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An Experiment in Alternative Methods of Earthquake Prediction

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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 05:53 PM
Errrr...I much rather be wrong and post my feelings when it is not being felt by many, buuut,I am getting strong ear ringing and that deep feeling. Don't like this.

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by lasertaglover

Yo.........What part of the mid-west do you be at?


posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 04:24 AM
reply to post by MamaJ

Hi MamaJ,

good to hear from you.
Thanks for the link to that article. You've asked for my thoughts so I'll give them. (But be warned: I haven't finished my second coffee yet!)

Okay, first off: the article is from Sorcha Faal -- often referred to as "Sucha Fail", who in the past has been known as a hoaxer of the highest (or lowest) order. So, that got my alarm bells ringing right away. However, just because someone has cried "Wolf!" many times in the past, it doesn't mean that she or he is doing so this time, so I read the whole thing.

Sorcha Faal refers to a "disturbing report" prepared by Moscow's IPE (IFZ in the original language), telling us that it is circulating in the Kremlin. Faal gives several links in the article and yes, they all check out as being what they appear to be. The quakes referred to did occur, there is such a fault, there is a MODIS satellite under the aegis of NASA, and heating of the ionosphere above the region where the March 11, 2011 tsunami hit, did in fact occur and has been documented and reported (and also in threads on ATS).

So yes, we have links to known events and information. But the only link that I really wanted was one that would let me read a copy of the IPE report that Faal quotes from -- and that link is not given. Nor are the relevant sections of the report quoted in full. There is just the odd phrase here and there, with Faal's added info. True, we have a link to the IPE, but I've searched the site and that particular report is not there and I could find no reference either to the report itself or even a summary of its findings. So, I don't know who did the research for the report, who headed the research team (and hence takes first "naming rights" in the report -- very important in the academic world), or anything else.

My wife speaks Russian so I asked her to look through the site and she couldn't find anything about it either.

That leaves us with a few possibilities. Here are four that come to mind right now:

1) The report may be genuine, but has not been published (and therefore is not mentioned on the IPE website) and is only being privately circulated to certain people in the Kremlin. Question: in that case, how did Sorcha Faal get this information? One has to wonder! Further, spies being everywhere, you'd have to suspect that the US Govt also has got their hands on a copy. If the US PTB have a copy and the report is considered accurate and reliable, what are they doing about it, if anything?

2) The report may be genuine, but Faal doesn't have a complete, unadulterated and unredacted copy of it to hand. In this case, the rather precise details that were given to Faal may be accurate, but could also be understated or overstated.

3) The report may be false, meaning that it exists but is not based on real research and has been fabricated by someone (or an organization) then given to Faal to disseminate, perhaps to deflect the attention of the public and the MSM away from other, very real and serious matters.

To be honest, I find it remarkable that the report's findings (as Faal gives them), would be made within such a short space of time after the most recent quake event it used as a basis for study. I find it even more remarkable that a full report (including what amounts to a prediction) would get circulated in such a short time. A synopsis of the findings and perhaps some private meetings with certain high-ups -- yes. But a full report? Very unlikely.

4) The report does not exist at all and Faal's article is a fabrication, carefully constructed around checkable facts (with valid links) to lend it an air of credibility. Faal has done this before and there are numerous threads on ATS now languishing in the Hoax bin that were written up on the basis of Faal's articles.

My own feelings? Well, I seriously doubt that a mag 6.2 quake, at almost three magnitudes lower in energy release than Japan's mag 9.0 of March 11, 2011, would cause anything like the ionospheric heating that preceded the huge quake. As for the mag 4.1 quake referred to, I doubt even more that such a small event could cause “extreme” atmospheric temperature variations. The energy released would be very localized and nowhere near the scale of the Japan event -- and this would still apply even if the energy (for atmospheric heating) was greater than normal. Compared to a mag 4.1, the Japan quake was about 79,000 times bigger in terms of "shaking" and more than 22 million times stronger in terms of its energy release!

