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Spontaneous Past-life Memory.

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posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 11:26 AM
Hi woodwytch,

I was until, what 3 years ago, a total sceptic, skeptic and cynic about all things paranormal. Even now I believe that there, as many loony notions as there are people willing to invent them and fleece the gullible.

But that said there have been oddities over my life I have dismissed as very faint memories but I would love to scoff at any of this paranormal bunkum. My ex was a little more enlightened and her sister was well into witchy stuff and spells. Oh how I would mock her little bag of protective objects and spells.

Then a series of life events, a slightly more inquisitive but more open mind and now I find I can accept some of what I once considered unacceptable and loony. I am not saying that I totally consider every new age notion or ancient belief system to be “The truth”…but maybe, just maybe there is more going on than I once believed.

What sparked me off here is the word “cuneform” in the post by Enthralled Fan.

At this crisis time of my life I was not sleeping and started to meditate to compensate…what I found was that when I meditated or did actually get some sleep that I started to hear voices, talking as if in headphones and I started seeing things stone faces, butterflies…vivid motion pictures…and dreams…ah what dreams.

I found when I was at a state of balance between sleep and not sleep images were in my mind. I had the image of a clay tablet in front of my eyes. I really thought my eyes were open and with a start went to grab the tablet and whoosh back into consciousness and a weird feeling of where did that go?

I had a “companion” for some time I called flash or sparky. It would jump in front of my vision when I meditated, like a naughty child. It started to manifest during the day, I would be talking to clients and my eyes would suddenly dart to the right. I had my eyes checked out by a few eye specialist types. Told them the symptoms but they saw nothing untoward. So I put up with it. It eventually phased out of my life but it has been back at times of great stress and pain…someone said it was letting me know, I was not alone!!!

My point is, I have encountered a few things that I know have no rational explanation but I have witnessed them. Nothing major, just enough to question.

I believe that there are things occurring that today’s science has not yet explained…doesn’t mean it wont…and it also doesn’t mean that those with the powers of paranormal elitism know all the answers either. One of the biggest problems is that scientists do not seem to witness them!!!

Now, just because I accept there is some funky stuff ahappening, doesn’t mean I fall for the mainstream paranormal bullshine.

This where your PLR interests me. I have been told that I could do with a session or so…as there are many elements of my life that I question, things like why do I do some things or feel a certain way about something. Now I have always been of the belief that what happens in a PLR session, is that a deep-rooted subconscious fear or concern manifests itself in a manner that the subject can handle.

So I held the contention that they are not experiences of a previous life at all but merely a kind of therapeutic role-play. Now, I am not dissing or flaming you, but if you are to be believed about the Cornish Burning then perhaps there is more to it…

I will one day undertake said PLR as a kind of see where it leads. Even if it is just a mental healing..can't really loose can I? And if there is more...well who knows where that will lead....

I do so agree with what you say about the charlatans out there...I look at some of the so called "therapies" and shake my head. There are times that I think that "Hey I could do that!!" but I couldn't, my make up won't let me make fools of the gullible. I would rather die financially poor than morally and spiritually poor...Money is now..spirit is forever..well hopefully..

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 12:54 PM

Originally posted by woodwytch
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hey there CavemanDD,

That's a really interesting post and I think there's every chance those dreams were past-life snap-shots, just from the way you explain them.

I found the last one particularly interesting. You said you thought it was a future lifetime ... why do you think that ... is there any specific reason ?

I'll tell you why I ask when you've replied. Woody

Hey. Let me elaborate more on how I think all these dreams were real. I meant to last post but my freind came over and I had to cut it short. I really do feel all these dreams are real.

The majority of these dreams happened around age 14 - 16 for me and then they stopped. The dreams of this life I watched come true, all happened when I was like 14. I just remember being an adult was a strange experience, I was with my girlfreing, who I obviously had feelings for and being a 14 year old.. I never had feelings for anyone. So even though it was me walking around and talking, I was also looking at it like a spectator. I believe this was my future because well...the guy I was had a resemblence, and I had freinds in the dream...who now are my freinds. I've also had dreams of the same girl over and over again, leading up to asking her to marry me, to hanging off some wall, jumping down to scare our 2 year old son. Which is also interesting because this I've taken an interest in learning ninjutsu. The ninja martial arts
. It's actually kinda funny how I had these dreams when I was younger and now last year I started to feel they controlled my life, but I look at it a lot differently now. The girl who I marry is in another country right now living happily with her boyfreind, yet I persist to get her to like me, ha. Its quite sad, but I know this is the way it's supposed to be, dreams aside I know deep down this girl is my counter-part and no others can compare.

