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Why They Don't Tell Us

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 05:02 AM

Originally posted by IgnoreTheFacts
I for one, don't think the government is all powerful and organized enough to manage something like a secret of this nature anyway. The last time I checked, the government was a mixed group of people who can't get anything right (and not just recently).

When you say can't get anything right, you mean they are doing everything right... There is a reason why Bush is tanking the dollar, there is a reason why nuclear plans are leaked on the Internet, there is a reason Obama and Mccain are going head to head and in the long run Mccain will win and there will be a reason for that... It's their role to do what they are doing... They are deceived worse than most every day blue collar peoples... Either that or they are doing this for rewards and riches... Whatever the motivation is it's been predicted and in the bible too... Crazy how so much rings true in the word of God yet so many deny it... not to stray and to finalize my point, they are meant to do what they are doing and what you consider to be a mistake is actually part of their overall plan to crash the world and offer up a better life via the way of the anti-christ and a NWO...

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by Alien Abduct

They do have the technology if not from aliens then they still got the hidden inventions of Tesla and Victor schauberger.

They invented free energy but its hidden why!
Because the world economy runs on fossil fuels if it would be introduced today the world economy would be damage beyond repair.

The middle east is the cause why the existence of ET and free energy technology is being leaked into the media.

Why because the middle east knows they got power over us because they are our supplier. Now the modern world US, EU etc. is with their backs against the wall because when extremist come to power in these country's the world will suffer. How do they get control back without damaging the World economy.

Thats why they invented the global warming. Make every body scared about our role in destroying the climate. So alternative energies (much more expensive) becomes affordable because every body starts buying it, and when the balance is reached 50%fossile50%alternative, they will switch from a fossil fuel economy to a alternative energy economy.

When that happens the middle east will have no control of us anymore and they will have no more income to finance weapons and a-bombs.

I believe that's when we will start seeing the ET technologies and tesla's inventions popping up al over the place but under the control of the gov's.
Why to maintain a healthy economy (in our worlds best interest) because we need a wealthy economy to stay on top and have peace. The hole world will be buying and start using this (new) technology after the world has been united under 1 gov.

To make a successful switch they disclose the existence of ET's why to give the final blow to extremists religions (the majority coming from the middle east). The ET's wil be the reason why a NWO will come.
ET's Will unite mankind we will start seeing each other as equal and tread each other as equal. The NWO is to secure the future of mankind in our universe!

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by Alien Abduct

Ive thought about It being interdimensional but I'm not real sure about that. There is alot scientific argument over the concept of dimensions beyond the normal 3. Some say the 4th is Time, others say there is a Zeroth dimension that is Time. Some think the 5th is probability. Others think there is an infinite number of them.

My personal view is that the phenomena orginate outside our Universe. Some people think it might be somekind of parallel universe, but I 'm not sure. I'm thinking that they originate from something more Platonic. If some theories about Hyperspace are true then they could be called Interdimensional, it all depends on which idea is valid.

I doubt if any tech has been recovered, especially if the phenomena itself is not a technical entity. I dont think its impossible for the phenomena to deposit something technical. Something could be left behind, but only if the phenomena wanted it to be found. There are some things out there that make me wonder if they were "inspired" by the Phenomena.

I dont know if I would call They or It malevolent but It seems quite capable of intentionally inflicting pain and suffering on humans. It appears to clearly understand the affect of torture and terror on the human mind. There may even be an amount of contempt, loathing and apathy held by It in regards to our species. From our point of view that could easily be seen as malevolence. From Its point of view I'm not so sure.

I can only guess at an agenda if there even is one. We may be wards or property. Which could lead to all kinds of ideas. Are we livestock? Are we tools? Are we a Commodity or Resource? I would guess we are a source of something. What ever it is, I fear we are being exploited. One idea that keeps entering my mind is that the Phenomena has some kind of role like a Curator, Zookeeper, Conservator, Gamekeeper, and Warden all in one.

I think the phenomena of what some people call "shadow people" is definitely linked. I know a number of people who have had experience with this. I too have had some experience with the phenomena. These people had never heard of "shadow people", I'm not even sure that at the time of the events the term had even been invented yet. The sightings of Shadow entities is like abductions and weird lights, going back as far as people have written down mythology.

I think a number of abductions could be simply nightmares or hallucinations. If the abductee suffers from Post Abduction Syndrome which is like a combination of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Stockholm Syndrome then there is a real case of abduction. Paranormal activity is often associated with Actual abductions as well. Things that normally are associated with hauntings, such as poltergeist activity, are often connected with actual abductions.

I have had a number of very weird experiences going as far back to when I was around 1 to 2 years old. Most of them being what sounds like Poltergeist events. The oldest is a memory I have of being in a crib and watching a flower vase begin to move on its own. Its actually one of the oldest memories I have. There is another event I can remember from the age of 2 to 3 years old, but I havn't conclusively determined that if it was an actual memory or nightmare. Whatever it was, I have a pretty vivid image of it. It involved a bright and glowing object descending from the sky. When I was 4 or 5 I had another event. I know it was not a dream, but I have doubts or I'm in denial about it. I can remember laying in bed and two small figures entered my bedroom. I never got a clear look at them as I hid under my covers.

