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Loose Change Producer Korey Rowe Arrested

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:33 AM

Originally posted by esdad71
A child who thought it was cool enough to pose with weapons.
It is not his decsion to choose to not go back.

You admit it yourself, a child.
And you are wrong, every human has freewill, and no state, court, or body of government is god enough to say otherwise.
Oh they can say otherwise, and they can ever so politely be told to shove it.

A "deserter" today could easily by a Tim McVeigh tomorrow, given the right motivation.
How many potential Tim's are there now? 400,000 or so?

Originally posted by esdad71
That is the issue with the generation that is coming, there is no acceptance of responsibility.

And what generation are you from?
The lets advertise cigarettes and alcohol everywhere generation?
The lets lynch the people of different color generation?
The lets test atomic bombs until cancer is the most prevalent killer generation?
The lets import and flood our cities with harmful drugs and trade arms with our enemies generation and pardon felons generation?
The lets run around sticking it in every hole thats available until AIDS is everywhere generation?
The lets get married, have kids, get divorced so the kids are raised dysfunctional generation?
The lets eat and drink like morons and put fast food on every corner to the point that Diabetes is rampant generation?
The lets pollute the world until its uninhabitable generation?
The lets impeach the president and waste our nations time for four years over oral sex generation?
The lets start illegal wars and lose generation?

Please don't be so arrogant as to think "kids today" are any worse or better than the schmucks that came before and bred them.

It was most likely your generation that sold this "child" and millions more like him into believing lies and propaganda through twelve years of indoctrination and fancy advertising before during and after every TV show, in their comic books, and at the theatres.

Are you a congressman, a senator, a you make a difference?
I doubt you do, you sit and you moan about other people, tough guy.

Go contract in Iraq, kill for your country like the trained dog you expect others too be.

I expect a rebuttal about how you served so I will pre-emptively strike with:
It was not enough, and you failed.
The enemy is still out there, to date over 6,000 Americans have died.

Are you going to next whine that you can't serve because of an injury or your term of service was over and you were too good to re-up?

How do you know for a fact that any so called deserter has not been injured mentally by the actions they took, witnessed, or from the knowledge they and the ideals of their country have been betrayed wholesale?

What were the latest statistics?
Something like less than 1/3 of the returning vets who need it are receiving the mental health care they require. That alone is a betrayal by this nation's military against this nation that makes 9/11 look like small change, and its hardly the first time this situation has occured.

Anyone who willingly serves someone who is abusing them and others is already defeated, and you are expecting others to do so because they signed some paper?

In other words you support people honoring contracts with criminals who defraud them, just because their name is inked on paper.


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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:41 AM
The main question here is, WHY did he get arrested.

Was it because of his 9/11 activisim?

Was it really beacuse he did desert the Army?

Now how does that work, if he served in Iraq and Afganistan?

According to U.S.Army, they court-martialed just 5% of deserters last year, with that number dropping to just 1 per cent or less for the Navy and the Marines. And according to MSNBC - "Despite a rise in desertions from the Army as the Iraq war drags on into a fifth year, the U.S. military does almost nothing to find those who flee and rarely prosecutes those it gets its hands on."

So why arrest this guy out of all those deserters, which are ignored?

Just to proove a point?

Or is the U.S.Army today arresting political prisoners too - especially those, who like to raise their voice about a certain terrorist attacks on 9/11?

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 07:18 AM

Originally posted by forsakenwayfarer
If he really is a deserter, I see no reason for his release.

Partial service does not excuse total disgrace.

Fair enough. By your logic President Bush should be in jail right now as he went AWOL when he was "serving."

That goes for everyone else on their high horse about this. If it's such a black and white issue with you then realize we have a sitting deserter president.

If his capture and incarceration meant they would do the same with Bush then I'm all for it. It's all or nothing then.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by QuasiShaman
When you are ordered to kill innocent civilians, including wedding parties and children, desertion sounds like the only logical choice to me.

We are to believe he was ordered to kill innocent people becasue he said so. LOL give me a break this guy is a typical me generation cry baby who cut and ran, he is a discrace to his country and his fellow soldiers he ran out on. He will now say anything he can to save his ass. I am former Army and I say give him to his fellow soldiers and let them deal with him.

This is the kind of person our current situation produces. Kids who grow up to be selfserving, self centered, egotistical and have not the 1st ounce of respect for those who came before them. And the bigest pisser for me is that the majority have no dedication, repect or loyalty to thier country.

