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Extraordinary Police Powers for APEC Summit

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 08:32 PM
Im not convinced that there is a silencer on that weapon. I also dont believe it would be a police officer firing the rifle. With the resources they have. Including the

US Secret Service Counter Sniper Team

Why would you put some police constable on the trigger when you can have the best of the best.

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 10:58 PM
Yeah, Im just assuming they were coppers, thinking again, your probably right, they would rather use someone better than the police to sniper.

Just thought Id bring something else I just came across on the Alex Jones website "prisonplanet" on the ridiculous double standards being used during this APEC saga.

Pro-Bush Group Allowed, Protest Group Banned at APEC
Demonstrators refuse to submit to repugnant totalitarian orders, promise civil disobedience, police hype threat of riots

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A pro-Bush organization have been allowed to demonstrate within the 3-mile-wide security cage that has been erected around the business district in Sydney for the APEC summit, while authorities have banned other protest groups from even marching up to the police line outside in a brazen display of favoritism and double standards.

Members of the Stop Bush Coalition are now promising non-violent civil disobedience as the only recourse to counter court orders that have set the precedent to effectively ban free speech in Australia.

The Aussies for ANZUS group, a Neo-Con organization that professes its love for Prime Minister John Howard and President George Bush, has been granted permits to access the restricted security zone and assemble near the InterContinental Hotel, where Bush will be staying for the duration of the conference.

Police restrictions on banner sizes and other measures have also been waived for benefit of the organization.

In contrast, the Stop Bush Coalition have been told by the NSW Supreme Court that they will be arrested if they merely attempt to march up to the police line outside the security perimeter. A list of other potential protest routes presented to the authorities was also rejected, effectively characterizing a complete ban on any form of protest anywhere in the city.

In Australia, free speech is only permitted for those who agree with the government and the Neo-Con policies of Prime Minister John Howard.

"PROTESTERS have been denied permission to march to the edge of police lines during an anti-APEC rally in Sydney on Saturday," reports the Courier Mail.

The NSW Supreme Court today granted Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione's application for an order preventing up to 20,000 people marching to the corner of George and King streets.

Outside the court, rally organiser Alex Bainbridge would not rule out going ahead with the march to King Street, and accepted that he and others faced the possibility of arrest.

"The court has made very clear that we have got a right to protest. The court order today prohibits nothing, our rally and demonstration will be going ahead. As we have always said we intend for this to be a peaceful protest," Mr Bainbridge told reporters.

Meanwhile, police are gearing up for a "full scale riot" having acquired new taser weapons and water cannons in anticipation of a little 'homeland repression' for those who dare speak out against the APEC gangsters and their agenda for global tyranny.

As we reported yesterday, New South Wales (NSW) state Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione characterized the protests as "an unlawful act" during a press conference and urged others not to get involved.

Over 5,000 thugs have been drafted in to patrol the city, including military troops as well as secret service personnel. Accredited photo journalists have been threatened for simply taking pictures of the security fence and residents are being harassed and asked to show their ID at checkpoints throughout the city. Armed jet fighter and helicopter gun ship patrols are whizzing around the skies as Australians get a chance to experience the kind of hellish measures that the would-be dictators attending APEC would like to impose on a permanent basis.

Good Country Australia !!!!! What have we become? When did this sort of action by lawmakers become so readily accepted?

I wonder how many people remember the Eureka Stockade and what the Souther Cross Flag symoblises?

The first major fight by the common man in this country against the repressing authorities who wished to drive working conditions and payments downhill to the point where you couldnt live anymore. Yeah, blood was spilt that fatefull day, but it is etched into the hearts and souls of every Australia who loves this country and looking at how things are going, it may be time for another Eureka Stockade????

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 11:54 PM
Heres an article on those "missing" rocket launchers you may find interesting in relation to this security mumbo jumbo -

ohn Lyons
The Australian
Wednesday September 5, 2007

WHEN George W. Bush flies into Sydney tonight, one very awkward question will be in the minds of Australian security staff: where are the rocket launchers?

The failure to be able to answer that question comes at the end of one of the most extraordinary searches seen in this country - involving, at different times, up to 30 officers from ASIO, the Australian Federal Police and NSW Police.

APEC has always been a deadline to find the weapons - people don't take rocket launchers to hold up the corner store so whoever knows where they are is almost certainly prepared to use them to cause major damage.

APEC security fear: Who's got the rocket launchers?

John Lyons
The Australian
Wednesday September 5, 2007

WHEN George W. Bush flies into Sydney tonight, one very awkward question will be in the minds of Australian security staff: where are the rocket launchers?

The failure to be able to answer that question comes at the end of one of the most extraordinary searches seen in this country - involving, at different times, up to 30 officers from ASIO, the Australian Federal Police and NSW Police.

APEC has always been a deadline to find the weapons - people don't take rocket launchers to hold up the corner store so whoever knows where they are is almost certainly prepared to use them to cause major damage.