So are these dreams glimpses of this life's future, hell, I know it.

As for the future FUTURE dream... I base this entirely on soul development. Fact is I was a being of un-imaginable wisdom and good will. It blew my mind, because as a kid I knew nothing, and I still couldn't imagine the wisdom that I had in that dream, it was just there...Perhaps thats how I managed to make people dissapear with white light from my hands. The place I was in was very surreal and wonderful. Grey-white stone floor, I was outside, I think there was stars.. I dont know what else to say. I think the men who ran at me were assassins or something.

Anyways, when the dream was over I felt a HUGE impact from it. I feel like I was stripped of everything, I was really sad until I started to wake up. And even then I recall lying in bed wondering about it. The one thing common about all these type of dreams, you wake up in a very emotional state.

Well I hope any of that is useful to you. I don't know you, but I don't have to. I believe you. It has clearly affected you with much detail, and I can see why.. immense emotional trauma, a reminder.

indierockalien, good to hear from you man. I must say that is a pretty damn wierd and cool experience you had. Maybe you really were john, I think this is why menguard never answered your question if you were infact him. Because I think you might have another wierd recall like this. Whethere it's real and genuine, I don't know, but I believe you. Does it matter? no. It's good to look at our past selves and reflect on that quality of being, for it is still part of us. But ultimately every time we learn something new I think in a way we die, for we are changed irreversably.

You are who you are now. You are that quality. Just like when I look back and see myself as an ignorant ancient guard, I only see development. And for this reason alone I care about and respect everyone, I don't need any other reason.

Well this is trailing on I'm gunna end it here.

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 01:35 PM
Peace is bad for business.

He said I'm sorry because everybody really wants peace, but the world wasn't ready for it. Killing john was in the best interest of many many wealthy, immature men around the world. The shooter was an under-ling.

John was one of the many people who brought the message, people die, but ideas are eternal.

When we think of the death of john lennon, we shouldn't just be sad for him, but sad for ourselves and everyone in the world, for it a statement that we need to start caring about each other. His death was a perfect poetic end to his life, one that will be remembered. And so perhaps his death had more good then bad, for people will always look at as potential we're all capable of experiencing, and a reminder of our reluctance to change.

Admire the man if we must, but even more so admire the message he represented.

Peace - It has unlimited potential.

I just had to throw that in there, a little off topic, but I think it's important.

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 01:41 PM
Hi Vanitas,

I enjoyed your post ... alternative suggestions put in a polite manner (quite a novelty at ATS) ... thank-you. I'll try to give my response to the points you raised.

1. I can assure you that my conclusions where neither jumped to nor picked out of thin air ... a lot of laborious research was carried-out before I allowed myself to believe that my flashbacks were from another lifetime.

PLR, has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but when I had my experience such things were still unacceptable (work of the devil type stuff), lol, to most people. So it wasn't like I was blindly following the trend of the day ... or jumping on the bandwagon in an effort to make money.

On the contrary, I finished writing 'The Cornish Burning' in 1994, and have never even tried to get it published (although I might get around to it one day), because overall it was written as a private account ... for me to refer to as and when more evidence (for/against) surfaced.

Likewise, it is not for the purpose of promoting my abilities as a PLRT, in an effort to make my fortune ... because my clients pay whatever they can afford ... or what they feel is a fair price for my services.

2. If someone was able to provide me with another explanation for my experience, that I could take on board with more conviction than that, that I currently hold (in favour of it being past-life recall) ... I would happily accept that I was wrong. There is absolutely no useful or productive purpose in holding on to an out-moded philosophy or theorem.

I am quite logical person when need be. I studied Natural Earth Sciences at University (quite a while ago admittedly), the point being ... all scientific fields require the ability to amend and re-amend an hypothesis until it becomes a theory ... and a theory until it becomes a factual dynamic ... which of course can still be altered if/when new data is discovered. It's just that I gag and retch at the dogmatism that arises, from die-hard logic (and so avoid it whenever possible ... by choice).

