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Police: Who is the little girl in the sex tape? (Update: found alive)

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 07:21 PM

Originally posted by FredT
The little girl has been found and is safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found that interesting that Stiles was from Nye County. I am familiar with that because Art Bell is from that county. I am glad they found the little girl. Such horrors do occur to often these days. It really puzzles me that some of these perp's have multiple offenses and they end up walking or doing far less time than they should.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by Valhall

No Valhall, not in response to your post, but you clarified your position nicely and I concur. I was responding to a vague sense I was picking-up that somehow outrage, and a knee-jerk call for vengeance is unacceptable human behavior. That we 'should' bypass/suppress our innate emotional responses, and immediately open the forgiveness valve. As a human that has experienced more than his share of violence, I don't think it works that way.

Many have difficulty accepting the reality that there exist some individuals who offer no positive value to society...and they never will...only damage. Their position is generally based on theological which I take exception.

I believe that all are worthy of redemption, but it is a harsh awakening when one comes to the realization (however that may occur) that not all of humankind is actually redeemable. Some will argue that they are simply under demonic influences that can be purged through ritual, prayer, and right understanding/relationship with a creator.

I say some are simply broken.

Is it necessarily they're fault? No it isn't, not always, but it's not the cause of their behaviors that concerns me. It's the end result. When it comes to protecting our children...we could do better.

I realize that my understanding may be considered heresy by many that support a Judeo-Christian culture and ethics, but it's my understanding none-the-less...based on personal experience.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 08:36 PM

Originally posted by Valhall
Unfortunately, it's not that simple. This isn't a matter of I say tuhmater you say potater. This is a matter of basic human decency.

well, to be clear, i don't too much give a rats balls about what society or anyone else thinks of me...never did.
for me, it is that simple....i feel a certain way, so for me, that is the way it is....
i don't expect people to agree or accept it...if someone broke into my house again and i do something to them, i expect i will get 'punished' by society.....thats fine..

i think about it every day....

it is what it is man....

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 08:39 PM

Originally posted by jsobecky

Boondock, I can understand your desire for justice. And I can understand what DYepes is saying also... there are people who actually worry about losing their soul at times like that. Me personally, I don't worry about things like that. If I did, I'd probably move to Vermont.

well, i don't have a sole so meh on that you know...

justice? yeah, would be about justice to a degree. mostly it would be about me making him suffer in lieu of that little girl...
i have no problems with that personally...
it's not for everyone...

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by MajorMalfunction

Finally something we can agree on if not completely.
I think he should be put to death slowly. It should take about a week. Using techniques that take that long and give just enough pain but NOT cause him to pass out. I think anyone that messes with innocents like that deserves a slow death.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 09:59 AM
I don't think Madison is well at all, and the article is only speculating because she is not currently in a nut house.

Adn the effects can show up at anytime.

And it is possible the family never knew, just like my family still doesn't know, and never will.

This poor girl will probably wish the video tape never appearred.

I just feel so bad for her and her family, and all the others that suffer.

I really do believe there is something mentally wrong with these people. There is a part of the brain that is not working. But we don't know enough about neuroscience to pinpoint it yet, just like we don't have a cure for depression.

I feel that those who become priets, became priests hoping to absolve themselves of the temptation. That maybe being surrounded by god and otheres will help keep them in line, only to have access to children. I don't think they join because of the children, but they were looking to be removed from society and the temptation to have it put in front of them.

They know it is wrong, but the drive is too tempting. Like someone who wants to quit drugs and can't.

Castration may not even solve the issue, because it is all in the head. Like the pp said, it is about control, corruption, and a drive for something they cannot have.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 01:53 PM
People who have gone too far cannot be changed. The rest of us dont need them in our lives or on our planet.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 02:57 PM
This is a direct result of Americas Mind Controlled ego centered society. This is exactly why we need the old ways back.This is mainly from the non caring in the World. A poster above wrote something to the effect of "this guy just gave up trying to be in society" I agree,In my opinion,Just in a general scenerio.. He did not find a path to roll with, be good, helpful, and move into that creative force. This man/boy chose to go inside, and immerse himself in pain about the past. Rejection in life was a tragedy, and not a challenge. Living in the pain of the past does this to people. This is the literal spilt of the mind of the unverse, the seperation. In all its seperate forms you will get anomolys like this being. From my experiance things happen for a reason. Personally being from a violent abused childhood, I have risen past it to giving understanding,happiness to the worlds creatures, and communication with the Power. I see why it happened so clear, and I have total clarity of my world experiance, It has only made me unstopable. The only reason this mind is becoming whole is because of traumatic experiance. Lying your personal judgement on this creature might not be relevant at all, perhaps this innocent little girl will rise like the pheonix out of this situation. Maybe she will save the futures children 1000 times over. Maybe ,hopefully,probably, because this happened to her she will prevent hundreds of events to our children of tommorow. Things are happening outside of our understanding.The timeline of the watchers goes on regardless of ones perception of events. Personally I am sending all the good luck in the universe to this child. Lets see how she turns out, Imagine how much she will love her children.Abused people have alot more love compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. It could be that everything is just perfect how it is going. This has been a "cup half full" presentation.


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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 06:12 PM

(CNN) -- Darren Tuck, the man who gave police a tape depicting the rape of a 3-year-old girl, turned himself in Sunday to Nye County, Nevada, authorities.

Darren Tuck turned himself into authorities Sunday. He earlier gave police the tape of the girl.

Tuck had recently given police the videotape, saying he found it in the desert, Sheriff Tony De Meo said.

Police said he had the tape for at least five months before turning it in.

He was being sought on a parole violation for failure to pay child support, but police -- who have said they want to question him further -- had been unable to locate him.

