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Where do aborted fetuses REALLY go?

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 02:41 AM

Originally posted by thefatlady
More maddeningly subjective, I knew most times the exact moment I got pregnant and find a lot of women describe that, though most are afraid to talk about it.

Well yeah. You were engaging in sexual intercourse. You kinda know when it happens. Unless you're asleep or drunk or something. I believe the technical term is ejaculation. So, yeah...that would be the exact moment it happens.

This thread has gone from a very well thought out question and discussion to all of us getting a lecture. The question seems to have been answered, so let's move on to other threads.

posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 09:03 PM
I'd hope for them to all be creamated, properly, and not thrown in the trash. Or even mass cremation of them, just sounds wrong.

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by Gorman91
Well, when it's been shown that they whine in pain after abortion (when they've developed mouth and speach abilities, that means their alive to me. And when the brain shows activity once its developed, that just goes right ahead and proves it more for me.

they whine in pain after the abortion....hmmmm? strange

lets face it, abortion cliinics are about the only places a woman can go to get an abortion in a safe, clean environment by a qualified doctor.

i don't believe for one second that in a legit clinic that was the scene..women getting shots in the bathroom and blood all over the chairs... ain't fooling anyone...

as for the above post...meh, it's all your opinion...the idea of a fetus having a soul and at what trimester is opinion. ALL that is opinion.
i will always be in favor of pro choice.
from what i have seen, most people that disagree with abortion do so cause of religious beliefs....i think they need to stay out of it.
to be harsh here, if a woman goes in to get an abortion and they scramble the brain and throw the fetus in the
womans choice....why do you care where the remains go?

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 08:35 AM

Originally posted by Gorman91
A seed IS a tree. Its just not growing leaves. That's like saying a mutant or premature baby isn't a baby because it didn't develop enough. What's the difference? Is a mountain of dead Jews not human because the Germans thought they were not? It doesn't matter what you think. If it lives then it has a soul. If you don't believe in the soul then it's alive all the same.

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Someone's got to close this thread or rename it as it has gone WAY off topic

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a seed is NOT a tree. it is a seed. thats why it is called a seed and not a mini tree. a seed CAN grow into a tree, but just cause it can grow into one, don't mean it always is one.
dead jews?????huh

your part about if it lives it has a soul is personal opnion more, no less.

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by GeneralT.

Sold for parts?!!
That's totally ridiculous.
So close minded

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by Veritas Lux Mea

I have no idea where they go but this is ALL HORRIBLE how anyone can have the heart to do this is amazing to me. anyone with a mind should feel horrible about this. i have seen pictures of babies aborted and it is heartbreaking knowing that someone did that to a BABY a HUMAN. it makes me SO ANGRY. i think that anyone even thinking of having an abortion should look at pitures and really know wht happens so that if they go for it they can have those pictures in their minda for the rest of thier lives

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 07:01 PM
As far as I know, though I am going back to 1991 the remains of terminations were stored in vac packed cyclinders for use in cosmetics? (they were stored in the reception area I seem to recall

I's probably wrong but it didn't bother me.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by Veritas Lux Mea

Then onto weird world>weird world archive(breaking news archive)>chinese foetus feasters...............dont know how true this is but I think it is disgusting!!

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:51 PM
What an incredibly bizarre thread. What was the conspiracy? Oh yes.. the thread was meant to be about some grand conspiracy regarding the sale of fetal tissue on the black market which hasn't really been proven. I personally think, in the interest of public health and not wanting to risk spreading blood born diseases like HIV etc. that they would probably get incinerated like other medical waste (is supposed to be) but I'm sure others would prefer to keep implying there are secret satanic churches under every abortion clinic making use of the innocent..

that aside.

If someone sees a clinic where injections are being given in filthy bathrooms and women are throwing up, screaming and crying.. it is ILLEGAL regardless if it's got registered doctors in it and they should be reported. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that medical clinics are legally obligated to be sterile or they'd lose their licences.. besides which.. why would a woman go to a clinic that is comparable to backyarders when they go somewhere safe?

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posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 11:27 PM
reply to post by GeneralT.

They do not have fingers/toes at 6 wks. They just have buds for arm/legs. He does have a heart however that beats about twice as fast as yours and he has blood. He is about a quarter of an inch long--the size of a lentil bean
go see one of the 'bodies' exhibits that are circling the US. They have the progress of fetus in tubes for you to see. It is disturbing to think that they are aborted but please don't spread false info. That only discredits your cause.