3. 'Assumption' that past-lives exist ? ... you say there is no evidence
I beg to differ on that point (but that's just me)
I feel there is a multitude of evidence to back-up the high-probability that the human soul/psyche experiences multiple lifetimes in various guises ... certainly on a personal level ... the research that I carried-out points to that being the case.

However, I have entertained the possibilities surrounding 'Ancestoral Memory' and certainly wouldn't rule it out completely. I think it may well be the case in some accounts ... but not all, in fact I'd estimate well below half of cases experienced.

4. I think there might be a little confusion and misconception involved with some of your points in reference to PLRT. I have had many clients who have been sceptical when they come for their session (I think that's a healthy opinion to come into my office with) ... and often remain so after their session (as I said to a previous poster, I'm not in the business of converting folk). But the remarkable element here, is in the fact that believer of not ... the benefits of the excercise are accessible to all.

Those who think the details they have revealed are no-more than a fantasy created by their imagination ... attain the same beneficial results to their problems, as those who believe with certainty, they have lived before in a different time and place.

I think the reason for this is determined by which hemisphere of the brain is most dominant in the individual undertakeing the regression. There doesn't have to be a great divide between believers and non-believers ... the importance lies in benefits received (at least that's what's important to me as a therapist and human-being).

For the moment at least (and for the last 15yrs), nothing has caused me to doubt that my experience was genuine memory from a previous lifetime ... but as I said before, nothing is written in stone and we should maintain flexibity in order to develop and grow.

At the end of your post you seemed to imply that I was shallow/naive enough to pick a conclusion (for my experience), that was attractive to me as an individual (maybe because of current popularity in the subject), and suggested it was not a wise investment.

I thank you for the advise you offered ... but if you knew me, you would understand that you are way off the mark. And as for my personal experience of 'past-life recall' ... my life has improved tenfold in every direction. But if someone were to prove me and my research wrong tomorrow ... yes I would be disappointed ... but I would not have a single regret for myself or the hundreds of people that I've helped via Past-life Regression Therapy, over the previous decade.

I hope this information helps you to understand the perspective I'm coming from ... and why I believe we have experienced numerous other lifetimes besides the one we are experiencing right now. Woody

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

That was a fantastic post and I hope everyone that checks-out this thread takes time to read every word you've written. You have a brilliant approach to these things.

I had to smile when I read about you ex and her sister's magickal bag of tricks
You sounded just like an ex of mine. He too thought the things that I am into were a bit weird and wacky. But after we'd been together a few months and he began to understand that I was not such a crazy lady, he actually admitted (reluctantly), that my down to earth approach to such things, had helped him to understand how there could be something to it all. From him that was a great compliment.

As for you, it sounds like you've been on quite a journey. And as I have tried to explain in another post, people should never follow a trend in any form of spiritual development just because it's currently popular. The charlatans are out there waiting to pounce on the gullible; and they're a lot scarier than anything paranormal.

I spend a lot of time trying to erase the crap people pick up from god knows where (particularly concerning witchcraft). It really annoys me how people involved in alternative therapies and paranormal/pagan fields, try to make things more dramatic and theatrical than they really are just for effect
When I see these people on TV I just want to groan out loud and shout at the sceen.

As you said so eliquently, spiritual richness is so much more valuable than finacial wealth. I always strive to present the 'real' face of such things ... that's probably down to my scientific training in the past (I just think it's vital to remain grounded and have a balanced view and above all look for other explanations to the weird stuff whenever possible before settling for the supernatural version).

If you decide to get yourself regressed in the future here are a couple of tips;

1. Choose a therapist recommended by someone whose already been to them and had a good result (word of mouth
magazine ad/phonebook :dn

2. Even better if you can find a therapist who DOES NOT use hypnosis (too easy to have suggestion/false memory implanted ... inadvertantly or otherwise)

3. Flexibility of price is a good indication of a reputable therapist.

If you ever need advise on such, feel free to u2u me. Great post other's could learn a lot from it. Woody

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hey there CavemanDD, thanks for adding the details. Sorry to be mysterious about it but I didn''t and don't want to influence your personal opinion of the images you had in your future 'FUTURE' dream.

The reason that I asked was because when I was reading about it, I was quite shocked when I read that you thought it was a future lifetime. That's not to say it wasn't ... and you should always go with your own intuition on these things.

But as I read it I had the distinct impression it was a very ancient lifetime (Atlantean maybe ?), I think it was the 'white light' from your hands that made me think this initially.

