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Nigeria court seeks 3 arrests in Pfizer drug trial

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posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 02:06 PM
More allegations of corruption by the Medical Mafia Cartel. Alleged testing of antibiotic without consent, deaths, denial, etc,

A Nigerian court on Monday ordered the arrests of three of the defendants in a trial over a drug test conducted by Pfizer in 1996 which Nigerian authorities say killed 11 children and left others disabled.

The northern state of Kano is suing Pfizer for $2 billion in damages and pressing criminal charges over the testing of the antibiotic Trovan on children in Kano during a meningitis epidemic that killed 12,000 children in six months.

posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 02:07 PM
i sincerely pray this is my last time here.

posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 08:48 PM
I hope this is wrong. Trovan is an Antibiotic (fluoroquinolone) that is still available in the US market even though it caused Liver Failure and death. Today it is available, but with restrictions and is hard to get. In all reality, you should think of it as withdrawn from the market, because if you were in the hospital with Sepsis or another horrible bacterial infection, Trovan would never be used or even brought up for discussion. It was approved in 98 and limited in the US in 99.
There have been a few attempts by the Nigerian government and families of the disabled/deceased to get some compensation. As far as I remember/know, nothing has come from it. They have been thrown out.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 05:15 AM
reply to post by harddrive21

A documentary by the BBC called Panorama showed Big Pharma using 3 rd world people as "cheap,disposable and expendable guinea pigs",with no hope of compensation ever as the companies are above the law both in the west due to a corrupt and bribed congress and also due to bribes given to the local officials.

This demonstrates the inherant racism of whites and also the extreme danger that Big Pharma poses to the general population.

I urge everyone to bring their congressman to account and demand an investigation into corruption by their congressman.

Remember Big Pharma kills 240000 every year from FDA approved drugs and has spent a billion $ buying congress.

Every congress man has 2 lobbyists assigned to them to protesct big pharma interests.

It s time the you Americans stopped watching Pop Idol and got of your back sides and visited your congeressman and ask him some questions.

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 08:49 AM
I see by your links that you feel like BigPharma is against us at every turn.
I will absolutely agree with you that they have 2 lobbyists per congressman.
I will absolutely agree with you that they take advantage of "the little guy" for testing of drugs and devices. Just another example would be the Vioxx fiasco.
I will not agree that they are racist. They would abuse any poor person, it wouldn't matter what color. Africa though seems to be very easy to just walk into and do whatever you want without reprisal. Drug tests in this country and yours and Europe have strict standards thanks to the aweful testing on humans by the Nazis in WW2.
For every person that has a negative experience with a drug, whether side effect or actual damage, thousands are saved. Whether Blood pressure meds, diabetes meds or chemotherapy. Not everything can be solved via natural products (though I wish it could).
In the case of Trovan and the Nigerian children : the drug was untested and it was 1996 - 2 years before approval. They gave it to 100 kids during a Meningitis outbreak. Pfizer did not get approval or do follow any of the proper procedures. That is really sad. It killed 11 kids, and saved 89.
The meningitis outbreak killed 10,000 kids when all was said and done.
That above paragraph is not meant to be an excuse. It was a dire time and a rather dangerous situation.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by harddrive21

I would agree with you that Big Pharma are not racist, they are simply evil scum who would kill anyone to further their billion-dollar industries. I would disagree with you that natural medicinals can't cure everything. It is lack of knowledge of natural medicines that work that would prompt you to type that.
If ailments are caught in time, then almost every ailment can be cured using natural treatments. And of course following a lifestyle that avoids processed chemical-ridden food will prevent people from suffering from much of the ailments in the first place.

On the subject of the worldwide medical mafia cartel
3rd British pharmaceutical company under suspicion of fraud

A third British pharmaceutical company has confirmed it's under investigation on suspicion of fraud.
Eli Lilly has been asked to hand over documents as part of an investigation into alleged bribes paid to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 10:50 AM
Gold Dragnet - Bravo!