Twenty world leaders are coming to Sydney for APEC. China's President Hu Jintao was the first to touch down, in Perth last night, while George W. Bush arrives in Sydney tonight. Each leader will have the use of a luxury sedan and a personal porter during their stay.

(Article continues below)

<A HREF=" Za4AJKod6sTd3hXUfdXFjf0TioSU3ETrBeh0mIu7/" TARGET="_blank"><IMG WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 BORDER=0></A>

But the fact that there are nine rocket launchers believed to be in the vicinity of Sydney as a meeting of world leaders begins has meant in recent months this operation has become one of the highest priorities of ASIO.

It is one of the reasons Australian and US security advisers are insistent that protesters will be at least 300m from the President at all times.

Theoretically, the launchers can fire from that distance but an amateur would generally be able to fire them only 125m.

The most worrying aspect of the weapons is that they are concealable - when folded, they are about 67cm, which means they can fit into a backpack. They can be painted any colour to blend with carry bags.

The M-72 launchers are designed to carry warheads that can cut through metal with a small hole then explode. The warheads are designed for a "blast effect". They are often used in warfare to attack bunkers, as they cause maximum damage.

The nine rocket launchers were in a batch of 10 allegedly stolen from a private storage facility at Orchard Hills in Sydney's west in 2002. Security agencies believe they were then placed in PVC piping and buried in the national park between Sydney and Wollongong.

Various parks around Sydney have been excavated in the search for the rockets.

This has led to some remarkable scenes: any bushwalkers who came across the search would have witnessed night-time scenes resembling a movie set. They would have confronted ASIO and AFP officers watching the rescue squad of the NSW Police using generators, lighting equipment and metal detectors.

And as no outside labour was used because of the sensitivity of the operation, they would have seen police officers digging with shovels.

Even a specialist dog squad - the Firearms and Explosion Detection Dogs - has been brought into the forests in the hope of smelling remnants of the rocket launchers. But the PVC piping has probably ensured the launchers are giving off no smell and are protected from soil and water.

The saga has shown a new and disturbing phenomenon - a blurring of the line between organised crime and religious terrorism. It began in 2002 when 10 rocket launchers were stolen from an army base near Sydney (one has been found).

The investigation found that after the launchers were stolen, they were sold to criminals associated with bikies.

They were then sold to an organised crime gang run by Lebanese Australians, which sold them to Lebanese Australian Islamic fundamentalists.

Authorities fear such a crime group could be enlisted to supply weapons to would-be terrorists on a regular basis.

"On this occasion, everyone got what they wanted," said a source involved in the investigation. "The crims got money and the fanatics got weapons."

The pressure to find the weapons has been extraordinary - the special ASIO/AFP/NSW Police team has frequently been asked about their success. Their masters have not been happy.

The authorities it seems are really #ting themselves over this one.

Heres another blog with pics of the security fences going up and other details associated with the martial law wanna-bees.

and heres a pic of those speakers with that curious looking square pod above it -

anybody know what it is?

is it an x-ray device, metal detector, some sort of crowd dispesing microwave etc etc

anyway, good to see the aussies on ATS getting involved with the APEC )All Politicians Eat Crap) meeting thats going on.

posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 03:25 AM
so much for the "Martial Law" Style of security when a bunch of comedians drive through two police check points with Canadian Flags on their own motorcade (even thou the Canadian President wasn't even there), before they got busted with one of the comedians dressed as Osama Bin Laden, within 10 metres of Bush's hotel room.

By Warwick Stanley

September 06, 2007 03:22pm

ELEVEN crew from the ABC TV comedy show The Chaser have been detained by police after staging a fake motorcade through Sydney as part of an APEC week stunt.

The team from the satirical TV program The Chaser's War on Everything were in a convoy of three cars and two motorbikes which was reportedly ushered through two checkpoints in Sydney's APEC security "red" zone.

The convoy was pulled over in Macquarie Street on a block adjacent to the InterContinental Hotel, where US President George W Bush is a guest during the APEC summit.

The ABC said Chaser stars Julian Morrow and Chas Licciardello were detained late this morning following the stunt near the hotel.

Chaser members said they had dressed up a convoy to look like an official Canadian motorcade, on a day during which a number of official motorcades crossed the city.

Southern Cross radio reported that the convoy carrying the Chaser team passed "through two checkpoints around the hotel before one of the Chaser pranksters jumped out (dressed) as Osama Bin Laden".

"They had been waved through, they had three cars ... big black Hummer-style cars decked out with Canadian flags on the front," a reporter said.

"A couple of Chaser team members were in the back of each of these cars and rest of the team were dressed up as bodyguards.

"As many as 11 people were detained and two of those were Chaser team members."

On one news report the police said with all the snipers on the roof tops, they could have easily gotten themselves shot, considering the paranoia of the Americans there.

On another note regarding APEC, the meeting between Kevin Rudd and Bush doesnt look like it went down so well with one news reporter quoting that the "discussion got pretty heated at times". Good 'ol Rudd didn't back down and kept with his policy line of Aussie Troops being home from Iraq by middle of next year if he wins the forthcoming election. Asked by reporters about how the discussion went with Bush, he replied that he was keeping quiet on their discussions.

