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Win 250,000 Points: What Are The Top-5 9/11 Conspiracies?

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 06:19 PM
(1) Who knew ahead of time and warned others?...for ex: who contacted San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and warned him not to fly into NYC on the 11th when scheduled to do so?

(2) Who were the the terrorists? Too many people came forward afterward and said that their names and ID's were stolen and then used for there not to be something there.

(3) What about reports of explosions in the WTC? Were they just the sound of the buildings giving way or were there actually explosives there?

(4) Why was Bin Laden allowed to escape Tora Bora? By all accounts we had him and he was allowed to slip away.

(5) In the same vein why wasn't the white paper promised by Colin Powell outlining what they knew about Al Qeada's involvement never released?

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 06:36 PM
link we go:

1.)How come, that mr. bush knew about the first plane hitting WTC when nobody else did and nobody else didn't see it on TV?

Here's an interesting youtubelink:

2.)How come that they knew that there will be a terrorattack and didn't do anything against it? They simply ignored the warnings. There was a meeting with rice together with a few intelligence folks telling her that something was about to happen, something terrible. She ignored it and moved on. You can find that info also in the book called "State of Denial"

3.)How come that both towers collapsed completely...that were construced very strong (steel, concret etc.) and just left tiny bits and dust? That's nearly impossible unless you use explosives in the building

4.) How come, that the pentagon wasn't damaged too much and only had a small hole in a missle or a drone hit was clearly to small for an airplane. And where was the debris from the aircraft?

5.)How come, that we can't see any airplane crashing into the pentagon on the officialy released videos?

another interseting video:

there's another video of the attack captured by a chopper. I still have it on another computer and will post it tomorrow.

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 06:43 PM
Hmmmmm.. This is makin'me do some thinkin'...
So I says to myself, Self? What would be the top five things to make me question 9/11? If I was in an elevator and had 90 seconds to make a point......
Hmmmmm...... 90 Seconds to make a point..........


1) Two, not one, but TWO of the tallest structures in present day architecture. Both located virtually right next to one another. They both were tall, and symetrical - from bottom to top. Same outline dimensions from ground level to roof. Lean and tall. They fell straight down, floor after floor collapsing upon itself in a marvelously choreographed demolition. Doesn't simple physics point to the fact that at least one, if not both would fall at least a few degrees to one side or another - much like a tree falling down, "tipping over", rather than straight down? As I recall, the American flag on top of one of the towers was still flying on it's mast after falling over 100 stories due to the fact it fell down so unbelievably straight.

2) Terrorist passports. Two buildings fell. Countless bodies could not be found. Wreckage could not be found. Supposed temperatures so high that reinforced steel melted, yet passports of the "terrorists" were found intact. What else need be said.

3) Contrary to the heresay that no wreckage was found at the Pentagon, there was some wreckage found. That being said, the engine parts that were found were inconsistent with the types of parts that would have been part of the plane which hit the Pentagon.

4) WTC 7. Of all of the structures which were surrounding ground zero, WTC 7 was the only extraneous structure which collapsed as a result of the "collateral damage" from the Towers.

5) NORAD. Supposedly the most sophisticated system ever known on the planet Earth failed to react to the threat. Perhaps one plane may have gotten through. Human error can, and does happen. 1) Tower one - 2) Tower two - 3) The Pentagon - 4 ) Flight 93.
Four planes, with enough time between them that red flags should have been, and frankly would have been raised.

Coincidence? I for one don't believe in coincidence.

Uh-oh, my 90 seconds are up.

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 06:49 PM
(1) Why did Bush continue to sit and listen in a classroom when he was made aware of what would obviously be the biggest event of his presidency?

(2) Why were members of the Bin Laden family in the US doing business deals given immediate free passage home, without any questioning at all?

(3) What is with the strong link between the Bush family and many Saudi officials, and their investment into the Bush oil companies?

(4) How did airplanes make such devastating and enormous explosions, as to not only cripple a skyscraper, but level it entirely?

(5) How could a plane crash into a building as low to the ground as the pentagon by someone with only moderate flight training?

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 06:55 PM

Originally posted by ULTIMA1

Originally posted by lizziex3
there are no conspiracys. All these things people are talking about can easily be disputed if you really do some research. Even the theory that a giant plane couldnt have gone through the pentagon like that can be debunked.

The biggest conspiracy is the official story.