Then when you said you felt 'stripped of everything when you woke-up' ... and that you had no wisdom at the time you dreamt this because you were only a child. Made me think that you had your wisdom stripped away after that lifetime ... so that you could experience with a clean slate and rebuild your souls wisdom again.

Ok, I'm just thinking out loud now and as I said, don't under any circumstances let this influence you ... if you tune-into the images and play them through your mind ... over time you'll learn how to tell the difference between memory and imagination. Unfortunately, this is one of the things sceptics love to pour scorn on, because it is just that ... a 'feeling' that you can't accurately put into words.

And thank-you for your comments on the thread, much appreciated. Woody

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

My understanding is that Chapman killed Lennon because he thought him a hypocrite. He spoke of peace and equality while he done nothing about...while living his life in a haze of excess and drugs...with multi-million pound houses and yachts.

These days of the internet Lennon would not get away with his hypocrisy. Some say that Chapman just wanted to be famous for killing someone who is famous. Some say he was merely doing the states business for his anti-war efforts.

I don't think he had the worlds interest at heart with his peace stance...he was a scouser after all

But I think you are right, man is not ready for peace..war is far easier..
and I don't think it will change without a major genome change

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

hmm very interesting, you gave me something to think about. It could be atlantis, it felt kind of cosmic i dont know if it was on earth. But its been like 8 years or something since that dream but the big stuff I remember clearly.

Its interesting what you said about stripping my knowledge to regain it, to me this idea is still beyond me, I haven't really made the effort to face the idea yet because I don't like the thought of losing myself. But that changes because as I learn I constantly re-define self and my approach to it. If I made myself lose my wisdom, I hope there was a good reason for it, and i'm assuming there obviously was.

I also like the atlantis idea because one thing I couldn't figure out really was the attackers!. Two men, I think they had swords or knives, full of rage and bloodlust, they might have been wearing some brownish clothes or leather. They were trying to assissinate me. They were human, ingorant and pretty much fit the bill of like your typical medieval guy.

Yeah they ran at me and I didnt' even flinch, I waived my hand and white light from my hand made them dissapear.

I was a man, i look like i was like 30...but ageless, like a god or something, I had long white hair I think, light skin. My eyes were either a glowing light blue or something completely abnormal, maybe even purple. I don't remember but I think there was something different about the eyes. And yeah I was wearing like a white..greyish, fancy robe I think. I don't recall much about the woman who I was with but she was absolutely beautiful, a godess who really resonated.

I'm really really interested in this ancient atlantean idea now. You seem to know some details about them, can you share them with me? U2U even if its a lot or off topic. You have more then intrigued me.

I wonder why I was stripped off knowledge, perhaps my energy was to go for a greater good which was needed. Or it was because of the age of darkness we lived in that doomed atlantis or something, the end of a mayan calander cycle and I was being judged, or maybe because the world was plunged in darkness I made some sacrifice to make it better.

I just hope it was for a good reason. And I think my eyes WERE a bright purple or something, it stands out in my mind.

I thought it was the future because I believe in the whole time as a static illusion, easily navigatable. But now that you mention I thought it was wierd because I think I had the distinct feeling that the events happened a LONG time ago. I always assumed future because the guy i was was more advanced as a being that I could concieve in my young mind.

Thank you!

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by GoToTheLight

yeah I know theres always hypocrits, but the person doesn't matter, just the idea.

Its like this liveearth crap. I really wanna punch bono from u2 out, not out of hate, I think like...some kind of...justice? he needs it.

Its people like this that blow my mind, they have way more money that goes beyond the "I think I'm going to have a happy retirement" scale. They have that... x100. Is there not something in your mind that says giving this money to people will be the most awesome thing in the world? If that little thought doesn't run through your mind when you got millions of dollars, then you must not be thinking too hard about anything.

Its the inbalance of wealth that is hurting the world. Its the system. IF we're going to use money they it HAS to be distributed according to the amount of work and resources. Its not like the rich guys lose either, if we did it right, we'd all win! (erased whole next paragraph about our system because it's already getting off topic)
. This is just a response to the above.

This musta been what happened to atlantis! my socialist ideals just didn't fly!