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:08 AM
If there was anything political in this it was his release, not in his arrest. With two months left in his enlistment, I find it hard to believe that he was going to be shipped back to Iraq.
I don't see where there would be any benefit in the Government arresting the producer of a movie pushing a theory that has more holes in it than a screen door. As a matter of fact I can see several disadvantages in arresting him. If you go after this clown people might think that he actually has some credability. Having served in the military I know how their paperwork system works. I was involved in a simular incident just before the start of Desert Storm. There was a paperwork foul up that was saying that I still had 2 years left on an inactive commitment when I had actually recieved a discharge due to medical disability. There was a warrant issued for my arrest, but a friend who was in the State Police notified me and we were able to resolve the issue.

Paper work screw ups are a fact of Government life. Do you actually think that Congress and the President have power? The real power is in the hands of third and fourth level bureaucrats who keep their jobs no matter what Party wins the Presidency or Congress.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:15 AM
Pathetic. This guy is pathetic. He states he is a patriot by enlisting and posiing with weapons overseas but then he decides he has had enough in the last few months? Why not say something to a superior, which is what you are supposed to do? Why not desert when he received the order if he is so against what he is told to do. He could have protested and sat in jail to prove a point but instead he just didn't show up.

A child, yes, who by joining the Army should GTFU (figure it out) and if he is upset do not sign up for another tour. Simple as that. He is part of the US armed forces and he is obligated to report. He signed a contract and he was of legal age.

If this was Ahmed Smith, a 24 y/o black guy who started working at a local grocery store. he would be in jail and no one would care

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:58 AM
Earth to everyone else, did you not see that he was released ? Did you not see that MP's never took him into custody ? HELLO, IS REALITY ANYWHERE OUT THERE ?

Do yall think he is a deserter and the cops just let him out of jail cause some 9/11 truthers called ?!

He obviously hasn't done anything wrong OR HE WOULD STILL BE IN JAIL !

Wake up.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 09:10 AM
I think the fact that he served all of his term less 2 months sounds weird to me.
I am just theorizing here, I never served in any army, but I would serve immediately if the country I lived in was attacked.

okay, back to the topic at hand. So I imagine I sign up to the army like this guy, I am 18, so I am LEGALLY an adult (at least here in Canada). Now if I made the same movie about LC, I would surely realize that by signing up for war, I will be asked to kill people. Whether they are a threat or innocent can only be determined by 2 people. Your commanding officer, or yourself.

An earlier poster asked 'what if you were asked to bomb a school with children inside?'. If I clearly knew and saw with my own eyes that children are in the school, and I am not being fired upon and can't assess any threat with MY EYES, then I wouldn't go ahead with attacking it.

Unless I would see it and perceive the threat, I would rely on my commanding officer. Now let's say they made a mistake and I blew up a school which I was attacked from and found out they were kids inside, would I be at fault or would the officer who issued the order?

My point is that someone of his intelligence should have realized the mess he's signing up for. As for his arrest, I think maybe the government just wanted to flex it's muscle and show it can detain anyone, even an intelligent young man who I think did a very good job with LC, but then just lost his common sense when signing up for the army.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 11:01 AM
Well I only have one comment on all of this "Publicity" plain and simple, even bad publicity is good.

Did someone say he has a new movie coming out?

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 12:15 PM
This is so non newsworthy. I'm here all the bull crap talk you effing wannabees who haven't served in Iraq or any other combat zone how he should be in jail. The young man served a tour of Afghanistan and Iraq. How many tours have you mofo's served over there? How many you ever even served in the service of your country? I got 20 years, 15 days and 3 tours over there in case in of you jackholes are wondering before retiring from the military in Dec '03.

Until you've been in the "Suck", there's not one of you fit to judge him. There's guy's who in the military right now who've done 5-6 tours and more than 4 years in the 'Suck' since we started this dumbass little dance back in 1990. No one who served in real combat in the Vietnam War wanted to go into the Middle East because they knew exactly what was going to happen. We've wasted blood and treasure with absolutely no end in sight and our military and nation are much worse off than it was in Jul of '90.

You can call him a whiner and a coward if you like but I'd gladly shake his hand and thank him for his service when so damn few of his generation are willing to step forward to serve in their nation's defense.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 12:38 PM

Originally posted by quintar
okay, back to the topic at hand. So I imagine I sign up to the army like this guy, I am 18, so I am LEGALLY an adult (at least here in Canada).

The US military courts children at age 16, signs up recruits at age 17 and sends them off to BASIC at age 17 and put them into active service at 18. I know for a fact.