I dont believe the "official story" I have spent weeks and weeks researching both sides of 9/11. The Truthers and the Official Story, and I have come to my own conclusions.


posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 07:09 PM
i'll keep it simple:

1) steel doesnt melt with jet fuel, if it did, how do we keep our jet engines from melting??

2) if the planes truly "...had enough force i impact..." then why didnt the towers fall over sideways, they fell straight down!!

3) if a jet liner full of cargo and passengers hit the pentagon why was there so little damage??

4) the whitehouse wasnt hit, but if i were al quida, the white house would be target #1

5) i have insider information from a trusted relative and E-3C Sentry AWACS pilot: he was scrambled from Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City to circle the Pentagon, but he never reached his destination, because ATC wouldnt give him a C-130 for air-refueling and he was ordered to land in Minnesota! no AWACS means no crucial/detailed radar feeds, and lack of records.

this is a photo of an E-3C AWACS if anybody was curious.

nia ran spell check AFTER posting.

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 07:38 PM

I hate to be a stick in the mud, but how about when you post whoever "wins" this contest, you post the results and also award points to one of us who is able to poke their top five full of holes using documented evidence???

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 07:45 PM
1) September 10th - Rumsfeld admits 2.3 trillion dollars missing from pentagon

2) September 11th - Largest psy-op in US history. PNAC gives birth to the New World Order. Demolition of WTC Towers AND building 7. Video evidence of pentagon attack confiscated by FBI. Domestic anthrax used to silence washington dissent.

3) The Coverup/Brainwash. War = profits for mainstream media.

4) The Bush/Cheney Oil Crusade
Invasion of Afghanistan, Invasion of Iraq, Invasion of Iran (coming soon)

5) The Israeli Connection: A conspiracy within a conspiracy


posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 07:57 PM
Lets focus on the HERE AND NOW and then prove that even if 9/11 WAS NOT an inside job, their repercusions as of today give that fateful and horrible day a solid foundation of a conspiracy to :

1.- Inflict fear in the U.S.A. population, via alegued terrorism 24/7 and gain control of the support the public gives after tragedies and patriotism inspired by xenophobia.

2.- Start 2 wars one due to the LIE of OSama Bin laden bing hidden in Afghanisthan (not there, not dead, not looking for the "BAD" guy anymore.

3.-The Iraq War Started By the LIE of WMD and after 3 years thousands of dead civiians, more soldiers dead than 9/11 and the imperialist expansion in the Oil area to ensure energetic supremacy.

4.-The Destruction of the Economy, and the huge scams done in Wall Street, Enron fiascos and Haliburton, basically keep the war machine well oiled and keeping the economy afloat, basically the US went from a 1 trillion on the bank to a 8 trillion plus deficit...

5.-The Desecration of the political system of the U.S.A., basically where crooks put other crooks in office, (it was known before but these last election was a clown parade) basically the population has been masaged to accept what the gov. tells them (like a war), and that has generated a HUGE letdown of international relations towards the world community against the USA....

As I said even if those terrible acts were not an inside job, is completely clear now that those acts served a purpose and that in itself its a proof the whole thing was preplanned...

bTW where is Ossama?

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 08:17 PM
Okay, so Im jumping the gun....

(2) Why were members of the Bin Laden family in the US doing business deals given immediate free passage home, without any questioning at all?

From the 9/11 Commission Report...

"Twenty-two of the 26 people on the Bin Ladin flight were interviewed by the FBI. Many were asked detailed questions. None of the passengers stated that they had any recent contact with Usama Bin Ladin or knew anything about terrorist activity... The FBI checked a variety of databases for information on the Bin Ladin flight passengers and searched the aircraft".

And from Richard Clarke's testimony...

Most of the 26 passengers aboard one flight, which departed from the United States on Sept. 20, 2001, were relatives of Osama bin Laden, whom intelligence officials blamed for the attacks almost immediately after they happened.

So much for immeadiate, free passage.....

(5) How could a plane crash into a building as low to the ground as the pentagon by someone with only moderate flight training?

Atta and Shehhi finished up at Huffman and earned their instrument certificates from the FAA in November. In mid-December 2000, they passed their commercial pilot tests and received their licenses.They then began training to fly large jets on a flight simulator. At about the same time, Jarrah began simulator training, also in Florida but at a different center. By the end of 2000, less than six months after their arrival, the three pilots on the East Coast were simulating flights on large jets.

