeks and pretty much seemed to be saying 'where's your problem? All you have to do is work your life away and you'll be fine'. What? Excuse me? I'm sure everyone here is ABLE to work 80 hours a week, but what kind of life is that (especially when you have family)? Should we resign ourselves to the fact that life=work and nothing more? Thanks but I'd rather step in front of a bus tomorrow. And that's not to say I don't work hard. I'm actually doing OK over here in the UK because I don't have a family to support and I've accepted the fact that I'll probably never be able to afford my own house. Still, I need to be careful with money. I can only imagine how hard it is for someone with kids and a mortgage.

That being said - you can't complain if you smoke, drink a lot, own a new cellphone every 12 months or buy expensive brand clothing regularly. If you do, you have a hand in your own poverty.

Also, no point in blaming Bush. He's just the puppet. Sure I wouldn't miss him if a heart attack hit, but it's the Federal Bankers, War Propogators and greedy Capitalists who deserve infamy and hate.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 07:51 AM
Yea echo that was rude, you don't know anything about the guy so buck up or offer something useful. This dash for the cash rat race doesn't suit everyone.
A better job? You mean a higher paying job. If the current administration were doing their job properly, people wouldn't be forced to find 'better' jobs to cover the illegal taxes, genitically engineered food, bottled water (fluoride is a toxin!), rising gas prices and all the rest.
Bush is a puppet. He does what his masters tell him, so don't direct all your anger at him. They (shadow govt, banking elite or whatever) have simply bought out whoever they needed to. Flash enough cash and 99% will roll over and keep quiet. No doubt many receive the "You're either with us or against us," speech.

Corruption to the very core of your once great nation. I'm sure most of you can see what's happening, and realise the severity of the situation. Greedy bankers and corporations are bleeding their worker bees dry. The USA has become a business for these people. They are going to frame someone for robbing their business, then declare bankruptcy. 1929 and 1987 ring any bells?

You shouldn't settle for less gauncents, but we must move with the times. I really wish I was in position where I could really do something, besides spread the word. What is allowed to happen in the US will forever change the world. For 99% of us, this change will not be a good thing.


posted on May, 30 2008 @ 08:29 AM
Its an interesting premise.

I wouldn't say you've been robbed in the middle of the night though, its more like slow poisoning.

The poster who said the Iraq invasion has nothing to do with Oil Prices obviously does not understand the stock market, and speculatory buying.

The poster who harped on about Alaskan Oil obviously doesn't understand the time needed for investment in drilling programmes, infrastructure costs and the technical demands of setting up a drilling field. Yeah, when all thats done the US may be self sufficient for a while, but what happens while all thats being put in place?

Here in the UK, I'm in much the same boat as the OP. I live within my means, but recently with the rising price of fuel, my means are being pushed to the limit, and I don't drink, smoke and have a fuel efficent diesel that does 63mpg, which I need for work.

Fuel costs affect everything, because everything needs moving. Bush has destabilised the middle east massively, and the world is now paying a price for it. Simple as that.

Now if I found out someone was poisoning me, I'd make damn sure they couldn't do it in the future and wait for karma to catch up with them and do the rest.

For you americans, its an election year. Have at it

Me, I'll wait another 18 months before I get my chance....

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by gauncents

I understand your frustration...but dont just blame bush. He is responsible, don't get me wrong, but you should blame all politicians, the oil company, the Saudi's, Opec, and even you and me.

Why you and me? Because instead of writing your congressman every week, and getting your friends to do so, you come here and rant about it. Which is fine, don't get me wrong, but if you have a problem, and do nothing about it, then in some way, you are to blame for that problem

A lot of congressman even have emails, and quite frankly, i've had more response from email than i ever got from snail-mail.

Don't let liberals fool you either, they all (politicans) get very nice sums of "quiet money" from the oil companies.

If you are a doubter, you should watch the documentary entitled "who killed the electric car??"

Usually shows on Sho Time and HBO i think.

Of course, dont take what they say simply on their own terms, do your own research, but use that documentary as a reference point and a catalyst to do your own small part for change

Im not flaming you - i just don't want you to misplace all of your anger and frustration. Believe me, if effects everyone, regardless of what they tell you. Just because a person makes 1 million dollars a year, does not mean that person doesnt have 995,000 dollars a year in bills and payments. I'm a business owner, and i do well for myself, but the gas prices are impacting me big time. Some people say "well, put more money back into the company"

I have a family and a way of life to protect as well. Why should i give up all that i've worked hard for to appease someone who does not have as much as me? I'm sorry that its that way, but its selfish to say that simply because someone makes more money, that they arent impacted.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:05 AM

I suggest instead of blaming others for what you dont have, pick yourself up like millions of americans do and go at it again. This is one of the only countries in the world where you can start out with nothing and legally end up with all your dreams.....but Im sure you know that your just to bias or have to much self pity to wipe away the tears and relize it.

He's not blaming others he's blaming bush, and he is not trying to pick himself up he is trying to remove the hand that is holding him and millions of other americans down.
One of the only countries ahahaha don't get all patriotic on me. There is pretty much a millionaire in every country, if that's what you are dreaming of. What are your dreams jalien? Cadillac with a big grill and spinners? 60 inch plasma with ps3 and surround sound? A big house with a big pool so you can show it off to all your friends?
For some people the dream is to have a normal family life. The current administration and it's 'financiers' are making that simple dream very difficult for hardworking people who aren't born with the silver spoon. Federal tax is illegal. This is just one way bush and the gang are robbing the american people. Ironic isn't it, how the tax you pay your government to keep you safe and healthy, is being used to do the exact opposite.


posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:14 AM

Originally posted by neformore
The poster who said the Iraq invasion has nothing to do with Oil Prices obviously does not understand the stock market, and speculatory buying.

