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The highest strangeness I've seen on the web

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 09:03 PM
This is interesting. If, in fact someone is altering time, then that means the whole Collective Unconscious bit may be more true than we believe. I thought i was the only human crazy enough to actually try to develop a method of time travel but apparently someone has beat me to it. Kudos to the a-hole who screwed up time!

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by Mr. Toodles

I am glad to hear that, Mr. Toodles - perhaps we can compare notes one of these days (or if not now, maybe in 2001? ; ).

Unless you are developing a method that involves mechanic devices?

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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 04:51 PM

Originally posted by ben91069
What about Bill Bixby? It says 1993 he died.

I don't remember him dying in 1993. I don't remember him dying at all, but playing roles later than that.

I thought he died earlier than that? I remember my mom being upset about him dying... and she died in June of 1993, and it says that Bixby died in Novemeber of 93'

Ok, this isn't celbrity related, but my Grandma died in 1998, and I was homeschooled for a bit in HS in 1999 early 2000. When we first met with the homeschool teacher, myself my dad and my teacher clearly remember talking to my Grandma. She grilled the teacher on her teaching skills and what she knew, if she'd be a good teacher, etc. People are confused on the year she died , we have the obit, but everyone remembers her after she died. I remember going into her room a few months after she died to find her sleeping in her bed. I was shocked and told her she was dead, died of cancer, but she said she was fine and then got up and made me breakfast. Those were surreal times for me actully because she was there, in the back of your mind you know she's dead, but yet she's right in front of you and your friends... my best friend thought she died in 2001.

I think some of it is time shifts tho... or something because a week before my mom died I refused to go into her apatment, saying that something bad was happening and that I couldn't relive it again. The next week I went into her apartment, and that night she died. Then a few weeks later I remember vividly that I went to her apartment it was all cleaned out except for a few things we loved to do. We played a game, and watched tv. We talked and then she got really sad when she looked at someone by the door, and said that she was running out of time. I asked her why she coudn't stay, and she said that she wasn't supposed to be here anymore and that she was granted one final weekend with me because she left too soon and I wasn't supposed to be there with her that night.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 04:58 PM

Originally posted by ben91069
and here's another anomaly. Johnny Cash dies in reality then June, but here we have it that June dies before Johnny:

June survived Johnny cash, yet here they have it that June dies in May, then Johnny dies in September.

[edit on 21-3-2008 by ben91069]

That's how I remember it too. I remember thinking and saying to my dad that not too much longer and we are going to lose Johnny as well now that his wife has died.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 05:02 PM
I know why actually.
I remember reading something like that my self about Auther C Clark but it was a rumour that was wrong, they thought he died but did not.
The only other person who fits that discription is in the Book of Revelations and that does not sound nice if it was.
Maybe Time is being manipulated anyway its not too far fetched.
The builders of the world's biggest particle collider are being sued in federal court over fears that the experiment might create globe-gobbling black holes or never-before-seen strains of matter that would destroy the planet.

Maybe we are creating other worlds or messing the universe up or something, I too feel something strange going on. Maybe the Tribulation is near because space it self will be effected the sun and the moon will become dark by something, a black hole maybe?


posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 05:59 PM
Timelord is right I think. Isaac Asimov died in the 1992 and Arthur C. Clarke experienced a scandal in the 1990's. I'm thinking with this one people are getting confused. As for the others though, I have no idea!


Ten years later, in 1998, Clarke's was about to be invested with knighhood when another setback struck: the British tabloid The Sunday Mirror accused Clarke of being a pedophile. Although the allegations were ultimately discredited, the scandal delayed his investiture some two years.

As you can see Arthur C. Clarke probably had to lie low until his name was cleared. But here's the clincher, I don't recall his name being cleared, just goes to show how damaging these claims are as I've always to this day believed he was a paedophile - a bit sad eh?

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 06:13 PM

Originally posted by ben91069
Then other people started noticing other celebrities that they thought had died, were still in fact alive.

Did they mention Elvis?

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 11:29 PM

I remember reading something like that my self about Auther C Clark but it was a rumour that was wrong, they thought he died but did not.

Then they should have not published it - or at least they should've printed a correction or something...

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 04:41 PM
Though I'd let you guys know Mickey Rooney was on Larry King last night.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 10:11 PM
Very interesting thread.

In response to the celebrity point:

As much as I'd love to believe in tampering with the time-line, I'd have to say this is not the case.

Many psychologists would be able to explain this. If there's anyone with any knowledge on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd have to go with something related to deja vu or with the way the brain holds memories. Which brings me onto my remembering something about this in class when studying Psychology, (I dropped out before anyone asks).

I myself have often thought of someone as dead only to realise some time later they are alive and kickin and not only with celebrities may I add.

Ok, taken that it has been put forward by members that many people think the same thing of the same celebrities doesn't mean anything too outlandish without even considering applying a psychological explanation.

Why is it everytime I leave the house I always think I forget something?