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 05:17 PM
Honestly, I have NOOOOO friggin' idea. I'm still puzzled myself. I'm not gunna start studying about John Lennon or anything, because if this is genuine (which I believe it is... too many coincidences to go into right here and now), I'm just gunna let it flow and see what comes up. I bought some self hypnosis guides and tapes, so maybe something will come up when I start doing that... but right now I'm reading Whitley Steiber's Communion. I hear people talk smack about him, but that little yellow-beige guy on the front cover... he looks very very familiar.... Sorry a little off topic.

My personal opinion about the man with the rifle was that he was a government agent in charge of making sure Chapman killed Lennon, and if not, I got the impression that he would've just shot everyone there dead, including Chapman... but I guess Chapman went through with it, cuz John's dead, Chapman is alive... and I dunno, man... the memories are coming very slowly... but they really wanted Lennon dead, for whatever reason... prolly cuz he was the single most influential person in the Peace movement....

and really I never saw him as disingenuous, whoever said that... maybe a little removed from reality, being as famous as he was for so long... I dunno.

I can't say for sure.

Originally posted by woodwytch
Hey there indierockalien, that's a very compelling post.

I know precisely what you mean about the emotional aspect. When I got my first set of flashbacks, I had tears streaming down my face. I felt a total idiot because I had no idea - at that time - why these vivid and haunting images in my head had, had such a profound effect on me.

There will always be sceptics who seem to go out of there way to not believe in 'anything' (I always feel sorry for people like that because they miss so much of the good stuff ... and stunt their psychological growth). But when somebody recalls having been somebody famous in a past-life it's like dangling a steak in front of a crazed dog
But from the way you write I can tell you're not grabbing for the glory and actually come across as pretty humble about the whole thing.

Thanks for the post I'm sure many will find it intriguing. Have you tried to find out anything about the guy with the rifle who was hiding ? Woody

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

Off topic or not I find it very interesting. I kind of thought the guy with the rifle was something to do with 'the power's that be'.

I liked John Lennon not in spite of his imperfections ... but because of them. It made him real and the regular guy on the street could relate to him. At least that's what I felt.

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

He he..I know what you mean about Bono. The guy is worth hundreds of millions, he could probably live a better life off of 1% of his invested wealth than anyone on these boards. I will listen to him when he puts his money where his mouth is. The whole artists for peace crap is all about selling more records. They are all bandwagoners...

It cheeses me off that people like myself, who may be better off than most of the world population, are expected to give up our wealth to support Bono, Geldoff or whomevers causes...while the "caring" artists carry on living in multi-million pound mansions and yachts while consuming the best food, best alcohol, best drugs and best women...(or men George Michael). It seems to me that wealth is proportional to hypocrisy.

Anyway back to the thread:

I think that if we all stop to think about it, we all have experiences that we may claim to believe to be past life experiences...if our belief system was so inclined. The feeling of deja vu, the weird dreams, odd images flashing before our eyes.

But we need varification from sources external from our mind...and hopefully by another human..woodwytch has stated that she has a confirmed PLE down in Cornwall. Now only she knows the degree of varification that she obtained.

Who knows maybe there is something in it??? But belief is a hell of a thing. I have spent a few months on and off looking at the Chris Angel Fan Club thread....and I can't believe the degree of belief and delusion I see there...

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 06:28 PM
Hi guys,
I'm kind of tired now but tomorrow I intend to post some of the supporting evidence I turned-up during the research of my Cornish Lifetime.

And a few snippets of some of the event that took place during that lifetime.


posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 02:31 AM
Here a similar story for you all. From as early as I remember, about 3 years old, until I was 12yo or so i had a recurring nightmare.
The dream has stopped now but the memory is burnt into my brain like a video I can recall anytime and still I pickup minor details.
Briefly as possible...
I can see my point of view as I charge into a group of dishevelled brown rag wearing villagers armed with wooden farm tools.
They are standing before small stone and thatch buildings.
They are petrified at the sight of me. I feel and occaisionally see the braided leather thonging that allows my sword to remain attached to my wrist as I swing it above my head like a helicopters blades. Smell the rancid lard that lubricates the leather on the loops on my wrist and the rounded knob end on the sword. I am laughing. A dagger in my other hand (once the sword gets up to speed and I can swing it one-handed) at the ready but not needed. several heads of my victims fly off and for years this is where I woke up horrified.
Sometime later I forced myself to let the dream continue and got a few more seconds for my "video". after the heads fly off I turn to my friends behind me with satisfaction, they are laughing too, then their faces change suddenly and I blackout. Dream ends and never has it gone further.
I presume I have been hit with something from behind.
When I tried to explain this to my family it was dismissed but several other things later made me recall this again and again, gleaning details and going to the library to try and research them.
I found I had almost prior knowledge with all things Nordic, knew of their gods Thor and Loki especially. Somehow already familiar with Runes and some special meanings they held for me(I would tell you these but I think I may start a website and make a buck out of applying this to others when I retire). Then an astounding discovery for me at 12, the Beserker. I had found it and couldnt believe my eyes reading about their fighting methods. It WAS my dream, there in the book!