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 10:58 AM
There are Fetus Collagen companies around the world who purchase these fetuses for use in cosmetics, lotions, and any other "beauty" product out there. Notice that products with "collagen" ingrediants do not say which type of collagen they use. It could be from fetuses, marine, animal but then about it. How many people will actually take time to properly dispose of a animal fetus. It usually gets buried. Human fetuses however have to be disposed of properly and the most money making way is to resell it to a company that can test it, or use it for other things. Such as canabalism, beauty products, etc. The next time you purchase something with "collagen" as an ingrediant, please reconsider....Wearing human parts is the same thing as being a canabal.

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by Veritas Lux Mea

this is so sad I'm sorry you had to see this happen

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 11:21 AM
The post read " were do aborted fetuses REALLY go?"

Without going into the "it being right or not" i think this is a really weird question....a legit question but weird.
I never stopped to think about it but just assumed they would be incinerated.

Non the less......... a weird question.

Thanks for putting it to the attention......

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 11:22 AM
I was going to say toilet... But what do you think hot dogs are made out of?

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

I posted under GeneralTs account. My husband.
You're right. Funny how you remember something and don't look it up.

They have fingers and toes at 10 weeks; A little over two months.

This is what a typical baby looks like at the time of abortion; 3 months, because, by the time she KNOWS she is pregnant, and has the money for it;

Here's an article from 2000 about fetal tissue sales; Latimes

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 11:59 AM
The babies are usually incinerated. Occasionally one makes it into the biohazard bin and ends up in the trash dumpster; this is how the babies on pro-life banners were collected for photographing. They were in the trash bin(s) behind the clinic(s).

Once fetal stem cell research is widely legalized, the dead babies will become a commodity for trade. This is the main reason such research was outlawed, not because the Bush administration is so "anti-abortion" per se, but because of the horrific possibilities. What if the sale of fetuses to pharma and biotech companies became a source of profit for abortion clinics? What if people, instead of having to pay for abortions, were offered financial incentives to have abortions?

These are all possible ethical considerations for fetal stem cell research. There are other sources for stem cells which MUST be pursued to keep the unthinkable from happening. And knowing the corruption of government and big pharma, do you seriously think legalized trafficking of aborted fetuses would NOT happen?

In the very near future this will likely be the destiny of aborted babies in America.

What the OP saw (the baby still squirming after having its neck broken) is not unheard of. Sometimes babies are born alive; sometimes they are left out to die after having been born alive. Sometimes an aborted baby is murdered outright after having been born alive. There are laws in some places that if the baby is born alive and 'viable' (after a certain number of weeks gestation) the staff must perform lifesaving measures. The partial birth procedure of sucking out the brain is intended to prevent this ethical "difficulty" from happening. As if he was any less a baby while his head was still in his mother's body, before his brain was sucked out or his neck was broken. There was an act introduced to Congress called the Born Alive Act, to make it a federal law requiring viable babies born alive during an abortion to be given medical care, which Act, incidentally, Obama voted against, albeit he said his reason was that laws were already in place to protect such babies.

Also there is much research which proves that the nervous system of the baby is sufficiently well developed to experience excruciating pain when he is burned with solution, or dismembered, or having his brain sucked out. The baby is never anesthetized first. Which explains the squirming.

** Vomits in the wastepaper basket. **

Would be nice if they would at least be respectful enough to keep dead human beings out of their dumpster. I wish abortions would never occur; they are a horrific thing. However, since they DO happen, I think it's really, really important to continue incinerating the babies and not allow them to be used as a business commodity.

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posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 03:14 AM

Originally posted by DuncanIdahoGholem
Wow. I really don't want to know! I thought they were aborted long before they had a neck to break and not physically manually killed? I thought after the foetus was removed it quickly died from lack of oxygen and nutrients from the umbillical supply? This thread is too much. Wow again.

The spinal cord is the first thing to develop on a fetus. Then comes the lower brain which controls all our normal body regulations(breathing, heartbeat etc.)

posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 03:21 AM
Most local authorities have a special area within their cemetaries where the ashes of unborn babies are scattered.

I should know,as my wife miscarried our child and this is what happens with the remains.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by Boondock78

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 12:14 PM
if unborn babies aren't human or alive yet, then anything from the fetuses is just like any other ingredient. what's the problem with it then?. i guess it's because everyone knows inside, that it really is human, why it's so nasty to think they may be used for that.

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