So, I'm dubious. But if we could get a copy of the IPE report -- if it exists -- then we can run it past our resident "quake geeks" and see what they say. We could also contact some people who are professionals in such things and seek their opinions.

Okay, run out of room. Thanks for reading.


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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by JustMike

Thank you so much Mike. I was thinking the same thing...the site cannot be trusted but at the same time it does make me wonder. Goofy site = disinformation that allows one to be aware but not take seriously and run in the streets panicking.

TPTB can indeed trigger an earthquake and the atmosphere/weather. I totally believe we can do a lot of things to another Country and or people without anyone really knowing. They think they can inject water, set off bombs, and do whatever they need to release pressure and hope and pray the stress is relieved from said fault. I have no idea why they would play around with our home like they do...but we know they DO! Even the LHC....its great! Love seeing and hearing of experiments. I love the cause but I do not appreciate them toying with our lives with a huge atom smasher deep below the surface and to boot...they have NO IDEA if it will really cause a black hole or anything else for that matter (pun intended).

So....while I think there may be something to this article...who knows what truth is ...right?

Time will most definitely tell.

It reminds me of that guy coming on here giving a warning for Cali. What if anything did he know or hear of. Did he know they were doing experiments that may lead to a big one. Did he know of a warning before the article....hahaha...makes ya wonder.

Thanks for your time Mike and as always..I really do appreciate you and your thoughts.


posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 04:38 PM
Just a quick post.
A little while ago my huband said he is either going to have a seizure or there's an earthquake coming.
I hope he's wrong on both accounts!
He usually doesn't feel it more than a few hours ahead of time.

Both cats were laying in front of the doorway again this afternoon. They have only done that twice. Before the last two 6's. This time their backs were even touching! They have never done that before! He chases her even if she's off sleeping out of the way & minding her own business!

I'm sure not going to get much done if all this activity doesn't settle down!!!
I keep watching for things I may have missed before!

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by wasobservingquietly

Hope he is wrong too.

But it feels really strong.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 06:52 PM

Is anyone out there????..................Out there?.................Out there?

Is anybody else feeling anything tonight?
Or is it just us???

Maybe we just over did it today! We did do more than we should have!

Old age????

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by wasobservingquietly

Glad you posted, I almost did last night due to the familiar symptoms returning and then decided to give myself another day just to see if it was just transient. But count me in to having the familiar nausea, ear ringing, anxiety and very tired. Just about everyone I talked with today were feeling pretty irritable, myself included. Hopefully Mike will chime in and let us know what's going on.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:03 PM
I do not sense anything at the moment, but there is some rumbling in Memphis, Tn. for the last hour or so.

They seem to be getting louder. Enough so that I am going to go outside, and like the Brits say, "have a listen"

Will keep you posted. However, I will say that the western side of the ring of fire has been deadly silent.....would not be surprised to see a 7+ in the next day or two.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by radpetey

I live just north of Memphis and after reading your post I went outside to check on the rumbling. I am hearing it too, low rumbling but constant, not loud enough to pick up with my cell phone. How long has it been going? I didn't hear it earlier tonight, up till about 9pm.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by justsaying

Hi! Glad to hear that we're not the only ones!

There were three small, but close ones last night.

3.2 VA 5:39 PM CST
1.5 TN 7:08 PM CST
2.4 IL 10:54 PM CST

Looked last night , but TN & IL weren't listed until today!
Don't know if they're the culprits or something bigger is still on the way!



posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by justsaying

Maybe for two hours....I live 9 miles from the airport and 3 blocks from the RR so it would be easy for the average person to mistake this for the usual back round noise.

But trust me, these are different tonight......I am a little uneasy!

