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Win 250,000 Points: What Are The Top-5 9/11 Conspiracies?

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posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 06:26 AM
Just as a note: My above post has been edited a bit so that it could fit within the boundaries of 1 post. Of course the dialog would be a bit different, but I had to shorten it to fit.

For some of you that say this dialog is a bit exaggerated. Trust me, I've had almost this exact conversation numerous times. There are already plenty of people that don't trust the government even though they believe the lies of 9/11. They have just never really taken the time to look into it.

I'll quote one person I told something along these lines to as he summed it up best. "What the FU**? This is bulls***!!!. Why does everyone believe this garbage then?"

My answer: "Because, like you, they never checked into it for themselves."


posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 09:28 AM
1)) To stand back and look at the footage of 9/11 and think - Could all THREE buildings have collapsed in the same manner. Wat r the odds?

2) Sniffer doggies were not allowed in the building in the run up to 9/11. Why? So they couldn’t smell the explosives.

3) Maintenance work was carried out in the run up to 9/11. Essential work which meant power systems were shut down, CCTV cameras switched off, while “wires” were installed.

4) The masterplan to forge the axis’s of evil, the scare mongering with the word Terrorists. The excuses to go bomb Evil Eastern Countries while the west is Brainwashed.

5) Last but not least go on ATS read the threads, click the links, watch the vids, Then make your own mind up. If you were a non believer, maybe just maybe you’re a fence sitter, or hold on you could just be a believer, or maybe you’ll stay the same.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 12:04 PM
>>Remember, it only has to be demonstrated that they allowed it to happen for it to qualify as "actionable consensus". Anything beyond that makes that much more cause for action...

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 08:03 PM

Originally posted by SimiusDei
Like I said, check it out.
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Nice SimiusDei, but I don't think anyone will ever win the points, so don't get your hopes up.

This has gone on long enough don't you think SO?

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 08:18 PM
Couldn't the staff pick out a handful for people/SO/whoever to vote on, or SO pick out a handful for the entire moderator staff to vote on, or the staff just vote or something to that effect?
There's got to be well over 100 entries by now.
When I read thru and got around page 6 of this thread I recall thinking of how daunting a task SO must have dug himself into attempting to completely read and decide on all of these posts, on top of the full time chores of his normal routine.

posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 08:49 PM
I changed my mind

1. There was a plane that hit the pentagon

2. There were no explosives in the trade towers

3. Osama did do it

4. Bush didnt know

5. Flight 93 crashed and was NOT shot out of the sky

Thats my new top 5 9/11 conspiracies

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 09:09 PM
1) The WTC collapse is highly suspicious. Whilst you have two near-identical buildings, attacked in what is perceived to be the same way, buildings don't just turn to dust the way the WTC did. Two buildings both collapsed almost identically. Not only did the dsamaged section collapse, but the entire undamaged structure below failed identically. HOW? It can't happen without help.

2) Flight 77 - insufficient evidence to prove whether it existed or not. The official story doesn't add up the actual damage seen in numerous photos of the crash site, and there are conflicts between photos and reports of damage caused, where conflicts shouldn't possibly exist.

3) Flight 93. On the day the USAF failed to shoot down a single hijacked airline, the official story says that passengers over-ran the aircraft to get it back from terrorists, but that when it cashed was flying so quickly that it buried itself completely underground for the first time in aviation history, leaving almost no trace. Impossible to make phone calls were made from the flight, with odd things being said between the alleged passengers and their families. The only official photo that exists of the Flight 93 crash is inconsistent with any crash or shoot-down. Reports that Flight 93 landed safely at Cleveland (and confirmed by UA) along with DAL1989 (an alleged hijack that never was and always maintained radio contact and maintained its flightpath). Witnesses claim to have seen Flight 93 land at Cleveland, and its passengers moved to a nearby NASA facility. Cleveland was mysteriously shut-down, and people forced to leave their cars and walk for miles to get a cab.

4) WTC 7. The most mysterious part of it all. Not attacked by terrorists, not hit by any aircraft, yet it collapses almost identically to WTC1 and 2. To add to the mystery, several TV stations report its collapse BEFORE it happened, yet when it DID happen, it was NOT announced that it was a CD (Controlled Demolition) and was instead left to appear like it had been attacked and collapsed, although nothing was ever specifically said. Silverstein is on record as saying "pull it" with respect to WTC7 , and he makes a reference to getting people out (fire fighters) and "watched the building collapse".