Why is it anytime I put something down, it's never in the place I thought I'd left it?

Ever get the feeling you've been somewhere before but you know you haven't?

Ever been singing a song to yourself then it's come on the radio? Not current up-to-date music either.

Ever thought of someone you've not spoken to in ages and next thing, they call?

I also remember in that Psychology class, very good answers to these types of questions. (perhaps not the last two)

Alas my memory isn't what it used to be and how ironic I speak about memory and can't remember what it is I was trying to remember.

"Your love of the halfings' leaf has clearly slowed your mind."

The matter of possibly millions of people disappearing every year is quite astonishing.

Some may disappear and not want to be found.

Many, unfortunately, will want to be found and aren't. So we can account for murderers, serial killers etc etc, although to be fair we would only be guesstimating.

Then there are the darker sides. Organisations, and I'm choosing my words carefully, who may need people for whatever reasons - medical experiments or the likes, organs/human parts, slavery, dark porn industries, human conditioning.

Now the human conditioning is one thought that just popped into mind there as I wrote this. Cults may be able to explain a fair amount of dissappearances I suppose. Satanic or Occultist human sacrifices need a steady supply of humans. How about black-op governmental organisations and their operations?

There's also the jump through space and time of which again I would love to believe or even onto a higher existence. I just can't though. What would trigger this? Could perhaps experiments happening on sites like CERN be the cause? Or an increase in our use of technologies?

I ask only for you people to answer these questions for me. I know nothing about Quantum Physics apart from what LaForge and Data used to tell Picard. It made sense at the time

As for the higher existence transgression would 2 people reach that at the same time? I refer to the older couple who vanished from their car. Did their clothes disappear with them and if so, why didn't the car? There's also the case of the Mary Celeste. If none of you have heard then google it.

I believe that many of the people who do vanish will not go counted in that tally ie homeless. Indigenous peoples and displaced peoples.

Just for the record I do believe in a higher spiritual being whether it be described as a new world or a new dimension or multiverse. I know I probably won't get the answers I seek in my lifetime but hey, I'll get all the answers when I get there.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by itchy_tartan_blanket

... and, rather more importantly: where does the OTHER sock go?!

(Don't mind me - just adding to your list... :-))

It's great to have more people adding to this little curiosity corner.

BTW, have you seen the very real obituary for Clarke?
(See the link in my earlier post here.)

A friend of mine very kindly inquired with them about the origins and any follow-up (or rather, the lack thereof) of this apparent blunder - and she is yet to receive a reply...

[edit on 25-4-2008 by Vanitas]

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 11:00 PM
Ernest Borgnine died in 1998, I remember exactly where I was when I heard about it. He was in "Airwolf" which was my favorite show as a very young child.

I swear he died in 1998, complications of some surgery, his heart stopped.

This is a complete mind trip.

Time travel has obviously happened. When the timelne changes it is because someone went back in time and monkeyed with stuff.

Holy crap, I don't even know what to do now that I have realized this fact.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 11:04 PM
Muhammed Ali died a while back seems like, but he seems to be alive now.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 11:08 PM

Originally posted by downtown436
Muhammed Ali died a while back seems like, but he seems to be alive now.

Can you remember when?

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by Vanitas

Yeah I seen the link for Arthur C. Clarke. Weird but probably just an eorror. That person's error me be the cause of this whole thread! lol

I would have thought that ben fella would have something to say about my posting ......

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by itchy_tartan_blanket

It is obviously an error...

But it's amazingly precise - even listing the cause of death and all - and, more importantly... why was there no retraction?

(Just for the record: as I often like to point out, I am as UN-conspiratorially minded as they come. But I must say, this IS weird.)

Maybe by bumping this thread Ben will come out of the woodwork. :-)

(N.B. Would you believe it, originally I wrote "woodoowork"... Where's Freud when you need him?

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 12:04 AM

What would trigger this? Could perhaps experiments happening on sites like CERN be the cause?

In case you haven't noticed it yet, there is a very recent thread ("Have you experienced a glitch in the matrix?") where there seems to be a (semi)veiled allusion to just that.

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 01:53 PM
Ok, on CNN online they just had a blurb on Shirley Temple breaking her arm. I could have SWORN she died years ago! I remember reading it and feeling so sad... then I watched a bio on her life and they had a tribute and rememberance of her... am I hallucinating or what? Now she's just turned 80?

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:06 PM

Originally posted by pstrron
I also clearly remember Karen Carpenter dieing in 1973 of anorexia. However I told a friend about it in 2006 while talking about the Carpenters and their music. Two days later they informed me she died in 1983. I am not the only one remembering the 1973 date.

I decided to play drums as a teen in honor of her after her passing..... I started playing drums in 1974 !

I clearly remember her dying PREVIOUS to this as it effected me deeply.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by downtown436

i could of sworn he was dead also, I remember been sad because he was such a "cool" guy, did voices for the simpsons, airwolf etc
This is weird....

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