Well they were competent enough to receive their commericial pilots licenses......

Hani could fly too....

Settling in Mesa, Hanjour began refresher training at his old school,Arizona Aviation. He wanted to train on multi-engine planes, but had difficulties because his English was not good enough.The instructor advised him to discontinue but Hanjour said he could not go home without completing the training. In early 2001, he started training on a Boeing 737 simulator at Pan Am International Flight Academy in Mesa.An instructor there found his work well below standard and discouraged him from continuing.Again, Hanjour persevered; he completed the initial training by the end of March 2001.

1) steel doesnt melt with jet fuel, if it did, how do we keep our jet engines from melting??

The funny part is, only conspiracy theorists claim the steel melted. This one, I will just state the steel didnt need to melt to just needed to soften, which steel will do at a much lower temperature.

3) if a jet liner full of cargo and passengers hit the pentagon why was there so little damage??

So little damage? You are kidding right?

Okay, you can do a google search just as well as I can to find plenty of photos showing widespread damage to the Pentagon.

3) what about the fact that they shot down flight 93, why not just tell the public?

Since when? The debris field was fully consistent with the airliner impacting the ground, intact.

2) world trade center, 2 buildings were made to with stand airplane hits like those. nobody expected them to fall,

And the Titanic was designed to be unsinkable. The man who helped design the Towers has had this to say...

"..the collapse of the world trade center is my responsibility..."

Leslie Robertson, New Yorker magazine, November 2001.

Of course engineers have said this about the towers...

"Ninety-nine percent of all (modern) high-rises, if hit with a large-scale commercial aircraft would collapse immediately."

Jon Magnusson, CEO of Magnussion Klemencic Associates, interview for "Debunking 9/11 Myths" published 2006.

Other buildings have sustained the level of damage inflicted on the Twin Towers on 9/11 and have not collapsed.

Really? Name ONE, and dont mention the Empire State/B-25 accident, it doesnt even BEGIN to compare.

3) How were the planes allowed to fly for so long without being intercepted.

Allowed to fly? Hell, even Payne Stewarts airplane took over an hour to be intercepted, and it was flying, straight, level and still had a working transponder.

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 08:33 PM
Atta and Shehhi didnt fly into the pentagon!

And your own quote about Hani Hanjour confirms he was substandard and was discouraged from continuing numerous times!

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 08:42 PM
point 1 the goverment knew that 911 was going to happen before it happened
Backup sources:
point 2 the whole attack was a US false Flag Operation in order to get backing for attacking the middle east



Point 3 the WTC was brought down by controlled demolition not by the fire


Point 4 UA flight 93 was shot down not crashed


Point 5 The Pentagon was not hit by a plane it was a bomb

just for some extra i didnt read this mainly because i thought the pictures spoke for themselves "the link is getting scredwed up so i had to break it up just remove the spaces and keep the -"

www.... signs - of - the - /signs/signs20041128.htm

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 08:49 PM

And your own quote about Hani Hanjour confirms he was substandard and was discouraged from continuing numerous times!

And yet, in the end, Hani Hanjour was a licensed pilot....

Atta and Shehhi didnt fly into the pentagon!

Well excuse me for addressing two of the other pilots that day.

Skeptic, if you could address what YOU would accept as sources...because a previous poster is using, Alex Jones, that lunatic in France, "proof"

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 09:01 PM
The top 5 9/11 Conspiracies in this order are.

1) 1997 - Assistant director of the FBI and an expert on terrorism John O'Neill forecasts the possibility of an organized attack and said that terrorists were already operating in the U.S.

The reason this plays into the whole 9/11 conspiracy theory is that this man warned the government about an organized attack in the united states. For reasons relatively unknown he retires from the FBI and takes a job at the World Trade Center. The day before the attacks. Either he knew something and was placed at the WTC to be killed or this is the absolute unluckiest man in the world.

September 10, 2001 - John O'Neill starts his first day of work at the WTC; 9/11 - John O'Neill is feared dead on his second day on the job at the WTC; September 21, 2001 - The body of John O'Neill is recovered from the WTC)
John P. O'Neill - Wikipedia

2) July 2001 - Larry Silverstein, owner of the WTC 7, signs a 99-year lease for the rest of the WTC just six weeks before the attacks.