Obviously I do understand the stock market and speculators driving the prices since I manage a private investment partnership. While speculators *might* be affecting the price slightly, the major impact on the overall price is being driven by demand. There has been a huge inflow of cash from the demand side while the supply has grown only marginally. More money chasing the same amount of oil can do nothing but cause the prices to rise.

If the price was being driven by speculators only, nobody would be taking the other side of the trade. I.e., somebody has to be shorting the oil futures that the speculators are buying, and they have to be shorting huge dollar amounts.

The poster who harped on about Alaskan Oil obviously doesn't understand the time needed for investment in drilling programmes, infrastructure costs and the technical demands of setting up a drilling field. Yeah, when all thats done the US may be self sufficient for a while, but what happens while all thats being put in place?

Yes, you are right about all of the above except you take the point entirely out of context. Maybe you are too young to remember that the U.S. Congress has been preventing drilling in ANWR since Clinton was POTUS, and that the oil companies haven't been permitted to drill offshore in the U.S., or build a new refinery, for over 30 years.

The point is that it is primarily the Democrats in the U.S. Congress that have prevented the supply of oil to keep up with demand, and this has been going on for longer than many people here on ATS have been alive.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by neformore

The poison is still flowing, in the form of lies and propaganda. This particular concoction acts as a mild sedative and can last for decades. How do we stop this from happening in the future? Karma sure isn't going to do anything about it, neither is hope, faith or destiny.
Yip, election year woohoo! Billions spent on sugar coated lies and brainwashing, while the agenda continues regardless..........


posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by ybab hsur

rush baby you big proud american you. Do you really believe that sig of yours?
Fascist Nazis are the ones running your country.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by jamie83

Oil, texas tea, black gold. We should be soooo far away from our dependency oil and other fossil fuels by now.

Oil has allowed evil men to become dangerously rich, and they are buying power with all their money. This power allows them to maintain their stranglehold on the energy markets. Anyone that has a potential replacement and is seen as a threat to their dominance, will be forcefully bought out or quietly offed.

Without oil their goo guzzling war machines would all fail, as would their attempt at global domination.


posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:59 AM

Originally posted by interestedalways
As far as bottled water goes, many people drink bottled water to avoid the flouride that we are being forced to drink in our tap water.

No dental care for poor people but they sure will provide us with plenty of flouride!!!

True, but like almost everything else the danger comes when it's taken in huge doses.
Besides, apart from being able to afford good dental care, the poor tend to have stronger teeth than most.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by Alxandro

when is the last time u drank straight from the tap? i surely cannot remember when i did, in other words....let me say this in spanish so you can mames guey!!! at least get a filter!!

[edit on 30-5-2008 by plug_pray]

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by vehemes terra eternus

Oil, texas tea, black gold. We should be soooo far away from our dependency oil and other fossil fuels by now.

You are misplacing where the dependency lies. The true addiction is to the THINGS that people refuse to deny themselves and use oil to acquire. You want a computer, you want to get back and forth between places, you want to enjoy the 21st century lifestyle and you're willing to use oil everyday to get what you want.

You are perfectly able to move into the forest and live off the land if you want. It's YOUR choice to use oil. To blame other people for YOUR addictions is a typical cop out.

Oil has allowed evil men to become dangerously rich, and they are buying power with all their money. This power allows them to maintain their stranglehold on the energy markets. Anyone that has a potential replacement and is seen as a threat to their dominance, will be forcefully bought out or quietly offed.

Without oil their goo guzzling war machines would all fail, as would their attempt at global domination.

It's the "evil men" as you call them who are providing the resources YOU use to enjoy YOUR life.

If you really feel so strongly about it the solution is TOTALLY in your control. Stop buying gasoline. See? It's really simple, isn't it?

It reminds me of a spoiled child whining about not being allowed to eat birthday cake for dinner. Sure the child can eat cake all day long, but the kid's going to become obese. I.e., there are consequences for your choices.

If you are complaining about the price of gas then it means you must be using gas to in some way make your life more comfortable. In other words, it's your own choices that have created your problems. The sooner people realize this, the sooner they will become empowered to create the solutions instead of waiting for somebody else to come along and make their life better.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by plug_pray

I don't know where you live but I drink from the tap whenever I have the urge to fill my agua bottle.
At least 3 times per week on average.
Hey what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Besides, when you're thirsty, you're thirsty.

Can you say Pin-Day-Hoh?

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 10:17 AM


It's the "evil men" as you call them who are providing the resources YOU use to enjoy YOUR life.

You need to step out of the box there and see the big picture. No, it's not entirely our decisions that are making things difficult.

The fact that oil provides us with convenience is NO justification to engage in antitrust, monopoly behavior.

The bottom line is the oil and gas industry as a whole has gotten away with murder and has no real competition for criminal reasons that need to be brought up in another thread.

Yes, it's really that simple and something REALLY needs to be done about that. Oh yea, alternative energy and seeking 'other' solutions as you say is a great idea too.

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