5) Throughout the day, as live reports were made on TV, people near the WTC were reporting hearing explosions, before the collapses. Various pieces of video footage capture the explosions both visually (vibration) and aurally. The actual collapse events themselves were recorded on nearby seismographs, measuring 2.1 and 2.3 on the Richter scale. The problem was that these recordings were made seconds before the towers actually fell. These are the most conclusive pieces of evidence to suggest a CD of both WTC1 and WTC2. In the following days/months/years after 9/11, no reports were ever made or replayed that mentioned explosions, and WTC7 was never mentioned in any report, INCLUDING the 911 Commission Report.

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 02:46 AM
not sure if this is still goin on but i would like to contribute my 5 top points..

1. The fact that a British news station stated that WTC7 had collapsed 20 mins before it actually collapsed.

2. The fact that there is no footage of a plane crashing in the pentagon(the most guarded building in the US). Civilian footage of this event has been confiscated.

3. The most obvious because everyone can see, is that fact the the WTC's fell due to a controlled demolition, faster than free fall speed! And that the reason given by the 911 Commission of the buildings collapsing due to the heat of the fire is scientifically impossible, as proven by many physicists.

4. The fact that the "911 Commission Report" completely ignores WTC 7, says nothing about it.

5. The fact that their was no significant piece of debris in the flight 93 Crash, i believe the biggest thing they found was a phone book.

Some great 911 Documentaries:

911 Ripple Effect

Loose Change


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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 11:59 AM
P1"Hey how you doin'?


P1"Did you ever look in to the 19 terrorists that attacked us on 911?

P2"No, I just assumed they're the ones who did it because thats what we were told"

P1"Did you ever wonder how they knew who they were so fast after the attack?"

P2"Well no, how did they know who they were when they all died in the attack?"

P1"I'm not sure how they knew either, but i started to do some research and you know what?"


P1"There's a whole lot of stuff that still hasn't been explained to my satisfaction"

P2"Like what?"

P1"Well if you read the 911 Commissions Report, extremely hard to get through by the way, it just kind of says what they were saying all along and kind of white washes the whole thing."

P2"Doesn't really sound like they did an investigation."

P1"If they did there findings didn't make it into the final report"

P2"So are you one of those "Conspiracy Nut Cases" they talk about on TV?"

P1"Do you believe what the main stream media tells you?"

P2"Well not everything they say or report turns out to be true. Like when Ricky Nelson's airplane caught on fire and did an emergency landing but everyone in the passenger cabin died from smoke inhalation. The first thing all the news people were saying was they were freebasing cocain and it got out of control and started the fire. When the FAA report finally came out months later it turned out to be a faulty space heater that started the fire. And you know the media didn't really cover that story at all."

P1"I would suggest that you look in to the 911 thing because I think our government as well as the media have lied to us about what happened that day"

P2"Where should I look for the answers?"

P1"Well thats easy just go on the internet and search anything 911. There is so much stuff being talked about so narrow your search to certain things like The Pentagon, that ones never been explained satisfactorily to me. Then maybe the highjackers themselves, there's reports some were still alive after 911! My biggest problem about 911 is how a highjacked airliner gets all the way to the Pentagon 40 mins after the 2nd WTC tower was hit, that one really bugs me. I think what you'll find will make you want to know the truth and also be prepared for the effect it will have on your personal psyche. That was the biggest hurdle for me getting past the sick feeling of being duped on such a hugh scale. A place you might want start would be (the obvious choice if want to win this prize!)"

P2"Well I don't know, maybe I'll check it out. You know I always thought somethin' was weird that day but never thought to check it out."

P1"Do what you feel your should because the truth can really suck bad."

P2"Well this is my floor, nice chatting with you."

P1"Yes, take care and God bless the whole world, it needs is"

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 09:04 AM
Never a winner.
No end in sight.

What happened to the 911 pound gorilla?
Did I miss it?

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 09:16 AM
1. Bombs in the buildings.

2. Radios didn't work.

3. Israelis 'forewarned' not to goto work that day.

4. No planes, holograms, and missiles on airplanes.

5. Rumsfeld reporting 2$ trillion "missing" 9/10/01

Extra credit:
6. Pentagon strike was a missile, small plane or internal bomb.
7. No Shanksville plane
(the town name's play on words - 'We got shanked.')
8. No cellphone service then on airplanes.
9. Other buildings that didn't need to collapse were "pulled".
10. bin Laden "did" it.

"Let's roll" is Tom Clancy fiction, not reality in my opinion.

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