This man is in his sixties! There is not a person alive that takes a 99 year lease out on anything. When was the last time you have ever taken out a lease on something for the rest of your life? Now the insurance thing is not exactly a part of the conspiracy because the WTC was a known terrorist target. But the suspicious thing is that there is no one, no one that takes out a 99 year lease in their sixties!
CBS News

3) August 25, 2001 - Raytheon and the U.S. Air Force successfully auto lands a pilot-less FedEx Boeing 727 six times at Holloman AFB, NM using a military GPS landing system that will enable ground control to take control of a hijacked airplane and force land it.
Raytheon Press Release

This one plays into the theory that the hijackers did not have adequate training in flying the types of aircraft that hit the WTC buildings. I don't believe that after a few weeks of flight training that these terrorists could possibly have figured out the controls of these aircraft well enough to have such pinpoint attacks on these two buildings.

4) September 9, 2001 - NNORAD conducts operation "Northern Vigilance," planned months in advance, which deploys fighter jets to the Alaskan region to monitor a Russian air force exercise.
NORAD Press Release

This stands out in my head. At any time there are doesns of military aircraft that are on patroll in the skies over our heads. It amaises me that this timing was so bad. That at this time our best defense is gone! And for the Russians no less?

5) September 10, 2001 - The Massachusetts Urban Search and Rescue Task Force -- one of the first teams deployed to the WTC -- arrives late in the evening and goes into action the following morning on 9/11 according to task force member Tom Kenney on a CBS interview that aired on Sept. 13th.
OEM Press Release

I will refer you to the title of Penn & Teller's show on A&E for this one. What a nice coincidence that FEMA just happened to be training in the neighborhood and a mass amount of staff and equipment arrive in New York the day before the attacks.

There are many other quite plausible theories out there and many of them have decent merit. But in my opinion if you want to get to the bottom of something you have to A go where the money is. And B find the one or two guys that have either the worst or the best luck during something like this.

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 09:05 PM
1) Scene safety and incident command. No way does any officer in the Fire service put the lives of 343 firefighters at risk in a building that has any chance for global complete collapse.

2) NORAD does not respond properly after knowing there are hijackings with a building already struck. They would have scrambled everything.

3) A steel structured building completely collapses due to fire, not just one time but three times on the same day. Never happened before and has not happened since.

4) The president of the United States stalled long enough to have an excuse why proper action to stop the pentagon from being hit.

5) Flight 77. After the twin towers are hit by hijacked planes and flight 77 does a 180 and makes a b-line for D.C. and Andrews airforce base, home of air force one and guard dog for the nations capitol and lets it happen like some cheap Hollywood movie.

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 09:06 PM
I dont care how much flight training you've had. No flight schools teaches you maneuvers that require super-human reflexes. How do you fly right over a crowded freeway, then perfectly vector a 500-ton jumbo jet to an angle of attack that is just three feet above the ground while flying at 580 MPH?!?!?!

Plenty of very well accomplished pilots have said they could not do it. They have ever tried it in flight simulators.

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 09:24 PM
1. Previous knowledge, as shown by Jeb Bush declaring martial law 4 days before the attack.

2. FBI's Phoenix memo warning about Islamic terrorists training at US flight schools prior to September 11, yet ignored.

3. More proof of prior knowledge comes from the presidential briefing on August 6, 2001 by the CIA.

4. Bin Laden family members flown out of US just days after the attack, makes one question did our government have some sort of deal with Osama, or what was exactly going on here.

5. Using Sept 11 to fuel support for war in Iraq. Makes one wonder with all the reported ties between CIA and Osama, etc, perhaps Bush used Iraq as the smokescreen to take our eyes off Bin Laden.
9/11 being used as a smokescreen

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 10:40 PM
WoW Nygdan, you just summed up all of Howard Roarks one thousand plus posts in one single entry!
Can we continue with the contest now?

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 10:45 PM
Can a mod fix this page please?

Nygdan maybe?

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 11:11 PM

WoW Nygdan, you just summed up all of Howard Roarks one thousand plus posts in one single entry!
Can we continue with the contest now?

Bravo 11Bravo

F Howard roark and F Nygdan

Hey Nygdan are you planning on providing ANY evidence or sources
for all of the puke you just spewed, or are we all supposed to believe
that you are absolutly correct simply on words like "no there not" or
"who said so"?? You have been here long enough to know better. I
believe that if you had proff to back up your opinions you would have
given it....

As 11Bravo said,

Back to the contest

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