Around the age of 7 to 8 I along with numerous others I knew including a number of adults all had experiences with what you could call a Shadow person or people. It also included a number of poltergeist type events and the discovery of mutilated animals witnessed by multiple people. These events stretched across an entire neighborhood including near by wooded areas. This area has also been prone to fatal accidents and brutal murders, including a firefighter just recently in a horrible wreck while responding to a fire just this year. Just a few years ago a preacher and his wife were brutally murdered in this area. Also note this region of the state has had a number of UFO sightings along with pictures and stories on the local news.

Between the ages of 10 and 14 I had multiple terrifying experiences with what could of been sleep paralysis, but I am not entirely sure about it. I also experienced more weird type poltergeist events. I witnessed with another person an event that simply defies logic involving bizarre shadows outside a window, bizarre behavior with electronics that climaxed with what sounded like a very large animal running across the top of a house. To this day I have no idea what to think of it. There was also a weird event where I was riding with my mom home and we saw sets of lights sitting stationary in the sky at night near the road. We thought maybe it was some kind of tower lights. The next day we saw there was no tower and could not figure out what the source of the lights were.

I have seen and heard a number of other things over the years, but they wouldn't really be seen as "alien", except for a sighting I and my platoon sergeant had in the Mojave desert while at NTC. That involved two objects going parallel like aircraft, but then went in separate directions at speeds no aircraft that I know of could attain. I have a deep distrubing feeling that I have probably seen and heard alot more things that I do not remember or have blocked from memory. Most of the other things I do remember or things I have experienced recently would be considered Paranormal. Personally I am convinced they are all the same phenomena.

posted on May, 9 2008 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by MikeboydUS

Now you say that your not sure about this phenomenon being inter dimensional.

But yet you say your personal view is that the phenomena originates outside our Universe.

If it originates outside our universe and is able to interact in our universe then it must be inter dimensional (our universe resides in only so many dimensions) anything other than our universe is extra dimensional right?

If not then our known universe consists of more dimensions then we perceive with our five senses.

But what is perceivable?

What we perceive today with inferred for instance was not perceivable some years ago.
So, is the inferred spectrum considered another dimension? I would not think so, would you?

So, like you said in so many words, another dimension is a matter of perspective.

In other words if the phenomenon is outside our universe then it is out side our perceivable dimensions and therefore inter dimensional. I think I just made a paradox. If our universe consists of infinite dimensions then it is impossible for anything to originate outside our universe.

The only plausible conclusion I can see is that this phenomenon exists in dimensions higher than our current perception (by any means) and periodically interacts with our known (perceivable) dimensions at will.

Therefore it is by all accounts inter dimensional until we can perceive all of the other dimensions in which the phenomenon exists.

OK done with that lol now on to another point...

"One idea that keeps entering my mind is that the Phenomena has some kind of role like a Curator, Zookeeper, Conservator, Gamekeeper, and Warden all in one. "

This is a scary thought in which I have thought of before. Is our 'souls' just food for them? Being a very advanced species as they might be especially a type three civilization this scenario is not so far fetched. This is the most disturbing thought to me. Even our very souls are not safe.

I also have had this thought that those 'shadow people' are the cowboys or the sheepherders so to speak as they seem to be not completely physical and therefore are presumably on another plane of existence and therefore can manipulate your essence or soul or what ever else you might call it. And they seem to be doing this as many abductees will confirm. This is a disturbing thought, a helpless thought.

Enough for now, I need sleep.


posted on May, 9 2008 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by Alien Abduct

I was saying I'm not sure if the Phenomena is interdimensional due to the various theories by scientists on what exactly higher dimensions are. To be from another universe it doesn't have to come from another dimension. There is some support of the idea of parallel universes or that reality is a multiverse. Each of these universes would each have their own dimensions of time and space independent of other universes. You could say our dimensions reside in our universe. So thats why I think that, but in the end no one really knows.

I'm not sure about the idea that our "souls" are food. I can't see our consiousness being food, based on what I understand about consciousness probably arising out of quantum entanglement. On the other hand I have brought up the idea before on ATS about the idea of using humans as a source of energy. It was a very brief thread on the generation of psychokinetic "energy". From what I understand about PK, its unconscious, uncontrolled, and often connected to emotional and mental stress. I wondered if there was a way to harness it.

Like the interdimnesional aspect, in the end no one really knows.

What we do know is there is Something with a complex understanding of human psychology, the ability to disinform, torture and terrorize, render the most powerful institution on earth helpless, appearing metamorphic in nature, and has been around for thousands of years. Pretty much anything beyond that is all hypotheses and speculation. I too have my own Hypotheses about the phenomena, which you have read on the "They Come From Within" thread.

So people have to be very careful about conclusions or they will fall into mythmaking. Which turns into things like ideologies, cults and mythic space operas like Icke's or Streiber's.

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