Why are they not court martialing and why are they not prisoning?
The ALMIGHTY DOLLAR and cold blooded FEAR.

Military prisons come out of the military budget.

Imprisoning soldiers for desertion leads to more disgruntled people trained in the art of death, and those soldiers have friends who are still inside service and dissent can spread like wild fire.

Remember Tim Mcveigh, and the Washington Sniper John Allen Muhammad and his child recruit Lee Boyd Malvo....remember them well.

Also this fella here is a special case, he'd have hundreds of protestors pestering the government and the media for years with his little movie stunt.

I have known easily a half a dozen ex-soldier who got a general discharge after purposely committing crimes to exit the military. Not Court Martial...just general discharge.

Sign up guys...milk it!

Mind you the US military released a man for kidnapping and murder, to do anything else for 'deserters' would be selective law enforcement.

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 01:19 PM
So after serving 20 you should understand that if everyone in your platoon decided to not come back to finish their tour it would be OK with you? I am not asking this in a combative manner either, I am interested in your anger and the defense of this young man.

Bottom line is that if this was someone who had no noteriety it would not make the papers. MOst recently I have read that there are over 5000 AWOL right now so why is this guy so important? Publicity whoring is what this is. I bet he called the government on himself.

Seems like coincidence that this is occuring just prior to a release of a new film for him. He understands coincidence though because he uses it so well in his movies.

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:04 PM
Turns out, he showed the arresting officers his Honorable Discharge papers, which were ignored. Once officials at Ft. Drum checked into his record, it was immediately confirmed that he was honorably discharged from the service. They even offered to pay his way back home.


I think a few posters in this thread owe the kid an apology.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:32 PM

I think a few posters in this thread owe the kid an apology.

Could not agree with you more. All those who called him a deserter on this thread should apologise to the guy. He had honourable discharge papers, so is he a deserter eh?

All these personal attacks on him is absolutely disgusting.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:33 PM
Again, What is wrong with all of you guys deciding that you 'know' the truth about this soldier?

MY GENERATION is not one that I pride myself as being a part of in many instances, but to chock this up to his 'generation' - Please! I have made numerous posts on ATS about people stereotyping us 'youngsters' as the problem. I'm sorry, but I was handed this junk economy, environment and shaddy 'officials' down by older generations, so what is that saying?

This young man put a lot of effort into LC, and I dont think anyone should deem him as some arrogent, young fool. Yes, I agree that our morals and values have plummeted as the years have gone by. But, not all of 'us' younger generations are selfish fools. If this were the case, then why would we be here giving even a morsel of our time to uncovering the 'truth'.

Basically, wether or not one agrees with the ideas expressed in LC, dont trash someone (or groups of people, for that matter) until you have the education and experience to give an unbiased account.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:37 PM
As I said previously military paperwork screw-ups are common. I am curious as to what "honorable discharge papers" are? Usually all you get is a copy of your DD-214. You can have a DD-214 stating "Honorable Discharge" and still have a commitment left.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:38 PM
p.s.- I usually dont let the obviously self-conscious or egotistical god complex members get me riled up, but Im done with everyone here thinking that youth means ignorance.
And, by the way, Im 27 yrs old, hold 2 p/t jobs, go p/t college and am a single Mom to a 5year old. But, oh yeah, we're all a bunch of selfish, ignorant fools. Shish, I've been easy on you all.....
Sorry, end rant. I'm just embarrassed that people could use his 'generation' and his age as a determining factor of this man's validity, its disturbing to say the least!

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:40 PM
I hope this guy gets a good lawyer and sues anything military that walks. Of course some here have already played judge, jury and executioner without getting all the facts and those types have quickly and ignorantly retreated back under their rocks.

Kudos to Rowe.


posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by brill
I hope this guy gets a good lawyer and sues anything military that walks. l

Sue the military for what? As soon as the error was identified it was resolved. I have given this clown a benefit of doubt because I know that screw-ups happen. I haven't asked about how this incident came to be known to the Press. I don't see the military or police holding a press confrence on this. Anybody want to hazard another guess?

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by Unit541
Turns out, he showed the arresting officers his Honorable Discharge papers, which were ignored. Once officials at Ft. Drum checked into his record, it was immediately confirmed that he was honorably discharged from the service. They even offered to pay his way back home.


I think a few posters in this thread owe the kid an apology.

Like I said before he has a movie coming out, what better way to promote it than something like this.

If this was done on purpose he is a damn genius. Hat's off to him. Look at the attention it got just on this thread, now think about the rest of the world.

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