Blown away I began a lifetime research project and have now found the probable location was Brittany/Normandy in France. Never found the right sword, some close but not quite right.
I have since been to many Viking recreation days but their beserker-types didnt have long enough swords, did'nt have the rounded hilt end (handle) on the end of the sword for the thonging and no concept of the thonging. When I first picked up a sword it felt so natural, the guys at the recreation day could'nt believe I had never picked one up before. They were a little bemused that I wanted a bigger sword as the 4ft was as big as they could fight with, but the beserker was no swordsman in the classic sense of one on one combat.
Shock and awe, almost kamikazi attack was about it.
In my dream I am much bigger physically than my friends and victims.
In real life I am a big guy 6'3" and 20 stone but am a complete pacifist though the very few times I have been had to fight I completely lose it and have gone way too far on all occaisions, breaking arms and legs when I really had won already.
My theory is that I have a genetic memory or something perhaps I didnt die in this experience and the tense situation imprinted somehow I dont know. Interesting though. love to do some PL stuff but I find it very hard to be hypnotised. any comments?

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 06:18 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Ah yes the magic bag...luckily I checked my post first....I had originally called it her magic purse

Can you believe it, I have just written another long post, only to delete it while editing. So I shall take it that I wasn't meant to post it then

Yes the theatre of the psychics, it's like trekkies at a Star Trek convention. It's all part of the image...makes the buck seem more value for money..and the practitioners look more professional...allegedly.

Thing is there is only so many "marks" out if you are peddling a product that many others peddle, you got to be good or popular to make a living. The answer, come up with some other therapy or product...not as hard to do as in other markets, as the client base are open minded to new ideas. So you invent a therapy that a mysterious ancient people used. With no real records or context to check anything can go...the Ancient Celtic Chuff Therapy for example..where you place a candle in ones posterior, light it, chant a Celtic incantation and scare away evil spirits....or did I just make that up....(Oh my will be on a stall next year now:lol

Regarding PLR, I do feel that it would be of some benefit to me...maybe it will help sort out which images etc are a PLE, a foretelling or imagination...

This mind state you were in during your domestic chores, when you got the "flashback" intrigues me. I do sometimes wonder that a lot of this paranormal stuff happens when close to or in a meditative state...the mind is free of mental chatter. I feel that sometimes mundane, everyday tasks, that the brain can do automatically, allow the mind to be a process similar to meditation. After all, it was a boring job in a patent office that got Einstein where he was going...weird to think that today an employer would strip his intellectual property because he thought it up in the firms time!!

I do a lot of driving in the is second nature...I have driven for four to five hours, no break and arrived at the destination and have no concept of the time that has elapsed. Little parts of the journey like being cut-up are in the mind but other than that, nothing about the driving. But I have had many thoughts, feelings, visualisations during the journey. I think that the subconscious, has freer access to the conscious...or is it vice versa?

I stopped my deep meditations as I felt I needed a "guide" for the next stage...just feels right, waiting.

Still interesting thread...I look forward to reading more of "The Cornish Burning".....

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 06:41 AM

Originally posted by woodwytch

At the end of your post you seemed to imply that I was shallow/naive enough to pick a conclusion (for my experience), that was attractive to me as an individual (maybe because of current popularity in the subject), and suggested it was not a wise investment.

God, no!
That is not AT ALL what I was thinking while writing - and I am truly sorry if it came across that way.

No: I was only listing some of the possibilities. That's all.

"I don't know" is my favourite motto in life.
And I really DO mean it.
Enough said (I hope ; )) .

BTW, I am looking forward to your book. I hope you publish it.
And good luck with it.