First I agree that the chemical ridden food that we all ingest is probably at the root of most of our problems (and maybe diseases). I personally think that is one of the factors in the increase in Type 2 Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer.
Second - before this is asked/said. I am a healthcare professional. I am not a disinfo guy.
Third - Natural products require some hardcore studies. And not from BigPharma, but from independent agencies. These studies will need 5000 people or more.
I had a friend who died from cancer. He spent thousands of dollars on natural products, that in the end, failed him. Would it have worked earlier on or in conjunction with his chemo if he started it earlier? That is a hell of a question.
I can't find the article online right now, but there was a 16 year old who died of cancer (I think he lived in Virginia or North Carolina). The Docs were suing the family to force chemo on the kid. The family won, he went to either Alabama or Mississippi for alternative therapy. Unfortunately he died.
We need more study on these things so we don't sell snake oil to people who have nothing else to hope for.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by harddrive21

Hi there Harddrive21. Sorry to hear about your friend. You say he was on Chemo, most people don't really understand what is chemo (until they are faced with it and start studying), and even fewer realise that chemo has very limited successes, studies have shown chemo increases chances of survival by somewher around 5%. The effects chemo have on the body are terrible, and if someone was to go on a "natural treatment" to cure themselves they really would have to consider avoiding chemo altogether as it will likely destroy the benefits of the natural therapy. This article suggests chemo adds 2% survival chances.

And this article even claims 75% of physicians refuse chemo treatment themselves!!!

High dose chemo doesn't help breast cancer

Obviously with both natural therapy and orthodox medicine catching an illness early really is very important. However with Cancers, Max Gerson claimed to have success with even very far gone cases.

You will often hear it said that a mix of both natural and orthodox treatments is the best way, but that is a bit misleading also, considering that natural therapy revolves around removing toxins from the body, whereas orthodox medicines (drugs) involve consuming toxic pills, thereby being counterproductive to natural treatment.

There are many so called natural treatments that haven't worked, and but that isn't to say that natural cures don't work, it simply means educating ourselves as to what has had successes in certain illnesses. In the case of Cancer you should study the work of Max Gerson, the guy who made this clip was looking into Gersons work. Worth noting that if you are going to follow Gersons work, that a Press Juicer is necessary rather than a conventional household centrifugal juicer, as the centrifugal juicers damage the all important enzymes in the juice, press-juicers are more expensive but necessary.

There are many other treatments and practioners who have had various successes.

You will hear that consumption of foods rich in vitamin B17 appears to be a good preventative measure against Cancers. Millet grain being one such food. Foods high in B17 are virtually non-existant in the western diet.

Also worth researching the successes people have had with Iodine, particularly in relation to Breast Cancer. Lugols Solution and other Iodine formulas being beneficial.

Very Important to research the work of Harry Hoxsey in relation to cancer treatment and Iodine deficiency. When Hoxsey started using Iodine in his Cancer treatments the FDA came down on him very strong, so much so that he had to replace it with seaweed and kelp (rich in iodine). Study Iodine and Potassium.

David Derry wrote a book, Breast Cancer and Iodine, you can get it online.

Anyhow, I suggest researching Gerson, Hoxsey, Iodine. Lorraine Day is another woman who cured herself of cancer despite being told she was going to die, you can find her story online through the search engines.

Chemo should never be "forced" on anyone, I am not familiar with the particular case you are refering to, but if someone goes on a "natural treatment" then of course they have to know what they are doing, and it takes a big commitment, it calls for a total change of eating habits, removing ALL the junk food, which includes useless white bread, chocolate, fried foods, foods with soya (soya is ok but almost all soya foods you get are GM soya which is very bad for you), many dairy products, cutting out certain meats, a whole review of what you put into your mouth and why you consume what your consuming. The average western diet is so processed, and the food industry is really riddled with chemicals, the cows are injected with all sorts of stuff which gets into the milk, the yoghurt people take which they think has beneficial bacteria has been pasteurised which kills almost all the benefits, and so on. A review of everything. Educating yourself is the best way to prevent and cure ailments, read all you can about natural health, and for cancers maybe start with Gerson and I gave other info to go on. Also worth looking into the work of Robert C Beck and Hulda Clark. Beck has had successes against cancers, and Clark gives good advice regards overall health and wellbeing, which helps prevent ailments in the first place. You will come across "zappers" in relation to their work, you will hear of some wonderful successes with "zappers" but be aware there are fake "zappers" also. You will also likely read much on various fastings. But with all alternative treatments (and particularly with fastings and flushes) you will really need to read as much as you can and understand everything before embarking on any particular treatment, but the rewards are definitely worth it, and not just in the case of treatings cancers and other serious illnesses, but in improving overall health and increased energy levels.

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