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by radpetey

Hmmmm okay, I live near the motorsports park and am surrounded by cotton fields, it stays pretty quiet out here. This is cool that we are both hearing it and each live on opposite sides of the city, so to speak. I really have no personal conclusions as to what the rumbling noise is, only that I have heard it much stronger than this and have been hearing it off and on for 2 years. Did you detect a direction it was coming from? I think I am hearing it come more or less from the west or more towards the direction of the Mississippi River from where I live, but most of the time it seems like it's coming from everywhere.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 11:49 PM
reply to post by justsaying

That is kind of groovy....small world!

I would concur that it seems to be coming from the river.

Just as I was posting my house just rumbled for 1 second......And yes I have noticed it for at least a year.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 03:53 AM
Just curious, would it be normal for someone to feel a quake at a mag of 2.3 at a depth of 7 miles? We had that earlier today and I knew I felt something really strange going on but I had no idea it was a quake until I just now took a peek at USGS. Still feeling really weird, at the time I was just super dizzy, as if I was starting to doze off, or that my blood sugar was really low and I needed to eat before I passed out. I saw nothing shaking around me, just this intense feeling of being thrown completely off balance for a few seconds. I thought this might be too small to possible feel but point is, I still don't feel very good more than 9 hours later. I'm probably really tired this time... I just rarely see quakes right here, and I'm situated between two fault lines, so I'm a bit nervous as to why my head feels like it wants to float right up off my neck and into the sky. Most likely overreacting, just haven't felt anything that suddenly unsettling in a little while and it feels like it's not over deep inside. End rambling, initiate bed time. Hope So.Cal stays steady tonight.

For reference this is the one that's got me feeling so wonky tonight.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by TMG333

I think that low frequency noise could do that, so even if you didn't feel or hear the earthquake, your body could have been affected by the sound it made (some earthquakes make really loud low frequency sounds)

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 08:01 AM
Ears are going....

Dog is acting weird too

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by TMG333

Most likely it is the natural fluids (called perilymph) that are in your ears that are picking up the vibration from the ground, even though you are not consciously aware of this or observing this for yourself. The fluids will cause imbalance and dizziness, and if severe enough, can cause some nausea. I'm not sure if there is anything that will help with this except taking it easy. Corn based foods help with nausea.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 08:50 AM
Hello everyone,

apologies for being away for a few days. Real Life intervened.

This short post is just to mention two or three things. First off, thank you all for continuing to post your observations. It's always good to have them on record for any of us to refer back to in the future.

Secondly, my prediction for an approx mag 5 quake for the Memphis TN area thankfully turned out to be a no hit. I say "thankfully" because I was seriously worried about it, especially when there was some uptick in the seismo traces (not long after I posted) to around double to three times the strength of the usual "background" vibration. Things have since calmed down again, but when I have more time -- later today or perhaps during tomorrow -- I'll post a few screen shots of the seismos so you'll all see what I mean.

For now, things look okay in the region and the traces are pretty much back to what seems to be normal there. I'll be keeping an eye on the seismos (via GEE) and will post if anything out of the ordinary comes up.

Finally, just to confirm what ArMap (I think??) said in response to a query: yes, you can sometimes feel something
from even a small quake, even if it's seven miles down to its hypocenter. How much you feel in terms of shaking and even sound is often dependent on what type of strata the energy has to pass through, but we know from members living in and around the region of Guy and Quitman in Arkansas that they do feel such quakes and have on occasion reported them in threads here on ATS well before any official website like USGS had reports up.

Okay, must go. Work beckons. I'm on leave for a week or so after today, so I hope to spend a fair bit more time on here.


posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by justsaying

I second that -- especially about the corn. Apparently it's because corn has a high amount of melatonin, so any food source with melatonin may be helpful for people who suffer from being "quake sensitive". Oats are also an excellent source. (And BTW, research indicates that melatonin helps to slow the aging process, and is also good for people with sleep disorders.)

Back before the big Japan quake last March, I was craving (and eating) corn like you wouldn't believe! That was another indication for me that something was coming up. Inexplicable (for now!) but true...

Okay, must rush!


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