Tuck, of Nevada, allegedly showed the tape to others, and faces between 10 years to life in prison for exhibiting pornography and one to six years for possession of child pornography, said De Meo.

Tuck's attorney Harry Kuehn said last week on CNN's "Nancy Grace" that Tuck had been "wracked by indecision" as to what to do with the tape once he realized what it was.

"You have to consider what kind of concerns my client had," the attorney said. "He's previously dealt with the sheriff's office in Nye County; it was previously unsatisfactory." Watch CNN's Kara Finnstrom report the latest on the case »

The four-year-old videotape shows the 3-year-old girl being raped in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last week, she was found safe.

Now seven, the girl was found Friday with family in Las Vegas after thousands of tips poured in to police, thanks to an appeal by police to the news media to show the girl's picture.

CNN and other news organizations did so until the child was found, and De Meo asked media to stop showing the picture.

"The mother has cooperated with us," De Meo said. "We believe that the mother was not aware of anything that went on with this young girl. It was very sad for her to find this out."

Authorities have identified Chester A. Stiles, 37, as the suspect in the tape. A resident of Pahrump, Nevada, he remains at-large, De Meo said. Pahrump is about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.

Stiles was a distant friend of the girl's family, De Meo said.

Someone close to Stiles has told investigators that Stiles is a "survivalist type" and always carries a weapon, Nye County District Attorney Bob Beckett said.

De Meo addressed Stiles directly on Saturday: "Turn yourself in to your local law enforcement agency," he said. "Understand this: Law enforcement not only has a long arm, but a long memory. You will not be forgotten by members of this agency or any other law enforcement agency."

The FBI is also seeking Stiles on state charges of sexual assault and lewdness with a minor under the age of 14 in a separate matter, De Meo said.

in CNN

Hope they find the other one too.

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 06:28 PM
While reserching the pursuit of the fugitive,I noticed this interesting text from a news site.

The DA spoke at the news conference when asked by reporters what the public should know about Stiles to aid in his apprehension.Chester Stiles always carries a knife, he is a survivalist and does not care about having to live without water or electricity. He has told people he knows that when approached by law enforcement they will never take him alive. In the past Chester Stiles worked as an animal trainer for Ziegfeld and Roy. He also tells people he used to be or is a Navy SEAL.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Link to " news article

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posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 03:14 AM

Originally posted by nothing_pt
Tuck, of Nevada, allegedly showed the tape to others, and faces between 10 years to life in prison for exhibiting pornography and one to six years for possession of child pornography, said De Meo.

this is disgusting! how can anybody justify the sentence lengths above? isn't it about time that possession of as well as the act itself, carried a life sentence with no parole?


posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 03:36 AM
Im really grappling with how the parents could not have known the little one had been through so much trauma. I dont understand as I hope I would know if my children had been through that. There would be signs all over the place.

Maybe Im wrong in assuming there are always signs.

Ive have always vouched for child porn to posession to be sentenced as the crime. It seems to be a world wide thing that its not.

Another thing I have come across is that in my state and country the overall jail time served is less for child rape than adult rape.

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 05:21 PM

Originally posted by OBE1
... That we 'should' bypass/suppress our innate emotional responses, and immediately open the forgiveness valve. As a human that has experienced more than his share of violence, I don't think it works that way... but it is a harsh awakening when one comes to the realization (however that may occur) that not all of humankind is actually redeemable.

Some people don't seem to want to come to face the reality that there are sick units out there. Individuals that not only commit these acts, but thrive upon them. It is their raison d'etre.
Furthermore, forgiveness is an alien concept to them - they revel in people begging them to stop hurting them. It's one of the greatest emotional gratifications they receive when torturing someone. Why should such compassion then be shown to them?
They also show their base and vile nature by preying upon the weakest and most helpless of us. They choose persons they know cannot fight back. Thus they further expose their cowardly and pathetic psyche. If they really get a thrill from rape, why not try and rape a pro-athlete or Hell's Angel. Why don't they take the ultimate challenge? Answer: Because they are vile and without redemption.
But, some might say: "But we need to rise above that and not stoop to their level".
To that I say: If you cannot bring yourself to remove a menace to protect an innocent; then what good are YOU to the rest of society? If we cannot count upon your defense of the lamb, then you are complicit with the wolf.

posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 09:51 AM
What really bothers me about this is also that the mother through her lawyer said she would rather not have ever known and that she was not grateful that it was brought into the news.

It could just be shock, but honestly this knowledge could lead to help that will help her daughter out expotentially down the line.

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 10:06 AM
Chester Stiles -- Vegas Salvation Army?

Oct 2, 2007 09:00 PM EDT

Man from Salvation Army: He was here yesterday.

Jesse Corona: Yesterday?

Man from Salvation Army: Yeah. He stays here

Oct 3, 2007

A Salvation Army security guard called Metro about a half hour after we spoke to him Wednesday, claiming that Chester Stiles was trying to check into the shelter.

A group of men chased that man but lost him. Metro says they're not sure if it was a valid sighting, but is following up on all leads.

Alleged child rapist never a SEAL, Navy says

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posted on Oct, 6 2007 @ 10:58 PM
This is our Sheriff of Nye County Nevada Tony DeMeo. He was the one who order the search for the little girl and she was found within 6 days. Thanks to all the media's help. Today he walks/runs yet once again, in the Harvest Festival Parade in Pahrump, Nevada. He's been in many and has Never chosen to ride on a float or in a squad car. Tony loves being among the people. He's looking at us smiling and waving. Needless, to say we are Extremely proud of our Sheriff.

The person in the red and white coat stood up the second I snapped the photo.

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