Afghanistan is another issue, and that is where the front on the war on terror is and so Aussie troops will remain there.

By staff writers

September 06, 2007 12:09pm

US President George W. Bush met Opposition Leader Kevvin Rudd in Sydney today and while they did talk mountain biking, they both declined afterwards to reveal what else was discussed.

Mr Rudd is on course to oust Mr Bush's close ally Prime Minister John Howard later this year and reverse his policies on Iraq.

Mr Rudd has promised to withdraw about 500 of Australia's frontline troops from Iraq, which he has called the greatest foreign policy disaster since the Vietnam War.

Mr Rudd, accompanied by Labor Deputy Leader Julia Gillard, met Mr Bush at Sydney's InterContinental Hotel where Mr Ruddd had been expected to explain Labor's plans for a staged withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq.

Before leaving for Australia, Mr Bush had said he would explain to Mr Rudd why it was important for coalition troops to remain in Iraq, but Mr Rudd has said the US President would not change his mind on Labor's plans.

After the meeting, Mr Bush ignored reporters' questions about what was discussed.

Mr Rudd described the meeting as warm but also refused to go into detail, saying he was keeping the talks off the record at Mr Bush's request.

"We had a wide-ranging good-natured, very open discussion."

He said they discussed the rise of China, developments on the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan.

"We talked at length about the history of the alliance between Australia and the United States and about Iraq, Afghanistan and climate change.

Mr Rudd said the position he had put to Mr Bush on Iraq was the same as he had already put to US Vice President Dick Cheney, and was well known to Australians.

The US - Australian Alliance is stronger than a disagreement over Iraq!

posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

It wouldnt suprise me if these Rocket Launchers are found the day after the last foreign leader leaves. There will also be some plans and photos found at the arrest scene. Then of course. The Quran in the car. Just so everyone knows how necessary the security measures at APEC were, also so they dont complain as much when they decide to do it for the next "event". The measures may be even harsher.

posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

mate check this link -'

we have a forum started with a few opinions on the loud speaker antenna things around Sydney. you might find it interesting

Well its APEC Friday so i'll be watching the news closely to see if anything occurs.

Had a thought last night - what if all this security and fuss around APEC is designed to get all Australians, and even others around the world, to simply get the term APEC drilled into their heads...

Once APEC is well known and everyone understands it is a meeting of Asia Pacific leaders to discuss economic co-operation, then an EU, NAU (North American Union), AU (African Union) style conglomerate, to be called the APU (heheh Apu - come again!) the Asia PAcific Union, would be much easier to achieve and get the public to accept?

I mean we ALL now know what APEC means and we all understand that the leaders of Asian Pacific nations want to work together. So after APEC they might make an announcement or two that they have all decided to this good thing or that good thing (Howard's $70 million climate change scheme announced after the first day of APEC is the perfect example) and subconsciously the public gets a positive association with APEC bcoz they would think, subconsciously, that it gets good results for our country. Then a few years down the track, booyah, we join together in an Asian Pacific Union.

THe world then breaks down into the EU, AU, APU, NAU, etc and one-world governement takes another step towards its creation....

posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 10:44 PM
I am amazed that this "popularly elected leader of the free world" has to travel around in an escorted jet, he has to use a bomb proof car in a motorcade, he has a security detail big enough to turn back a Panzer division and he shuts down an allied city's CBD incase somebody takes a shot him through this personal army.

And yet the Chinese president and Communist despot he supposedly id can sit down and have dinner with sheep farmers at a NSW station.

The democratic process is showing definite signs of wear and tear don't you think...

Our PM said in the opening of his welcome to the POTUS that "An American president is always welcome in Australia" and I can tell you here and now that he doesn't speak for me mate.

Not by a long shot.

Bush is just a coward in a bomb proof box.

posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 11:04 PM
This is going way too overboard.

I remember when Rumsfeld was in Adelaide for talks with Downer, that was a big enough pain in the arse. Shut down half of King William St (the main street through the CBD) and North Terrace because he was staying at the Hyatt.

What a Joke. Now they are closing down the CBD of one of Australia's largest cities. For what? A percieved threat? An actual threat? or to futher the goal of Police State: Australia? It makes one wonder how much of the APEC Security measures will stay inplace after the conclusion of the summit.

Mr. Howard, may I remind you of a line in our nation's song:
"... for we are young and free"

Ironic isn't it? To have 'freedom' certain liberties must be taken away...

As another photographer remarked the other day, "the people of Hong Kong are less repressed than this, and that is under Communist rule".

I think he hit the nail on the head.

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 08:01 PM
guys i have started a thread where i will i post updates about the big protest today as they happen.

Was meant to be go but am quite ill so will protest from my bed - just like Lenon, well, kinda but not really

[edit on 7-9-2007 by srsen]

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 08:31 AM
Well it's seems that Sidney will be under martial law-like for 6 months or so maybe more Link

Why did we knew that? Those fascists are so previsibles...

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