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 07:41 AM
Well... if sychronicities can be called external verification... here's a few more.... my girlfriend lives on Penny Lane, which I never even paid attention to until one day her street name came up in conversation, I'm a pretty damn good songwriter (sorry I don't wanna boast, but everyone says so...comes easy, as all musical stuff does), lots of people have come up to me lately saying I look like John Lennon (which, to me, is debateable), my cigarette of choice (til I quit) was Winston... my first album I ever bought was a Beatles album when I was 12 (but like I said, I never listened to it... maybe once, but I was young and didn't really care too much), I've always been deathly (pardon my pun) afraid of loud sudden noises....especially gunfire and firecrackers.... oh yeah, the most clear memory I have from elementary school is when we did a school play with a bunch of Beatles songs in it..... and other than that, just a lotta things, like every time I hear the radio, I'll hear a beatles song (don't like the radio much)....
and it's just a gut feeling.
This all started with just this weird gut feeling out of the blue one day, not too long ago...
It's the weirdest thought I think I've ever had.
"Hmmm, ya know, John Lennon sounds about right... WHAT???"
I think I laughed at myself for a few days after that. It's the most rediculous # I've ever heard.... and yet.... I can't shake the feeling...

OH and I also remembered something. I would always fiddle with the piano at my drummer's house, and write songs (never learned piano), and above the piano, there was his sister's portrait of John Lennon (she was spot on, by the way... great artist... looked photographic), and another plaque box thing with Beatles stuff in it...

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 12:32 PM
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Hi again,

You're spot-on concerning 'mundane activity', bringing the mind to an almost meditative state.

(As I mentioned in a previous post), when I became a PLRT, it was after my 'Cornish' experience ... but it was almost a by-product of my primary profession.

Initially (post-cornish), I wanted to learn about the workings of the human mind more thoroughly, in an effort to understand what might have happened to me (as I also explained ... I was not prepared to automatically accept that it was PLM).

I began by studying 'Hypnology & Applied Psychology' ... after further training I became a registered 'Stress Consultant' and 'Meditation Tutor', where regression therapy (for both past & present lifetimes), was an important part of my work. But gradually over time (and due to demand), I started to practice soley as a PLRT ... unless otherwise requested (although I do still hold occasional workshops and meditation courses throughout the year).

As a result of my psychology studies, I soon realized that hypnotherapy (whilst ideal for stopping-smoking/weight loss/and many phobic problems), could actually have adverse effects and produce contaminated results as far as PLR is concerned ... because when the therapist poses the questions to their client (under hypnosis), it is all too easy to plant a subliminal suggestion (no matter how careful the therapist is).

This is when I developed a technique that does not involve hypnosis at all, thereby eradicating this possibility (just a very relaxed/medatitive state of mind). Throughout the session I use a very monotonous tone of voice that bores the conscious mind until it begins to wander ... this allows the sub-conscious / unconscious mind to divulge their normally inaccessible information. A similar principle is used when reading a childs bedtime story ... the tone of voice bores the child's mind into sleep-submission

As a result the past-life memories of my clients are 'clean' and said client is aware of what they have said during their session (obviously there is a little more to it but this gives you an idea).

In the 10yrs (and hundreds of clients), that I've been doing regression therapy for, I've only ever had two people that could not remember anything using this technique. Whilst I can't be certain of the reason for this, I've always thought it may be because this it their first time and therefore have no past-life memories to recall.

When/if you decide to look into meditation more deeply check-out your local paper for 'Development Circles' (classes), or take-out an 'ad' yourself. Having someone to guide you and teach you different techniques is a good way to go. Woody

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 12:44 PM
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Hi Vanitas.

Please don't appologise, it was my misunderstanding. I guess I was 'expecting' to get negative comments from people who thought I was just making-up a story or deluding myself.

Because it was such a huge (and positive experience, as far as the changes in my current life go), I can get a little guarded ... protective ... sensative (hell, I don't know), about it sometimes.

I just felt it would be a good thread for anyone out there who might have had (or going through) something similar ... and not knowing how to deal with it.

Sorry for the misunderstanding

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 12:58 PM
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Synchronicity (I personally feel), is a very good method of confirmation. It certainly seems to have been the case for me ... and not just concerning past-life stuff. Gut-instinct/intuition is another.

Every post you make intrigues me just that bit more and I love the fact that no-one has come forward to pour scorn. The matter of fact way you write about your thoughts/experiences is very relaxed and convincing.

I believe you live in the States ... good job otherwise I would want you on my couch NOW! I'm curious to know for sure ... even if you're not.


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